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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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moving across the bay area, steve is here with when the heaviest rain will hit. we have just learned that hillary clinton will indeed attend president-elect donald trump's inauguration. ktvu fox news alt noon starts now. a wet start to the day would have the bay area, it's expected to increase, this was the scene early this morning in san francisco. lets get to steve with the details. get ready for a lot of rain, we have a storm coming in tonight and one coming in tomorrow. the rain let up a bit but it's cloudy out there. the snow continues to go up a little bit.
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it was an 1700 feet yesterday, it's inching up but it's still low, 2100 feet. the santa cruz mountains have the most rain, 1.45 inches. vallejo, two-thirds of an inch. townt tam, an inch and a third. -- mount tam, an inch and a third. look at the next five days, today and tomorrow will be rainy we get a break thursday into friday, watch what happens saturday, there is a possibility of tremendous amounts of rain, if you transport that to the sierras, that shows you how much snow we could get, a lot. there is a lot of rain now and it's cold.
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40s and 50s or the temperatures. the north bay is is in the 40s, the wind is picking up and it's really picking up by tonight. a lot of moisture. this is the next system for tomorrow, it looks just as strong. there is a low off of oregon that is feeding in all of this moisture. rainy today and tomorrow, thursday and friday look all right but it looks like a big system is coming in as we head to the weekend. prepare now. yes. >> low temperatures and rain mean snow in some of the higher elevations. we went up to mount hamilton this morning. >> reporter: it's chilly, i was able to make a snowball but this stuff is melting fast. the snow started falling sunday
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and it continued into monday then the rain came this morning. the white stuff is still on the ground p on the roofs. -- and on the roofings. >> it's melting away but it was thick yesterday. it was interesting. >> reporter: are you hoping more comes back? >> no, as the facilities head, no. >> reporter: that did not stop kit lee of morgan hill from driving up the mountains to try to snow board. >> i was just in tahoe a couple of days ago but i had to get more in. >> reporter: he still had a smile on his face, that's what the snow does to people, get
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them excited. we have photos from loss gatos. check out this parking lot. the farm animals were walking around in the cold stuff, bhut it's melting quickly and there is rain in the forecast so this will be turning to slush. highway 130 was closed blf but kal transreopened it to traffic here on mount hamilton. thank you. if you need to go out you can check the snow and rain using our weather app. at the golden gate bridge, crews have finished the removable removable barrier. >> barrier. >> reporter: you can see traffic is moving normally, we
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are on the north side of the bridge, traffic is back to normal. the piece of the barrier that was damaged has been repaired. >> the operators came out and fixed the unit that was a problem. they popped out the pins and put a replacement unit in. >> we have a photo of the damage that caused all of this. workers discovered the dent yesterday afternoon, it meant that a machine that moves the barricades into place o not run, so instead of four lanes into san francisco for the among commute, they only had three lanes, crews also crowed down another lane. >> we believe that the damage was caused by a passing vehicle. the barrier is strong, they do
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not collide very often. we had it out here for two years, this shows us how well it usually works. >> the damage is not expected to impact the evening commute. it seems to have been repaired and traffic is moving normally. a spokesperson for the bridge said they will not be pursuing who ever did the damage in the first place. this morning on capitol hill, the form r california attorney general, kamala harris was sworn in as california's 45th senator. joe biden swore in the seven new united states snowrs. she took over the seat vacated by bar -- senators. she took over the seat vai --
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vacated by barbara boxer. as members of congress return to work for the first session of the 115th congress, republicans and democrats are already clashing. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: congressional republicans are returning to capitol hill with new opt hism. it's the first time in a decade that the gop controlled both houses of congress and the the white house. >> shows not shown any level of knowledge of where they would take this. >> reporter: after democrats
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showed concern about a plan to close the office of government ethics, they changed it amid a public backlash. >> the reforms were brought forward on a bipartisan basis. >> reporter: in the senate, republican leaders are hoping to confirm as many of president- elect donald trump's cabinet picks as they can. >> i ask them to abide by the same advice that they gave us when president obama was elected and allow these people to take office. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump announced his nominee for united states trade representative. thank you. within the past hour we have confirmed that hillary clinton and former president bill
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clinton will both attend president-elect donald trump's inauguration, this is in addition to former president george bush. they released a statement saying they are pleased to witness the peaceful transfer of power, a hallmark of american democracy. meanwhile, a coalition of bay area environmental groups are heading to washington dc to take part in protests on inauguration day, they are calling it, hashtag, earth to trump. they are asking people to put their messages into a giant globe. >> he promised to withdraw from the paris climate agreement, a fast track fossil project like the keystone pipeline. >> one of the biggest protests
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could be the women's march, that's set for january 21, the day after the inauguration. we have more details on the protests on our website, new stations in turkey are airing what they are calling a selfie video from the gunman in the nightclub massacre. isis has claimed responsibility saying that the shooting was in response to turkey's military operation against its soldiers in syria. turkish police believe that the gunman is a professional asasin. in turkey today people took part in a peace march in honor.
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victims of the shooting. they layed flowers at a memorial. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly terror attack in iraq. the attack took place hours after the president of france arrived in iraq. he pledged that france will continue to play a major role in the effort to drive isis out of iraq. coming up, a man being called a hero, what is he saying about his terrifying ordeal. another rescue, this country carried out in a bedroom by a toddler. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a san mateo man is under arrest accused in a string of home beak ins. when the police arrived, the suspect was spotted exiting through the window of a home. he took off running but was arrested after a chase. a men low park home owner
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is recovering after he was attacked in his own house by particulars and beaten with a hammer. the two suspects are in their teens. >> reporter: this single story house is a mess, cabinet doors ripped off hinges, all after math of a burglary on new year eve. the home owner walked in and confronted two teens, one beat him with a hammer. >> he was just trying to hit me on the head. i just grabbed him and threw him to the ground. >> reporter: one of the juveniles asked for mercy, the other escaped. police made an arrest a short time later. >> you do not expect your home to be unvaided.
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neither one of us expected that -- invaded. neither of us expected that. >> we walked down the street and came back and someone had ransacked our stuff. they got most of the valuables in the house. >> reporter: the thieves from saturday are in the juvenile correctional facility. meanwhile, two similar crimes, feet apart, separated by a couple of months, has neighbors on that block taking action. >> this neighborhood knows each other well. >> reporter: this resident is setting up a neighborhood watch as a crime deterrent. >> it's good to have a more official way of dealing with
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that. >> reporter: this man said julie was stolen, but he is not moving, he believes his tough instance will deter other criminals. because both suspects are juveniles, the police are not commenting but other neighbors have heard of similar crimes in this area. jury selection is continuing toed in the murder trial of antolin garcia-torres. this comes five years after sierra lamar's body was not found. they said they found her dna in his vehicle. his lawyer said he is not guilty of murder and he said that sierra lamar ran away from home.
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a deadly shooting on new year eve raises the homicide rate in ant -- antioch. there were seven homicides last year. anyone with information is asked to call the antioch police. a heroic photo journalist came to the rescue of a family trapped in a fire are you car. austin raishbrook sprens his nights covering crashes in la,
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he saw the car bursting into flames and he tried to rescue him. >> he had less than five seconds to live, i just managed to get him out. >> the driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition but now he is expected to be release in a -- released in a few days. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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megan kelly is leaving fox news to go to nbc. she will be an anchor of a sunday night show and a daytime news show, she worked at fox news for five years, there is no word on how much nbc is going to pay her but it was reported that fox offered her $20 million to stay at the network. ford may be canceling it's plans to build a new factory in mexico. >> as we think about the investments in michigan, we think about a lot of factors. one of those things is a more
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positive united states manufacturing business environment under president- elect donald trump stvment ford will . >> ford will be building two models in michigan. markets have been in the green august session, not a lot of major gains but the dow is on track to finish on the upside, gaining 50 points. some of the cool efts gadgets will -- coolest gadgets will be on display for the consumer electronics show in las vegas.
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>> 50 years ago, we had televisions and black and white tvs, now we have smart homes and self-driving cars, it's incredible to see the transformation. >> the event is broken into three campuses. this month gorge lucas will decide whether or not he is going to build a museum that will highways his personal elections. he is financing the project himself. he wants to spend a billion dollars to build the museum and then stock it. in october, he unveiled similar but competing designs in los angeles and san francisco.
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bay area fishermen went on strike yesterday after a wholesaler in humbolt county offered to pay $2.75 instead of $3 for wholesale crab. coming up, we have the results of the latest snow survey. >> we are going to check in with steve who is tracking this new storm, route after the break >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. it's viewed as a critical test of the water supply in california. we have the results of today's snow survey. >> reporter: what was measured in the sierras today was the depths of the snow and it's water content. this past three months we have had more rain than we have seen in years but only part of the state is out of the drawt. experts are encouraged.
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3-quarters of the state remains in the drought. a quarter of the state has been pulled out of the drawt thanks to the second westest -- drought thanks to the second wettest october. it's encouraging news to surveyors. >> that seems gloomy but keep in mind that we had pretty much bare ground here a week ago. >> reporter: lets look at the reservoirs, most of below their water averages, in the central valley, the reservoir is at 40% capacity. only two are above average, one in northern california and one
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in central california. but these numbers can be deceiving, the united states bureau of reclamation said it released water for flood control. more water was flowing into the dams because of the extra snow in the sierras this year. >> more is on the way this week as well. starting today, the tunnel that delivered water to the bay area is being shut down for a two month inspection. water officials said it's at risk of a collapse. 2.6million people depend on water from the reservoir. >> lets check with steve. >> is 3 feet too aggressive? >> no, but there is a lot more
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water on the way. a wet pattern is establishing itself. we may have a whapper of a system coming in. the satellite shows you what is going on. we had a warm sector coming through this morning. that gave us some rain, an inch in marin county. we have some wind gutting funneled in with the moisture as well. look at this picture, good morning from truckee. the snee is it at 2100 feelt today. it went down to 1500 feet yesterday. it's trying to inch back up. -- snow is at 2100 feet. it went down to 1500 feet yesterday. it's trying to inch back up.
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i think that the snow levels have bottomed out. any available moisture will keep the snow going in the lower elevations. let at santa cruz, that looks like a lot of rain. still some snow in mendocino county. look at santa cruz rs it's cold but not as cold as it was yesterday. 40s for some. 50s for others. i think that the temperatures are stuck here for now, the wind is picking up. it's cranking up. look at the moisture, it's streaming in from oregon. 43 in truckee. we have two systems on the way,
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one tont and here comes the next one streaming tomorrow. win to 2 inches of rain today into tomorrow. we get a break thursday into friday but then watch into saturday. big amounts of rain, the snow levels will go up to four or 5,000 feet but tremendous snow. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. we have rain today, i think it will be heavy for the evening commute. a break thursday and friday and then a strong system coming in, especially sunday. >> i have seen some projections of 16 inches of rain. skiers and snow borders should be prepared for
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dangerous driving conditions. california highway patrol is urging people to give themselves extra time while driving up the mountains. earlier this morning, california highway patrol had to hold traffic to clear five big rigs that stalled near crystal springs. the road is open to traffic, but it's slow going. a quick reminder, you can track the snow and rain through ktvu fox news weather app. a memorial is growing at the scene where 18 year old michajla bailey kosteca was killed sunday night. she was riding in a car that skidded and slammed into a tree, her friend rebecca iris guillory was behind the wheel. she is now in jail facing
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charges of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. >> my opinion is having to live with that for her whole life is punishment enough. >> her drivers license had been already suspended. a go fund me page is set up to help the family of michajla bailey kosteca pay for her burial. we have a link on our website, grief counselors are on hand at ever green high school in san jose, the students returned to school for the first time after a class mate was killed over the holiday. police said the driver that killed them was drunk, he also died in the crash. it's been a month since the deadly oakland warehouse fire
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that changed that neighborhood forever. we talked with a counsel man that represents fruitvale. >> reporter: it's a public safety issue but it's also an environmental justice issue. we are trying to address properties like this one so we do not lose any lives. >> reporter: the counsel man believes that the city needs to do more for the arts community. >> we offer rent control protections but i do not want to shy away from the fact that it's the responsibility of the property owner. >> reporter: lawsuits vab filed against the property evener. but he admits that the ghost ship may have fallen through the cracks.
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>> there is a number of facilities that are housing residents that are in question. >> reporter: inspectors have been starting stricter code enforcement. >> we are trying to bring about change in oakland to make sure that our families and especially our children are safe. >> reporter: the fire claimed 36 lives. many businesses and residents had to move. >> it's effecting foot traffic, occasionally, you would have people walking across the street, but if you are not crossing to our side, you do not come in. >> reporter: people continue to visit the sight of the fire. >> it's a tragedy that we will not forget.
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we will take the action necessary to protect the young artists and to protect our families in east oakland, that's the goal. >> reporter: the counsel man will be hosting a jobs forum and many from the artist community are expected to attend. a private memorial will be held later this week for debbie reynolds and her daughter carrie fisher. the joint memorial will take place thursday in los angeles, carrie fisher died days after she went into cardiac arrest, the next day her mother debbie reynolds died. after the break, we show you an incredible rescue and why parents need to take action
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to keep their children safe. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a two year old boy came to the rescue of his twin brother during a frightening incident. >> it's a scary video. the two boys were playing in their home and the dresser comes crashing down on one bother, the other brother took
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the time to free his brother. their parents posted this video in hopes of letting people know it's important to secure large pieces of furniture to the wall. happening today, crime dropped to the lowest since 2013 and on time performance increased for kal trans, but it's short of the voter approved standard of 87%. rider satisfaction stands at 70%, up from 48% in 2001. we are learning more details about a computer outage at airports last night. the outage forced customs and
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border protection officers to switch to backup systems. >> reporter: a frustrating end to the holidays from travelers around the country. >> everyone wanted to get out. >> reporter: the united states customs and border protections' processes systems went down. the officers were able to access in the security databases and continued to process travelers using alternative procedures. passengers were forced to endure longer than usual wait times, waits lasted more than an hour in atlanta. some people said the days lasted longer than that. >> maybe three hours. >> i ran three hours. >> reporter: a slan scene in boston where crowds of people waited to get through customs.
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>> we had two hours in line. >> the worst was the international travelers. there was no hope for them. at least we were moving. >> reporter: all airports are back online and the outage does not appear to be malicious. space x plans to resume rocket launches as early as next week. the explosion in september destroyed a rocket and satellite. they found that a liquid oxygen tank failed. the company is planning for a january eighth launch. now for the latest on the 49ers. here are some the people the team is interested in talking with for the head coaching job. they include the patriots
12:45 pm
offensive coordinator and the interim coach for the bills. also the falcons offensive coordinator. as for the general manager position, some of the people on the list include the director of player personnel for the patriots and also espn analyst lewis riddick. of course we have been talking about the firing of the 49er's head coach. people are calling this one of the worst periods in the team's
12:46 pm
history. >> reporter: the 200249ers lost to tampa in the playoffs. the -- 2002 49ers lost to tampa in the playoffs. they fired the coach after that. >> i am preesed to introduce to you the new head coach of the 49ers. >> reporter: by current standards, the nolan era was the symbol of continuity, he was there for six years. then jed york made his first hire. then a season of embarrassing incident was capped by what
12:47 pm
happened on the sued lines in saint lose. -- side lines in saint lose. then came the harbaugh era. we all know how things went for him in year four, since then we had one year of chip kelly. now another vacancy. the season will mean four new head coaches in as many years. >> it's a big deal. it's easier to win ball games when you know what the expectations are. >> there was a time over the last two weeks where i did not know what was going to happen. the turnover was craze wri. we had a ton of injuries coming
12:48 pm
down the stretch. we lost the football team. >> thank you joe. if you want to see jed york's news conference, go to the our website, home page. the trojans came out victorious over penn state. despite a trojan lead at half time, they charged out from the locker room. look at this touch down run by barkley. usc was down 14 pints. they tied the game with less than a minute and a half less. then they got into field goal
12:49 pm
range and the 46-yard attempt was good. it was the highest scoring rose bowl ever. >> so the warriors are the first franchise in history to win that many games. for the warriors, thompson led the team. three other teammates scored in the double dinltses. tomorrow night they play -- double digits. tomorrow night they play portland. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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easily but the last part of the weight ticks six months or more to shed. >> one of the top new years eve resolutions is losing weight. but do not worry if you fall short of the promises. we have more on how many people do not stick to their resolutions. >> reporter: every year millions of americans make their promises but it's estimated that 92% of people fail at keeping those resolutions, so we are trying to help you become part of the 8%. first resolution, getting fit. >> we have kayaking and beaches, we have the best climate for training. >> reporter: this fitness expert recommends male
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prepping, having meals set up up front. >> also set a goal for exercise. >> reporter: another common resolution people give up on, saving money, first, set a realistic savings goal. then track your spending, then make a budget and stick to it. finally, a resolution that if kept could be life saving, that's quitting smoking strks you need to start to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke. >> reporter: what ever your resolution may be, making a real change starts with a real commitment. >> we know from a lot of years of research, if you are not ready to make a change, you are not going to make the change.
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we are tracking this winter storm. bill martin will join us at 4:00 to give you the details. >> also window speak to a branding expert to see if the decision for ford to keep production in the united states will help the company. the dow appears to be on track to close up by 100 points. we were so close to dow 20 you thousand last year but it did not make it. disney's tower of terror is on its last day of service. going in its place, the
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guardians of the galaxy themed ride, it's set to open this summer. the years lineup for bottle rock has come out. slated to perform is the foo fighters, tom petty & the heartbreakers, maroon 5, macklemore & ryan lewis, modest mouse, ben harper & the innocent criminals, the roots, silversun pickups, band of horses and fitz & the tantrums. the three day festival is being held may 26th, 27th and 28th. tickets go on sale tomorrow. also beyonce is headlining coachella. performers also include radio head. that takes place in april. >> so many great acts. it's festival season.
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>> also rainy season. we always available on facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us at noon us at noon ,,
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