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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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for drivers. the reason the golden state drove away with this dubious honor. >> and it is the 15 minute meeting that everyone is talking about. >> just friends. a good man. doing well. long time. >> so what did rapper kanye west and president-elect donald trump discuss? >> the four on two starts now. the latest plan to keep the raiders into oakland now moving forward. the alameda board of supervisors this afternoon approved a proposal by ronnie lott. >> a busy day in the city of oakland. the alameda county supervisors getting the latest proposal a big green light. >> and all eyes switch to the oakland city council meeting but will it be enough to keep them in the east bay? want to go to cristina rendon,
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she has been on the raider beat all afternoon. cristina. >> well, heather, we can tell you that the city council man noah gallo expects a yes for that proposal tonight. here at oakland city hall. take a look at what happened earlier when the proposal moved forward with alameda county supervisors. i have three yays and one absenteeism and the motion passes. >> the approval from the county was met with cheers. ronnie lott received hugs from marcus allen and rodney pete and bay area hiphop artist mc hammer. this hearing lasted 3 hours as lot, allen and raymond chester
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spoke before the board. they had passionate speeches about keeping the team here and the fans and ceo spoke during the public comment saying the plan to bill a $1.3 billion stadium will bring thousands of jobs. lott is excited but not quite in the end zone yet. >> knowing we have a long ways to go, we have to convince the nfl and we have to convince mark davis. we got along ways to go but today is a great day and moment for raider nation for a lot of people. >> i have had conversation with mark. the team doesn't want to go any place. he wants to be here and i respect that and he wants a stadium for his fans here. >> last investment group has proposed paying the construction costs for a stadium to seat 55,000 people and take three years to build. there will be retail and a
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hotel and possible housing development as part of the deal. so now it goes to the oakland city council. if, in fact, they do unanimously approve this proposal tonight, this now gives ronnie lott's group and his investment team the chance to move forward and approach owner mark davis and as well as the other nfl owners saying we have a viable plan and we want the raiders to stay in oakland and we know the owners will be meeting tomorrow in dallas. we of course will stay on top of that and right now all eyes on oakland city hall and the meetings happening at 5:30 and they will take up the vote at 6:30 and we will have a crew monitoring the details and we will bring you the latest developments. >> the supervisors went 3, 1 and 1. do we know why one of the supervisors said no? >> there was back and forth for three hours and that's why it took long because some of the supervisors were concerned about the interest of the owner and mark davis moving forward
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and some concerns in terms of financial details and how much money the county would have to pay for. they say they are in detective from the current stadium on that site at the coliseum and they were back and forth on certain items like that in terms of monetary issues or whether or not the raiders owner would be interested so that had a role into why the vote came down the way it did. cristina rendon live in oakland. thanks. this is all for not if mark davis says no. >> let's bring in joe fonzi. >> there are so many moving parts. i don't know if you can determine a winner. the most significant thing is the word on public money until now had been none and the fact that 350 million-dollars in infrastructure and land valued at that kind of money has now been committed. i think as a significant step for whoever the group may eventually be. now we have to remember that
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the raiders have no loyalty or tie whatsoever to this group and that raiders are in the middle of an exclusive negotiation with las vegas that until that deal is either voted no by the owners or falls through, they do not have the ability to negotiate with anyone else. while today's deal was somewhat significant in that there now has been the equivalent of public money committed, this project today, there is still so many moving parts and it starts with if there is a yes vote by the owners on the las vegas deal, then it moves forward in las vegas as far as the financing there is concerned. >> it seems like and correct me if i'm wrong the nfl owners may not be on board with this plan. we have one nfl executive saying this looks like what we have seen before. >> the plan that they have approved today, that is correct. that has been a quote but there is a quote sheldon atalson, the casino guy in las vegas that was supposedly going to provide
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1/3 of the financing, can you imagine a casino mogul that says here is 600 million- dollars and do with it what you will. and he will want some say in the direction of the owner and mark davis will want to remain the managing partner and the last quote from sheldon says if they don't like it bye-bye. that is one-third and the other third is mark davis and there is questions about that comes from as well. >> what about the relationship between the raiders and the ownership with al davis passed and the ownership of that very elite club the guys that own the nfl teams it is not so great. >> that was proven when the los angeles option came up and a year ago, a little less than a year ago the vote was significantly against the raiders moving to los angeles. they will have to convince the other owners that this is a viable plan as well and they in fact want to move to las vegas. there is a sentiment there and
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a smaller television market. the raiders all of a sudden are getting crowds, the loyalty is back. you really don't want to move franchises if you don't have to. so i think the league would love to see that, if not this group at least there's a viable option in oakland and that may give them more time to see if that comes together. >> progress but a lot of work to do. >> many, many moving parts. >> and you mentioned that meeting in houston. i was there and i can definitely say that there seemed to be a lack of respect for mark davis amongst the other nfl owners. >> at the next nfl meeting there is no guarantee that they bring this up. owners will have to decide when it comes up. well thank you, joe and we will stay on top of this story and we will be live as the oakland city council take a look at this issue later and you can get the latest go online to now to our continuing coverage that have devastating oakland warehouse fire. today federal investigators said they are not ready to identify the official cause of
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that deadly blaze. ktvu's henry lee was at the news conference where atf agents said they have yet to make a final determination. reporter: yeah, heather authorities say that there were reports that there was a conclusion of electrical overload but officials say their investigation is still in its early statements. authorities did say that they are on the investigation is over and the atf is analyzing information that kill 36 people. investigators have pinpointed an electrical problem and atf officials say they are trying to figure out what caused the problem. the electrical system is part of the analysis, atf experts and the oakland fire department investigators are looking at an determines the cause of the fire. the investigation is still ongoing though. and at this time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. >> investigators have spoke ton
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witnesses that say the converted warehouse known as the go ship was a death trap where no one was supposed to be living or having a party. oakland fire chief teresa reed says the fire department was not required to and never inspected the warehouse. she says fire officials never received any formal complaints at that address. but the complaints were made to police and city building inspectors. the owner never applied for permits such as change of use or occupancy that led to a fire inspection. the department does not have the staff or resources to regulate underground parties like the one at the ghost ship. as we come back out here live we heard from alameda nancy o'malley that says the investigation will be meticulous and they are considering charges that could include murder and manslaughter. that's the latest from oakland. henry lee, fox 2 news. police officers and
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firefighters held a vigil last night in front of the ghost ship warehouse and responding to a traumatic incident. vigil featured a procession led by the american red cross and alameda county sheriff office that involved the oakland police department. they made the short and solemn walk from the firehouse 13 just blocks away from that warehouse. >> it is mentally and physically, very mentally and physically draining work. >> some days can be difficult and that day was a particularly difficult day. reporter: a fire bell rang 36 times for the 36 lives lost in the fire. the vigil also gave first responders time to reflect on the tragedy. we have a special section at all dedicated to the oakland warehouse fire. there you can find more about the first responders and also ways you can help support the
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victims families. just friends. just friends. and he is a good man. kanye west back in the public eye after being hospitalized. the details of his meeting today with the president elect. plus one suspect remains on the loose in an alleged hate crime in el sabronka. >> tracking rain. not tomorrow necessarily but for the next 48 hours it will get wet around here.
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we have some developing news out of castro valley. the alameda sheriff's department is treating a fire as arson and possible homicide. the next door neighbor called in the report of a fire to the house on grove way and tangle wood drive before 3:00 this morning. fire investigators believe that the fire started in the attic before spreading to the garage. crews were able to put out the fire in less than ten minutes and a 59-year-old woman that lived there alone was found dead inside the garage. you know this is a very close knit community. and so the neighbors that i spoke with are just completely shocked. >> the victim's name has not yet been released. authorities plan to update us on the case within the hour and we will bring that to you tonight at 5:00. one suspect is on the loose tonight connected to a hate
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crime killing in el sabrani. 31-year-old suspect daniel ortega. officials arresting this man and daniel porter kelly was arrested last month. those man and ortega shot william sims outside the capri club. investigators say simmons pulled the trigger and sims was targeted because of his race. the victim's family was in the courtroom yesterday for a preliminary hearing in that case. >> it was a challenge for them to make the decision that they wanted to come out and hear the dirty details but it is important. they want to know what happened to their son and they want to know why it happened. >> the 3rd suspect, daniel ortega remains at large. a tense early morning standoff at an east san jose
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home came to a closure. there was a disturbance on arthur avenue. an armed man was inside the home along with the 6 year-old daughter. the police meal evacuated the neighborhood and urged the man to surrender. >> he did peacefully surrender, the 6-year-old is with the police and will be reunited with her mother. >> no one was hurt and police credit the officers at the scene with successfully negotiating to peacefully end that standoff. time for weather and we got rain. a lot of rain coming our way at the end of the week, right, phil? >> as we head to thursday it will go off. tomorrow is wednesday and we are a day ahead. clean the gutters and get ready for rain. the way it works out. here is system number one which is kind of showing up right now. you see how it is pushing that activity in this area and system number two right here, that is going to hook into this
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complex on thursday and fade in with the colder system in the north and when that happens it will rain. we could see two or three inches of rain, some heavier locations and four in the santa cruz mountains and look at the tap on this thing. moisture streaming in and when it drops down with system 2 on thursday. it goes off and it will be wet. the morning commute is wet and the afternoon commute. warm storm which is coming from the south. with that warm air coming from the south. snow levels are going to be pretty darn high. and at least in the first 24 hours. there will be snow mel. we do have light sprinkles and as we will tomorrow. like i said don't change plans over this. now as we go through the next two hours. more of this green will move in and more scattered sprinkles and a little bit of glaze for that afternoon commute. not much and look at that.
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that is sprinkles occurring with the skies dark and looking back towards san francisco. moving our way and that's setting us up with a pattern that will be wet. right now we got those light sprinkles showing up. as we head to tomorrow. we are in between storms. we are giving this one a chance. thursday's storm to catch up. wednesday is about the storm overtaking this evening's precipitation. so it will come together. it is about thursday. when i come back we will talk about thursday and i will have the computer model teed up for you. well now to the trump, romney and giuliani being considered but it was exxon mobile rex tillerson offered the job. joe walman has react and the possible confrontation. >> president-elect donald trump like himself picking someone from the business world as his
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choice to be the next secretary of state. rex tillerson is the ceo of exxon mobile. 170 billion-dollar company with more than 75,000 employees world wide. he along with general kelly represent the caliber of experience the american people are coming to expect. senator bob corker chairman of the foreign relations committee appears on bored with the businessman. mr. tillerson is an impressive individual and has extraordinary working knowledge of the world and tillerson's close ties to russian president vladimir putin has many on capitol hill concerned including democratic senator ben carden a member of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i am deeply troubled by mr. tillerson's relations with russia and the annexation of
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ukraine and the close personal relation with vladimir putin. fox news also learning mr. trump is expected to name another person former governor rick perry as his choice for second of energy. >> it is not a done deal yet but certainly he is extra ordinary. >> and mr. trump will hanover his business empire to his two sons so there is no conflict of interest. joe walman. fox news. mr. trump making more headlines after meeting privately with rapper kanye west. they talked for 15 minutes at trump's manhattan high rise and this was his first public appearance after spending several weeks in the hospital for exhaustion. his hair is now dyed blond. however west and trump would not reveal what they discussed during the meeting. just friends. just friend. and he is a good man.
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doing well. >> nothing to say? >> i just want to take a pick. >> sources say that kanye has been thinking about the violence in chicago and that today's meeting was intended to get the conversation going about how to promote peace there in chicago. has people talking. okay. heather, when it comes to climate, california is the envy and when it comes to driving, not so much. where it ranks among the 50 states when it comes to you and your car. the four on two will be right back.
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police say one man is under arrest after expected bomb- making materials were found in his home. a s.w.a.t. team served a warrant at spring valley lane around 8 this morning. police say neighbors had complained about a strong chemical smell at the home. a shelter in place order was issued for 15 houses in that nearby area while teams searched the home. the team found chemicals that could be used to make explosives. the suspect's name has not been released. the search of the house could continue into the news. california is one of the worse places for drivers. a new study out by bank and joining us via skype is more on the study. it is good to be number one klaus but not on this category. reporter: unfortunately california has challenges to
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drivers. it has the highest rate of car thefts relative to the population of any state in the country. repair costs are high and as a lot of california drivers know there is punishing commute times. one of the worse states for commute times. >> do all of those, are they equal or is one bigger than the other. reporter: we weighs the facts. i have talked to some people that they enjoy their long commute and they get books on tape and they enjoy themselves. so we tried to keep it as neutral as possible. >> how can we step up our game? can we move up a bit? >> california is doing that already. an the state has moved towards major infrastructure and giving people alternative to driving could be beneficial to drivers because they will compete less
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for space on those crowded roads if people are taking other options. so california is doing the best they can and a lot of the states that went low in the rankings have the same problems. there are a lot of people trying to get into the same place at the same time like new york and new jersey and others. >> i would think new york and boston would beat us. i guess we take the cake. >> yes. california didn't have the longest commute time of any state but it was definitely up there and it didn't help them for sure. >> if we are 50, who is number one? >> number one in iowa for a number of reasons. they did well on everything that we looked at. in the top ten. they have low costs. commute times are low and insurance costs are low and gas
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costs in general are fairly low. car theft is low. an they are making things easier on drivers than other states. >> how about insurance premiums do the insurance carriers look at the study and say all right we better jack up california a little bit? >> i think a number of different things go to the costs. it can be like the policies in the states in terms of public policy. the number of accidents, what it costs to do the repairs. for individuals it is to make sure they are getting a good rate on their insurance. shop the rates if you feel like you are paying too much. you may find you can pay a bunch of money over the cost of the year if you can cut them down a little bit. >> it is all good to save money. kla us, thank you for joining
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us. a dubious honor for us in california. >> fun to control and drones put to work in the medical field. how they are saving lives. we have heard from the oakland officials so what about raider nation? we got a supporter right here and we will get his take on what it will take for silver and black in the bay area when
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we come back. >> earlier we told you about the alameda supervisors giving you the green light will the proposal and joining me now is a big time raider fan chris dobbins. i know you are excited about what we have seen but this raises the level of excitement after county, the supervisors gave their okay, umm? >> really excited and concern of the council and the board of supervisors may not prove it. the fact that they were able to pass it albeit there was no absenteeism. moving forward. >> what do you think about this plan? ronnie lott's plan that works. >> i think the fact that you have an nfl icon and hopefully the city council will approve it and it shows the nfl that we can get a viable plan. one of the bylaws says there is
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a plan in the home market that they can't move the team. is this viable? up for public discussion but a great step forward with the board of supervisors and then obviously the county. >> how hopeful are you that the city council will follow what the alameda board of supervisors said. >> i was on the school board with noah gallo and he thinks it is unanimous so i look forward to it. >> we know the buzz word today and throughout all of this has been viability. and that really is what the league is going to be looking at, right? this comes down to what the nfl and what the owners think about this. do you think that this is a good enough deal, a good enough plan to convince a number of owners to side with it? >> i think the fact that raiders are doing well for the first time in 12 or 13 years and i have had season tickets since '95. it has the general public
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interest and the fact that you have a former nfl great and you have a city like oakland that is supported the raiders throughout all of the years of nonsuccessful teams and the media is moving and the fact that no one is talking about the gambling issue in los angeles. i think the owners want to keep it in oakland. so i am supportive. >> this is my final question. are you disappointed that you haven't heard more support of language from mark davis? >> mr. davis is businessman and he said he wanted to keep the team in oakland. and i'm on the coliseum board. i know he has made promises. i would say that this gives him an option to save face with
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nevada. the fact that the nfl probably is going to block him from moving to nevada. he has a viable plan in oakland. >> and he has trem fan support and the best location for a stadium right here and the nation is out and winning and will go to the playoffs. he will realize this is the best place to stay. in his hard of hearts, i think le -- he will stay. be sure to keep it on ktvu for the updated information that oakland city council will decide. this next story is cool. a no help to fight disease from up above. newly developed medical drones may bring life saving help from the skies. willie has that story. >> drones could save lives in the near future. flying to hard to reach areas
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and flying to hard to reach areas. >> we created an ambulance drone to go out to where there is victim from unfortunate event. >> google glass is part of the medical kids allowing first responders to direct bystanders on where to help. >> it will allow people to be treated faster. >> including partners from the stop the bleed initiative encouraging people to stop blood loss. >> the packs have a wide range of uses. >> there is definitely utility, not just in medical use but in a broad spectrum of the first responder in homeland security responsibilities. developers say that drones could be months away from deployment and current regulations are the current hurdle. >> it is good to go to disaster area where we need to fly distances to reach the people in need.
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>> current faa rules limit the use of drones in altitude below 400 feet and the devices must be flown in the site of the operator. there is exceptions for government entities in emergencies but approvals could take hours when time is of the essence. in jackson, mississippi, fox news. all right. frank, i want to put you on the spot. have you done your holiday shopping? >> a little. not a lot. >> this is the got to get it gift for the holiday season. all about virtual reality. we will take you on a little trip so stay with us here when the four on two returns. >> there's significant rain coming your way as we head towards the week. we will talk about it. you will need the umbrellas. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by the new mazda
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cx9. all right. heather, 11 more days to shop. are you done. >> no. a few more names to check offer the list. >> i got a lot of work although i put a dent in it. one of the hottest items right now, virtual reality head sets. >> i don't know much about those but our claudine wong does. she took a look at the systems flying off the shelves. >> they are huge. >> since we started to talk about virtual reality it is on everybody's holiday list. kids and teams and all of my friends and everybody saying jen what is virtual reality and what does it do and why do i
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have to have it. >> these things along, sony, a lot more comfortable. >> this is the sony vr headset and this starts under $400. >> this works with the playstation 4. it is super high quality and tons of games and puts you in this world. you feel like you are in the world whatever the video game is. if you are playing batman, if you are doing jurassic park. you get totally emersed and with the motion controllers, you hold onto those and you get feedback. >> everybody wants one more level of gaming. >> yes. >> what if you don't have a play station. you want virtual reality and there's stuff you can do with your phone. it has the phone in front of it. >> this is the samsung phone and it works with any samsung phone. you snap it in and strap it on
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and a gap goes on the phone that takes you right in again to that virtual reality world. so i love these. they are inexpensive. 99 bucks, less than one hundred dollars. high quality. portable. and it gives you that look. i prefer these over the thousand dollars model. >> and i know you are a fan of this. >> i love amazon echo device because she is kind of like having a clone for myself in my house. so alexa tell me what the weather is like? >> right now in santa clara it is 63 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. >> alexa. off. >> so basically anytime a voice activated personal assistant like device. i need one. >> listen to channel 2 news. what is my calendar in my
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schedule. look up this recipe. she does all of those things and plays music and just one of those gadgets. when you test as many as i do. the ones that are the real winners you actually use every single day and make your life easier. >> and you use. >> it every single day and the baby one is the echo dot. >> so the echo dot version of echo. >> a smaller version and basically how to get blew tooth speakers placed throughout your house. >> perfect. >> okay. you got some ideas. >> the virtual reality, would you go down that road? >> to me it is hop in the car and go to tahoe. i don't want to put that in my living room. this is a not for me. >> it kind of gets pushed back. >> what do you think, bill? >> i think you get too deep you never come out. >> what does that say about
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you? >> get a bunch of cheetos and you are in. >> forget reality. >> i want to say yes, but i think this is a to be cool. don't want to date myself. >> i have no sense that have. >> i didn't grow up with gaming and all of that. the kids that do may love it. >> how old are you? >> oh! >> i get it. >> i like the 3 tvs and i think that might be where i go some day. we are talking about rain and it will get going for thursday. tomorrow is that transition day and i took you through that, that system down and over here in the west comes in on thursday and they merge. they phase in together. right now we are seeing system one distributing lots of moisture and phasing its moisture in the area with light sprinkles and that's how the image will look. you can see a few sprinkles and see the gray and typically that is drizzle.
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you have seen that and gusts up to 55 miles per hour. maybe four inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains between thursday morning and friday. that's a safe bet. this is what you are waiting for. wednesday morning. after midnight. moisture continues and so tomorrow it looks like today. atmosphere is primed. all of it is coming from the north. temperatures tomorrow will warm and boom, right in here you get a plug of moisture from the subtropics, thursday morning and it lights up. that's the real deal. 1:00, you look at this. frank. that's the real deal. if you see one of these. on the computer model that's the real deal. we will get significant rain. eureka to santa barbara and it will rain heavy and we will see small stream advisories and thursday afternoon's commute
4:45 pm
will be wet and you see it starting and the progression of the front going through. that's friday mid-morning early morning. so let's go back and do that again. i will do that again. i want you to see this. here is tomorrow. and there is tomorrow night. and then thursday morning the commute is slightly wet. boom. part of the day, stay home. do whatever. i think that is based on what we are seeing as well as heavy winds. and then it translates and not storm after storm but one wall up. temperature in the 50s and low 60s. 63 in free toys mon and 64 in san jose. why warm when it is getting ready to rain? that's the subtropical flow you don't expect 50s when you get rain but we are, the storm will phase in for your thursday and
4:46 pm
to your friday. so the forecast in the next couple of days will be a wet one. especially for your bay area thursday. and you asked if we were watching us and i am paying particularly close attention. i am going to fly thursday morning out of the city but when i was watching it, it looks like the bulk of the rain is not coming to later. >> i am running it behind you. >> that is one. >> and that's your flight? >> i am leaving at 7 in the morning so back that baby up. >> it is your thursday in the afternoon. thanks, phil. coming up next on the four on two. holiday shopping. moving right along. we will give you behind the scenes look and employees working a little ot at a local fedex facility. holiday gifting. high gear. stay right there.
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eliminating tuition. the board is deciding to make ccf p to make it tuition free. a rally in support of that proposal took place and after danny glover and kim sang carols in favor of the tuition free city college. >> san francisco will have to return 39 million-dollars to the state because of poor bookkeeping. the school can't prove that it taught 16,000 students in nearly 600 online class between 2011 and 2014. the school discovered the bad
4:50 pm
recordkeeping and reported the problem so state officials do not suspect fraud here. and city college still has to pay up. it can make payments over ten years and this is another set- back for the school that is of course already facing budget issues because of declining enrollment and the past accreditation problems. we will have continuing coverage of this story. tara moriarty spoke with actor danny glover and jane kim and we will bring you more at five. holiday crunch time for the major shipping carrier. ktvu jeannie dell la vaga reports from the facility in san jose where it has been a busy day. >> we are here at the main fedex facility in san jose. a busy time of the year for them. a lot of drivers heading out today to deliver packages. it is all getting ramped up for the holiday facility.
4:51 pm
we are joined by mark marries. are people shipping early? >> yes. there are delivery options that customers can take if they want to have different signature methods and pick up options so we have them available. >> and how can people prevent -- they are worried about the packages being stolen when they are delivered. >> the options, fedex deliver manager gives it the signature service and gives the options for the pickups and our fedex locations and gets reroutes where somebody will seep it. there are options for customers. >> thank you so much. like getting it delivered at your work. those sort of things. >> and here is some important dates for shipping deadlines. especially if you wanted to make it by christmas and not have it cost a lot of money. for the u.s. post office you need to send your package by thursday, december 15th. for fedex it is the 16th for amazon and ups. it needs to be sent by december
4:52 pm
19th. if you want to pay more money you can go past those dates. december 23rd is the latest date that you can send it so it can arrive by christmas day. we checked with the managers and they gave us an example for how much it would cost for that overnight service from san jose to chicago and they say it would cost you $100 and it is best not to proscrastinate. hundreds of san francisco schoolteachers were treat to a shopping spree. the shop with the sheriff's deputies kicked off. from the lake county and sheriff's department were on hand to help 200 kids spend money. each child bought a coat first and then they were allowed to hit the toy aisles. >> we want to reach out to
4:53 pm
every corner in san francisco for the kids and hopefully we can reach that goal. >> one child named jacob could not shop because he is receiving medical treatment but he picked out his toy via face time. deputies raised $67,000 for that event. that's great. politicians on both sides of the aisle supporting an investigation into allegation of russia hacking the united states. there is a divide about what investigation should be looking for. four on two will be right back.
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today thousands of people on the move in the city of aleppo where a cease fire agreement has been reached in syria to allow civilians and fighters to evacuate. you can see hundreds of people heading to the western side of that city to escape the fighting. the refugees including family with children carrying what possessions they can to take with them. >> this comes as syrian government forces are moving to the last remaining rebel held areas of eastern aleppo. the state department says the u.s. would welcome a cease fire but unless political talks resume the bloodshed ... >> we will judge actions and not words. we want peace and not promises. we will see what happens in the
4:57 pm
next hours. crease fire comes after the syrian army and the allies are being accused of committing violence. more than 85 civilians were killed by syrian forces. >> there is investigation by the russian community that interfeared with the election to help donald trump win. but he says it is ridiculous. >> to undermine trust and confidence in the constitutional system, i think that's the advantage of all of the potential adversaries. >> there is agreement that the russians were involved but a government official caution that there were several hacks and including the d nc and the clinton campaign and various election boards and being
4:58 pm
wrongly lumped together and the analysis claimed that trump has been a pro russia candidate from the start. >> nothing but wonderful positive things to say about vladimir putin that is a murderous dictator. so i think it is obvious why the russians would be thrilled. >> the white house says it is monitoring the situation and urging caution while the investigation continues. >> the president wants to hear the truth. he doesn't want anything shaded or he doesn't want any intelligence professional to fear retribution for presenting bad news to the united states. >> the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee is demanding a briefing from the c.i.a. and f.b.i. no later than friday of this week. in washington, katherine harris, fox news. the alameda board of supervisors approving a deal
4:59 pm
for the oakland raiders headed by ronnie lott. it goes before the oakland city council tonight. cristina rendon has the details. cristina. reporter: well, julie the meeting starts in about 30 minutes. but the vote won't come until about 6:30 and we know that noah gallo believes there will be a unanimous vote in favor of the proposal. take a listen to what happened in inside the alameda board of chambers this afternoon. >> three yays and one absentim. it is a go. the approval from the county board of supervision was met with cheesier and applause and ronnie lott received praise from marcus allen and rodney pete and bay area artist mc
5:00 pm
hammer was there to greet him. this lasted for three hours as lot, peter and raymond chester spoke before the board. they had passionate speeches about how they wanted oakland to stay here. the plan to build a new $1.3 billion stadium at the coliseum site will bring thousands of jobs to the bay area and lott is excited and not in the end zone just yet. >> knowing that we still have a long ways to go, we still have to convince the nfl, we still have to convince mark davis, we got along ways to go and today is a great day and a great moment for raider nation, for a lot of people. >> i have had conversation with mark. and in his heart of hearts, he doesn't want to go any other place and he wants to be here and i can respect that. he wants a


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