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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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the holiday shopping season is well underway tonight. stores opened up ahead of black friday. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. happening now, the holiday shopping shot -- we want to show you live pictures of macy's and union square which opened a little bit after 5:00 today. >> a number of major stores opened their doors today in addition to macy's for the christmas holiday shopping
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season. ktvu's debora villalon is in pleasant hill where there were hundreds of people in line earlier this evening waiting to get into target there. >> reporter: that's right. they opened -- this is the storm before the storm. nationally about one in five people who plan to shop over the next few days take the early plunge. happy shoppers in a line so long it looked like a concert. people who pushed away from the table to feast on some deals. >> carts went from empty to bulging. >> this won't fit properly. >> reporter: some folks did not even stop to grab one. knowing how fast those electronics disappear. >> this is the start of it. we look forward to this day all year long. >> straight down and to the right. >> 199. >> thank you. >> apple products are huge. a lot of people come in for toys and tvs. >> and then heating blankets. picture frames.
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everyone gets ready for the holiday season. >> welcome to macy's stores open at 5:00 and saw lines outside as well. for some, turkey day shopping is a fun diversion. i work retail. >> this is one of the few opportunities i'm going to have to shop. i'll be at work at 5:00 tomorrow morning. so here i am. >> reporter: one of the earliest openings, jcpenney at 3:00. registers were passed. >> in this is the first time i've ever done this. it's crazy. >> reporter: for a-month-old baby. christmas and beyond. >> she is not getting them all at once but they are half off and they've never been on sale because they are disney characters so i'm getting them all. >> some kids are now waiting for santa. >> i told my dad i really want this and he told me you give me $15 and i'll pay the other half. >> it's endurance shopping. as
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one line often leads to another. >> we are waiting in line for the iphone 7. $250 gift card if you buy now. >> but there is success. >> that was one of the lucky ones. >> a 50-inch tv. >> reporter: and the plan is to knock off every gift in one night. >> all night. then i don't have to worry the rest of december. i can enjoy my weekends and not worry about traffic. or the rest of the people out there. >> reporter: some retailers have tried opening on thanksgiving but stopped. witticism being it takes away from family time but frank and heather, we have seen a lot of families out here shopping together, or sort of tag teaming splitting up and going to different stores and then meeting back and checking out the progress and having a plan about it. target by the way is open until midnight if you have anything you need to pick up. >> all right. >> not with a line like that. that went on for ever. >> i know. >> reporter: i really admire someone who has the ambition to get all of their christmas
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shopping done tonight. seriously? i'm envious. >> me too. i haven't even started making my list much less shopping. thanks, deb. so let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to find out about any of the black friday shoppers tomorrow if they are going to need an umbrella. >> there is a chance of a shower for the north bay tomorrow but the most part lots of clouds in place across the bay area. thanksgiving is beautiful today. clear skies and very nice sunset. a few high clouds working their way back into the picture. the satellite perspective, most of the bay area in the clear but as we coming closer, with the clouds and rain developing to our north. factor somewhat for tomorrow. we do have the chance of a sprinkle or like shower. primarily in the north bay into your friday. outside right now live camera looking toward the bay bridge, towards san francisco, all the traffic on the bay bridge for your thursday night and thanksgiving. there is another storm to talk about.
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this will impact your weekend especially saturday morning. rainfall adding up about half an inch to over an inch winds gusting to 45 miles an hour but in the short term, at least we are dry for the black friday shoppers first thing tomorrow morning and definitely more clouds. saturday morning the rain line coming on board. so we'll talk more about the system and also drop off in our local snow levels that and more coming up in a few minutes. more sierra ski resorts are opening with more snow on the way. expecting a banner thanksgiving weekend. resort operators say they already have quite a crowd but they are expecting a number of people to pick up throughout the weekend. some people put off the thanksgiving meal for a thanksgiving holiday. >> my granddaughter has never seen snow. this day would be a good day to come up. >> i love it. it's amazing. you get to play around and if you fall it doesn't hurt as much as if you are rollerblading or if you fall,
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you just try again. >> sugar bowl and kirkwood ski resorts are scheduled to hold their opening day is tomorrow. sierra-at-tahoe is set to open on saturday and fresh snow this weekend could help resorts expand the number of runs that are open. new information a mother of two from chester county missing since november 2nd was found alive today. sherry papini went for a jog near her home in redding three weeks ago and was not seen again until today. investigators say the 34-year- old was released by her captors early this morning in woodland. while many are celebrating her safe return investigators say the search for suspects is just now beginning. vicki gonzales has our report. >> reporter: welcoming home a mother more than three weeks after her mysterious disappearance. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. >> reporter: 34-year-old sherri
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papini vanished november 2nd while jogging just a mile from her redding home. >> after not responding to pick up her children, her husband became concerned and began looking for his wife. >> reporter: on thanksgiving morning the wife and mother found nearly 150 miles away along county road 17 in woodland. >> we learned that she was released by her captor on a rural road near i-5 and yolo county. she was bound with restraints. but was able to summon from a passing -- help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: the wife and mother alive and safe with family this holiday. as questions surround the motive behind sherry papini -- sherri papini's disappearance intensifies. investigators say they are a's $50,000 reward to find her kidnappers. they are described as two hispanic women. authorities say they are armed
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and driving a dark-colored suv. new at 10:00, a south san francisco police officer underwent surgery this evening after he was hit in the head with a skateboard and knocked unconscious. the incident happened about 2:30 p.m. in front of a starbucks on linden and grand avenue. the injured officer was one of two officers responding to reports that a man was causing a disturbance. at some point police say the suspect whacked the officer in the head with a skateboard. the suspect identified as 28- year-old luis as berto ramos, reyes of south san francisco was arrested. the officer was taken to a trauma center with a major head injury. we have no update yet on how he's doing. also, the examiner is reporting two more black officers have resigned from the police department. this follows the resignation last week of sergeant yolanda williams. all three are denouncing the police officers association for what they say is a failure to address police reform and a failure to rebuild trust within the community. williams has also called for
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other officers to boycott the poa. for the 33rd thanksgiving in a row, police firefighters and sheriff deputies in san francisco all volunteered their time today to deliver meals to homebound seniors. tara moriarty went along with the crews in chinatown as they prepared and dropped off those turkey dinners. >> reporter: it's the one day a year where san francisco police firefighters and sheriff deputies come together in the spirit of giving. >> this is the best way to start your thanksgiving. you come here and dig right in. everybody is working and happy to help. these meals are going two people who wouldn't have it. >> reporter: volunteers at the senior center in chinatown are dishing out 5000 potatoes, more than 1200 pounds of corn and rice, countless ladles of gravy and turkey. >> we have 120 turkeys today. enough to feed 3000 seniors and children and families. >> reporter: even greg suhr pitched in. >> so much to be grateful for
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and you get to do stuff. we are with the firefighters sheriff department. it's awesome. >> two, four, five and six are ready. >> reporter: after the gravy is poured, sheriff's deputies load up the meals. and stash the boxes into carts. >> it means giving back to the community and the other families. the people that maybe don't have anybody else. >> -- happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> reporter: crews pair up. and fan out all over the city. >> will need to find a 203 and to 15. >> reporter: delivering meals to homebound seniors. >> happy thanksgiving. we have a meal. >> reporter: paramedic tim finch says he's usually knocking on doors and finding sick people. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> but today it's different. >> now i'm coming to people
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that i may serve now and actually giving them food into -- instead of taking them to the hospital. much brighter that way. >> reporter: the seniors are grateful. >> happy thanksgiving. >> yeah. bye-bye. thank you. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: it's those who are giving to our getting so much more. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a good job. across the bay in oakland hundreds of homeless and low income families enjoyed a hot thanksgiving meal. at lake merritt methodist church. volunteers spent the morning preparing the food and making sure the tables were set and ready for the feast today. it's been a thanksgiving tradition of the church for more than 20 years. organizers teamed up with the food pantry to feed expected 500 people. new at 10:00 some sad news for anyone who watched the brady bunch on tv. actress florence henderson died
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today. she was best known for playing the ever cheerful carol brady on the brady bunch. considered one of tvs most memorable sitcom moms. she died surrounded by family and friends. florence henderson was 82 years old. we are tracking them down, like old-fashioned police work. >> two inmates who escaped from santa clara county jail are still at large tonight. at 10:30 what we learned about the escape and we hear from homeowners in the area who are very nervous tonight. first adding marijuana to your holiday wish list. how you can gift it and what's required to do so. a young man is thankful for the golden state warriors. how the team helped him change his life.
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new at 10:00 pot dispensaries are joining the black friday tradition with their own green friday deals. we are hearing many pot clubs are offering discounts. the east bay express reports that shops offering deals include magnolia in oakland, berkeley club, airfield supply in san jose, and san francisco. it was apparently enough of a surgeon sales on black friday last year to push for even more aggressive sales this year. some people are also adding marijuana to the holiday wish lists. now that voters passed proposition 64 to legalize the recreational use, it is also
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something that can be gifted and there's plenty to choose from. some dispensaries are putting together holiday gift bags. >> they are going to be very festive and have lots of different accessories, grinders, lanyards and also cannabis products. >> you still need a medical marijuana card to shop at a dispensary. macy's in union square is once again decked out for the holidays with dogs and cats that need home. check out the cuteness factor here. puppies and kittens front and center on the corner of strickland and o'farrell. as always they are drawing big crowds. this is the 30th year the spca has teamed up with macy's for this event. >> it really almost doubles our adoptions this time of year. this is the time of year when people are going on vacation and shelters get slammed with animals that they can't take with them or they can't afford. so we really -- it's different for other shelters. we get to increase our adoptions this time of year. >> if you want to take home one
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of the puppies. organizers just getting there soon because they are always the first ones to go. spca by the way can always use more volunteers. and donations. when it's cold outside most of us go to the closet to get our jackets. unfortunately there are a lot of people who don't have coats and that's where one warm coat comes into play. ktvu's claudine wong tells us how this organization has helped millions of people over the years. >> reporter: we are here at santana row for our annual one warm coat drive. it's been a holiday tradition here at ktvu. by tomorrow these coats will be distributed to sites from as far west as richmond and as far east as brentwood. >> reporter: for the last 14 years we have spread out across the bay area collecting an estimated 75,000 coats for bay area families. >> let me ask you. how much of a difference do you think these coats can make? >> a lot. because it helps the homeless and people who don't have enough money to buy coats.
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>> reporter: it's all in effort to to help keep families warm this winter. and with help from big zero -- big o tires, and ups stores a donation but is never far away. the effort is nationwide. >> the first year we expected over city thousand coats and it was really good and we decided to keep the program going on and we've been -- ever since then it's been a great program. >> reporter: the coats that go into local bins stay local. >> we do it for about a month and maybe 30 -- 37 days. we collect about 100 coats. they go to the llewellyn community church. >> you know where your coats are. >> yes. i call them and they come and get them when they backup. >> one warm coat kicks off tomorrow. you can donate your new or gently worn coat in several locations. bay street in emeryville, walnut creek, jack london square or santana row. for more details just had to
10:18 pm that is a wonderful program and coats will be needed over the next few days with colder air pushing back into northern california. right now as you can see the rainfall up to our north. that will be changing by this time tomorrow. some rain up to the cape -- up toward eureka we will notice an increase in the clouds in the short term. some of the rainfall there's a chance of a few sprinkles and light showers up in the north may for tomorrow. just a chance for right now. as far as current numbers we are cooling off. you can see center is down at 42. napa 46. san francisco in the 40s and san jose 48 degrees. already a bit of a chill in the air and here is live camera looking out toward the bay bridge to the embarcadero lights, transamerica pyramid shining brightly for your thursday night thanksgiving. still mostly clear skies out there. by tomorrow morning, we are expecting more cloud cover and temperatures starting out friday morning in the 30s to the 40s. everybody shopping early. temperatures off to a cool start out there with cloud
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cover. as i mentioned, the chance of a sprinkle or light shower the best chance would be up to the north bay. here is our forecast model. sky cast showing the clouds and rainfall up to our north, and by 12:00, mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. upper 50s by 4:00 mostly cloudy still. temperature right around 60. here is the deal. updated forecast model showing you more clouds tomorrow morning. not a lot of coverage. in terms of rainfall but there's enough moisture i would not be surprised to see a few showers across parts of the bay area north of golden gate bridge. that's tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow afternoon into friday night. more action approaching our coastline. watching for this as we head into saturday morning. as you can see once again we are talking about another round of rain approaching the bay area. saturday morning with moderate to heavy rainfall making its way back into the bay area. more about this and also sunday forecast coming up in a few minutes. tonight we introduce
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introduce you to a young man who says he is thankful to the golden state warriors for helping him find shelter when he was facing homelessness. now jamaal ingram is less than a month away from graduating college. ktvu's amber lee tells us the road to success has been hard- fought. >> i'm still a little kid. >> jamaal ingram describes himself as a child at heart but circumstances forced him to grow up quickly in the last few years. he lives at covenant house a homeless shelter. the 21-year- old says this is his first stable home after his mother lost her job back in the senior year of high school. >> on and off moving from place to place. >> reporter: he was moving every few months until he found covenant house. jamaal still managed to graduate from san lorenzo high school and went on to attend college. then he found a job working in the parking lot at oracle arena in 2014. >> elevator to the left. thank you, sir. enjoy yourself. >> reporter: now a guest services attendant and he
10:21 pm
recently got a raise. jamaal says he loves his job. he gets to greet people with his signature bowtie and smile. >> i could have just gave up. i could have dropped out. i didn't do too because if i start i want to finish. i started school. i want to finish school. >> reporter: set to graduate community college next month. he credits the stability offered by covenant house and the warrior recognition of his hard work for helping him stay focused. >> that ability to succeed is in every kid, but we are old days we are dealt different hands. somebody like jamaal was not dealt a great hand. >> reporter: the team has a partnership with covenant house that's about helping young people stay on track. and giving them opportunities to succeed. >> to have that all in place where you feel safe and you feel taken care of, is life- changing for kids who otherwise could be on the street and never, ever realize that potential inside them. >> go warriors. have a good one. >> reporter: being a warrior span this is the perfect job
10:22 pm
for now as he looks to the future. he says a positive attitude and a belief he can accomplish what he sets out to do are the keys when faced with challenges. >> the warriors are helping me out. i'm going to be thankful for everything that happens and try and reach my goal. >> reporter: amber leigh, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so great. still ahead, counterfeit money a big problem for the bay area. the impact on small business owners. >> and how about them cowboys? i can't believe i said that. later in sports joe fonzi has highlights of all of the days action including the showdown between the red-hot cowboys and the redskins. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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police in kentucky say they now have a suspect in custody after a thanksgiving football game turned deadly. louisville police say two men were killed and four others
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were injured in shootings at a crowded park that was filled with people attending an annual holiday football game. it's called the jews ball and it has been a 50-year tradition. no word on what sparked the shooting or whether they were actually related to the game. investigators are learning more about that school bus crash in chattanooga that unfortunately killed six children. national transportation safety board says when the bus crashed monday, the driver was not traveling along the regular route. 24-year-old johnthony walker who officials say was traveling well above the speed limit is now charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. another count of vehicular homicide will be added after a sixth child died yesterday. secret service says counterfeit money is a big problem in the bay area. it's estimated $6 million in fake money was spent in the bay area this year up from 5
10:26 pm
million in 2012. investigators say the fake bills are mostly 20s and one hundreds. they say all of that counterfeit money is hurting local businesses because they are essentially left high and dry. one business owner says he has mistakenly taken about $200 in counterfeit money this year so now he keeps a fake bill right by the register so his staff can quickly compare. >> if you look at the back, the caller is not there. >> nationwide, last year the secret service seized $146 million in fake bills out of 1.4 trillion in circulation. right now they estimate that one in every 10,000 bills is a fake. adding insult to injury, there is no resource for businesses that accept the fake money and give back real money in change. to artist from sacramento are creating living spaces from the homeless. the idea behind the project is to provide shelter to the homeless and art to the community.
10:27 pm
already the idea is making life better for those who desperately need it. each podcasts about $300 to build but it's absolutely priceless for the people moving into their very own spaces. the pods are scattered throughout the neighborhood. alleyways and parking spaces. >> i can't even explain how happy it makes us to go out and give these pods away to people that need it and deserve it and should not be sleeping in alcoves and forgotten. >> so far the art project is prepared to build 12 pods. they have raised $15,000 on gofundme and they planned to keep on building as long as they can. president-elect donald trump working hard this thanksgiving. the efforts made to keep jobs here in the u.s. and the holiday message he delivers. plus -- here in the south bay investigators are working on leads to try to capture the two
10:28 pm
inmates who escaped from santa clara county jail. we have the details on how they escaped.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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we continue to follow developing story in the south bay. santa clara county sheriff deputies are still searching for these two inmates who cut through jail bars and then rappelled out of their cell at the main jail in san jose last night. a total of four inmates broke out but to work quickly recaptured. amber lee is at the jail tonight in san jose which -- with what she's been able to learn about all this. >> reporter: frank, the investigators are now working on what it describes as precise leads and that the manhunt will continue as long as the two inmates are on the loose. santa clara counties main jail remains in lockdown.
10:31 pm
with two inmates still at large. neighbors who live just a block away our nervous. >> it's a little bit unnerving. yeah. a little bit scary right now. >> i'm glad we have a security camera out front. >> reporter: they've been away most of the day at a relative's home for thanksgiving. but had hoped that all the inmates would be captured by the time they returned home. >> we are actively searching for both suspects. >> reporter: the escape took place in the oldest building shortly after 11:00. a spokesman says four inmates escaped through the second floor window. part of a large self that held 16 inmates. the window bars were cut but no tools were found in the cell or surrounding area. >> the fact these bars were cut the way they were was not something they just thought of in a minute. it's something that took them some previous planning. >> reporter: two of the four inmates were captured almost immediately. when a deputy working the perimeter of the jail saw something in the shadows.
10:32 pm
and noticed the bedsheets hanging from the window. >> they might have had help. we can only speculate. we're looking at everything, any tips that are coming in. >> reporter: two other inmates, laurent campbell and elio chavez of san jose got away. investigators say there is surveillance video showing the two outside the containment containment area. both are charged with felonies and awaiting trial. deputies say they are searching for the two men using both local and federal resources. they say they've also used search dogs and helicopters. >> we are tracking them down like old-fashioned pole -- police work and backtracking on those to see where they might be and who they might be associating with. >> reporter: 26-year-old campbell is 6'4" and weighs 220 pounds. he's charged with robbery and firearms violations. 33-year-old chavez is 6'1" and weighs 190 pounds. he has a distinctive tattoo above and below his left eye.
10:33 pm
his crimes include burglary, extortion and false imprisonment. >> very sophisticated. inmates are sophisticated to the point where they have a lot of time where they can sit and think about how to get out of jail. >> reporter: sheriff's office said the last escape was last year during the transport of an inmate. neighbors say they are alert. >> living in this area you kind of have to be because we are right next door to the jail so we kind of are more vigilant. about stuff like that. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is asking the public to call 911 if they see either inmate. frank? heather? >> amber lee in south bay tonight, thank you. president-elect donald trump says he is working hard this thanksgiving at his resort in palm beach. trump sent out this tweet today saying he is trying to stop and air conditioning company from moving jobs to mexico. the company is based in indiana where vice president-elect mike pence is governor. trump also posted a message to his facebook page saying this thanksgiving he's hoping americans can heal their
10:34 pm
divisions and move forward as a country. it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolved. >> in his thanksgiving message, trump went on to say americans have a chance to make history together. and bring real change to washington. he says he's reaching this goal -- reaching this goal will require effort from the entire nation. on his last thanksgiving his commander -- president barack obama released a video message and called for americans to to unite. the president said quote, thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we are still one people. >> today we continue to give thanks for those blessings and to all to insured they would be our inheritance. >> the president also thank our troops for their service. the president made nine phone
10:35 pm
calls to servicemembers currently deployed overseas. security was ramped up for the macy's day parade. to protect people from a possible terror attack. the parade and highflying balloon characters followed a 2.5-mile route in manhattan and this year isis had published an article in a propaganda magazine saying the parade would make an excellent target. in response 3000 heavily armed officers were deployed along with radiation detectors, bomb- sniffing dogs and more than 80 city sanitation trucks filled with sand. those trucks were used to protect the parade route from potential suicide bombers. you may have gotten a head start on holiday shopping. the hottest new toy of the season and how much it will cost you. in the weather, great day for thanksgiving. still mostly clear conditions but tracking the system. the changes in your five-day forecast and more rainfall that will impact your weekend plans. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around...
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♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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if you're getting a start on holiday shopping one of the hottest new toys is called a hatchable. they start as small creatures and when you open the bucs, the egg starts to make noises and takes about an hour for the animal to hatch. each one develops new skills as they go from infant to toddler to child. they had a $60 price tag. now toys "r" us target and walmart are struggling to keep them in stock. the average price on ebay is around $132. and prices expected to keep growing as demand continues to rise. we are expecting rainfall over the next few days as you start shopping not too much happening tomorrow. just clouds out there. and the possibility of a pop-up
10:39 pm
shower. you can see right now on live storm tracker we have some rainfall up to the north of the bay area toward cape mendocino and the rain line will approach the bay area. over the next 24 hours. right now partly cloudy skies but more rainfall developing toward eureka and current numbers out there still with clear skies. temperatures cooling off rapidly. napa 45. san francisco in the 40s. fremont 52 and san jose upper 40s. here is our live camera. toward the bay bridge likes you can see the nice light show there. still mostly clear skies. very nice thanksgiving with mostly clear conditions over a good portion of the bay area. tracking a storm rainfall expectations a half inch to over an inch. gusts right around 45 miles an hour and the chance of a few thunderstorms. here is the deal in santa rosa tomorrow for the north bay. mostly cloudy skies. chance of a shower for tomorrow and the highest chance would be up in the north bay. shall was to show up. at 7:00 and once again into the
10:40 pm
afternoon the number does go up a little bit. with the possibility with showers in the north bay. dry today and rainfall approaching as we head toward saturday. for tomorrow, once again the chance to our north mostly cloudy skies for the south bay. and then maine organized frontal band pushes in first thing saturday morning. rain returns could be heavy at times saturday morning. and then another search of moisture saturday night or saturday evening into sunday morning and with the cold air, we could be talking about a drop off a local snow levels down to 3500 feet. possibly a dusting above mount diablo and mount hamilton. lake tahoe will have some snowfall coming on board this weekend for saturday and sunday. snow levels could be coming down to under 4000 feet as well. so could be tough traveling on the way home on sunday. forecast model not too generous with rainfall for us here tomorrow but the moisture is close enough we have the chance of a sprinkle or light shower
10:41 pm
friday. and here we go into saturday morning. rainfall rates picking up. saturday morning 7:00, a little bit of a break. 3:00 another search of moisture moves in saturday evening. there was a chance we could have an isolated thunderstorm during this timeframe. maybe lingering showers sunday morning and looks like this forecast model keep an eye on future updates when we could have a bit more of a brick setting up later in the day on sunday. might be able to scale back on the clouds as well. temperatures for tomorrow close to 60 degrees. after the cool start, close to six -- 67 and 61. the chance of a sprinkle or light shower. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast you can see into friday, for friday increasing clouds there's the rain cloud especially saturday morning, scattered showers primarily into sunday morning and a chance of a light shower into monday. time of year during holiday
10:42 pm
shopping. if you want to go out, keep saturday morning in mind. stay inside during the timeframe. >> thank you. coming up next in sports we've got extra helpings of nfl football including dallas cowboys who go for the record 10th straight victory. >> they are hot. also high school football san francisco city title is up for grabs. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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oh, life-sized dragon hand back scratcher. if only it came in a luffa. it does! oh, a raisin re-hydrator. it turns them back into grapes. wow, what an exhausting journey. that's a good wedding present. good call. thank you... and thank you, lady blue.
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with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. oh, look at this. disposable microphone for my uncle bob's 75th! a one and done. yes. find your voice and then dispose of it. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. how about the dallas cowboys? dak prescott is incredible. >> kind of hard to determine the pecking order. but right now dallas toward the top. the cowboys continue to do what nfl teams are not supposed to do. win with a rookie quarterback. the cowboys went where no other dallas team has gone. against washington. by now these two teams, a lot of each other, all they want to each other each year. both dallas rookies getting it done. ezekiel elliott had already scored once.
10:45 pm
dak prescott ran away from trouble and found terrance williams with the 10-yard score. nice tiptoeing. 24-12. kirk cousins down the field when the cowboys forgot about desean jackson. 67-yard play. cowboy lead down to 24-90. big play late. third and nine. 26-yard completion from prescott to dez bryant. first and goal at the one. from there elliott got into the end zone for the second time in the game. franchise record 10th straight game. beating washington 31-26. dallas in control of the nfc east with a record of 10-1. there was a time when scott tolzien was on the 49er roster. he is still in the league. backup for the colts. predictable result with the cold holding pittsburgh. not fair here. ben roethlisberger on the back shoulder to antonio brown. those two would hook up three times a on the ni


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