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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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she grew up in memphis and comes to oakland from chicago. before that she served in the seattle area. she also spent five years as the chief in spokane washington. henry was at the conference today. >> reporter: she made is clear she's not shying away from the challenges that oakland is facing. she wants to move the department beyond scandal. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: with a drawl, an occur kir said she's ready to jump in -- anne kirkpatrick said she's ready to jump in. >> i do not consider it a mess,
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it's an opportunity. it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to great. >> reporter: anne kirkpatrick is the city's first police chief since june after the chief left following a sex scandal involving jasmine abuslin. >> anne kirkpatrick is the reform minded leader the city has been searching for. >> reporter: months ago, the mayor blasted the toxic environment in the department. anne kirkpatrick said character traits like competence and accountability are not gender based. >> i am a leader cloaked as a woman. i am grateful for being a woman, but i will be your
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leader. >> reporter: she said she knows that he knees to gain the trust of the community. >> i need to prove to them that i care about them and that i will be their number one champion. >> reporter: city officials and the community seem to be giving her a chance. >> we are optimistic about what the chief will do but we will also hold her accountable. >> she's the right prescription that a doctor could provide to a city like oakland. >> she told me that she is not looking to go anywhere else. >> reporter: the chief was asked if she plans to live in oakland. >> yes, i have to save up some money though. you are expensive. >> reporter: the chief's first day will be february 27th. joining us now is mayor
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libby schaaf. do you remember the moment that you said, this is the person that i want? >> it's many moments. the decision was one that had to be done carefully with time and krtion but this is the reform minded leader that oakland has been searching for. >> what specifically did you like about her. >> she brings a good track record and incredible deep experience. she's been in lawrpt for 30 years. she's one of the most tenured chiefs out there. three departments, 15 years of being the chief of police. the person at the top. then he brings skills and a clear commitment. she's a master instructor in the issues that people in oakland care about like social
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justice and implicit bias. it's something that the department needs and deserves, leadership development. we have great talent in the department. this year, despite the scandals and disruptions, we ended the year with the fewest violent crimes that the city has seen since 2005. >> mayor, we have seen a lot of chiefs come in dp, anne kirkpatrick was only in chicago for six months. what is to prevent another city from scooping her up. >> she has said she has a heart for oakland. she applied for the job three years ago. that's the only reason we werible ato convince her to consider leaving -- we were able to convince her to
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consider leaving city. each of her instants as chief was five -- stints as a chief was five and a half year. she has a long track record and the gravitas and a warm spirit and love for the community. >> she spent a lot of time talking about her love for oakland. has she visited here before and what did she say she loved most about the city. >> she has visited oakland before, she sees oakland as an opportunity. a city that is primed to transform. she likes to use the word transform, not reform policing. in your conversations with her, what did i say that you expect
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from her in his first months. >> she layed out a 100 day plan that was impressive. both a spifg plan for getting to know the community which she recognizes is her number one job, but also a process for building herself as a leader. she's going to respond to calls herself alongside officers. she's going to hold a series of 25 member focus groups and not just ask people what they want to change but what they want to keep about the department. >> was the plan something that you asked for all of the cabbed dates. >> it was something that we asked all candidates to submit. i was impressed at the
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thoughtfulness that she put into it. she's an expert. >> will you be closely overseeing her or will you let her have a hans off approach and let her do what she thinks is the right thing to do. >> i ran on a platform of bringing safety to oakland. every department head, the police chief has been the department head that i monitor the most. although she recognizes that is my nature, this is the issue that i am passionate about. oakland deserves to be a safer city. >> thank you mayor for take -- taking the time to talk with us. thank you. on our website, you will find more on oakland's
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new police chief including the news conference held today. look for the story on our home page. the city of oakland recorded its first homicide of the year today. the victim was found lying in the street behind a parked car and died at the scene. people that live nearby heard five or six shots. no word on the victim's name and the police tonight continue to look for the shooter. investigators are the alameda sheriffs office are looking for two cars involved in a shooting on a freeway in the east bay. the gun fire broke out on the redwood road offramp. people inside of two cars were shooting at each other. deputies did not find victims or suspects just bullet casings
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on the ground. they checked homes and businesses in the area but found nothing. at city hall, a meeting tonight about the deadly oakland warehouse fire. tenets of live work spaces like the ghost ship warehouse are talking about ways to stay safe. >> reporter: it's a packed house at oakland city hall. standing room only. there is 150 people inside. right now the panel members are talking about possible solutions for affordable housing and then people will be given a chance for public comment. there is a lot of fear here about the future of their homes. tonight's meeting hopes to turn their fear into hope. >> i was invited to the party.
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>> reporter: this man is fighting for hundreds that call live work spaces home. >> if it's a major danger it's one thing but it's better to work on things than kick people out of the cold. >> reporter: those topics are under discussion at the meetings. >> we have gotten a lot of calls and e-mails from people about individual situations as well as the broader concerns. people are using the deadly oakland warehouse fire to kick people out. even places that passed inspection. landlords are pushing people out for no reason. >> reporter: community members are talking about solutions to
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maintain safe affordable housing. >> we are looking at laws to protect tenets and to help buildings that are not in compliance to come into compliance without massive eviction. >> reporter: the panel continuing their discussion, it's made up of members of the community and city officials and representatives from the oakland warehouse coalition and members of religious organizations. a lot of ideas are being thrown around. we know that an emergency 10 ent ordinance is going to go in front of the counsel in two weeks that would put a
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moratorium on evictions. thank you. >> such an important discussion. coming up, a battle breution on capitol hill -- brewing on capitol hill about president obama's affordable care act. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obama care. >> the showers are out there but they are dying down. we are getting ready for round two. >> the raiders taking a chance on a rookie quarterback. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the raiders make it official. conner cook is the first rookie quarterback to start a playoff game. >> he never even suited up for a game until the last game. you heard him talking today, what did you think. >> i was talking to you guys during the commercial and i said, he sounds like a jock to me, he said, this is what i do. he has played a lot of big games at michigan state.
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they have a chance going down to texas. this team has already beaten the texas team once, you think about highway cook got then into the thing in the last season game. the broncos were pumped for this thing but he showed a lot of poise. here's how cook spoke about what was going on in his mind. >> i felt calm, just going in there, i felt confident, i know the offense well, i have been in the system for a year, we were running things that i am familiar with. it was fun out there. i got some reps. >> you do not have him going
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around the clock. we will manage the process of preparing him and giving him what he knees and we get ourselves ready to play. >> that was -- needs and we get ourselves ready to play. >> you just keep it basic. for all intents and purposes, the guy is known to be a player. so they are just rolling the dice. >> keep the plan simple. tell him, do you not have to win the game for us, just do not lose the game for us. >> do not try for three touch down passes. you are not tom tom brady -- tom brady. hang on to the football and
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keep it tight. >> the players have a lot of confidence in him. >> it's not an ideal circumstance but this is a guy that is not going to shy away from a big crowd and the audience. >> bring on the texans. all right. now to the weather. a flash flood warning has just expired in the south bay, the national weather service warned of possible flooding in santa clara. look at this picture of the water swamping miller avenue. >> a home owner in the east bay said he came home from work to find a huge tree on his garage. three cars were in that garage and they were smashed. >> in the north pay cruise are
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getting ready for the next round of storms. pg & e will have double the numbers of crews on hand. time to check in with bill. we were talking earlier and i was sawing i thought last night was a huge storm. >> it was a good storm. we had 5 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains in 24 hours. then we saw 2 inches of rain in san rafael. this was a significant rain event but what is coming is stronger. we are looking at 10 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains in 24 hours. we are drying outnow. we got 2 feet near sugar bowl.
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we talked about 80 being closed and 50 being closed. more rain in the forecast but not before we have a couple of days to dry out. the next system has a swath of moisture. that brings us significant rain saturday afternoon and saturday night into sunday morning. here are the showers out right now. they have backed down. it's been a nice afternoon commute compared to 24 hours ago. still some light scattered showers out there. less wind today. that helped out the airports. the long range forecast, we have some flooding concerns in the bay area saturday and sunday. some of the rainfall accumulations are expected to be upwards of eight to 10 nchts
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in some places. we -- inches in some places. we have the model here. you can see how much rain you will get. >> thank you bill. the snow has been coming down hard in the sierras today. interstate 80 is closed over the summit. you can see that cars are stopped. the chain installer is busy. eastbound traffic is stopped at colfax in placer county. that's 70 miles of interstate that is shut down. we spoke with someone from caltrans and he said this is the wos he has seen it in -- worst he has seen it in this area. >> i was trying to go up to snow board but it was coming down hard and i could not make
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it. >> highway 50 was shut down between twin bridges. it's not clear when 80 will reopen. a reminder, you can download the free ktvu fox news web app. still to come, new information about a deadly crash involving a google charter bus. >> up next, what we are learning from authorities about the person that was killed and what led to the crash. >> a familiar face in politics coming to california. how the former attorney general will help the state legislature during a trump administration. >> a couple goes missing during a holiday road trip along the california coast. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. today authorities said a body found near a car at the bottom of a clip along highway one is that of a missing woman from the los angeles area. they were last seen december 23 heading out on a howl road trip. their car was found yesterday -- holiday road trip. their car was found yesterday.
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now to saratoga where authorities are looking into a deadly crash between a google charter bus and a pedestrian. >> reporter: authorities are calling it a tragic accident, a google charter bus making a turn on to the west valley college campus struck a pedestrian. >> it was rainy and windy at the time. crews were able to get her out in minutes. >> reporter: still it was too late for the victim. xiaolan luo did not survive. she worked as a physical therapist. >> we try to make this a safe his pittable place for every member of the community. an event like -- hospitable
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place for every member. of the community. >> reporter: google contracted for the service. the company released a statement saying we are saddened about the loss and offer our prayers for the family. they also pledged to cooperate with the police investigation which is just beginning. >> buses and cars come through all of the time. >> reporter: students said that speeding is rarely a problem but visibility was a problem last night. authorities plan to interview any witnesses in the area trying to determine how this could have happened. >> it reminds us how fraj il life can be. >> the accident reconstruction -- fragile life can be.
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>> the accident reconstruction team is working on it. the republican plan would not make america great again, it would make america sick again. >> up next, the effort to gut obama care. >> plus a bad holiday season for two major department stores, forcing job closures and job cuts. >> a stinky situation at city hall. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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