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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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volunteers undergo mandatory that night. there are 7500 homeless people in san francisco, including the young. more details on >> a look back at the year that many people are happy to see end. >> she is guilty of a serious crime. >> donald thinking that belittling women makes him bigger. an 11-year-old compared to one of the most famous composers of all time. >> not so much haze. i see some sun. i see that tower, construction crews making progress on it every single day. there's a funny guy on twitter who works at the san francisco chronicle. he tweets about the building and he says it looks like a guy
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with his arms raised. >> right. >> he is the guy doing the wave. admonishing the kid for taking the candy. this is a clear view. a view that has changed over the years. thank you for joining us. mike and sal enjoying the day off. we are joined by rosemary orozco and frank mallicoat. >> i have news for you, sitting next to the window up here, it is cold. >> yeah. when you come in at 3:00 in the morning, you feel the cold too. >> yes. >> unavoidable. >> right. temperatures are finally beginning to turn around. it took some time. we even started with an advisory this morning for our inland valley location. that has expired. and temperatures will be in the low 50s to mid to upper 50s in the afternoon. here is a look at storm tracker 2. in the overnight hours we had cloud cover pull through that offset the chill in the air. even though it is cold out there, it could have been worse. the cloud cover helped to insulate us a little bit. still we are looking at
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temperatures just above freezing in santa rosa at this hour. the inner east bay, 38 in livermore. around the bay, 41 in redwood city. 43 san francisco. even a balmy 50 degrees across the coast at half moon bay. into the afternoon, 57 pacifica. upper 50s for the east bay shoreline. mid-50s for antioch. 57 santa rose a the last stop in the south bay, 59 expected for san jose. temperatures will continue to climb as we get into wednesday, thursday, with a possibility of maybe a few sprinkles in time for the holiday weekend. i'll show you the futurecast model on that. >> if i was the type that parties on new year's eve, your forecast doesn't preclude that. >> yes. >> i don't have any plans. but if i did -- >> you need to work on that, gasia. >> thank you, rosemary. something else we're talking about today throughout mornings on 2 are the new laws coming into effect on january 1st which of course is sunday.
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in ten minutes we will bring in sean from the oakland chp and we will be going over the driving related laws. we have also made it our question of the day. if you could send a suggestion to sacramento what new law would you propose? so we are taking your responses on facebook and twitter. my new law for sacramento, do unto others that you would do unto you. >> that is called the golden rule. >> people forget. >> apparently. a new law for every new law passed, an old law must be repelled. i like that. >> i would like to see drug tests for congress, senate, president, and vice president. >> interesting. >> i won't hold my breath on that one. >> no. we will check your responses throughout the day and share them with you at 9:30. 9 hashtag is #ktvuthe9. the top shoot something a shooting at a shopping mall on
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christmas. >> somebody opened fire on a number of businesses, including a starbucks. christien kafton has been talking to police and witnesses this morning. what have you got? >> reporter: good morning. still no word on the shooter or the victim in this case. we caught up with one woman who heard the shots. she says she heard at least 7 rounds. you can see where some of the rounds wound up. you can see a bullet hole in the wall to the starbucks. to the left of that, you can see the window blown out over at the hawaiian barbecue restaurant. now, police say that the shooting all started around 9:15 last night. most of the businesses were still open in the area. and customers were in and out of the mall at the time of the shooting. police arrived shortly after the shots were fired. witnesses gentle investigators that one man was hit. he was bleeding and he ran to the starbucks here and then took off in a car. now, investigators told me that they have been checking in at local emergency rooms and hospitals. so far that shooting victim has
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not shown up. clearly if they can find who was shot, that would lead them to a lot more information about possibly who the shooter was, possibly what the motivation was. guys, the good news is that we heard there were no bystanders that were hit. as for video surveillance, that is one of the questions that i have been trying to figure out for myself. know that there are video cameras inside the starbucks. no word if they are aimed outside or if they were able to pick up the shootings or the suspect as they ran away or if they even got the victim as he tried to make his way into the starbucks. a lot of questions in pleasant hill. police looking for any information from anybody in the area or who might know anything about this shooting. >> you said this happened around 9:00 last night. were some of the stores open? is it fortunate that no one else was are judged in this? were there shoppers out and about? >> reporter: that's what makes things so scary. the mall was still open. there were people around. when you figure that as that one witness told me 7 rounds fired, if anybody else had been in the area, they could have
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been collateral damage in this. >> it looks like they're open, the starbucks behind you. we're seeing people go in. >> reporter: yeah. the starbucks, frank, you can see customers inside there. you can see customers coming and going. business as usual. none of the rounds appeared to enter the starbucks. the closest one is, again, the bullet hole in the wall next to the starbucks. the hawaiian barbecue place, it looks like one window was blown out in the shooting. no word when they will open. presumably they would be opening at their regular time. >> christien kafton reporting in pleasant hill. thanks, christian. we have new information on a series of large scale brawl that's broke out at as many as 15 malls across the country yesterday. including a fight involving 500 people in aurora, colorado. they had to evacuate the mall last night for the public's safety. five jewel niles were arrested and two people were injured. investigators are trying to
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figure out if there is a connection between to that brawl in colorado to other fights across the country. another fight broke out outside of a mall in cleveland. preliminary reports indicate this fight was loosely organized on social media. investigators are now trying to see if there's an online connection among the shopping mall fights in states including colorado, new york, texas, tennessee. one witness saw a girl get trampled in the ohio mall. a shopping trip to target on christmas eve turned deadly. there are a number of questions remaining. henry lee has the very latest. >> reporter: it was christmas eve and shopping was in full swing at the target on whip l road in hayward. but a fight broke out 8:00 on saturday night and a hayward man was stabbed inside the store. he died at a hospital. two suspects ran away but were arrested around the corner. both are men in their 20s from hayward. the names of the victim and the
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suspects were not released. hayward police declined to go on camera but they don't believe the killing is gang related but would not say what the argument was about. authorities would not say if the attack was captured on the store surveillance cameras. this is the city's 13th homicide this year. there were ten killings in hayward in 2015. target says thoughts had are with the family involved. at target the safety and security of our guests and team members is a top priority. we immediately contacted local law enforcement and closed the store. target shoppers say they are stunned by the christmas eve violence. >> i'm shocked. i mean, i come here all the time. we don't live far away. i've never seen anything that has concerned me before. >> it is sad that, you know, someone would do that. i just can't understand. you know, how humans can take another person's life. >> any time that anything bad happens in your neighborhood,
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you're not happy about it. this is the first i've heard about it. typically i find this to be a decent neighborhood. to hear that is shocking into alameda county prosecutors will decide whether to file formal murder charges. henry lee, in hayward, ktvu fox 2 news. the prime minister of japan is in hawaii as part of a historic visit. he will be the first japanese leader to visit the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor. >> a historic visit to pearl harbor, hawaii by the japanese prime minister who is set to visit the uss arizona memorial later today. along with president obama. there, he will recognize the 1941 japanese attack on pearl harbor which triggered the u.s.'s entrance into world war ii. >> i mean, i'm glad he is coming to, you know, show that we're all peaceful now. >> reporter: he will be the first japanese prime minister to visit the memorial, honoring the u.s. service members who
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were killed. >> i am very much looking forward to send being out a strong message about the value of reconciliation as well as our sincere prayers for those who died in the war. >> reporter: however the prime minister is not expected to apologize for the attack. >> no. i don't think he should apologize. we were at war. they were doing what we were supposed to do we were doing what we were supposed to do. >> reporter: in the meantime after arriving in hawaii on monday, he paid respects at the national memorial cemetery of the pacific that honors people who died serving in the u.s. armed forces and he stopped at a memorial for victims of a deadly collision with a japanese fishing boat and a cemetery dedicated to japanese settlers in hawaii. in japan, opinions are mixed about the visit. >> it is more of a political statement to make him look like
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a statesman. >> reporter: it shows that the u.s. and japan share a strong alliance. in washington, kelly wright, fox news. the time is 9:11. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a floating fire station in san francisco. in just minutes the proposed plan to build a waterfront fire station that could be vital to the city's response to major earthquakes. 2016 is on its way out. a lot of people are happy to see it go. up next, some of the moments that made headlines and made this a year that a lot of people would soon forget.
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>> stocks are moving slightly  higher. quiet trading on wall street. you can see the dow jones is 50
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points away from that dow 2,000 mark. we're looking at the other markets this morning. well, people who drive onent state 80 towards the sierra are concerned about trash building up on the side of the road. they have noticed broken sleds, shards of plastic bits and trash overflowing from comesters. stereo -- dumpsters. >> the plastic doesn't disinat disintegrate. pick up after yourself. >> some of the plastic can litter the area for decades. for now much of the sierra looks a lot like this. a big winter wonderland up there. look at squaw valley and alpine ski resorts. squaw received 25 inches of snow over the weekend. new snow allowed the resorts to open. some of the other runs were open as well for the skiers.
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it will be partly included eto clear over the next few days before another storm hits this upcoming weekend for another holiday. they're loving it up there. >> i'm sure they are. >> just in time tore new year's. 2016 took a toll on many americans. there was the presidential campaign, and violence involving police officers. >> as we enter 2017, a new poll shows the majority of americans believe that things will get better. will carr has a look ahead. >> reporter: a poll by the associated press and the times area alliance show 18% of people thought the country got better this year. about a third however say it got worse and maybe that's why mother jones declared dumpster fire at the meme of 2016. it included mass killings and bombings, the mass shooting at the club in orlando stands as
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the worst in u.s. history. 63% of the ap poll say these stories impacted them personally. more than half of those say stories of people being killed by police and vice versa were the year's most important news. but an overwhelming majority cite the presidential election as the biggest story and the noisiest. >> donald thinks that belittling women makes him bigger. >> reporter: 55% think the coming year is going to be better regardless of the west wing regime change. a 12-point improvement from last year's poll. >> it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your command in chief. >> reporter: president obama is ending the year with a healthy 53% approval rating. 2016 wasn't terrible for everybody. the cubs won the world series.
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and the u.s. women's gymnastics team swept gold in rio. the time is 9:17. coming up, we're going to sort it all out for you. a number of new laws go into effect january 1st. that's this sunday. we will look at what you need to know and the chp is on the set with us to break down new rules that affect all of us who own a smart phone and get behind the wheel. ♪ bad boy, bad boys, what you going to do when they come for you ♪ ♪
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>> we're having a great conversation about the new laws going into effect for the new year. there are a number of them. starting january 1st, this sunday, bily salons and bash we are shops can serve alcohol to customers as long as it is free and before 10:00 at night. some already offer champagne to customers which was against the law technically without a
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liquor license. one law makes anyone found guilty of sexual assault an unconscious person ineligible for parole. one broadens the definition of rape. and the third one will do away with the statute of limitations on sex offenses committed after the law goes into effect. also starting next year, new gun control regulations take effect. they will require background checks on ammunition purchases, ban bullet buttons and limit the lending of guns to family members. the minimum wage goes up to $10.50 from $10 an hour. an equal pay law takes effect where employers have to pay women the same for male counter parts for doing the same job. a lot of affect us on the road. it includes the use of wireless devices behind the wheel, and some of the changes to school
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and charter bus laws. >> joining us this morning is officer sean from the california highway patrol. the oakland office. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> to be very clear with this new law sunday, i can't even have my phonlet's say giving my maps information resting in a crevice alongside me. it has to be mounted on something because you're afraid i will pick it up and do this. >> our goal -- it's a hands- free law. keep the phone out of your hand. mount it in the bottom left or bottom right of your windshield or somewhere along the dash that doesn't get in the way of your instrument panel. >> i can't even hold it at the light. >> no. >> what if you have it in your purse. >> in the passenger seat. >> it's not in your hand. >> but you can't even have it -- >> but you need it set it up -- the issue is you have it in your purse and you want directions. then you will plug the info in. that is illegal as of january
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1st. >> what about ear buds. you might be making a call and it is wireless but you have wire in one year and the other. >> one ear bud in. >> let me ask you this. will you pull someone over if you see two ear buds in. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. wow. okay. and does that go on to your driving record as a point. >> it is not a moving violation but it goes on your driving record. not as bad as a speeding ticket but it will be on your record. >> i did not know that. >> i have to say since the hands free law went into place, i have seen no changes. i see them holding the phone with one ear and eating with the other hand. what about the argument that it is so not so much the physical holding of the phone taking your attention away. it is the fact that i'm engaged in a conversation about a sick child driving to work and my mind is here when it's not on the road. >> absolutely. talking on the phone isn't the only distracts.
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even having a passenger in your car is a distracts. we have to face the truth and realize that phones are not going anywhere. would we rather people just drive and hang up, absolutely. is that a reality? probably not. >> will there be a grace period? will you ramp up and give tickets immediately? or will you give it a week or two. >> right now it is illegal to talk on your phone while you're driving. what this addresses is picking up your phone to use it as a map, things like that. there might be some kind of a grace period. not officially. as of january 1st, if you have your phone in your hand, it is illegal. >> let's talk about the ignition interlock devices. this is part of a pilot program already in effect in alameda county. you already have been enforcing it and watching the program. >> yeah. this isn't anything new for us. we're in alameda county. we handle this all the time. it will prolong the test program in the four counties right now and push it statewide in a couple of years. so long story short, don't get
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a dui. don't drive under the influence and you won't have to worry about the new law. >> you're here joining us just before new year's eve. let's talk about the fact that if i see someone that i suspect is drunk on the road, should i stay behind them or get ahead of them. >> stay away from them. if it is so bad that you're noticing the driving behavior, hang back and call 911. you are allowed to call 911. it can be in your hand to call 911 or emergency services. let us know the make, model and the license plate. we know duis are a problem. >> back to the phone. quick question. you have it mounted. a lot of uber people do that. can you use your fingers to do that. >> if it is mounted in the window or mounted properly on the dash, you can push a button or swipe. that's it. >> okay. >> we as want as little interaction as possible with
9:25 am
your phone. >> i'm going to best buy today. >> pick me up a spare. can you tell us about the new  rules affecting school buses. >> basically there is no button in the back of the bus that the driver will have to activate or deactivate to prove that they checked the bus to make sure that there are no children remaining in the bus. not a whole lot that a lot of people will see. it is another safety factor. >> i get a thorough check. the bus is empty and heading back. >> yes. we always learn so much when you join us. happy holidays and a safe new year. >> thank you. you as well. a marge menorah stolen from a san francisco crime. we will explain how the crime is bringing the community together. and raiders quarterback derek carr repairing for surgery. what some say about the team's chances in the playoffs.
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>> it has to be mounted. >> deep trouble if you're doing that. >> that is one rule. what rule do you want to see go into effect if you could wave your magic wand. i'll mention a tweet that i got. what about police driving on the phone. i notice it a lot. so that's a question i'm getting the eye from the chp officer. are officers allowed to use their phone when they're driving? he is not micked up. >> yes. but it is discouraged. >> he said if you see a drunk driver, you can use your phone to call 911. one twitter follower said for every new law that is passed an old one should be repelled.
9:29 am
>> i like that. >> i like that too. >> that's how i treat my closet with a new pair of shoes. >> we were talking about drug testing and drunk driving testing. one person tweeted maybe lawmakers should undergo the drug tests before they take office. those are some of the suggestions that we have out there. >> the chp officer said that they were allowed to talk on the phone but it is discouraged. so there is your answer to dewayne. thank you for tweeting. we appreciate you using the hashtag #ktvuthe9. rosemary orozco is keeping track of the cold and some possible rain. >> yeah. so slightly warmer days coming our way. the overnight lows will remain chilly. we get into the weekend and things turn a little bit. it doesn't look like a lot of rain. in fact the models have scaled back just some over the last few hours. giving you a live look across the oakland estuary, towards
9:30 am
san francisco where we have cleared out this morning. plenty of cloud cover to start the day. at this point, mostly blue skies. you can see on storm tracker 2 that the clouds are pouring in over northern california and coming our way. this is what we will see the next few days. the ridge of high pressure strengthening. as we move into the afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. and then changes do eventually come our way. tuesday is a dry day. wednesday is a dry day. thursday is a dry day. we're now into friday. you can see the system coming in from southern california. it will give us more cloud cover and pull our temperatures back a little bit. it doesn't look like we will see a lot of moisture out of this. maybe the sierra picking up snow. on saturday, a second system looks like it wants to drop in. at this point it doesn't look like it will bring us any rain. now we're already into new year's day with mainly dry weather. so a bit of unsettled weather coming. i don't think you should cancel
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plans. you won't have much rain if any to deal with. temperatures right now 34 in santa rosa. 39 palo alto. 38 for the inner east bay of concord. 38 in livermore. still chilly but not as bad as where we started. mid to upper 50s in the forecast for today. 58 for novato. 55 in san francisco. we have 59 in san jose. 62 in santa cruz. the extended forecast, temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow. holding steady as we move through thursday. and then as we get into friday and saturday with additional cloud cover, temperatures expected to cool off just some. overnight lows, moderate just a little bit as well. still very, very cold. near freezing especially for the inland communities. all in all, not a lot of change coming our way but cooler and we will call for unsettled weather for the weekend. >> thank you, rosemary. >> yep. new at 9:00, what could be a new design for a fire station for san francisco fire boats. the city is looking at the idea
9:32 am
of a floating barge featuring a two-story fire station on top. they are looking to replace the cramped fire stations along the waterfront. the station would be critical in case of a major earthquake. there are issues that make it difficult but not impossible. the paper reports the project would be a 180-foot long pier with a 32-foot high fire station. >> that would make for an amazing field trip for the kids out there. >> thinking of my son. boys and girls love fire stations. >> men and women. >> they're our heroes. for more on the other headlines, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> a shooting in vallejo last night that seriously injured a man is under investigation right now. it happened about 5:00 p.m. at florida street. when police and paramedics arrived, they found a man who was shot near the town market. we don't know the man's name or condition. police also don't know of a motive. they're asking for help in
9:33 am
getting a description of a suspect. in the meantime a san jose man is under arrest in connection with the deadly christmas eve stabbing of his wife. marco was arrested saturday night after police responded to a report of a stabbing at a home on north 10th street. police found the victim, julianna suffering from at least one stab wound. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. this by the way was san jose's 7th homicide of the year. well, on alighter note, the 34th annual san francisco bird count begins today. teams of birders will be out looking for birds in parks along beaches and in the air over city streets. last year, bird counters noted 184 species of birds and more than 73,000 individual birds. similar count beings occur in 2,000 other cities during the last two weeks of the year. those are just some of your morning headlines from our news
9:34 am
room. frank, allie, and gasia, back to you. >> thank you, dave. a large menorah has been stolen from san francisco's washington square park in north beach. >> members of the jewish community realize touchdown was gone when they went to light the first candle. >> ron shows us how this crime is actually bringing the community closer together. ♪[music] >> reporter: a festival of light after a night of darkness. >> someone vandalized the tree three times in the last few weeks and they took the menorah. for us to come together in the spirit of light, which is really the christian and jewish christian, it means a lot. >> reporter: the menorah was six feet tall and weighed 150 and was installed two weeks ago on the corner. its sudden disappearance surprised everyone. >> when someone comes to a symbol in a public sphere and takes that away, that is a
9:35 am
portrayal of hate. that is saying what you're doing is not important. and i am going to ruin that for you. >> reporter: the community realized the menorah was missing saturday when they went to light the candles the second night of hanukkah. now as san francisco police look at surveillance video, the festival of light continued using smaller, individual menorahs. >> this ceremony sends a message that we're still together and we're strong. we come together no matter what. and we celebrate anyway. >> reporter: all of us have oil in side of us that we use to light the candles and we can ignite each other over the holiday season, spreading a message of love and hope. next year may be a bit different. >> i'm excited for every year to be -- to light up this park
9:36 am
and have an even grander menorah next year. it may have to be chained down and cameras on it at all times. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and rob says police hope surveillance video will lead to the thieves. it is worth about $1,000. metal recyclers are asked to be on the outlook for anybody trying to sell the menorah. derek carr will undergo surgery today in l.a. it was a huge blow to the team and fans when he went down with the injury on saturday against the colts. the fans were happy and then went silent as he laid on the field and was carted off. the timetable for recovery is six to eight weeks. the super bowl is just six weeks away. his brother says he could be eyeing a return if the raiders get to the big game. the coach says the team will
9:37 am
carry on. >> we're going to do what we always do. there is a natural feeling of stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing at whatever position it is. feel the same about it being the quarterback. i think it's about us as a team going out and competing against the other team. >> matt is now the starting quarterback. the backup. the raiders beat broncos on sunday, they get a first round bye. if they lose and kansas city wins, the chiefs get the afc west title and the raiders become the wild card and may have to go on the road for the first game. >> reporter: sporting his oakland raiders jersey wearing the tickets to the game around his neck, he will never forget the saturday football game the first ever and a christmas gift for the entire family. >> i wasn't sure what was happening. i didn't know what was going on
9:38 am
until i saw carr not walking straight. >> it was exciting. the whole time he was excited. every play he was high fiving everybody around us. >> reporter: until this play on saturday when carr experienced a season ending injury breaking his fibula. you can see the pain on his face. >> i was sad. his first game. carr is his hero. >> he kind of missed it. i explained what happened and he got bummed out. >> reporter: those in attendance say the coliseum became silent as people held their breath, waiting to see if he would get up. for some, the dream of the super bowl went with carr being carted off the field. >> what are we going to do? i don't know what we're going to do without him. >> i was devastated and hurt. that was my quarterback. that's the one i've been bragging about every day this whole season. >> reporter: carr posted this message on social media
9:39 am
saturday night saying i will bounce back and be back on my feet within no time. thank you for all of the love that you showed me in the stadium today. i will be back. this is a team sport. so everything that we want is still out there for us. >> i don't know. i don't think they're going to do good without him. >> the raiders have heart. we're behind them 100%. we're hoping that matt comes through. >> they are still great at defense and everything. i wonder if they will still do good at offense. >> reporter: that's the question we're all wondering. we will see when the raiders take on the broncos. if they win, they win the division. i'm paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we posted the latest on his injury. of course surgery today. more of yesterday's news conference from yesterday. check it out there. the nba says referees missed two foul calls in the win of the cavaliers over the warriors on christmas day. he should have received a foul
9:40 am
for deliberately hanging on the rim after this dunk. that would have given the warriors one free throw. the league also says that jefferson should have been called for a foul on kevin durant in the final play of the game. that would have sent him to the free throw line. the cavaliers won 109-108. in the days following november's election it seems that the president and president-elect would have a good relationship even after a highly did i vice i have divisive campaign. >> reporter: despite smiling for the cameras, tensions between the president and president-elect are growing. from mr. obama's ban earlier this month on off shore oil drilling to the release of some prisoners from guantanamo bay it appears that they are dualing administrations. made even more evident in the last few days after israel claims they have evidence that president obama himself ordered
9:41 am
the u.s. ambassador to the united nations to abstain from a vote condemning israeli in territories. >> thank god in 25 days we will see a change in the american administration and also a change in american policy. >> reporter: adding fuel to the fire, president obama told a radio show monday that he believes he could have beat donald trump had he been able to run for a third term. that remark raising the of the president-elect back who fired back on twitter. president obama says he would have won against me. i say no way. the president is attempting to spin his own legacy while separating himself from the democrats loss in november. >> they wanted change not on obamacare but the supreme court, on the economy. i think obama needs to realize
9:42 am
that he himself bears a lot of responsibility. >> reporter: president-elect is in florida. he will continue with high level meetings as he still needs to fill two cabinet secretary positions. lauren blanchard, fox news. >> president-elect says that he will shut down his charitable foundation but it is being investigated by the district attorney and that he can't dissolve it until the investigation is finished. the "washington post" has reported that the foundation spent charity money to settle lawsuits for the trump businesses and buy a $20,000 painting of donald trump. mr. trump says he is proud of the charity work done by his foundation. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 we will talk about a project that helps grieving families have peace and comfort. and we're going to take a look back at 2016 in the world of sports. some of the great plays, some
9:43 am
awesome highlights. it is all coming up next. stay right there.
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>> welcome back. new at 9:00, one of music's biggest stars dropped in on one of her biggest fans. >> taylor swift surprised 96- year-old world war ii veteran. that is him dancing in the baseball hat. he has moves. she gave him and his family a private concert in their home. she heard about porter and traveled from nashville to him. he has been to two taylor swift concerts and he want today see
9:46 am
her perform at least one more time. >> what is more impressive is the fact that he can still bust a move. >> she is good about reaching out to her fans, young and old. >> a great role model for kids. >> i agree. >> san joaquin program is creating a keep sake for grieving families. when someone dies, the surviving family can have volunteers turn favorite pieces of clothing into huggable memories. they turn shirts, ties, dresses, pants and robes into what they call memory bears. the seamtresses figure out what the person was like by the clothing they wore. one knows how comforting the bears can be after she lost her husband to cancer and made a bear from his favorite sweatshirt. >> every time i touch it, it reminds me of my husband. it is like hugging him again. >> for people going through the grieving process, it gives you something to actually hold on to. to.
9:47 am
>> hospice of san joaquin gives the first bear to the family at no charge. it requests a $20 for donations of families of people not in hospice care. having something to touch and hold and maybe sleep with, there's a smell factor. >> yeah. >> when it smells like the person you love, it brings you back into their arms. >> then you don't have to give away or donate the clothing that the person wore. >> if you lost a loved one, that is the hardest thing, going through something like this. >> it means so much to you and you don't want it to be meaningless to someone else. good project. >> good stuff. this week on mornings on 2 we're looking back at 2016. it seems that there were amazing catches or beating buzzers. here are some of the best plays of 2016.
9:48 am
9:49 am
>> i remember that night. >> yeah. >> a big night.
9:50 am
>> the feel sorry for cleveland though. they were, an inning away from winning the hole thing and the cubs came back. >> did you just say that you feel sorry for cleveland? >> i did. >> karma for the nba final. >> yeah. >> they already had a championship team. spread the wealth around. >> i'm getting tag teamed here. >> it's okay. >> the warriors, you know, up three games to one. that was hard to see. >> yes, it was. >> it didn't make the cut. >> that was nice. >> definitely. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, we will stop giving this poor man grief. >> i'm a big boy. i can handle it on. a party for one 15-year-old in mexico thanks to a video posted online with a friendly invitation that many, many people responded yes to. and she is only 11 years old but already preparing to present her first opera. up next, the young composer
9:51 am
already drawing comparisons to mozark. we'll be right back. with the $3.50 sub
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of the day at subway, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different... ...because every day of the week, you can now get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. so mix up your lunchtime routine, and treat yourself to the endless flavor combinations at subway. the $3.50 sub of the day. we took an already great lineup and made it even better... ...a better price, great taste, and no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day. only at subway. >> preparations are underway for the 120th annual tournament of roses parade. volunteers have been working for days in pasadena, building the floats. the only natural coverings can be seen on the floats. that means that volunteers place every individual flower, leaf, seed, nut, fruit and vegetable by hand. it is a delicate process. one that is very time
9:54 am
consuming. >> we're kind of depicting a child's playroom inside of the house. you have highons, tying -- lions, tigers and bears. we have people from all over the world doing this. >> they have an extra day to do this. it is traditionally on sunday unless that is a sunday. so it will be on january 2nd. video alert guys. it will bring a smile to your face this morning. visitors at a south china zoo are getting a double surprise. the panda twins are making their debut. they were born back in october and under the care of zookeepers. they have no names right now but an effort is underway to name them. experts say urgent action is needed to stop cheetahs from becoming extinct. this is video from a dutch zoo.
9:55 am
the number of cheetahs in the wild are declining rapidly. there are just 7100 cheetahs left around the world. and the population of the animal are completely wiped out in some areas. they are asking for a reclassifying from vulnerable to endangered. a girl's 15th birthday is celebrated as her social debut. people will be talking about this for years. hundreds showed up to see her dance in her dance and tiara last night. everyone is cordially invited to the party in a video. that ended up being posted on social media. here is everybody. he was only referring to people in the town of 140 people but clearly by then it is too late. a mexican airline offered
9:56 am
discounts on flights going to the town, are you going to ruby's party. the party lasted until 4:00 in the morning. >> the last mexican wedding i went to ended at 6:00 a.m. >> wow. >> what does she do for her 21st. >> it is all downhill for her from here. she is a yuck girl being compared to mozart. she is a composer pianist. cinderella is a composer. her stepmother is an opera director and her two stepdaughters are divas. we are learning that a number of sources are reporting that carry fisher has died. they're citing stores from her daughter that con first responders that her beloved
9:57 am
mother carrie fisher died this morning. she suffered a heart attack on december 23rd. we weren't hearing much about her condition. she was in critical condition. the sad news we're getting into the news room, carrie fisher who will be known as princess leah is dead at the age of 60. she was just out promoting a new book she had written. very, very sad. we will stay on top of this developing news and bring you more coming up at noon. r! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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ikea live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." how you doin'? we won't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ ooh ooh >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: welcome to the show! thank you so much for watching. another


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