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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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how community members are going to remember the victims of that attack. mornings on two starts now. this is ktvu mornings on two. good morning and thank you for joining us. friday morning, december 2nd. >> good morning. it is called this morning steve paulsen in his office. >> windy. >> i'm looking behind you. >> it is howling out there for some. it is clear, that's the good news but it is windy and if you don't get bundled up it is also cold. it is roaring for some and it will continue to do so. there have been gusts about 50 in some of the higher elevation and for most of the morning it will be blustery, windy to blustery. clear, that's the good news. very dry conditions but out of the north at 32 at travis, 15 at napa airport and take your pick. there is gusts all over the place, 35 to 40 at some of the higher elevations. due north, due north, there you go. north of 21 at sfo, i don't see
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that all of the time. 40s and 50s. if it wasn't for that breeze we world colder. there are a few 30s but reports of windy conditions into lake county. be advised it is clear but if you want cool it will be warmer and eventually more 60s it will translate in to. happy friday. >> happy friday and to answer pam's question, that windy flag picture came from on top of a tall building in san francisco. >> there you go. it is windy and steve, it is also windy, no surprise to you on the altamonte pass. >> pretty much. >> exactly. >> traffic on 205 and 580, this area, still very light but it could be windy there. i'm looking up to see if there is an advisory by c hp. as a matter of fact, just as i suspected. they had issued it at 223 in
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the morning. a look at 0, north and southbound and the traffic is moving along pretty well and a wind advisory for the bay bridge if you are going to san francisco both hands on the steering wheel. president-elect donald trump has filled another cabinet position and elected retired general james mattis to be secretary of defense. led a marine division during the invasion of iraq in 2003. he called him by his nickname mad dog mattis and he is the closest thing we have to general george patton. announced that news in cincinnati ohio. >> his first major public appearance since election day. the first step on what the president-elect donald trump is calling a thank you tour. >> president-elect donald trump
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thanked some 8000 supporters in cincinnati ohio for helping him to win the white house many didn't think he could. >> i am asking you to join me in this unbelievable and unprecedented movement. >> he reiterated campaign promises. >> we will construct a great wall at the border. >> and increase military spending and a repeal of president obama's healthcare act and promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the midwest. >> we are going to fight for every last american job. it is time to remove the rust from the rust bell and usher in a new industrial revolution. we are going to do it. >> the speech came hours after mr. trump and vice president- elect mike pence visited the carrier and heating plant in indiana. to celebrate a deal mr. trump
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has struck to keep about 800 jobs from moving to mexico. mr. trump made carrier one of his campaign causes. >> carrier will not be leaving indiana. >> it will give 7 million- dollars in state tax incentives to carrier. during his ohio speech, mr. trump made repeated calls for unity. but also denounce the journalist protestors in the crowds and critics such as ohio governor john kaisch. >> now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help me one bit, i'm going to get it done. believe me. >> he ended with him campaign refrain. >> we are are going to come together and make america great again! thank you very much. thank you, ohio. thank you. well, mr. trump's team is promising to create 20 million new jobs over ten years.
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partly by lowering corporate taxes for companies that bring jobs back from overseas. mr. trump will have his first news conference as president elect on december 15th. time is 4: 05. it is one year since the san bernardino terrorist attacks where 14 people were killed and 22 wounded. the man and his wife went on a shooting ramage for county held employees. both of the shooters died the same day in a shootout with police. parties believe they were inspired by the islamic state. police will hold a 14-mile memorial bike ride that will end near the site of the shooting. there will be a public ceremony and a moment of silence honoring the victims. in other news. a carjacking suspect in oakland was arrested after being filed by police helicopters to san francisco. take a look at the video near first and howard streets where the arrests were made.
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it started yesterday afternoon about 4:00. after an officer saw a vehicle that had been carjacked near haggen burger road in oakland. police tried to pull the car over but the driver took off. instead of chasing him a police helicopter followed the car to san francisco. when the suspect's car got stuck in traffic, the police moved in and they arrested him. a fire at a homeless camp in los gatos is under investigation. it started before 9:00 near highway 17. the southbound lanes were closed in the area near the fire until firefighters could get it under control. it took about 20 minutes before all of the lanes reopened and no one was hurt. san francisco police are looking for the driver who shot and injured another driver in a possible case of road rage. police say the one car rear- ended another car on the fremont street of the bay bridge at 10:00 wednesday night. when both drivers pulled over, one man pulled out a gun and
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shot the other person in the chest. we are trying to figure out if there is anything more to the story, what caused this, why did it happen and also if there is any video surveillance. police say the man who was shot is going to be okay. he was driven to a hospital by a relative. another driver witnessed the incident and is working with investigators but so far the only description of the shooter is a white male about 25 years old. time is 4: 07. more police patrols added in oakland following a violent week. authorities searching for the person that wounded a man and woman on interstate 80. there is no motive discovered so far but the victim's car was targeted. on monday in west oakland three men shot and killed in separate attacks, the police are working mandatory 12-hour shifts in west oakland instead
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of the usual ten hours, just in an effort to stem the violence. i don't believe they were doing quite as much as we need to do. i'm appreciate that opd is rallying in response to this. we have added patrols in west oakland. we want to suppress any opportunity for any retaliation. the mayor libby shaft's office said the number of homicides in oakland dropped 40% in the last three years. the man accused of shooting and killing a public works employee as he was working is due in court today. 27-year-old germane johnson was painting over graffiti when he was gunned down on wednesday. police say a gang member, 26 year-old michael higgenboggen has been arrested in connection with the shooting. jackson's co-workers have started a memorial at the scene where he was killed. one coworker says he was with jackson just 20 minutes before
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that shooting. i started to hear this crazy stuff on the radio. talking about shots fired and i had no idea they were talking about my little buddy jackson leaves behind two young children. the mayor offered condolences to jackson's family. police tracked down victor torres and they uncovered a large number of weapons, handguns and illegal high- capacity magazines and boxes of ammunition. police say torres had several felony convictions meaning he is not supposed to own a gun. the winning streak is over thanks to the houston rockets.
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what a pass to green. >> that was a tight game from start to finish. went to double overtime but the warriors could not put it away. step curry out and draymond green permitted a foul at the end kicking houston star james harden in the face. the warriors lost 122 to 127 but they have the best record in the nba. >> i don't think that was a legitimate or deliberate kick. >> i don't think so either. >> but a lot of people are talking about it today. >> exactly. all right. time is 4: 10. a sad celebration of life in the east bay for a young shooting victim. i pray every day that i just get a phone call saying that we have this person in custody. in our next half hour with
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the mother of regina jeffies and what she wants you to know. traffic pretty good westbound. the the wind has changed and there is a breeze to down right howl to some.
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welcome back. it is 4:13. a woman in hollister injured by
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a chemical explosion is in serious condition and in the santa fe hospital. she was transported to the santa clara medical center after being exposed to lead oxide. she was decontaminated before transported and at the hospital before taken inside. >> the hazardous team decontaminated her on the stretcher above the pool so we collected the waters and they were properly disposed of. >> the explosion was at the energetic company in hollister. it happened at 9:30 yesterday morning. later today family members and friends of mario woods will hold a vigil marking one year since he was shot and killed by san francisco police. he was carrying a knife when he was shot more than 20 times by police officers december 2nd of last year. the video of that shooting led to major protests about police
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use of force. today people will gather at martin luther king, jr. park at 3:30 and march where mario woods was killed. gunmakers do not need to equip guns with bullet tracing technology says the state court. the original law was signed by 2007 by then governor arnold schwarzenegger. it requires guns to have technology to help investigators trace bullet casings to specific guns but the gunmakers say currently the technology does not exist to comply with the law. so the court overturned a previous ruling sending the case back to the lower court for further consideration. government safety officials are now calling for seat belts on all seat school buses. the bus that crashed in chattanooga did not have seat
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belts. 6 children were killed when it overturned. school buses built after 2005 are required to have seat belts however most school buses are older and only a small percentage have seat belts. it is 4:16 as we get you out the door. how does it look, sal this early morning? >> not too bad. we are okay and sometimes on friday, dave and pam, we are hoping that we have a lighter commute. that's what we hope for anyway. let's go to the gilroy commute to san jose. not a bad drive. northbound 101 looks good to morgan hill to san jose with no major issues. windy. steve and i have been telling you. wind advisories over the altamonte pass and the bay bridge. give yourself extra time and be careful. this is a look at 280, traffic is light as you go to the west
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valley and beyond that if you are going that far and at the bay bridge total it is gusty. let's bring in steve now. 4: 17. >> it is windy. i have seen gusts up to 50 at the higher elevations. altamonte pass, the bridges, kind of hold on there. northeast, really cranked up last night and it is roaring for some. you can see the air flow direction and it is going to be with us most of the day. it's clear. that's the good news. sunny and great visibility. 18 gusts up to 26 and 32 at travis and due north at napa and pretty good northwest components. it is almost everybody including santa rosa and to bucannon. deceiving. due north of sfo and santa fay west, breezes 30s and 40s. if it wasn't for that breeze we would be colder.
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extremely dry airmass and mountains wind dries down the temperatures will plunge. won't be tonight and tomorrow. 18 at truckee with the wind chill and 9 degrees. 17 at norden. so 25 even up in reno but a cold one. temperatures will be warming up. i know the days are short but we will get low to mid 60s especially if the north wind continues. it is northerly breeze. even on the mild side. santa rosa at 64 and that is not too bad. cold. once the breeze tails off it will be cold and nice and mild. fireplace time for pam. >> tonight and tomorrow. sounds good and tomorrow
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morning i happen to be able to sleep in and enjoy it. time is 4:19. we will take some time over the next couple of weeks during the 9:00 hour and morning on two to bring you feel-good stories about acts of kindness and opportunities for you to give back and we are hoping the stories will give everybody relief from the rise in stories. we see a lot of hate and racism and fear but we need your help. if you have a story about a local person or a local group that fits these guidelines, tell us about it. let us know about it. you can find the nomination form on under the mornings tab and make sure you include your phone number and email address. love it. it will be nice to see. 4:19 is a time a bay area artist offers his services as a gift to grieving families. coming up in our next half hour. the reason he says he gets back much more than he gives. san francisco's full house may soon welcome back the old
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cast, coming up, the new buyer that just bought the property.
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welcome back. it is 4: 22 and tonight the lights will be turned on at the big tree in oakland's square. the shasta arrived last week and decked out with five thousand lights and 600
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ornaments. ktvu is a media partner. the party gets under way at 5:00 with holiday performances and santa's reindeer and arts and crafts and some holiday treats. the tree lighting scheduled for 6:15. i may have to get over there. i think so. there was a tree lighting in golden gate park. >> nice to see the people gathering to watch the cypress at mclaren lodge. fire chief white was the won that flipped the switch. honored the 150th anniversary of the san francisco fire department. time is 4: 23. you know that means a lot of holiday themed events. ktvu's rosemary orozco shows us some of them in our weekend watch. and to the first week of december, here are a few items happening around the bay area in san francisco. union street will kick off its
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and fantasy of lights celebration on saturday. thousands of holiday lights will set off the victorian transforming union street to a backdrop for santa and elves and singers and live entertainment. the union street fantasy of light is from 3 to 7 and santa will be there from 5:30 to 7 and there will be a toy collection. happening in downtown redwood city. on saturday there will be a parade and entertainment and snow and santa claus and a tree lighting and a magic 3d show and the show starts at 10:00 a.m. in the east bay the 40th annual annual yacht parade starts after sunset at 5:30 on saturday. this tradition features dozens of decorated boats as they cruise along the estuary.
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free parking is provided and public viewing can be found at jacklyn square and along the public walkway in alameda. in the north bay. celebrate the holidays with a sparkling party and downtown tiburon. you can take walks through the town and enjoy the favorite shops and restaurants on saturday. the tiburon festival has horse drawn holiday rides and gingerbread house decorating and a special visit from santa and a tree-lighting cremony at 6, it is from ten to six. in sports 9ers are away. sharks play at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your weekend's watch. we are learn learning that the man that proud full house brought the house in san francisco. the producer paid 4 million- dollars for the home on broderick street in august. the show's 30th anniversary is
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in september and franklin hopes to bring the tv cast to that home and having you the public actually see the tanner family living there for a day. he plans to rent out the home to the public. it seems like everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. take a look at this. a beaver made its way inside a store in maryland. maybe he was looking for christmas decorations. there was photos of the beaver going down the holiday aisle and looking at some of the christmas trees. the beaver ended up causing a little trouble. it did knock down some shelves but no major damage. animal control was called into rescue the animal, the beaver is now at a wildlife rehab center. looking something for the den. time is now 4: 26. another hummus recall because of possible contamination. up next. the brand that's being pulled off of the shelves.
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brazen to do the same thing that just happened. bay area apple stores targeted by thieves. what we are learning about a series of robberies and what apple is saying in response. we still look pretty good out there. it is a little windy in many of the areas and that's probably why it is so clear. i will let the weatherman talk about that. traffic wise it is clear. steve. sal, on days like this, they call me the breeze. or the wind because it has been really cranked up for some. i will have your friday forecast.
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you like that, pam. >> leonard skinner the breeze. >> a lot of breeze this morning in our weather in the bay area. welcome back to mornings on two and we were looking from the
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roof camout into oakland. thank you for waking up with us. >> extra hold on the hair spray. >> we will have to check out alex savage's hair. >> that's the gauge. alex savage hair rustling in the breeze. we have clear skies. that's true but it will be windy for some. it was overnight and it will continue. are we good? okay. got 25, 30 and gusts up to 56 in mount diablo. it has translated into breezy conditions in oakland and the valley. it looks good and sunshine on the way but until we get there, take your pick. it is a northerly component. northwest and it will turn northeast and


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