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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> we begin with breaking news out of cuba. we learned the country's former president fidel castro has died. his brother, the current president raul castro made that announcement on state tv moments ago, i'm heather holmes in for julie haener. >> he was 90 years old and suffered from health problems. he made a rare public
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appearance. has listen been out of the public eye. >> castro's reign was marked by the bay of pigs invasion in 1961 and the cuban missile crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. fidel castro turned over the power to his brother in 2008. >> last year, president obama became the first president to visit cuba since 1928. stay with us for continuing coverage on the death of fidel castro. we are working to bring you the latest on air and online. now, to a recount in wisconsin. after the state accepts the petition to re-examine votes for the president of the united states. >> we are standing up for a voting system we deserve and we can have confidence in.
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that has integrity. >> that is former presidential candidate and green party nominee jill stein whose effort to fund recounts have collected $5 million. >> in addition to wisconsin, she is pushing for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. >> reporter: our analyst says he doesn't expect the recount to change the outcome. but, that it is good for transparency and reassurance to american voters. jill stein estimate it is recount will cost $1.1 million. she spoke to her supporters on facebook live earlier tonight. >> today, we filed our petition for a recount, a hand recount of the ballots in the presidential race in the state of wisconsin. >> reporter: jill stein has also asked for recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. to cover the cost of the
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recounts she has quickly raised more than $5 million since wednesday. >> i think what people are going through, are the various stages of grievance and denial of acceptance of the reality of donald trump being elected president of the united states of america. >> reporter: usf professor james taylor predicts the recount results won't change the outcome from president- elect donald trump to hillary clinton. >> some minor adjustments but no earthquake of a change coming out of this. >> reporter: stein and green party officials say the call for recounts is not an effort to help clinton, but to uphold voter integrity. >> there is no smoking gun. there is not something that we are going to say this is wrong in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> reporter: election experts says there is no evidence computers were hacked or the election results compromised. >> what we are saying is there is enough peripheral evidence
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to warrant that our system should be investigated. >> reporter: stein says hacking concerns need to be put to rest in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. >> what these three states have in common is that the result was extremely close, it was also unexpected and what the experts tell us is that this is exactly what you would see if a system was hacked into. >> i think jill stein hopes to continue to stay relevant on the national stage. again, third parties are very inclined. the major parties are not inclined after these recounts. >> reporter: wisconsin election officials say the recount will start next week. the obama administration said today despite russia's attempts to undermine the presidential election, it concluded the results reflect the will of the american people. clinton and trump have not commented on the recount effort. >> what about the cost of the
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recount? wisconsin estimated at $1.1 million. we also have other states, pennsylvania, and michigan. >> reporter: according to the combined cost of the other two states will be another $1.1 million. she is now hoping to raise a total of $7 million to cover attorney fees and the cost of recount obiters. >> thanks. here is a look at the electoral map. trump has won 290 electoral college votes to clinton's 232. michigan, 16 electoral votes still have not been awarded but the vote is said to be certified on monday. it wowed take overturning the results in wisconsin and pennsylvania in addition to michigan for hillary clinton to win the electoral college. president-elect trump continues to add to his white house staff. today, his transition team announced two staff picks naming don mccann as white
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house counsel and mcfarland. >> it is up to him. and where he feels comfortable bringing in the best people for the job to move our country forward, i think it is a good thing. >> republicans have been feuding over two potential choices for secretary of state. some party members are opposed to mitt romney who sharply criticized trump during the campaign. while others are questioning possible business conflicts of interest with former new york mayor julie rudy giuliani. officials at the evergreen islamic center on ruby avenue found a letter yesterday. that the letter called muslims "vile and dirty and said they should pack hair bags." the center is asking for stepped up security of an increase in anti-muslim incidents across the country following the election. the san francisco bay area chapter of care says our
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state's political and religious leaders need to speak out against the mainstreaming of islamophobia we are experiencing in california and nationwide. let's take a live look at the conditions tonight. in san francisco, boy, this shot never goats old. after a couple of dry days though, more rain is on the way. here so the bay area. >> i'm meteorologist mark tamayo. probably 6:00, 7:00, we could talk the firths -- first bands of rain moving on shore. clouds, winds picking up as well. as you can see on live storm tracker 2, you see the circulation. a bit of circulation. that is an area of low pressure. that will be responsible for producing stronger winds. borderline wind advisory saturday morning. here is a closer look. you get the southerly winds feeding into the low. in terms of the organized
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rainfall, most of that is up to our north. just to the west of cape mendocino, we have the rain showers, but, rainfall will be increased, and all weekend long, potentially, we will have breaks in the rain. actually quite a few breaks but at least the storm totals through the weekend could be about half an inch to over an inch. that would be for the coastal hills. winds to around 45 miles an hour. and, the possibility of some thunderstorms. here's a closer look at the forecast models. we put this into motion. you will see tomorrow morning 6:00. moderate to heavy rainfall. into the mid-morning hours as well. 9:00, 10:00. once this moves on through, we will have a few more breaks in the action for saturday afternoon. we will talk more about that. also take a closer look at the sunday forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks mark. well, up to the tahoe area we go. and two more ski resorts are now open for the season. sugar bowl and kirkwood join five resorts that have fired up their lifts. at kirkwood, some people were
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there. they could expand the number of runs open to public. >> wind storms track across sacramento. san francisco, and they are just bringing that east to west pattern. that is when it gets people really excited. >> now, resorts are expecting a big holiday weekend ahead with another resort. sierra at tahoe set to open tomorrow. a reminder you can download our free ktvu fox 2 news weather app for the lathest on this storm making its way to the bay area. we are posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. well, police are searching for clues after a man was gunned down in broad daylight earlier today. officers responded to reports of gunfire on san pablo avenue shortly before noon. when they arrived, they found a man inside a car. he had been shot and killed. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects. san francisco police are searching for a gunman who shot three people on a street corner in the western edition neighborhood. one of them was killed. the shooting happened at scott
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and turk streets before 11:00 this morning. one of the other victims has life threatening injuries. the third person is expected to be okay. police only have a vague description of the gunman they say is between 40 and 50 years old. sources tell ktvu fox 2 news that the shooting appears to be gang related. well, a south san francisco police officer is in critical condition tonight after he was hit in the head by a man with a skateboard. ktvu fox 2 news' paul chambers with new video of the attack plus what we are learning about the officer and the suspect's criminal past. >> reporter: the chief spoke about the attack on one of his officers. >> law enforcement is going through difficult times with unprovoked targeted attack on police officers. yesterday, it hit home here in south san francisco. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows 28-year-old lou alberto riding his bike. he is followed by a police car and a second car.
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moments later, carreras hits him with a skateboard. >> the suspect turned on the officer and struck him in the head with a skateboard knocking him unconscious. >> reporter: he was responding to a disturbance call around 2:20 this afternoon. officers say as chon approached corerras, he refused to comply. that is when the officer called in backup. as a second officer arrived at the scene, that is when he left on his skateboard. ending in a short chase before hitting chon. one man who knew correraas said he had seemed to given up on life. >> he is just in a bad move. just screaming, he's the kind of guy. >> he had a lengthy history of criminal contacts to include several incidents of violence. >> reporter: he is behind bars facing attempted murder charges. as for chon, he is in critical
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condition. the department says he is married with two children. i'm paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, new developments in the search for a pair of inmates who escaped from a bay area jail. at 10:30, where a tip led authorities today. plus, the reward just announced for their capture. >> and, a weather, we are still on storm watch. the next cold front approach to the bay area. we will take a closer look at the rainfall projections tomorrow. and the updated five day, we are talking about a drying trend. >> how family and friends of a teenage girl who was abducted are keeping hope alive for her safe return. >> everyday, we are hopeing to wake up to that phone call saying she is home.
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>> six months of searching for a teenage girl abducted on her way to school. pearl penson has not been seen or heard of since. >> authorities know who did. but don't know what happened to pearl. debora villalon is live where a prayer vigil was held. >> reporter: her abductor was killed in a gun battle with deputies, but pearl penson was not there. and, when he died, so many answers died with him. >> every put your candles up. >> reporter: every month on the 25th. family and friends of pearl come to this overpass on i-780. >> i love you pearl. we love you. stay strong. >> reporter: that morning in
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may, as pearl walked to catch her bus to school, she was attacked and dragged across the walkway. a witness heard and tried to help, found a gun pointed at him. ran, but heard shots. pearl's blood was found on the ramp. >> yes, it was right here. we had cleaned it up because the children that had passed over all the time. >> reporter: big sister rose visits this spot. a memorial now. >> this is my last place my little sister was at. he took her for no reason. >> reporter: he was 19-year-old fernando castro from the same neighborhood. a stranger to pearl and her family. he was spotted 300 miles away and killed in a police shoot- out. he is known to have traveled as far north as sonoma county and far south as santa barbara county. but there has been no trace of pearl. >> our hope is we find her alive. >> reporter: the lead detective in the case promised the family he will do everything he can to find pearl and bring her home. >> at this point, she could be anywhere. >> reporter: tips come in.
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but, haven't panned outment. >> people leave they sigh her at a location. and, we will go to the location for example. at a bus stop. we will get the video and it is obviously not her. but, we want people to call in. >> it has been half a year now. it is just not the same without her here. >> reporter: pearl's best friends miss her laughter, her big personality. >> we are always loud. we are always crazy. but, pearl was always the one cracking the jokes. no matter what situation it was. >> it is hard. because, i had my last two periods with her, so i kind of would turn around and think i want to tell her something and she is not there. >> reporter: pearl love to draw and skateboard friends say. they vow to keep their hopes up and light their way back. >> it feel like nobody cares anymore. knowing our family and friends in the community are not giving up, they are not going to give up until she is brought home. >> reporter: the banner that everyone signed was hung over the busy freeway. pearl would be a sophomore now
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at jesse bethel high school and her 16th birthday is next month. live in vallejo, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. a family from shasta county says they couldn't be happier tonight after a mother of two was found safe after disappearing three weeks ago, 34-year-old sherri papini was found early yesterday about 150 miles south of where she went missing near redding. deputies say she was tied up and left on a rural road near i- 5 in yolo county. she vanished november 2 while out for a run near her home. this afternoon, her sister says the family had a "joyous reunion." >> keith and sherri have only one statement at this time. we are overwhelmed with joy at how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> she didn't go into any specific details about what the last three week haves been like for her sister. as for the suspects, deputies
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have only given a vague description of two hispanic women who are armed and driving a dark colored suv. the day known as black friday has almost come to an end. and today, across the bay area, well, shoppers were out looking for those deals. at the outlets there in livermore, we found a line wrapping around the coach outlet and a few other stores offering deep discounts. san francisco's union square, the frenzy was tempered a bit when retailers opened their doors last night. kicking off their sales a littlerrier. millions of americans braved the crowds looking for deals. brick and mortar retailers are trying to get people in the store. >> 150.7 million americans plan to shop this weekend. lured in by black friday and small business saturday deals. >> i'm a big black friday shopper. i go in early.
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we make friends somebody most of the time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the national federation of retailers report that's last year, more people shopped online than in stores even ahead of cyber monday. >> any time you can get out of waiting in line at the mall and going through that whole fever of parking, why wouldn't you want to just with two clicks buy what you need? >> reporter: to pull shoppers back to the mall, stores are offering deep price cuts this weekend. the wall street firm jeffrey's estimates wal-mart is offering 4% more in discounts over last year. and it is not alone. >> there are a lot of stores that will do things to incentivize you to shop in the store. they will be offering free gift cards, free movie tickets. >> reporter: shopping has turned fatal in a few spots across the country. shootings outside stores in new jersey, tennessee, and nevada have killed two people and wounded another two following this dispute in a parking space.
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shopping across the rest of the country appears to be going smoothly. the national retail federation predicts shoppers will spend more than $655 billion this holiday season. that's up 3.6% from last year. analysts are basing those rosy numbers on lower unemployment numbers, higher wages, and possibly, a so-called trump bump. a further stabilizing of the economy following the uncertainty ahead of the election. >> looking at folks with a lot of bags, a lot of shopping going on. i think it is a good indicator that we are going to have a good season. >> reporter: while this entire weekend is an important bellwether, black friday is no longer the busiest shopping day of the year. that honor now goes to super saturday, the weekend before christmas. retailers are hoping that day makes these crowds look small. in arlington, virginia, i'm caroline with fox news. weapon, tracking a storm that could impact your shopping plans first thing tomorrow morning. we have mostly cloudy skies. winding picking up.
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first thing saturday, right into the weekend, we are expecting rainfall totals half an inch. all the way to over an inch. winds could be approachable 40 to 45 miles an hour. and the sierra will pick up snow. the winter storm warning that begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. right on through 10:00 a.m. sunday. here, you can't see the frontal system approaching the system. the winds are increasing from the south. we will take a look now. we still have clouds in place. and we will show you some of the current temperatures out there. a lot of 40s and some 50s right now. san francisco, 55. and, the wind speeds a bit of a breeze. begining to set up around napa gusting to 24 miles an hour. sfo out of the south and east at 13 miles an hour winds. live camera looking at union square. this camera has been shaking around in the past half hour. an increase in the wind speeds for tomorrow morning. rain and wind, temperature ins the 40s to right around 50 degrees. in fact, this will be the deal. bay area wide. 7:00 a.m. saturday, moderate to heavy
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rainfall. we will talk more about the changing weather pattern for the rest of the day saturday and your sunday forecast. still to come here, a 70- year-old woman found dead in a house fire. >> it is sad. it is really sad. it is a tragedy for the neighborhood. >> at 10:30, why authoritys are calling this fire suspicious. >> and, the warriors travel to los angeles in hopes to make it two win ins a row over the lakers. we will have all the highlights coming up later in sports. >> up first, new development ins a contentious fight over proposed pipeline running through federal land. why authorities are planning to restrict protests now at standing rock.
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>> a portion of federal land in north dakota where hundreds of people have been protesting the dakota access pipeline. will be closed to the public december 5. the u.s. army corp. of engineers says it is
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concerned about safety after clashes between protesters and law enforcement. demonstrators were hit with water cannons in freezing temperatures last sunday injuring 26 people. now, a free speech zone will be set up in a separate area. the standing rock sioux tribe which is protesting the pipeline says the project will damage sacred sites and foul their drinking water. three over the counter homeopathic products for children are being recalled. they contain a plant called belladonna which can cause sickness and death. they are cvs homeopathic infant teething tablets. ear relief liquid. and homeopathic ear relief oral liquid for kids. there have been no reports of any death or illnesses but the food and drug administration did find greater amounts of that plant in the products that was indicated on the boxes.
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more records on wall street today. the dow and the s&p 500 hit record highs for the fourth session in a row. the dow up 68, nasdaq, 18. and the s&p gained 8. tributes are pouring in for florence henderson. >> it's the story of a lovely lady. >> from 1969 to 1974, she stars carol brady on the brady brunch. she died suddenly of heart failure surrounded by family in a hospital. there was a surprise considering she was expected to bounce back after falling ill a few days ago. this past june, florence henderson was on the red carpet reminiscing about the role that made her so famous. >> i can't tell you how many young parents tell me their kids watch the show because there is very little innocence left on television. what represents what every child wishes they had is a
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loving family. >> tonight, there's a growing memorial at her star on the hollywood walk of fame. florence henderson was 82 years old. former costars from the brady bunch are paying tribute to her tonight. barry williams played greg brady on the brady bunch. he tweeted deeply saddened. florence was one of the most gracious people i have ever known. proud to call her mom and lifelong friend. and, maureen mccormick who played marcia says you are in my heart forever. authorities on the trail of a pair of inmates. >> the dogs had a strong scent. >> up next, where the scent and the tip led authorities today. plus, the reward just sent out for their capture,. >> plus, mail everywhere after a mail postal truck crashes and seriously injured the driver on the peninsula. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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>> now, to a developing story out of the south bay where the search continues for two inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail. the two are wanted for burglary, false imprisonment and weapons charges. the search dogs have tracked their scents north to santa clara. >> reporter: two search and rescue k-9 teams retrace the escape route taken by the inmates. deputies used articles of clothing including socks to give the dogs a scent. first checking the jail surroundings and moving a half mile north. investigators believe the two walked this path between the guadeloupe river and the 87 freeway. >> they went down the guadeloupe trail. the dogs had a very strong sent. both


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