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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a cold winter storm leaves snow in the bay area. a rare dusting on hill tops on top of two back-to-back storms set to deliver rain tomorrow. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. a wet week ahead. we'll check in with ktvu azenith smith in just a moment, but first to our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking all the rain for us. >> right now the rain is relatively light because the air mass is so cold. take a look at the system we
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are talking about. this is the first system, a cold one. you can see sort of the dry cool air, the speckle area represents a very cool cloud. now that area has moved into the bay area of northern california. that's why snow levels have been so low. the accumulations have been so low. it's a very weak system. but as we head into tomorrow afternoon and evening, this system, it's coming from the south. it'll be warmer, it's going to be wetter. snow levels go up and the rain comes down. we could see rain totals anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches in some locations. right now we've got scattered showers around the bay area. winter storm warning in the mountains. up on mount hamilton as we mentioned snow falling on mount hamilton right now. i don't see any on diablo, but there are more snow flurries and opportunities for that over the next 12 hours. before the second warmer storm gets here. i'll have all the details with your computer model loaded up the next time i see you. >> thank you so much, bill. now we go to ktvu azenith smith on mount hamilton.
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the opening of several warming shelters because of the cold conditions have been up? >> reporter: yes, heather, i'm in the back of the community center. it is one of four warming centers in vacaville that opened at 9:00 this evening. it'll stay open overnight. i just went inside. about a dozen people are in there drinking hot chocolate, hot coffee as it has been raining on and off all day and it is very cold. >> reporter: as the sun sets this evening, drivers heading up mount hamilton road were turned away at grant ranch county park. caltrans closing the road to visitors since 3:30 this morning, a safety hazard after snow began to fall. >> it was snowing out there, which is really surprising. i've never heard of snow in the bay area before like in this area. >> reporter: these men tried to hike up, but it was just too cold. >> probably somewhere in the 30s i would say as far as the temperature. it was pretty cool. >> yeah. >> some cold cows and birds. >> reporter: lifelong san jose resident albert nunoz went up before the rose closure.
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>> i was checking radar on the ktvu app. i saw snow was up there. so i just kind of waited, timed it out hoping i would get lucky. >> reporter: he did get lucky snapping these photos of the first snow of the season. >> the snow was falling off the trees, it was beautiful, so quiet, oh it was beautiful. >> reporter: down in the valley families bundled up to go ice skating at the downtown san jose ice rink. >> i was in my warm clothes, but yes it is nice. i like this weather. >> the hot chocolate helps. >> hot chocolate definitely helps. >> reporter: while they are enjoying the cold temperatures, county officials are concerned about the homeless declaring an inclement episode. >> in conditions like this, you're at tremendous risk for your health. >> it is really cold out. there it's really hard and rough. >> reporter: on this night marlow is grateful to have
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shelter for her and her service dogs. >> we usually don't turn anybody down when it's raining to their ability. >> reporter: and a line started forming to get into the warming center when we got here at 7:30 this evening. i'm told each of these warming centers can accommodate 30 people and they will stay open overnight until 8:00 in the morning and then they will reopen at 9:00 in the evening. this will happen until wednesday or until the conditions get better. back to you. >> yes, i know these warming centers are an emergency response, but boy they are so crucial to so many people. thank you. well there is plenty of snow in the sierra tonight. more is on the way. in fact it is snowing at lower elevations in places that haven't had snow in more than three years. in prosser county drivers pulled to the side of the road in the city of colfax to enjoy the rare blanket of snow. chains are required on i-80 and driving is a little bit treacherous. tomorrow the first snow survey of the season is scheduled,
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which should tell us what kind of progress we are making after years of drought. you can track wet weather any time with the free ktvu weather app. it's in the app store for phones and tablets. all right, now the 49ers are seeing a public apology from the fans today for a season he called embarrassing. >> yeah, our sports director mark ibanez is here. mark he will address the media after firing both the head coach and the general manager. but everyone still talking about york's comment. i own this football team. do you think after that anyone is going to want to work for him? >> that question right there is indicative of how far this organization has fallen. can you imagine recently as three years ago someone saying would anybody want to take the coach or general manager's job? it's pretty remarkable the depth they are at this point, but in his press conference jed york indicate there had are reasons some highly talented coach or general manager would
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want to come here. for instance a clean slate, new people to work with, some $80 million in money to spend on the free agent market should they not retain the services of colin kaepernick there will be plenty of draft picks of course coming with their two-win season. yet it speaks to just how this organization is viewed around not only the nfl, but the entire country. the five-time super bowl champion san francisco 49ers were the owner. jed himself is being questioned about his own standing, the democrat will get them rolling today. >> why shouldn't you be dismissed or reassigned for the same reasons? >> g nothing i'm going to -- again, nothing i'm going to say is going to be satisfactory. i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. i'm sorry that's the facts and that's the case, this isn't about a business and running an operation to make money.
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we are making sure we're doing everything we can to reestablish this culture. it's not an easy decision to dismiss a head coach and general manager, especially people who have, you know, a lot of time left on their deals, but i think that's the best thing for us. and that is what we need to do in order to get us back to where we need to be. >> i think it will be unfathomable for any other owner of any other professional sports team to be questioned like why are you qualified to even run this organization? and so it is unprecedented. i have never experienced anything like it where his actual running of the team was questioned and you saw his response. >> thank god for the cleveland browns. >> yeah. there is one thing worse. that's the good news with the 49ers. they will have a number two pick. on the other side of the ledger real quick, they owe more than $30 million now in regards to past salaries with chip kelly, trent baalke, you know all the
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way back to tim and their system. $30 million right there. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> what a way to be. many of the 49ers home games at levi stadium were only half full this season. fans needless to say were incredibly frustrated with the play on the field. and some actually most say something needed to be done. >> we needed a change. we definitely needed a change. yes, he's got to go, baalke, i'm sorry. but coach it seemed like the players liked him, but they need a new start. >> i don't think they should have fired chip kelly. he took over already a bad team. >> pretty much everyone admits it was a mistake to let former coach jim harbaugh go back in 2014 and the results since then pretty much speak for themselves. if you missed jed york's news conference today it went on for half an hour. we posted it on you can find it right there on the home page. donald trump is set to be inaugurated just two weeks on friday.
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tomorrow the new republican- controlled congress officially convenes. and already the house republicans have taken action to significantly weaken the office of the congressional ethics. that's the office created in 2008 and in response to corruption scandal that ended with three members of congress serving jail time. inspite of opposition from house speaker paul ryan, republicans voted to reign in the ethics office by bringing it to the oversight committee. the full house is expected to pass this measure tomorrow. with majorities in both houses of congress, the republican leaders are already outlining their priorities for the first 100 days. they include clearing a path to repeal the affordable care act or obamacare as it is known, undoing a number of the environmental and labor regulations, holding confirmation hearings on trump's cabinet picks and helping the president elect fill the vacancy there on the supreme court. tonight a coalition of bay area environmental groups launched a national tour to protest mr. trump's positions on climate change and other
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policies. >> that protest tour is set to end in washington, d.c. ktvu jana katsuyama is live now in our newsroom with more on these planned demonstrations. and just how law enforcement agencies are preparing. >> heather and frank about three dozen agencies are in charge of the inauguration security from local police to the national park service and the u.s. military. and unlike the 2009 inauguration of president obama, there could be large protests. >> this climate change is on denial. >> in oakland tonight hundreds of people show the up to launch the national protest tour called hashtag earth to trump. >> and we are headed to washington, d.c. to take part in the historic mass protest that will happen on inauguration day and the women's march the next day. >> the coalition group asks each person to put their message for incoming president donald trump into a giant globe. part of a 16-city tour protesting his policy. >> in his first 100 days, he promised to withdraw from the
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paris promise agreement, and fast track keystone xl. >> it is one of many that is tapping into a broad range of frustrations by those who oppose mr. trump. >> i came here tonight to learn more about what is happening in not only to support the environment, but other causes that are also a concern to me about women's rights, about citizens rights. >> i'm very concerned that people he is surrounding himself with will go and try to find a solution. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. police are accustomed to handling inaugural crowds with more than two million people estimated to have attended president obama's ceremony in 2009. this year more than 3,000 police, 8,000 national guard members, plus thousands of active couth members are supporting the group. the national parks service has seen a huge number of increase of permit requests about 23 compared to a handful of past
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inaugural years. one of the biggest protest could be the women's march set for january 21 with as many as 200,000 people expected. >> there is a large movement of people going from all over california to dc. >> reporter: allison modest and others are organizing local marches that day in cities nationwide including san francisco, oakland, and san jose. >> i thought it was really important to have something here to have something local for people who can't go to dc, people who financially aren't able to or physically aren't able to. >> reporter: tonight the bay area women's march is also calling for volunteers to help make a video with their messages to incoming president trump. we have posted a link to details on that and the protest at just look for the web link section. >> all right, jana katsuyama, thank you so much. the white house announced today president obama will deliver a farewell address in chicago a week from tomorrow. in an e-mail to supporters, the
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president said there will be a chance for him to celebrate the accomplishments of his administration and to offer some thoughts on the future. the president and his family arrived back in washington today after a two-week vacation in hawaii. 39 people killed in a turkish nightclub and now a claim of responsibility. at 10:30 the man hunt underway for the gunman. >> and also ahead drivers, why they are on the golden gate bridge and it will not be moved for tomorrow morning's commute. a short drive and a tragic ending. two north bay teenagers in a car crash. why the only one to survive is now in jail.
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firefighters are trying to figure out what cause add two- alarm -- caused a two-alarm fire in east oakland. the flames broke out on 93rd avenue. crews were able to put out the flames quickly and no injuries were reported. the battalion chief at the scene set a home next to the fire that also caught fire, but they were also able to quickly put out those flames. a deadly accident in the north bay last night killed one teenager landing her friend in jail. police say the 19-year-old driver was under the influence and that is for the first time. debora villalon is live tonight. you also learned that young woman didn't have a valid driver's license? >> reporter: that's right frank. police say she was impaired and speeding. the limit here in this neighborhood is 25 miles an
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hour. but neighbors estimate the car crash at about 60 with deadly results. a little heartbroken over this, this is a very tight-knit community. >> all day people here in this neighborhood would pause at a place where a teenager died just hours before. >> my heart goes out to the whole family. this is a tragedy. the 18-year-old was a passenger in the chevy sedan that went off the road and slammed into one tree, then spun and hit another. neighbors heard the impact and they ran to help, but it was too late. >> they passed away and her door was peeled back. so it was wide open. and she was looking for a pulse. >> there was none. >> reporter: the driver of the mangled car was pinned in and conscious and asking questions about what happened, where was she, who was she with? this neighbor tried to keep the driver's attention so she wouldn't notice her friend was dead. he could smell and see
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marijuana and liquor. >> somebody that loses a friend is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life. and, you know, i don't, my personal opinion is i think that's punishment enough. >> reporter: the 19-year-old is jailed on suspicion of dui while intoxicated. her driver's license was already suspended from a previous dui arrest last year. >> it doesn't appear they were at a party as they were seen nearby. >> reporter: police say gillry was house sitting on the area to run a few errands when they crashed. >> it's a tragedy for both of the families. this is a terrible way to start the new year. and there are, she is going to be held responsible for her actions. >> reporter: the mother tells ktvu her daughter was a social butterfly who had just turned 18 in november and was working on getting her high school ged.
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>> it is always somebody's child. it was something that could have been prevented. >> reporter: what witnesses saw and the helplessness they felt will linger along with new respect for first responders. >> and for those people who have to deal with that, day in and day out as their jobs, my heart goes out to them, life is precious and they can change in a second. >> reporter: a gofundme page has been established to help the family with their expenses. we could link you to that at you can see here in the rain her friends who gathered together in their grief, her mom tells me tonight that her daughter had not known her for a long time. the family had never met her and she was absolutely floured to hear she had a past dui. live in santa rosa debora villalon ktvu fox 2 news.
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new at 10:00 people who use their golden gate bridge would get into the city. they can expect a slower than usual commute tomorrow morning. that's because one of those movement barriers are broken on the bridge and they need to be repaired. that means they will stay put until they could be made with three lanes running in each direction. now usually the lanes are shifted during the morning and with four lanes running in the busier direction. a bridge spokesperson says the problem should be fixed some time tomorrow. tomorrow the tunnel that delivers water from the reservoir to the bay area will be shut down for two months of inspections. france and other cities will get their -- san francisco and other cities will get their water from the reservoir while crews can determine if the aging infrastructure needs to be repaired or replaced. it runs through 19 miles of granite. the tunnel wasn't a part of a separate upgrade project. according to water officials, its at risk for a catastrophic
10:20 pm
collapse. 2.6 million customers rely on the water. they were tracking the weather around here, snow in the mountains, winter storm warnings there. storm number one is the cold one. that's happening now. low snow elevations. by tomorrow afternoon and evening this area moves in, warmer and wetter. snow levels go up. so right now we've got scattered showers out there. in the mountains we've got snow levels pretty low. there's chico right here and paradise is up in here. so your commute with the snow levels on the ridges in the north county or the north valley down to 1,400 feet. crash valley down to around 2,000. these purple and pink areas are representing frozen precipitation most likely snow. so you get the idea. it's very low snow elevations. that changes by tomorrow night, the snow levels come up over the next couple of nights back up to 5,500, 5,800 feet. current rainfall right now concord, san mateo, and mount hamilton getting a little bit of snow as well. that's not a surprise.
10:21 pm
as these showers continue tonight, look for the scattered snow flurries up on skyline boulevard and the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow morning snow level wills be down in the bay -- snow levels will be down in the bay area depending on where the cool air pockets are. tomorrow is a wet day especially in the afternoon. so when i come back we're going to take the model and push it into that afternoon commute. it will be kind of stormy. i'll see you back here with all the specifics. >> thank you, bill. a san francisco-bound flight diverted to new zealand. still ahead the racist rant that prompted a united flight crew to take action. also the warriors host the denver nuggets trying to get their first win of the new year. mark will tell us how they did later in sports. up next though homeowners find their house ransacked. the teenage burglar was still inside.
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a minlo mother was attacked. the two suspects in their teens. >> reporter: this single-story two-bedroom house is a mess. furniture and items tossed about, cabinet doors ripped off hinges, all aftermaths from a burglary on new year's eve. resident eddie fuala who doesn't want his face shown says he and his wife walked in and confronted two teens. one tried to beat him with a hammer. >> he was standing with a hammer trying to hit me. he threw it at me. he was trying to hit me with it. i grabbed him and threw him on the ground. >> reporter: one juvenile sobbed for mercy, but the second was able to escape. police investigators made an arrest a short time later near the 1 100 block of carlton avenue. >> you don't expect your home to be invaded. neither one of us expected it. >> reporter: henderson and his
10:25 pm
wife were victims of a similar crime several months earlier. their two-story remodeled a few doors down from eddie's house was vulnerable. >> we walked down the street and came back half an hour later and somebody had basically gone through all of our stuff, ransacked, stole the computers, jewelry, you know, pretty much got most of the valuables in the house. >> reporter: in that case the thieves got away. the ones from this past saturday are both in the county juvenile correctional facility. the da is suppose to get the case tomorrow and then we will determine charges. meanwhile two similar crimes, feet apart separated by just a couple of months have neighbors on the block taking action. >> i think this neighborhood is actually knowing each other pretty well. >> reporter: resident bob fong is setting up a neighborhood watch to use multiple pairs of eyes and ears as an effective crime deterrent. >> i thought it would be good for us to have more official ways of dealing with that. so when those situations come about, we have extension coverage. >> reporter: jewelry was
10:26 pm
stolen, profanity scrawled, pictures were burned. but he's not moving and believes his tough stance will deter other wood-be criminals. >> we never thought it would happen to us. >> reporter: because both suspects are juveniles, one is 13 and the other is 17, police are not commenting. but some neighbors told me they heard of this similar crime in other cities surrounding the area here on the peninsula. jess see gary -- jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. almost five years since her disappearance. the murder trial of sierra lamar's accused killer is about to get underway. the morgan hill teenager disappeared on her way to a school bus stop march of 2012. tomorrow antolin garcia-torres will be back in court as attorneys prepare to make opening statements. there's a series of delays after seeking the death penalty against garica-torres. an airline passenger has been escorted off of a plane by
10:27 pm
police. his rant that caused a san francisco-bound flight to be diverted. up next the man hunt is underway as authorities zero in on the funman who killed 39 -- gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i i asked his dtor
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does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer. new at 10:00 a united airline flight from sydney, australia finally ended today at sfo one day after being diverted to new zealand when a passenger went on a racist rant. >> can you help them out here. they are going to do that? you do that? >> reporter: another passenger took this video and posted it on twitter. the angry passenger was apparently upset he had been seated between two people of indian or pakistani decent. the passenger was lead off the plane by police officers and arrested. an airline spokeswoman says the crew and all of the passengers
10:30 pm
had to be put up for the night in auckland. some travelers returning to the united states encountered longer than normal lines to clear customs today. customs and border patrol said an outage caused delays at various outputs. we captured this video at sf oh ,ier this evening. we were told officers had to use backup systems to process international travelers until the system came back online. customs and border patrol did not give a cause for the disruption, but they said it doesn't appear to be malicious. in turkey, isis has claimed responsibility for that deadly new year's attack at a nightclub in istanbul. 39 people were killed and nearly 70 were injured. as benjamin hall reports the gunman is still at large tonight, but turkish authorities say they are close to identifying him. >> reporter: istanbul remains on high alert today as a huge man hunt continues to find the attacker who killed 39 new year's eve revelers. new details of the attack have been emerging. the gunman who fired up to 180 bullets stopped to swap out
10:31 pm
magazines five times. he then changed his clothes in the kitchen of the club before leaving in a taxi amidst the chaos. according to experts, the suspect appeared to have been professionally trained. >> it is not the sort of seaside mission, but planned as a hit-and-run mission. the attacker right now is on the run. he plans his exit strategy. >> reporter: isis issued a statement saying the attack has been carried out by heroic soldiers. they were chosen because it is where, "christiens were celebrating their feast." police are still trying to learn his identity though. but there are suggestions he's a part of the same isis cell, which attacked istanbul airport back in june killing 41 as a result. they believe he may be from the central asian countries. and today the funerals of some of the dead began taking place as the identities of more victims were released. among the 39 killed, 27 were foreign including victims from israel, saudi arabia, jordan,
10:32 pm
germany, russia, france, india, and belgium. the turkish prime minister spoke today saying terrorism was everywhere. a global problem. >> reporter: they will not intimidate us, we will continue to fight against it. >> reporter: the american is among the dozens injured. becauseman from delaware celebrating his 35th birthday at the club when the shooting broke out. >> it's a massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. i was with nine people, seven of us were shot. >> reporter: the president reached out to the turkish people offering his condolences, also said the u.s. stood ready to do whatever they could to help bring the attacker to justice. in london benjamin hull fox news. >> we may hear from donald trump tomorrow on what he knows about the russian hacking of the u.s. election. the president elect has expressed doubt about intelligence community support he was behind the hacking.
10:33 pm
on new year's eve he promised to reveal more about what he knows either tomorrow or on wednesday. and u.s. intelligent officials say they have traced the hacks to the russian computers that leave digital fingerprints. they say those fingerprints implicate the russian government. >> it is very solid indeed overwhelming. they didn't just steal data, but they weaponnized it, they dumped it during the election with the specific intent of influencing the outcome of that election and showing the united states. >> mr. trump is expected to get an in-depth briefing on the investigation before holding his news conference. and the final report requested by president obama is expected in the next two weeks. it has now been one month since that devastating ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people. a change that will happen forever. rob malcolm talks with the councilman who has deep roots in the community with a plan to prevent another tragedy. >> this is a public safety issue, but also an environmental justice issue especially in east oakland.
10:34 pm
so we're trying to address properties like this one so we do not lose any lives. >> reporter: a life-long resident of oakland grew up in the fruitvale san antonio neighborhoods. he believes the city needs to do more for the artist community. >> most of us who continue to live in an environment like this one here that we offer not only rent control protection, but at same time i don't want to shy away and state the fact it is the responsibility of a property owner. >> reporter: lawsuits have been filed against the building's owner. employees of various cities and county departments. he admits the ghost ship may have fallen through the cracks. >> not just about one facility where we may have dropped the ball, but there are a number of facilities or residential units that are housing residents that are in question right now. >> reporter: city inspectors have been working in mass to inspect questionable buildings, leaving artists requesting moratoriums on evictions.
10:35 pm
according to gyro, code enforcement will be much different in 2017. >> we're trying to bring about change. in oakland to make sure our families are protected, especially our children. >> reporter: the fire claimed 36 lives and also the livelihood of nearby businesses. many had to move. the other sidewalks have taken their toll on this small business. >> it is affecting foot traffic because occasionally you would get people coming in that would go pay a boost mobile phone bill or walk across on this side. it's just because basically if you are not even tossing over to our side of the international anymore. >> reporter: across international boulevard people will continue to visit the site of the fire. >> it's a tragedy certainly we will not forget. certainly we will both take the action necessary not only to protect the young artists, but to protect all of our families in east oakland is the ultimate goal. >> reporter: wednesday night at city hall, they will be hosting a jobs and housing forum from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. many from the artist community
10:36 pm
are expected to attend. in oakland rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. dylann roof has been ruled competent for the sentencing phase of his trial. the 22-year-old was convicted last month of killing nine black church members during a bible study in charleston, south carolina. the federal judge made the decision about his mental state today. roof has chosen to represent himself in court. the sentencing phase of the federal trial is set to begin on wednesday. he could possibly face the death penalty. well still ahead tonight, new affirmation of the explosion of the spacex rocket and when the company plans to try another launch. we're tracking that cool night out there. it's chilly throughout the bay area. we'll let you know when the snow levels will get down through tonight and the rain that'll impact your commute tomorrow. up next new information about two people gunned down in separate new year's day shootings.
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new information now on the identities of the two men killed in san francisco yesterday. they are the city's first two homicides of the new year. at 2:15 yesterday morning 21- year-old ernesto rosaless was shot in the -- rosales was shot yesterday. the other one happened at 3:30 in bayview. the 35-year-old walked up to mitchell bay and shot him in the head. >> he was a good dude, always spending his whole life trying to help people to be helpful. but the street life will catch up to you. you really can't do nothing about it. >> smith says he lost many loved ones to street violence near the intersection where police say there is no evidence the killings are gang related. but as of yet they don't have a motive for either one of those shootings. in santa rosa, police are circulating a surveillance
10:40 pm
picture of a man who burglarized an elementary school. this picture was snapped at 10:20 last friday night. investigators say the suspect entered an unlocked classroom and took five samsung tablets, a laptop computer, and a box of sharpie pens. the items are estimated at $1,300. spacex is planning a new launch as early as next week. the company discovered the cause of the explosion that destroyed the rocket and satellite last september in florida. the mishap is being blamed on the failure of the high pressure helium tank. spacex is now planning to launch a falcon 9 rocket pending faa approval. the launch could happen on sunday on the central coast. 2016 was a blockbuster year at the box office. u.s. theaters beat out last year's record with more than $11 billion in ticket sales. pixar's animated hit, "finding
10:41 pm
dory" brought in $6 -- bringing in $86 million. "star wars rogue one" came in as number two. the auto industry is set to release their 2016 tally on wednesday. insiders expecting to report the sales of at least 17 1/2 million vehicles. some are predicting the number will go even higher. all right, snow falling in the bay area. up next we will take you to napa county where that snow delighted some hikers. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking wet weather. he's back in three minutes taking you right into your full forecast.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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how about this? snow is falling at lower elevations in the north bay today. we found snowplows running along i-21. hikers are out taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.
10:44 pm
robert lewis stevenson's state park has the beautiful scenery. >> we haven't had snow in a few years. being out of the drought and being able to celebrate with a little bit of this out. i'm actually really excited about it. >> electronic signs are up on highway 29 warning drivers about potentially treacherous driving conditions including black ice between napa and lake counties. certainly made for some pretty pictures. >> absolutely. let's check in with bill martin to find out if we can expect more snow. >> a little bit more tonight and then it will turn into rain and snow in lower elevations like it was this afternoon and evening. it'll continue like that tonight. by tomorrow it will warm up. we've got rain today, but it's hard to call it. it wasn't much rain, but despite the precipitations, it is because of the cold air, which doesn't hold a lot of water. that all changes though as system number two makes a play for us as we head into tomorrow afternoon into wednesday morning. that's when people will see the heaviest rain. tuesday afternoon into tuesday morning. there's the system, there is the rain. cool air to the north, warmer
10:45 pm
air to the south. and then the cool air right now is lingering up into the foothills. so here we are just northeast of chico paradise there up about 1,800-foot elevations. you're seeing the snow down to just about 1,800 feet there. just above the area you have the falls, you've got the snow grass valley that's snowing, snowing in georgetown just in the foothills. so that's lower than you would anticipate. typically some of us would use about 4,800 to about 5,000 feet in the typical winter storm. when you get down to 1,500 feet, that's got something special. and so outside right now, it's a beautiful night. we're going to see a little bit of rain. that's what the midst is like out there with scattered showers in the area. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning your morning commute back to work. yeah, time to go back to work. there will be some wet roads out there, but it won't be bad. the real story will be tomorrow afternoon. and then that's the warmer air, more productive for rain, more productive for the commute too because they will have standing water on the roadways.
10:46 pm
and that's your tuesday afternoon commute. let's go to wednesday morning. a little bit of some, but doesn't look like it will be a real deal breaker there. then wednesday afternoon's commute will be slightly wet. and the real wet will be between tomorrow late afternoon and into wednesday morning. so the afternoon commute tomorrow looks like the worse. now we go into thursday morning not bad. then that's it. rainfall accumulation is interesting. tomorrow night at this time we're going to have, this is the model. saying oh hey, they will have an inch and a half. wednesday night says they will have two inches. thursday night about the same. and friday a little more and then on saturday it will load up again about three and three inches for you, three inches of santa rosa in through saturday. sot five-day totals pretty significant as that warm -- so the five-day totals are pretty significant. we are seeing the colder elevations by tomorrow afternoon, which will change over. so here we go with some rain and winds especially tomorrow
10:47 pm
afternoon. into wednesday morning, then you get a break. it will light up again on saturday and sunday especially on saturday night into sunday. so good that's exactly what we need with snow in the mountains. man 3 1/2 inches? >> yes, over five days with a good amount of rain. >> that's good, all right, thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. all right, basketball and a lot more. sports is next. we'll be right back. most fast food places use formulas to create their combos. but all that math, doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas.
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mark joins us now >> over 82 games in the regular season. i can tell you about six months from now it will be one of those games, yeah, i don't remember that game, you know, the day after new year's day that is it and the denver nuggets will come to town and take care of business, never able to completely ditch denver to run away with that thing, but i will tell you what, they are 12-0 when the big three will be 20 or more and they will need to make it happen as they will be up out of nowhere to put them down, again not a headline steeler for everyone, that's 22 points up by 4 as they will stay in to grab it and shoot it and they would
10:51 pm
have 25 points nailing the three there, the highlight of the game there. keep in mind he is seven feet tall with that crash over move right there where he was leading with that episode, but look at their replay between the legs and the quick move again. you can see them at 13 as he would like to say just beautiful right there. he's about to be the beneficiary of the slick passing for their veteran shot. like i say, you might not remember it, but they could have their moments and then we will show you this because greene finishes off the nuggets to be on the board with 15 points, 13 assists, ten rebounds, triple double. warriors win it 127-119. most memorablely they are now 30 wins and only five losses. all right, all day long we've been talking about jed york kind of confirming what we already knew yesterday. and the firing of both trent
10:52 pm
baalke and chip kelly. now the question kind of shifts over to what is going to happen now. in search of both of those how do you get a prominent experience general manager and/or coach to come here? that is the way the franchise has gone in regards to their last 32 games and the last 32 regular seasons, the season where they have won only seven times out of the last 25. well he thinks it is possible. >> we are going to have the opportunity with a lot of draft picks and the opportunity with a lot of salary cap room. there are some pieces here. i don't think that there will be enough pieces, but there are some pieces to build around. again it's got to be a partnership and a collaboration between me, the head coach, and the general manager so we could get this thing right. >> all right, now you know they called the rose bowl the granddaddy of them all. it really was. i mean they would have some great games there throughout this season. but this one might have topped them out all over the place and
10:53 pm
to take a look at penn state, ufc putting on the show third quarter on the loose. 79 yards on this play. he had 194 yards rushing a couple of touchdowns. this touchdown right here for penn state will give them a 27- 28 lead. actually they will end up building a bigger lead with ten minutes left in the third. sam arnold ties it up at 39-39 with 29 minutes left. look at the vision the kid has from this ankle. and he just threads that right there with five touchdown passes, 453 yards through the air after the penn state turnover. ufc wins it, time expires as matt hits the 46-yard field
10:54 pm
goal. i love those kinds of games where there wasn't a dull moment no matter who you wanted to win, just a great time. we would have the sugar bowl there tonight. and they will break it open after the interception to westbrook. that's 21-13 oklahoma. later joe nixon, four teams are up right here and they will show they got in there for the touchdown. and the replay did get it out, confirming it, there you go 35- 19 is the final as we would take a look at the score board to check out a couple of other bowl games. wisconsin having it their way over western michigan.
10:55 pm
no. 20 florida over no. 21 iowa. all right frank you're going to love this story. you know once a year they play outside hockey like the school days? take a look at this. this is the memorial stadium. it happened in st. louis where it was cold, the weather was brutal. they thought they might have to call it off, but look at that. bobby and brett dropping the ceremonial puck. two great hockey hall of famers. third period game tied 1-1 here. the blues with the odd-man rush. vladimir sorenko with the puck deflected in the goal. the defender's skate hits that puck going into the net and the blues end up winning over the blackhawks 4-1. i love the outdoor hockey, you know, they have rain in that thing too. >> they were in danger of canceling the whole thing. >> yes. >> all right, why do they do it against all of the college bowl games? why pick another weekend?
10:56 pm
>> exactly. >> i would e-mail them directly. >> going back to the 49ers, i mean realistically who do you think they might be looking at? >> you know that's a question we have been talking about all day. nobody really knows anything other than speculation at this point. i'm not going to go out and make a suggestion or kind of pull off the rumor mill or anything. but i will tell you this. one of the guys that is maybe a dark horse for this, the offensive coordinator is the grandson of john mcvay once the president of the 49ers in the glory days and also the son of the former general manager. but i mean he's just 30. he would be the youngest. but look at the washington redskins. the rumor wills go on for next week or so. >> all right, we're out of time. see you later everyone. good night.
10:57 pm
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