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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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onto its side. north bay petroleum sent empty tanks to the scene, and a wrecker towed it away. >> unit s from the fire department, caltrans, hazmat was standing by. the truck was not leaking. >> the highway of closed in both directions for about four hours. it's the most wonderful time of the year who knows you get where you're going! delays at the airport for millions of americans travelling over the holidays this season. >> reporter: travellers head hold for the holidays, met with busy roads and delays at the airport. >> what's the traffic like? >> a little intense, just got out of a rough patch and looking for clear roads ahead >> reporter: particular be a slushy trip for many of the 103 million people expected to travel this season.
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that's more holiday travellers than ever before. for many, braving the traffic is worth it. >> all the kids are back together. we get very little time during the year where we're all in one place. >> reporter: airports across the country have been experiencing backups due to an increased traffic and inclement weather. travellers have been arriving early. >> 2 hours early. we got here at 6:00, check in the our luggages, and so far so good. >> prepare for any hiccups, don't get frustrated, stay calm. and you'll get to your destination safely >> reporter: rain in california and snow in the midwest causing a headache for many travellers. hundreds of flights delayed or canceled out of los angeles. a plane carrying the vikings team slid off the runway. rescue crews evacuated the 150 passengers with no injuries reported. travellers can expect boosted security during travels this weekend.
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loefrment on alert after threats on holiday sites and places of worship. i sis has urged its followers to attack u.s. churches and recently published the names and addresses of thousands of prospective targets. agents are calling for law enforcement agencies to stay vigilant this weekend even though there are no specific threats. >> i don't think it's anything to worry about. >> things have changed and we live in a different world, and you have to always be prepared. >> law enforcement officials in new york say police presence has been increased for holiday events. no intelligence suggests specific threats to the city. carie fisher is in an spencive care unit after suffering a heart attack. people on board gave her cpr until the plane landed at lax and paramedics could take over.
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she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. but her brother says her condition has stabilized. >> we talked to a couple of witnesses in the airport who said they saw her on a stretcher being rushed to the airport after the plane landed and she had a breathing mask on. obviously everybody was screaming to get out of the way. and she seemed unconscious. >> fisher is most famous for her role as princess leya in the star wars moves. fisher has been getting an outpouring of support on social media. mark hackle tweeted "as if 2016 couldn't get any worse, sending all of our love." "everyone's favorite princess." rite princess." core papers filed this weekend mark the first wrongful death lawsuit in the wake ever the warehouse fire in oakland.
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it claims negligence on the building owner and music promotor, oakland and oled mea county. gregly and maddon, two of the 36 victims of the fires. one family deserve stated by the fire has found a reason to celebrate. >> reporter: what hangs on the walls can't be sold. so the crowds gathered outside. >> emergencily we're a little bit more stable. it was very tragic for the community. community. >> reporter: her husband owns a boost mobile store in the corner. in the new year, they'll be looking for a new address. >> this was the only option we had for our customers.
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and we're gonna relocate. we're gonna have to relocate. >> reporter: from the ashes of the warehouse next door, the dominguez family has found joy this christmas arc mid-a financial loss. >> i have a new granddaughter. very happy. a little complicated birth. but i'm very happy in that sense. >> reporter: while the crowds picked through items looking for deals, luis finds perspective. >> we have to move o. obviously it's not the same. we have to relocate. but people are here. i feel a bit more -- more alive these pavlt few days. >> reporter: this christmas while the family heals, they share a message as they rebuild and move on. >> my christmas wish to everybody is that they enjoy their family, enjoy one another, life is too short so just embrace one another. >> honestly it's god. for me
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it's god. he's the one who's been strengthening me and my family these days and my granddaughter. god knows why things happen. and i'm here. >> reporter: there was certainly a christmas message worth sharing with others, in the midst of tragedy joy can be found in a strong community. san francisco's glad memorial church hosted a prime rib dinner, donating food to help feed some 3,000 people. for many it is a holiday tradition from all walks of life. >> people participate, and when they do, they find they have a common bond. they have a human bond. it puts us all together. so we cannot separate ourselves. this is a day that we come together with people, and a day
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that we share together and give together and receive together. holiday shoppers packed the streets in san francisco today. ♪ [ music ] ♪ people in union square treated to some live entertainment. the streets were bufling with shoppers carrying bags filled with some last-minute presents. for many people, it's the best way to get the job done. the legendary lessie odool's is collecting tools give to deserving kids.
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♪ [ singing ] ♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪ ic ] ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: live television, people in the holiday spirit. then they stuck around for a little breakfast. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> it was something he really wanted, but that's a good thing, if you want it, another boy is gonna love it as much as. >> reporter: spirits were lifted with voices from the third baptist church.
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organizers are looking for the perfect gifts to pass along christmas morning. if you have not made your donation, they're caking curbside donations at lefty o'dowell's up to christmas morning. ise a problem you may be able to help with. a need for more families to open their homes to tens of thousand was foster children in the state hoping to find a stable home for the holidays. the players of face controversy once again, charged with pifrming for the second time. how the california attorney general is working to make sure these charges stick. >> the rainfall moving out of the bay area, talking about some cold temperature, subfreezing temperatures for parts of the bay area into christmas. areas in the 20s, we'll let you know if we have any rain clouds to
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talk about as we head into next week.
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people are spending time with family. one bay area teenager has a different perspective on the holidays. he's one of ten was thousands of foster children in california. a new law taking effect next year could lead to a need for more foster families. >> reporter: many people think of trees, sparkling lights, and time with family. but it's the last wish for some that can be most difficult. >> you jest don't feel like you're in control of your own life. >> reporter: for years for brodie, home for the holidays meant a home for foster kids. >> i didn't tell them. it's
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just embarrassing. saying the word group home makes it sound so institutionalized. oh, i don't have parent, i live with this group of other people. >> reporter: his parents live apart, one in contra costa county, the other in pennsylvania. after living in two group home, he's done a lot of learning on his own. rebuilding computers, joining the army reserve, and going to college. he's one f -- need many more families january 1st, when a new law takes effect. group homes will be turned into short-term treatment centers. >> in the next few years, group homes and how we work with them is gonna change dramatically, which will require us to recruit lots more foster families.
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>> i think it's really important for the community to come together and support these children, infants or teenager, whatever state they're in. >> reporter: the kind of gift that could change a life. >> the most important thing approximate christmas to me is not the gift that you receive but the people that you're surrounded by. california attorney general kamala harris has announced she's pursuing new pimping charges against the operators of two weeks ago, a judge tossed out an earlier case involving the website which advertises escort services. new evidence allowed her to charge the executives with 13 counts of pimping and conspiracy to commit pimping as well as 26 counts of money laundering. policeing for -- are asking for the public's help to catch's
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bank robber. they managed to fet this surveillance video. he entered the bank, handed the teller a note demanding money, claimed to be armed. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. he is a white man between 30 and 40 years old, about 6'0". a man in memphis, tennessee is giving santa a bad tham but he dressed up as -- name because he dressed up as santa and robbed a bank. it shows old saint nick holding up the place. investigators say the man in the mask started out by giving out candy canes and wishing employees at the bank a merry christmas. then he hand theed the -- handed the teller a note. he is a black male, 5'9", 150. the
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president and michelle obama released their last christmas message. >> the greatest gift we've received over the last eight years has been the honor as serving as your president and first lady. we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years and got unemployment to a 9-year low. we secured health insurance for another 20 million americans and new protections for folks who already had insurance. we made america more respected around the world, took on mantle of leadership in the first to protect this planet for our kids and much, much more. like so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here, and i'm hopeful we'll build on the progress we've made together in the years to come. >> the first lady acknowledged u.s. military forces serving overseas and their families here at home, urging us to support them throughout the year. the rain and the cold weather we've seen is dangerous
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for the south bay. when one county is doing to keep safe and warm. >> reporter: the start of the christmas weekend is cloudy, cold and loenld for many homeless living on the streets of santa clara county. >> i'm local. i'm local it just gets through one way or another >> reporter: an altercation with her landlord landed her on the street. she has all her worldly possessions in a stroller. >> it's got power steering but it's filled with water >> reporter: despite her circumstances, she feels lucky to have access to a safety net, the main santa clara county is one of nine housing the homeless. this weekend's forecast of frigid temperatures is forcing officials to expand capacity to all shelters, by 400 beds. >> we're feeding maybe three times as many as we were at lunchtime. and people are just coming in in a steady stream.
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>> reporter: providing medical care for homeless from area hospitals. healing during the holidays can be done in a clean, dry, dignified space. >> trying to do a dressing change on the street is almost impossible to do in a way that is clean and sterile for a wound. >> reporter: officials with the county say with the giving mood strikes this weekend, they could use monetary donations, blankets, socks, rain panchos to help -- ponchos to protect the homeless who don't use shelters. in the overnight hours, temperatures are forecast to drop into the 30s, in effect through the weekend.
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>> that storm that moved across the pay area yesterday, into this morning. some snowy peaks, mt. diablo, mt. hamilton, but the significant snowfall, toward the sierra. snowfall totals in the past 24 hours, totals around 12-16 to 18 inches. some places in the bay area back into the 20s. a freeze warning in place, the north bay for sunday morning, begins midnight, running to 8:00 am sunday. the coolest spot into the mid-20s. outside we have this looking out toward san francisco, union square once again, mostly clear skies in san francisco. very nice day out today, cool, brisk wind.
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not too bad. we do have a storm system offshore. bringing some rainfall to the bay area sunday night into monday. the main energy will be diving to the south. approaching central and southern california. but the bulk of it remains offshore. right now you can see, we're looking at the live doppler, nothing showing up for us. we're drying out. rainfall in southern california, typically we have the rain here and it dries out down there. not the case over the past 24 hours. santa barbara, los angeles both over an inch of rain. san diego .61. the bay area temperature, already showing you some 40s for santa rosa, napa. san francisco 46, san jose in the upper 40s, 47. christmas forecast tomorrow, scattered high clouds, areas of frost for the morning hours. the cold temperature range of 7:00 am, 28 to the 30s. around 40 degrees. then for the afternoon
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hour, partly cloudy skies, and temperatures on track to reach the low to mid-50s. high clouds first thing tomorrow morning. and the coolest spot to the 20s for santa rosa and napa, san francisco 39, san jose 34 degrees. here's the plan with the forecast model. i'll step out of the way. some rainfall offshore, most of this moved parallel to the bay area coastline. we'll pick up some of the high cloud cover for the morning hours. for the afternoon, partly cloudy sky, more sunshine as we head into your monday forecast. temperatures in this cold weather pattern. the frigid start to the morning, highs in the upper 40s for concord, warmest location. here's a look ahead, your 5-day forecast, looks pretty good out there. bundle up with the codes and jackets for the morning hours. monday partly cloudy skies, could be talking about another round of freeze warnings tuesday
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and wednesday and partly cloudy skies by thursday. a nice forecast. definitely been a theme in the bay area, it's been cold by our standards. you want to bundle up for the morning hours. >> crank up the heat. santa took some time out to recharge his batteries before his annual gift giving marathon starts tonight. he got behind a towboat on the potomac. santa has been zooming around the potomac on skis since the 1980s. norad has been tracking santa's journey around the world for more than 60 years now. old saint nick is coming up on nova
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scotia. the raiders lose their mvp, derek carr, had to be helped off the field. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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we're talking about the raiders. disappointing day for raiders fans, but still hopeful. >> so sad to have that pulled on what's been a great season so far. best season in 14 years, comes with a serious dose of concern. the playoffs approach about every christmas wish coming for their raider fans. working on a first round bye match-up. derek carr had never missed a start. oakland on the board, first in the 2nd quarter, carr to holmes on a 1-yard play. catch the by holmes to control the ball. keeps possession, he tumbles to the ground. colts answered back when they got the ball. luck had time to spot dawn fay moncrief -- dante moncrief.
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the raiders took the lead to the locker room, and after a pair of deandre washington runs, the lead. he ran for 99 in all. the 4th quarter, carr was sacked by cole. you can see he rolls over on carr's right ankle while making a sack. carr had to be taken in a cart to the locker room. the mood of the oakland coliseum instantly changed. the raiders win but there was concern for carr, later confirmed by the head coach. >> derek had a break of his fibula. and required surgery. we're gonna try to get it done tomorrow. so we'll be out indefinitely. >> i'm ready to go. i feel great. just kind of working the past few years and work together and seeing what he's done on the
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field, trying to learn from that. but i'm ready to go. >> and the 49ers finally broke that franchise record losing streak and won 22-21 on the 2-point conversion. we'll have it for you tonight on sports wrap. >> what a way to go out. hoping for the best. join us tonight at 10:00. :00. ly sweaters?
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it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here. there are the stockings, hung by the chimney by claire. oh, still funny, son. [ laughter ] what the hell is that? what is that? that looks like a cigarette burn.


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