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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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market attack may be at large. isis taking responsibility. >> and a wild pursuit. police chase a stolen flatbed truck across the bay bridge. the four on two starts now. >> i couldn't do it without him. they have been with me throughout the journey. >> the new police chief getting emotional. >> welcome. the exhaustive process took more than 6 months. the police union supported an interim chief chaplain but mayor lee went outside the department. reporter: san francisco's next
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chief of the san francisco police department william bill scott. >> the announcement came as a surprise because many expected the interim chief to remain. >> change is a challenge and that is just that challenging, change. >> the mayor came after the racist text scandal with people of color and the forced resignation of chief greg suhr. >> lee chose an outsider. >> it was a who is got the skill sets and the proven ability to bring this department forward. >> a university of alabama graduate and 27 year veteran of lapd that rose through the ranks. 52-year-old scott thanked his wife and three children. >> they are the force that
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drives my life. >> and i couldn't do it without them. >> so they have been with me. >> he promised to work with talent and cooperate with the police officer's association and to look at things with a better set of eyes and supports tasers and other nonlethal options and restrictive force policy. >> it is about honesty and openness and whose hand is at the top to get the first swing and we have to live with that. >> there is extraordinary work being done with our reforms and great work being done on the streets. we want to lift it up and address the deficiencies that were there. >> scott was not looking for a new job but recruited and up for the challenge. >> thank again for allowing you to be the chief of police.
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a very gracious hug from interim chief tony chaplain as he welcomes scotts to the department. we know that scott will be a new chief and sworn in sometime in january. i'm tara moriarty. ktvu fox 2 news. tara when it came down to it, how did the mayor make the decision? >> you know there were 61 candidates that were initially had the hat in the ring so to speak and the police commission whittled that list down and what it looks like from the press conference it sounds like he had asked the candidates to make a list of how they would actually implement the reforms of the department of justice had recommended. it appears that is really what it came down to was that list. >> all right. thank you. tony chaplain has been the acting chief since former chief greg suhr resigned.
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he was one of the three considered. mayor ed lee thanked chaplain for taking on the role saying the department is better off because of it. chaplain says the department comes first. >> it is about getting the department the place it needs to be and the people feel comfortable with the police department and that's the goal. it is how we do what we do. chaplain most recently served as deputy chief in charge of the community police basing bureau before becoming interim chief. martin howard released a statement on the hiring. says it supported chief chaplain during the process saying we look forward to meeting william scott and anticipate he will tap into the talent and the men and women that make up the spd. the police department hopes to work closely with him and committed to helping him move
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the department forward in san francisco. the police commission helped to make the decision to hire chief scott narrowing down the field. joining me now is commissioner joe marshall. first of all, doctor, what stood out to the commission about bill scott. >> well, you know, he had a great -- first of all he had a great interview and then his experience, his experience is 27 years in the lapd. his spiritual reform. that was a big deal in moving his name forward. we are in that process now and really good to have someone that is doing that for a while. now, the commission's job was to move forward three names to the desk of mayor ed lee. did you rank the top three, one, two and three or did you just provide the three top finalists. we did not rank them. we just sent the names to the
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mayor and let him do his due diligence but i can say that chief scott was at the top of the list. was the chaplain at the top of the list? >> i cab -- can't say. it was part of the process. >> we'll assume that the reform process within the department started before the resignation of former chief suhr in may. does chief scott need to make dramatic changes or just follow the reforms that are already being made within the department. what is your take on that? >> we have been working hard at the reform. we have had bad instances and one that put us on the road and we, you we approved the use of form policy. back in june and we are at the end of that and hopefully we
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will wrap that up tomorrow night. we did ask for the department of justice to come can in. and give us a once over and you know we have a mandate from them to implement 272 recommendations so chief scott is coming in at a time when you are right, we have started the process and it was started under chief suhr and it continues and does still continue under interim chief chaplain and we want to move forward. the mayor vowed to put the recommendations in place and we have commissioners will oversee this process and will get leader. >> finally outsiders have only struggled trying to leave the san francisco police department. what is it about chief scott that you think will make him succeed in that? >> like the mayor said it was
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not an inside, outside choice. it was the best choice. chief scott indicated that he has somebody an outsider was he in with the lapd so he -- bill brad and he has gone through that. he understands what the process is like. and i think that will help him moving forward as an outsider coming into san francisco. i just want to add that interim chief chaplain set the table and he has been great and wonderful. he is going to continue to be here and guide us and guide the chief in this process. i think it is a win-win for everybody. >> dr. marshall, thank you for your time. lets get nor react and bring in civil rights attorney john burress. >> my first take is that he seems to have the requisite experience and he has led a huge segment and talked about these issues and i think he is a good pick for now. the question is how survivals he will be is a function of how well he can bring the
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department along. there are serious issues that he has to deal with in terms of the reforms and it will be on the ease of reforms and when you deal with the tough reforms over the use of force, whether or not you have the carotid hole, but at the end of the day if he is going to lead he has to get the community itself and the police commission and he has the requisite skills and you don't know until a crisis comes up and when that happens there is a shooting and questionable whether he will resume the position of the police chief and the offices themselves or does he hold back and give the community some sense that he is even minded and handed in terms of these issue. >> we have seen other police officers from the outside have trouble getting the rank in file in line. if he can't do that, can he implement the reform. >> it will be tough. you have to have the police
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union leadership to behind you. as well as command staff and it is the police union and the ability to bring the police officers together this is a most important. stamping the leadership in the department and getting the union to understand and appreciate they can't have everything they want and they have the interests at heart. that is a challenge and apparently leading 1200 men in la. and i think the most important thing is that he has had to deal with reform. reform in a department is challenging aspect. lapd was under a consent decree. he had recommendations from the justice department. the question is how does he handle that? implemental them or some of them? with the tough ones and what does he do and what kind of
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cooperation does he get as well as police chief. >> the union is excited to work with him. the advice as he takes on the roll having been in the bay area for so long and watched other chiefs come and go. what would you say to him? >> listen to your officers and also list tonight community. understand the heart beat of the people that you have to serve in the community and be mindful of what the police officers want and how you communicate their interests to them is extraordinarily important and recognize that you are the police chief and have constituency to the police union and you have to know what the job is about and not just one-dimensional. we will have much more on who is the hiring of police scott and you want to see more watch all of the introductory comments and we will have more
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reaction to the hire coming up tonight at five and 6:00. the city of oakland continues the search for their police chief. the deadline was last month and they have been interviewing. they haven't had a chief since the prior chief resigned in june and followed a widespread sexual misconduct scandal. several chiefs were in the running across the bay in oakland. he attempted to ram several patrol cars. a man trying to steal his car back from the tow yard led the police on a wild chase this morning. health officials announced what killed three people and sickened dozens more after a free thanksgiving day myelogram a minor warming trend around the bay. we will check in on the current
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conditions and we will show you what you can expect for the bay
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coming up. another crisp and cool day outside. there is a look over the bay bridge and buena island. what can we expect moving forward. let's go. >> another cool day and dry day and warmer than yesterday and going to continue the trend as we get to wednesday, thursday. looks pretty good and wet weather to the bay as we get
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into the second part of the business week. those numbers not correct. they did not update.let move on to what we can looking at. from yesterday to today. up by five degrees. up by five in san jose. around the bay, a tenth cooler but not bad. too hard to tell and mountain view up by four degrees. hopefully your feeling a little bit warmer this afternoon. then where we were yesterday. it was the first or yeah, morning that we haven't had any advisories in place for the cold weather. as we get going. going to be another cool one. 36 in santa rosa and 37 in concord and we are looking at 40s for morgan hill and this is a major improvement from days ago when we were in the 20s for the inland community. now in the 30s and most of us are above freezing. fairfield before and the rest of us, mid to upper 30s and mid to upper 40s in the forecast. 47 san francisco and 45 in oakland. a spare the air day and another one expected for tomorrow. tomorrow could be the last one
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as we do begin to see a transition and a change coming our way in the second part of the week. 60s for oakland and 59 in napa and 58 san francisco and we will go low 60s and san jose and haven't seen 63 in awhile and upper 50s expected for concord and antioch. a look at the extended forecast and when that bay area rain is expected to arrive back to you. the centers for disease control says it has identified the bacteria that caused a deadly outbreak of illness. in antioch. the cdc says the illnesses caused by the bacteria. it is one of the most common food-borne illnesses and at least 25 people got sick and three died at the american legion hall. investigators have not determined what the people ate that made them sick and they say most of them had turkey and mashed potatoes at the same time. for more information and how
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you can avoid it log on a man is in custody after a dangerous chase. alex savage explains the strange sequence of events that led to that chase. >> the man that led officers on that early morning pursuit broke into san leandro. trying to get his suv that has been impounded but he was impounded by employee and that's when the man hopped into a flatbed tow truck that had the keys inside. he drove that tow truck through the front fence and led to the early morning chase. the man headed north to oakland with police and ch p officers in pursuit. he crossed the bay bridge and then took 101. ramming two patrol cars and officers laid out spike strips
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and flattened all four tires on that truck. the driver came to a stop in the middle of the freeway and jumped from the truck and took off running. officers stopped traffic and chased after him and eventually took him into custody. the owner of san leandro towing say the man running did not know how to handle the rig. >> they spike stripped it and so the end result is that they caught him. that's a good thing. i am surprised it happened. especially someone taking their vehicle. it is not like you are not going to know who it is. >> even though he did quite a bit of damage to two ch p patrol cars, no officers hurt during the pursuit. the man behind the wheel of that tow truck is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer and also felony evasion. here at san leandro towing. they have damage to repair here to this fence taken down by the tow truck and they have to repair the tow truck and the owner says he has never seen
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anything quite like this before. i'm alex savage. fox 2 news. there was a special meeting to discuss jail reforms. the county put together a jail commission after three guards were charged with murdering an innate. the commission has suggested a plan to reform the jail that includes training staff and providing mental health services and complain oversight. the board approves spending $300,000 for security cameras inside the jail. the cameras are part of security and maintain the security of the facility and helps individuals that commit crimes in the jail and the safety of the inmates and the officers. the plan calls for 224 cameras to be install at the aging jail facility on west heading street. the alameda board of supervisors paid tribute to the first responders who were called to the deadly oakland
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ghost ship fire. i'm responding to the call to approve the duties not only extremely difficult but heart breaking. the board honored alameda county firefighters and sheriff deputies and paramedics and recognized the members of the district attorney's office and social service workers that set up a center for the family of the victims. 36 people were killed during a party in the warehouse. >> each time a body was located. all work stopped and everybody focused on the individual that they were recovering. >> first responders say they were motivated to bring closure to the families of those killed. federal investigators are looking at an electrical problem as a possible cause of the fire. oakland and alameda county investigators investigate the fire the leasing the building is concerned he will be responsible and worried of
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ignoring safety issues. former tenants say that he allowed clutter to build up and fail to reduce fire hazards. attorney tony sara is one of the lawyers representing him. he released a statement that says the investigation showed that derrick almenna committed no misconduct and should not be made a scapegoat. >> a 23-year-old is arrested after vandalism concerns at cardinal newman high school. firefighters responded to an alarm at the school and found the administration building damaged. they also saw a man throwing objects and breaking glass windows so they called sheriff deputies and when they arrived they arrest the 23-year-old andrew faulkner and facing charges of burglary and felony vandalism and being under the influence of controlled substance. deputies say he caused more than one hundred thousand dollars in damage.
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the assassination of a russian ambassador. diplomats working tirelessly and reduce fallout in the wake
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of the shooting. following breaking news out of vallejo where a shooting has injured two people. it happened after 3 on springs road when police arrived. they found two people inside the store. suffering from gunshot wounds. taking a live look at sky fox showing what the scene is looking like out there.
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no suspects are in custody and not quite clear what prompted the shooting there. you are looking at the parking lot outside. we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest information as soon as it comes in the newsroom. the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey is still sending shock waves and as amy kellogg tells us diplomats from both countries are working hard to ensure that it doesn't dam relations between the regional power houses. the search for answers continues in turkey following the assassination of the russian ambassador. a destabilizing attack for russia and turkey are improving ties with an eye towards cooperation in syria. >> we are in agreement that the treacherous attack was for turkish relations. it will be investigated thoroughly. >> this man shouted in arabic and turkish about the city of aleppo as he opened fire.
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leading officials to conclude that it was revenge attack for russia's report of the assad attack. >> i should say we won't stop. >> this barbaric crime reminded everybody that the fight against terrorism must be uncompromising. >> diplomats are working hard to make sure that reals aren't damaged. the assassination comes as the u.s. is working through turkey to pressure russia to a cease fire in syria. the obama administration now hoping moscow doesn't use the attack as excuse to resume the offensive. >> they step up the in discriminate bombing and the report to syria. if that's the answer to what what happened yesterday in turkey, that is not going to be something that we will cooperate with. >> turkish officials are not certain whether or not a terror group was behind the assassination. but many are saying it seems
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unlikely the shooter could have acted alone. a driver that fired shots at another car on highway 580 in oakland remains at large. shots rang out at 3:00 yesterday and the eastbound lanes of grand avenue. the c hpd says the driver of a black mercedes fired at a honda. no one was hurt but the freeway was closed for 45 minutes causing a major backup. a major run on assault weapons in california. coming up. we will explain the deadline causing long lines of gun stores across the state. plus ... >> kind of see seeing what help we can offer. >> investigators look into a deadly truck attack that terror
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group isis is claiming
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responsibility for. >> tonight police in germany are hunting to find the people responsible for last night's deadly truck attack in berlin. isis claimed responsibility. the group injured 50 others. in berlin germany police remain in force haunting for
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clues after a truck plowed township a popular christmas market monday killing and injuring many in the crowd. >> so far we don't know for certain whether there is one or several perpetrators. prosecutors released a man tuesday that had been arrested right after the attack. saying that they did not have enough evidence to link him to the incident. officials say the man, a pakistan citizen came to germany as asylum seeker and has denied involvement. >> it is possible there is still a dangerous perpetrator on the republican and, of course, people are worried, i believe people that live in the city should be vigilant. >> the prosecutors say witnesses did follow the truck's driver as he left the scene monday. but they lost track of him. german officials do know that man arrested did match witness descriptions. however german law gives prosecutors until the end of the day following an arrest to seek a warrant to keep the suspect in custody. at this point investigators are keeping up their probe looking
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to arrest whoever responsible. the terror group isis claimed responsibility tuesday saying it was carried out by isis soldier. >> we know of no american citizens affected by the presumed terrorist attack in berlin. >> the german chancellor visited the deadly crash and attended the memorial service nearby. candles and symbols of mourning are evident throughout germany and stepped up security. in berlin. greg poppic fox news. there is extra security in berlin. anti terrorism experts say that places of worship and embassies and other government buildings will receive extra security. police are stepping up patrols at holiday spots like christmas markets and concert halls. yes, i do see a lot of security and i feel safe in that regard. i went to the coliseum and
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there were security units and when i came through the french airport there was security. i feel good as a tourist around here. really safe, yes. >> security is being stepped up at st. peter's square and the vatican where thousands of set to gather for christmas eve mass on saturday. other major cities around the world are reviewing their security plans. new york police are putting armed officers at a popular holiday market to central park. increased security at the german consulate near the united nation's building and the metropolitan police are reevaluating security at potential targets. many are wondering how does an investigation into a potential terror attack work. joining us is rick smith and i know you have information on that. how does this really unfold. >> first of all it looks like the gunman is on the lookings.
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they haven't apprehended yet. they detained the wrong person. this guy is dangerous and moving forward and asking the public with the video they took to identify the individual that did this and they have the warnings that has been incurred. unfortunately we are going to have to put concrete barriers at venues and will change the way they do business. they need to find this guy and they will at some point. i just think the message is that there is evil in the world and this is going to continue. >> is there indication of uptake and threats in the u.s. and anything that we need to worry about and what are we doing to prevent something like that happening here? >> i think we need to worry about it. it used to be that most people would say don't worry about it but now it is different. they got the vehicles now that they are using i'm talking
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about isis. to run down people. what is a mass of people and that is difficult to prevent unless you have barriers around the venue as i mentioned. more police. the whole idea they have, the whole objective is to stop people from celebrating christmas for example. you can't stop because you will give them what they want. we need to be vigilant who we take in this country and how we respond to these things. we can delete posts and do something on social media. but we need to do something militarily too and it needs to be concerted effort basically. >> and i know we have heard that isis has been telling supporters to carry out attack in any way they can whether it be through a car and through a truck and i know that i also
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read that the nypd is teaming up with them to tell them suspicious activity to look for and suspicious behavior and any idea that may be going on here on the west coast. >> i am sure it is. the f.b.i. is responsible for this sending out warnings like this. there are people killed and then we device ways to prevent the last methodology on what they are trying to accomplish. so it is difficult. it takes a lot of thinking and a lot of manpower and a lot of different strategy and tactics to defeat this. just got to hope that you are not there in something like this and if you are, there is enough security and there's enough barriers in place to protect yourself. just can't stop. you can't stop living your life and celebrating what is important to every american. that is christmas. former f.b.i. agent rick smith joining us. thank you so much.
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coming up. gun owners stocking up. why assault rifles are flying off of the shelves before the end of the year. dry weather for the first day of winter followed by wet weather. i will have details coming up. this portion of fox 2 news is
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sponsored by dodge. there is a sudden increase in gun sales because of new
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laws taking effect in the new year. people are determined to find rifles before they are banned. a petaluma dealer that has had a line outside of his door. reporter: 22-year-old austin evans paid $950 for an ak-47. one of the last ones on the rack at this petaluma store. sales are 6 times normal the last few months. these are applications for ten days alone. stores are seeing a run on semiautomatic rifles with certain features. anyone with one must report it and face restrictions. >> i can have it and no one else can. when you pass away it goes to the police station. >> you can't sell it? >> can't sell it. >> phones started to ring and sales searched when governor brown sign a sweeping passage
4:42 pm
of gun laws. >> denied or delayed. you will be in a bad spot. >> down to the wire as the deadline nears. >> we have criminals that could care less and joe public does care and legitimately scared doesn't know where to begin to be comply and. >> since july a quarter of a million automatic rifles soldier field and 100,000 more from last year. >> i am here because i believe in the system of love and karma but to counter balance that if it fails i am buying an ak27. do i need it no, but did i purchase it, yes. >> buyers are pushed into it because of a band. >> they took the choice away from responsible adults. one way or another. they took the choice away. >> they are both semiautomatic 308 308 rifles and they both take a magazine. >> it is criticized as
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arbitrary. they took aim at the bullet button that enables reloading of magazines and handful of pictures like a pistol grip banned and other rifles pack the same power fire. the idea is why. they dot same thing. >> austin says his is a collector item and will add it to the 8 guns he owns for hunting and practice. >> i am glad i got it. my mom was not happy but i am glad. it is something i wanted. volkswagen today reached a deal with u.s. regulators and attorneys in its emission cheating scandal. it involves 80,000 cars that were programmed to cheat on emission tests. it includes $2.7 million settlement for litigation and two billion dollars to promote zero emission vehicles. the car company previously
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reached a deal for the other 475,000 polluting vehicles in that scandal. it has been a cold week. >> make it stop. >> i'm working on it. the temperatures will go up more for the first day of winter. may be the warmest day of the week. giving you a live look. a beautiful view and a few clouds. this coming from a system to the north of us. as we say goodbye to sunset and the final day of fall 2016. giving you a look at the national map here. i will start here and come back home in a minute. a few showers in the southeast and some weather to touch on for the great lakes and that will cause delays for minneapolis. if this is your place you may have delays. for today lax is reporting delays all day and nothing to do with the weather. they have taxi issues going on.
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that to be aware of. and the pacific northwest continuing to see a little rain and pushes towards the east and for us in california we have rain going over in northern california. all the way down to lake county picking up some returns and for us going to remain dry and those clouds in the sky. for the afternoon today. temperatures warmer and warmer for tomorrow and tomorrow will also be a spare the air day. we are looking at minor changes for the next couple of day as and i will show you the numbers in a moment and this system will greet us for the holiday weekend. pushing you ahead to 9:00 on friday and there it is. a new storm that will approach the bay area. by 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon. it could be messy, the drive. if you have plans for the sierra be prepared for winter weather. friday night it could be wet and still could change.
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but chances are we be looking for wet weather for friday and windy weather. saturday morning christmas eve we will dry out and have scattered showers for the first part of saturday and for the second part christmas day look dry. giving you a look at what we can expect. an inch of rain for the urban locations and two or three for the north bay and hill and likely to be gusty anywhere from 35 to 40 miles per hour. and 55 in our hills. and meanwhile in the sierra, one to two feet of fresh snow and the gusts of 50 miles per hour. if you can get out early by thursday will be a better bet by trying to drive up on friday. tonight 54 in san francisco and 58 san jose. tomorrow morning temperatures on the cool side but not as bad as we have been. 36 in santa rosa and 43 for san jose. afternoon highs in the 50s to low 60s and as you get to your extended forecast we are quiet
4:47 pm
tomorrow and quiet on thursday around wet weather for the bay and the first part of saturday and drawing out for the rest of your week. we will be cooler in the 50s for those afternoon highs. >> still looking good for christmas. thanks, rosemary. >> julie joins us with a preview of the ktvu 2 news at five. following a developing story out of mexico where the death told keeps rising following an explosion at a well-known fireworks market. the death toll stands at 26 with dozens more injured. bike riders concerned about driverless cars. >> that's right. san francisco streets are filled with cyclists on a daily basis and they are worried about driverless vehicles and they say the safety measures don't go far enough. we will see you in a few minutes. incredible video out of mexico.
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>> scary situation. a health care company helping people get in the holiday spirit by encouraging others to help their neighbors.
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4:50 pm
some much needed holiday help came for hundreds of families in the south bay. a family was preregistered for holiday food boxes and toys for their children at sacred heart community in san jose. today they received a week's worth of food, turkey and ham and chickens and fruit. we were there when firefighters dropped off more boxes of that food and on thursday and friday the parents will come back and shop for free for toys for their children. organizers say that they still need a lot more toys to give away. >> we are short on leg
4:51 pm
opposings and action figures and also these do it yourself science kids. they are great for kids. like hands on projects. >> organizers say they could use more volunteers for thursday and friday to help with the gifts. if you would like to help or donate go to our website, and click on web links. for more information donate online or go to the facility at first and alma street to drop off a gift. we all know decking the halls can be a chore but for the elderly and disabled it can be impossible but pam cook reports there is a home healthcare company making sure that everybody can get in the christmas spirit. >> hi cristina. >> how are you? >> good. merry christmas. >> michelle has spinal muscle atrophy. her husband is her primary caregiver and had to have back surgery and can't help her now
4:52 pm
and that is where the elves come in. >> let me get it for you. >> cristina comes to the house to help with the little things that make a big difference. >> show me where you want it. >> all right. are we good? >> you did a great job. >> the hardest thing is to ask for help. >> if we can put the cookies in the oven. >> okay. to be able to say to someone please help me with my laundry or put away dishes or dust or clean the floor and you know just kind of make everything clean and tidy and neat. that's a comfort. >> the elves are paid employees so they go through training and background checks but the group is hoping to lead by example and inspire others to reach out
4:53 pm
to organizations such as hospice that need volunteers. or you can simply check our older neighbor. they may need help putting up decorations and maybe their first holiday alone or to just use company over tea and a plate of cookies. and cristina says you will get a lot in return. >> watching them smile. being happy that someone is here to help them. >> if i can make them smile for an hour i am all for it especially around the holidays. >> to be able to have someone come in the home and do those kinds of things for me. rather than go to assisted living where it is complete strangers and completely different surroundings. means the world to me. >> thank you. >> pam cook. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up.
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there are recommended changes to treating concussions in children. what doctors are saying kids and teens should do after
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
suffering a head injury. for years the protocol after a concussion has been rest. but that may be changing. >> light exercise may help kids and teens recover from a concussion.
4:57 pm
>> thousands of children in the u.s. visit emergency departments after suffering concussions and about one-third develop post con successive symptoms. for years doctors have advised strict rest after the injuries to help avoid the prolonged side effects. >> children can present in a whole variety of symptoms following a concussion. some children may have early physical symptoms such as headache or feeling like they want to vomit or being dizzy. >> dr. rogers from the children's hospital of eastern ontario and coauthors studied more than 3000 canadian teens who had concussions to see if adding activity could when help prevent post concussive syndromes. the activities were monitored until 28 days after the injury to see how well they recovered and also to track their physical activity. the researchers found that children who participated in light physical activity after the concussion had a reduced
4:58 pm
risk of having prolong the post concussive symptoms. >> we don't want to have children having another concussion recovering but there is likely a strong benefit for having some sort of moment and early physical activity following concussions such as walking. jogging or stationary bikes. >> more research needs to be done to determine the ideal type and intensity and duration of physical activity following concussion. laura burger. the jamma report. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. >> a 7 month search ends with a new san francisco police chief. the mayor announced a 27 'veteran of the los angeles police department will be the next top cop. >> william bill scott. the deputy chief of the los angeles police department. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. frank is off. >> and i'm julie haener. it is official. today san francisco mayor ed lee announced that deputy chief
4:59 pm
bill scott will replace former san francisco police chief greg suhr that resigned in may. scott etched out the front- runner and in ter rim chief tony chaplain. tara moriarty is live where scott made his first public appearance. what is the mood like inside the mayor's office. >> it was definitely an excited but nervous energy. after all, these officers have been waiting for more than 7 months to find out who their new chief will be and today they got their answer. >> san francisco's next chief of the san francisco police department william bill scott. >> the announcement came as a surprise to many that expected interim chief tony chaplain to land the job. after months of speculation. current deputy chief bill scott was chosen. >> change is a challenge especially in this profession and one of the biggest changes will be just that change bra the mayor's decision came after
5:00 pm
racist text scandal and a string of officer-involved shootings with people of color. the forced resignations of chief suhr and a department of justice review that said the force needed to better track and discipline officers. lee chose an outsider. >> it was ultimately a who has got the skill sets and who has the proven ability to bring this department forward. a university of alabama graduate and 27 year veteran of lapd that rose through the ranks. 52-year-old scott thanked his wife and three children. >> they are the force that drives my life. and i couldn't do it without them. so they are with me. >> scott promised to work with talent inside the department and work with the police officer's association and look at things with a fresh set of eyes and supports


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