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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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hammer was there to greet him. this lasted for three hours as lot, peter and raymond chester spoke before the board. they had passionate speeches about how they wanted oakland to stay here. the plan to build a new $1.3 billion stadium at the coliseum site will bring thousands of jobs to the bay area and lott is excited and not in the end zone just yet. >> knowing that we still have a long ways to go, we still have to convince the nfl, we still have to convince mark davis, we got along ways to go and today is a great day and a great moment for raider nation, for a lot of people. >> i have had conversation with mark. and in his heart of hearts, he doesn't want to go any other place and he wants to be here and i can respect that. he wants a stadium for his fan
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base here. >> lott's investment group has proposed to pay the construction costs for a stadium to seat 55,000 people and would take three years to build and there will be retail and hotel and possible housing developments as part of the deal. they want to revitalize that area. now this plan, it is approved by alameda county and goes towards oakland city hall and goes in front of the council and they must vote and we expect a unanimous vote in favor of the proposal to happen at 6:30 and we will be here and monitor all of the developments. cristina going back to the supervisors, what were the questions that they raised? do we know why the one supervisor voted against it? and the other one abstained? >> we don't know specifics but we know there were several concerns expressed on behalf of the board. concerned about financial details and they say there is still debt owed for the current coliseum that is there right
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now. they were worried in terms of how monies would be paid out. what this would mean for taxpayers as well and there was concern that maybe mark davis, the raiders' owner is not that interested in this plan so that held them back a little bit but you heard there from former nfl star marcus allen. he says he spoke personally to mark and he believes that they will move forward. >> cristina rendon in oakland tonight. much more to come this evening. we know you will be following for it thank you. joining us is joe fonzi. what is this vote in the board of supervision mean today? >> there are so many things yet to be decided and one little thing that i think we can say at this point. the most important thing to remember about what happened today is no matter what the vote, the raiders are in no way bound to this decision. >> approval of the stadium proposal by the fort es group and ronnie lott would accomplish one significant
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objective. it calls for a 350 million- dollar investment for land and infrastructure and other uses. >> this plan and any other alternative plan hinges on a vote by nfl owners on yet unspecified time. raiders managing general partner mark davis has an exclusivity clause. he is not able to do that unless it is voted down or the deal falls through. >> i'm excited about this opportunity. >> the lott group needs to convince 9 nfl owners to vote no. the point man for the league, eric grubman is on record in a usa today article that says i think the intentions of the lott group are good but i don't think there is anything that suggests significant progress. he went on to say there are parallels to past failed proposals and a private investigator. another significant moving part to consider. while roughly a third of the
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financing for the nearly 2 billion-dollar las vegas stadium deal has been approved there are other points. recent reports indicate that atalson wants more decision making on the raiders than davis wants to give up. atalson gave this report in an article. they want so much so i told my people tell them i can live with the deal and i can live without the deal. here is the way it will go down. if they don't want it, bye-bye. >> in addition there is the matter of davis coming up with the other third of the financing and another 500 to 6 hup million dollars. there is also an nfl relocation fee in the neighborhood of another 500 million-dollars and it is fair to assume if the league can get a stadium built
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it would be preferred to keep it here where they have an a historic fan base than to live where a partisan crowd would not be assured. the most accomplished significant accomplishment today is that previously the stance here has been absolutely no public money will be devoted to keeping the raiders in oakland. the equivalent of 350 million- dollars in infrastructure and land committed by the board of supervisors with the city council still to vote tonight. we were talking earlier. you said is this viable plan for the raiders? there is no connection right now at this point between this stadium proposal and the raiders. absolutely. this is independent proposal from a group that is saying we want to prove that oakland has
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has ability to get the stadium built. after this, las vegas would have to stay no first and nfl owners would have to say something. >> even if the nfl owners would say yes, but i doubt that would happen before chips are still to be played on both sides. now to the deadly oakland warehouse fire. investigators are not ready to say what caused the fire. henry lee is outside the warehouse, what else did they say at their news conference? >> well, frank there were reports that atf had concluded that some kind of electrical overload causes fire and they are saying the investigation is in its early stages. the on-site investigation is over and the atf is
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analyzing evidence from the warehouse fire that kill 36 people. there are reports that investigators have pinpointed an electrical problem as the cause and at p officials say the cause is still unknown. >> the electrical system is part of the analysis. atm experts and it is still ongoing and at this time no final determination has been made to the exact cause. >> the investigators have spoken to witnesses that say the converted warehouse known as the ghost ship was a death trap where no one was supposed to be living or having a party. at the news conference, it was said that fire department was never required to inspect the warehouse. fire officials never received any formal complaints but complaints made to city and building inspectors. the fire chief says the owner never applied for any permits such as change of use or occupancy that would have led
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to a fire inspection. >> all of these things would trigger us going to the facility to do an inspection. and this case, we have no record of any of those things being conducted. >> she says her department does not have the staff or resources to regulate underground parties like the one at the ghost ship. >> you have a conversation of what some is calling a pop-up party, an underground party where folks are coming together and they are not applying for special permits. >> officials are working to close any gaps to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. meanwhile the criminal investigation is continuing. alameda district attorney says she could include charges that may be murder. >> we will work as efficiently as we can and move it along as quickly as we can but we will not sacrifice the integrity of the investigation or any of the
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analysis to to dry to try to get top end result. the fire chief says they never received complaints and they weren't required to inspect the building. >> the warehouse, the fire chief says that fire department inspects businesses, not buildings and this warehouse essentially was not on the state mandated list of required buildings to inspect. so without any official complaints and, of course, you got people living in a warehouse zoned for commercial. the warehouse slipped through the cracks as far as the fire department goes. >> do we know what will happen to the building? will it be torn down? i think it is a car stereo building that is next door. is that back opened yet? >> you take a look, that car stereo is closed for now but i have seen independent fire
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investigators at the warehouse and it remains to be seen what will happen to this burned out warehouse, whether it will be destroyed or dismantled. the investigation is still ongoing and analyzing the evidence. that is a good question, what will happen to the w arehousehenry thank you. there are dozens of reports. we will look what that means for the victim's families and the law firms buying for potential clients. a tense standoff at a home in east san jose came to a peaceful conclusion. it began at two when officers responded to reports of a domestic disturbance on arthur avenue. a man was in the home with his 6-year-old daughter. the police surrounded the neighborhood and urged the gunman to surrender and he did that at 7 this morning. there were no shots fired.
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he did peacefully surrender. the 6-year-old is with the police and she will be shortly reunited with her mother. fortunately no one hurt. police credit the officers at the scene with successfully negotiating with the man to peacefully in the standoff. still ahead. new at 5:30. police surround a home in a south bay and search for potentially dangerous materials. ohio imposes a new anti- abortion law and the governor decides not to sign a stricter measure. holiday shopping for deserving youth. all courtesy of local deputies. getting ready to rain. we got a little rain but we will see the real rain on the computer model when i see you
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after the break
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>> ohio governor john kaisch imposed a band on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. he vetoed a measure with stricter restrictions. the heart rate bill that would bar it at the first detectable heart beat that can be as early as 6 weeks. >> in san francisco an unusual protest at city hall by people fighting to make city college free-for-all students. there was no chanting or yelling today. just christmas carols. they are not your typical city hall protestors, these demonstrators ditched the signs
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and bullhorns. >> for sheet music and singing. >> they knocked on supervisors doors. >> and a caroling they went. >> all in the effort to make city college free. >> activist danny glover supports supervisor jane kim's mission that uses money from a real estate class to make it free. >> it is preserving it. >> connie ford a graduate says that mayor ed lee wants to use the prop funds for other needs. >> we are saying a promise is a promise. >> we are not asking the city for a handout but we didn't pass proposition w to solve other woes. we fought and campaigned for it because we believe it should be
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free for everyone. >> and city officials say prop w funds were not earmarked for city college. the money is used for transportation and the library preservation funds and children services. >> the mayor believes that a cost should not be a barrier to higher education and he supports the supplemental. and recent scandals with problems and financial woes are not helping. >> the mayor has a meeting over the next week to review the issue. >> but that won't stop these carolers from singing. >> there is a meeting to address the homeless crisis. among the recommendations is a
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plan to allow camping on certain pieces of property. repealing an ordinance aimed at stopping sidewalk clutter and restoring it to several programs. they want the homeless to have a safe place especially with the rain and lower temperatures. tonight city council meeting is set to start at 7:00. hundreds of san francisco school children treat to a holiday shopping spree. the 12th annual shop with a sheriff deputy kicked off in coma. dozens of deputies from the lake county sheriff's department was on hand to help 300 disadvantaged children spend $200 each. each child had to buy a winter coat first and allowed to go find a toy. we want to reach out to every corner of san francisco to take care of the children and hopefully one day we can reach
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that goal. >> one little boy named jacob could not shop but reached out over the internet and letting him pick out a toy. >> how great is that and get a nice coat. that's great stuff. talking about the weather. we have serious weather. >> real rain. >> before we get to that pam send me to the store to get stuff and i mess it up so i use the face time app. i go is this right. >> do you really? >> yes. she says to get stuff and i don't know what it is and you know what i'm talking about? >> i do that. if i have a question, i go you need to see this. it comes in handy. >> pack to the rain. it will rain. a little bit. showers in san francisco. and we got significant rain on thursday. that's the headline and the
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king tides going to thursday and friday. they slowly come down. full moon on wednesday and king tides and 7 feet and the swell. not giant but enough. here is system number one. lingering to the north and hard to pick out in eureka. doing its thing and dropping a little bit of precip here and there and up and down the coast and that's how it goes. tonight and tomorrow. as we head to your thursday, that system with the moisture jumps together and faces in with the system from thursday. which is a much warmer moister system. it will be big time. so let's see how it goes. clouds increasing throughout the day and tomorrow. the light sprinkles continue today into tomorrow. and wednesday, tomorrow is going to be about waiting for thursday to catch up with
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tuesday's storm and when that happens you will notice it. the rain will come down. especially around lunchtime on your bay area wednesday. or pardon me on thursday. rainfall amounts not over five or six days but over maybe 36 hours. could go four inches in the santa cruz mountains. and probably a winter storm warning in the mountains. you can see it is wet and as we go into the evening hours. there is tomorrow morning, scattered sprinkles and the afternoon tomorrow like today. it gets going thursday. and we will talk about more when we get back. president-elect donald trump will reveal who will run his business empire after he takes office. the surprising visitor at trump tower and what we are learning about that meeting. and coming up. continuing coverage of the fight to get a new stadium to the raiders and keep the team in oakland. the key vote set for tonight by
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the oakland city council that will move the deal forward.
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on capitol hill lawmakers want an investigation into who hacked democratic and republican computers during the presidential election. james clapper says there were a series of them. but the russians may not have been responsible for all of them. those that support the c.i.a.'s
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analysis that the russians were behind them claim that trump has been a pro russian candidate from the start. >> he had nothing but wonderful positive things to say about vladimir putin. who is a murderous kgb dictator and i am sure it is wonderful why they are thrilled he is president. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee wants a report on the meeting no later than friday. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are concerned about president-elect donald trump's choice for secretary of state. that would be rex tillerson. joe waldman has more on that. reporter: president-elect donald trump like donald trump picking someone from the business world as his choice to be the next secretary of state. rex tillerson is the ceo of exxon mobile 170 billion-dollar company with more than 75,000 exployees worldwide. >> we just couldn't be more
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grateful that someone of rex's leadership is stepping forward to serve nation. >> senator bob corker is on board with this. mr. tillerson is impressive individual and has extraordinary knowledge of the world but his ties to vladimir putin has many on capitol hill concerned including ben carden, a member of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i am troubled by mr. tillerson's relationship relationship with vladimir putin. and learn that mr. trump will add another texan to his cabinet. governor rick perry for his choice of second of energy. >> he has managed one of the biggest states and not just that but one of the biggest
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economies in the world. >> speaking of of mr. trump's life he says before coming president he will hanover his business empire to his two sons so there is no conflict of interest. joe waldman. fox news. there was a surprise visitor at trump tower. kanye west made with president- elect donald trump for 15 minutes. this was kanye west's first public appearance in spending several days in the hospital for psychiatric issues. the team reached out to kanye west to become an ambassador and that mr. trump is interested in getting west involved in a entrepreneurial leadership role. kanye west treated out i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our president if we want change and bill gates met with donald trump and talked about innovation and how it can help in health and foreign aid. gates says my whole career has
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been along those lines of innovation and he was interested in listening to that and i'm sure that there will be further conversation. coming up late details on a mysterious house fire that left a woman dead. plus. >> police found bomb-making materials coming to a close for now. we will tell you what is coming up next. christmas is less than two weeks i away. the deadlines you need to know about. >> american express expanding leave policies and the perks
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that parents will receive.
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a day long search for explosive chemicals is stretching into the evening. >> investigators are cataloguing chemicals that could be used to make explosive devices. jesse gary has been at the scene. what is happening right now? reporter: julie just within the past 20 minutes investigators are removing the equipment that you see in distance. you see the hazmet truck and there's equipment from the sheriff's office. the search will come to a close and it will resume tomorrow. >> it is a low key area.
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you don't see police activity a safe neighborhood. >> this quiet neighborhood was rattled with the arrival an dozens of first responders. neighbors complaints two weeks ago of a strange odor in the 1700 block of u drive. brought a search warrant today. >> the officers confirmed that they could smell a strong chemical smell from the area of the residents around the the property of the residence and they found what appeared to be empty plastic bottles that contain the unknown chemicals. >> three adults and two children lived in the property. one 47-year-old man, a resident has been detained for questioning and meanwhile the santa clara bomb squad unit was called in with area fire departments. residents were told to shelter in place and some decided to leave. >> worry sentenced. >> yes. i have my son in the car. >> and you are living across the street. >> yes. >> that's crazy in this day and
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age you know with the weather and the climate in the country. it is pretty scary. >> investigators say that the containers spilled with chemicals are in the house. they want to know who made them and why. >> there is no indication that they were being used for anything illegal or or intended for -- to harm anybody. but we wanted to see what else was inside the house. we wanted to find out what the owners intentions were with those chemicals. >> we are told they are in containers like this. a half gallon of milk. dozens on the shelf inside the house and that's what they are cataloguing inside. there was one person that was detained and the 47-year-old man i'm told that person has been released and no charges have been filed. and they will resume the work tomorrow at 7:30 on u drive. jesse gary.
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ktvu fox 2 news. back now to the aftermath of that oakland warehouse fire and signs that lawsuits by survivors could be coming soon. tom vacar is here and you talked to an attorney about what comes next. >> i did and as a direct result of the ghost ship fire. 36 people lost their lives and everyone has a substantial value. on google we saw number of law firms offering services to the survivors. the time has come for accounting to the families through wrongful death lawsuits. >> the issue is whether the person that died or the people that died, died at the hands of negligence of somebody else. and brian is an experienced wrongful death attorney at the san francisco law firm here. the first question, who can sue? >> children are a spouse. now if neither a child or a spouse is living.
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the parent or siblings may bring an action and additionally if a survivor is financially dependent, additional claims could be stepchildren and parents. >> so there could be many dozens of wrongful death lawsuits. next, what is a life worth? >> it is a case-by-case basis. the value of the case is based on the emotional loss so it depends on how closely connected the surviving relatives were to the decedent and how long was the life left to live and how much financial support was the decedent surviving. so there is a lot of different factors to take into consideration. >> next, who can be sued? >> the promoter of the party that was happening which was unpermit permitted party and the master tenant of the property and the owner. >> unless the defendants have valuable assets or huge insurance policies they may not
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be able to pay settlements or verdicts but there is a possible deep pocket in this case, the city of oakland for missed or never performed inspections or enforcements. unlike the survivors that have two years to sue most defendants claims against the city must be filed quickly. >> the clock is ticking. six months from the time of the fire is generally your deadline to make a claim against a governmental entity. >> all of this depends on proof that means some resolutions may take as long as five years to go through the entire court system. >> the city is not guaranteed unlimited immunity. >> it is like anything else. they have a lot of immunities and they need to have that or we would sue cities out of existence but if there was gross negligence they can look at this. cities pay out millions of dollars to people that get hurt at the hands of the city or
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suffer at the hands of the city so there is a possibility and the people going after will know what they are doing. >> but they only have six months. >> that's the law because they don't want them to drag out forever. if you have a wrongful death lawsuit you have two years to file that in most states and a claim against the city has to be dub quickly and precisely and if you don't, you run the statute of limitations is what happens if you don't file lawsuits against corporations in two years. you have to think about it quickly. >> is it expected that the families of all 36 victims will in all likelihood file a lawsuit. >> it is possible. there may be people that have no families. there may be people that say money is not going to solve any of the issues but there is a pecking order. spouse, children. and then siblings. and there is a pecking order there. so it depends on who files and how they file and what the court will allow.
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this could be a potentially big deal for oakland and almost any city and that's why they have to get it strengthened out. talking quickly to a contractor yesterday. he said that fixing that warehouse, the ghost ship, what needed to be fixed is 4 million- dollar bill. >> really? so many people are involved. tom, thank you. well investigators in alameda say the death of a woman is being investigated as homicide and arson. next-door neighbor reported the one alarm fire on grove way and tangle way before three this morning. crews put it out in less than ten minutes and the 59-year-old homeowner, a widow was found dead in the garage. detectives say she was killed before the fire started. her name and the cause of death have not been released. i will tell you she was not shot. but that this is a very brutal
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murder. it is very concerning. and the manner she was killed and the subsequent to fire is concerning. and the investigation right now leaves us with unknowns as to why this would have occurred. >> the motive is not known. investigators say that they are now looking for signs of forced entry that may indicate a burglary. deputies are hoping that neighbors may have surveillance footage covering the time from 10:00 last night to about 1:00 this morning. it is crunch time for the nation's shipping careerier. christmas day draws closer. reporter: we are at the fedex facility. a busy time of the year for them. a lot of drivers heading out to deliver packages. it is getting ramped up for the holiday season. we are joined by mark morris, the manager here at the fedex
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facility. are people being more pro active and shipping earlier. >> yes. there are things that customers can do to have signature methods and pick up options and we have them available. >> how can people prevent -- they are worried about the packages being stolen when they are delivered. >> just the options, effects ed delivery manager to select the signature service and give the options for pickups and fedex option location and get reroutes to where someone will be able to accept it. there are options for customers. >> thank you so much. like getting it delivered at your work. and here is some important dates for shipping deadlines especially if you want to make it by christmas. and not have it cost a lot of money. for the u.s. post service. you need to send it by december 13th, for fedex the cut off is the 16th for amazon and u ps it needs to be sent by december 19th. if you want to pay more money,
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you can go past those dates but pretty much for most major carriers december 23rd is the latest date that you can send it so that it can arrive by christmas day. we checked with a manager and they gave us an example for how much it would cost for that oservice from the package from san jose to chicago. they said it would cost you one hundred dollars and it is best not to proscrastinate. reporting from san jose, jeannie dell la vega. american express is expanding the parental leave program up to 20 weeks. new mothers will be able to take another 6 to 8 weeks before returning to work. american express is opening it to u.s. employees part or full time that have worked at the company for a year. the new policy starts on january 1st. still to come here.
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going from bad to worse. the disastrous situation that is unfolding in aleppo. the terrorist attacks in paris. what we know about the fate of
5:42 pm
two of the plotters.
5:43 pm
>> now to syria where the situation in aleppo has gone from bad to worse. p the un is reporting random executions and mass killings of
5:44 pm
civilians trapped in a few small pockets of the city. connor powell has the report from jerusalem. >> the syrian military is advancing on the final pockets of resistance in aleppo. battering rebels and civilians trapped in small neighborhoods. unable to escape the fighting. the un says the situation is disastrous. but reports of torture and random killing and mass bombardment of civilians including more than one hundred children trapped in a collapsed building. >> very concerned about what is happening to these people. >> the international community directing its outrage at russia that refuses to negotiate for a cease fire allowing the remaining rebels and civilians to evacuate and end the fighting. >> the russians will be responsible for a situation that they created if they do nothing. >> russia should not have the illusion that the war ends with the fall of aleppo. >> meanwhile further south in
5:45 pm
the ancient city of palmaro. fierce fighting as government backed forces to take the city from isis that had taken it from syrian forces a day before. the obama administration is monitoring the fighting closely and says that the palmaria offensive is a desperation move by is is. >> it would be the first thing geographically that they have been able to reacquire or acquire period since may of 2015. >> the pentagon is planning on stepping up aids to rebel groups for the city of rocka. the self-proclaimed capital. connor powell. fox news. u.s. officials confirmed today that three isis leaders were killed by an air strike in syria. the pentagon says two of them killed helped to facilitate the paris attacks and the others involved in a foiled attack in belgium. military officials say they were a terror network run by an isis leader killed last month.
5:46 pm
u.s. officials say they were working on new plans for attacks on western targets when the end came. some yelling and screaming today. the latest court appearance by bill cosby. the contentious hearing that included outbursts from the prosecution and defense. >> communicating cars. the new technology that some say will cut the number of traffic deaths to have cars that can talk to each other. and that latest computer model is teed up and ready to go to show you that significant rain. the significant rain this is a
5:47 pm
showing up on thursday.
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a april hearing for the sexual assault case against bill cosby turned into a shouting match among attorneys. cosby looked calm as he left the courtroom but during the hearing prosecutors yell at the defense attorneys identifying cosby's accusers by name. they claim that defense attorneys are trying to intimidate the women. prosecutors wanted to call 13 of cosby's accusers but they wanted to do it anonymously. >> the judge ruled that names of 11 women can be used because they have gone public with their stories. bill cosby is on trial in pennsylvania for the alleged drugging and sexual assault of a woman in 2004. federal raters want new cas cars to communicate with the aim of reducing accidents. the transportation department says under the proposed rule all cars and trucks would be
5:50 pm
required to use the same technology for vehicle to vehicle communication. cars would be able to transmit the location and speed and direction to other cars that regulators hope will help drivers avoid collisions. >> the midwest and northeast are digging out from the most recent snowstorm and bracing for the arrival of colder weather. a foot has fallen in chicago. a blast of artic air will push temperatures below zero in the windy city. new york will see temperatures about ten degrees and there will be temperatures below freezing as far south as memphis, tennessee. >> cold in the midwest and cold in the east and rain coming for us. >> yes. it is stormy and it will get going for thursday. some sprinkles and you will in this more tomorrow. but what will happen, we talked about it earlier. these guys will phase up together. the sky here that is happening.
5:51 pm
see the moisture coming in and then this area right in here is another of interest. and those two are going to get together over the top of us on thursday. it is not tomorrow but on thursday. when that happens, it will go off. the rainfall rates could be an inch and we could see small stream advisories and watches in the valley. up in the foothills and it is going to be interesting. and it is a one and done deal that is good. in other words, it is not going to be day after day. it will be a one strong and maybe 15 hour period where we get significant rain for a time, significant win. drizzling and dripping out there. just in time for your afternoon commute that doesn't take much to slow you down. tomorrow in san francisco. note the rain north, right? you may see drip drops in san francisco, too but this is mainly going in morin county a
5:52 pm
few sprinkles. 67 and spring of sprinkles going up there and then as you can see, the cumulus clouds starting to show up. that's the atmosphere moistening up and that is what will lead us to thursday. tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, not much. tomorrow is kind of a transition day. now what is to know is that there is the rain and watch this plug of moisture from the south. right there. and that's big time. thursday morning. not the early morning commute but drippy drippy and wet. on the 9 or 10:00 hour and right there. that is going off. and that is going off. you will see urban and small stream flood advisories and maybe something for debris flow because it will hammer, at least the model indicates that and a lot of what i'm seeing will indicate that. 7:00 on thursday night. starting to phase out or transition out and there it goes.
5:53 pm
and you are done. it will be good. one and done and it will be significant rainfall maybe two or three or four inches. runoff in sacramento and then the snow levels will drop as we get to thursday night and friday morning. >> this is getting going when on thursday? in the morning. >> i would say about the time you go to work 579 or 8:00 a.m. it is raining and ramps up at 3:00 and then down from there. >> teen drug use is down with one exception. how scientists are harnessing the power of stem cells to try to save people's live. >> and the death wishes of aging californians, the benefits this will give to doctors treating their patients. >> this is about allowing
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people to control it. merican teenagers say they
5:56 pm
are drinking and smoking less. fewer than two percent of high school seniors say they smoked half a pack of cigarettes or more each day. down from 11% in 1991. in terms of alcohol, 37% of high school seniors surveyed said they have been drunk once
5:57 pm
down from a high of 53% in 2001. the latest figures are the lowest since 1975 when the survey began. >> in oakland several patients that have been helped or cured by stem cell research gathered to share their stories. rob roth tells us many of those involved in stem cell research are worried that federal funding could be under threat by the incoming trump administration. >> i'm a quadraplegic. >> this gentleman was headed towards cal poly and everything changed. the day before graduation he dove into a friend's swimming pool and broke his neck. his lower body is paralyzed and he doesn't have the use of his hand. >> i'm looking more towards the future and not what i have lost but what i can gain back. >> this can do attitude is nothing short of inspirational
5:58 pm
and jake is part of research and undergoing stem cell treatment to bring his body back. >> if it does do what we hope it will give me the use of my triceps and my hands back. >> many in cutting edge research are concerned about potential cuts by the incoming trump administration and say the patients are why funding should continue and not be cut. >> the federal funding cuts for stem cell research would have a chilling effect on the kinds of outcomes we saw today. >> the concerns centers around the anti-semantic abortion debate. vice president-elect mike pence has written i believe it is morally wrong to create human life to destroy it by research and wrong to take the tax dollars of millions of pro-life americans. >> i have never met a parent that cared what type of cell cured their child. >> it contributes one hundred
5:59 pm
million dollars for embryonic research. >> it is crazy the type of progress and i hope we continue to fund. >> it rob roth, fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. it was the deadliest fire in the united states. in the past 13 years. but tonight investigators say they still haven't determined what caused the ghost warehouse fire trapping and killing 36 people inside. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> 11 days have passed since the fire and they still haven't been able to pinpoint exactly how it started. >> henry lee attended a briefing where investigators and city officials gave an update and henry joins us with what happened. >> the authorities say they want to go over this warehouse meticulously and there were reports that the at p had indicated that some resources and found out there was electrical problem but they are saying that the investigation
6:00 pm
is still in its early stages. >> authorities say that the on- site investigation is over but the atf is still analyzing evidence that killed 36 people. there are reports that electrical problems were caused of the fire but the cause is still unknown. >> the electrical system is part of the analysis and atf experts and the oakland fire department investigators are looking at an determining the cause of the fire and the investigation is still ongoing though. and at this time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. >> investigators have spoken to witnesses who say the converted warehouse known as the ghost ship was a death trap where no one was supposed to be living or having a party. at the news conference. oakland fire chief says that the fire department was not required to and never inspected the warehouse. fire officials never received any formal complaints at that address. and complaints were made to police a


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