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good morning and thank you for joining us this thursday december thirst -- first. it is called . it feels like december. >> good morning, it is december, the first day of december. we have your forecast. you just realize that didn't you? >> no. my computer calendar says dec 1. we don't need to watch anymore our calendars just look at your computer or phone. we do have some computer models lingering out. for some of us in state cloudy and light rain fell moving out of the picture. we can see some clearing rapidly from north to south. that will wear out eventually. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. 32 up and kelsey. napa 36 pier 39 helzberg. there are some
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cool readings and that makes sense as the cloud cover heads on down to southern california. 50s and low 60s mostly sunny and partly cloudy sky for the south bay. good morning. we are doing pretty well for a start here on thursday. let's take a look at 580 westbound. you can see traffic is looking good. if you are driving to the ultima past not a lot of small traffic out there. you are getting up so early see might get some sort of advantage. you can see traffic is looking very nice. let's go to the east shore expressway. traffic is off to a very nice start on 80 westbound. when you get to the toll plaza it is light. if you are trying to get into san francisco early, right now is a great time to do it on that bridge, 401. last of the 4 jail inmates that escape from the santa clara county jail last week is now back in custody. chavez, the 4th man, was
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arrested in south san jose about 8:30 last night. he had been on the run for almost a week. there was a seven-hour standoff after deputies searched a house in the discernment -- to determined someone was hiding -- determined someone was hiding inside . >> our officers requested the swat team after they found the someone was concealing themselves in the attic of the residents. they took him into custody after conducting an extensive search of the apartment. >> the woman who lives in that house was also arrested for of struck an investigation and helping an escaped inmate. this comes one day after the 3rd escaped inmate, campbell, was recaptured in antioch. the 2 other inmates were recaptured sorely a they broke out in jail -- shortly after they broke out in jail . 580 in oakland is back open but investigators are looking for those responsible for the latest freeway shooting in the
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east bay. a man and a woman was wounded in the attack jammed up the commute. we report, police are working with chp and caltrans to obtain video from traffic cameras that might help in the investigation. >> reporter: the driver side of the white nissan was riddled with bullet holes one bullet appeared to have gone right through the front windshield. one man was walking along the avenue when he heard gunfire and then saw the car. >> i heard about 8 or 9 shots go off almost in one cluster and in about 2 seconds all the shots were done. >> reporter: oakland police say a man and a woman were inside the car when the shooting happened. police got the call it 3:17. they blocked off the fruitvale exit ramp where the car had come to a stop and also shut down eastbound 580 putting down evidence markers where they found shell casings. traffic came to a sudden stop causing along backup and a long
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wait for commuters. >> we couldn't move any further and were stuck there for about an hour before they went ahead and had as do you turns. oakland police allow drivers to use interest ramps -- allowed drivers to use entrance ramps. >> were following up with leads from witnesses that saw ascriptions of the vehicle. >> the driver had a pink lyft sticker in the front windshield but that person did not appear to be working. a relative says the male victim was with his girlfriend and the family says they have no idea why the family -- why anyone would shoot at the car. >> my cousin wasn't into anything and neither was the female so we have no idea. all they do is work and take care of their children. >> the 2 people are in the hospital in stable condition investigators do not know if this incident is connected to any of the 2 dozen east bay
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freeway shootings. the woman was killed last night in pittsburgh in a head- on collision. the 50-year-old woman was driving eastbound on buchanan wrote one for some reason her car -- road when for some reason her car drifted and traveled westbound. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the man driving the underpar -- other car complained of pain . both sides of the road were shut down until 3:00 this morning. 2 grab and run that's at a bay area apple store after another one in marin county on black friday. we want to show you the video of the apple store on chestnut street in san francisco. iphones lined up as usual. someone said 4 or 5 men yanked 30 iphones from their tethers at that store tuesday night. a story tells us a similar theft took place at an apple store last night.
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after they tackled the security guard it happened at another store. more information is coming out about the shasta county woman who was freed last week after being kidnapped and held for 3 weeks. >> during the interviews she described a sequence of events to the best of her recollection . remember, she was held against her will and was isolated. >> what is described as intense interviews, sherry told investigators that 2 armed latina women abducted her. authorities are bringing in the sketch artist but it will be difficult to create a composite that's captures their faces. she said the covered up her head so she couldn't see. >> the sheriff acknowledge they eat and branded her he
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refused to go into further detail saying it could jeopardize the investigation. her friends are doing what they can't to support her. >> very beautiful soul inside and out. she is a very nice some lady. >> her husband says she was tortured and starved during her ordeal. when she was released she weighed just 87 pounds. her long blonde hair had been chopped up and she also suffered a broken nose. the younger captor is described as having long curly hair, thick spanish accent, pierced ears and thin eyebrows. the older woman had straight eyebrows with rain and thick eyebrows. the oakland public ethics commission is criticizing the ticket policy for events at the colosseum arena they have free use of a luxury suite at the oracle agreement -- arena. is a politician or city staff that use the suite are supposed
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to lift the reason for visiting the coliseum complex. these pay times investigated and says the most frequent reasons ever given our reviewing or inspecting the buildings. however the commission says there is little in any work is being done during games. the investigation into the ticket policy was sparked by the newspaper report. the ethics commission says someone should oversee who gets free tickets to those games. president-elect donald trump is taking what he calls a victory lap today. his first stop is indiana where he will tour the carrier air- conditioning plant after working out a deal with the company to save about 1000 jobs that were headed to mexico. so far the terms of the deal have not been released. trump supporters say it shows the president-elect can save american jobs.>> the president- elect and vice president-elect will go to indiana and join the carrier and announced that 1000
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jobs are so will remain in the united states of america exactly what he ran on. >> what i would observe is if he is successful in doing that 800 and in doing that 804 more times than he would meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while president obama was in office. president-elect trump and vice president-elect mike pence will appear at a rally in cincinnati ohio. first stop is what is called a think tort in the swing states that gave mister trump his election but 3 . we're hearing reports that a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer in tacoma washington has now been shot and killed by police. the officer was shot several times while responding to a domestic violence call yesterday afternoon. police surrounded the house for hours believing the gunman was barricaded inside pier woman and 2 children were able to get out. we are now hearing the suspect gunman who shot and killed by police. we will follow the developments in
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washington and bring you up dates throughout the newscast this morning. 7 people are confirmed dead in a string of fires in tennessee. the fires first started monday gatlinburg in the great smoky mountains national park. strong winds fanned the flames sparking on the fires that forced thousands to evacuate. there is still a lot of danger for first responders and families trying to return home. the search is so important to going to all these homes, all of these rental cabins, just search every houston gatlinburg. that is a major job because you have trees down, power lines down. some of them are still live. hundreds of homes were destroyed in the fire has caught many by surprise because it spread so quickly. it is 10 percent contained in this morning. dolly parton is launching an effort to help those affected by the wildfires.
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dolly parton grew up in that area and she has set up the my people fund to provide about $1000 a month to those were now homeless. >> we want to provide a handout to those families that have lost everything in the fires. to recover want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month to all those families that have lost their problems in the fire until they get back up on their feet. >> the families can apply for help as soon as tomorrow. her theme park, the theme park -- dollywood was threatened by the flames but received no damage. today we are remembering those who have died. coming up, more on the memorial that was made so that the victims of aids are never forgotten. >> all he was doing was working to try to take care of
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his children. a tragic work face shooting in san francisco in 3 minutes. >> more on the man who lost his life. right now we see traffic and very well from the bay area. as a matter of fact it doesn't look bad on the golden gate ridge headed south. our system from yesterday is moving out pretty fast. we will have mostly sunny skies today. we will see if the temperatures will stay in the upper 50s or see if they can bump into the upper 60s.
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a morning. welcome back. it is 4:14. san francisco police tried to find out who shot and killed city worker while he was cleaning up graffiti. police say 27-year-old jermaine jackson was shot all painting over graffiti on a electrical box your 26th in vermont history morning. investigators are looking for surveillance video leaving the information on the suspect. he has 2 children. sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants are in the spotlight as we get closer to the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. civic leaders plan to the 5 the new residents because he wants them to inspect -- respect and enforce federal immigration law . this is becoming a high- stakes game of chicken with millions of dollars at stake. since someone from's victory , the size over a brewing fight of sanctuary cities are everywhere. there is message
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after message from big-city mayors to illegal immigrants. >> administrations may change but our values and principles as it relates to inclusion does not. in recent years hundreds of counties and cities as well as churches and campuses have declared themselves sanctuaries against deportation. while the definition of a sanctuary is loose, the common thread from local law enforcement seem to be, don't ask don't tell about legal status. what republicans consider to be 8 years of lax enforcement of federal immigration law it will be coming to an end under the donald trump administration. >> the thing i have already done is i had use my power as the governor of texas to withhold funds the cities or counties that are declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities. the president the was slain
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university vows to fight mass deportation. spy what we are going to do is not cooperate which would have to be extra juridical deportation proceedings. there is no way you could deport 10 million people in one or 2 administration. west linn receives $20 million of federal grant money every year, money that could be withheld unless the college complies with federal immigration laws. for cities the amount with be much greater. >> the top 10 cities received about $350 million in grants. those are the ones that could be denied. this is funding for police enforcement related to immigration. these are funds the cities would not want to move -- lose . >> donald trump has vowed to deport 2 to 3,000,000 lawbreakers. as for the others -- they are terrific people will make a determination. >> however the policy evolves may face a day lose up court challenges. and again it will
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highlight the supreme court vacancy the donald trump will fill. university of california president restated the school position in a statement saying, you see will act upon -- uc will act upon the deeply held tradition that all members of the community have the right to live, study and work without fear of deportation. the chancellors at the dick -- cal state university system also said, undocumented students who came to this country as children , quote, should be able to pursue their dream of higher education without fear of being arrested, deported or rounded up for just trying to learn. caltrans has a new partner to help present suicide on the train tracks. several teenagers have killed themselves on the commuter train tracks in the last several years. the nonprofit organization, crisis text line hopes to help people who feel desperate. suicide hotlines let people
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talk to counselors. it could help people who are more likely to text then called. >> is acceptable. their mom doesn't hear them through the wall. they could do it from school. we actually see psych every day during lunchtime. >> sons about the crisis text line will start going up on monday but the service is already -- signs about the crisis text line will start going up on monday but the service is already available. mi on tv? >>-- am i on tv ? >> yes you are on tv. >> were talking about very
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important stuff like how good the food is at certain restaurants, exactly. >> right now we do have pretty decent commute. gilroy the san jose, let me turn my police radios down. there is a lot going on out there feel gilroy the san jose is pretty good. no problems as you drive through the gill more area. there are no major problems here coming into the main part of san jose. we are off to a pretty good start. also looking at interstate. also looking at interstate 880. we can see traffic in both directions is looking good. the people who get up this early, i know steve is listening so we have to go to the bay bridge toll paul's a. they get up -- toll plaza . they get up to hear nothing out of my mouth. there is nothing going on. it is almost 4:20 1 am -- they want to hear there is no weather issues . >> it is a nice commute.
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there is no rain fog. it is not raining, there is no snow, have a good thursday. >> no hail, thunderstorms, nothing like that. we are getting to adhere. our skies are clearing. the breeze will pick up later on. we're going to have a northerly wind already pressure building up in oregon as the system is out we will have high pressure to the north low-pressure to the south. the high doesn't like the low so it fills it with the breeze, not yet but later on today as we start to see clearing taking place from the north. we have mostly sunny skies a little bit of an offshore breeze. temperatures 30s and 40s. we expect some of these sokoloff as long as the breeze stays calm. 30s and 40s as well for these back pier 39 for black hawk. 36 danville, upper 30s as well to some 40s. warty 6 alvin brown with and also for pittsburgh. 28 in truck he is not too bad.
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there is still cloud cover out there. >> 18 south lake tahoe. gas at 34 degrees in northern is at 22. everything is coming out of the north. that is a sign that highs building and. there is your low forming. as it does it will start to crank up the breezes. clouds clear up the we will have mostly sunny skies we are going to get more of a northerly wind . friday late tonight into tomorrow it could get downright windy in the higher elevations. mostly sunny and a little bit warmer especially toward areas that get that north winds .-- wind . 50s, 60s, low 60s a chilly morning but overall tonight and tomorrow we should start seeing more of that northerly breeze but that could certainly make for a nice day from friday into saturday. most of sunday looks get in then we are cold and windy next week . >> next week is going to be -- it is cold and windy more than
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anything . >> i picked up my younger daughter -- i pick up after school carpool and they get into the car was no code. it is cold. they have to get in the pattern of dragging their jacket. a college basketball player so badly injured he missed an entire season. now the team pressure emotional leader is making a comeback. a new agreement for major league baseball means big changes are coming. why the giants may have a big home game -- more home games if they make a run for the world series .
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welcome back to mornings unto. it is the 3:26. researchers are looking into whether ecstasy can treat ptsd. they have accused -- approved large- scale clinical trials -- clinical trials to help test the theory. a group of combat veterans did not respond to standard drugs in psychotherapy but more than half the patients reported their systems improved after taking 3 doses of ecstasy . researchers say the psychedelic drug may help people stricken with cancer. 2 new studies suggest the drugs and the mushrooms can treat anxiety. the reported feeling better hours after taking the drug in the effects lasted up
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to 6 months but scientists say they are in the pulmonary stages people should not self medicate. major league baseball and the player union have reached a new collective bargaining agreement hours before the current one was to run out. owners and players have to ratify it that includes banning smokeless tobacco from the players. any player that has one day of major league service is exempt. several cities including san francisco have banned the use of folks -- smokeless tobacco and the ballparks. estate wideband takes affect next year. the lead that wins the all- star game will no longer have home field advantage in the world series. it will go back to the way it was before 2003, to the pennant winner with the better regular- season record. also the
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minimum stay on the disabled list will be reduced from 15 days to 10 so the teams can make quicker roster decisions. >> there will also be more drug testing. the regular season will be 187 days set of 183 adding 4 more scuttled off days for the teams. it is 4:28 and we have new details about the horrifying attack on the ohio state campus . new information about the 18 oh suspect and a possible connection to terrorism. also fidel castro being remembered. how cubans are paying their poor respects to the controversial communist leader. good morning we see traffic doing very well so far. if you are driving in san francisco it looks good approaching 80 split . our weather is looking good as the skies clear out but the breezes going to pick up. we will talk about what is in store for the next several days.
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