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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the san francisco police officer dictating when they can use deadly force extract the taxi driver behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. there could be more victims. crisp and clear in the bay area that will change we will tell you when the rain is expected to arrive. good afternoon everybody. san leandro police looking for the metastatic killed one person and seriously injured another this morning during what appears to be an attempted robbery. officers responding to a fight at 12:45 am, found the victims in the 1200 block of 143rd avenue. both were suffering from stab wounds. trying to figure out what happened. we are expecting an update at 2:30 pm. anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call san leandro police. learned the union that
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represents the san francisco police officers has filed a lawsuit against the city to stop what he calls unfair practices and actions by the police commission. >> the suit was filed tuesday ahead of last night position to implement changes to the use of force policy. quibec this is all the result of a long running and contentious debate in san francisco. last night at city hall members of the police commission approved two major changes to the department the use of force policy. members passed a measure that band officers from shooting at cars unless they were exceptional circles it is a truck -- they demanded the additional language be inserted . the union says officers need latitude when the public might be in danger from someone was behind the wheel of a car. some commissioners agreed. >> when i first came on the commission there are several
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shootings at cars and suburban fatal. >> also last night in a four, three vote the commission banned a maneuver known as carotid restraint, a type of the cold used to subdue someone who is speaking -- been taken into custody. some say the maneuver is not the same as a chokehold. they say it can be an effective technique for fema officers and the officers who are small in stature and when done properly they say it's not legal. these rule changes for san francisco officers take effect immediately although the police unit earlier this week did filed suit trying to block these changes to the department use of force policy. morgan hill man wanted in connection with the brutal beating of his neighbor is in custody the police tweeted that 47-year-old mark webber turned himself in at police headquarters last night and is accused of severely beating his neighbor with a baseball bat
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two weeks ago. police say they were fighting because weber was angry about his neighbor not picking up after his dog. officers were called to the scene found the injured man inside his home. the victim's condition has not been updated construct. a taxi driver behind bars on charges of sexually assaulting a passenger this different authorities think there could be more victims are 30-year-old julio sanchez is being held on $600,000 bail. he picked up a fare on october 29, the woman was coming out of bar and campbell pitches that she was intoxicated and became separated from her friends. the skaters say sanchez drove her to his house in san jose. >> it's very scary because you think, just my daughter, you should be able to trust a cab driver. >> video helped identify hemp was caught last night the us marshals in the central valley city. another woman canceled and accused him of assaulting her. authorities are also looking into his company
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checkered flag yellow taxi, and then answer the phone number listed on the company's facebook page says the company was shut down last year. highway patrol says speeding was likely the cause of the the great crash and overturn this morning in south bay around 5:15 am on a kirby section west on highway 552 and gilroy. the truck was the only vehicle involved. chp close down that section of the freeway while they cleared the scene. traffic was detoured to highway 101. the truck was loaded with lunch meats. >> they took a turn at a speed slightly too fast for the conditions and due to the curvature of the broadway and speed the big rig overturned. but the driver climbed out of the and was not injured. all the meat was offloaded and put onto another truck. family attend for a new place to live after a fire
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damaged the san jose hundred the fire broke out just before 5:30 am on palmero wrote near holy. it took firefighters 30 minutes to put it out there was injured when a dog was killed in the fire. three other dogs made it out to the cause of the fire under investigation for the red cross is providing assistance to track san jose a young homeless man is in the hospital after being burned in a fire along highway 87. from a crew saw the fire from the freeway near, avenue 3:30 am and fire crews contained the blaze near a homeless camp within 30 minutes. young man sustained burns on his hands and face the cause of the fire not yet determined. the latest on the white house transition and president elect truck causing controversy yet again over a tweety posted this morning writing the united states must greatly strengthened and expanded its nuclear capabilities until such
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time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. and 29 days trump will be sworn into office and although he's on vacation in florida he is busy making sure that the administration is ready to hit the road. >>reporter: donald trump administration continues to grow with less than one month before the inauguration. kelly anne conway, his campaign manager who previously announced she will move to washington is in deep headed to the nation's capital to serve as counselor to the president when he takes office. in this role she will work with senior leadership in the white house to effectively message and execute the administration legislation priorities and actions. but the gravity and responsibility as serving at senior level for the president 's difficulty passing that. >>reporter: the first female campaign manager to bring -- when an election was quick to white critics who question
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whether she could do the job with 4 children. >> i would say i don't play golf or have a mistress, i had a lot of time that the government don't. but from administration takes to policy he sounding off as we knew about to stop terror groups after a series of attacks across europe earlier this week. mr. trump appeared to suggest a willingness to move ahead with his campaign pledge to temporarily ban some immigrants from coming here to manage states. >> it depends where they are coming from. they coming from tunisian, certain countries that we know our sponsor terrorism than we might have to have a program for the kelly anne, or -- easing concerns think that the white house will provide media access on a daily basis keeping a fairly traditional relationship with the press. president-elect trump also selected peter navarro to have
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the newly created white house national trade council. navarro has accused china of effectively waging economic war against the us. equipment has some investors concerned. dmv report yvonne contract was i get to play with her three children when a passenger started screaming at her think your father is ruining the country in this happens before the plane left the gate and the man yelled why is she on this flight? she should be flying private. she was sitting in coach with her children apparently ignore the net trying to distract her kids with crayons the demand was eventually escorted off the plane. 6.4 million americans have signed up for coverage the healthcare exchange for 2017. that's about 400,000 more than one year ago when to federal officials. demonstration is making a pit pushed for enrollment as president obama prepares to leave office in less than one month.
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they were concerns enrollment would be impacted by rising cost , however, that doesn't appear to be the case. president-elect trump has vowed to repeal and replace the healthcare program. coming up, holiday travel in full swing as many people had out for the holiday weekend. a check on the conditions at bay area airport. look at the major problems causing delays in southern california. and rain on the way, steve will tell you when to expect the next storm.
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they are not rushing. the case is sleeping in my backpack ready to go. before you head out the door had to and check the forecast before you leave for this story on the homepage think that the real-time weather and traffic information on our ktvu mobile app. delays for today los angeles international airport because more frustration for travelers. last night our tieups after the terminals at lax and the tarmac. people were left waiting for hours for the website almost every incoming flight from the after it was eventually were diverted to other airports including ssl.
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check we arrived at 407 profit 637. on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours. >> you can always count on that during the holidays. lax says it was due to construction upgrades and a half percent increase of passengers traveling. at the thursday, with clear skies and temperatures in the 30s. much colder than yesterday. there's a very cold air on the way for christmas morning but the main weather dates will be friday into early saturday. if not going anywhere to the deal the rain was in tomorrow. winter storm warning kicks in for you and thursdays at 4 pm saturday at snow levels will probably not start off your 4500 feet bucket and that 3000 2500 feet or lower. enough
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moisture we can get some low snow levels not until saturday. higher peaks one, two, 3 feet look like a good snow producer in the northern mountains and north east california in the sierra. for a sunny and low cloud deck and some high mid-level clouds at the north our system on the way is pushing into one of the cloud coverage. look at this in southern california is getting bumped along. today will be the main day and tomorrow looks nicer but they will have to deal with the same system we are probably not until late friday into saturday that today it's about rain in southern california. san diego had a lot of rain yesterday in la is getting it now. back over to the desert it is lifting northward. they may be in the driver side. winter storm watch often on to southern california not a friday or saturday flash flood in the desert winter storm for the sierra nevada. which
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weather advisories as well. temperatures are running cooler than 24 hours ago anywhere from one to. which weather advisories as well. temperatures are running cooler than 24 hours ago anywhere from 1 to 6 degrees. five cool in livermore, 5 to 6 year from oakland to santa rosa they just a few degrees cooler for something that much of a breeze it will pick up at night into tomorrow and now we have a slight offshore component in the best temperatures by the coast. water temperatures 52, 53 and seven cisco colder than bodega bay. half-moon bay 54 in monterey 55. 11 feet 7 feet and 10 feet picked up against the rocks. watch out for that system in the golf. that will be for late night with -- decreasing clouds. very good cold air support coming in behind that. that will move in late saturday and it will be very cold on sunday. the main impact for the system will be some rain half an inch but by late friday and saturday the snow will really come down to low levels.
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it is a good snow producer. think that is the key with the system that will get some rain but the cold air coming in is going to make an impact on christmas morning. six is on the temperatures are 50s for some. tomorrow rain moving in and cold it will take that into saturday possibility of showers and thundershowers and low snow levels around the bay area. a cold breezy pattern but try on christmas day. the search goes on to the man who authorities believe is responsible for killing and injuring dozens of people at a berlin christmas market rate officials say he could be armed and dangerous. people in berlin are trying to get back to a sense of normalcy ahead of the holiday. >>reporter: berlin tries to get back a little bit of it holiday spirit, christmas market where at least 12 people were killed in monday's truck attack is open was again. organizers decided to reopen but without party music or bright lights.
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>> we just keep going because we must pick will not let them bring us down. >> visitors and workers still very aware of what happened here lighting candles and laying flowers. >> it's terrible how people can do something like this. have been a must be. these times we want to live together peacefully treatment of the main suspect it still at large. officials put out i wanted for its for anis amri offering rewards of $100,000 for information leading to his arrest. local media outlets here reporting his fingerprints were found on the truck used in the attack to the 24-year-old brother says they are shocked by his actions that>> we expected more from him. we wanted him to develop himself depends on himself and helping family. german officials keeping anis amri under investigation for 14 months and trying to deport him after his asylum application was denied.
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a state funeral was held today in moscow for the russian ambassador shot and killed while making a speech in an art gallery in turkey on monday. russian president was among the mourners paying respect. karloff was shot by an off-duty turkish police officer who shot at about russia's involvement in the war in syria before he was shot and killed by police. coming up, if you haven't completed your holiday shopping or if you haven't finished shipping your guests don't worry, you have options to get to the right people before christmas. we will tell you what you need to know after the break.
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warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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if you're not finished with the holiday shopping and shipping there is some options to get gets delivered before christmas. if you use ups emission they aren't smart using next-day air and tomorrow is the last day to guarantee christmas delivery through the u.s. postal service with pirating express -- priority express. if you really get down to the wire on amazon is promising a want, to our delivery in some cities. adam shapiro has more. >> there is hope for procrastinators because amazon has the service nationwide offer -- offers 1 to 2 our
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delivery. that is -- as long as you are a prime number the cost $99 a year. amazon prime service so everything and the top in manhattan the have a good example. that all kinds of goods from refrigerated items to grocery items, big-ticket items. this television regular, this big-screen tv 23 nine dollars you could get something as small as small item in an attendant classic only 60 -- nintendo item. that's what they sell. according to the folks at amazon they sell everything right up to 945 christmas eve. >> we are a function in rats the last minute. sometimes people run out of important thing for last-minute . holiday wrapping paper, scissors and take for last- minute gifts. >> the key is you have to order
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by 9:45 pm on christmas eve and is guaranteed to be delivered by 11:59 pm christmas eve. as for future expansion they are in 30 cities right now. amazon says it will grow. they just won't say where yes. -- yet. taking a look at the stock market at this hour the damages towards 20,000 and losing some ground and 42 an that -- nasdaq down 33. uber has pulled its fleet of driverless cars and san francisco -- california after their -- the dmv says it needs the same special permit 20 other companies have to test self driving vehicles. uber maintained it didn't need permits to run the cars onto the streets because there is a human attendant in the driver seat. the ridesharing services is committed to california but is looking at where they can redeploying those cars.
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the dmv issued a statement that said in part they stand to assist uber . the dmv says the permit process can take as little as 72 hours. about industry of the east bay is being accused of sexual harassment and discrimination against people with disabilities in the lawsuit claims the night shift harassed female workers. the complaint was set in 2012 an alleged goodwill and affiliated retailer against managers that tried to help the women were part of a job program for the disabled. supervisor has left goodwill the organization tells the bay area news group it takes these charges seriously and looks forward to learning what they can do to better protect employees and clients racetrack and report shows young adult are choosing not to leave the nest or to report by a real estate industry tracking group
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finds that 40% of people between 18 and 34 years old are staying at home rather than venturing out on the that this percentage is the highest since 1940, the year after the official end of the great depression. money is a prime reason why millennials are deciding to live longer with mom and dad. young adult site rising cost of housing, difficulties in finding a job, and paying off college debt. coming up a area rapper before gets into the spirit of the holiday with a generous donation he just made today in his hometown. a special operation for richmond police who got to take dozens of children on holiday shopping spree. it will tell you who the kids gifts for. -- bought gifts for. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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tailbone on rapper 340 returned to his hometown to get back to his home. he justified the salvation army to drop off a check for $20,000 in the donation will be used to provide food and clothing in the community and to help pay utility bills. this is not the first time he donated to the salvation army, he says his family relied on their services when he was growing up. >> we did what we had to do and i'm in a great position in
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space and life and i love my city and people. i don't love things. that's why i'm here just to get back. there was some water heated his suppression of ezekiel elliott recently hopped into a giant salvation army kettle after scoring a touchdown. more than 50 lucky richmond school kids did some shopping with police officers. this is the merchant police department annual shop with a cop event. started out with breakfast and the kids were paired with an officer who took them on a shopping spree at the hilltop mall. kids were chosen on the economic status, family situation and good grades in the range of elementary school- aged high school. each tile receipt hundred dollars to spend some of them said they were buying gifts for family. >> i got a watch for my mom. >> the kids spend the money to buy for the family members of
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the may never get anything for themselves. the officers pull out their own wallet and buy gifts for the kids that are here. >> police officers say they are always happy and grateful for this and to get to this case. today's event with the police department follows another generous yesterday the rescue mission. more than 1500 people all walked away with presence. >>reporter: there are long lines and then there is this one, stretch from richmond civic center auditorium up the street and around the corner. families can unlock were waiting to get inside the auditorium for a holiday celebration. among them was this richmond grandmother and her two-year-old granddaughter. we don't have money to buy gas. we just come out here -- by gifts. >>reporter: inside some of them homeless others from families on hard times watch holiday shall that included stories of
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strength of bending frying pan in half. every child got to presence. -- presence -- presents immaculate in here? >> now. >> i would had cancer and was laid off. we met this woman says she's not sure, chris smith's she could provide for 11-year-old daughter. >> i'm unemployed. this comes at the right time. it's perfect to make my daughter and me happy. and at the holiday party was sponsored by the bay area rescue mission which works with homeless people in richmond. >> the families that come to this event have to make a decision, do we pay the rent or buy a kid a christmas present? and if we asked the mayor why he thought so many families needed help? >> you can find people in need everywhere but i can tell you that the most need is right here
12:33 pm
. richmond has the lowest family income of any the hundred and one cities and separatist. >> it took hundreds of volunteers to wrap the almost 4000 present. one young boy decided is not going to keep pace. >> i was going to take some gifts and give them to the fire department so it's not just for me. >>reporter: the bay area rescue mission hopes to hold this event every year so every child who needs a christmas can have a christmas. and by hundreds of people are at sacred heart picking out holiday gifts as the demand for donation continues for this year 6200 children are signed up to receive toys and books which is almost 200 more than last year and that means right now parents who preregister by picking out free choice for the children to open on christmas. the nonprofit agency is still collecting toys. if you'd like to do that you can go to the facility at first
12:34 pm
and on the street in san jose and drop off a gift. in san francisco st. anthony's is collecting donations today. they are shy other target of 500 and a christmas day and they continue their curbside donation drop-off for food at the facility on golden gate avenue. st. anthony's is also accepting donations of toiletries and new or gently used clothing. they will be out at christmas. the thousands of people who use it anthony services will be given to construct my morning last-minute toy drive is underway in san francisco usually it's just a christmas is that this year there is an extra day, starting at 6:00 am tomorrow they hope to collect more than 12,000 toys for the toy drive run at 11:00 pm on christmas eve don't have to get out of your corporate you can drop off your point in front of the restaurant at. between powell and mason street contract the north bay a man is
12:35 pm
behind bars after napa police closing -- -- bag was arrested last night visitors the use collecting cash for the organization called cancer research foundation for children which is a real charity but does not solicit for cash. he collected $150 in a short period of time the faces charges of theft and probation violation. police say don't be afraid to call a cop and his toll-free number to see if it is in fact collecting money. police say a thief who made off with 200 police say a thief who made off with $200,000 worth of merchandise from a sears store may have been hiding inside the department store after it closed. christina tells us police responded to an alarm at the store but found nothing. holiday shoppers purchased against others may take without pay. >> think they should give to people and not healing. >> these images show a burglary
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suspect at the sears store in concord. install 127 rings from a jewelry case with a total of $218,000. but i don't know how they pulled it off. horrible sense of what they saw. because of this is a lot of money. the police say they believe that further head in a store locker room waiting for everyone to leave the alarm went off around 230 the alarm went off around 2:30 am saturday and officers responded. the burglar may have hit the officer searched the store. >> were not sure if it occurred before or after they left it at the time the officers went and checked the discovery nobodies and evidence of a crime. >>reporter: employees discovered the smashed jewelry case the suspect was long gone. but this is the time of year everyone is in a giving and festive mood and for such someone to come in and commit a crime during this time is not happy. but as reminder of the most wonderful time of the year can also be wonderful for criminals
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also. >> it almost feels like the holiday grades but at the end of the day the grinch gave it back and everybody was for the grinch and friends. this is different. hopefully that guy gets caught etiquettes returned that's a lot of money. but this is another look at the suspect. police believe he lives here in the east bay. recognizing concord police want you to give them up call. and east bay barbershop has become the focus of a new way for police to build bridges with the community. the masters barbershop yesterday played host to a gathering called cups with comps people that -- cups with comps cuts with cops. it's a good way to bridge the gap. who will pass up a free haircut?
12:38 pm
at the same time learn something about law enforcement. simeon the police chief said he thought the event was a great way to meet the public and look for some new recruits. starting on january 2 people caught parking in jelly spots without paying will face a $55 fine, $20 more. the penalty is increasing for those of parking legally in spaces that require special permits and they will face of $75,000 fine-$40. repeat offenders will pay more. those who racked up five, nine citations face additional $100 penalty. 10 or more tickets the next $150 . structuring smarter generate second cars will not be allowed to park at the popular parking lot at golden gate bridge. the parking lot at the welcome center will be closed to private vehicles, which were buses will be allowed to park in the lot during the holidays. the idea is to reduce the
12:39 pm
backup set happened during the holidays as drivers compete for the limited number of spots available. texas and write heaven services will be allowed to pick up passengers but not disappoint. when it comes to major public works projects high cost overruns seem to be the rule. not the exception as we've seen with the bay bridge. high-speed rail and terminal and golden gate bridge suicide barrier. tom looks at the rationale of the suicide barriers huge price tag. we met last year alone official site 186 people came to the golden gate bridge to end their lives. 33 could not be restrained or talked out of it, most of them jumped into the west towards the ocean. since the bridge was built in 1937 is believed 1600 people have jumped to the deaths of the golden gate is a suicide magnet but no other with a disturbing recent trends. >> but we have seen his 2000
12:40 pm
and they fivefold increase with young people under the age of 25 coming to the bridge to kill themselves. >> the steel mesh. that has risen to $20 million, number bridge officials and contractors have finally agreed on.>> became in height we put together a plan. >>reporter: experts say most will quit jumping and those that do will be saved by the net. and a quarter century after its belt is projected that 750 lives will be saved in that comes out to $25,000 per life. check the investment is worth every penny based on the number of lives saved. connect the past year's resistance to the barrier senator. -- centered over the place was a people will seek out another place to kill themselves. and concerns about cost and worries about changing the bridges iconic look. >> when it was first built they were telling people put something here. >>reporter: his eight-year-old
12:41 pm
son kyle died in a jump from the bridge in 2013. with a firm contract in place he no longer has to worry about cost overruns killing the suicide.. >> i feel like this is a step forward in building this barrier of the golden gate bridge to prevent people from going there . >> public thinking has changed her >> experts say this is the best way to spend the money to save lives it will it work? is a be the first bridge suicide barrier in the us, it doesn't bridge barriers worldwide have been set up for two decades. >> during a decade there has been one doctor that many studies show most bridge suicides are impulsive the survivor said they regretted as soon as they jumped the majority never try it again. >> once people don't have any surety that a suicide will be successful they don't seek another bridge or location of the golden gate is the benefit that was susan there should be completed sometime in 2021.
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coming up big for making its way towards the bay area, details on when it is to arrive.
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former golden state warrior is eligible for the nba hall of fame. distracted by the warriors in 1989 and was part of run tmc.
12:45 pm
his 13th season hard way had -- he is currently an assistant coach for the story distant and is falling short of it three times he's ineligible to get on the hall of fame ballot contract some first-time nominees in the nba hall of fame tracy mcgrady, ben wallace and muggsy blows at five for three he was the shortest you ever play in the nba. classic 2017 will be unveiled in april at the men's ncaa final format that induction; be in september at home and in springfield massachusetts. happy thursday afternoon skies clear to mostly clear little bit of low clouds on the deck. focus isn't so much today upper 50s low 60s, tonight we quote up and smart things kick and especially for those traveling
12:46 pm
for it has not going anywhere you don't have to worry about it but if you are driving the will be rain around here and a lot of snow especially in higher elevations of the sierra northeast and this is a 4 am friday goes to 4 pm sunday snow level becoming way down by late friday into early saturday. possibility of no on the bay area peaks if they're not just as much of the content. all the early saturday. today we get a north breeze and it cool down this morning but a lot more 30s and 20s and symbolic patty to mostly cloudy skies north the winning on the system, they are not waiting at all. the lowest -- low is moving and bumped along by the upstream but not before it produces heavy rain for some especially southern nevada avert las vegas. the high desert and also down to the palm springs desert into flagstaff phoenix and la. they are not done yet but it looks like by tonight and tomorrow that will eject out and move into the four corners and that will be a good snow producer, that's the main
12:47 pm
weather system if you're traveling you can see it's moving into corners. a little system but that low coming at a southern california is the main one third parties on the temperatures it's called but for some it's not that bad it's done right one for others in the southeast and the florida . winter storm watch for the balance of southern california but that's not something we see a lot. winter weather advisories most locations are running one, 6 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago in cool air mass is in place. little bit of an offshore breeze will turn suddenly. not that strong another nice day by the coast and water temperatures 52 to 55. sam cisco will be cooler the bodega bay, not something we see a lot to 11 feet, 7 feet and 10 feet on the blue we report the system generating a lot of cold air coming out of the gulf of alaska. doesn't get a good look at this one does. there's our front tonight and into tomorrow but it was spread rain by tomorrow morning and that is a very cold pool of
12:48 pm
their the work its way south. rainfall not great many half inch to an inch. it is the snow that will be in the gipper the friday night most of this should be done for us middle continue in the northern mountains the snow levels of come down to 3000 feet. they certainly are done and sunday it looks cold to try and also breezy 20 to highs in the upper 40s for some very low 50s around here in the lows will be in the 25th 50s and 60s today a few clouds but just a little bit cooler on the high temperatures compared yesterday . rain breeze conditions and very cold air was in the starting. possibility of low snow levels but it's all gone by christmas morning. cold and breezy weather system in effect with the coast by monday. that winter storm headed to the sierra means warning for drivers for caltrans telling people to be prepared for snow in conditions. snow and ice means district authorities say it's a good practice to always bring your change expect if you
12:49 pm
have changed you can't install what is right you will fail. >> highway patrol >> got the traffic this morning to the sierra. more cars in the were accidents the possibility of freeway closures with tsb urges drivers to maintain a full tank of gas because the closures can sadly last for hours. structures into our newsroom uber moved its fleet to arizona the earlier the newscast we told you that the ridesharing company polled its driverless cars with street as evidenced out after the dmv revoked the registrations of the 16 s. driving suvs. these are pictures of the cars being loaded onto the flat bed truck sent to us from uber. spokesman said our cars departed for arizona this morning by truck will be expanding our self driving pilot there in the next few weeks we are excited to have the support of governor ducey.
12:50 pm
>> that was a big jab at a secret santa surprise for the ages. how a woman in alabama ended up getting a box of holiday cheer from snoop.
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check all the people waiting to see, the dow will break the $20,000 barrier, doesn't like it will happen today. nasdaq is also off about the same at 28. several shoppers who have been procrastinating this holiday season fear not, there is still some great gifts available at the very last minute. >> as michelle reports there is something for everyone from gamers to vinyl collectors.>> christmas is just a few days away. here is a list of items to help the last-minute shopping. the hottest selling movie merchandise the season and some wrote one, a star wars stories a wide array of items including light -- lifesavers action figures and large-scale dog. with the release of the big- screen adaptation of the popular assassin's creed fans can pick up custom deluxe jackets,
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figurines, official books and an essential guide encompassing the entire franchise. pictures collected favorite animated films for a limited edition box set that smart cloudy with a chance of hotel and hotel transylvania is part of the 10 included. available blu-ray sets from fox home entertainment include the alien 30th anniversary edition, independence day 20th anniversary ultimate collector's edition that come with the alien ship figurine and for kids ice age collision course limited edition gift set. us up for grabs the 10th anniversary blu-ray of talladega nights and for martial arts fans come the ip then trilogy limited edition book. the entire world of western is available with the
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game of thrones complete season 136 on dvd. music fans can ask employed the early years 1955 to 72 the 27th box set includes tv recordings bbt sessions unreleased tracks for vinyl fence comes the rock 'n roll portable briefcase turntables available in three different models. for gamers, there is the new nintendo xl handheld console the new pokimon sun and moon and old-school gamers can pick up nintendo new many classic edition preloaded with 30 games. alabama woman thinks her secret santa is snoop dogg. the woman has been participating in the secret santa program for three years the participants exchange gifts with complete
12:56 pm
strangers. she says she usually enjoys the giving more than the receiving but this year that separates received a message from the administrator saying her gift was on the way. she thought that was odd because normally she gets an automated message. when she got the package to read the card and said she freaked out it was signed right there by snoop dogg purchases the signature looks legit in the package contained snoop dogg swag including t- shirts, slippers, a small drone and some snoop socks. have to have that. >> of course. snoop dog's oxfordshire district we showed you a pendant with a snowman and today otters playing in the snow. over thousand pounds the snow had been added to their habitat. one looks like it's having a good time to the otters year running around enjoying the snow.
12:57 pm
this is in san francisco. to do see yesterday's panda? >> of course. but that's not meant to have a chance.>> animals like this can have a party no matter what they are dealing with. give them some snow, anything and it's game on.>> we can watch it for hours. have a great day.
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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dr. oz: hollywood heartthrob rob lowe is here. are you really 52? he's opening up about the health position that changed his life. you took a big step in your 20's. rob: when i was done i was done and every great thing that's happened in my life i can trace back to that decision. saved my life. dr. oz: plus, you could have i.b.s. right now and not know. >> this is crampy, abdominal discomfort that's intermittent. dr. oz: take our quiz to find out. oming up next. we will save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? cheers and applause] dr. oz: when it comes to the holl


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