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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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am only 15. disbelief as people gather the memory of the victims of the warehouse fire. good morning and thank you for joining us i am pam cook i am dave clark. we are following the latest on the warehouse fire in oakland the recovery efforts were suspended overnight because of fears about the stability of one of the walls. enlarge the complaint was brought into stabilize the crack wall. in this conference is scheduled in two hours and will give us the latest on the recovery process. the death toll, 36. authorities hope that will be the final counts but they are not sure. >> they searched about 75% of the building and firefighters say there are still some hotspots. we will continue to
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follow this throughout the morning the right now we want to get a check of weather and traffic and tell you it is very cold.>> it is really a cold, this is what you say okay. the cold air has settled in the brief is picking up. we focus on two areas, one today and the cool cold air into the clouds to the west. there is a breeze. the northwest breeze and temperatures dropping the fifth of north you feel it. and the cold air will sweep in. lots and lots of moisture on the way. today the attention goes to the north. mostly sunny skies we will get mostly sunny with a cold air will moving to north and this is the reinforcement, of north some cold showers in the breeze is that the story is picking up out of the northwest. that will
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cut right in. it is picking up on the coast. 33 in santa rosa. there is your cold air and brentwood and 38 is called for them. they are dropping fast. 27 and kelsey bill, 31 great, 31 nw. napa. it is coming through. 50s, temperatures in some near that in the higher elevations. >> is 4:02 am. i will get cranked up. >> you will. >> thank you. it is the kind of morning where people take longer showers as i am told and warm up the core because the heater needs to get on. let's take a look with the tracy commute westbound 580 as you try to the area not a bad one right now.
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at driving a 205 and 580 it looks good in the livermore valley. traffic is looking good to the 580, 680 interchange. let's go up here traffic is moving well in both directions. at the bay bridge westbound traffic looks good getting into san francisco at 4:03 am left it back to the desk. recovery crews in oakland have gone through most of the word of the ghost ship warehouse. this building in oakland's fruitvale district is not far from interstate is not far from interstate 880. the cruise will be back at work today clearing debris and searching for remains. 36 bodies have been found so far . autopsies are being performed . the recovery work is very tough. searchers want to make sure they respect the victims and families to the work was topped last night crews had to stabilize a cracked wall to make sure it would not fall.
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coming up at 4:30 am will examine another issue that may complicate things out there, rain in the forecast. the alameda county dist. atty.'s office set up a hotline with information if you have about the fire. it into the phone number on your screen. 187-728-8288 1-877-288-2882. authorities are requesting any information that may help them in a criminal investigation. one 877 87728 the 28th 82. a tearful vigil was held last night at lake merritt toward the fire victims that the event drew hundreds of people including oakland mayor with the shaft and congresswoman barbara lee mourners held candles glow sticks to honor those killed in the fire. for a couple of hours people stepped up to the open microphone, some plane the fire a lack of affordable housing and building code enforcement in the bay area but most
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speakers offer their condolences and should remembrances of loved ones. >> i actually live close, hearing helicopters and fire and smoke smoke happened at our home since friday.>> i am only 15 years old i don't know what they are going through but i can feel for them and i want to let them know that i care and i want to bring -- >> is on everyone's mind. imagine no they come here and share it in the and be together. >> what comes out of this if they come stronger human beings to watch out for each other and be safer in our endeavors to work closer with the city. >> the last speaker esop was a musician and disintegrated an altar at the vigil. it features photos of friends that type in the fire ants soundtrack that
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names all the victims were one of the most poignant moments when a woman asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of her son and she identified in as nathan schneider and she was looking for him.>> 23 victims have been positively identified, 10 new victims include six people from oakland for the others are from san francisco, berkeley, south san francisco and foster city and range from 21 to 35 years old and are 12 other victims were been tentatively identified. the city of oakland is identifying families as fast as they can and find relatives. they are trying to identify one other thing tampering we've also learned through social media the names of several more of the people believed to be dead although the names have not yet been confirmed by officials. one of the names is there clark who graduated from santa rosa high school in 1999 and worked as a sound engineer
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and friendfeed he was working at the party last friday night. oakland resident jonathan birnbaum is also believed to be dead he graduated from berkeley high school in the usc school of cinematic art. usc held a vigil for him last night and his friends say he was an internationally known feature but he also by performing in small gatherings like the one at the ghost ship last friday night. but some of the other names were including a 17-year-old student from san francisco and we have more on what was learned about the artist, musicians and dancers who all died in the fire. >>reporter: their faces remembered and lost show a cross-section of the community that came together for arts, dance and music. soul-searching for fellowship at the ghost ship in oakland. the youngest victim safar a 17- year-old draven mcgrill a student at san francisco school of the arts who sang with the pacific boy choir in
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oakland for more than five years . he was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. it enjoyed designing clothes and stickers. >> there is not a meat or hurtful thing i can recall him saying that he was just a genuinely nice to everyone he met and i'm so thankful for having him in my life. >>reporter: cash was a musician. as a 22 transgender woman she found love with her girlfriend. >> an amazing and gorgeous, she's also a person that was so strong and she fought for her friends and loved them so hard expect another victim travis half was from venetia, a glassblower and a musician. [music]
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>>reporter: it was a member of the band ghost of lightning and used his elements of children as a therapist. his music manager says he was an inspiration. >> he was always very positive about everything and super optimistic. whenever he came in a room and put in it up and get everyone happy. >>reporter: the fire claim to the teacher's life 30-year-old sarasota of one of creek. >>reporter: she was a very kind individual, almost perfectly matched to the profile of the urban montessori teacher. donna kellogg worked at high water coffee according to her parents she loved to dance. a plan to bury her next her brother who died several years ago. friends and family remembered other music lovers and
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musicians were there that night. david clyde a 24-year-old you see alarm, brandon chase a musician known. and paul and 25 old employee of counterpoint press and berkeley from coronado . names and faces remembered. >> yesterday president obama issued a statement saying that his prayers are with the people of oakland. the statement said in part quote oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country and as families the residents put together in wake of his awful tragedy they will have the unwavering support of the american people. the owner of an oakland restaurant has called a news conference for tomorrow to call attention to what she says is another warehouse space that is a public safety hazard. dorothy came on's effort in jones restaurant on broadway and second street near jaclyn
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square to the building after her restaurant is known as the salt lick, described as an art and entertainment venue. she does on the weekend that are lines around the block to get into the building and it only has one entrance to get in or out.>> much more information on the deadly oakland warehouse fire on our channel to websites that you will find information on agencies and companies that are providing free or low-cost services to those that have been affected. to many people are wondering why complaints of code violations at the ghost ship warehouse would never results. >> we take this very seriously and want to get it right. >> dozens of people are dead right now to feel this could of been avoided if your inspectors do their jobs? >> coming up what our investigative team found that. >> security type of la's metro
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system, terror threat and by the fbi is on high alert. pc it's a good time to start your commute right now because traffic is light regulatory more about that coming up. skies are clearing but the cold air is working its way in. you will feel it even if it will be mostly sunny heisel struggled to get out of the mid 50s. before we go to break we want to show you some pictures of those killed and the deadly warehouse fire. we will be right back. ,i,88rwow
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welcome back, 4:50 am and southern california commuters are seeing more security than usual after a threat against the la metro system. police helicopters are flying over the system and sheriff deputies on patrol and utilization for the fbi says anonymous caller warned they would be an attack sometime today on the city metro system new universal studios the
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authorities can say how credible threat is that late last night some metro riders were deciding if they would stand today. >> of always be a lingering feeling of fear but i have to go to work. >> i'm not taking it tomorrow. i will not take it tomorrow. i will take it seriously regardless of how serious they will take it. >> commuters are being told to report anything they think a suspicious. the la sheriff's office says undercover systems are in place and call was made in english from a tipline. congress moving towards passing a stopgap spending bill from shutting down this weekend. it is a temporary budget bill to be unveiled later today to the federal agencies running into next spring. the current spending expires friday at midnight. since the spending bill is the
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only must you bill before congress adjourned at the end of the week it will probably carry several add-on including flood relief, money for overseas military operations, and help for flint michigan to fix it's contaminated water crisis. joel stein the green party is suing the state of pennsylvania and federal court for a vote recount in the presidential race. she was outside trump tower announcing her lawsuit. she says the voting machines in pennsylvania are outdated and have security problems for donald trump's lead has shrunk to 49,000 votes as the count of provisional and overseas ballots goes on. in the meantime a recount of michigan started yesterday that's what mr. trump won by 10,000 votes. a recount in wisconsin started last week for general trump's lead there was 22,000 votes. struct or 17 a.m. let's check in on traffic.
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it looks good if driving in gilroy will start their. if a northbound 101 in books for the good as you drive towards morgan hill. northbound 101 traffic is looking good as you drive up to san jose through market helper is on the road early it should be a pretty nice drive. no major problems getting into the main part of the valley. san mateo bridge still looking very good getting up to the high-rise on mike yesterday today i can see every single camera we have on the system. i don't see any fog. at the bay bridge toll plaza moving along very well into san francisco. 4:18 am let's bring in steve. notice the cold air? -- >> something wrong with my audio.
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>> can you hear me? >> yes. >> i think we are good now. >> cold air is beginning to work in kelsey bill a nice brisk 27. good morning lake county. the database is 42. tiburon is 44 and it's only going to get colder for some of these locations. the cloud cover jesse was persistent and getting pushed off because of colder drier air . mostly sunny today but not very warm. cold air rotating in my pacific northwest. the secondary said them. not much of a breeze through the valley a decent breeze on the coast and some of the higher elevations will be out of the northwest the sign of things to come. it is going to pick up. 30s for many already including fairfield and bread what and i guarantee
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by the time we get to 7:00 am you will see them all away down to the south bay because the cold air to the south. walnut creek 35 upper 30s taplin blacklock 36 brentwood 38 to 30 ukiah, 16 in truckee the secondary system has arrived. mostly sunny and cool and tomorrow it will all be this moisture streaming of from hawaii islands. colder today for rain on the way. tomorrow cold in the morning colder arrest today and breezy at times a mostly sunny but then rain develops late wednesday and carries into thursday four on friday. amounts can vary but it looks like everyone is in on this and may last into saturday and beyond that and this will be very tricky for the snow level because it will go way down undo the cold air in the warmer air will come in and there will be a freezing rain episode to the north.
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50s on the temperatures in a chilly day and colder tonight. the call tomorrow morning and the cloud coverage comes in and that will track the cold air and it will warm up because this is a water system from the hawaiian islands the rain thursday, friday and it can last into saturday morning. >> did you clear that? >> i did not -- that the way it is. >> i have everything. >> it is cold. >> 4:21 am. a big night for hundred of navy bay area kids. we will take you to a special event at levi stadium where the kids were treated like stars. but first you hear about this? clay thompson on fire last night . he made history as the warriors routed the pacers.
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welcome back. an eighth grader in pittsburgh was killed after being hit by a car while crossing the street. 13-year- old jordan moulton was hit sunday night near harbor and school street near pittsburgh high while crossing the street with her friends. they were in a marked crosswalk the policing it appears the driver had a green light. moulton went to martin luther king jr. high school. santa clara county board of supervisors expected to vote
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and i live in 200 new surveillance cameras to the main jail. the boat comes less than two weeks after for inmates cut through steel bars other second- floor window and use spreadsheets to repel them the building. two inmates were caught immediately. they were caught the following week. becher's office was not given the explanation on how they slipped out. it said there were no cameras and a part of the gel. epic day in sports, a clay thompson show at oracle, he made history for the warriors scored a career-high 60 points for the warriors 140 22106 and thompson played 29 minutes. he is the first nba player to ever score 60 points and agape while paying less than 30 minutes. he had 40 points in the first half. then he let his
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teammates get in on the action. he tossed the behind him and the hipster ran to slanted let's get back to clay thompson only the fourth warrior to score 60% is something he will remember forever and we will to play the owner of the warriors presented him with a little gift after the game. >> i just have one question, will you accept this rose?. i hope this makes up for it. >> a rose. the warriors head out on the road to five games starting with the la clippers tomorrow. after a franchise record 30 saves last season the giants have a new closer, mark melanchthon three-time all-star posted this picture on twitter
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think he is excited to be part of the organization. a four-year deal in place pending a physical. if a $62 million for the 34-year-old played with the pirates the washington nationals. welcome to the giants. 4:27 am, coming up, the search for more victims of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. it has been stalled for now. with the crews are doing to save the lives -- trying to keep part of the building safe. we see traffic that is doing pretty well around the bay area on 24 westbound heading towards the tunnel. if you haven't stepped outside the evil walk the dog or something i would take notice it is pretty cold. 20s and 30s for many to the north will show you the peninsula and the south areas.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are following the latest on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. search effort to the building were stalled overnights. they didn't think the building was safe to go inside. the death toll 36, the number may go higher. the process got through about 75% of the building. the are waiting for in other news conference, that will be at 6:00 am and we will bring it to you live. the morning, tuesday, december 6 i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. we will continue to follow all the latest developments of the oakland warehouse fire. want to get you out the door and make sure you grab the code , not the jacket, but coats. it is cold spring >> smart will be about rain coming in. >> we have a lot going on here but this morning and today it is about the cold air and breeze that


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