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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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about the use of force. >> suddenly a four-ton truck is flowing into a crowd. >> 13 years ago i was forced to use my weapon to stop a driver trying to run people down. >> they would allow exceptions in cases like that or like what we say in germany and france. and they want to fall though department of justice recommendsation. >> it all is about shooting the car. the doj recommends that. >> the may police shooting of the woman in her car is the incident that caused the former police chief his job and now they have a new chief who is in the lapd 12 years ago and that department enacted a ban on
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firing into a moving vehicles unless it is a deadly threat. >> when you take something way you used to it is a shock to the system. it is a difficult thing, but we adapt. when the policy is written we adapt. >> you can see the meeting is under way and expected to go on for hours. and vehicles and tasers the police commission can take up the issue of neck holds and if the commission combings -- inrotrow deuce. >> there expected to be votes or just to hear public input is the. >> they are looking for public input but they could issue a discission tonight they are considering this issue and we do
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have amber lee in side and we will have more in an hour and full details at ten. as i said ithis meeting could last for hours. >> they are not expected to discus the taser issue tonight is the. >> from what i understand everything is on the bord. they can talk about tasers and the so-called neck hold. they are trying to get their idea on what they policy is going to be unterms of use of -- in terms of use of force. san francisco public defender wants charges dropped of the man on the bart, another passenger called 911 claiming that smith and his girlfriend were armed with a gun and threatened to rob him. >> keep in mind at this point
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in time. he is not told anything about why he is being stopped and under the law they have to tell you why you are being stopped. >> smith's girlfriend said the con frontation was so violent it led to the miscarriage of their unborn child and he was recently acquitted but there is still three misdemeanor charges against him. and today public defender said he wants the charges stopped. >> a taxi driver is under arrest for sex sale assaulting a -- sexually assaulting. and she woke up in the cabdrivers home and it is 30-year-old sanchez of san jose he has assaulted at least one other women and there could be more victim whose have yet to
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come toward. >> fairfield a drunk driver caused a head on collisions that ended up killing 2 people. an suv and a lincoln sedan in flames. the crash happened about 12:25 this morning. and the male driver from the suv suffered severe burns what the two in side the lincoln were not able to escape. >> they were not able to get out of the vehicle. >> authorities had not said which driver was driving impaired and they say drivers go way to fast where the posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour. >> a 3-year-old boy is in the hospital after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver.
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it happened at vancouver court in san jose and they are calling on the person responsible to come forward. >> this is eli. he is 3-year-olds and may have to spend christmas in a hospital bed. >> i heard him yell my arm hurts and the dad was like it so okay you will be fine. >> neighbors saw the after math. >> it hurt me because i saw the grandma say in spanish i feel like it is my fault. >> the dog ran into the street and the 3-year-old ran into the street. >> it happened in san jose and a child was struck by a silver sedan and the driver then took off and leaving pieces of his car and the child behind. >> we can't say whether the driver was aware he struck the
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little boy. >> and they are looking for additional witnesses and cameras in the area and they hope the driver will come forward and take responsibilities he is scraped and bruised but he is doing better. >> i am still frying god that that kid is okay because that is horrible. it is just horrible. >> he will likely have to stay in the hospital for a few more days. oakland police are investigating a deadly stabbing in a city park. a man's body was found at 7:15 this morning. police say the victim was stabbed several times and ended up dying that scene and his name has not been released yet and no word on a motive or responsible
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suspects. a gunman wanted on charges of homicide. thee he is a -- he about 30 years old and seen leaving the parking lot and has tinted windows and a paper license plate. the victim is recovering in the hospital with several gun shot wound. a 23-year-old man from tunesia. a record of 100,000 euros is being offered for information leading to his arrest. german authorities kept him under surveillance for months
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because he had ties to a jihadist who had tides to isis. -- tis to isis. >> ingeneral state prosecutor is leading the investigation. his colleague spent the entire night putting together this jigsaw puzzle. >> in reaction police here have stepped security in many cities including san francisco and especially where christmas shoppers are gathered. >> isis has claimed responsible for that attack and called the truck driver one of their soldiers. >> donald trump spoke briefly about the attack and saying he may go ahead with his campaign policy from banning muslim immigrants from coming to the u.s. this comes after his meeting with national security advisors in florida.
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>> what happens is dreadful. >> donald trump takeing a few minutes to talk to reporters before heading back in side to the work and putting the finishing touches on his 16-person cabinet and today the rnc chief strategist who reportedly in for runing for white house press secretary. >> the withdraw from tpp and the nafta all of those things are going to happen on day one. >> and the president-elect taking time to get a briefing from his security adviceer mike flynn. and donald trump who is been criticized from not taking the briefing every day and suggesting it is only necessarily if a change in the
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posture arrives. >> the treasury department announcing sank sanctione -- and we hope they see thes withdom and the pressure on russia. >> today they released it's schedule of the inaugural events including a parade and three balls. >> cuts with the cops and an opportunity to get a hair cut and awesome learn about jobs and law enforce. , and we are tracking the next rain it is whiching as we move into bay -- coming as we move into bay area. caught in the act and a thief makes off with hundreds of
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thousands of jewelry. and now we are learning police may have been inside that store when it happened. >> the object possible hid while it -- subject possibly hid inside the store while it closed. . >> all of those tail lights you see that it the commute direction the headlights are heading into the san francisco and pretty heavy looks like a morning commute right now. these are the conditions a long interstate 80 and berkeley university avenue and the tail lights you see they are heading in the direction and it is heavy there in both directions. back with more in just a moment. sweetie, you know what we're craving right now?
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0. a thief caught in the act on surveillance video on a department storethone east bay. the thief made off with more than rings. >> we are live in concord and police thing the thief they have been hiding out in the store when it closed? >> yes they believe this burglar hid out over the weekend in the store and waited for everyone to leave and may even have been there while officers were searching the store before making his get away. >> holidays shoppers purchase their gift others are taking
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without paying. >> this show as suspect in concord. he stole 112 rings. , and that is quite a feet. >> the horrible sense that is causing the business a lot of money, they believe they hid out waiting for everyone to leave and officers responded. and the burglar may have hid. >> we are not sure if it a-cured at that time or after they left. >> employees discovered the smashed case when they opened the store earlier that morning and the suspect was long gone for a subject to come in and commit a crime during this time
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it is not vary happy. >> it can be a wonderful time of the year for criminals too. >> at the end of the day they gave it back. this is different and that guy, hopefully he gets caught and returned. that is a lot of money in merchandise. >> this is another look at that suspect and police believe he lives here in the east bay. if you recognize this man police want you to contact them. vallejo police identified the victim of the shooting in a pawnshop. investigators say he was shot by two masked men. his dog was also killed in the attack and a store employee was seriously hurt while another employee managed to escape there
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is no word if anything was stolen. police are hoping it video will help them identify the two robbers. >> more fall out after that deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people. today a group of tenets in afternoon called on the city to issue a moratorium on fire and code inspections the they say it is unfairly to artist that live in the warehouses. they just learned they have less than 30 days to move out. >> reporter: this is the rim affect from the -- ripple affect from the fire in oakland. the people living in this artist collective are saying the owner is trying to force them out. this live workspace is known as
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the burnal house. is on parotal avenue, and now earlier a today a task force showed up for a previous announced safety inspection and members of the building department they are all working artists and this space is not permitted for residential use and they are now worried about being kicked out. >> if we lose this i can't imagine finding a place that is something i can afford. i don't anticipate finding something else. >> do you believe it is a safe place? >> do, absolutely, i definitely do. i did a lot of construction on it myself and have a lot of experience in construction and yea, absolutely is a safe place to live. >> city inspectorsed with not
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comment on if -- inspectors would not comment if code violations were found. the tenets who live here are hoping that they can work with the city and the property owner to work out a solution. in san francisco ktvu. we are tracking more rain in the forecast tonight. three in a row. weather coming our way in the form of this weather system. on friday. bit this little system to the south is creating rain in southern california and heavy rain. look at that yellow. clear tonight. and beautiful. increasing clouds tomorrow but dry. temperatures low 60s and upper 50s. so cooler and you wake up 35 in
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concord and a cool start to the day and temperatures end up cooler then they were today too but not bad. greens are 60s so low 60s and upper 50s throughout the bay area especially right along the coast and on the bays edge. o san francisco tomorrow morning. a few clouds around 50 degrees and about lunch time 53 and the there is the sky cover. orcloud cover. as we go over night into thursday. it will rain and snow in the mountains as well. so next i see you we will have the computer model and show you where the rain will be. >> cal tran and the highways and snow. authority say it is good to
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practice before heading into snowing conditions. >> if you try to do it when it is dark and cold and wet you will probably fail. >> the highway patrol expects lots of traffic and more cars means more accidents. and urging to keep the gas tanks full because the closures can sometimes last for hours. >> after an explosion in a market in mexico. n mexico. 0. the latest on the search and recover efforts there. >> and the cal basketball teams hosts number 12 virginia tonight. and we will hear from two the bear whose want to pull off the up set
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. . the number of people killed continues to grow in an accident at a fireworks market near mexico city today loved ones are scour hospitals looking for a number of people who are still missing after the blast. 32 people are known dead and at least 12 people unaccounted for after yesterday's explosion. >> adam tells us this is the third disaster to hit that same market in just over ten years.
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>> reporter: . >> okay we are having trouble with that piece. we will try to get that corrected but a horrible disaster. >>. bay area police offers working to try to bridge a divide and the event happening right now at a barber shop. trying to improve relations between police and the community. >> plus a big speed bump tonight for uber and the driver less car program and why they are pulling the fleet for the road. >> this couple is a tribute to life and marriage. they share their secret for a wonderful life
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now to today's top stories, the family of a 3-year-old boy who was struck by a hit-and-run drive are is asking the driver to come forward. he was chasing his dog into the street when a car hit him. the boy is expected to recover. witnesses say the car was a silver sedan, possibly a honda. body cam video shows an arrest on a bart platform last
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summer. public defender says police did not act properly when they arrested michael smith on the platform at the bart station. he was acquitted of some of the charges against him, including battery on an officer. he wants three additional misdemeanor charges against smith dropped. >> the san francisco police commission could approve a change to the department's use of force policy at a meeting underway right now. the department of justice recommended forbidding is not fran police officers from -- san francisco police officers from firing at moving cars. joe marshal says there will be exceptions if the officer feels his life is in danger. you're watching ktvu fox it news at 6:30. the dmv is putting the brakes on uber's driverless cars. >> they revoked the registration of the 16 self- driving cars owned by uber. tom has the reaction from uber and more on the concerns over
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the safety of those cars. >> reporter: the state of california's revoking the registrations of uber's 16 driverless cars in california to failure to secure the proper permits. uber says it has ceased operating them and will redeploy them somewhere else. this man says a few weeks ago, a self driving uber car ran a red light right before his very eyes. >> all of a sudden, the car ran through the red light. it just took off. there was a car that was coming down 8th street that had to slam on its brakes, honk its horn, stop. he didn't hit him. 15 or 20 feet past that, the uber car stopped, sat there for 15, 20 seconds, and then drove off again. >> this is video from another incident where a driverless uber ran a red light right through the path of an on coming pedestrian already legally walking in the crosswalk. >> we're requesting to have a -- going to have a setback that people aren't putting safety as their


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