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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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through difficult times with unprovoked attacks oin police officers. >> reporter: veteran officer robby chon was hit in the head with a skateboard. the officer is not new to ktvu fox news. he was there when police officers gave gifts to kids. you see in the video, robby chon is seen pursuing the suspect on foot. moments later he struck him in the head with a skateboard. investigators said robby chon, a 12 year veteran on the force was initially responding to a disturbance call. you can see him arriving on his motorcycle. as chon approached luis alberto ramos-coreas, he left on his
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skateboard. then he hit chon with his skateboard. one man that knew luis alberto ramos-coreas said he had seemed to give up on life. >> he has a lengthy history of criminal contact with the south san francisco police department including several snepts of violence. >> reporter: luis alberto ramos- coreas is facing attempted murder charges. there is a go fund me page for officer chon. you can go to our website, for more on that. we are following a developing story out of san francisco's western side. a gunman shot three people this morning. we have the latest. >> reporter: in the last hour we learned new information
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about the possible motive of the shooting. the shooting appears to be gang related. we know that three people were shot in the area of turks and scott streets at 11:00 p.m. one man has life threatening injuries, the other was expected to survive. the third man was killed. earlier this evening we heard about an arrest in the area but we were told it was unrelated. when we have more information we will be sure to bring it to you. >> not a lot to go on. sad news that someone lost their life today. a vallejo man arrested for shooting and killing a woman was the father of her children. police were called to the scene end morning. they found the body of a woman
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and a man with gunshot wounds. the woman was killed. the male is believed to be her boyfriend. he is in critical condition. the children were in the apartment at the time of the shooting but were not hurt. a big rig full of mail flipped over and injured the driver. the united states postal service truck rolled over just before 7:00. the driver, in his early 60s was taken to the hospital with a head injury. lots of mail spilled on to the road. the ramp was closed while the crews picked up the mail. to the latest on the woman found safe in yolo county after
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disappearing three weeks ago. sherri papini was very emotional when she was found. she was tied up on a rural road, 150 miles south of where she disappeared. deputies have said little about what happened to her. her sister said the two had a joyous reunion. >> we were just very very excited to see one another. right now she has been through a traumatic event and needs time with her family. they only have one statement at this time, we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> her center would not discuss sherri papini's condition. deputies are looking for two
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armed women that they believe kidnapped her. black friday is considered the biggest shopping day of the year. shoppers went to try to take advantage of big discounts. some retailers like macy's opened their doors last night. >> at the livermore outlets, some shoppers arrived bright and early to be the first to cash in on some good deals. >> i came to see what was on sale. i knew that the outlets would be crazy so i came. >> the mall in livermore closes at 10:00 tonight. black friday deals are going on throughout the country. but some people dried to protest instead. >> reporter: it's a shopping
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frezy across the country. -- frenzy across the country, millions are shopping. everyone seems to have their own strategy for finding what they need. >> it was my first time doing this, i am tired. when i go home i cannot wait to go to bed. >> it's first come, first serve. you have to take advantage of everything. >> reporter: not everyone was in a shopping mood. there were major protests along chicago's magnificent mile. protestors are calling attention of what they said is a lack of accountability from the chicago police. >> we are not going to stand by and watch our children murdered. >> reporter: the protests are not expected to have a major impact of the bottom line.
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the brisk business is the result of a strengthening economy and a rising stock market. people are saying that they are finding a lot of variety. >> there is a lot of variety this year, it's nice when there is more than one or two items in any age category. >> reporter: a record number of americans are expected to shop online with internet black friday sales expected to top $3 billion for the first time. the united states postal service is putting out a call for people looking for tear holiday work. they meal mail handlers and processing clerks at three of its locations in the bay area. the positions are available at post office distribution centers in san jose, oakland
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and richmond. for more information go to our website, and click on links. two of the major stock indexes hit record highs today. the dow and the s & p 500 hit records for the fourth session this a row. coca-cola led the rally. the nasdaq was up 18. the dow was up over 60 points. a deadly early morning fire on the peninsula, what we are learning about the victims. >> 25 minutes left until the lighting of the union square christmas tree. this is a live look at the hundreds of people on hand. we are going to bring you that lighting live, is supposed to
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happen at 6:40 tonight. nice weather for the lighting, mostly cloudy skies, another system is coming in tomorrow. we have the timing of the heaviest rain coming up. what we are learning about the escapees and the reward offered for their capture. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. . tips from the public are coming in as deputies in santa
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clara are looking for the two inmates that escaped from the jail there yesterday. >> reporter: two search and rescue canine teams retrace the route taken by lar -- lanon campbell and rogelio chavez. investigators believe the two walked this path. >> they went down the trail heading north bound. the dogs still had a strong scent. one in front of the other, the other confirms the movement. >> reporter: the trail lets out 4 miles away near apartments and town homes. it's approximately half a mile from levis stadium. someone spotted them in the
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area but it's unknown where they are now. >> we are getting closer, that gives us the ability to look for video kams ras in -- cameras fl -- in the area. they were housed in the 1950s section of the jail. thursday, four inmates broke through bars and used blankets to escape. two inmates were immediately caught. the other two escaped. the staff is baffled at how they could get cutting tools into the jail. >> i do not know how they got it, that's something we are going to be looking at, how to shore up the security systems. >> reporter: she cites the need for security cameras inside of the older section of the jail.
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people in the jail are out of view unless a deputy walks in the door. in the jail, investigators said weekend rain forecast for saturday could help the effort to capture the fugitives. >> the moisture in the air helps the scent travel further. >> reporter: investigators are working for a search strategy and there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the men. tonight tributes come in for florence henderson who played carlor brady on the brady bunch. it was one of the most popular shows on television during the 70s. she died yesterday at a hospital in los angeles.
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she was 82 years old. she was battling heart failure. family and friends were at her side. she will always be known as one of america's favorite television moms. some of her tv children paid tribute to her today. barry williams played her oldest son. he tweeted she was one of the most gracious people i have ever known, proud to call her mom. the girl that play the marsha said, you are in my heart forever. president-elect donald trump spent the holiday weekend building his cabinet but tonight his campaign manager is tweeting her opposition to mitt
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romney being secretary of state. we have more from washington's. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump spent thanksgiving weekend at his mar-a-lago resort. he continues to build his administration. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. when america is unified there is nothing beyond our reach. >> reporter: but one of his potential picks for secretary of state is drawing criticism from his advisers. kellyanne conway tweeted, receiving a lot of social media and private comments regarding mitt romney. some trump loyalists warn against him as secretary of state. president-elect donald trump is pushing for unit but the green party candidate, jill stein has
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raised $4.7 million to fund recounts in battle battleground states michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. she said it's not about overturning the results but making sure that the votes were counted fairly. >> it's not about helping one candidate and hurting another. we are not attempted to overthrow president-elect donald trump. >> hillary clinton has remained out of the public eye since the election and has not commented on the recount efforts but yesterday supporters left a dozen signs near her house in new york with thank you messages. as president-elect donald trump prepares too take office, he faces a lot of lawsuits related to his business. there are 75 suits including a case brought by members of his
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golf club that say they were cheated out of refunds. the others are wrongful termination and others. one lawsuit is tied to his presidential campaign. two more resorts opening for the season. this is a picture from the base of kirkwood. the resorts are expecting a big thanksgiving weekend. sierra at tahoe is expected to open tomorrow. lets go to mark. >> we are looking at easily over a foot of snow for the area. traveling up there could be an issue. saturday morning, 10:00, potential snow fall of 10 to 20 inches. this is not a warm storm where there is rain at lake levels. snow levels at 4,000 feet.
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we could have some moisture in the lower elevations. you can see the next system approaching the coast line. southerly wind, increasing first thing tomorrow morning in advance of the front. winds at 45 miles per hour. border line wind advisories at that level. rainfall expectations through the weekend, forecast totals after han inch to a inch for the coastal hills. -- an inch for the coastal hills. a chance of scatters thunderstorms as the cold air destabilized the atmosphere. rain and wind tomorrow morning. we have rainfall and downpours in san francisco. 50 degrees, a chance of a shower by 12:00. then we just go with increasing
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clouds for saturday afternoon. the heaviest rainfall is saturday morning. then moderate to heavy rainfall and gusty winds by saturday 5:00 p.m. showers approaching the region saturday night. we talk about the timing with the showers and the sunday forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you mark, it's the season of sharing. one group has gone above and beyond. up next, the house of families that have been helped by the san francisco chronicle and why they say that the bar is being raised this year. >> >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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one man was killed and two others injured today. a search continues for two men that escaped from the santa clara jail two nights ago: . two nights ago, they scaled
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down the walls and made a get away. the fugitives are wanted on charges of robbery and false imprisonment and weapons charges. this is ktvu fox news at 6:30. at 6:30.


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