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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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he emphasized he likes to use the word we and not i and promised to work with officers and find common ground with the union and to work at issues with a fresh set of eyes. scott supports restrictions on use of force and use of tasers. he did not voice an opinion on allowing officers to shoot at moving vehicles. >> it is about honesty and whose hand is at the top of the bat. to get the first swing and we have to live with that. >> scott also thanks to his wife and three children who he says have supported him every step of his career. >> ktvu paul chambers joins us now with tony chaplain that was passed over for an outsider. >> we are outside the new chief's work home, police headquarters and we got react from local and federal leaders. >> san francisco's next chief
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of the san francisco police department william bill scott. >> bill scott officially the new leader of san francisco police force and word of his hiring had many people supporting ed lee's choice of the city's new police chief. >> we have a man. he fits all of those attributes. that i shared with the mayor. >> it is time to lead san francisco in the right direction and i think we picked a good leader. >> u.s. senator dianne feinstein congratulated scott saying first on the scene when a major incident occurs and answers the community's questions and hear those concerns. since scott is coming from the la police department. many we spoke with say they made calls to their colleagues to get an idea on the man that will lead the city's force. >> it is the things that he will use you can lose.
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you are pulled off a cue in san francisco. we were looking at him to be the next chief. >> reaching out to him folks from southern california are upset to lose. >> i will support the new chief and the members of the police department. i think we have the best department. >> those that supported tony chaplain seemed disappointed. including the frisco five that went on a hunger strike to see that the former police chief was removed. >> i think the city of san francisco would like to be one of their own the new police officer and maybe this new chief coming from the outside may bring division or bring people together. >> it is time for us to embrace him. and i am appealing to the police officers association. and to connect. >> the san francisco police officer association that also supported chaplain said we look floor to meeting william scott
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and we anticipate that he will tap into the tremendous conduct of the men and women that make up the pd. >> chaplain went on to say that he doesn't plan to leave soon and plans to stay with sfpd for the foreseeable future. one member of the san francisco police commission told ktvu that bill scott impressed him with his lengthy experience in los angeles. >> the one thing i think that chief scott has going for him is that he has served under an outsider. when brill braden came here he was an outsider and i am sure he will bring that experience with him and learned a lot from that experience and he fell accepted as a rank in file member of lapd under chief braden. he has that experience and i know he will bring that with him when he comes to san francisco. dr. joe marshall tells us the commission appreciated bill scott's record of reform. and on news you will find more on san francisco's new police officer
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including the full video from today's news conference with mayor lee. click on the story near the top of our home page. now to a developing story we have been following. police in vallejo are investigating a shooting at a pawn shop that left one person dead and a second person wounded. a witness saw two men wearing masks on springs roll at 3:10. when officers arrived they found two people inside the store suffering from gunshot wound. we are workinging to get more information but a tweet indicates that suspects are still at large. the contra costa sheriff's office is looking for a car thief after a man crashed a boxster. the woman that owns the car was forced out by the gunman yesterday on danville boulevard in alamo. the suspect later crashed the car on interstate 880 near 66th avenue in oakland and took off running. investigators are still looking for him and say he may be
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injured. a computer glitch on the southwest airlines website created added stretch for holiday travelers. maureen naylor has an update from the san jose airport semifinal he is full grown and 12 pounds. this curious puppy was ready for his first plane ride. >> we have henry a yorkie terrior. he is 13 months old and he is emotional support system for ptsd. >> but they couldn't figure out if he would fit on the plane. >> i was confused as to why it wasn't working. we were able to find out on a third party site. >> this is what they found when they tried to go on this morning. >> it is very frustrating. >> this retired attorney from texas spent 45 minutes online trying to book a flight for next week. >> he would act like it was loading up but it wouldn't load
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up and i had to give it up because i couldn't use the website for my return flight. >> planning to play music for families say he had the same problem trying to figure out if he could carry his guitar on. >> thank you for your patient and it had an animated airplane but didn't get me to the website. >> the southwest web site having problems the airline wanted people to know it did not affect flights and people could still check in at the airport. it appears that the problem has been fixed. i checked with all three bay area airports and none reported any problems. in san jose. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland police are investigating an accident involving an a c transit bus. police say the bus and car were traveling north on clay street at 10:00 last night. when the driver of the car apparently turned in front of the bus. the bus struck the car and veered into a tree. there were no passengers on the bus but the driver suffered a gash on his leg and the bus was
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badly damaged. the two people in the car were not hurt. >> now to a deadly attack in germany that kill 12 people and injured dozens of others. german officials release add man arrested as a suspect in the case saying there is no evidence linking him to the crime. a nationwide manhunt is under way. witnesses say that truck driver ran from the scene after plowing into the crowd. more now from fox news reporter greg palcott. he says isis is claiming responsibility for that attack calling the driver one of its soldiers. in berlin germany police remain in force hunting for clues after a large truck plowed into a christmas market monday killing and injuring many in the crowd. >> so far we don't know for certain whether there is one or several perpetratedders. >> prosecutors released a man tuesday that had been arrested saying that they did not have enough evidence to link him to the incident.
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officials say the man, a pakistan citizen came to germany as asylum seeker has denied involvement. >> it is possible that a dangerous perpetratedder is on the run and people are worried and i believe people in the city should be vigilant. >> prosecutors say the police followed the truck's driver but they lost track of him. germany officials say he did match descriptions. officials are working to confirm who is responsible. it is said that it was carried out by the isis soldier. >> we know of no american citizens affected by the attack in berlin. >> the german chancellor
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visited the site and attended the memorial service nearby. candles and symbols of mourning are evident throughout germany along with stepped up security. >> in berlin. greg palcott. fox news. coming up. president-elect donald trump weighs in after that attack in berlin. his message on twitter one month before the inauguration. and we are tracking a cool start to your day tomorrow. a spare the air night and we are looking at that rain that is about ready to get here and we will let you know how that impacts the holiday weekend. >> the bay area city sued by the family of a teenager killed when a tree limb came crashing down a year ago. i don't want anybody else to get hurt. looking live outside at bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad if you are trying to get from oakland to san francisco and catch the nutcracker. >> here is a live look. a much different picture. slow going at this hour.
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back with more in a moment.
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new at six. the city of oakland is being sued when a tree limb split and fell. the popular climbing tree was dangerous the city knew but did not remove it in time. >> cristina rendon spoke with the boy's family and joins us with what they had to say. cristina. reporter: parents of jack lewis says the son's death was
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preventible. the family wonders how their lives would have been different if that tree was removed. >> this is the place that jack loved and he would come here all the time. >> the beauty of lake merritt drew jack lewis and it is bittersweet for his parent. >> i loved coming here because he loved it and we have been coming here since he was a little boy. >> lewis was here climbs trees and the one he was on broke and the tree fell on him and it was a tragedy. >> this could have been prevented. the family file the wrongful death lawsuit against the city of oakland. the tree was cut down after lewis' death. >> anybody that has enough knowledge to prune a tree properly knows that they are dealing with a dead tree. >> i don't want anyone else to get hurt. i think it should have been
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dealt with and we wouldn't be here talking about this. >> the heart ache is difficult especially during the holidays. they decorated a nearby tree. in case he is still around. he was a musician and actor and a bright light in their lives. >> he wanted to make friends or join teams or go into scouts and be leader. he just did it. >> when i come at night when the lights are up and i can look out at the lake and the buildings lit up i can see him in those things and it makes me feel close to him. >> i reached out to the city of oakland. a spokesperson told me they can't comment on pending litigation. julie and ken. >> cristina, thank you. a sad story. the centers for disease control says it has identified the bacteria that caused a
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deadly outbreak at a charity dinner in antioch. three people died and 22 others got sick and recovered. the cdc says the bacteria is one of the most common causes of food-borne illness with about a million cases diagnosed every year. the bacteria is found on raw meat and poultry and in this case the cdc says it hadn't been able to pinpoint the exact source. outbreaks often happen when food is undercooked or kept warm for long period of time before receiving. two contra costa firefighters are facing charges for a drunken scuffle at the marriott hotel in walnut creek. the two men attended a charity event at the hotel in october. police say they became drunk and belligerent along with their dates and refused to leave. desmond is charged with battery and his girlfriend of assault
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and johnson is charged with trespassing. arraignment is set for january 30th. a wild chase in a stolen tow truck. alex savage explains the's creates of events that led to the morning escapade. >> the man that led officers on that early morning pursuit broke into san leandro towing and trying to get his suv that had been impounded but he was confronted by an employee and that is when the man hopped into a flatbed tow truck that had the keys inside. he drove that tow truck through the front fence and that led to this wild early morning chase. the man headed north up into oakland with police and chp officers in pursuit. he crossed the bay bridge and took 101 south through san francisco ramming two patrol cars and officers layed out spike strips several different times and flattened all four tires on that truck. the driver came to a stop in
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the middle of the freeway and jumped from the truck and took off running. officers stopped traffic and chase the after him and eventually took him into custody. the owner of san leandro towing say it is clear the man running from officers did not know how to handle the rig. >> it is hard to stop a spike strip and the end result is that they caught him. that's a good thing. >> i am surprised it happened. especially someone that would take their own vehicle. it is not like they will know who it is. >> even though he did quite a bit of dam to two ch p patrol cars there were no officers hurt during the pursuit. the man behind the wheel of that tow truck is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer and also felony evasion. here at san leandro towing they have damage to repair and they have to repair the tow truck itself. the owner of this place says he has never seen anything quite like this before.
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i'm alex savage. ktvu fox 2 news. it was a nice day out there. plenty of sunshine and cool start and mild afternoon. we got 60 in morgan hill and 60 in san jose and 60 in antioch. the high temperatures tomorrow will be slightly warmer. tomorrow we are looking at daytime highs mid 60s in the warmer spots and most of us 61, 62 and warmer. starts off warmer and not as cold overnight. rain to the north of us. the real story this week is high pressure this week and at least today and tomorrow. it is just high pressure that will set us up and giving us shallow inversion that gives us the spare the air night. second night in a row. radar, the things you will notice tomorrow is the frost and many of those inland bay valleys. 40 in napa and 43 in antioch and 39 in livermore. pretty cool overnight low.
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san francisco 50 degrees tomorrow when you wake up and cool. look at the clear skies out there. and at lunchtime on wednesday, you are at 56 and still clear and then in the afternoon you get to about 58 degrees in downtown san francisco. a nice day tomorrow. oakland you start out at 50 degrees. you end up as well at lunchtime at 59 and end up at 60. a nice day for your bay area wednesday. and your bay area thursday brings more clouds and by friday when i come seen you next we will take a look at that forecast for rain in the forecast and it shows up on friday. we will see you back here in a few minutes. president obama banned future oil and gas exploration and u.s. waters in the artic ocean and parts of the atlantic. the white house says the language of the statute provides no authority for future presidents to undue the band. some republicans and -- ken why don't you go ahead. >> they have called it abuse of
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power and prevents important habitats and vow to file suit if the trump administration tries to overturn it. >> worldtess following the assassination of russia's involvement in turkey. >> the latest on the investigation and the efforts by both countries to keep investigations intact. selections are out and the raiders have the most in the league. mark will run down the names just released coming up in sports. first developing news out of mexico. dozens of people killed in this wild explosion at a fireworks
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we have developing news out of mexico. 26 people were killed by a series of explosions with fireworks. 70 people were injured and nearby homes were damaged. it happened at a market for fireworks 20 miles north of mexico city. it features some 300 official vendors. fireworks are used in mexico for hospitals and other celebrations. the assassination of russia's ambassador dry cries are still big served.
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>> the search for answers still conditions of the russian ambassador. russia and turkey are improving ties. >> we are in agreement that this attack was open attack and it will be investigated. the shooter, 22-year-old man was part of the riot police and he shouted about the shooting in aleppo and says it is was because of the rashad regime. >> it is with the fight with international terrorism. i should say we won stop. >> this barbaric crime reminded everyone one more time that fight against terrorism must be uncompromising. >> diplomats are working hard to make sure that relations aren't damaged but the assassination comes as the u.s. is working through turkey to
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pressure russia into the cease fire in russia. the obama administration hoping that moscow does not use it as an excuse. >> to support the rashad regime, if that what happened yesterday that is something we won't cooperate with. >> turkish officials are not certain whether a terror group was high pressure the assassination but many are saying it seems unlikely that the shooter could have acted alone. in milan italy, fox news. we are next with a message from donald trump following the terror attack in berlin. >> when he says eradicate, he means find a way to make sure that isis stops. coming up next. more from the president-elect donald trump. one mop before his inauguration. >> a tribute for first responders for the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. >> more controversy for uber after reports that driverless
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cars don't see bicyclists on the road. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next.
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police in vallejo investigating a shooting in a pawn shop that left one person dead and another wounded.
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a witness saw two men wearing masks on springs road 3:10 this afternoon. when officers arrived they found two people inside the store suffering from gunshot wounds and one of the two victims have died. no suspects are in custody. >> san francisco ed lee is chosen an outsider to be the police officer. deputy chief bill scott got the nod over interim chief tony chaplain. scott takes over after a turbulent year that saw backlash over controversial of racial text messages and shootings. scott is 52 years old and he will be sworn in next month. >> isis is claiming responsibility for that attack at a christmas market in berlin that killed 12 people and injured dozens more. german officials released a man that was the chief suspect saying there is no evidence linking him to the crime. the nationwide manhunt is under way for the truck driver that ran from the scene after plowing into the crime. you are watching ktvu at 6:30. one day after winning the
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electoral college donald trump took to twitter. >> joe waldman has the latest on the transformation of power with inauguration day a month from today. >> terrorists driving a tractor- trailer killing at least 12 and injuring more. the preholiday massacre happening at the same time shots ran out in a zurich mosque. donald trump turning to twitter last night to express his concern. today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany and getting worse. civilized world must change thinking. it is still to be determined an advisory role for the new administration. and president-elect donald trump does have


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