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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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straightforward news , weekdays on ktvu fox 2. a meeting today about in new use of force for the semper cisco police department.
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more on the new changes that may be -- that might be on the way. fire in and shop. one man is dead and another is wounded. more on the suspect still on the loose. more news on 2 starts now. this is ktvu more news on 2. it is wednesday it is wednesday, december 21. the first day of winter . good morning everyone . we will kick it over to steve. >> steve paulson. >> first day of winter. we have a lot of cloud cover. it will still be mostly sunny. pretty quiet. we went from pretty cold two
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days ago to 50 degree temperatures. 43, overcast and calm. a lot of the cloud cover will get out by 10 am. lots of sunshine and clear skies upstream. 59 at half moon bay airport. a lot of locations are running 3 to 10 degrees warmer. if it feels warmer, it is. we do not have anything coming in until friday. 30s, 40s and for some 50s. some locations are 16 degrees up in 24 hours. you have had a busy week. >> we have. today we are starting off quiet . i like it that way.
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let's go out and take a look at the commute coming in through the tree the triangle. 205 and 580, traffic will be busy. stop and go traffic as you drive on 580. 205 not too bad. there is some slow traffic what you make it into livermore. and nice drive to pleasanton all the way to castro valley. let's go to interstate dish interstate 880. also on 580 it as well. east bay commute -- bay bridge toll plaza is like getting into san francisco. with go back to the desk. san francisco police commission meets today to discuss the use of force policy. this comes one day after the selection of the new police chief. allie rossman joins us live. >> as we first reported, the
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mayor picked someone from outside the department to lead the police. >> semper cisco's next chief of the san francisco police department, william hill scott. >> mayor lee introduced william bill scott. he is of veteran of the los angeles police department where he rose through the ranks during his long career. scott pledged to work hard to implement new policies. >> change is always challenge. i think one of the biggest challenges will be that -- change. >> it was not inside versus outside. it was who has the guild -- skill sets and proven ability to bring the department forward . >> scott says he is very familiar with the use of force issue that they will be debating later today. he was on the lapd for 12 years when the commission banned officers from shooting at moving
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vehicles unless it was adeptly threat. he is ready to incorporate policies. now that he has the top job in san francisco new from overnight, the mom coming to help her stranded son on a freeway ends up crashing into his car. it happened on southbound interstate 680 near 101. his orange suv broke down in the center divide. he called his mother for help. as she was arriving to help him, she got into iraq with another car. the car flipped over and landed on her son's car. highway patrol officers say some advice she gave her son may have saved his life.>> she told him to turn his hazards on. >> both taken to the hospital
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and expected to be okay. the driver of the third vehicle was not seriously injured. vallego police hope surveillance vehicle -- video will help them identify the suspects. around 3 pm yesterday afternoon they shot and killed the owner of the shop and seriously wounded and disabled worker in a wheelchair and killed the owners dog fellow pawnshop owners rush to the store when i heard about the shooting which appears to be in robbery. >> it is the shame that you try to start the small business and you end up in the situation like this during the holidays. losing your life doing it. >> from the store's facebook page, it opened three years ago and is stocked with musical instruments, jewelry and tools. worker at the jewelry counter escaped the gunfire. police will not say what, if anything was stolen. they do have the description of the suspects picked they are
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described as to men wearing dark, hooded sweatshirts. san mateo county sheriff deputies are looking for hit and run driver who hit and ran -- who hit the driver. and man in his 30s was hit while he was in the crosswalk. he was rushed to hospital with major injuries. if he does believe the hit and run driver was behind the wheel of ace small red suv, similar to it toyota pathfinder. an online petition calling for moratorium on firearms across the area will be delivered to city hall. supporters say they collected 10,000 signatures from people who fear the ghost ship fire will result in a fictions of many low income artists and musicians now living in warehouses. many safety experts have called for more fire inspections following the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. it judge has weighed in on
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california's death penalty. new information on why the process has been approved to be sped up and now it may be overturned. was adeptly explosion in of fireworks market near mexico city. we will have more on the blast that killed dozens of people. we see that traffic is going to be busy if you are driving in many areas, but it is not up and go here at the macarthur bent. , this portion of fox 2 news is sponsored by dodge. visit
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good morning, welcome back. an investigation is now underway after that huge explosion
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all three have different versions.
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a little warmer on the first date of winter which started at 2:44 am. we will carry that across. clearing saturday night christmas looks good. it is hard to do in the party. i've been here 17 years but we'll figure it out. oakland raiders are heading forward. silver and black players are heading to the all-star game. we have the latest.. facebook ci the ceo is showing off his idea for artificial intelligence. stay with us. at ktvu there is a rhythm
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to our mornings. >> good morning everyone >> are you ready? >> we are on in fy does. >> find your morning rhythm with ktvu mornings on to . every weekday starting at 4 am. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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the department of motor vehicles is meeting with goober today -- uber today. the dmv said they failed to get a proper permit. they say they do not need the permit because the car has drivers behind the wheel. california is cutting public retiree pensions for the first time in history. critics say that investments
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have caused the fund billions of dollars. they needed the extra money to cover current and future pensions for almost 2,000,000 people. the state retirement system far overestimated the rate of return this year. they expect returns to be smaller in the future. it is currently selling assets to cover the shortfall. >> we are paying out more in benefits than we are taking in and contributions. >> we are the ones that will pay for this. for all the retirees. >> they insist the pensions are healthy. critics say that is not true especially when you consider that they rely on thousands of city entities to pay into the funds to keep it going. a company in oakland is being sued and accused of making claims about the products. the lawsuit against veronica
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foods was filed by the north american olive oil association. veronica foods sells it's all of oil to specialty stores. the lawsuit says they made false, misleading statements about all of oil sold in supermarkets. claiming supermarket olive oil does not provide the health benefits people expect from olive oil. veronica foods says it stands by its statements that he made about its products. volkswagen reached a deal and has agreed to buy back or fix the remaining diesel cars involved the cost of this latest settlement is estimated at $1 billion. volkswagen previously reached a deal for the other 475,000 vehicles involved in the case. some of the recalls and buybacks are happening right now. facebook ceo mark zucker berg has posted a new video of his homemade assistant in action. >> good morning jarvis. >> the morning mark. it is saturday, you only have
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five meetings. room temperature is 68 degrees. >> a little morgan freeman. it is called jarvis and voiced by actor morgan freeman. zuckerman shows off some of the features of the system including practical applications like face recognition at the front door. there were funny moments as well. >> jarvis can play all of our favorite music play good nickel back songs. >> i'm sorry i cannot do that. there are no good nickel back songs >> that was a test. >> good stuff. in the comment section on facebook, zucker berg says it is in development and he is looking for suggestions., coming up, an attorney has new information about the plan to
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keep it from happening again. we are in san jose were an intersection a shut down. they are actively searching for a man who may be involved in a shooting. they are using k-9 units. , we are looking at a commute that is getting busier. it will be interesting to see whether or not we have a delayed commute. and lots of high clouds have zoomed over and kept low's up on the first day of winter. it will be a little warmer today.
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santos coming already? >> he has a couple of days. a lot of people are heading home. >> look at that. >> those are actual flights up in the air. no major delays in any of the airports. flights today seem to be running little more on the east, as opposed to the west. a lot of people out there. it is the first day of winter. wednesday. wednesday, december 21. i pam cook . the national weather service has issued an important warning.
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forecasters say waves as high as 20 feet are expected to crash onto the beaches in the greater bay area. a beach hazard warning went into affect early this morning. all the way from sonoma down to monterey county. it is expected to last until 6 pm. if you are headed to the beach, keep a close eye on the big, potentially dangerous wave. and warn people who are visiting who are new to the bay area. sometimes they do not realize. 25 footers of mavericks. >> the window is open for the surf competition. >> and needs to get bigger. >> less chicken with steve. this first day of winter and the lows are up. 57 degrees and half moon bay. temperatures on the coast will
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be mild. longtime no tweet. so far it is dark and 38 in napa. it was much colder than not the last couple of days. 30s, 40s and 50s and cloud  cover will clear out. 57 and half moon bay. low to mid 40s in brentwood. a little west wind in oakland. and offshore breeze to give the coast mild conditions with clearing taking place. 40 47 in danville. a hint of a breeze or lingering cloud cover that will hold the low up. our system is developing and will be here on friday. a little bit warmer and 60s. even though you do not have a lot of time to enjoy it.
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>> it is one of those things. i enjoy it in small amounts. good morning everybody. traffic is moving along in fairfield and vallego. not a bad commute. we have been watching it closely. i will alert the control room because there is reportedly a grass fire in san francisco. i will talk about that when i get there. traffic is moving along well and there have been no major problems getting out. looking at the commute on westbound at the toll plaza, there is a small delay. this is the first sign that things will not be that. usually at 5:30 am traffic is backed up to the maze.
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it is backed up a little bit. pan to the right. there is a report of a grass fire west 80. i do not know of any grass in that area. the fire department is heading out. we will let you know more. they are going out to check with the hp. we will let you know. raking is out of san jose where the section remains closed at this hour. police are continuing to look for a third suspect in connection to an overnight shooting. we have been following the story since 4 am. police have brought in k-9 units to track down the suspect. we are at the scene.
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janine, you've been talking to police about the search. reporter: they are searching inside the cedar creek toyota. you can see there is a heavy police presence. they have the intersection closed off. it is because this is where a shooting took place earlier this morning. it was at 2:15 am work santa clara police officers were in the area of stevens creek and kylie. looked up and saw a man with a pistol at the intersection. officers: ended up detaining two male suspects who are believed to be involved in the shooting. a third man ran away toward the car dealership. as he was doing that, he dropped a gun. police have brought in k-9 and there are 20 officer searching for the suspect. >> we do not know exactly where he is. we think we have him contained. we will search thoroughly and
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will not leave until we are satisfied that we have come to know his whereabouts.>> reporter: one of the suspects contained started kicking out the windows of the patrol car. he was taken out and put in restraints. he has been taking into custody for resisting arrest. police are trying to figure out the relationship between all of the men. it appears they were initially fighting at the intersection and that led to shots being fired. we're hoping to get more information. they do not know if the third suspect is injured. kylie boulevard is closed from albany to stevens creek. when we are talking to the latina -- lieutenant, of warehouse was closed. now they are searching outside the dealership. there is a perimeter fence the house razor wire over the top.
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if they cannot find him, they will most likely and the search. we will have to wait and see. that will be interesting and scary if they have to go into the neighborhood. when will they make that decision? reporter: they did not think they would go into the neighborhoods. they would call off the search. they did not think he could hop the fence. there is no shelter in place order. it is 5:34 am. to our continuing coverage of the new hiring of the police chief a san francisco. scott has been with the lapd since 1989. he picked scott because he showed an ability to move a police department. he helped
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implement reforms at lapd. tony chaplin attended the announcement. he told ktvu that he will remain with the police department and do everything he can to ease the transition for scott.>> i will be here for the foreseeable future and support the new chief. i will continue to support the members of the san francisco police department i think we are the best on the planet. >> scott has been married 29 years and has three children. he accepted the job on his wedding anniversary. he says he supports restrictions on the use of force and favors arming officers with stun guns. a number of san francisco leaders are coming out in endorsing scott. >> it is time to lead san francisco in the right direction. i think we picked a good leader.
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, senator dianne feinstein issued a statement as well. she called him a fine and well respected officer who had worked with feinstein's staff in los angeles. her aides find him a man of integrity and it genuine commitment to public service. san francisco has filled the police chief opening. there are several openings among agencies. oakland has been without one since june hayward, petaluma and others also have openings at the top. the city of san jose has a pension plan that overpaid many a total of nearly $1 million going back 20 years. the mercury news says many have been notified that they were overpaid. the overpayment must be paid to the pension fund. some cases, they are being told that they owe thousands of
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dollars. the issuance say they had no way to know. a new state law on death row cases is on hold. they halted proposition 66 as they consider a legal challenge. last month, voters were asked to decide to death penalty measures. california rejected a ban on the death penalty, but approved prop 66 which sets limits on lengthy appeals in death row cases. opponents argue the new law will not allow attorneys time to file an appeal. supporters of prop 66 in the law is just a stall tactic. police in pleasanton are searching for two men who robbed a woman as she was leaving stoneridge mall. it happened 11:30 am yesterday. the two men approached the woman in a parking lot. one pointed a gun at her and demanded her property, or the other acted as a lookout. they then ran into a green car and drove away. the gunman physics days described as latino, 18 to 20
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years old and 5'4" with a slender build. he was wearing a dark sweater a gray pants. the other man described as african-american, light and in 18 to 20 years of age. 5'4" and wearing a dark color hooded sweatshirt. there is new information about the open estuary. the health warning has been lifted, which was charged by the -- caused by partially treated water. for the first time in a week and a half, sewage was removed. locals fear the problem will return the next rain hit. to heavy rain storms this month overpowered the sewage treatment plant with storm water. diluted sewage spilled into the estuary glass thursday. >> the wastewater system is designed to treat west --
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wastewater. not designed to treat rainwater coming into the system. unfortunately, because of the effects from the system, rainwater does come to our pipes and pipes in private homes. >> the last sewage leak happened in 2014, with 14,000 gallons leaked into the estuary. a fraction of what happened this month. east bay says it is in the early stages of an improvement plan to repair and replace the aging pipes, new superintendent --. a new superintendent has been put on leave. the school district says he was put on administrative leave on monday pending an investigation into a personal matter. the district did not offer any details. district spokesman says investigator will be hired to look into the personal matter. the father is speaking out
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about a lawsuit. jackson lewis was climbing a tree last december when a limb broke off. he fell to the ground in that branch hit him in the head. the family is suing the city because it was marked for removal. they do not post any warning signs. >> i don't want anyone else to get hurt. >> family and friends came together at lake merritt yesterday. the hung up ornaments and warnings on the tree. the board of supervisors is honoring first responders rushed to the scene of the ghost ship. hundreds were called on december 2 100+ their lives. they paid tribute to the first responders. california's deadliest fire in years.
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many are still struggling to cope. >> each time a body was located , all work stopped. everybody focused on the individual that they were recovering. >> it is the same every time. it is not anything you would wish on anyone. it is our job and what we are there to do. we were called in of the needed assistance.>> the emotional board meeting included moments of silence for the 36 people who lost their lives. it is a first for the city of san francisco. the new safety upgrades for what is being called a protected intersection in selma., the raiders are headed to the playoffs. . more on the raiders headed to
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the probe will. we are looking at a commute or traffic is moving along pretty well. this is a look at the bay bridge. a weak system has brought the lows up. highs will be a little warmer. big changes by friday. the bay's choice for whether. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. they are heading back out on the road. the war years in utah jazz got off to a slow start. scoreless for more than three minutes. the warriors had a 22 point lead at halftime. steph curry finished with 25.
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a 30 point when 104-74. big when -- win. in oakland man hit the half- court shot good for $5000. he got a chance to try for the big prize after coming out on top in the free-throw competition. winning a two night stay at the mirage in las vegas. the sharks made the most of their return. they were already up 2-0. then jonas scored the goal. it ended a drought for him. he scored again a few minutes later. a final of 4-1. the raiders are being rewarded for their season. the league high. they are
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headed to the cobol. derek carr and cooper are headed to orlando. it is the most raiders unapproachable team since 1991. also joining the ast pro bowl three members of the offensive line. they have protected eric carr all season. reggie nelson also heads to orlando. no 49ers headed to the cobol -- pro bowl. adding underway at an auction for the ghost ship. steph curry selling -- auctioning his shoes. one-of-a- kind custom shoes. fans are reaching out for the collectibles. bids over $10,000 for his shoes
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with oakland strong painted on them. bidding ends december 30. all proceeds are going to the oakland fire relief fund. we want to check in lasalle at 5:47 am. there is a problem at stevens creek boulevard. a weird crash and all kinds of interesting traffic.>> it has been an interesting week. this morning's commute is getting busy. it is not completely light. we have stop and go traffic and westbound 580 as you drive into the tracy triangle. 205 and 580 or slow. traffic and livermore looks okay. it is not about commute. the marin county line is slow. just at the marin sonoma county line and felt that 101 traffic
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ticket is slow. presumably, they will try to get it out of the way soon. there is already a traffic jam. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza where there is stop and go traffic. it is backed up all the way to the maze. volume is down, but there is slow downs highway 101 in san francisco looks good. highway 101 s. is getting down south and coming up north. a lot of cloud cover but it will clear out. on this first day of winter, cloud cover and 40s and 50s. nothing compared to the last couple of mornings. and mild warning compared to the last two. some locations are up 5 degrees. old man winter. longest night
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of the year. some clouds and no breeze. 30s for some and 40s to 50s with north east breeze. oakland 47. slight offshore component for some that will translate into a nice day by the coast. as we look to the north, there is clearing taking place. mostly cloudy and cloudy skies. you may encountered some showers. southern california has a week system. hearing over and -- into parts of nevada. 50s and woodside and 40s. half moon bay 57.
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32 in truckee. south lake tahoe airport 30. system for us is developing for friday. it will clear out in tomorrow looks all right. friday, we start to bring assist them in. for today, mostly sunny. pretty good snow producer for many on friday. as we head toward early saturday, some of the rainfall looks good. snow could be greater with a couple of feet in the higher elevations. sunday looks cold, but breezy. highs in the low 50s. no consensus for monday. one model says rain and another
5:51 am
says maybe no. we will deal at that as we get closer.  50s and 60s for today. warming up a little bit above average. rain moves in friday and snow in the mountains will carry into saturday and sunday looks okay. a white christmas in the sierra. it will come down to about 4000 feet. >> 4000 as auburn?? no. you to get about that. >> we will send her to do a live shot of blue canyon. >> i go up there i do not pay attention to the altitude. this is a great story. the
5:52 am
bay area couple together for more than 75 years. >> let me hold your hand. give me your hand. we like to hold hands. >> up next, they will share their secret to their law -- love, longevity.
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welcome back there were soon be more crab to a joy. the fishing department has announced more areas that will open to commercial dungeness crab fishing starting on saturday, christmas eve. it follows soon. crab season officially begin last month. an agency to helps defend the nation will once again track santa this weekend. norad has been tracking jolly old saint nick since 1955. love watching how he cruises around the world starting saturday. norad will host santa's whereabouts online. agency says santa has a very big job ahead of him to deliver presents the kids around the world in a single day.
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in oakland woman will mark a milestone on christmas day when she celebrates her 100th birthday . her husband turned 103 last month. >> let me hold your hand. give me your hand. we like to hold hands. >> of course they do. ruth and her husband henry have lived in the same home for 67 years. they met in their 20s and were married in 1940. she says romance and patience are key to the successful marriage. they have six children and seven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. >> i think the lord for his blessing for six children, three boys and three girls. we have tender, loving children
5:57 am
. >> look at the photos. she enjoys listening to music, place candy crush on her iphone . >> she is up-to-date. >> she likes sinatra. she contributed longevity in good health to not drinking or smoking and laughing a lot and hanging out with her husband. >> patience and romance. we are coming up on our 6 am hour. up next, the meeting between the rideshare company, the officials and the dmv. a new study about police force. the findings. we have a nice-looking commute for the most part. there are some spots we need to slow down. a little bit of cloud cover . the first day of winter.
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it will be warmer today. changes on friday. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now
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at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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we are live in san jose where a manhunt has come to an end. we will tell you the latest of what happened at an intersection at stevens creek. a fiery crash overnight . two people manage to escape from the car and self-pay. will talk about the quick work by firefighters to put out the flames., this is ktvu morning on 2. thank you for joining us it is wednesday thank you for joining us it is wednesday, december 21. the first day of winter. let's kick it off with whether. it was mild this morning. it has been cold all week. compared to 48 hours ago. >> we appreciate the 50s.>> we do.


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