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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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anything -- i've never seen anything that's concerned me before. >> it's sad that someone would do that. i just can't understand, you know, how humans can take another person's life. >> any time anything bad happens in your neighborhood, you're not happy about it tthis is the first i've heard about ttypically i find this to be a decent neighborhood. but to hear that is a little shocking. >> reporter: alameda prosecutors will decide whether to file formal charges. happening now a community hon ka celebration -- honukkah is set to get ound way after someone stole a six-foot ball men a ra. it is valued -- menorah. they are asking participants to
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bring a small menorah of their own to light nichlt southern california police in santa monica plan to step up patrols. it happened just after han ka just after -- hanukkah. they believed the synagogue was targeted because of religious reasons. the rab eye says just a few -- ra buy says just a few -- rabi says there was another incident just a few weeks ago. >> they came in while services were going on, they waved a gun like she was going to shoot, but then they ran off. >> they are not calling the vandalism a hate crime. about 20 residents in san jose had their maple boxes
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stolen over the christmas holiday. on christmas eve the men detached the mailboxes from the concrete and took off in a pick-up truck. people who live in the ranch on silver creek said their mailboxes have an broken into looking for identity. but this is the first time they took the mailboxes themselves. >> this time they decided today unscrew the hinges and take the whole mailbox. >> one neighbor told us the two men were hispanic and in their 30s tthey were driving a white pick-up truck. this is the play that may doom the raiders super bowl dreams. derek carr goes down and he is out indefinitely. >> joe, we were told that he was having surgery yesterday but
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that hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: no, it happened. at this point it is more important for the raiders to try to get it right then to adhere to any kind of type table. he will not be available for the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. carr knew instantly that the injury was serious, just as quickly the mood at the coliseum changed as he was helped off the field. they are now saying that the surgery will now occur tomorrow. losing the best quarterback for the season will obviously have an impact on the raiders. >> it's a tough game and things happen in this game. it's all about the team. it's all about us moving on with the next opportunity and pulling together as a group of men and being unselfish and sack sizing -- sacrificing for each other. >> we are going to do what we
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always do. i think there is always a natural feeling of stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing at whatever position it is. and feeling the same about it being a quarterback. it is about us as a team going out and competing against the other team. >> matt is now the quarterback who will lead the raiders. an oakland win in denver would assure the rad rs of a first round buy but a raider loss combined with a kansas city win will give the chiefs the title and reduce the raiders to wild card status. there is no question carr will be missed. you have to feel bad for an organization that waited so long to be in the plow office. >> matt has great offense line in front of him and a great couple of running backs but he is the key to make that happen.
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>> well sh the quarterback always is pkerr he can carr has had no play off experience either. as far as experience goes that's kind of a wash. the thing that people kind of saw as a farm la for the raiders for them to be successful in the playoffs was for them to score a lot of points and carr was going to be that. >> he could throw deep. >> before carr got here there was an sun successful period. he said on saturday night somebody asked him how will your preparation be different this week. he said it will be exactly exactly as it always -- exactly as it always is.
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>> how will it affect the offensive line and how they do things. >> i don't know that you can say specifically except that you do after 15 games with a certain quarterback, you start to get a rit i can, how he does things, what he sees when he comes up to the line of scrimmage and now it will have to be an entirely new person to do that. at least he will have one game under his belt at denver. there is nothing that the denver would like to do more than beat the raiders. so, he'll have one under his belt before plate office start. if they do win that game they get the by week and extra time to prepare for that tichlt it's been a difficult week for raiders fans and paul spent the
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day with disappointed fans. >> reporter: supporting a derek carr jersey he will never forget saturday's football game, it was his first ever and a gift for the en tierl family. >> i didn't know what was happening. i didn't know what was going on until i saw him moving. he was moving but he wasn't walking straight. >> he was just excited echls cheering the whole time. every play. he was giving high fives to everybody around us. >> carr seemed to experience a season ending injury breaking his fibula. >> his first game and then carr is his hero and he got injured. >> we were taking a picture when it happened sop we kind of missed it. i explained it to him and he got bummed out. >> reporter: those in attendance became silent as people held their breath seeing if he would get up.
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for some of them tharp dreams of a super bowl went with carr as he was carted off. >> i was devastated and i was hurt because that was my quarterback. that's the one i've been bragging about every day this whole season. >> reporter: to reassure the world around raiders fans he posted this on social media. i will bounce back and be on my feet in no time. thank you for all of the love you raider nation showed me in that stadium today. i'll be back. this is a team support so -- sport so everything out there is still out there for us. >> i don't think they are going to do good without him. >> we are hoping matt comes through. >> i wonder if we are still going to do good at offense. >> we'll find out this sunday when the raiders take on the broncos. if the raiders in, they win the
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div. coming up, a christmas morning tragedy, a deadly crash. two people are dead, including a south bap teenager. those in the see air a are blaming the bay -- siera are blaming the bay i can't for the mess left. >> traffic is flying by. no delays at all. we are tracking the cold overnight lows. you are going to get down into the 20s in some spots. there are some clouds out there as we head towards the middle end of this. plus remembering a legendary musician. still to come tonight, a look at george michael's famous hits that expand decades -- s decades.
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spanned decades -- span d decades. ned decades.
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. carry fischer remains in an la hospital after suffering a heart attack. fischer suffered that heart attack during that flight on friday and was rushed into intensive care at ucla medical center. tmz posted news about911 call. nurses on the flight performed cpr. she is known for her role asz princess lea in star wars. george michael died at the
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age of 53. >> his manager says the cause of death is heart failure. he shot to international stard om in the 1980s as a part of wham. he learned a gram -- earned gram ee for faith in 1989. fans are leaving flowers and cards at his home in england joop we saw him drinking or having a meal in the pub, just enjoying himself. >> michael died peacefully and his death is not considered suspicious. simone biels has been voted female athlete of the years. she received 31 out of the 59 votes cast. she won medals in rio de general
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air owe. the run -- in rio. trash g the sierra. people who live in the mountains are tired of people who come and leave their mess. residents filled dozens of garbage bags there. >> getting into the snow park was a mess this monday with holiday travelers looking for place to park to go sledding. but the traffic wasn't the only mess. the pile of broken sleds and trash filled the dumpster and was overflowing. at least though here it was near the garbage can:. at other loeks along the corridor we found that wasn't the case. >> it looks better without garbage. >> peres has been coming for three years to this spot near nyack. this year she noticed that
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someone started building heeps of trash. >> we don't do that so, i don't know. >> reporter: the pieces of broken sleds are hard to miss. this man brought his family out to the snow and recognized the impact. >> the plastic doesn't disintegrate. it takes years and years and years. >> reporter: while highway and park workers will clean up some sites, some of this plastic could liter the scenery here for decades. >> if you don't take care of it today, you won't have this place to use tomorrow. a large tree fell over crushing a car in oakland. the large tree fell and crushed the toyota this morning. there was some wind in that area near the oakland zoo but we're not sure if that caused the tree to fall. a creek walk to view the return of the sal monday.
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>> a water shed network says the recent rains have triggered the sal monday to start spa wning. this walk starts at 10:30. there will also be walks on the seventh and the 21st. there is a $15 suggested donation. they will spend hours with the san francisco birth kound. it usually ends up reporting bird species. they have ocean birds that usually aren't seen in the east bay. >> it has to be hard not to count the same bird twice. >> i count him here and he flies
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over to you. >> those bird counters are good. >> i think county rough. 54 in napa today. a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday we had temperatures in the upper 40s. nationwide we talked about blizzard weather. this is bad stuff here in the dakotas. then as you head out towards mississippi valley, you had the stronger storms here. overall, compared to what we saw, nationwide travel saturday and sunday, it's a cake walk, if you know someone who is traveling or you're traveling, it's a better set up. we're between systems. here is one no the south and here is one to north. we sit here for the next couple of days dry, but cold and cool in the morning. cool in santa rosa and cold in
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san jose. sort of a holding pattern after last week's weather, which was very impressive. it rained hard, it got windy hard. we continue to see the remnants of that cold air lingering. right now it's two degrees cooler in nevada than it was yesterday. overnight lows tonight are coming down quickly. upper 20s in the cool spots. outside live, overnight frost in most of of the inland mornings. some clouds. highs in the 40s. on january 20th at noon pg&e donald trump will take the oval office and become of our 45th president. we are going to show you the scene at the white house as one
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president moves out and another mos in. the day after christmas is now known for more than people returning gifts. it's a huge shopping day. a massive search going on right now looking for ar rugs plane that crashed. -- a rush yan sh d d russian plane -- a russian plane that crashed on saturday morning.
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. russia is announcing a day of mourning today. >> the search is continuing for bodies and wreck age that might
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give clues as to what happened. >> reporter: 3,500 people are involved in the search. today they found 11 bodies and several fragments of the fuse ladies and gentlemen. all -- fussilage. people have been laying flowers and flight g -- lighting candles. the band had been heading to syria to play for russian troops. there was also a well known charity worker and a number of soldiers. they are considering all possible theories of what may have caused the crash. the western transport minister says there is no reason to suspect this wasn't an accident. some other theories include poor
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fuel quality or a foreign object in the engine. this type of plane has been involved in several crashes over the years. feend g those black boxes will be key to figuring out what went wrong. new details on last month's deadly plane crash in columbia that killed 71 people including 19 members of a soccer team. officials today confirmed that the plane reason out of fuel before it could land. it went down in the mountains. the plane was carrying a soccer team from brazil as well as coaches and journalists who were accompanying the team for a championship play off . news at 6:30 comes up next. al man doing his job almost got shot. we'll talk to the uber driver. a family grieving after
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losing a loved one on christmas day. alcohol appears to be the cause of the crash. strong words from president obama. he says he would have beaten trump if he ran against him. next
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. the christmas holiday has turned into tragedy for two families after a deadly crash in south san jose. police investigators say alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. >> reporter: the day after christmas see the double dose of grieving along this busy stretch of west capitol expressway in san jose. >> my sister was caring and honest and a hard worker. >> reporter: her 25-year-old sister jessica was also a devoted single parent to a five-year-old girl. san jose police say shortly after midnight on christmas day she was driving her white chevy malibu west on capital ex ways way she collided head on with a lexus. she was killed along with a 14-year-old boy riding in the
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lexus. police say alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. >> we know we shouldn't drink and drive. texting, eating, it's all wrong. keep your kids in a seatbelt. >> reporter: the parents of the 14-year-old boy killed in the collision suffered non life threat ning injuries and now have to prepare for their son's funeral. as the investigation unfolds, they say jessica was at this bar before the accident and questioned why she was being served if her judgment was impaired. >> she was here though drinking? >> she was here, but i didn't know nothing about it until -- >> reporter: the bar as manager says video surveillance shows jessica arrived at 10:30 p.m. and had two drinks before leaving at midnight. she couldn't have been impaired frp two drinks spanning 90 minutes. >> er with' not investigating
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right now. we are grieving and remember her. we'll leave that in the hands of the people in charge and have the tools to figure that out. >> reporter: san jose police are still collecting evidence in a crash that could be both tragic and prevent bl. stockton police are investigating an attempted kidnapping after a woman reported being threatened and dragged by a stranger to a vehicle. the woman was walking around 11:30 last night. the man drove up next to her and toll her to get in his car or he would kill her. he grabbed her but she was able to break free and get help. >> you just have to watch your surroundings when you come out here. you have to come with tam lee. i have my family right -- come with family. i have my family right here. just be protected. >> police say the woman went to
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the hospital where she was treated for non loo life threat ning injuries. he was a man between 30 and 40 weighing around 190 pounds. he drove away in a red toyota celica. the inauguration is coming for donald trump. while the event is tell vice d. there is -- tell advised fshgs there is a -- televised, there is a part that isn't. >> inauguration is a very fine tuned almost military position moving. >> reporter: as we found out the white house changes hands almost instantaneously as the presidency does. >> what a lot of people don't know that in that six-hour window that they have to move one president out and another in there are 132 rooms in the white house that's a ton of furni


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