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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> i'm gasia mikaelian. city crews in san francisco are still working to repair a water main break that shut down a busy intersection. >> let's give you a look at the area. crews hard at work. the water main burst around 3:00 this morning at 4th and howard. christien kafton has been on the scene since early this morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see work is underway here at the intersection of 4th and howard. this intersection still closed at this time. the latest news that we have is this will not be turning into a sink hole because the water main was just four feet underground and crews have worked hard to shore up any weak spots in the road. the water main broke around 3:00 this morning. the publicu tuesdays commission the pipe was put in in 1895 and says that age is a likely factor for it failing. crews will have to repair that line, fill in the road and then repave. the whole process is expected to take hours.
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>> right now our best estimate is we will be working through later this around. crews have mobilized and have begun to make repairs. they will replace that section of broken main and do significant road rehabilitation. >> reporter: crews still hard at work here. that clean-up work and repaving is expected to take hours. it could cause problems for the evening commute and holiday shoppers as well. we're next to the fifth and mission garage and shopping is close by. if your commute takes you through this area or if you are shopping in the area, be aware that there could be significant delays. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> nine hours and going. avoid that area on a friday night or even right now. rosemary orozco joining us right now. looking outside, sunshine trying to break through. it's nice. >> a few breaks in the clouds. that is good news for the
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evening drive home. more wet weather on the way. for today, we are pretty much wrapping it up. we may see a few isolated showers. here is a look towards san francisco and the estuary. you can see a few peeks of blue if you look close enough. low 60s in livermore and oakland and san jose. 66. these temperatures way warmer than we have been recently. if you have been out and about, you can tell because it feels more humid out there. a three-hour time lapse showing you how that last bit of moisture dwindled down. we may have a little bit of drizzle left here. you can see for the most part, a mostly included eday. for the afternoon, we will remain that way. if you have evening plans, the rain will be coming back late tonight. let me show you the model for the second part of the evening. midnight. late evening. the showers come back and
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continue in the morning hours. we wake up with wet weather on our doorstep once again. i will have a detailed look for saturday. and those who need to be out and about, sunday looks to be the drier day. we will look at the rainfall totals for the last 24 hours coming up. >> thank you,. federal agents are busy, mike. >> yeah. they are collecting evidence at the oakland warehouse where 36 people were killed. we're learning more about the victims. alex savidge is joining us live from the scene with more on the story. alex. >> reporter: good afternoon to you guys. today we are getting a much closer look at the scene of this fire. this is the burned out ghost ship warehouse where 36 people were killed on friday night. right now, atf agents are inside this building. they are doing digital mapping of this scene. they tried to first of all pinpoint the origin of the fire. thought to be near the back wall. also, of course they're working to figure out exactly what sparked it. the focus is on this
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potentially being an electrical fire. and today, the father of one of the victims visited this site. he told me he just had to see the place where his son died. >> i just wanted to come down and get closure. >> reporter: a grieving father searching for answers today. robert lapine spent the morning taking photos of the burned out ghost ship warehouse where his son lost his life friday night. >> i knew he was in here and i knew it was days before they removed his remains. i had visions, i would wake up in the middle of the night thinking of him, lying there. it affects you. it is tough. >> reporter: lapine says his son grew up in utah and moved to the bay area a couple years ago. the 34-year-old was working at a bakery and training to be a barista. his son loved poetry and music and came with a friend to the ghost ship on friday.
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>> people say he is in a better place. i said no, he is here. i miss him. this is where i want him to be. unfortunately that will never happen. >> reporter: lapine who lives in utah says he talked to his son over the phone every few weeks. and he wishes he could have just one last conversation with him. >> there's a lot of things that i wish i had said to him. but i'll never be able to. >> reporter: lapine says all of the photos that he is taking will be part of a book that he is putting together to honor his son as he and his family try to put their lives back together. >> we will, you know, have something that we can have in our hearts, you know. he won't be here otherwise. >> reporter: lapine also said today that he doesn't have any ill will towards the manager of the ghost ship collective or the owner of the building. he is confident that the people responsible for the tragic fire
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will be held accountable. a lot of work still going on at what is an active crime scene at this point. atf agents are busy inside, continuing to gather evidence. they will likely be here for several days doing so. and by the way, guys, we can expect an update from the atf coming up in the next few hours. back to you for now. >> thank you, alex. the man in charge of managing the ghost ship warehouse has been reunited with some of the tenants. she spotted him at a denny's in oakland wednesday night with some of the survivors of the fire. some have accused him of ignoring clear dangers in the building. earlier this week he said he was incredibly sorry about the fire but would not say whether he deserved to be held accountable for the tragedy. tickets went on sale at noon for a concert to benefit the families of those killed in the fire. ♪[music]
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>> bay area band primus will head up next wednesday night's event. this is a video posted on youtube. it will be held at fox theater and features indy acts. proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund which has already raised half a million dollars on the youcaring crowd funding fight. donald trump may be in for a heated battle with con yes. some cabinet picks that have others up in arms. it isn't as wet or cold as yesterday but keep the umbrella with you. rosemary orozco will be back with the weekend forecast. why police believe there may be more suspects in the san jose sexual assault cases. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that
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>> president-elect donald trump may have to prepare for an early debate with congress. his latest cabinet picks have angered some in senate who may try to block the nominees. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the blanks are filling in for the cabinet. all of the positions still have to be con first responderred by the senate. for democrats, that means picking and chooses their battles. ♪[music] >> reporter: donald trump in iowa last night continuing what he calls his thank you tour. talking about the administration that is now taking shape. >> i believe we're in the
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process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far, everybody? >> reporter: trump's cabinet picks so far have heart inned conservatives who wondered where he stands. two of the most recent ones might up the ante with democrats in congress. scott pruitt to head the epa. for labor secretary, fast food exec. pruitt has been an outspoken epa critic, even suing the agency. newt gingrich says that doesn't matter. >> it is nonsense to suggest that opposing epa regulation that's are stupid means you're for dirty air or water. >> reporter: but the democratic party is energized by those kind of environmental battles. >> don't forget there's a lot of important money in the
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democratic camp that is -- that flows to the democratic party based on environmental issues. those kinds of people will really be arguing to take a stand on scott pruitt. >> reporter: andy as labor secretary is a little more complicated. as ceo of fast food chains, he has opposed hikes in the minimum wage but also supported the expanded use of immigrant labor. >> they could be one of the odd picks that annoys both sides. >> reporter: republicans won't have much room to spare. they only have 51 or 52 seats in the senate next year. just a bare majority. thanks to rule changes made by democrats, all you need is a simple majority in the senate to confirm cabinet picks. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. lawmakers in south korea voted to impeach their president which was the first female leader of the country. he is accused of colluding with a long-time friend to ex torte money from companies and give
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that friend extraordinary power over government decisions without holding an elected office. after the impeachment vote, she apologized to the nation for her negligence and lack of virtue. the prime minister is now in control. two people named robin williams and tupac were spotted together in arizona. a woman named robin williams and tupac crumb were arrested after police found more than 100 pounds of marijuana in their truck. they are facing drug possession charges. head to our facebook for more on the story. if you plan to head to the sierra this weekend, expect a lot of snow. it has been coming down in the lake tahoe area since wednesday. more powder expected this weekend. there are no chain requirements on 50 or 80. that could change. if you're headed up there, you might want to bring the chains if your vehicle needs them. a lot of families have plans for this weekend. between the two days, rosemary, which is the better one to be out. >> i would say go for sunday.
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saturday looks fairly wet. meanwhile outside our door at this hour, things are drying out temporarily. giving you a live look across the east bay towards berkeley where we have plenty of cloud cover this afternoon. that won't change. we will remain under this gray sky for the rest of today. but we will get to sunshine. and i'm going to show you that in a few moments. let's take a look at the 24- hour rainfall amounts. some folks actually faired out well. boulder creek, santa cruz mountains, more than two inches there. bonnie do you know reporting three inches. san francisco an inch. still looking pretty good in the last 24 hours. at least for many of the communities. giving you a view of the temperatures. talked about this at the top of the hour. warmer and muggy. 60 in san francisco. north bay, upper 50s santa rosa. 57 novato. livermore is at 63. here is a look at the 24-hour temperature change.
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you can see we're up by 8 degrees. sfo up by ten. napa up by 8. livermore, 5. the clouds in place and going to remain. we have the southerly breeze. it's a light one. not bad. breezy at times but no advisory to worry about. we have an advisory in the sierra. if you are going in that direction, not for winter travel but for wind. here is a look at what is coming our way. more for saturday. it looks like we will start out the day with rain. in fact, i think it will come in late tonight. let me show you what i mean. here we are at the noon hour. 5:00 looking good for the evening drive. it will be cloudy but it will be mainly dry. that is good news there. late tonight, if you have a holiday party or evening plans, the rain will be moving back in from 11:00, midnight and into the overnight hours. here we are tomorrow morning starting out with wet weather. it goes until the afternoon. here is lunchtime. still dealing with wet weather. here we are for the second part of the day and into the evening
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hours. temperatures for today we're looking at low 60s for san francisco. upper 50s in santa rosa. and 63 degrees expected for hayward. the extended forecast, so we will leave a slight chance for a few scattered showers for your friday afternoon. by tonight, the rain moves back in. tomorrow morning, we start out with rain. i think we turn cloudy and dry as we get into saturday evening. sunday looks to be partly cloudy, partly sunny. sunday is the best bet to be outdoors. we turn cloudy again on monday and the rain comes back tuesday. i will have more on the sierra advisory coming up. >> see you soon. thank you, rosemary. a mother is talking about her formerly conjoined twins now separated after a lengthy and complicated procedure at the children's hospital earlier this week. as ktvu reports the little girls are physically living apart for the first time. >> reporter: this newly released video chronicles the
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end of one chapter and the beginning of another for conjoined twins. this past tuesday morning, the little girls were wheeled into the operating room at lucille packard children's hospital stanford in what is the last time that the twins are seen sharing one body. what happened next was a 17- hour-long successful surgery to separate the girls and reconstruct their newly individual bodies. using 3d models, the doctors had to figure out which organs went with which girls. they have separate hearts and lungs. >> it was a big challenge but little by little and with a little help of a lot of people and a lot of qualified people, we were able to from the top down finally able to separate them. >> it is a dream come true. >> reporter: on thursday, it was hard for the twins' mother to hold back her emotion. >> thank you to all of the
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doctors for believing. >> reporter: it has been a long road for these two little girls from antelope, near sacramento. >> this is eva and this is erica. >> born at 32 weeks by emergency c-section the tips spent 7 months at lucille packard's intensive care unit. following the surgery, you see one of the twins eva being wheeled down the hallway for the first time in a bed by herself. lead surgeon gary hartman was concerned about the smaller twin erica. >> we were very concerned about her preoperatively. she basically kept getting smaller. the more calories we gave her, the bigger that eva got. >> reporter: erica is now recovering even quicker than her big sister. doctors expect the little girls to spend another month at the
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hospital before heading home. in the meantime they are sharing a hospital room, just in separate beds. ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, a warning for amazon shoppers much there's a new scam happening and it involves getting your personal information. we tell you the best way to make sure that your info stays safe.
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>> we will look at stocks. a lot of green on the dow jones. similar on the nasdaq and s&p. stocks are rising for a sixth day in the row. the dow is up by more than 128 points. s&p is up by 13 points. nasdaq up by 23. there's an important warning for all that shop on amazon. there's a new scam targeting personal information. scammers have been sending e- mails to customers that appear to be from saying the recent order can't be ship. there's a link that leads the customer to an authentic looking web page to confirm the name, address and credit card information on the account. after the person enters the information and clicks the save and continue button, it takes the customer to amazon's actual website. the best way to check if an e- mail is authentic is close it and go to and check under your orders. we are learning that john
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glenn will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> the former fighter pilot, american space pioneer and american senator died yesterday after a battle with cancer. john scott looks back at his remarkable life. >> reporter: john glenn will be remembered for his many roles in american history. this american icon was a warrior in battle, our first astronaut to orbit the earth and one of the most successful political leaders on capitol hill. he added oldest person in space to his roster of achievements. >> i can't help but stand here for a sense of deja vu. >> reporter: he was born july 18th, 1921 in cambridge, ohio and attended new concord college. after the japanese attacked pearl harbor, he signed up for the aviation cadet program and
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became a pilot. long before senator john glenn landed in our capitol, he served in world war ii, flying 59 successful missions. five years later he was ready to fly again, this time over in north korea. after serving in korea, glenn attended test pilot school at the naval air test center in maryland. here he gained early national recognition by setting the transcontinental speed record from los angeles to new york in three hours, 23 minutes. by the late 1950s, the u.s. manned space program was just being conceived and john glenn was selected as one of the first seven astronauts for project mercury. three years later on february 20th, 1962, he made history becoming the first american to orbit the earth. >> the view is tremendous. >> reporter: after a few failed attempts of launching a political career, glenn ran
12:25 pm
again in 1974. this time he easily won a seat in the u.s. senate. reelected in 1980 by the largest margin in the history of the state. political journalist followed his early political career. >> my first impression was that he had no feel for politics at all. but he had a tremendous appeal to people. he was plain spoken and he was a national hero. >> reporter: senator glenn ran into democratic presidential but bowed out to monday dale. on february 16th, 1998, nasa announced plans to return the 76-year-old legend to space. 36 years after he first orbited the earth. john glenn's second trip to space took off as planned. in october of 1998. >> liftoff of discovery with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. >> reporter: when the mission was over, america's oldest
12:26 pm
space traveler was given another hero's welcome, his second ticker tape parade on broadway in new york city. >> he is one of the few legitimate american heroes of our time. >> people too often say i'm supposed to be a couch potato at this age. i think the thing is to get out and work and fulfill your ambitions at whatever age. >> reporter: following his retirement from politics and return from space, he and wife annie founded the john glenn. >> still to come, san jose high school teacher arrested after allegedly having sex with a student. how the case started as an internet crime. also new information from the superintendent. superintendent. also law enforcement officers honoring their fallen colleagues. see how they hope to send a message by running a marathon in uniform.
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>> police in san jose arrested a high school teacher on charges that she sexually assaulted a student. 32-year-old hill an english teacher surrendered to detectives at the police department and also posted bail. >> today the school district says it was another student who tipped off authorities. ktvu's leigh martinez report snooze san jose police say 32-
12:30 pm
year-old trudy hill used her position as an english teacher at the high school to coerce and exploit a 17-year-old male student into a sexual relationship. her arrest on thursday didn't come as a surprise to several students. >> i actually called this happening like last year. i had her as a teacher. it was like -- how touchy she was with the kid and stuff. i knew it was going to happen. >> reporter: students said they knew hill to use social media snapchat to send photos to her students. though no one recalls any inappropriate photos of the teacher. but the east union high school district says it was another student that turned hill into authorities. >> so we actually instigated an investigation with the san jose police. a tip came through to us about ten days ago. through a facebook posting. and then we immediately informed san jose police department and they began their investigation. >> reporter: the san jose police unit that investigates
12:31 pm
internet crimes against children started investigating hill for sending harmful material and possibly obscene images to the teen. during that investigation, detectives say they uncovered a sexual relationship between hill and her underage student that went on from august to november. >> we reached out to the student and the family to make sure that they needed support. that we have a full-time social worker and counselors on campus they would have access to. >> reporter: parents were concerned that hill had phone numbers and access to social media accounts. >> teachers are supposed to communicate to parents through the school loop. that is too personal. >> reporter: hill was arrested thursday but posted bail. she has been placed on administrative leave. the school district has a policy against teachers communicating with tickets through personal cell phone or social media. if a teacher does need to relay information to students, they can do that with the school's
12:32 pm
gmail account or going through school loop. in san jose, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. a san jose state university student has been arrested in connection with one of six recent sexual battery cases on campus. the unnamed student was taken into custody after officers received a tip. police believe he may have been involved other sexual assaults that have not been reported yet. all of the victims were students but police don't think that just one person is responsible. >> you have no idea if somebody is going to come out of the shadows or even in the daylight. >> before it's not something that you had to worry about. i'm just going to class, you know. it's not an issue. but now it feels like even if someone is like walking too closely behind me, it's just like -- it's a weird feeling to always have be to on your guard. >> the university is increasing security. the school plans to install two dozen security cameras, hire
12:33 pm
six additional officers and improve lighting on campus. now to a new development involving a former stanford university student. a number of news agencies are reporting lea francis says that the university offered her $60,000 to cover her therapy expenses. that was on the condition that she withdraw a federal complaint against stanford. a spokesperson says that francis is misrepresenting her talks withstand ford. this came a year before the highly publicized brock turner case also at stanford. while we await mayor ed lee's decision on the police chief, there is debate where the chief should live. mayor lee is deciding whether to pick one of the three names submitted to him by the police commission. an examiner says that a supervisor's committee is recommending to adopt a resolution that all chiefs should live in san francisco. the police commission has
12:34 pm
recommended the idea. president obama's task force on 21st century policing also recommends police chiefs live in the cities where they work. 20 law enforcement officers from the bay area are doing something unique this weekend to honor their fallen comrades. they are running in the dallas marathon. >> they want to pay tribute to the five officers killed this summer and all officers killed in the line of duty. amber lee has their story. >> reporter: on the bay trail at the san leandro marina, this group of law enforcement officers are training to run the 26-mile dallas marathon. >> we see a lot of death. we see a lot of violence. >> reporter: this group has been training for months. they plan to wear their uniforms when they run the marathon in dallas. they want to feel discomfort. >> it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that this profession is evolving through right now. and it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that the officers
12:35 pm
who have sacrificed felt on their chosen days. >> reporter: service and sacrifice is a badge they wear proudly. the inherent dangers of the thin blue line bring added stress. >> i like running. that's is why i am showing them that there are ways to cope and process what we have seen. >> reporter: for gill, processing loss has been constant. he was friends with the four oakland police officers killed february 2009. then in july 2015, another officer he worked with, scott lunger of hayward was shot and killed during a traffic stop. this summer when five officers were killed in dallas in an ambush, it was a breaking point. >> i don't know how our families deal with it. >> ambush style. >> reporter: shots fired. >> reporter: gill points to an incident on november 16th in vallejo. a gunman targets officers at a
12:36 pm
coffee shop. gill says the fear of ambush is ever present. >> we go to work and some of us halfway expect that it's going to happen. we go to incidents and we get nervous and scared that this might be it. >> reporter: gill says he is on guard even when off duty. >> i've had people show up at my house who knew who i was. and my family, we all have planned for what to do if somebody comes after daddy. >> reporter: for rookie alex perez rojas, the current antipolice climate was not a deferent but a challenge. and running the marathon in uniform sends a message. >> just because we wear a badge and have a gun doesn't mean that we're robots. we have families and feelings and goals. >> reporter: there will be about 20 officers running with gill in dallas. sarah says for her law enforcement work was a calling
12:37 pm
from childhood. >> we're relentless. and very brave. and that we represent a really strong force. >> i love serving the community. i love seeing little kids wave at me. i love everything about it. it's my opportunity to give back before my time is done. >> reporter: the dallas marathon is set for sunday. these law enforcement officers tell me their fallen brothers and sisters in blue will be with them every step of the way on this journey of a lifetime. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> just ahead, basketball changed a boy's life. the 14-year-old has faced an uphill battle his entire life. watch as his dream comes true. >> i love that story. also the weekend is coming, as is more rain. but just how much and which day is a little drier? meteorologist rosemary orozco is back to answer these questions and more in your weekend forecast.
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>> the raiders had their sixth game winning streak snapped in kansas city. the chiefs built a lead in the 2nd quarter by scoring three touchdowns in eight and a half minutes. the raiders scored a touchdown before the half to cut the lead from 21-10. they could not complete the second half come back and lost by a final of 21-13. >> i feel very responsible for that because i -- you know, i was the leader of the offense and the team. i feel -- i feel sick to my
12:41 pm
stomach when we put something like that on film. it hurts. >> the loss knocked the raiders out of possession of first in the west. the golden state warriors pulled out a win over the utah jazz thanks to a big 4th quarter from kevin durant. they dominated early leading by as many as 25 points. but the jazz actually chipped away at that lead. at one point it was a five- point game in the 4th quarter. then kd took over. scored 21 points in the game, second to steph curry's 26th. they won 106-99. they continue tomorrow night as they take on the memphis grizzlies. the warriors star steph curry is a hero to many children. to one teenager with a difficult life, steph is his everyone. >> scott reese has the story of the warriors star making a dream come true.
12:42 pm
>> reporter: brandon was a beautiful healthy baby boy for about six weeks. >> he started having these movements and reflection that's didn't seem right. we were told oh it's just a reflection. babies do that. not a big deal. within a week's time they escalated that it was clear that something was going on. >> reporter: what were going on were infantile spasms. the most catastrophic seizures that an infant can have. >> the worst thing for a parent is to watch your offspring suffer and you can't do anything about it. >> they needed to remove half of their brain. >> they can't perform brain surgery on a four months old because it won't go well. they gave him medicine to slow the seizures down. that's all it was supposed to be, slow it down. doctors even today are scratching their heads. it not only slowed them down, it stopped them. >> we got extremely lucky. however because of the
12:43 pm
malformation, he developed cognitive physical delays. so his entire life, he struggled. >> reporter: such was the back drop for brandon's childhood. but the family persevered. in time the kid who was not expected to walk or talk did both. and so much more. >> to watch him keep developing with the never say never attitude, it has inspired the heck out of myself, my kids, my neighborhood. people are amazed at where he has come from where he should be and where he is now. >> reporter: sports were not a part of brandon's life as a small child. couldn't play them. didn't watch them. that is until his younger brother jack showed him a video from the internet. >> curry when he started making these unbelievable half court shots. >> he got it. >> i found a video and i showed brandon. and he looked at it and i could see his eyes just glow up the second he saw the video. and ever sense then, he has
12:44 pm
tracked every single basketball game that steph curry plays. he knows every single player on the warriors. >> cognitively we didn't think he was capable of understanding and comprehending. i was blown away. >> you might say that curry became a healthy obsession. and then something even more amazing happened. that obsession gave way. >> he came to me after watching steph and said i want to learn how to shoot baskets. this is a child that i couldn't get to play with other kids. his balance was off. >> we would buy him a basketball and it was difficult. the ball would bounce and get away from him. >> it wasn't easy for me. >> he kept practicing and practicing and all of a sudden my kid is playing basketball. >> i dribble the ball. i can't dribble with two hands but i try. i want to be just like steph curry. >> my kid was enjoying a sport and living life as normal as a kid can at 14 years of age
12:45 pm
playing basketball with his brothers. i never would have dreamed in a million years. we were told it would never be possible. >> reporter: basketball and curry became brandon's world. in that world, unlike the one that most of us live in, a boy's idol is readily accessible. >> he said to me, mom, my only wish is to meet steph curry. might as well tell me that i want to meet barack obama. i went on a mission to have him meet his hero. long story short, i was connected to the warriors and here we are. >> he is huge. >> glad to meet you. how are you doing? >> good. >> where do you want to shoot from? >> oh. >> i'm going to play defense one time. shoot it from right there. get in there. oh. there it is right there. >> this was kind of your dream, right. >> it came true.
12:46 pm
i saw him. i saw him. >> you played a little one on one. who won? >> i don't know. maybe me. >> i saw you make more shots than he did. >> a kid like brandon to be able to get out and play and overcome a lot of obstacles, that means a lot. it gives me motivation to keep doing what i'm doing. keep doing it. nobody can tell you can't do anything. >> i'm having an out of body experience watching my kid actually throw the ball with steph curry and make it. he had a few great shots. it gives him that sense that he can be normal. the self confidence that he gained today is priceless to me. absolutely priceless. >> it restores my faith in humanity to be able to give my child a gift that he will have the rest of his life. and he will feel like he is somebody. i just want to say thank you. it is moving. very moving. very moving. >> are you happy? >> this is the best day ever for me. >> brandon feels like any other kid. >> great story.
12:47 pm
i love when his dad says the worst thing is to watch your offspring suffer. which is true. >> right. >> but the best thing on the flip side is to see your offspring smile and see the dreams of your children come true. he saw it in his son there. all because of steph curry. hats offer to steph and the warriors organization. very cool. >> brandon will take that with him for a long, long time. let's talk about weather. rosemary orozco watching the rain for us and looking at the dry periods in between. >> we have soggy weather ahead. we do have breaks. i will see if i can detail those for you so you can get out and about if you need to do that for your weekend. giving you a view at mainly dry conditions. cloudy conditions over the east bay. we had the rain move through and late this morning, early afternoon now, we are seeing our area dry out. giving you a view from up above. the winds coming in from the south. a light wind out there. if you look close enough, you can even see a few breaks. mostly sunny partly cloudy for
12:48 pm
today. definitely the possibility of a few scattered showers still remaining. maybe a few sprinkles falling below the radar. but in any event, we will be mainly dry for the next several hours. here is a look at the sierra where we continue to see snow levels quite high. around donner pass. no advisory in place for traveling as far as winter weather, the snow. but there is a wind advisory. it goes until 1:00 saturday morning. so right after midnight. the wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. so it's a rough one out there if you are going to be traveling. be prepared. i will say during this time of year, you always want to have the chains if not the snow tires. giving you a look at what is going on. a lot of moisture continuing to move towards california. and our next chance for rain will be late tonight into tomorrow. i've already sped you up. so we're looking at rain as we get into about midnight or so. if you do have evening plans, you may have the scattered showers move in by late tonight. as we get into tomorrow morning, rain to start the day.
12:49 pm
by lunchtime, still rain lingering around. and then as we get into the 5:00 hour, maybe closer to dinner time, we are drying out again. i'm going to push you all the way into sunday. look what is going on sunday. partly cloudy. i'm sure we will wake up with fog. sunday looks like it will be a dry day. as far as rainfall amounts with the next system, anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half. perhaps an inch for areas like san jose. more than that for the coastal hills and the santa cruz mountains. temperatures right now 58 degrees in san francisco. low 60s in oakland. 66 san jose under mostly cloudy skies. it feels humid out there. temperatures way over what we had yesterday. anywhere from five to ten degrees warmer. we will continue with low 60s in the forecast. your extended forecast here again day by day for you. drying out for the rest of today. it moves back in tonight. we're wet most of saturday. we're dry on sunday and dry on monday. more rain returning to the bay area by tuesday. back to you. >> all right. soggy week. thank you. >> yes.
12:50 pm
the weekend is nearly here. there are lots of ways to get into the holiday spirit. santa-con one of the many things we will help you do in our weekend watch. eggnog. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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>> all right. just a few minutes away from the closing bell on this friday afternoon. what a week it has been for the
12:53 pm
dow. currently up 125 points. the nasdaq and s&p also up in the green. can you believe christmas is now less than three weeks away. this weekend, there are so many things to do, all of them holiday themed. not all of them. but here is rosemary orozco with details in the weekend watch. >> we are knocking on weekend's door. here are a fewests happening around the bay area. in san francisco, expect a sea of red and white as santa-con 2016 takes over the city. the annual santa pub crawl is saturday in the union square downtown area. if you want to participate it starts at noon. you need to wear a full santa claus suit and bring a new unwrapped toy for the sf toy drive. also rsvp on facebook. in the east bay, shop the holiday street fair in berkeley. shoppers can choose from arts and crafts including jewelry, wire works, hats, pottery, wood and metal craft, painting,
12:54 pm
sculptures and more. the fair is between dwight and bancraft from 11:00 to 6:00. get a taste of traditional german christmas in mountain view this saturday. indulge in foods and drinks while live performances go on. it is from 11:00 to 9:00. in the south bay, winter fest. on saturday the san jose earthquakes will host the holiday themed event. it will run from noon to 5:00 and feature ten tons of snow and holiday activities ahead of a viewing party for the mls cup 016. you will be able to snap photos on the stadium field with happy holidays illuminated on the display behind you. in the north bay, the boat parade and fireworks show. in a typical year, 40 decorated boats compete for a variety of prizes. the parade is saturday at 6:00. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch.
12:55 pm
a water main break could snarl friday rush hour traffic. >> we will update you on when repairs to the water main will be completed and how your friday night commute will be affected coming into and out of san francisco. and that is coming up today on the 4 on 2. it has been an emotional 7 days for victims, families, first responders, and the entire oakland community. >> and while questions certainly remain about the ghost ship warehouse fire, the one thing that is known is that the 36 victims will never be for gotten. >> and we will leave you this noon time with some of the emotional sights and sounds from the past week. >> i was watching flames come out of my windows. everything is gone. everything is burned up. so many people died. >> i haven't seen him. there have been flames shooting out of the building for the
12:56 pm
past 30 minutes. >> a terrible tragedy took place in a space, in a building that is permitted as a warehouse. i have spent my morning doing what is our priority. and that is focusing on the families. >> i just don't understand what i'm doing here. like i want to go over there. i want to find my brother. >> i don't know how many more people are left in there. we have no idea. we have no idea. we have no idea how many people were in the building that night. >> a lot of our firefighters are still kind of getting a sense of what justified happened. ♪[music] >> i was driven this morning to come back and just be in that space. not only with the other people who are here grieving, but that last plait place that my friend alex drew his last breath. >> it does look like the male was trying to protect the female from the fire and the smoke. the male had his arm underneath
12:57 pm
the female as if they were hugging. >> it hurts. it hurts. you know, it just takes one careless mistake to make something like this happen, man. and i don't understand. i don't understand. ♪[music]
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: today on "the dr. oz show" -- gloria estefan had it all. >> boom. in that split second it all changed. dr. oz: the near-fatal accident that almost left her paralyzed. her secret to overcoming obstacles. plus is he a model or a doctor? >> he's really hot! dr. oz: see why he's blowing up on instagram. oming up next. ♪ dr. oz: we'll save lives today! you guys ready to start getting healthy? [cheers and applause]


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