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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> they beat the clippers, 115 to 98. they now had out to utah. -- they are now heading to utah. the challenge of finding affordable housing. putting a younger face on homelessness. >> i would like to have a stable home. edges never happened. and, sports anchor jason appelbaum joins us. rain, snow, even an earthquake. we have it all this morning. sitting at my desk, i didn't feel it. >> me neither >> but there are folks -- >> daly city, i got a couple of tweaks from them. -- tweets from them. >> we will talk to them about
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that. we begin with stormy weather. >> and, it may have played a role in an accident involving a chp patrol car. >> we have this developing story. >> yes, just got to the scene. a very close call for an officer here let me show you the scene. along highway 101 coming towards the sierra and just north of highway 37 take a look at this damaged patrol car a highway patrol car in officer was sitting inside of this patrol car this morning finishing up reports about another accident when all of a sudden a short came up and sideswiped his door that was partially open. have a look at the scene. it happened just before 8 am. but the should the officer was sitting inside of the suv. and, the truck was not going all that fast.
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but he hit his door nearly took it off the driver of that truck stayed here at the scene and was asked questions obviously by investigators. we talked a short time ago with the officer he tells me that he was certainly shaken up i what had happened. >> i didn't know what to think at that moment. it just kind of happened and i looked at it and it didn't register and i realized he had got me. i feel like it's a good reminder of the dangers. >> sometimes we need a reminder. >> and certainly, the chp officers spent a lot of time on the sides of our freeways in the bay area and they put themselves in very dangerous situations. this is a reminder of how dangerous it can be. we will -- his patrol car is still at the scene. it will be out of service for a little while and in terms of the traffic situation you can
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see this second accident after the original accident causing quite a bit of a backup on the highway 101. the good news is that the chp officer who was sitting i that patrol -- inside that patrol car is doing just fine. >> very close call. great to hear. a rough commute across the bay area. >> it has been. we do have more accidents and a lot of people drive too fast. and i heard you sing, it's almost impossible to get -- staying, it's almost -- saying that it's almost impossible to get out early. >> yes, but i did. i stuck to the center where it is dry. >> yes, today i was not speeding but i was fishtailing. >> slow it down. >> sorry. we have been attempting all morning. just a little while ago -- a
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tag team all morning long. >> it hasn't stopped raining hard. and i think that the control room can show that. there are some areas where it has let up. others, it keeps going. and, there you go on the golden gate that has been that way for an hour. so, down to sfo in san mateo they are approaching 1/2 to 2 inches of rain and there is that rub on the forecast. and, an inch in the third there and some of the amounts coming in are just -- most of this is about 10 pm body doing, over as well. -- bonnie do, and sfo is 1.70. and, 88 100th. there's been bigger amounts than that. and, in inch and a half, santa clara san jose a 10th of an
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inch or less. san mateo, 1.96. the college of san mateo, 1.78, fairfax in inch in the third. the mill valley, then carlos, three quarters of an inch. and there it is. it just keeps going. and, daly city and over to the walnut creek area and lafayette. no wonder they say it has been pouring. to the north, but things have let up but if you're caught here that's what you can expect. this does look like it is letting up so i think he will get a break. they are still mid-40s for some and the temperatures will be better than they were yesterday a lot of moisture. incredible amount coming across and it looks like we are setting the stage for a wet pattern. the next five days there will be recent rick -- decent rain.
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look at san jose, only seventh 100s. he will see. 50s on the temperatures, to near 60. but everything is pointing towards a pretty active pattern all the way towards christmas eve. december 2016 we may be talking about it. federal investigators say could take weeks before they know the exact cause of the ghost ship warehouse fire. they are looking at many possibilities including electrical circuits. they say that there is no evidence of arson. the head of the investigation says it's target on the ground floor and victims on the second floor to probably not know that there was a fire until it was too late to escape as the smoke made its way up to the second floor. investigators say that the warehouse did not have a fire alarm or sprinklers systems. the oakland mayor is putting together a task force or fire safety expert. my immediate priorities for
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this task force are enhanced building safety event safety and complaint procedures. >> she also says that she will clarify the responsibility of city workers to report dangerous living conditions. they said they record -- that no building inspector had been in there for 30 years because nobody had applied for a permit. there was one complaint about illegal construction but in expect her best and inspector closed the case -- an inspector closed that case. >> those victims are being remembered for many qualities. >> you have been there all week with a wall of remembrance that's been created and a vigil happening later today. >> yes, that is scheduled for noon at the campus it's going to last for an hour and then, it's open to the public. they are going to be remembered
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five of those 36 victims who had connections. starting with vanessa and jennifer morris. they were current students at the school and they died in the fire friday night griffin matting, david kleinberg graduates and chelsea dolan was a volunteer dj. she was performing inside of the electronic music show when the fire broke out. there is a memorial to those victims and the 31 others who died there on friday night flowers, candles, and pictures line the site. all of the mementos are still there this morning even though the candles are no longer burning and some of the pictures and handwritten note are soaked because of the rain. people who knew the victims have come by throughout the week to stop at different parts of the memorial say their goodbyes reflect and remember friends. and, they lived in the area they were moved by what happened and they wanted to pay their respects.
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>> we just wanted to show some support for our neighbors. we are a tightknit community and it's the least that we could do. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out what they are going to do with all those mementos left to those 36 victims. they have not reached a decision about that yet. also unknown, is what's going to happen to this warehouse when they leave. giving a live look at the -- at the outside. when i spoke to representatives, that the building is privately owned. and they can tear down and put a port -- permanent memorial in its place. it's going to be completely demolished going forward. when other thing that i want to mention from the last 10 minutes, this wendy's has been part of the perimeter and fire scene, it is called up to the
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public for the last six days police just ripped down the caution tape and it is open for the first time since this has happened. so, things are slowly starting to get back to normal in this neighborhood. >> we have all been out there, you have been out there more than anyone. if you reflect back in the hours after the fire, i would imagine that things have changed quite a bit it's the >> it's between international it's the only area that is still closed. and you can still see, there is a law enforcement presence here. and we don't know how much longer it will occur. >> s casey people walking by and stopping to look at the scene here. and as early as yesterday we did see people coming by taking
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a moment. people like i said he didn't know the victims but wanted to come see the devastating effects. the sheriff's department has identified two more victims 35 don't jason mccarty lived in oakland. -- 35-year-old jason mccarty lived in oakland. >> wolfgang renner is being remembered. he was 61 and is the oldest victim. the sheriff's department is trying to contact the families of three other victims before releasing their names and one victim means unidentified. coming up, the oakland warehouse fire tragedy is raising questions about the city's affordable housing problem. up next, we will talk about the recent increase in rent and what is driving them up.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news. a large earthquake off the coast of eureka. >> it hit at 6:50 am it was felt across the northern half of the state. people said that they felt a strong jolt that lasted nearly a minute. joining us now on the phone to talk about the earthquake, seismologist annemarie. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i noticed that this was about six or 7 miles, pretty shallow is that why so many people reported feeling it? >> if possible, but likely it is the timing if you're getting up in the morning and making your coffee and hanging around your house you probably feel it more than you are on the way to work. >> are you guys hearing or getting phone calls about damage? up around that area? >> it's quite far offshore and we don't expect there to be any
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damage. >> do you think that the earthquake like this is likely to have an aftershock? >> yes, that is true we expect many earthquakes. reporting a magnitude 5. and, expected this event and we probably have a couple more small earthquakes they may not be felt unsure. >> surprised to hear there was no watch or warning issued. and, we felt the effects of the tsunami here in the bay area, this is so much closer to us but there's nothing happening. >> that's right. >> there are two main reasons, and it's on the very lowest end of where we would expect it to be generated. and, the second thing is on a dare -- very different kind of fault. these are similar to the san andreas. but there's no up or
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down motion. you need up or down to raise the water and cause that. in japan the place actually moved up and down. >> sorry? >> i was just referencing the 2011 earthquake in japan. >> what about the fault line? you talked about that, there is a strong earthquake in the same neighborhood was that the same fault line? >> i don't know exactly, but it's a fairly complicated region. and, a couple that are going along the edge, generally a lot of activity. i'm looking right now, there is a magnitude 7.2 that had a large aftershock we expect that kind of activity generally in that region. they are slipping past each other rather than up and down >> all right.
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we appreciate your time switching out to the housing situation people at an art collected said that they are being kicked out because of a new commitment by the city to building code safety. a building is vacant after they read tags the property due to in -- issues including electrical concerns. dozens are suing property management. it is now being turned into 63 units. it's another example of gentrification and one more loss for affordable housing. rented jungle that's rent jungle keeps track -- rent jungle keeps track of trends. four years ago, a one-bedroom apartment in oakland was $1829 month. in 2013 it dropped to $1745. a year later, it was back up to 18,000 -- 18 $1600.
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joining us is gloria the executive director of the east bay housing organization. >> and, you say the wake of what happened in the fruitvale district pledged by the city to root out these unsafe living spaces you have people calling you saying i'm worried i'll lose my home. >> we had people calling us saying that all the time and as you just talked about there's been an affordable housing crisis for a long time and it unfortunately shows that when we do not ensure that everyone has housing that the consequences can be fatal and it's tragic. >> in the people they were hearing from is it something similar to an art collective? >> i think that that is a type of housing that people are living in. but that they want to find housing where they can be in community.
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and for them, that is a safe space and at the same time, we have all sorts of people in oakland who are not artist collectives but living in housing that's unsafe. >> when you say, housing right, how do you first see making sure that people can get it. some people may not be able to afford it how do you make sure that people have a right to housing? >> i think that there are three things that we need to do. we need to create affordable housing, protect the housing that we have and preserve the rights of people who are living and renting housing across oakland. it's a wonderful diverse city and it has a lot of older housing and we need to be constantly improving that housing. >> we hear a lot of blame regarding the tech companies. and, how much of a role would you say that zoning plays? and, there's a lot of old buildings here taking permits.
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and, it can also be a cold front. >> there are a lot of different reasons but the core is we have not been building enough to keep up with the job growth. the bay area added half 1 million jobs and 50,000 housing units. so it's going to create supply and demand. >> so, you want a market rate housing to come online because if people don't have market rate housing they might be taking housing away from others to --. >> we need housing at all income levels. so, if we have market rate housing come in we need to make sure that there's housing that others can afford. a lot of the people we are hearing from say that they are marginalized that they can't demand that they fix this. they don't have that and they fear that they will just be sent out. >> yes. and that's a huge challenge we need to educate them on their rights and make sure that they
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can speak out. no one should have to make that choice. >> all right. you. financial experts say you shouldn't spend more than 30% of your income on housing. our question is, what percentage goes to your housing? much are you willing to spend? i think that 30% number is a joke. we will check those responses. and coming up next, -- >> i have lived in a hotel, a car. >> a story of teenagers without stable homes.
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i love this. i am seeing green on the dow jones also on the nasdaq. the dow is at 19,005 and nine
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-- 19,000. think stocks spread to other sectors, the dow and s&p closed at new records. 297 points, the nasdaq was 60 points. joining us on the phone is george. a financial advisor to talk about this. good morning. >> good morning. >> my first question, is donald trump the main drive or a couple of other things coming into play? i think about gdp, unemployment being at its lowest or is it donald trump? >> it is all of it. first we have a nice platform. corporate earnings are getting better. economic growth has accelerated and the labor market continues to strengthen. then we have the election and now we have promises and we have three promises that substantially have impacted the market. and that is tax cuts,
9:25 am
individuals and for corporations, potential regulatory rollback and $1 trillion of infrastructure stimulus. see can see how the market is going and the companies benefit from this potential opportunity. >> yes, i know investors do not like uncertainty is there something that has happened that has quail that that is giving them more confidence? >> it's interesting that you mention that. i think there's more consumer confidence because everybody is looking for something wonderful that's going to happen. and this president elect is very positive and very specific. that's giving people hope. so we are seeing less volatility in the market and of course, it's going to continue we think until the end of the year until the inauguration and have the first hundred days and that's where the rubber will hit the road. and if they are delivered that will help the market continue to strengthen. >> so do i hold off on buying
9:26 am
do i sell? what -- for the average investor? storm -- >> the average investor should have been in it. and, the financial stocks going up, the biotech the pharmaceuticals etc. if you are getting it now, and people should not be working on a speculative basis. and, they should be looking out for the next three years. >> sorry go ahead. >> i said if it holds true, the people win. and on the international side that's been a drag on portfolios. and, if you're diversified, getting a blended average? >> is there anything you don't want to do right now? >> i think it's a look at trends and gets a look at who's going
9:27 am
to benefit and right now the look at the affordable care act if that goes away it's going to affect hospitals. nothing you wouldn't invest, but you don't want to be speculative. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, a big game tonight for the oakland raiders. as they take on their division rival. the kansas city chiefs. the challenges that they will face.
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is the internet back on? no. is the internet back on? no! is it back - no! sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet! honey- it's not swiping! come on... what are you doing? i have no idea what games are streaming right now, so i thought i would just root for everyone. get at&t internet with over 99% reliability. and an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm your internet's on. welcome back. we are answering the question of the day, how much of your pay goes to your housing? experts say we shouldn't spend more than 30%.
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for many people, it's almost a joke. kevin writes, 36% but that's based on gross. it turns into 45% after taxes. >> 36% not as bad. >> at the sale had a lot of tweets when i said 30% like where are you living. patrick, recent graduate 50% of my income goes to housing and -- lindsay says, these experts don't know anything for us, 90% goes to rent and she types in all caps, wake up. and one more, under 30%. we bought it and 98. but the rule upon -- the rule of thumb has caught us well. >> right. they queue for those responses. -- thank you for those responses. an effort launched by media organizations examining the
9:31 am
causes of homelessness and more importantly solutions. >> we looked at how it affects young people in the bay area. tracking homeless youth is not easy. >> the first is the finding that purpose. we defined it as a young person without stable housing. >> the face of homelessness doesn't always reveal itself. and stereotypes. and sometimes it's invisible to most of us. >> i have lived in a hotel, and like i have been homeless and just moving around that much also makes me feel homeless. it isn't like i have a house to go to. >> he is 15 years old clean cut and polite in says he has been homeless for most of his young
9:32 am
life. >> having a home, would mean like i feel like i have stability and i belong somewhere. and being homeless means that i have been going around. >> since his parents divorced, he says that he has lost count of how many times he is moot. he said addiction kept his mother from providing a stable home and his father worked as a truck driver. >> >> i would like to have a stable home i've always wanted one. that never happened. it's unpleasant. it makes me feel bad it makes me feel not confident. when i go to school i see these kids a good lives in it makes me feel bad. >> the most recent survey found there are 1500 young people in san francisco who are in shelters, living on the streets, or austin who are considered unaccompanied children under
9:33 am
the age of 18. >> no one pays attention to the fact that they may have a roof but they don't have a home. >> she's the principle of a charter skill -- school. it deals with at risk youth. >> it is a number one predict your -- predictor for children to end up in the juvenile justice system. >> they are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to homelessness because they are transitioning out of public systems such as foster care. they are also 87% more likely to stop going to school. >> homelessness is not having a place to live, moving place to place all the time. you have to worry about staying clean, eating, things like that. >> 16-year-old michael matlock
9:34 am
enter the foster care system when he was 11. since then he has struggled to enter a stable home. >> my mom is disabled it's hard for her to take care of me and my dad was in jail. it is pretty hard because there's a lot on your mind. it's stressful and you have to worry about doing good and if you don't want people to know you have to worry about the not knowing certain things. >> even though he knows he can't live with his parents being away from his family has been hard. >> and you wake up and you don't feel the same love and affection that you feel in somebody else's house, it is not something that you would want to feel. >> both austin and michael are both students at the charter school. they say they do not have stable housing.
9:35 am
that is why the school is raising money to build a dormitory and to become a boarding school. >> we are going to build something for them because we see it every day. if you don't see it, it doesn't exist. >> it has given both boys a new sense of help. best hope. >> -- hope it >> to have kids and have a stable home, so they don't have to live like i did. >> he wants the rest of us to understand. >> there are children who go through things, not just adults, children should be focused on so they don't become homeless adults. >> as a month ago, he has a stable place to live. and michael can visit his family even though he lives of the foster family. >> for both of them, the key age to watch out for is 18 that's when a child becomes an adult and so many lose their
9:36 am
support systems. >> at you will find our ongoing coverage for the homelessness and more information about that project. sexual assault at the university is causing concern. >> the latest incident happened yesterday. and, i'm sure that some reaction from students as well. >> yes, we had spoken to a lot of female students they say it is scary. they are just trying to go to class and they do not want to have to worry about somebody groping them. in the last hour we have seen campus police patrol cars parked out front. and that's the science building with the latest incident occurred. just after 1 pm, a woman was sexually battered. after the attack, the male suspect ran up the stairs. he is described as being in his middle 20s, a dark gray hooded
9:37 am
sweater, and a navy blue backpacks. and in the past monday, they say that a man seen in the surveillance photos sexually assaulted another woman. he had followed her as she was walking. he is being described as being an asian male in his 20s wearing a hooded sweatshirt and was last seen riding a red skateboard. last week another woman was attacked when she was walking down the stairs by a man in his 20s wearing dark clothing. >> it's very concerning. eating a girl here on campus and is on no link -- being a girl here on campus it is unnerving. it is like who is next. >> reporter: --
9:38 am
>> clearly that's a frightening situation. we don't know if the person who put the picture on the screen if he is a student or not. it's a very clear picture. >> yes, i'm surprised often times surveillance footage is pretty bad. but that someone is good. trump launched another twitter attack this time going after a labor union officials who questioned trump's claims about saving jobs. the president of united steelworkers says he is exaggerating pricing 1000 jobs were saved at the carrier air- conditioning plant. jones says that 550 jobs are still going to mexico and another 700 from another carrier facility. >> donald trump in governor. pence are taking credit for 350 jobs those our research and development jobs that are staying here in indianapolis from the start.
9:39 am
>> in one of his tweets, he says that the union to spend more time working in less time talking and reduce union dues. trump's cabinet is taking shape. she has chosen the former wwe executive. and, as we mentioned, right here, sources say that the retired marine general will be picked as the department of homeland security and scott pruitt will hold -- will head to the environmental agency he has been an outspoken critic. he plans to name secretary of state next week the oakland raiders are getting ready for their biggest game of the season. >> matt stewart has more from arrowhead stadium. >> reporter: a very chilly kansas city. the wind chill makes it feel like single digits. we have our hand warmers and blankets. we are ready for a great matchup.
9:40 am
the kansas city chiefs against her oakland raiders. and, it's really going to determine who ends up winning. lucky for you, you get to set a home and watch this. we will have 70,000 fans freezing inside of the stadium. and, in front of the lights, that thursday night football, it's going to be a great matchup. a great challenge. and playing in this weather, you have a lot nicer temperatures in this. the chiefs have been practicing all week. and, it will be an interesting factor. and, the loudest stadium is here. doesn't matter how cold it is, that crowd will be screaming and it will be really hard for those oakland raiders to focus when they are on the field. regardless, it should be a great game. enjoy that matchup.
9:41 am
>> matt stewart reporting. good advice. >> jason is here and one of the things that i look forward to in this game is derek carr has been built of a big-money quarterback almost joe montana in the way that he has comebacks. and he studies film and this is a big task for him. >> huge task. it's the biggest -- he hasn't won a big one because they haven't been good enough. although, i know you would argue that that was a big game. >> yes, every week is a big game. >> this game, if they win, i would -- they could help. either vitamins would have to lose. and, it is a big game and it's the biggest game in the history
9:42 am
of thursday night football. and, the city's chiefs raiders rivalry is dating way way back but they haven't met in a lot of meaningful games. this is the first time since the early 70s that they have met with at least a nine wins. >> so they won the game? >> yes, it was a rainy day in oakland back in mid-october >> so do they watch the tape into what? >> here's the thing, they are playing a different brand of football they have won six straight derek carr as you said has been playing brilliantly at the main thing is that their defense has been stepping up and playing better. and, i don't know how they are getting it done they are one of the hottest teams quietly going back to last year. you aren't questioning the >> you aren't questioning alex smith? >> no. >> listen to this, the chiefs have 120 of the last 24 games.
9:43 am
>> that's under the radar. >> yes. and they aren't playing that. and, their defense is ranked 28. so, it's surprising how they are doing it. so, meanwhile they come in with a very imposing offense and defense is playing better as we said, let's show the video this is really what has been impressing me we know about the offense. he has been an absolute terror. other than the quarterback position, he may be the mvp of the entire league. >> yes, knocking balls out of hands just creating mayhem ending gains with strip sacks like taylor here >> i think that the technical term is clouding fools. >> can i mentioned, the game content sure is expected to be 13. other than discomfort, how does
9:44 am
it affect the game? >> if you ask experts, derek carr, you will laugh because he had small hands. so, he has been said to not be able to win or maybe if it's cold to hold the ball that's the one knock on him. and i think that he's still having an mvp season but if you ask certain people, they say that derek carr, let's see how he can perform. and that was one of his worst games. >> they had a running game. >> yes. >> now, i think that it's going to be a great game and again, the playoffs, -- let me say one more thing. it's not really about all of these things that we talked about but when you're in the locker room and you look in their eyes they are not playing for revenge they aren't playing for this and that they are playing because they believe
9:45 am
that they can win. they play for each other they believe in themselves and that's a powerful thing. >> it's a beautiful way to put it. coming up next, what happens when you like to eat healthy but your partner doesn't? sounds like my house. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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yesterday tara gave us a preview of the san francisco firefighters annual toy drive and here's a look at how the event went. hundreds of children got to meet santa's helpers. each child received a new toy. the program started in 1949.
9:48 am
there will be many more cut ashmore given away in time for christmas -- there will be many more available during christmas. we all know that santa claus can talk with children in any language including sign language. he checked in with hundreds of hearing-impaired children. and, you can tell that the children were very happy to have a chance to get their wish list to see it's a. they will be filling all those orders and requests come christmas eve. >> every now and then like to indulge in fast food. or maybe your favorite treat especially relevant holidays. >> yes, but what at that special someone is trying to watch their waste? love, tips on mealtime compromise to mike. >> i'm joined by nutrition expert. welcome. >> not a problem.. this is a problem. i sit down for dinner and my
9:49 am
wife works and i'm expecting spaghetti instead i see something else and she says it's like squash noodles. and it's not like the box noodles. >> yes, my husband gets that he will come home and ask for specific things and i try to dr. them to make them a little bit healthier because you have to pay attention to your health as you get older and the >> but why squash better than regular? >> they are full of fiber and vitamins. when you think of the regular boxed spaghetti it's empty calories no nutrients. all of that fiber is stripped >> so give it another shot. >> no. first off, right here we have sausage egg muffin situation. it's a typical breakfast but you might find it fast food restaurants. and, on my blog, i re-created this and what you can do is first of all go to the store and
9:50 am
get a whole grain bun for english muffin. and, you can get ground turkey or ground pork and make your own sausage. and, you have the ingredients in your pantry to make it yourself. >> oh, and how do you like that ? >> deviled eggs, it's a holiday season. >> can i take a bite? >> of course you can. there's a misconception that egg yolks are not good for you. if you have cholesterol problems, but may be the case. they contain cholesterol however, when you eat cholesterol you do not get high cholesterol it is eating shrimp fat that's what causes high cholesterol so you have to watch out for the egg mcmuffin's right here and these deviled eggs do not have the store-bought mayonnaise that's
9:51 am
typically used in regular-based recipes. >> it did go out to dinner with my wife and i ate beef. >> chine different things? >> yes. what else do we have? >> once again, it's a holiday season. and, the >> the psl. >> and it's no good. this is full of sugar is like syrup in it pretends to be pump can. >> my recipe actually includes coffee and i have a flavored coffee which is gingerbread. they then have coconut milk because i am dairy free. a lot of people are dairy free or they don't feel good when the unit. >> desk eat it. >> -- eat it. >> people feel unhealthy or something but during -- they
9:52 am
are in denial because they love it. people need to realize that these alternatives are so good. i could drink this whole carton by itself. >> it's been in my fridge for years. >> please. dedicated to me. although, i will make you this latte. you will try it right now. >> we will do that during break. >> it's all about compromise. let's make some psl.
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9:55 am
taking a break from the dramatic role of cooking to bring us all a little bit of holiday cheer. what she has in store for the white-hot holiday special. >> what i love most about doing the holiday special would be the comedy sketches. because, a lot of people know me about this dramatic actress. it's a chance to play and have fun. i grew up watching variety shows and i felt that there was a void. >> i'm so excited. >> it's a good time for me to come on and have my friends sing a song. it's going to be awesome.
9:56 am
we have madia is going to play. >> i have returned for the holidays. and, the list goes on and on. and i feel so honored that people are coming to play with me. you you can come in the >> you can come in place -- >> you can come and play tonight . the pumpkin spice latte smells delicious. and, join us tomorrow here. we just performed at the monday showtime and tomorrow he joins us here onset for his performance at san francisco's comedy club. >> is it okay to taste that? >> there's coconut oil companies pumpkin, this protein powder in there. >> i know. >> i'm telling you. >> and con going with a beacon approach because i'm using begin based -- and, i am going a vegan
9:57 am
approach. >> you know, i like you so much i will drink from the cup. >> how do you like that? >> this is good. >> this has no sugar. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> have a great rest of the morning. >>
9:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: time to wind it up! [ cheers and applause ]


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