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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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in 20 minutes shocking images emerging from the killing and how today's developments have escalated tensions on the world's stage. >> members of the electoral college met today around the country and cast ballots and the results of the election official. democrats could not prevent president obama for getting votes to be the 45th president. six electors breaked rank but 304 votes and hillary clinton received 224. vince rosen has the report from washington. >> i'm really kind of worried for our country. >> protestors in all 50 states voicing opposition to president- elect donald trump urged republican members of the electoral college to defy party convention. >> and cast a vote for anyone other than mr. trump. >> our founding fathers taught us we cannot have a demagogue in the white house.
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>> i will cast my ballot for somebody that has executive experience, somebody that is looking to protect our foreign policy against russia and other enemies. >> in 29 states plus the district of columbia. celebrities like independent filmmaker michael moore have been offering to pay legal fee force defactors. this has a vastly election in sour grapes. hillary clinton was a flawed candidate that failed to campaign effectively. >> a joint session will tally everything and vice president
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joe biden will be presiding at that session. we have a serious problem here. >> here in california, thousands of protestors gathered at the state capital acting the electoral college to do everything it could to prevent the president-elect donald trump from becoming president. california's electors by law were committed to vote for hillary clinton and tim kaine in this winner take allstate. with the outcome of today's electoral vote becoming clearer every second. voters resigned themselves to the outcome saying they are keeping their eye on donald trump. we have to look at our constitution and our laws and ensure that he is held accountable to all of those. and that he can't run rough shop even with a republican congress and with a judiciary that might be friendly. we do have constitutional safeguards and we intend to use those. >> electors received two ballots one for president and
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one for vice president clinton 55 and kaine 55. a clean sweep. you will find the electoral map on the top of our home page. new development business a freeway shoot that took place on interstate 580 in oakland. the chp says it was the result of a road rage incident around 3:00 p.m. they say a man in a honda tailgating a black mercedes benz and when the driver pulled alongside the path. the mercedes benz driver fired several shots at the honda. the highway patrol shut down the eastbound lanes and they found several bullet casings and holes in the honda but no one in the car was hit. the highway was closed for about 45 minutes that caused a big backup. cars were stopped all the way to the bay bridge. the highway patrol is still looking for that mercedes benz. they say charges could include attempted murder. now a barrage of gunfire sent two people to the hospital. police say shots were fired in
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the 1600 block of cavallo road at 3:30. a woman sitting in the passenger seat after car was shot in the head as she -- or as the car drove through the gunfire. taken by ambulance to the hospital. another person standing near a tire store was hit and hospitalized non-life- threatening injuries. police have questioned witnesses but no word on any arrests. >> a group of tenants forced out of a warehouse in richmond red tagged by the city days after the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. people that lived there known as burned ramen says they are targeting artists by fire inspectors say there were violations. the owner bought this in 1998 and the previous owners livered there and zoned residential and wants to get it to code in order to have
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tenants and large parties but the fire inspectors never gave him a list of the violations. so we track down richmond officials to find out what are the problems. a week before the holidays and in very cold temperatures, mikey ramen sleeps in a van outside of his home of 18 years. the mayor made me homeless. >> ramen's home named burned ramen hosted music events. but on friday, richmond code enforcement and fire inspectors came through and red tagged burned ramen meaning it is not safe to live in and all five tenants had to get out. >> they red tagged the building and this neighborhood it is like an open invitation to loot the place. you know and they know that. >> ramen says he is willing to do what it takes to make burned ram episode up to code. >>al inspectors and one police officer running through taking pictures of everything. i don't see why they couldn't have come up with a list of
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items to comply with. >> we asked richmond's fire chief what are the problems? >> we did note that the facility didn't have power to it. it had been cut off by pg&e and power was being supplied and using batteries. >> the fire chief says people were living in crawl spaces and bars and chicken wired covered windows. burned ramen was on its radar but the last inspection happened because offed the deadly ghost ship fire. >> i got an email after fire from someone in richmond and they said that i think their words were something like this is richmond's ghost ship, you better check it out. >> the city says the unpermit the parties like that at ghost ship are the greatest concern. >> one person living there died, the rest went there for parties. >> there will be a list of violations to ramen this week
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and says it is willing to help. >> agreeable and seems like a nice gentleman and we want to work with him and make sure that buildings and facilities are safe for people to enter and, of course, exit. the fire chief says that ramen will be given a list of those violations either tuesday or wednesday. but ramen has a go fund me page. the officials believe it will cost more than that to bring the building up to code. lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. attorneys representing the man last seen in the ghost ship warehouse is speaking out in his defense. he has been accused of ignoring safety issues. the district attorney has not said if he will face charges in connection with the fire that killed 36 people. as we told you last week a law firm that includes well-known defense attorney tony sera is representing him. the attorney says it is our fear that improper charges
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could be brought against him and others by alameda county to divert attention away from their own irresponsible agencies. its is our intention to defend vigorously that show that the real culprits are the agencies that didn't do their jobs. a judge cleared of misconduct in a stanford case. at 6:30, the latest development from the south bay and why protestors say they are not surprised. another chilly night in store for the bay area but i am tracking a minor warm-up. i will have a look at what you can expect for your bay area tuesday and into your holiday weekend coming up. a deadly crash involving delivery truck kills a driver and send packages spilling on the freeway. the latest from investigators and the efforts to get them delivered. a live look at the monday evening commute. interstate 80 at the mcarthur maze in oakland. it looks bad if your loved ones will be home soon. trying to get out of town
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does not look good. westbound on the left side. people trying to get off of the peninsula into hayward and it is heavy tonight.
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>> an outbreak of whooping cough in palo alto. and doctors say to stay current on your vaccinations and shots. >> in the weeks before the holiday parent were warned if your child had a cough to stay
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home from school. >> we got an email and this is a how i found out. >> there was an outbreak of whooping cough or pertussis. numerous cases in jordan school and palo alto high school. >> i see there is a lot of immunizations so i am surprised to hear that. >> according to the santa clara health department there is 44 cases county wide since october and the majority in middle and high schoolers that have previously been vaccinated. the trouble according to doctors immunity can wear off and the boosters are required. >> there's enough people aren't immunized or up-to-date with their immunizations that they can act as population where the disease can spread. >> pediatrician michael tamor has had people asking questions and a test to diagnose it. the disease goes undetected because it looks like a cold in its days and later that it progresses and you get the distinctive sound that gives the cough its name.
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>> it can be a severe cough, a cough that you can cough so hard you can break a rib. >> pertussis is not likely in kids an older kids but it is for infants for whom it can be fatal. >> this is a real worry. and i think that's why we are so vigilant about whooping cough. >> and although school is out. anyone with a serious cough may want to consider staying home to avoid exposing family members at holiday gatherings. in palo alto. ann reuben fox 2 news. a man has been found mentally incompetent to face charges of murdering his 4 year- old daughter. the judge determined that 42 year-old gerardda ordazz could nottens the proceedings against him. accused of drowning his daughter in a church baptismal pool. he was arrested after he was
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found naked and screaming carrying his daughter's body. a delivery driver was killed when he crashed into a freeway sign along interstate 680. the truck was filled with holiday packages that spill on the free way. >> the cab of the delivery truck was crushed against this sign post and firefighters used the jaws of life to free the driver. the man was returned to a nearby hospital but did not survive this crash. it happened around 3:30 this morning along southbound 680 in danville. the truck drifted off the road. first hit an abandoned van and barreled into the freeway sign. >> it is hard to obtain without a statement from the driver what occurred. it will have to be based on the
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physical evidence once we conclude the investigation. the officers are investigating it. >> the truck's trailer was ripped open filling holiday packages on the side of the freeway. it belongs to a truck out of sacramento contrasted to deliver this shipment for fedex. the male was headed to the postal service center in san jose. postal workers spent the morning out here loading the packages on to a new delivery truck. >> those that are in good shape will continue on their way to san jose to our processing facilities here. then we will get them to the delivery units to go around san jose and we will make the deliveries. we have 100 and maybe 12,000 vehicles on the road on any given day and they are postal vehicles and we hardly experienced anything like this. >> this deadly crash shut down the two right lanes of southbound 680 during the heart
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of the morning commute and the backup stretch for miles. the chp is trying to figure out why he lost control of his truck. alex savage. a tree came crashing down and toppled over 1:30 landing on a ford escort headed south. no one injured but the eucalyptus blocked the tunnel. it stretched across the southbound and northbound lanes to the golden gate. the tree has now been removed. what a mess. a crazy week of weather. what is next. >> the sunset an hour ago and the chill settling in. and we will continue to cool for the overnight. the good news is that there is good news to be said about the
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cold weather. no advisories in place. there's a sign that temperatures, although it is taking time. gradually creeping upwards. 46 degrees in santa rosa and 50 in san francisco. a beautiful night. 49 in oakland and mid-40s in livermore and san jose sliping to 50. temperatures up this afternoon and you can see out this hour by 8 degrees in napa and 8 in livermore and 2 for bay side communities like oakland and mountain view and five in san jose. it is cold but not as cold as yesterday at this hour. and we will continue with this trend for your bay area tuesday. spare the air day and another as well. air quality wise not too bad and we have an area over the north bay where we are above the one hundred mark and that's why this is issued until we get rid of this pattern. so unless you are exempt just a reminder no burning woods in the fireplace.
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giving you a view. the temperatures expected by tomorrow morning. below freezing santa rosa and the inner east bay. concord and livermore and fairfield. mid-30s. 44 to start your morning in san francisco and 38 in hayward and the south bay locations 35 expected for san jose. these numbers quite chilly but not as bad as this morning and in the afternoon. today low to mid-50s. tomorrow upper 50s. near 60s. 60s in san jose and 59 expected for santa rosa and 56 in san francisco. this trend is going to continue at least until wednesday. i will have a look at the extended forecast including the possibility of rib to start our weekend. more on that coming up in a bit. thanks, rosemary. russian's ambassador to turkey assassinated. >> we guard this as an attack. >> where the gunman opened
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fire. kristen mccaffrey has started to skip his team's bowl game. we will learn why coming up in sports. another killing in the bay area. biggest city. what we are learning about the teenager shot and killed at a
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gas station last night. evacuations are resuming in aleppo syria where thousands of rebels and civilians are being allowed to leave. among them hundreds of unaccompanied children. many badly in need of medical
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attention. they started last week but were halted by diplomat wrangling. they resumed to be halted again after an attack on buses. both sides are blaming each other. a gradual cease fire seems to be holding and other flash points. russian president vladimir putin is reacting to today's assassination of russian's ambassador to turkey and claims the killing is an attempt to derail efforts to end the war in syria. >> an assassination as a police officer opened fire fatally shooting ambassador audrey karlov. the diplomat was giving a speech as a photo exhibition. the gunman fired 8 times and dressed in a suit and was shouting about the ongoing war in syria. the gunman was eventually killed in a shoot out with police. he worked as a riot police
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officer for two-and-a-half years. >> we regard this as terrorists act. >> following the shooting. leaders condemned it calling a provocation aimed at russian relations. russian investigation will look into it. >> terrorism will not pass. we will fight it. >> the united states condemned the assassination. the white house and secretary of state john kerry released statements condemning it offering prayers and the russian people and calling the shooting an assault on the diplomats to safely represent their nations. >> we stand ready to offer any assistance that may be required to russia and turkey as they investigate this despicable attack. >> after speaking to vladimir putin the two agree that fighting terrorism should be
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stronger moving forward. a judge cleared of misconduct in the sexual assault case of stanford swimmer brock turn er.
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>> at least 12 people dead and 50 more wounded when a truck plowed into a busy christmas market in berlin germany. it is being investigated as a terrorist acts but officials say at this point the motive is not clear. a suspect is arrested but police have not confirmed that they have the suspect in custody. president-elect donald trump's rise to the oval office was not official until today when members of the electoral college cast their votes. 6 electors did break ranks and vote for someone other than the two main candidates but trump
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received 304 electoral votes and hillary clinton received 224. the highway patrol is looking for a black mercedes benz involved in a road rage on interstate 580 in oakland. the driver shot at a honda that was tailgating him. the car was hit by several bullets but two people were not hit. southbound 580 was shut down between 3 and 4:00 p.m. that cause add huge backup. you are watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. a state official review panel cleared santa clara judge aaron persky of misconduct involving former stanford swimmer brock turner. >> he has been unfire since the handing down the of controversial six month jail sentence. jesse gary says the ruling is not a surprise. >> we never expected frankly this commission to impose any discipline. judicial discipline is rare. and we believe that this is a
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question for the voters. >> stanford law professor michelle drawber is critical of the commission and its findings. no evidence of mrs. conduct against judge aaron persky. the san francisco based authority had 11 members and made up of judges and lawyers and members of the public. two of the members recused themselves. judge yi of the superior court and richard simpson. the 9 presiding members examined claims that he abused authority and handed down unlawful sentence and showed bias and exhibited bias. the members found there is not clear evidence and convincing evidence of bias, abuse of authority or other bias to conclude persky engaged in general misconduct. the judge's sentence was consistent with the recommendations of the probation report. the process itself is a closed process. we don't know what evidence was considered. it was not adversarial and it
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appears that the lawyer submitted a lot of the information. all we know is that the outcome appears to be in part based on very serious factual mistakes. >> aaron persky presided over the brock turner trial. the former stanford athlete was convicted of six counts of assault and was sentenced to 6 months and then let out after three months. they say it was too lenient and he should be removed from the bench. >> he has said it doesn't matter how strong the evidence against you is, you will not be treated like you have committed a serious crime. the crimes are serious felonies. >> professor drawber is moving forward with her recall and needs signatures for 20% of the registered voters in santa clara county. 80,000 registered voters and then the register of voters have to certify the signatures and it could move onto the


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