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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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pretty big rain. it does look like it is letting up a little bit from about marin county northward but there is a lot of moisture and i'm sure there are some steady drizzle and light rain for many locations. for some it has been and moderate rain. fs those probably -- sfo is probably at an inch and a half. we're working on getting you some rain but it does look like in there a little quieter. a lot of fog for some locations in light rain but that is a steady rain that continues about san francisco, mill valley . this can really get to about 2, 2 1/2 inches of rain for everything is set in -- said and done . the moisture keeps following up from the hawaiian islands. there is a lot on the way.
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today we will get general light rain off and on. temperatures in the 50s. of you may be near 60 degrees. sal, where would you like to start the >> were going to start in san francisco because there is an overturned accident that is now an alert here guy have been doing this for a bit at northbound 280 as you are roche out of daly city. this vehicle has been there. it doesn't look like serious injuries but it does look like is going to make a big affect on traffic. knowing this area pretty well i would try to get on the freeway after ocean geneva. get yourself on the freeway after that is the traffic is holding in the area. let's go to ease back. when it is raining like this close -- slow means different things, slow means a lot lower than you used to. let's go to the bay bridge toll
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plaza. it is backed up for 25 - 30 minute delay. we have had a lot of fender benders. looking at my list i couldn't was them all but a lot of them are on the side of the road already. please give yourself extra time. we are a little breezy but the traffic is doing pretty well in getting up to highway 17. alex has been on the highway watching how the wet weather is affecting the morning commute. alex joins us live. >> the crash is already starting to pile up. we do have these types of slip conditions all across the bay area on all the major freeways we have these issues.
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the spot here is notorious. this area you are looking at tends to get a lot of standing water because of the rain coming down and also because of high tide. it is not as bad right now as it has been in the past. folks come over the hill and sometimes they get going a little too fast and there is the danger of spinning out. let me show some video we shot from overnight. very heavy rain was hauling you know. this was shot by one of our photographers as he was driving along interstate 880 coming through the open area in the rain was coming down very hard. it has been steady all morning and then heavier at times. these systems moving into the bay area. a lot of people are buzzing hoping that this will mean maybe some more snow up in the sierras. last night was take a look because we stopped by a ski shop and a lot of people were down there. they were getting
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equipment, checking out skis and snowboards hoping for a trip up to the mountains and hoping that this will mean some more good powder up in the sierras. >> if it is not raining here people assume there is no snow here is a big help to have weather hit town. >> we come back to our life running. the roadways will be wet as you head out the door and had off the work -- had off to work this morning. give yourself plenty of extra time. be patient and don't follow too close to that car in front of the. that is always the advice we hear from the chp. folks are following too close in and someone stops short and that is how we get these fender benders and the spinoffs. be careful as you head out the door . that is certainly the advice . this spot always tends to flood hit so far it is not a major issue but we will keep an
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eye on it here. it will be a wet morning commute. federal investigators say it is going to take time, maybe weeks before they know exactly what caused the deadly warehouse fire and no. they are focusing on several possible sources including electrical connection and appliances. they say the warehouse to not have a sprinkler system, smoke detector for any kind of warning system. the federal agent heading up the investigation says the fire started on the first floor. >> it was rapid fire progression. initial interviews says the fire was well developed before the second-floor occupants realize of i was going on on the first floor. the records show no planning or code inspector had been inside the warehouse 30 years because no
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one there apply for apartment. there was one complaining about illegal construction but inspector closed the case because there was no evidence of construction outside the warehouse. the oakland mayor says she plans to her 5 -- the responsibility of city workers report dangerous wherever they see them. a memorial is honoring 36 people that were killed. attribute reflects the diversity of the group and their free spirits. we're live in oakland with this very large memorial then also much smaller law enforcement presence that is there at the scene. >> we are ready first an international. it has been since saturday since this all that it. the only street still blocked off his 30s -- 35th avenue right in front of the warehouse . investigators are still on- site. you can see some of the police officers of year starting the
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scene. ptf has given no timeline on how long they will remain here that says it will take several weeks for them to finish their work and their report on the fire and what caused it. as for the memorial, it still stands although this morning the candles have all been burned out because of the rain and the flowers are wilting. the city of oakland trying to figure out what to do with all of these things left behind, left in tribute to the 36 of it does of this fire. people who knew some of the personally have come by throughout the course of the week to say goodbye to their friends. >> i performed this place. some of the people that passed away here people that i know. it is really hard to take it all in. over the past several days we have met many people coming to stop, reflect and take a moment to look at the memorial. people who didn't know the dems
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but were moved by the magnitude of what happened in all the lives lost, they had to come by and pay their respects. there is a noontime memorial scuttled over at uc berkeley survived the -- 45 big ems of the fire connected to the school. that memorial is happening at noon today. it will go on from noon until one. it will go on from noon until 1 pm.. sheriffs department has identified one more of the fire victims, wolfgang renner being remembered as a talented musician and a free spirit. at 61 years old he was the oldest victim identified so far . the other is 35-year-old jason mccarty. he was known for his art and had attended the san francisco art institute . the sheriffs department
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trying to contact the families of 3 of the victims. the corners office has so not able -- the county corners office still has not been able to identify one of the victims.>> coworkers are struggling to deal with the couple that was found huddled together lost. >> they are both really sincerely kind, compassionate individual. >> i am old enough to be their grandparent so you do get close . >> family and runs they they are taking solace knowing that alex and michaela were together at the very end of their lives. several donation drives are underway to raise money for the victims of the fire and also
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the families of those who died. last night families -- an event was held in downtown oak . people were asked to donate $10 or more at the door. the fundraiser included live music and also screenings of a documentary and an animated film . organizers say this was a preplanned event that they turned into a benefit after the tragic. we know as part of the local community that it could have been anybody. >> people came to help in any way they could. some brought bags of donated items. we have link to one of the fire relief funds on our channel 2 website. click on web links. the san francisco this commission know here's to be ready to formally begin a new use of force policy. the indicated last night that they may be one week away from implementing the new policy despite opposition by the san
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francisco police officers association. the main sticking point has been ruled during officers from shooting at cars which the police union opposes. the new policy comes one year after the fatal shooting of mario words. san francisco is looking at how thousands of young students get to school and it turns out kids rely on cars more than adults to. a new study shows more than 56 percent of all students hundred and the school by a parent or caregiver. 14 percent take public transportation, carpooling, walking and taking a school bus are almost time for the place. that as a tool a lot of cars all converging one location at the same time causing traffic hazards for everybody. the transportation studies suggest trying out a shovel system in some parts of the city is a possible solution, but that could require another shuttle
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because other places often require parents to pay for the. 12 minutes after 6:00. another twiddled batter -- twitter battle for donald trump. his response to a union official questioned his claims about saving jobs in an indiana business. also, new plan to house the homeless and one south bay city . the controversial idea that not everyone is happy about.
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president-elect donald trump launched a twitter attack going after a labor union official who questioned donald trump's claims of saving jobs. uses donald trump is exaggerating by saving -- same 1000 jobs were
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saved at the carrier plant in indiana. he says 550 jobs are still headed to mexico and another 700 from another carrier facility. >> donald trump and governor pence are taking credit for 350 jobs that are research development jobs that were staying here in indianapolis from the start. >> in one of his tweets in response he responded the union should have spent more time working, less time talking and will reduce. his cabinet continues to take shape. he has chosen former wwe executive linda mcmahon who has the small business administration. sources say jon kelley will be picked to head the department of homeland security, and oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt will be nominated to head the environmental protection agency. he has been an outspoken critic of the epa. donald trump says he does plan
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to name the secretary of state next week. a federal judge has ordered the michigan board of elections to stop the recount of presidential votes. a judge ruled that joel stein did not have legal standing to ask for a recount because she didn't come close to winning. she received one percent of the vote in michigan and presented no evidence of fraud. >> donald trump nearly 1 in michigan. it was narrow. election workers had spent the last 3 days and counting ballots . the judge has stopped it. a recount is continuing in wisconsin and stein is seeking a recount in pennsylvania peered donald trump one those states as well. it is 6:17 and we definitely want to check in often with south because there are some problems out there. hopefully they are more like fender benders but i know we had that one spin out. >> we had that overturned vehicle we had been talking about for a little bit in the daly city san francisco area.
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someone came along and hit the vehicle. this has become a major problem for people driving northbound. there was also an accident northbound 101. daly city in san francisco, this area has had a lot of slow traffic. i would recommend if you are trying to get into san francisco, i would recommend that you need to come up on 380 and then get into san francisco that way. i wouldn't recommend using 280 northbound. you should be prepared to spend a lot of time in traffic if you are going to stay on the freeway. there are other ways to do it. if you're familiar with the area you can use other city streets. get on the freeway after ocean geneva. maybe get on at san jose avenue and head north that way. it will be a rough one there. that is not the only area that will be slow. we have a lot of slow traffic in the east bay as well. we are getting pretty crowded here now from richland to
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berkeley out to the brave bridge -- bay bridge toll plaza where there is also a pretty big crowd and it has been what. we also had a minor fender bender out there. you don't want to be that person driving too fast, hydroplaned and loses control so give yourself some extra time. >> from about the san mateo bridge to sfo, carlos, hillsboro, redwood city, an inch to an inch and a half of rain. >> it is interesting because where you said it was raining hard, that is where all of the major crashes have been. >> san mateo and sfo seem to be the most of our. >> there are some areas also in marin county. this is that deep moisture. once it sets up it can keep going, going and going. it doesn't look like there is a lot there but the next thing you know you have 2 inches of rain. that is probably what is going to happen for a few. santa
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rosa is at .91. san francisco .4. san mateo i have seen anywhere from about an inch or half to 1.74. our san francisco observer, i've seen you in there. for some it has been okay but for others it has been a windy pattern. it has been foggy. it looks like it is letting up although reports are so coming in of a steady rain. it might be underneath the radar beam but i know there have been areas that get a lot more fog now being reported than just the right but look at them. when one of these been set up that could add up to a lot of
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rain where as in other areas far away it doesn't get as much but this could be easily a 2 inch amount. pretty good breeze out of the northeast and the southeast. san jose to mountain dew that is southeast coming right up to send -- santa clara valley . 40s and 50s on the temperatures. east bay temperatures are all in the low 40s and mid-40s. we had some upper 20s and 30s yesterday. 37 and chucky. there is no up toward shasta. manifesto but i have seen lots of reports of rain up around south lake tahoe. the snow level is going up for --. for us to do more sure will roll around the west southwest. there is a lot of moisture here. there is not a lot of dynamics but once you get this pattern going to be tough to break down and you can add up to a lot of
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rain. we have 50s on the temperatures may be an isolated 60 with a southeast breeze from san jose of tim otten view. cloudy with a little bit of a break friday that more rain on saturday. you can't time this stuff it is just so fast. >> i have heard from people who walk. my kids try to bomb a ride because they usually walk as well so good luck. firefighters and san jose put out a fire at an abandoned house. police say it was harsh and -- arson and they are threatened for home -- and they are looking for a homeless man who threatened to burn the building down the day before
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it is now 6:25 here at mornings and to. in south carolina police looking for an escaped inmate was wanted for questioning in connection with the stabbing of a police officer at a walmart. investigators say michael wilmington -- williamson has escaped the facility.
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he went to cvs pharmacy and that is where a female officer was stabbed several times. she is in critical condition. he was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and assault with intent to kill. police are searching for the man who set fires to an abandoned house. it happened yesterday afternoon. fire crews quickly put it out. neighbor say a homeless man living in the house promised to burn it the night before, and apparently made good on that threat. >> he said he was going to light the building on fire. >> did you believe him? >> no. we didn't believe him. we have known him for years but we didn't think it was going to happen and then all of a sudden they came and got me and said there was a fire next-door.
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>> it seems pretty typical in this neighborhood, an abandoned building being used by squatters for living space. they get kicked out and someone gets angry that they get kicked out and they set afire. >> investigators are trying to figure out what was used to start the fire. thousands of people attended the 75th anniversary commemoration of the attack on pearl harbor. >> [ video playback ] >> after that l was wrong there was a moment of silent -- silence. more than 2000 people were killed when the japanese plane bombed. yesterday a world war ii veteran perform the national anthem on his harmonica. >>[ video playback ] ♪
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>> that is 97-year-old peter dupree. years from new york and was stationed in english -- england but wanted to be there for the commemoration. lovely moment there. 6 robberies in north berkeley in 3 weeks. the action police are taking in that area. police are looking into a string of sexual assaults that happened here san jose state university campus in the last 2 weeks. we will tell you about the latest incident and who they are looking for. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. good morning, welcome back to mornings on to -- 2. it is a
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raising -- rainy thursday morning. we're seeing a lot of crashes and bay area freeways so be careful. give yourself extra time. thursday morning december 8. time now 6:31. a lot of people have planned their key mute in the morning for the afternoon. is a going to be rough? >> it looks a little better in the afternoon. there is a lot coming across. there's a lot of moisture having to come across. there will be a series of systems coming back. there will be steady rain adding up across santa cruz mountain, sfo, hillsboro and then into marin county as well. the snow mix has been modified. it looks like we're done with that. snow levels were very high. san mateo anywhere from about an inch of rain there
6:32 am
have been one inch plus amounts for many locations. it does look better but very foggy out there for some. the band is set up from about san mateo, sfo, route -- around 92 . there doesn't appear to be the back edge -- and back edge . it looks like he keeps going and going. we are running warmer. the moisture source keeps marching right along. there is plenty here that will develop and take aim at us. we have often on rain in the 50s and near 60 for some. >> we are cheering for the
6:33 am
raiders but it is not going to be new zealand. >> that was one other 2 losses by kansas city. >> and also the warriors play tonight. let's go out and take a look at some of the roads. steve mentioned the south bay. there is slow traffic building in the south bay as you drive on 17 as he mentioned but also on some of the other roads. 17 is not doing that well if you're coming into most out of. where also seen slow traffic moving in on the valley. northbound 101 slow. 880 is not bad getting into san jose but it is slower in hayward. you can see this area south phone -- i meant to point to it , southbound traffic is getting pretty busy as you drive through the area. that accident we had in daly city northbound 280 near geneva it is finally gone. was go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we can see traffic at the toll plaza is back up as you drive
6:34 am
through. we have no major problems pier i go back to the some very quickly because i wanted check out 280 and san jose. you can see traffic is beginning to build up. this is the area -- this is the time that the south bay commute or firing up. we are waiting for a team to complete their investigation into what sparked that open warehouse fire. agents say the fire started on the ground floor of the building that heavy smoke and flames one up the 2 stairwells entrapped all of the people on the 2nd floor. they had no chance to get out. officials have been looking at some appliances as a possible source of the fire but they
6:35 am
emphasize they have not concluded it yet. >> we have no timeline. we will do a thorough job. we owe that to the families into the community to have accurate information when we make conclusions. >> federal agents will be on the scene for the next several days. 36 deaths of the most from a fire since 2003. the oakland mayor says she will form a task force to develop plans to improve building fire safety. worriers players and coaches are pledging $75,000 of their own money to the really fun of the open warehouse victims. >> we're all devastated by the recent opened fire that claimed so many lives and have affect so many others. on the behalf of the warrior foundation we
6:36 am
give our thoughts and prayers to the families.>> the worriers organization itself -- i know we are talking about players money , but the owner -- organization donated $50,000 . we are now learning about a 3rd report of a woman being sexually assaulted on the san jose state university campus. that is 3 in the last 2 weeks. we're live right now. the most recent attack was yesterday. >> police are saying the sexual assault in the latest incident happened here in the science building behind me in that it happened in the stairwell. they say police sent out a crime alert letting students know that a woman was attacked on the 2nd floor landing of duncan hall just after 1:00 in the afternoon. the suspect is described as being in his 20s, black spiky hair wearing a dark
6:37 am
gray hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and was carrying a navy blue backpack. on monday another assault occurred. these photos have been released of the suspect. they say he batted a woman after following her into the student union from the 9th street plaza. the suspect was also wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the black and blue jacket last seen wearing -- riding a skateboard toward san fernando street. last look -- week another woman was assaulted at 230 in the act -- 2:30 in the afternoon . is unclear if these incidents are connected. we have reached out to a spokeswoman as well as campus police and we're hoping to get more answers. we will update you in the next hour. police in berkeley are increasing patrols in north berkeley after several robberies after three-week span . 3 of the robberies happened
6:38 am
on virginia street over the last week. investigators believe the cases are related. this of the robberies could be related to 3 others in november . some people living in mountain view are not happy about a new plan to house the homeless in their city. it calls for placing them in a neighborhood filled with multimillion dollar homes. the water district rented out 19 houses in the area for years. . some people fear that this could change their neighborhood forever. >> this will all be a homeless neighborhood. it is changing the face of mine ever heard. >> when you see these folks would even i do?
6:39 am
are you turn your back on them? absolutely not. >> the plan would unfold gradually when existing renters choose to leave. they also say they will listen to neighbor's concerns before taking action. >> the salvation army needs help with the long-standing holiday or -- tradition. the salvation army in several programs to help the needy and the money collected through the red kettles helps to support these wonderful programs throughout the year. volunteers are needed in san francisco and not san mateo county monday through saturday through december 24. the raiders are getting ready for the biggest game of the season. the game would decide -- could decide the afc west . the raiders are at the top right now 10ã2, but the chiefs are right behind them at 9 destiny. the raiders are 5ãzero on the road this season. this week we are playing at
6:40 am
short rest in temperatures are expected to be in the teens for kickoff, 13 degrees. more than a month after election day ballots are still being counted in santa clara county. coming up in 25 minutes, while election officials still have a lot of work to - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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. here's a map of this area not far from stevens creek boulevard. one year ago today stephen was hit by a speeding car while in that crosswalk peak he was seriously injured and spends months recovering. several months ago 71-year-old woman was using the crosswalk when she was hit by a car and she was killed. relatives and coworkers held around the state saying is hard for drivers. and that they want santa clara to install blinking lights. >> get it lit up like a football field. >> i don't understand why my city is not standing up and making in -- improvements to across lack neighbors are
6:45 am
angry and afraid that someone else to get hurt. they say even if the city does not do anything they want drivers to know the crosswalk exist and they are urging people to slow down. let's check in to see what is coming up in the next hour. >> good morning, when i join you forget style or amenities for so many people looking to buy a car. safety is the number one priority. despite advances the insurance institute for highway safety gave fewer cars their top safety rating. the reason for the drop in the automakers that got those top ratings along with the one that didn't have a single vehicle on the safest list. also, people that tried to buy tickets to hamilton in the bay area logged on the minute sales open and were told by 50,000 people were headed them in line. right now they sent
6:46 am
legislation that could change the mad - for tickets that so often end in disappointment. the computer software some brokers uses under fire in the legislation that sums take will level the playing field for people buying those tickets. also we will go live up in the sierra see can take a look at the snow that is following. this and more when i join you in just a few. in the meantime we want to take a look at our roads right here in the bay area there are a lot of crashes out there. >> absolutely. a lot of fender benders. the major ones we tell you about of course but you don't want to be in any crash at all. let's go to 280 in san jose. were busy on 280 getting off the highway 17 and beyond that into the cooper area. we have had a lot of slow traffic there which is not unusual but the rain and the weather does make people slowdown, as they
6:47 am
should. that means you're going to spend a little extra time in the car. northbound 101 at trundle there is a crash. traffic is going to be busy as you approach the road. it is backing up all the way from capitol expressway. 85 is okay so far in sunnyvale if you are driving north up to mountain view pick you might want to take advantage before they gets filled in. i wanted take the map server to 880 southbound. 680 is beginning to get slow. the altamont pass is still slow getting into the livermore area . let's check in with the traffic tonight is the raiders game clear, cold, 20s to start and maybe teens by the 4th quarter. >> wait a minute. there's a raiders game tonight? i didn't know.
6:48 am
>> i do neither. is that it was the book club meeting tonight. >> i have 2 meetings. -- tvs . i can watch at the same time. where about 24 kickoff 80 about 19 during the 4th quarter. it will not matter. a lot of moisture continues to roll in. also run sfl in kent city, i think sfl is now cleared at .56 but it is clearing out a little bit. we will get 2 inches of rain in the mountains. santa rosa public i have seen
6:49 am
almost 2 inches of rain in san mateo. fairfax 1.24. san francisco observer, almost an inch of rain. this is the type of moisture that just keeps going and going and once it sets up a to be a very steady light rain. seen decrease -- we have seen some of these decrease. in some areas we have already entering. that could be the deep moisture that is lifting and it is cooler and condensed. and looks quieter to the north. not that many sports. it has been modified.
6:50 am
pretty good breeze for some and downright wendy's for some. is a pretty good best in the mix . 40s on the temperatures to 50s. we have warmed up 10ã15 degrees for some but look at the moisture rolling up from the hawaiian island. this is a very warmer pattern. it should be called right now we're not going to get is cold. there is often on rain, foggy at times, very foggy for some. for saturday there will be a break, but as i have been saying, it is impossible >> time is 6:50.
6:51 am
young people without a permanent home of their own. and 25 minutes, the problem with san francisco and the use of homelessness and how once was trying to change that. and we have a tree you might save a little bit more than you are used to. the reason many true laws have increased across the state coming up.
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it has been just over a month since the body of a teenager was found on the campus of sonoma state university. now a bigger reward is being offered to find the killer of 18-year-old kirk kimberly. his family and friends started a fund on you to raise money. right now $4000 have been raised in the hope to raise even more. the sonoma county alliance is offering a separate $2500 reward. he was last seen alive october 2 -- 17th. his body was found november 2 . police say he was stabbed to death. police in pittsburgh arrested 2 meant and are still searching for 2 more in connection with the deadly shooting on highway 4 -- men and are still searching for 2 more in connection with the deadly shooting on a highway -- highway 4 . >> they are accused of shooting 25-year-old marie and her mail
6:55 am
passenger in what was identified to be an ongoing gang dispute. she was the mother 4 children and was pregnant with her 5th child. she died at the hospital. these of the 2 suspects police are still looking for. they are identified as a 23- year-old and a 25-year-old. police say all 4 suspects have gang ties and they face murder charges. your time is 6:55. us surgeon general taking a stance against e cigarettes. a new report coming out says electronic cigarettes have the potential to create a whole new generation of kids addicted to nicotine. e cigarettes contain fewer of the harmful substances than regular cigarettes. some people think it is actually safer, but they still have nicotine. the top health officials are calling e cigarettes and emerging public health threat to the nation's youth. the
6:56 am
surgeon general says there should be more research on the health effects of e cigarettes. question? is your christmas she -- is your christmas tree up yet ? if not, you'll have to pay for one. environmental and drought problems are driving up the price. in some places tree lots have raised prices as much as 10 percent. >> trees are 20, $30 more than they were previous years. >> this year we are down to about 100ã150 trees for each lot. >> the drought caused many tree drawers -- growers to get out of the business or sell fewer trees . some of the trees are also actually smaller . the warrior started their road trip on a winning note eating the la clippers. >> [ video playback ] >> green scored a season-high, 22 points.
6:57 am
the warriors shot just 7 for 30 from the three-point arc but they beat the clippers 115ã98 . they had to utah to plays -- to play the just tonight. senators broke a 2 - 2 tie late in the 3rd period. less than a minute later they had an empty net goal. they go on the road to play the anaheim ducks tomorrow. time now 6:57. friends and strangers are paying respects to the of the ghostship fire. >> this is another example of the preciousness of life. >> what we know now about how the fire started in with the mayor is doing to make building safer. it is a wet and cold morning . up next we're tracking the problems on the roads for you caused by the rain. we will be right back.
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6:59 am
good morning. wet weather moving into the bay area just in time for the morning commute. it will talk about the conditions outside and some of the accident chp is dealing
7:00 am
with. -- accidents that chp is dealing with. how the community remembers the victim and the public memorial on the uc berkeley campus. 7 am welcome to mornings onto. -- on two. it is great, justly, -- drizzling and it is what. you may have felt it, minutes ago, in earthquake auk dust off of the coast. >> it was a magnitude 6.8 earthquake people in san francisco say that they felt it. we are looking at the map. steep, you told me about it. >> yes, -- steve, you told me about it. >> yes. a tsunami was not issued. >>


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