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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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across the south people are cleaning up after severe weather ripped through the area. look at the pictures. at least 5 people known to be dead and a dozen more hurt as tornadoes ripped up tennessee and alabama . the search for survivors goes on this point. ink you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday the first day of december. >> thank you for joining us. 4:31 is the time. it is chilly. grab your coat. have to say, both of you gentlemen have a lot of fans at union square macy's. >> that is nice to know. >> they said we watch you guys every morning, love those guys. you are always dressed sharply. >> you guys have a lot of fans at orchard supply. >> i love orchard supply. i can't get out of that sort. >> our systems clearing out
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rapidly for some. for others it was a partly sunny day but it stayed rather cool and the system is now claiming out in the breezes getting set to pick up a little bit breakdown out of the north and eventually northeast but that will not be until later and then tonight and then tomorrow. are dry pattern all the way through the weekend. not yet at santa rosa. that is the key here. will keep an eye on that and also santa rosa nevada with a little northwest at 5. can see some cloud cover now rapidly starting to head up the picture as the high built-in. already high-pressure up in oregon and extreme northern california. mostly sunny, slightly warmer, chilly morning but the breeze picks up a little later with 50s and low 60s. more 60s now been 50s. it is 4:32. mostly sunny? >> yes, sir. >> i will take that.
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>> do have a choice? >> know. but i like to pretend. >> good morning everyone. >> if you are trying to get out the door, the traffic looks pretty good. stephen i just tell you stuff and you have to accept it don't you. >> of us of the traffic is horrible, what could you do really? not much expect to vallejo it is a 27 minute drive. no major problems as you drive into the fairfield area or heading out to the cordelia junction. would make the split with 80 and 680 still looking very good. >> let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not backed up very much. keep a close eye on this for you. north on 280 traffic also with good in san jose. there's a live look at northbound 280 coming up on your screen. it looks pretty good getting off the highway at 17. a 4:33 let's go back to the desk. police looking for whoever
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shot and wounded a man and woman and their car on interstate 580 in oakland. we are at pull oakland -- oakland police headquarters with what we know so far and what police are doing to track down the shooter. good morning, the man woman in the car were injured. at this point we do not have enough it on their condition. the shooting happened right around reject 15 yesterday afternoon just the start of the rush-hour commute causing major backups. witnesses report hearing 8 or 9 shots all at once. the target vehicle was riddled with bullets and at least one round will right through the wind chill of that critical -- vehicle. ahead at pink lyft sticker but the driver did not appear to be working. family members say they had no idea why they were targeted. >> my cousin was into anything in either was the female, so we have no idea. all they do is working take care of their
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children -- . >> the suspect or suspect has not been caught. the victims and the families are worried that whoever was may try again. oakland police are working with chp and caltrans studying traffic cameras and also working with witnesses to get more information about the suspect keshequa vehicle. will try to talk to open police chp to try to get more details to find out what they are doing to track down the suspects in the vehicle involved. we will bring you updates throughout the morning. >> very scary to see that car. a new survey finds that most of california's public schools have a teacher shortage . the learning policy institute looked at 200 school districts statewide and bundle 75 set of them have teacher shortages. this may be due to too many teachers retiring or leaving the job and not enough people joining the profession. the problem seems to be worse
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in the lower income areas with 83 percent of lower income school districts reporting a teacher shortage. this compares to 55 percent of school districts with students from wealthier families. san francisco supervisors are making good on their college to make sydney college of san francisco free. a committee agreed to spend $9 million to pay for the measure. it is enough money to cover tuition for the fall semester of next year. only students who live or work in the city were qualified to be in this program. the money is expected to come from proposition w which was passed by voters. the full board of supervisors will vote on december 13. where learning new information about switch's deadly shooting at a busy union city shopping center. police released photos of the 3 suspects. they face charges including murder, attempted murder and robbery. police say it happened during a drug deal. one of the suspects is accused
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of firing several shots into a 21-year-old's car on monday night in the texas roadhouse restaurant. the driver was killed, one passenger was hurt in another person parked nearby in another car was also hurt. the suspects were arrested a short time later. paramedics a woman was lucky to have minor injuries after smashing her car into the robin williams tunnel in them -- marin county. that happened at about 11:00 yesterday morning. officials say the car went out of control , flipped over in the roof was crushed against the tunnel wall . there it is coming back down. the driver was taken to the hospital after complaining about back pain. no structural damage to the tunnel but electrical lines had to be repaired and traffic was backed up more than 2 hours. fbi says they believe the 18-year-old student who carried out an attack on the campus of ohio state university a monday was inspired by isis.
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investigators say the suspect was not known to law enforcement before that attacked. he was a student at osu. he was illegal, permanent resident of the us and a refugee from somalia. reportedly he posted an angry message on facebook about the treatment of muslims around the world before he crashed his car into a crowd on monday. you then attacked people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. 11 people were hurt in that attack, but all are expected to recover. tens of thousands of cubans are paying their final respects to fidel castro. the ashes of the longtime cuban leader were placed in a small coffin there were on display in havana. it was later placed inside a glass case on a trailer and pulled by a russian jeep. now it is traveling through the small towns and cities for his rebel army fought it's way to power nearly 50 years ago.
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cubans say he was a great leader. >> we felt really proud for everything he has left us. it has been a great thing. he will remain with all of us. >> castro died last friday. he was 90 years old. his funeral is sunday after national nine-day mourning period. amat line was seeing in lafayette in these they. lisa warning people in the area , be careful. this mount line will see -- seen on woodside court yesterday . it left before police got there. police are warning everybody, make sure your small kids and pets are not outside alone. they also want anyone whoever sees the mountain lion to report him. there was also a mountain lion sighted yesterday morning in pacifica on manzanita drive. it did not appear to be aggressive or hurt. police are reminding everyone
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don't approach of online, normally they try to avoid a confrontation. today people are all around the globe marking world aids day. in san francisco, hundreds of people gathered at the national aids memorial grove last night to honor those who passed away from the illness. we have more on that tradition. >> it just makes it really rock like it was yesterday. >> of this is meant to be a place of remembrance and renewal . one of the names in the circle is kevin joel kaiser. >> my brother has been dead for over 25 years, but he was like everything to me. and is much as i know i miss him it is like he is eternal. he is always here. >> this is natalie miller's first time at the grove. >> just seeing his name
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engraved here forever, it is just amazing. >> miller says she can picture her much endured older brother and she finds solace in this place of healing. she says kevin died in 1988 only 18 months after being diagnosed with hiv. >> it is not over and we need to continue to demand research. >> you are holding a candle and he will place in the circle of friends. >> now 25 years later there is some comfort in this community knowing that aids is no longer a death sentence thinks the medication, but there is still no cure. >> we will eventually get a vaccine, but until then we need to continue to be vigilant -- into remember lessons learned , the mother of ryan white, the indiana teenager with aids who fought stigma before he died says the past as part of today's process. >> the difference that it has made in the hiv community, i
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couldn't be more proud. >> a community related -- reunited by pride and grief. >> it is grace -- great to come here in of the my brothers name will be remembered forever. >> it is always nice to see. 4:42 is the time. donald trump made a deal with the carrier air-conditioning company to keep jobs in indiana . new questions from democrats about the agreement that could save 1000 jobs. you can now battle your own star wars drones, lasers included. the cost of this high-tech holiday toy. we are looking at a commute at the brave bridge toll plaza -- bay bridge toll plaza . it will not stay that way much longer. traffic is light getting into san francisco. i realize many of you listen but don't watch but you might want to take a look at screen on some of the snow reports. the best start to the year and
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30 years, there you go.
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welcome back for that wait time is -- 4:45 is the time. sheryl sandberg is donating $100 million of facebook stock to charity. she transferred $880 worth of shares to these sandberg fund. sandberg has 2 other nonprofits, the women focus, lean in and a grief support group called option if you love star wars, there is a new toy for you on your christmas list. >> [ video playback ]
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>> propel unveiled the star wars battle drone in san francisco. it lets several users have laser battles at 35 miles an hour. the cost $240 apiece. >> it would be unfortunate if you crashed it in the first go around. >> that would be very expensive . 4:46 is the time. us checking with a look at traffic. >> my turn again? i am taking over the show. actually don't have a lot to talk about. traffic is off to a decent start. we have a little bit of slowing on the ultima path. we will see slow traffic on 580. the commute is slow but once we get to the livermore side of the ultima
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does look good. also looking interstate 880 n. it also looks good in both directions from the coliseum. on the toll plaza you will see that it is light. 5:30 is when metering lights,. skies are mostly clear unless your toward the south and still clearing out from some of the cloud cover. you hung on for a while and had some rain. we're mostly sunny today. the breeze will pick up later. the weekend looks good. probably a little cooler on sunday. welcome to meteorological winter, december 1. that is ours today we will be mostly sunny with the cloud covers to the south. the key
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will be the breeze kicking and quality northeast but not too bad yet. tonight's to a westerly component what the airport is showing a northerly breeze pier will pick up in the next several hours we have cold locations on the coast. 28 up in turkey -- truckee. lots of 20s and probably very colder next week. skies will clear out but high- pressure is moving in. the highs building in there and this will pick up the breeze. clouds clear out pretty rapidly they look for the winds . it
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will be mostly sunny today but tomorrow with 2nd breezy to windy day. mostly sunny and a little warmer today. we will get a few more 60s as the breeze picks up. 50s and 60s and will carry this right and probably mostly to sunday by sunday night things will begin to change. it has been a long it and grueling journey, back to the court for stanford basketball player. >> a one of for a layup. i got knocked out of the air. i just started falling. i could tell i was falling for a while. >> robert conway and sophomore guard. during process and practice last season he landed awkwardly and shattered his right forearm and elbow you were cast for 2 months, had an
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exhausting physical therapy almost daily. last month he returned to action after almost 19 month. >> there was a time it look like i possibly could employ. i never truly believe that. i was always been a try to come back to matter what the doctor says. says his darkest moment was when he left the doctor into your thinking he would never played the sport he loves. but now he is fully healthy, back on the court. he says every day is a blessing. will take time over the next several weeks jabrill try and bring you feel good stories about ask of kindness and give you a chance to bring hope to your community. we do need your help. if you have a story
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about a local person or local group that the these guidelines, let us know about them if you can find more information on our website. look under the mornings tab include your name, phone number and email address. rolling out the red carpet: coming up in sacramento a look at the inductees for the ship's -- this year 's california hall of fame.
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welcome back. the st. mary's men's basketball team is undefeated after beating stanford. there are ranked number 12 the highest ranking in school history. they -- trail at the half to go on to a 12 point run during the 2nd half. they beat the cardinals 6 is 6:51. st. mary's now 6 - zero. the cow men's basketball team not one of the top 25 pair making scored a career-high 25 point they scored the rest of their points on 3 -- free throws . the san jose sharks one
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last night beating the la kings. they have won 5 of their last 6 games. will 3 1/2 minutes into the game. it was the 2nd nhl goal for the rookie. in the 4th sharks led 3 - zero. sharks are back home tomorrow night. it more californians have been inducted into the california hall of fame. despite harrison ford was one of the people honored last night in sacramento so is george . you talked about his childhood in a japanese interment camp. >> is very significant. it is my mothers hometown -- mother's
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hometown . to be honored in this museum here it tells a chapter of american history that still in this day not many americans know about. >> and another inductee, maria shriver launched the hall of fame back in 2006. others name to the hall this year include office -- author isabel i ended -- and the late baseball star tony when . you ready to snag your tickets to hamilton. >> [ video playback ] >> tickets to the san francisco production of hamilton and the american musical go on sale on monday, but only to american express cardholders, the rest of you have to wait until december 12. tickets start at $100 each. >> very exciting it is coming here -- excited it is coming
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here. we have talks about free tickets to the warrior games and other events. more on what the tickets are being used for and why and ethics form is investigating. good morning right now traffic is moving along quite well if you are driving north and southbound 101 approaching 80 split. all quiet for the next few days although the wind will pick up . we have wonderful conditions up in the sierra for this time of year. by december 1 this is good. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd.
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the search for an outstanding inmate who escaped from jail in san jose has come to an end. will tell you how he was caught . we're getting disturbing details about the kidnapping of a northern california mother.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday the first day of december. do you want to know about your weather? the start of meteorological winter for most of us in this business. officially have until the 21st but if you are in whether it starts today, winter starts today although it is not going to be that bad of a day. it is a little chilly after this one. debris zone will pick up but the week looks good and next week will probably be untapped. mostly sunny with the breeze picking up. sunny, windy at times in the weekend looks good from mild to warm. below for me is happening usually in the southern california. that will crank up the old northerly breeze and maybe that strong northeast by tomorrow morning. not too bad yet.


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