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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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police officers around the country, two in georgia just the other day, and we'll bring you what we know about what's happening in nashville as soon as we get the information. thank you for joining us. welcome back to "mornings on 2", tuesday, december 13th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm allie rasmus. we're going to check on the weather with some changes in store that steve has been telling us about. so far just cloud cover, but that's all going to change later this week. >> there'll be some rain later today, but mainly north. but the main system is thursday, yes. we'll make it through, but it might be a bigger wind event for some of you than rain. but there's a pretty good system here for thursday. after that get ready for cold. today it's increasing clouds. there's plenty already over us, low, high clouds, might be a little bit of light rain in the morning, but i don't think so. most of this is pretty high based. but offshore there's plenty that has to work its way in and that's eventually going to give some of the lower layers of the atmosphere a little bit more to work with and we could get some light rain out of this. i would think this afternoon and this evening. farther north a better opportunity, farther south not
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so much. 40s and 50s. 44 lafayette, walnut creek is in there, danville is in there, close for others. livermore 45, concord 45, pittsburg, martinez 47. a lot of cloud cover and a few light showers up in the sierra. again, this is not going to be so much today, but wednesday into thursday, it will be crazy. and then that snow level is going to plunge to about 2,000 feet by friday night and saturday. a lot of moisture taking aim. what's new? it's been coming up for a long time. so cloudy, mild, late rain later. 50 to near 60. sal, 4:31. >>reporter: and we're looking at the salano commute, steve. we're going to start there because we have a lot of people who drive relatively long distance, vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, not a bad commute right now, 27 minutes between those two points and right through fairfield, if you're driving out to the fairfield area to the cordelia junction, it hasn't been a bad commute here at all, splitting out towards 680 or 80. and if you're driving a little bit farther down to the east shore freeway, you will see the
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traffic is moving along pretty well, all the way down to the macarthur maze. it looks pretty good here in berkeley. when you get to the bay bridge, you can see it's lights so far getting into san francisco. at 4:32, let's go back to the defng. >> all right, sal, thank you. we may find out as soon as today what caused the deadly oakland warehouse fire where 36 people died. the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives will hold an 11:00 a.m. news conference today with local officials. now, the bay area news group reports that investigators will announce the fire was caused by overloaded electrical lines in the rear of that building. 36 people who were at a dance party and concert were killed in that fire december 2nd. now, reportedly, according to the bay area news group, they may have never known the specific appliance or device that overloaded the system there. well, more than 10 days have passed since the oakland warehouse fire, but the grief is still very fresh, especially
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for the first responders who rushed to that scene. ktvu's amber lee went to the fruitvail neighborhood where those responders were at a vigil last night with the victims' families. ♪ >>reporter: with the somber sound of the bagpipes, oakland fire and police, alameda county sheriffs and the american red cross led the procession. >> we just need to heal and start to come together and figure out how best we can move on as a community. >>reporter: they made this short, solemn walk from frous number 13 to the goship warehouse. >> there's an amazing satisfaction in just being able to help people when they really desperately need help. >> to be with each other after being more for solidarity with the family and friends of those who perished here. >>reporter: first responders say there's no escaping the heartbreak over the loss of lives. one battalion chief who responded the night the fire broke out says it was among the worst incidents he's seen in his 17 years with the department. >> it's hard work and it's
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mentally -- it's mentally and physically -- very mentally and physically draining work for the recovery that we did. >>reporter: this vigil was a way to offer emotional recovery for those who worked the tra mawtic scene. >> some days can be very difficult days, and that day was a very particularly difficult day. >>reporter: a time to lean on each other for strength as they reflect on the enormity of 36 lives lost. >> they found another body, and then they found another victim, and that to me was the part that just shocked me. >>reporter: chaplons with the alameda county sheriff's department were tasked with notifying families about their loved ones' deaths and offered comfort, at the same time coming to terms themselves with what happened. >> you're wondering when is this going to stop, how many people were in there, and so that was probably one of the things that really affected me. [ bell ringing ]
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>>reporter: the fire bell told 36 times, followed by a moment of silence. >> what kept us going? what i think kept all of us going was knowing we were a support system for people whose lives, whose families had been tragically torn apart by this incident. ♪ >> and that was ktvu's amber lee reporting. the u.s. senate passed a resolution to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire n. a statement released yesterday, senator dianne feinstein said, quote, the people stand with oakland as the city mourns the victims of the horrific warehouse fire. the resolution honors their memory and recognizes the heroic efforts of our first responders to save lives and heal the community. on, you'll find more on the deadly warehouse fire, including the latest on the investigation, plus tributes to all of the victims. you can find it near the top of our home page. police are asking for the public's help in the search for a man who was caught on camera
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attacking and robbing a disabled man. detectives want everyone to take a close look at this surveillance video. it shows the suspect knocking down the victim with his bike and then speeding off. moments the bicyclist returns, appearing to be concerned, but then he steals the man's cell phone and knocks him back to the ground. police say the victim has a serious is speech disability. >> this guy takes it to another level by preying on someone that's disabled. if he's capable of doing this to someone with a disability, what is he capable of doing to someone else? >> the attack took place near san jose's coyote creek trail in early september. police have released a sketch of the suspect. he's described as an african- american man between 16 and 25 years old. he was riding a red mountain bike. time is now 4:36. a san francisco man is facing several sex crime charges including rape and running an escort service. 43-year-old david carasco was arrested last month. he's being held on dislrs 1 1/2 million bail. now, carasco who's due in court tomorrow is also facing charges
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of false imprisonment and pimping. well, we are following breaking news coming in now from east san jose. police are in a standoff right now with an armed man in a home on arthur avenue. ktvu's janeen dell la vega just arrived there. and you found out more about who might be inside that home with that man. what do you know? >>reporter: well, it sounds like it's a man, a woman, possibly a child. it sounded like there were a lot of people inside this home at one point, and a woman wanted to leave the house, but he's not allowing that. that is what we are hearing from police sources. this is -- this has been going on since 1:45 this morning here in east san jose. this is just off of story road and clayton road, and in the last 10 minutes we heard that they may be evacuating people from this neighborhood because this man is inside this -- holed up inside a home here and he's refusing to leave and he's also threatening to harm
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himself. they just called the merge unit which is a s.w.a.t team. they are calling them, they are on their way. so we haven't seen evacuations happen yet, but it soudgeds like more officers -- sounds like more officers are coming to the area and might be knocking on some doors. so at this point police are around the house, and we're just going to see how this develops. but that's what we know so far. we'll send it back to you and we'll keep you updated on the situation out here. >> janeen, can you tell us what streets are closed off in that area? it looks like there's some caution tape and a large police presence behind you. >>reporter: this is arthur avenue which is, again, the closest big cross streets are going to be clayton and story road. so a little neighborhood on the east side, not a major road, but right now it's just arthur avenue. >> thanks, janeen. >> janeen del la vega. tense situation right now in san jose. we'll talk to you later. coming up on "mornings on 2", there's a big fine for the city of college san francisco. coming up at 5:00 what school
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officials are not able to prove to the state that's now requiring them to pay back millions of dollars. plus the mad rush for those "hamilton" tickets. how long some waited in line to make sure they scored a seat for the san francisco run next year. >>reporter: good morning. we can see that the south bay commute is off to a nice start. you can look at 280 in san jose and not bad here. well, this is actually the east shore freeway. we'll tell you more about that coming up. a lot of cloud cover over us. any rain in the mix? yes, but more likely the farther north you go. we'll talk about today's forecast and what's in store for the rest of the week. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". california is topping a new study when it comes to the worst state for drivers. the study looked
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at six criteria including fuel costs, insurance rates, car theft and auto-related deaths. the study showed that california had the nation's highest auto theft rate of about 440 cars stolen for every 100,000 residents. it also showed california's average commute was about 26 minutes. for many people it's much longer than that as sal would tell us. when it comes to the state's best state for drivers, iowa took the number one spot. time 4:42. a great story. in union city the police chief recently met with an 8-year-old boy. >> ktvu's henry lee reports the child offers hope for the future amid the divisive climate amid race and policing. >>reporter: demetrius davis. >> your hands up. >>reporter: demetrius wants to be a cop. >> i, demetrius. >>reporter: so union city police chief darrell callster invited him over the other day and swore him in as a deputy chief. >> now we have to have a staff meeting. >> when i was a little kid, i loved policing. i dream about it.
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i like to help people when they're hurt. >>reporter: [ sirens ] >> police officer, they really help you, but sometimes people can't see that. some of the police, they don't really like us, but i think it will be good for me to help them too. >>reporter: mccallster says he sees a little bit of himself in demetrius. the chief says he was 8 when an officer took him under his wing and inspired him to go into law enforcement. >> not everybody wants to be a police officer, not even all kids want to be a police officer, but those interactions, we never know, we just never know how lasting an effect they might have. >>reporter: as an african- american chief, mccallster says it's important to reach out to kids like demetrius, especially with the ongoing national conversation about race and policing. >> yes, there are racial divides in this country, and, yes, we can be inspired by people who look like us. and who we may see in ourselves
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and even in the future. >>reporter: cassandra davis is raising her grandson. she said at one point she tried to talk him out of becoming an officer, thinking he would not be able to speak out if he saw wrongdoing on the force. >> i think that he'll be able to, you know, make a great impact, so i said i couldn't discourage him any longer. i had to do whatever i can to make sure that he followed his dreams. >> like with me when i was 8 years old, i want that experience for him to be one that carries with him as he gets older and can put perspective on the things that he sees and learns. >>reporter: police hope it's interactions like these that not only plant seeds, but bridge gaps in the community. in union city, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so sweet. el with, the san francisco symphony is making a political statement by canceling two concerts next april. the symphony will not perform in north carolina as part of its east coast tour next year. the move is in response to north carolina eliminating
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protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. now, it is similar to the stand taken by city of san francisco as well as businesses and cultural organizations by canceling the north carolina dates the san francisco symphony has cut its east coast tour essentially in half. it will still perform at carnegie hall in new york as scheduled. well, hundreds of people waited in line for almost 24 hours trying to buy tickets to the blockbuster musical "hamilton" when it begins its run in san francisco next year. tickets went on sale yesterday morning at 10:00 online, over the phone or even in person at the ortheum theater box office. these people in the front of the line say they got there noon on sunday. fans say "hamilton" is a must machine see show. the musical uses rap to tell the story of one of america's founding fathers, alexander hamilton. >> we're just excited. >> i think they merged really good politics and really good
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art. >> [ indiscernable ] >> it's rap and all the other ones are very show tune-y. >> pam cook and claw dine were in line waiting. >> i saw that. they were like number 50,000. >> people trying to buy tickets online were in a virtual waiting room like pam and claudine. that waiting room reached 100,000 people at one point. tickets are now selling for as much as $500 on secondary markets. the show "hamilton" opens in march in san francisco, runs through august 5th. >> i figure we'll just have to wait for 10 years. >> yeah, right. >> and then i'll see it. >> gosh! all right. well, let's check on the roadways because, sal, i read that story earlier about the average commute in california being 26 minutes, and i know that is an underestimate for a lot of people. >> yeah, exeajt. some people drive an hour these days. >> yeah. >> at least. >>reporter: but i think the average is brought down by, you know, some places that are not l.a. and san francisco. >> you gotta help them out this morning, sal. >>reporter: i will help them out.
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you know what? let's start off with the tracy commute because some people drive very far and there's a long distance here to drive. some people drive from the valley and tracy and some even farther getting to altamont pass and they come to the bay area and they have to deal with all this slow traffic here on 580 and 205 and you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive through the area. if you are driving into livermore and pleasanton and dublin, not bad. it stays that way all the way to hayward if you're going that far. let's go to 880 northbound and southbound, that looks good, if you're driving any time soon here. it should be nice. and at the bay bridge, we usually don't see a backup until about 5:30 unless something unusual happens, and, of course, if that does happen, we'll let you know. 4:47. let's bring steve in. >> sal. >>reporter: yes, sir. >> it's been my experience that if you don't stand in line, you can always get in for an event. haven't you learned that the hard way? >>reporter: oh, yeah. >> eventually you'll get in. >>reporter: if you really want to go to "hamilton" there are
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ways, there is he a a friend -- there's a friend, you can buy secondhand tickets from what we call scalpers or whatever. if you really want to go, you can go. >> i agree. all right. cloudy skies up there. where's the howling sound? it's coming. they're scrambling in there. [ howling ] >> now, see, every time we do this somebody either writes me and says my dog and cat just went bonkers. every time. my dog is looking around, where is that? anyway. cloudy skies, mostly cloudy. you can see through some of it. low clouds, higher clouds will continue to stream in here from the west/southwest. stuck in a pattern for a while. i saw this yellow ball in the sky yesterday. i didn't know what that was. i hadn't seen that in about three days. it disappeared, though, pretty quick, but for some it stuck around for a while. 40s and 50s, some 30s to the north on the peninsula. 48 atherton, 47 menlo park,
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woodside is in there. everyone is really close. 46 san carlos. is that the coolest? it is. that's a first, i think. san carlos the coolest at 46, but we'll take it. everyone is within a couple of degrees. a lot of cloud cover up in the sierra. not a lot with this system, but by wednesday night, thursday into friday it's going to really change. look for a mostly cloudy morning, then cloudy this afternoon with rain developing. our main system isn't until thursday afternoon, thursday night into friday, and then the cold air will come in. so this system is going to start lifting farther north, the farther north you go, santa rosa northward, that's where the greatest rainfall will be. south maybe not much at all. look what happens by thursday night into friday. it will even make it to san jose. this is a pattern that's more favorable for san jose to get rain than the last couple of patterns. when you get that out of the due west, it's the sluz mountains that take it all -- the sluz mountains will take it all. there's going to be some pretty hefty totals to the north. feats on your temps to -- 50s on your temps to near 60 degrees. a light rain, but more likely, again, northward. just lighter amounts to the south. tomorrow could be a warm day,
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some low- to mid-60s with a southeast breeze and then everything cranks up for thursday with rain and wind. we'll carry that into friday morning and then here comes the cold air, i mean really cold for some, inland, by the weekend. >> so that blows in after that rain storm on thursday. >> the cold air? yes. >> all right. >> you'll notice. >> okay. time is 4:50. president obama was on a late night tv show talking about the election results and russia's possible role in it. coming up at 5:00 what the president wants done about it before he leaves office. but, first, an effort to reduce abortions in oklahoma. the signs that might soon be required in public rest rooms. ,i,88rwow
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police in oakland arrested four teenaged boys accused of robbing and assaulting at least five people. police say the boys between 14 and 17 years old robbed four women and a man in separate incidents on sunday morning. a witness to one of the robberies took a picture of the suspect's car and their license plate. police say the car had recently been stolen but not yet reported as stolen. when officers later spotted the car and approached it, they say the four teenagers ran. they were found hiding in a nearby yard and they were arrested. time now 4:53. some very chilling details from south carolina from the federal trial of 22-year-old dylann roof accused of shooting and killing nine african-american church members at a historic church. now, law enforcement officials
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say when dylann roof was arrested, he had a list in his car of other african-american churches in that area. prosecutors say the evidence suggests roof may have been planning even more violence. he is facing 33 federal charges. well, starting today attorneys for bill cosby will try to limit how many witnesses can be called by prosecutors in cosby's sexual assault trial. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a temple university worker who visited the actor's home back in 2004. since then dozens of other women have come forward with similar allegations against the comedian. prosecutors hope to call 13 of them to show cosby had a pattern of molesting women. the defense plans to attack their credibility and the relevance of their testimony in the current case. the hearing is scheduled to wrap up tomorrow. and today the state health -- the state board of health in oklahoma will consider a controversial measure designed to reduce abortions in that state. it would require hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and
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public schools to post signs inside their public rest rooms. the signs would direct pregnant women where to receive services that would help them carry their baby to term. anti-abortion groups in oklahoma and across the country support the measure, but many oklahoma business leaders say they don't want to pay the estimated $2.3 million that it would cost to put up those signs. well, a security breach at a medical lab with more than a dozen bay area offices has compromised the personal information of thousands of patients. new jersey-based quest diagnostics says a third party got access to names, dates of birth, lab results and even phone numbers of about 34,000 people. however, financial information and social security numbers we're told were not stolen. the breach occurred november 26th. the people affected are being notified by mail. and there has been another financial blow to wells fargo bank. the prudential insurance company has stopped selling
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policies through wells fargo. last week three former prudential employees filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming prudential tried to ignore evidence that wells fargo employees set up accounts without notifying customers. the employees said they were fired for complaining to prudential management, something the company denies. prudential says it's investigating how wells fargo sold those policies. well, google will soon be able to provide cubans with faster internet access. google's chairman eric schmidt signed a deal with the state telecom provider yesterday in havana. it will allow google to install servers on the island that will store much of the company's most popular content. but the deal doesn't expand the number of cubans who have access to the internet. some analysts say only around 5% of the country's 11 million citizens have access to the worldwide web. time is 4:56. even before san francisco announces a new police chief, the city is debating where that new police chief should live. when we come back, the proposal
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being debated today by the board of supervisors. and a major new development, an alleged hate crime killing in the east bay. what we're learning about the second person who's now been arrested in that case. >>reporter: good morning. we still have a look at a commute that is not bad as we take a look at the bridge here. traffic on that bridge into san francisco and actually out of it also, looks good. a lot of cloud cover coming through the almost full moon. it will be full at 4:05 today. you can see some of the moonlight dancing through the clouds here. we'll talk about that and if there's any rain in store.
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good morning. it's official, president-elect donald trump announcing his choice for secretary of state. his post on social media this morning good morning. new this morning, a police officer in nashville, tennessee has been shot. now, this is a still-developing story. we don't know the extent of the injuries of that police officer. but look at the scene in nashville right now. this is video from nashville. we believe that the gunman is
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holed up inside of a building and that police are surrounding that building. now, this is an active story from nashville, tennessee. you're seeing it as we're seeing it, and we'll bring you more information on what's happening in nashville as soon as we get it. so stay tuned for that. yeah. we also have an intense situation here in the bay area that we'll check in with janeen in just a moment in san jose. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's tuesday, december 13th. i'm pam cook. >> it's a busy morning >> yeah. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. busy in our weather as well. steve paulson is in his office right now with the details. >> we're getting there. what's that? >> that moon. >> yeah, the full moon will be today at 4:05 p.m. >> oh, p.m. right. we would miss it if it was 4:05 a.m. at this point. >> it would still be -- >> it's gorgeous. >> incredible. >> should we do the howl one more time? >> please. >> can you howl once more, steve? >> my dog is going nuts when you do that. [ rooster crowing


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