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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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here is a look at our top stories. federal investigators say they found no evidence of any fire air larges, smoke detectors or sprinklers at the oakland warehouse where 36 died. they have determined the fire started on the first floor. investigators say as the flames spread it appears people on the second floor didn't realize what was happening. by the time they did, they were trapped by the smoke and flames leaving them with no chance to escape. >> we continue to learn more about the victims. they include 29-year-old joe who worked at a small arts supply shop. her friends remember her kind spirit and her smile. johnny loved music. he was a d.j.
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and was performing at the ghost ship warehouse. [ indiscernible ] you are watching the news at 6:30. >> for many of the victims music was a big part of their lives. >> tonight a tribute concert will be held in their honor. it is happening at 8:00 tonight with 100% of the proceeds going to the oklahoma fire youcaring campaign. >> now to more on three of the victims. >> [music playing] music was the center piece of an evolving circle of friends brandon trainer had the pleasure of knowing. sadly he lost five friends in that fire. >> i promised my parents i would go to their house to hem them set up decorations for the holidays. >> he was invited by his friends ben and nicole.
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he also managed their band. >> i saw ben that morning and -- they were excited to go cause his roommate was that night. >> draper tells me he heard johnny was upstairs when the fire broke out and believes ben and nicole were up there with him. >> one of my good friends got there when the fire started and luckily he was able to make it out but he knew they were all in there and thought i was in there as well. >> draper still trying to process it all has good and bad moments but uses those happy memories to push through like he did when describing nicole to me. >> she was a really fierce personality. super out going. like -- real you -- like personable right off the bat. she also had just like -- this crazy sense of style too. like with her -- her hair and her outfits. that was a huge part of her.
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>> he said ben and nicole were preparing for a few big performances and will continue living through their music. >> a news conference called today to talk about another oakland warehouse turned into a shouting match between neighbors who say they worried about another fire and the artists who live there. as tom reports, the building at the center of this distribute is in the produce district. >> this morning we heard from dorothy king. >> matter of fact, about 25 years ago i lived in -- a warehouse. >> she called the media in to express concern about a nearby work-live rave [ indiscernible ] if it caught fire could destroy her business and kill people. that drew the air of some in the called underground artist
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community. >> the whole reason -- all of you reporters are here is completely uncalled for. and completely out of line. >> the reality is what happened at the ghost ship on friday night now puts virtually everyone of these kinds of facilities at risk of mass eviction. he says dorothy king is simply looking for publicity. >> we want to have what we had but have it be safe so nothing like this ever happens again. >> in fact mrs. king's message was to call on the city to get the artist to give just that. >> the city would come and help, not shut it down. that is all to save lives. >> king said she didn't file a formal complaint. instead says king she talked
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directly to the mayor about the salt lick. >> the building next door has housed a number of people. i know for a fact it is only one way in and one way out. i could come here on a friday or saturday night and there is people lined up all the way around the block. i already know -- it is not licensed. i'm trying to get it licensed. >> the man who claimed king was doing this for publicity finally drew the air of king's daughter. >> we think the way you are going about it is wrong, that we are wrong. our friends died, we think you are going about it wrong. you should say -- i'm sorry we should haven't done that. >> [ indiscernible ] and try to work with other people you don't know. >> your sympathy is -- weightless to me because -- you are hurting us. this is hurting us. >> okay. well i'm sorry.
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>> and you should have waited longer. >> you don't tell me what i should have done. >> my friends died. >> they did die in an unpermitted, nonsprinklered nonresidential zone death trap. >> the collective that uses the salt lick warehouse released a statement. it said quote kings behavior -- [ indiscernible ] an example of what will only marginalize the people who gravitate towards spaces such as ghost ship because of economic and cultural forces. at reposting the very latest on the oakland fire tragedy. it is all under top stories on our home page. [music playing] coming up, new developments now in a deadly fire that killed more than a dozen people in tennessee. as authorities announced charges against two minors plus a successful surgery at
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call today. comcast business. built for business. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. a man hunt is underway in georgia tonight where a shooting has left one police officer dead and another in critical condition. police are now looking for a 32-year-old felon who is wanted on several warrants. the two officers responding to a
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domestic dispute at an apartment near the campus of georgia southwestern state college when the suspect opened fire. the campus was then placed on lockdown as police canvassed the area. the slain officer has been identified as 25-year-old nicholas. two juveniles were charged with arson today in a wildfire that killed 14 people and destroyed more than 1,700 buildings. a few days later it exploded as winds pushed the flames into the resort town of lag. authorities say the juveniles are from tennessee and more charges could be filed. new at 6:30 a pair of conjoined twins has survived a complicated surgery to separate them. 2-year-olds erika and eva sandoval were born joined by the leg as well as the pelvis and they shared a liver. the 17 hour surgery was not only
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complicated but risky with a 70% chance of survival. when it was over, the girls were fine and their mother was relieved. >> there is going to be challenges, i'm not going to deny that but it is something i want to help them through. they are going to she not only me but other people that disability isn't something that will bring you down. it's something will be make you stronger. >> sandoval twins are from the sacramento area. coming up, remembering pearl harbor 75 years later. >> it is clear in my mind the day as it was the day it happened. >> coming up next, we will hear from a survivor about what he remembers most. [music playing] we are tracking the rain showers around the bay area now that will continue to push through the bay area the next few days into the weekend.
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it was 75 years ago today the japanese fighter planes made a surprise attack on hawaii. today -- [ indiscernible ] to the more than 2,300 service members who died at pearl harbor and honored those who survived and fought for their country. that assault propelled the united states into world war ii. those who did survive are now in their 90s. >> but their memories are still
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fresh. brian spoke with a 94-year-old man from roseville who still remembers that day well. >> [music playing] the day america entered world war ii glen was t -- at the top of the charts. and 22-year-old samuel was on detail guarding a dam near wheeler airfield. >> it is as clear in my mind the day as it was the day it happened. >> he was just days away from returning to the mainland on leave. but at 7:48 a.m. on december 7th, the world changed forever. >> we were on a yellow alert which means a sabotage alert. we were up there eating our -- breakfast we looked up to the north, and we saw a not of
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aircraft. >> he knew exactly what was happening. >> we recognized the fact it was japanese aircraft. that was part of the flight that was going over fast, hitting -- the harbor. then they came in over the ridge and hit wheeler field. they knew exactly what hangers to hit so the whole wheeler field was -- destroyed within minutes. we didn't have any communication. >> he said time stood still as he watched the bombs rain down. >> you are in shock. we saw -- we saw them bomb. we could see the hangers -- that were blown up. you could still see the smoke coming out of that. >> he survived but more than 2,400 others aboard the uss arizona and at parole lar boar -- pearl harbor died that day. >> we are diminishing group.
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in california there is -- i would say -- maybe 200. i say under 200. those that haven't passed away, many of them are -- [ indiscernible ] >> another testament to the greatest generation. >> what a great couple. 73 years together. >> and he still looks good to 94. >> sure does. >> all right. lets get another check of our weather. >> the things they did -- when you see those stories we kind of move on with our lives. when you see those stories -- you just realize what he sacrificed and almost sacrificed. just great stories. >> putting things in
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perspective. >> really does. okay so we have some rain out there. they are light showers, there is not a lot of it. it may be slowing your journey home from work tonight. the traffic hasn't been horrible but the rain hasn't been coming down that hard. the showers now -- there is some snow up around clear lake. you have heavier rain up in this area. hercules you are getting heavier showers. we have a little something going on here moving into hayward. that line has some pop to it. you see how broken up it is. that is sort of the pattern we have as we continue into the next few days. there is not a clear cut frontal system with this storm. i can't go oh big rain here although we will have impulses go through. we will have an impulse go through tomorrow morning in the bay area. that whether be a little bit
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dicey on the morning commute. you can see the little drops here. the drops are very small and the road is glazed. that is the golden gate bridge. folks seem to be driving pretty slow. 42 in napa. with rain likely in the morning hours, when you are dealing with temperatures this cool with rain, it won't be hard, you will find some snow at some low elevations especially in the north bay. as we go into the bay area next system tomorrow, we are talking about temperatures cool, rain showers pretty aggressive. the five day forecast the morning commute is the biggest story which will make a mess of the thursday morning commute. friday morning's commute will have some water.
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>> all right. thanks. well the golden state warriors are in increasing their donation to a relief fund for the oakland warehouse fire victims. >> we are all devastated by the recent oakland fire that claimed so many lives and affected so many others. our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. >> players and coaches are pledging $75,000 to the fund on the team previously donated $50,000 along with the raiders and the oakland a's. christian mccaffrey makes a big decision. >> mark will tell us what he said coming up next in sports.
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all right. mark is here now with some big news on christian mccaffrey. >> yeah this kid -- i mean i tell you, what two time academic all american, plays the pee know -- by know, he does it all. he said he will forego his senior year. he does one more stop on
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december 30th in a stanford uniform. we could talk about this running back's statistics all night long. the bottom line, he is an absolute winner when it comes to anything he does it seems like and -- i could tell you this time next year some nfl team is going to be very happy that they drafted christian mccaffrey. >> through it all i think the people at stanford university are really what makes it so special. walking inside that locker room and knowing i have a brother in every single haul is something i will take with me for the rest of the my life. at the same time i have to do what i have to do. there is news about the team on the side other side of the bay and that would be cal. we are talking about some basketball and the news is not that good. the coach martin in the hawaiian
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spirit in the pearl harbor invitation xl -- invitational and the team he will probably tell you they should have beaten. great inbound pass. he had 22 points. however it is angel -- a little hook shot. one last gasp focal, 2 seconds left and they are down by 3. bird with the miss. actually had a good look at it. he almost hit it but cal loses 60-57 and the bears are now 7-2. no doubt having a little fun in hawaii. arrow head stadium will be cold and the raiders however have handled themselves quite
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well out on the road. they are undefeated as a matter of fact. derrick carr will be there however. man, kansas city and that place will be rocking as the chiefs are just a game behind. this game means every thing them. in afc west but as chiefs linebacker derick johnson says, they are weary of what is going on with the silver and black. >> we have been fortunate. i will tell you that. derick carr is a rising star. that tells you he is doing a lot of things good this year -- great this year. hopefully we have success against them. they are in oakland and hopefully we can have the same success here. this is a story that brings a smile to every bay area sports fans face. bill king is going to the hall of fame. bill pass add i way in 2005 but
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this is just so well deserved. just anyone who follows sports in the bay area knows about his legendary status. did baseball, football with the raiders, basketball with the warriors. she going in as a 25 year legend with the oakland a's. >> [ indiscernible ] >> [ laughter ] he is one in a million.
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