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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. hundreds turn out tonight in memory of the 36 people killed over the weekend when they were trapped by the warehouse party in the fruitvale neighborhood. i'm ken wayne, frank is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. an aerial view of nearly 72 hours on friday night's deadly fire. and tonight the firefighters are still on the scene continuing the dangerous worker removing debris and looking for
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victims. officials say that 36 bodies have been recovered, roughly 75% of the warehouses have now been surveyed and firefighters say that hot spots remain. our team coverage continues with debora villalon who is live at lake merritt where people are gathering in memory of the victims. debora? >> reporter: julie, this vigil has been solemn and celebratory. and it is still going on now. at its height a few thousand people estimated here on the north end and while people are still trying to trickle out there are still hundreds of people back here under the area and extending out to the street. and oakland police and fire have the streets closed off to accommodate the overflow crowd. now the father of one of the young men lost at one point got up and asked the crowd to honor his son by being kinder, help each other, love everybody as his son did and while he was one of the many moments that would have the crowd both
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crying and sheering and time after time that people would raise their hands high, holding their candles and their glow sticks to pay tribute to victims for more than two hours now an open mic format with people sharing their grief and their remembrances of those they knew. and sometimes those stories inspired laughter and the applause and cheers. more often tears. we heard some anger too as they were declining the lack of affordable housing and the code enforcement they say would put them at risk as they search for space to live and work. and in addition to those speaking there were many more listening that came from all over the bay area. we spoke to some oakland residents about why it was so important for them to be here. >> and actually i would live so close that carrying the helicopters and the sirens smelling smoke is what has deterred in our homes. >> i'm only 15. i don't know what they are going through, but i could feel for them and i want them to
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know that i care and i want my experience to be made here. >> to be talking about this, to have this forum here to share and commemorate together. >> and what comes out of the resolve to be human beings to watch out for each other. and i work a little closer. >> that means that they would create an alter that they brought to the vigil tonight with photos of some of their good friends who died in the warehouse and a sound track reciting all the victims names. as we would look at the line of candles along the lake side it glows bright tonight. one of the other poignant moments came from a woman who spoke up about asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of her son. she identified him as nathan snyder and asked the crowd i can't find him. do you know where he is? and so this is still a very
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evolving situation and still in the moment and still very raw for people and it is such a loss. a personal loss if you knew any of these victims, but the community loss as well. because it is how vibrant they were. >> we had a community coming together tonight. debora, thank you. a smaller group of people came together tonight in san francisco's castro neighborhood to remember those lost in the warehouse fire. about two dozen people brought signs with some saying we love oakland to harvey mill plaza. others lit candles for the growing memorial. some of the victims of the fire were members of the bay area's lbgt community. >> our hope is that you'll find light. if you can't find it, if you are one who holds on desperately each day, i am for you. and to live for those whose lives were cut short.
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>> organizers wanted to create a safe space for transgender people and others to grieve and honor the victims. those who died were artists and musicians and dancers. a group of creative minds in their 20s and 30s with one victim who is just 17 years old. ktvu jana katsuyama is here now with what we learned about those lost. >> reporter: ken and julie, each of those will have a story and some here from the bay area and others from the other parts of the state as we learned that three victims came from other countries. finland, korea, and guatemala. tonight 33 of those 36 lost in the fire have been identified or tentatively identified. eight names so far have been officially released. >> reporter: their faces remembered and loved show a cross section of a community that came together for arts, dance, and music. souls searching for fellowship at the ghostship in oakland. the youngest victim so far is
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17-year-old draven mcgrill a student at ruth asawa school of the arts who sang with the pacifica boychoir in oakland for more than five years. draven is the son of an alameda sheriff deputy. he also enjoyed designing clothes and stickers. >> there is not a mean or hurtful thing that i could recall him saying and that he was just so nice to everyone he met. and i'm so thankful for having him in my life. >> reporter: cash askew was a musician who formed the group them r us 2 with a college friend. as a 22-year-old transgender woman, askew had found love with his girlfriend. >> and they sang gorgeous tunes. and she is also like a person that was so strong and she fought for her friends and she tried so hard. >> reporter: a glass blower and
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also a musician. ♪ [ music ] huff was a member of the band ghost of lightning using the musical talent to help elementary school students. and his music manager says that he was an inspiration. >> he was always really positive. >> reporter: the fire claimed another teacher's life, 30-year- old say -- sara hoda working at the charter school. >> she was a very gentle and very kind and kind individual. almost perfectly matched to the profile of the urban montessori teacher. >> reporter: donna kellogg worked at high wire coffee and loved to dance. they planned to burial her next to her brother who died several
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years ago. friends and family remembered other music lovers and musicians who were there that night. david clines a 24-year-old uc berkeley alum from oakland. a musician also known as next from hayward. and nick gomez-hall a 25-year- old employee of counterpoint press in berkeley from coronado near san diego. names and faces remembered. the oakland mayor's office told me tonight that they are still verifying the names hoping to release more in an official update tomorrow. >> so many young people that it is so sad and so many things to live for. thank you. >> we learned the names of several more of those feared dead even though that they have not been confirmed by officials. barrett clark went to santa rosa high school and worked as a sound engineer. a facebook page said that he
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was also a graduate of the ufc school of arts. burnbon was performing last night as a vj. >> micah allison was from massachusetts, rolling stones is reporting the 28-year-old man was also a performer at the event. a friend who set up a memorial page in his honor says that there will be a vigil held on thursday night. and alex asan is from new jersey who is survived by two young daughters. his website stated he worked as a director on documentaries and music videos. the site also showed he worked with spike lee and nba star dwyane wade. >> the recovery efforts underway at the ghost shipbuilding has stalled for now while work is done to stabilize an exterior wall that has been compromised just off international boulevard. the city of oakland says that the crews have at least one more day of work to do just
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clearing debris and searching for remains. amber lee is live at the scene after talking to crews about where the 24-hour operation stands right now. amber? >> reporter: the large blew crane you see behind -- blue crane you see behind me was brought in to stabilize their wall and all recovery point and debris removal are suspended. pg&e took out the power in the immediate area. as a precaution because the crane is their power lines. a part of the wall that we're concerned about, because of the break and crack that you can see. >> reporter: law enforcement and fire officials use newly taken photos to illustrate the work they're doing and why. and tonight they were seen walking around on the roof. >> and we were able to identify those areas with the actual heat. when you look at their small footprint on the upper left, that is still heat contained
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with the steel beams. >> reporter: the debris remove is about 75% complete. meaning 75% of the building needs to be surveyed. debris is removed taking out bucket by bucket as we saw a public works using sandbags to block the storm drains. if it rains that the concern is that the debris could cause flooding. workers can't help, but be reminded of the loss of life here. >> they may not have known anybody personally. and that it is still obvious throughout the day just thinking about things. >> reporter: so far 36 bodies have been recovered. 33 tentatively identified. one woman says that faces like the ghost ship selective are needed. it is really profound to see that many friends.
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it is testing a community. >> reporter: we are following up on every single lead. >> reporter: nancy o'malley says that two teens will investigate the fire. they are treating this as a potential crime scene. >> the range of charges could be murder, all the way to involuntary manslaughter. until we know what the evidence shows us there may be other charges if the evidence presents that. >> reporter: fire officials say they pinpointed the origin of the fire to the ground floor at the rear of the building. but they are still working to determine the cause of the fire. >> it seems like scenes like this you can't erase from your brain. you'll see pictures that you'll always remember the sights and the sounds and the smells that you had during these events. and now they will stick with you forever. >> reporter: work is going on right now to sure up the cracked wall. officials here at the scene tell me that there is no estimate as to when this work will be completed. they tell me that about 12
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customers in this area are impacted. ken, julie? >> reporter: and that is 12 customer who is do not have power from pg&e because of that crane? >> reporter: that's right. and it includes some homes and businesses. >> all right, amber lee is live in oakland. amber, thank you. >> the alameda county district's attorney has set up a hotline for information about their ghost ship fire and that number is 877-288-2882. investigators are requesting any information that may help in a criminal investigation. president obama issued a statement today about the fire he said that his prayers are with the people of oakland. the statement said in part that oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country and his families and the residents would pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy. they will have the unwavering support of the american people. and i'm tracking that cold weather out there.
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temperatures are about five to ten degrees cooler than they were last night. it will be frosty tomorrow morning. and there is stepped up security in southern california tonight after a warning about a possible terror attack. tomorrow the threat that has authorities on alert. >> can we take this very seriously and we want to get it right as dozens of people are dead right now. i hope we're taking it seriously. do you feel this could have been avoided if your inspectors would have done their jobs? >> and 2 investigates asking the tough questions. why were complaints of code violations at the ghost shipbuilding never resolved? what we found out next on the 10:00 news.
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the ghost ship caught fire friday night. >> an investigation once started in the possible code violations, that they were never finished. ross palombo found the city official in charge of the investigation and to ask what happened. >> reporter: well inspectors apparently had some evidence right in their hands and they would let it slip through their fingers as we first told you a few weeks ago that the city started new inspections on the warehouse before the fire. but they never followed through. what happened? and today we found the city bus responsible for those inspectors and what he told us is something you'll see tonight on fox 2.
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>> that we could get to the bottom of how it happened. they learned they were sent to the city nearly three weeks before the fire and the complaint saying some of the trash was hazardous and the property is a storage, but the owner turned into a traffic recycle site and remodeled for residential. that would trigger a second investigation into whether someone was in fact living there. >> and were you aware of that? >> a lot of questions we were trying to answer. in charge of the inspectors that 2 investigates has learned that they did go there beginning november 14. but they were unable to verify the complaints and they never scheduled the follow up visit. >> and why did they follow up? that is what we're looking for and that we appreciate their time. >> aren't you responsible to make sure that these people
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would need to do their jobs? >> we take it very seriously. >> reporter: since 2004 they logged 10 serious complaints at the warehouse and that most have to do with blight and describing their property as a junk yard filled with old tires, rodents, etc. >> dozens of people are dead right now. we hope that you're taking it seriously. do you feel that it could have been avoid first-degree they had done their jobs? >> and the entire city staff is grieving. >> we are grieving over it. why didn't they go out there to do their jobs? >> and like i said that the time that beneed to be careful to -- we need to be careful to do that investigation. >> reporter: we would look for their warehouse owner and we found a few answers. beyond them owning the property since 1997 and to document their listing of their uses solely as warehouse.
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>> reporter: the idea that people didn't know that they were living there is ridiculous. >> reporter: several people have come forward claiming that the people living inside and the problems were commonly known. >> and that i never saw sprinklers or the fire exit, the fire alarms. >> reporter: they would partially document what they knew and they will not say why they never finished investigating. >> and a lot of interest getting in there as soon as possible. when we go out we want to make sure they were accurate. >> they need to make sure to do their times, sir. >> are there any other buildings that would have this problem that they are not following up on? >> the director now says he is conducting an investigation on his own investigators to find
10:20 pm
out exactly what went wrong. in the meantime we still don't know exactly what happened at the warehouse and perhaps more importantly that we don't know whether this is, in three, two, one, well the sad irony tonight is that the director is now investigating his own investigators to find out what went wrong. we don't know exactly what happened at that warehouse and we don't know whether this is a bigger problem in the city of oakland and the other inspections with the other dangerous buildings. i'm ross palombo ktvu fox 2 news. and new details now about the man who would lease that warehouse who is on probation. court file shows show that he pleaded no contest to steele stealing a trailer from a woman last year. separately named in the restraining orders who claimed that they attacked them. they were trying to get that equipment back after their event on new year's eve in 2014 and they didn't go through
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their orders. we also learned that they also requested their retraining order against a woman who was claimed squatting in the warehouse. and it is cold out there tonight. the temperatures are getting down there with some cloud cover, but it is still going to be cold. there will be frost and fog and we've got the high clouds overhead right now all day and highs in the mid-50s. never really warmed up from this morning's overnight lows. tomorrow morning will be cooler still on wednesday morning and north of us. that is where they would need to stay for us and a few clouds and then they will start to clear out the winds right now that will be calm. when they calm down that the temperatures will have an opportunity to really drop off. it is 41 in santa rosa and the inland valleys will be getting down to 34 degrees, even colder right around 35. and valley fog will be a real possibility. and you'll notice it tomorrow morning when you push those kids out the door and with the valley fog that we would have this morning tomorrow morning and the frost on their
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windshields, not just places like santa rosa and perhaps hayward and places like that. very cold start to your day tomorrow. no rain tomorrow. more sunshine and the temperatures will be in the mid- 50s with rain in their five-day forecast. i will show it to you when i see it next. >> for hundreds of underprivileged families taken to a special event at levi stadium. why they say this type oaf vent will help put things in perspective. >> at oracle tonight, clay thompson was a scoring machine with more points ever scored. jason appelbaum will tell us how many coming up later in sports. but first the fbi would hold the news conference in los angeles to announce the terrorist threat that will be taken seriously.
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we are following developing news in los angeles where
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authorities are responding to a warning. the fbi said that the anonymous caller said that the attack would take place tomorrow on the transit line that would stop at universal studios. the call was made this morning from overseas on the international tipline from someone that spoke english. they have not determined yet if that threat is credible and authorities are take precautions and security has been ramped up across the city. >> as you know during the holidays, we would tend to get an increased threat. and so this threat because of the eminent threat that we thought it was important that we would provide this information to the public. >> and the los angeles county sheriff also says that the undercover operations are in place. they're being told to commute as usual and to be individual lent to report -- vigilant. >> green party candidate jill stein is now suing the state of pennsylvania for a recount in
10:26 pm
the presidential race. she was outside trump tower to announce the lawsuit. she says that the voting machines in pennsylvania are outdated and have security problems. mr. trump's lead in pennsylvania has slunk to 49,000 votes as the count of provisional and overseas ballots continues. in the meantime a recount in michigan began today where he won by 10,000 votes. a recount in wisconsin began last week. his lead there was 22,000 votes. donald trump's transition team announced that dr. ben carson will be nominated to the department of housing for urban development. in a statement the neuro surgeon has a brilliant mind. dr. ben carson has never run a large bureaucracy. house democratic leader called carson a disturbingly unqualified choice for the job. here in california the legislature is back in session
10:27 pm
today. the bill to pay for attorneys and public defenders. they both passed resolutions urging the doca program allowing those brought to the u.s. to receive work permits. wall street started the week on a positive note. the dow set a new record high up 46 points today. nasdaq climbed to 63 points. positive numbers had an important indicator of a strong economy. in the past hour the city of oakland released the names of ten more people who died in the warehouse fire. micah allison was also from oakland. chelsea dolan was in san francisco. justin firtz was 29 and alex
10:28 pm
ghassan, 35 also confirmed dead from oakland. >> michela gregory 20 years old from san francisco. edmund lapine, jennifer morris, benjamin renoylds of oakland and jennifer taguye, 31 years old also from oakland. amid the tragedy from friday's devastating fire our stories of survival that are emerging. >> i couldn't breathe, i couldn't see anything. that is when the power went out. >> and plus two women say that they escaped the wall of flames. >> we are going to take you back live to the scene of the fire for an update from their alameda county sheriff's department with the latest on their investigation.
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the oakland cathedral of
10:31 pm
christ the light opened up their doors for people to mourn the victims of friday's tragic warehouse fire. we saw a number of people sitting in prayer this evening. 20 people were living inside that ghost ship building. >> tonight we hear two of them were described on what it was like out there friday night. >> i woke up and the entire space was filled with smoke. and i looked over. i could see an orange glow. i got on my coat and shoes and got out of my space and there is a wall of fire. well over eight feet high. i just started heading for the front door. i was calling for help, but it felt like nobody could hear me and the music was going. i went straight for the front door and i managed to get outside. i was the first person to see the fire we're talking two minutes had passed before the power went out and everyone was trapped inside in the dark.
10:32 pm
when i heard them say fire i immediately went in the kitchen and i grabbed my fire extinguisher. i had two or three and a larger one. i opened up my gate, i saw 15- foot flames and realized that my fire extinguisher was going to do nothing for that. and i grabbed my cat and a jacket and then tried to get to safety. i feel like there is such a huge tragedy here. >> well few managed to escape in an interview with ktvu ted rowlands today, they said some of those trapped had time to contact their loved ones. >> we had a lot of conversations with family members about the last moments that they may have talked to their child or their loved ones in here. and they were telling them they loved them that they were going
10:33 pm
to die. >> some tried to break windows, but found metal grates blocking their exit. >> we want to take you back to the fruitvale district outside the ghost ship warehouse. amber lee is there and you're joined by the alameda county sheriff's department. >> that's right. i have the time of deaths here with the alameda county sheriff's department to join us to bring us up to date on what's going on right now. >> well right now focusing in on the alameda county sheriff's office. and our goal right now, to continue to work on identification and notification. we're still at 36. there's been no recovery activity since the last update. and the numbers have shifted in the category slightly and that is at this time we have made 23 notifications to the families. 12 victims have been tentatively identified and the
10:34 pm
category had moved from three to one. so our coroner is actively working to identify and make the appropriate notification. >> i understand that work is suspended at this point because while this is going on to sure up the cracked wall can you tell me what's going on with that? >> and so what i can tell you is that wow are correct that work has been suspended. it is unknown when the recovery efforts will resume. and as far as i can tell you they are working to secure the structure to sure up the wall, but i'm not prepared to give you any detail on that. >> and they don't know when that will be completed right? >> i do not know that. >> what can we expect tomorrow? >> from the sheriff's office what you can expect is for us to continue to do what we keep doing. that is our efforts to continue
10:35 pm
to like you said to makenotifications to get those tentative i.d.s i.d.ed. and that is our primary focus right now. and our recovery efforts are able to show the needs that our priority is to do what we need to do to recover if there are any victims remaining inside to make the recoveries in the most compassionate and respectful manner that we can. >> thank you for joining us. tomorrow morning the officials here will be holding an update for us at 6:00 a.m. and our morning crews will be here to cover that for us. ken? >> all right, amber lee, thank you. hopefully they could get that
10:36 pm
updated. coming up a big night for hundreds of kids. where they got the vip treatment. >> and we're tracking that cold. we are talking about frost tomorrow morning. it is raining again. your five-day forecast after this. >> major development that led to a cautious celebration. >> but first some of the names and the faces of those who lost their lives in the oakland ghost ship fire.
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the leader of the tribe in north dakota is asking protesters to go home after the army corp. of engineers denied an easement. the denial of the easement is considered a major victory for the tribe as they maintain the oil pipeline would contaminate the drinking water anddisrupt sacred land. in the meantime there are concerns that president elect trump will override the election. he supports the pipeline. a judge declared a mistrial in the case of a whys police art accused of murder. michael slager is accused of killing walter scott after stopping him for a broken taillight last year. and finally telling the judge they couldn't reach a unanimous
10:40 pm
verdict. san francisco police released a photo of a man that is behind a string of 11 arsons. mike l i'll was arrested november -- michael was arrested on november 15. and another in a camping tent. police want to know if he is connected to other fires in the city. families in need this season, they will get a special holiday treat here at levi stadium tonight. how this event hit close to home for one 49ers player. we'll have that story coming up. rain is back in the forecast. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us how it will affect the rest of the week.
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together, we're building a better california. stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. new at 10:00 a story to
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tell you about from levi stadium where the 49ers players would help hand out holiday presents. >> tonight hundreds of families in need will have gifts open thanks to the special event. ktvu azenith smith is is at levi stadium tonight. and for some of these families this is their first time there? >> reporter: yes, it was julie and the fact they were overjoyed and the children were overjoyed and in talking to some of the 49ers players they tell me that yeah it has not been the best season. but helping these families tonight, definitely puts things into perspective. one has autism and it has been a chance to be social and have fun, but not tonight. >> they were taking a picture with santa. >> reporter: her family is
10:44 pm
among 12 children in the low income families for the bay area. and at leva stadium. complete with shoes, toys, a holiday meal. and the faith-based organizations. >> what is the situation where all of a sudden that they would have hope for tomorrow and that they would think you know what there will be a chance for tomorrow to be better than today. then their world changes. >> our job is to win games. ultimately to be far away from that to give back and especially with the help of putting on the local organization that it is really
10:45 pm
true. >> reporter: this event hit home for corey smith who was live on the bench, after growing up with a single mother. >> and the day after it, i mean that it will bring you back down to reality to let you know what will be really important to motivate you to continue to overcome it all. >> reporter: that organization the 49ers would work with, they would hope to do this event next year as they would also hope to work with other nfl teams to spread the joy around. julie? >> yeah, it is so nice to see some people smiling. thank you. we are talking about the cold, that it was cool here today and it will be cold tomorrow morning and then again on tuesday. and on wednesday. the temperatures will be in the 50s. but we're expecting to see the very cold overnight lows with more sunshine during their day, which will have a lot of cloud cover and you'll see the clouds out there right now, that they will be getting ready to clear out tomorrow and partly cloudy
10:46 pm
and sunny and today was mostly cloudy for the most part as they would have a better set up as you'll see the winds coming offshore just a little bit with a northerly wind. typically a warmer direction, but the cool air will be moving on in and they will be bringing the much colder air mass as we saw it a couple weeks ago. and look at their numbers right here. we're at 41 in fairfield and down there. dew points run high about as cold as you could get technically and once you do point that out there and reach condensation to occur, which is actually a warming process and that is about where you will see 359 dew points about where you end up. what we just say overnight louse tonight down in the mid- 30s that might be cooler, but they will get you frost in the inland bay areas and that will get you fog as well and it is just downright cold as they will head off to school tomorrow morning and even in san jose that it will be 43 degrees, very chilly. morgan hill at 46 degrees.
10:47 pm
38 in redwood city. i mean they are going tomorrow morning and it will be a tough one. but the rain will come in here by thursday and from that system that they just diagrammed there and the high pressure will be staying with us tomorrow and it will be dry and more sunshine tomorrow and then a cold start and here is how it goes. we've got rain showers coming up wednesday night and afternoon evening and late afternoon evening. then thursday morning you've got a wet commute and a morning commute and then you've got some on lunchtime on thursday and the wet afternoon commute on thursday and it will be wet all day and more rain on friday morning and they will be impacted that this thursday morning, thursday night and friday morning and their commute that it will be kind of a drag, which will be winter. and look at how they will move over the next five days to push it on through and you'll see that it is not massive amounts, rain as they will head over friday and two inches for san francisco and saturday and over 2.2 and as we head into the next couple of days they will dry out just a little bit with
10:48 pm
the forecast highs for tomorrow and not that warm and we would have temperatures in the 80s. now the forecast is 56 in mountainview and san jose and then in their five-day forecast with some more rain coming up with the snow and that it will be a good thing that it will be wednesday night and all day on thursday and friday morning and right in here and i'll tell you that it will be good and productive for their mountains with a couple feet of snow easy probably two and a half feet of snow. over the course of this they will get more rain and in the meantime it will be cold tomorrow morning and wednesday morning and in the days they will be mild. >> we have not seen any snow around here. >> not really, no. >> no, i mean this snow mountain and areas in the north bay, down to about 5,000 feet, but we have not seen it right now. >> yes, thank you, bill. big night for the warriors. huge night for clay thompson. sports is next. we'll be right back.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
right now with the warriors and clay thompson who was a scoring machine tonight. >> tonight was just something to see that it was a real special night. their 200 straight sellout. boy do they get a show here tonight. i was joking earlier with a friend when you have your fourth best player scoring 50 points that you'll win the game 100% of the time.
10:52 pm
and derek carr and the raiders brought their offensive line there. they picked a good night to come out. it was quite a show by clay thompson. and they bring it up. then look at seth who is still fired up about it. he's just giddy and gets even better. involved with clay on every possession and the fade away. the baseline. he doesn't know what to do with himself. he heads down. clay had 44 points and the warriors would lead 80-70. then green to steph and a very quiet 20 points here today at the rebound. staff over the shoulders. just unbelievable show that they will put on tonight. later in the third everyone was wanting him to get the ball.
10:53 pm
eight three pointers with the career high in 29 minutes, setting up the entire fourth quartierer with 60. then look at this, that's for a good measure to cool off and then he comes in with the ice and he will get it dumped on his head as they win 142-136 improving 18-3. >> i always enjoy these moments. they seem to go faster. some i'll remember forever. >> and i don't know if they will tap that. the raiders are having almost as much fun as they need their bigger comeback for the last 15 years to beat the bills trailing by 15 points. then derek carr led four touchdown drives in less than four minutes and their touchdown to amare cooper giving the warriors the lead
10:54 pm
for good. carr has now led six fourth quarter comebacks this year the most in the nfl. when you are 10-2 putting on the show even the warriors are jumping on the bandwagon. >> and just wild and crazy and it is like a party. that they know what's going on during the game with the serious home field advantage and that complex over there. >> that is the best and they were so excited and that you could just see it, their thoughts, trying to grab something special and that it will be the super bowl. we'll see how it goes. >> a lot of good stuff is going on for the oakland alameda complex right now. much different than in years past and everyone is winning. the giants blew a league high 32 saves last year so you better believe they needed a closer as they would get one. hello mark melacon. last year he had 41 saves and
10:55 pm
51 opportunities. he's one of the best in the game and he won't overpower anybody, but he is said to have one of the best cutters in the game where he just gets those guys out. four years $62 million deal and the highest ever for a closer. he didn't waste any time and there he is putting on the giants cap, excited to officially be a part of the giants organization. now come this spring we will be seeing buster posey who will be playing for team u.s.a. and they will miss a few spring training games. won't be bothered too much by that and against columbia in miami. the a's outfielder chris davis will also play in their baseball classics, suiting up for mexico. but his mom made him eligible and he had 42 home runs last year tied for the third most in
10:56 pm
all of baseball. and another kind of dud on monday night football, andrew luck and the colts back east to take on the jets. luck had a big game here stepping up fighting dwayne allen in the end zone with four catches and three went for touchdown. luck had a big night of 41-10 in san jose. the colts are known for the three-way tie in the first and the big story with the warriors and the coliseum and clay thompson. everyone will be talking about it tomorrow. >> clay was asked after having the ice dumped on him did that cool you off? >> the raiders are watching derek carr. >> there is a neat thing going on. >> thank you, jason and thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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