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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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because they're taking away the wrong one right now. anything for you, princess. ooh! who's this guy? get over here, sexy. [chuckles] if you want to see sexy, i just-- - ooh. - ah-choo! ah-choo! oh, d-- what is all over you? - well, now you are. - ah-choo! the 49errings -- 49ers shake things up. two members of the organization have been fired. all right. good evening everyone and happy new year. well it comes a though surprise late today the san francisco 49ers announced they had cut head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke. the moves were expected given the team had a miserable season
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at just 2-14 after losing their final game today. 49ers ceo said today in a statement that the change was necessary. [ indiscernible ] our sports director is here now and mark, the 49ers cleaning house trying to start over. >> yeah. it has become kind of a sad 49ers tradition during the holidays. the regular season ends and let the hunting season begin. this time it is for not only a coach but a general manager too. the 49ers lowered the boom on kelly. in fact the 49ers were the last
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team to do it back in the 70s. chip kelly leaving after this 2-14 season and after today's game kelly would not confirm his firing although he did not completely deny it in his press conference and he didn't really seem inconsolable when asked about a conversation he had on the phone with the owner last night. >> what was the tone of that conversation? >> it was -- [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] just a normal conversation. >> it was described by some outlets not warm. >> were they listening in on our phones ? i mean how does that come out? >> just a year ago we were saying welcome to san francisco, now we may be saying goodbye.
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how does it happen? >> [ indiscernible ] >> [ inaudible question ] >> i don't think i'm going to the people's court. i mean -- [ laughter ] i think -- i mean he wants to have a conversation so i will have a conversation with him. >> meanwhile we learned of the fate of trent baalke much earlier in the day. he confirmed his dismissal. baalke has been with the san francisco organization since 2005 and as general manager he is the architect of team sporting a 7-25 record in the last two seasons. failure to select productive players in the draft and inability or down right refusal to sign big time free agents out in the market and letting veteran players leave the organization led to trent baalke's demise. a little side note here, the 49ers are responsible for some (3) 000-0000 in salary when you
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take into account jim tom, some of his assistant coaches, general manager baalke let go today and of course trent kelly. $30 million. they will have to spent big money to bring in another general manager can coach. >> okay. are any names surfacing out there yet? >> that is one of the oddest things so far. no one seems to have a handle on who might step in. of coue a few coaches have been fired but they could i'm sure be considered kind of retreads. i kind of think the organization will be for a new coach, maybe a talented and well thought of assistant from another organization . [ indiscernible ] maybe bring his son in who is an offensive coordinator with the falcons but that is just one of the few things that is being
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talked about. no real names have surfaced that you could say, wow, they are really looking at that guy. >> all right. so stay tuned i guess. >> it will be an interesting off season. >> certainly. thanks so much mark. all right. now to the cold bay area weather. temperatures are expected to drop again. we will also see some rain. mark joins us now with what we can expect and when we can exact those changes. >> those changes happening right now. in fact a few scattered showers popping up across parts of the bay area earlier this evening. the cold air continues to move in from the north. this cold air mass you will definitely feel it tomorrow. some very low snow levels as well. right now on the satellite you can see some of the coverage out
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there. that is showing up on the radar. we will continue to move the maps around and show you some coverage here. some showers just offshore. this is basically what we are expecting for tonight. some more scattered showers kind of rotating through portions of the region. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco. the big bridge in the distance as well. it will feel like winter. here is the forecast model putting this into motion at midnight and then tomorrow morning 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 still some scattered showers out there. we will talk about the afternoon highs tomorrow. all of that coming up in a couple of minutes. advocates distributed blankets and comforters tonight. >> yes, they did. you can definitely feel the chill in the air tonight hence
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the big scarf. i wanted to mention earlier around 9:30 it rain -- rained a little bit but stopped. behind me is a homeless encampment. >> it is literally freezing out here. i am borderline diabetic and i'm frozen. i was just given the jacket and i'm very grateful. >> outside the reception center tonight, she was all bundled up waiting to give her friend also homeless this extra donated sweater. >> because there is not only me, there is a thousand of us suffering out here from the cold. it is a shame. >> this week is going to be especially hard in the elements. several areas in the bay area are expected to drop into the 30s. on this first day of 2017,
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homeless advocates are distributing blankets. hoping this year won't be a repeat of last year. >> within the last year it has been 125 deaths in santa clara county. that's out of about 5,000 people that live in the streets. that is a high number. >> it has doubled in the year before when 61 people died. he said nine of them were homicides. the majority likely due to exposure. the cause of her death is unknown although no foul play is expected. >> this is a reality of homelessness. it is a real tragic situation. at night when it gets really cold you sometimes think you are warm but as the night goes on you get colder and colder. >> robert who used to be home is also advocating for legal
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encampments in san jose. >> may this year come new and bring us brighter things cause -- um -- it is no joke out here. >> and when it gets this cold an inclement weather episode is declared. until wednesday homeless advocates tell me they will be back out here tomorrow. back to you. we have some developing news out of oklahoma. one officer who was shot during a traffic stop this evening and authorities a valley brook police officer was walking back to his patrol car around 5:30 when the driver of that car he stopped opened fire. the officer was shot in the upper leg and has already under gone surgery. he is reported in serious condition. authorities are located the suspect vehicle. a search is now underway for that suspect. san francisco police spending this first night of the new year investigating two
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separate deadly shootings. around 11:30 last night a man was shot in the face near third and oak detail streets in the bay view neighborhood. he was taken to a hospital where police say he died a short time later. around 2:15 this morning officers arrived to find a man shot in the chest. he died at the hospital. there is no word on a motive or suspects. police in antioch are investigating a deadly shooting there last night. police say one man was killed in an apartment complex on sycamore drive. another person was wounded. >> i was having fun and heard gunshots going off. we opened the door to tell them to get out of here and -- looked outside and there is blood all over the floor and we slammed the door and everybody hit the floor and called the police. >> at this point there is no
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suspect information. a medical clinic on the peninsula was heavily damaged after flames tore through the building. firefighters say no one was inside the building when they arrived at around 7:30 this morning. it took crews about an hour to get the fire under control. there is no word on what started that fire. well a driver is under arrest after crashing into a homeless encampment while trying to avoid the chp. two people were injured. we spoke with those who were sleeping when that car drove up on to the sidewalk. >> we want to show you where we are in relation to where this all happened. behind us this intersection is 27th street and martin luther king boulevard in oakland. directly behind us is the off ramp for interstate 980. around 1:30 this morning chp was trying to pull over a driver but the driver did not stop.
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the driver kept going november, went through the intersection before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into this homeless encampment here behind us. one of the person who slept in one of these tents suffered a broken leg. some of the folks who live here say he is an elderly resident. another woman we talked to this morning said the car basically landed on top of her tent and she said she got knocked out but luckily she wasn't hurt. she didn't have to go to the hospital but she said it was a frightening experience and she feels extremely fortunate that she and no one else here was killed. >> damn lucky! i was crying. i thought i was dead right here. the car was right here. >> she was underneath the car. now the guy that had drove the car jumped out the car and started running this way. straight this way. >> after the crash the driver tried to take off running but chp officers were able to stop and arrest him. she identified as 32-year-old
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nicholas of oakland. he had a loaded firearm in his vehicle. also some brass knuckles. two other passengers who were in the car with him were not arrested. the chp says overall it is very fortunate no one was killed in this incident that happened here at 27th street and north gate. back to you. [music playing] did you see it last night? it was pain to feel watch. everyone still talking today about this mishap. and clear lip sync. up next on how single she fell short on live tv. this as diplomats left the country today. [music playing]
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republican senator john mccain and two other senators are calling for tougher sanctions on russia for those cyber attacks during the election. >> we believe that putin attacked the entire elections in america and he is trying to undermine democracy all over the
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world. the hacking was an attack and we should be treated as such and we think their financial institutions and other aspects of the russian economy should be addressed. >> mccain is vowing to investigate russian hacking. meantime russian officials continue to deny any involvement in the cyber attacks and president-elect trump is also not convinced. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else and -- i also know things that other people don't know. >> mr. trump spoke from his private club there in palm beach florida where he and his wife rang in the new year. he told reporters that he would be revealing more about what he knows of the russian hacking on tuesday or wednesday. well president obama closed two russian come pounds in the u.s. and also expelled 35 russian diplomats over the
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hacking. those diplomats along with their family members have now left the country. >> the 35 russian diplomats and accused spies beat the deadline to get out of the u.s. by almost three hours. they headed out on this russian plane in virginia. their expulse is the most visible part of their -- [ indiscernible ] they also locked up two of their luxury compounds friday at noon in new york and maryland when the u.s. blocked access to them. u.s. officials say they were used for intelligence gatherings. he said till now the obama administration has consistently looked the other way from the provocations and aggressions. >> it is not just that russia that the president -- in his administration has been weak on russia, they are actively stopped other efforts by people like me and other republicans and democrats in congress from trying to draw a firmer line.
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>> but they say while republicans are trying to put the blame on democrats for not putting better defenses the focus should be on him. >> he has invited the director and the head of the nsa to testify. hundreds of thousands of people jammed the san francisco water front last night to run in 2017. this is what it looked like from our bay bridge camera. such a pretty shot. fireworks lit up the sky there at midnight. an estimated crowd of 200,000 people gathered along there for the new years festivities. people were out in full force last night and report no major problems. [music playing] mariah carey did have some major problems last night. she had problems performing two songs at the new years eve
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celebration there in time square. tmz reporting carey's staff said her sound and micro phone systems were deliberately sabotaged and her ear pieces weren't working. whatever the reason it was moment that carey i'm sure would like to forget. twitter had little sympathy for her. sports caster dan patrick tweeted this. how come mariah carey gets to do karaoke in time square. matthew tweeted final death of 2016 mariah carey's career. . now mark, i'm not a performer or a singer, but that was really tough to watch. i don't know whey would have done in that situation. >> yeah. just -- everything you plan for and they're thing -- yeah just incredible to see that from last night. as you ring in 2017, talking
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about 2017 some big changes in a weather pattern out there. some very cold air moving in from the north. this will set up a very low elevation snow event for us in the bay area. already some snowfall detected in the mountains to the east of san jose. not a lot of coverage on the radar but you may have encountered a few scat uh mo -- scattered showers out there. there is not much coverage up in the north bay. current numbers out there across the board, most areas are in the 40s. san francisco 46. livermore 45. san jose 47 degrees. outside right now beautiful though. you see looking out towards san francisco and out toward the bay bridge out there in the distance, holiday lights and i think we will continue to see a few scattered showers move
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through san francisco. overnight lows coolest spots will be in the mid 30s for santa rosa and napa. san from 44. san jose right around 40 degrees. a cold monday here in the bay area. snow levels could be coming down to 2,000 feet. maybe a bit of dusting in the hills and heads up the hills and mountains especially, we could have some more snowfall to talk about as we head into tomorrow. we have a major development with the weather pattern setting up. we could be talking about significant rain beyond monday. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. now things go from bad to worse for the oakland raiders. for the second week in a row they lose a quarterback to injury. mark is back with a preview of the raiders wild card game next weekend. [music playing]
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all right mark is back now talking about the
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raiders. what we don't know is who is going to play quarterback for the raiders. >> yeah. considering how great things were -- just -- a week and a half ago and you just didn't figure they will lose yet another quarterback today. we will see how shakes up. the frustrating thing for the raiders and their fans, it was all on the table. the afc west was available. they were going to get a bye week. they were going to get a home play off game and they were able to snatch none of it up in denver. the broncos perhaps -- celebrating gary's retirement, whatever the case [ laughter ] they wound up playing a very inspired game. matt first quarter scoreless. booker with an 11-yard touchdown run. first time they had the ball the broncos roll in for the touchdown. raiders first possession, in his first start michael crabtree
10:25 pm
down the sideline incomplete. what is strain -- strange about this play is he ripped his gold chain off his necks. looked like the broncos were ready to bully the raiders all afternoon. he badly over throws here but on the play he takes a brutal hit, a personal foul called on gerald who appeared to do it intentionally on a couple of occasions. he had to leave the game with an unspecified left shoulder injury. he was not able to return but appeared to be in great pain. still in the second quarter third and 18, trevor hits booker for a short pass on third and long. nobody seemed interested in tackling him or touching him for that matter. 43 yards and the touchdown and this one appeared to be over. if there was any spot of a
10:26 pm
bright spot, third quarter conner cook who hadn't taken a single snap all year hit cooper. 32-yard touchdown. the raiders fail on a 2-point conversion. 24-6 at this point. cook did finish 14 of 21 for 150 yards. 24-6 is your final. the story was not the game, the story was chip kelly getting fired along with trent baalke but as for the festivities on the field, perhaps that man kaepernick last game as a niner. 33-yard catch and run. that would lead to a short drone touchdown. second quarter drone again. another shorty after a long catch and run from him. it is 14-3. turnovers would turn into points
10:27 pm
again for seattle. russell wilson to luke wilson. 49ers lead trimmed to 14-13. still in the second quarter, you got to see this play. wilson up top, jimmy graham like a basketball player trying to block out under the basket for the rebound. he has it. he is not able to defend it. 1-yard line leads to the next play and that would be tomas punching it for the touchdown. seattle up 19-14 after the missed point. after the fourth quarter 49ers down 25-16. perhaps colin kaepernick's last touchdown pass as a 49er. san francisco winds up on the short end. 25-23 finishing the season 2-14 which equals their worst record ever in franchise history. thus if you missed earlier, chip kelly fired, trent baalke fired and surely colin cap nick will
10:28 pm
fall -- kaepernick will follow them right out the door. up next the lessons from the incident that grants family and friends say still needs to be learned some bizarre, others horrific all happening here in the bay area. we will recap some of them when we return. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. his name has faded from the headlines but on this day eight years ago the death of oscar grant became the focal point of a discussion on community police relations. lee martinez was at the bart station today for the eighth annual vigil for grant where she talked with his mother about the lessons learned. >> the cellphone video taken at the fruitvale bart station eight
10:31 pm
years ago replayed on multiple news outlets across the country. 22-year-old oscar grant was laying on his stomach. he was handcuffed behind his back and shot by a bart police officer who said he accidentally pulled out his gun instead of his taser. [music playing] eight years since his death, grant's family friends and community not only remember his life, but also discuss did impact of his death. >> i want people to know that oscar loved people and he would want to see justice actually. people treated equally and fairly. >> performer was only 7 years old when grant was shot and killed. >> it feels really good. like everybody -- you can hear them say preach and all that kind of stuff. it gives us encouragement to do better. >> his mother said she credits the community activism to get
10:32 pm
the attorney to press charges of manslaughter. >> that is why it is so important for us to have the vigil every year. it is so important for us to remind the community to come together and unify. it takes a -- it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a community to come together to ensure equal rights are passed from one generation to the next generation. >> [music playing] >> for a younger generation here today, they have both fear and hope for 2017. >> i kind of am afraid it will be more of the same but i hope it can change. i hope we can get rid of racism. >> since 2010 oscar grant's mother and uncle have run the oscar grant foundation. the foundation works to bridge the gap of distrust between the community and the police force. back to you. there are several new laws taking affect now that we are in
10:33 pm
2017. starting today children under the age of 2 are required to ride in a rear facing car seat. now previous law required that rear facing seats were for children 1 and under. state law already requires all children under the age of 8 to ride in the backseat in a child's safety seat or a booster seat. also taking affect a new law requiring drunk drivers to have breathalyzers devices installed in their cars. the device requires a driver to pass in order for the car to start. the device is required if those convicted of duis want to have their licenses reinstated. [ indiscernible ] then it goes statewide in the year 2019. and beauty shops and barbershops in california will now be legally allowed to serve alcohol to customers as long as it is free and before 10:00 at night. some beauty shops were already
10:34 pm
doing this offering champagne to customers which was technically against the law without a liquor license. well chicago is hoping to get a fresh start after one of its deadliest years on record. the windy city ended 2016 with 762 homicides. that is an average of two murders a day and more than in the city of new york and los angeles combined. it is the most killings in chicago since 1996. it is a big increase from last year. that is when 468 people were killed in 2015. police say they will employ an advanced crime fighting strategy to try to cut down on the violence this year. >> the violence we experienced in 2016 is just -- totally unacceptable. we cannot afford to have another year like that. we will be talking more in detail about that. >> police say most of those
10:35 pm
homicides occurred in just five of the cities poorest neighborhoods. they say the victims were usually targeted because of gang ties. well the past year has seen no shortage of high profile crime stories here in the bay area. our crime reporter henry lee takes a look how at some of those cases in tonight's crime files. >> 2016 another year of crime headlines. some horrific, others bizarre and they all happened in the bay area. in february, the dismembered body of shelly of brisbane washed ashore. police -- after his wife's remains were found he did commit suicide by jumping off the bay bridge. the couple had been fighting about money and shelly's alcohol use. you may remember this guy. in march the police arrested him for dui after he hit three vehicles. the man told officers he was covered in gold because he was
10:36 pm
coming from a photo shoot and may have been high on inhalants from the spray paint. the bay area police sex scandal broke wide open in may. dozens of officers were accused of misconduct. several current or former officers have been criminally charged. also in may 15-year-old pearl was kid snapped. the suspect 19-year-old fernando castro was killed in a police shootout. pearl has not been found. just june she was beat noon her richmond home by an intruder. she works at rosie the riveter national historic park and is the nation's oldest park ranger.
10:37 pm
she later received a replacement coin and a letter from the principal. [ indiscernible ] police said miller went to the wrong room. the 49ers released miller hours after the incident. in november alameda sheriff's was stabbed to death and set on fire in an oakland park. her friend laura rogers and rogers boyfriend were arrested. sources say the boyfriend became jealous after the two women develop add closer relationship. also that month a transgender woman was arrested in a triple homicide in oakland. then setting their house on fire. two inmates escaped from jail in san jose by cutting through steel bars.
10:38 pm
[ indiscernible ] a lot of these cases are still pending in the courts. i will be honor thing these -- monitoring these cases in the new year. back to you it is pretty much overwhelming. it is just -- i can't believe it is happening actually. >> he spent nearly half of his life on the streets but now he has a home. thanks to a bay area non-profit and we will check in with our meteorologist who is going to tell us about the colder temperatures and rain on the way.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums after spending 20 years on the street a bay area man getting a fresh start. amber lee with the bay area
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non-profit who helped this chronically homeless man start his new chapter. >> i was just really excited hoping i would get it. >> inside this apartment building is his first home in two decades. >> this is my apartment here. >> a studio. >> it is pretty much overwhelming. it is just -- i can't believe it is happening actually. here is the kitchen. >> miller showed me his new apartment. >> here is the fridge and the stove. >> what have you cooked here already? >> a big steak. >> miller is 49 years old. he said he became homeless in his 20s. he graduated in 1986 from high school. he trained and worked as an apprentice electrician but an addiction to alcohol and drugs caused a downward spiral into homelessness. >> at first i started sleeping underneath through over passes and for money i would pick up aluminum cans and plastic bottles. he said he became a fixture here
10:42 pm
in union city panhandling. but a year and a month ago he says he reached a turning point. >> i didn't want to die out there. i saw a couple of my friends die in front of me. >> miller asked a friend for help and that led to drug rehab. then he got a job. samaritan house a non-profit which offers services to the homeless helped miller with temporary and then permanent housing. his case manager posted this photo of him signing the lease just days before christmas on social media. >> i mean it was just this really human moment of -- it was a very extraordinary thing to witness. i was very moved by it. >> she describes his change as remarkable. that it is particularly difficult to find permanent
10:43 pm
housing for the chronically homeless. >> you have to want to change. it takes hard work and patience. >> he says he has a long term plan. he hopes to use his own experience to help others with drug and alcohol addictions by becoming a counselor. back to you. a lot to talk about with our weather forecast. it will be a very active weather pattern setting up. forecast headlines for tonight probably already noticed a few scattered showers for tonight. for tomorrow a still a few scattered showers as well. the extended -- the big deal is this, more rainfall possibly. we pointed right toward central and northern california. now you probably notice temperatures have been dropping off quite a bit. as a result we have some very low snow levels to talk about here in the bay area. as you can see, typically we are just talking about rainfall. with that cold air moving in,
10:44 pm
snow levels coming down to at least right around 2,000, possibly 1,500 feet. as you can see right here, maybe a dusting of snow for mount hamilton. just keep in mind for the northern portions as well. of course the sierra a much different story. a lot of snow in their forecast as well. outside our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. i have noticed a few showers moving through the region and some wet streets out there as well. nothing too major just yet but still those cold showers will remain in the forecast as we head into your monday. here is the coverage on the radar right now as we come in closer. of course those whites do core respondent to a rain snow mix. notice not as much coverage in the north bay but here you can see some showers still increasing in coverage and i plan on some scattered showers
10:45 pm
for your monday. especially for the first half of the day. in san francisco starting out the day in the 40s. sky cast showing you this. all the clouds throughout and then we will go with partly to mostly cloudy skies. thinking tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week as this weather system moves in from the north and kind of sets up shop out here in the pacific. off and on showers for your monday. not a wash out, still plenty of breaks in the action. what will be changing is this and this is the change from the forecast, storm tracker will be directed right on toward the bay area so as a result tuesday rainfall developing, wednesday more rain could be heavy at times. rain likely into thursday and even beyond thursday for friday the chance and maybe into the weekend as well. this could be a very active weather week in california. especially for the northern half of the state. some scattered showers tomorrow morning and then 4:00 some more breaks from the action. look what happens tuesday,
10:46 pm
increase in rainfall. especially by the afternoon hours. we will hold on to some more rain into wednesday as well. we will have to keep an eye on the flood potential over the next few days. lake tahoe winter weather advisory in place. highs for tomorrow on the cool side close to 50 degrees. here is a look ahead. rainfall develops into tuesday. periods of rain could be heavy at times on tuesday. into the weekend as well, we could have rainfall maybe 2-7 inches. we will keep an eye on that. >> okay. thanks. coming up at 11:00 mark and scott have more on the firing today of 49ers head coach chip kelly including player reaction. again that is coming up at the top of the hour with sports wrap. first, a horrific new years eve massacre. the manhunt underway tonight in
10:47 pm
turkey after a gunman opened fire inside a nightclub killing dozens.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
pope francis led a new years mass today. he said societies are becoming cold and calculating and lacking compassion. she calling for more humility and tenderness. during that mass the pope also prayed for the victims of a new years terrorist attack in turkey. a gunman opened fire in a nightclub last night killing at least 39 people. >> huddled in doorway of a nightclub with a new year barely an hour old a ricochetting bullet marks the moment party
10:50 pm
goers came face to face with a killer. it was the opening of a massacre. minutes later, all this man can do is count bodies on the street outside. >> [ indiscernible ] >> as well as the dead schools were injured. this woman still in her party finery on the stretcher to a hospital. along with many others. >> crazy people came in shooting everything. i don't know. >> hundreds were celebrating the arrival of 2017 in the club when the killing spree began.
10:51 pm
cc tv footage from inside the nightclub on the banks shows the murderer gun in hand. most of those who were killed or injured in the attack were turks but a number of foreigners also died. >> he brutally and savagely carried out this incident by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the new year and have fun. this is a terror attack. >> now the hunt is on for the man. authorities here knew an attack like this could happen. just two days before christmas called islamic state released a video purporting to show two turkish soldiers kidnapped and syria and being burned a live. with it came a message to wage holy war here in turkey in
10:52 pm
anyway they could. it now looks like a new years eve massacre may have been the result. >> well in a statement president obama condemned the attack and expressed condolences for the innocent lives lost. and that he will remain updated as warranted. a prankster gives an iconic hollyweed landmark a make over. up next the message some people were shocked to see on a visit to the hollywood sign.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
people in los angeles woke up to an unexpected change in the landscape today. a prankster climbed the mountain early this morning and changed the two o's to two e's so now the sign said holly weed. it is not the first time the sign has been edited or the first time it has been changed to holly weed. a student doctored the sign on new years day back in 1976 to say holly weed. that was the first day the california classified possession of up to one ounce of marijuana
10:56 pm
as a misdemeanor. one sight seer didn't seem to mind it. >> we came to see the hollyweed sign but -- it is okay with me. [ laughter ] >> well the sign has also been altered to say a few other things including hollywood. now i don't agree with -- changing things up there but you got to give him a point or two for creativity, huh? >> can you imagine a tourist not aware of that and then showing up there. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah. what is happening with the weather really quickly? >> cold. off and on showers tomorrow. the big story will be significant rainfall all week long. we will have the keep an eye on the potential for flooding here. >> so okay. thank you so much for joining us. sports wrap is coming up next.
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straight ahead, the ax falls times two. >> when we lose and have a season like that, changes are made. >> how the 49ers made sweeping changes at the top. the raiders get robbed and beaten up in denver. leaving only one cook in the kitchen. the play off picture now completely in focus. the warriors recent past still very much in their consciousness. >> in a lot of ways a phenomenal way. disappointing in a couple of years as well. >> sports wrap. can't we all just get along? now fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now hey everybody. welcome to sports wrap.


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