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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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580 and a little south of mills college in oakland. >> cristina rendon is outside children's hospital where that young girl is being treated. we begin with rob roth at the scene. >> reporter: all this happened around noon today. it happened at the top of this hill on outlook avenue. police are looking for whoever is responsible for shooting a 22-month-old baby girl. investigators spent the afternoon canvassing outlook and 66th avenues for any clues that may lead to the person that fired the gun that shot a 22-month-old baby girl. >> i heard between five and six gunshots, and right after that you hear the screaming and then cars -- you just hear the vroom of the car take off. >> the mother and child were in a vehicle at the time of the shooting, and again, the child did sustain a gunshot wound, 22- month-old little girl sustained
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a gunshot wound. she is listed in stable condition. >> reporter: the mother sped off to the hospital. the child is expected to survive. it is unclear who the intended victim was. >> we are looking to see what led up to the shooting, what was the motive for the shooting, was there any type of exchange of gunfire. we do not know that at this time. we don't know exactly what the circumstances are that led up to the shooting. >> reporter: police are looking for surveillance video and they say they're looking into whether the violence was related to a shooting death of a maine west oakland. those who live in the neighborhood say it's generally quiet but mothers of small children say they have to be extra careful. >> it's a problem that is hard to know what the answer is because so many people own guns around here. >> reporter: and police are asking if anyone who saw anything about what happened here to please give them a call. frank. >> rob, do they think that the mother or the little girl were
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targeted? were they the intended targets? >> reporter: well, they don't believe that the little girl was in any way targeted, but that's kind of as far as they're willing to take it. and we also don't know if anyone else was in the car with the mother at any point. so that's unclear. but obviously the little girl not the target. possibly the mother. possibly someone else who was in the car, or possibly none of the above and it could have been that they were shooting at someone else and the car got in the way somehow. so all that is yet to be determined. >> a lot of questions still out there tonight. rob, thank you. shortly after that shooting the little girl's mother raced to high land hospital, then the child was transferred to ucsf benioff children's hospital. that's where we find cristina rendon. any update on the little girl's condition? >> reporter: there has not been but we did speak with a relative, and she told the media the little girl is doing
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okay considering her injury. but we do know that the family is inside. they're praying together and really hoping this 22-month-old girl pulls through. the mother rushed her daughter to high which is land hospital, and -- to highland hospital. bystanders tell me the car was honking as it pulled into the emergency area and a woman got out of the car frantic saying her baby had been shot. another perp told me they heard someone come on the intercom saying they had a code 10 emergency and they were paging a pediatric doctor. within an hour that little girl was trarches ferred here. a man acting as the family's spokesman told me he prayed with the family. >> what happened was, driving down the street, cars shooting at each other, and end up shooting the baby. she's two years old. she's fighting for her life
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right now. of course we have to deal with this the first week of january 2017. just keep the family in prayer right now. that's all we can say. >> our assistant chief david downing immediately came to the hospital and met with the mother to check ton the child's condition, assured the mother we are actively pursuing this investigation to identify who is responsible, locate them, and remove them from our streets. >> reporter: as rob mentioned there are still a lot of things up in the air in this vehicles one of them being the pact of whether or not this car was traveling or if it was parked when the little girl was hit. we do know she was in a car seat which was seen in the back of a car. we lsks keep monitoring her condition and let you know if she does improve. again police have possibly mentioned where they said this was possibly a retaliation shooting for a homicide that happened earlier in west oakland but i do want to mention that we spoke with that relative about 10 minutes ago. she came out here and said that this had nothing to do with that incident whatsoever as far as they are concerned.
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so right now they are really just asking anyone out there with information to give police a call and of course they are asking for people's prayers. >> obviously police are going to follow up on any sort of lead. we do know the new incoming chief has been briefed on this situation. she, too, following developments very closely. thank you cristina. police officers from across the state gathered in san francisco today to discuss the controversial issue of use of force. the forum at usf comes on the heels of a change of the san francisco police department's policy. their new policy prohibits officers from using choke holds and from shooting at moving vehicles. accountability is a priority for the department. >> as of last month we've deployed approximately 1500 body worn cameras to provide greater accountability and a fuller picture of what happens in those encounters. >> more than 200 officers from across california took part in
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today's event. repair efforts are still underway as crews hope to restore power to the government center building in santa clara county. the hub is the county seat of government and its evacuation impact a lot of people as well as workers who were sent home early. our south bay reporter jesse gary found out that the building is going to be closed again tomorrow. >> reporter: heather, that's right. i got the e-mail just a short time ago saying the work they're doing now continued all day today. it will continue tomorrow through the weekend. they say they are hopeful the building will open again on monday but no guarantees. the head line of the hour, if you have business with the county here in santa clara county tomorrow, don't come to the building. try to do it on-line. oh, that would have saved a lot of people a lot of headaches earlier today. >> locked out. >> reporter: today in san jose business at the county seat of government came to a standstill followed quickly by a disbelieving guys.
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posted signs explained this place of power is in the dark. >> there are no county services today in any of the facilities. >> reporter: officials say overnight three copper high- voltage conduits leading from the sheriff's office to pg&e lines failed. the outage impact that building as well as the government center and the county's fleet garage. but the broader frustration felt by the public. >> there's something really sir. wanted to verify the square footage in my house. so i have to come back tomorrow. >> i have no idea. just came to the door and there was a sane, closed due to power outage. >> reporter: joey garcia made the 70-plus-mile trek to be turned away. >> nothing we can do. >> reporter: a steady procession of professionals were allowed in and out to work the problem. the sheriffs headquarters has emergency generators providing full power until there is a fix but the government building only has partial power, enough for laptops and cell phones. so an about-face for all
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needing things ranging from legal documents, records, documents, birth certificates. >> reporter: how inconvenient is it? >> extremely bick need my birth certificate to get my passport right now. >> reporter: for now county staffers are focused on a fix and hope the lights will be back on and bright by tomorrow. >> sheriff's deputies are providing security here at the building during the overnight hours. the headline of the hour again, this building will not reopen tomorrow. will not. it will be closed all the way until monday at the earliest. they're hopeful to have all the repairs done. if you have business to do with the county try the do it on- line buck won't be able to do it down hear. live outside the county government building, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> certainly is an inconvenience but sort of part of life. thanks, jesse. a 60-pound black safe found prayed open and empty off of a dead-end street in petaluma. so what was inside?
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we went looking for some answers today. also, sandbags ready for the rising water. north bay cities preparing for heavy rain this weekend. >> the water comes rushing down there when we get a lot of rainfall. >> it's not just the bay area. ski resorts in the sierra expecting nearly 15 feet of fresh snow, and yosemite could close due to flooding. we'll track that rain event as it moves into the bay area. we talked about your friday. now we are going to talk about saturday and sunday. we will see you back here. doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way.
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the bay area got a break from rain today but it is only temporary because this weekend the next storm is going to slam
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into the area. some parts could get up to five inches of rain. the north bay will likely be one of the hardest hit areas. alex savidge tells us homeowners are preparing for the possibility of flooding. >> reporter: bracing for some intense rain this weekend, sandbags sit outside many storefronts along san anselmo avenue. at wink optics the floodgates for the front and back door are ready to go to hopefully prevent any damage to the business. >> i'm just concerned about the store, because i will have to clean it up afterwards. >> reporter: it's been a busy morning at this sandbag station on sunny hills drive in san anselmo. lots of anxious homeowners hoping they can keep the water out. >> the water comes rushing down there when we get a lot of rainfall. >> reporter: this man says he is worried about the creek that runs near his house especially with so much rain expected this weekend. >> but i read just -- what i read just sort of scared me.
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not sort of. it scared me. >> reporter: 16-year-old aidan says he posted an offer on social media to fill sandbags for people, and he has had quite a few takers. >> i will deliver 10 sandbags for $20 to people. i have gotten a lot of responses, mainly from the elderly and businesses so i'm just getting started. >> reporter: emergency workers are preparing for all sorts of problems, from flooding to downed trees to widespread power outages. pg&e is doubling the number of crews on hand to respond quickly to outages. and marin county officials are preparing to open up an emergency command center to manage storm related issues as they come up. the county is also going to be carefully monitoring several creeks in this area. the ones they're most worried about, fairfax, sleepy hollow, korda ma -- corda madero.
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>> the main routes to the sierra are back open after being closed by heavy snow and avalanche concerns yesterday. ski resorts such as shark bowl are gearing up for great skiing with several feet of snow. operators say the conditions are close to perfect even though it will take a little patience. a lot of patience to get to the slopes. >> a little crazy. a lot of people without chains or four-wheel drive sought took us awhile. we got stuck, but we made it. >> on tuesday there was snow so deep it was a little difficult to get through, but i'll never say that much snow. >> there are chain controls on highway 50 but not on interstate 80, at least not tonight. >> south of those resorts mammoth is expecting 10 feet of snow. the website says they got up to seven feet in a day and a half with another seven feet of snow expected at that time summit.
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this is video of the resort this morning. snow is so deep that suvs were partially buried. operators have posted a snow dump alert on the site. many lifts are either closed or on a weather hold due to the wind and heavy snow conditions. at yosemite they're bracing for significant flooding and even the possible closure of the park. the forecast is calling for heavy rain at yosemite. that could push the river over its banks. a big flood back in 1997 caused extensive damage in yosemite. the park was closed for two months while crews worked to repair roads, campgrounds, lodging, and utilities. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin to get an update on what we can expect. >> that's the worry in this thing. i think we talked about in the breaks. 1997 was a year we all remember. there was a lot of snow melt. so what they are worried most
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about in yosemite and the foothills is all the recent snow which is there, which is quite a bit. it is going to rain. it is going to rape hashed and melt a lot of that snow so it's going to add to the runoff. in 1997 that happened and we had massive flooding. doesn't mean it is going to happen again but that's why the folks are concerned, because this pattern has the samary mark. we did get snow in the mountains. squaw valley got over seven feet of snow. 67 inches at sugar bowl. the snow will fall but at higher elevations. the storm this weekend could be two to four ifnlgs in san jose, oakland. that's a lot of rain in an urban area with concrete. coastal hills could see eight to ten inches. that's a lot of rain. that's way a lot of rain actually. and the concern right now is for the santa cruz mountains. the focus does look to be in that area. i have put in the jet stream,
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sort of a subtropical jet stream. you can see where it is focused. this is sort of this line of moisture. wherever this arrow hits is going to get real wet. the arrow is not that wide. we're talking about, it could be one of those deals where you go san francisco gets three inches, san jose gets six inches. that's a big difference. that's double. it just depends on where you are under the fire hose, if you will, the focus. it's kind of cool out there now. a freeze warning tomorrow morning. that's because there's a lot of cool air left over from that last 15. beautiful shot tonight. look how small the bay bridge. >> look how teeny the pyramid. >> look at this thing. oh my goodness. so i won't mention it again until tomorrow. the flow here is, it's -- we call it an atmospheric river.
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it's stretched out across the pacific. it taps into the sub tropics north of hawaii. a ton of moisture is available with it. it is going to focus it. it is either going to be on the north bay, the central barks tore south bay basically. fur in that zone you are going to really notice it. everybody legals be real wet but fur right on the focus of this thing it is going to be a problem especially in the coastal hills where the most rain could fall, and that's because of something we call lifting. it doesn't have a lot of lift necessarily but when it hits the mountain ranges, the air raises, it cools, con derntionz and doubles and triples the rainfall accumulation. so tomorrow is just like today. nice. two days to dry out. then we get into it. saturday, not the end of the world, just wet. sunday not the end of the world. just real wet. they had an advertisement about
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it on "the four." a lot of things can change. i just to have present, here is what we are looking. a here are the possibilities. by tomorrow night at 10:00, i'm going to say with certainty, with 90% september, here is where the problem spots are going to be. already we think it's santa cruz mountains south. it may not rain 10 inches. it may rain three and a half, four ifnlgs. we'll still have problems. if it does bump from four to 10, that's when bad things happen. >> so that 10 inches that you described yesterday as being the fire hoarksz you're talking about where the fire hose is for the 10 inches. if you have a hose in your hand and you were spraying the car, it's literally. that it's a hose. fur underneath it, yeah. and right now it looks like redwood city south, san jose, down to big summer. but it's a ways off. we're all going to be fine. it's not the end of the world.
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we get one of these every three years, every two years. but this is a good one. it is going to get wet. >> thank you bill. theories have been rung wild all day. just what was inside this safe found abandoned? it was pried open, then left empty on a dead-end street. henry lee heads to petaluma to find out. caught on camera, a big scare at a bay area bank after a robbery wearing a mask pulls out a gun. we will get details from police and show you more of this video that investigators hope will lead to an arrest. plus, one bay area lawmaker working to prevent another tragedy like that deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. the new legislation just introduced today, coming up at 6:00.
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an empty safe abandoned in a field in petaluma. >> so what was inside? ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the condition of that safe only deepening the mystery. >> reporter: this 60-pound safe was found pried open and empty near these bushes in pet lum movement someone used a power saw to cut into it. what had been inside the safe is anybody's guess. >> okay. >> reporter: mike murray works nearby on willowbrook court. >> could be gold. hopefully it would be something gold, maybe something more of an antique style. i'm really not sure. >> millions of dollars?
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>> millions of dollars. >> or boring documents? >> boring documents. >> reporter: the black sentry safe has a keypad. whoever broke in likely didn't have the code. >> safe to say? >> safe to say. >> no pun intended. >> reporter: i found the exact spot. this sits right next to a pond. right across from the pond is a casino, but i checked with the casino. staff there didn't recognize it. >> i don't think this is yours. >> reporter: officer rob has been getting calls from people thinking that the safe might be theirs, but so far nothing, even after running the serial number. >> this is a common safe you could get at costco. >> reporter: i asked if maybe there had been diamonds or something valuable inside. >> that's movie stuff. so gold, stacked with money. usually when we have stuff like this, it's usually like documents and things of that nature. >> reporter: but we're talking
5:25 pm
oceans 11. >> you want me to lie? sorry. >> reporter: so if this safe belongs to you or you know what was in it, you are asked to give petaluma police a call. >> the mystery continues. >> yeah. it was a horrific crime that was streamed live on social media. now four people in chicago facing hate crime charges after holding a special needs teen captive and then viciously torturing him. plus two top intelligence officials testified on capitol hill. their conclusion? that there is no doubt that russia did in fact interfere with the presidential election.
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[ bleep ] donald trump! >> a horrifying attack on a white teenage we are special needs streamed live on facebook. he was held, tied up, kicked, punched, cut with a knife, even forced to drink from a toilet. and now four black teens are facing hate charges. >> reporter: felony hate crime and battery charges. that's what four adults in the chicago area are all now facing. police say three 18-year-olds and a 24-year-old threatened, beat, and tortured a white man with special needs in an attack that lasted for up to six
5:29 pm
hours. the man held captive for two days. the torture streamed live on social media. in a video on facebook profanities are heard against white people and president- elect donald trump. >> [ bleep ] donald trump, white people! >> there was never a question whether or not this incident qualified to be investigated as a hate crime. but as i said yesterday we need to base the investigation based on facts and not emotion. >> reporter: the suspects are also now facing list of other charges including kidnapping. >> our victim in this case was dropped off on the 31st of december his parents at a mcdonald's in illinois. he was to meet his friend there, jordan hill, who actually ends up being one of the offenders in this dhairks he would be spending the night with his friend. so his parents naturally didn't look for i am until the next
5:30 pm
day. >> reporter: authorities call the attack zinging and say the victim had his mouth taped shut and his haircut with a knife. officers found him on the street. he was taken to the hospital. >> i observed him wearing a task top inside out backwards, with task top and shorts. he was bloodied, battered. >> reporter: all four suspects are expected to appear in court on friday. a new call today for criminal charges to be filed against san francisco police in a deadly officer involved shooting. protesters held signs indicating the 679 days that have passed since the death of a young man who police said he lunged at officers by a knife but autopsy reports show that he was shot tin back. >> this double standard for law
5:31 pm
enforcement has become an accepted way of fact in our nation. that's why we are seeing killing after killing go unpunished and uncharged. >> according to data recently presented to the san francisco police commission there are currently 15 open investigations into police shootings in the city. in southern california search crews have located the wreckage of a helicopter that vanished last night after taking off from an airport in southern california. a search and rescue operation stopped overnight but resumed this morning. passengers on a cruise ship reported seeing the helicopter go down in the water off the l.a. harbor, and this morning crews located the helicopter near the harbor break wall and recovered two bodies inside. authorities have not positively identified the two victims but one of them was believed to be michael justice, a former news photographer who was on assignment for the port of los angeles. >> michael is a renowned international photographer, had
5:32 pm
done extensive work with the port of los angeles, highly respected, highly reveered, and his work will go into perpetuity with great regard, respect, and honor. >> officials say the cause of the crash is still under investigation but they suggested that the weather may have been a factor. the landscape of malls nationwide may be dramatically changing now that see, k-mart, and macy's have all announced a closure of more than 200 stores combined. in san francisco two macy's are affected by that department store. tear are moriarty went to stonestown mall. >> reporter: this woman has been shopping at the macy's in stonestown for years. >> i have four boys so i am here a lot, and that will be quite a trek to have to go elsewhere. >> reporter: she and others say they're disappointed that their local macy's is one of 100 stores nationwide being shirted. >> it is going to be really weird not seeing it here.
5:33 pm
>> i didn't know about it until now. >> macy's is selling the 280,000 square foot store to general growth properties, or ggp, which operates stonestown mall, for $41 million. the company sold the union square men's store to stanley morgan for $250 million in october. macy's says while we are pleased with the strong performance of our highly developed on-line business we continue to experience declining traffic in our stores where the majority of our business is still transacted. customers say they will miss the convenience of the stonestown location. >> having to replace that with a journey downer town or downtown or the freeway is definitely not ideal. >> reporter: ggp will not say what it is doing long term until january 30th. "we have redeveloped and are current redeveloping over 100 anchor and big box sites. the macy's at stonestown
5:34 pm
represents a further opportunity for us to had a value to the property." >> if i wanted to go to macy's i would probably to have go to serramonte but there is a target opening so hopefully that makes up for some of the loss. >> reporter: that target is going in where the old sports authority used to be. macy's says plans to lay off at least 6200 employees nationwide, most of those store associate jobs. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> new research suggests that the way to prevent a peanut allergy unchildren is to actually feed them peanuts. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases has issued new guidelines saying introducing foods with peanuts during infancy can prevent future allergies. that advice is based on a trail of 600 infants. the likelihood of allergies in those kids was reduced by 81%. >> there's always a chance they can after problem later on.
5:35 pm
it's less likely but there's never 10% that they're tree to eat as much peanut butter as they want. president-elect donald trump taking to twitter once again and, once again attacking a car maker's plans to build new vehicles in mexico. coming up next we will have the response from that manufacturer to donald trump's tweet. plus, high-level testimony about russian hacking. in a moment the director of national intelligence says he has never seen a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere with the presidential election.
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president-elect donald trump is calling out toyota for planning to open a factory in mexico. mr. trump said if toyota goes forward with plans to build a factory unmexico to manufacture the corolla the company would face a, quote, big border tax. the japanese automaker responding in a statement saying that production and jobs in the u.s. would not be affected, given that it is moving production of the corolla from canada to its new plant in mexico. meantime mr. trump has selected dan coates as director of intelligence. he served eight years in the house of representatives. his nomination comes amid reports that the trump administration intends to limit
5:39 pm
the power of the director of national intelligence. today a spokesman for the trump transition called those reports 100% false. two top intelligence officials testified on capitol hill today that there is no doubt that russia did, in fact, interfere with the 2016 presidential election. >> and that has some lawmakers fired up to strike back against the kremlin including prominent members of the republican party. joel waldman now with more on today's testimony. >> sever american should be alarmed by russia' attacks on our nation. >> reporter: john mccain, chairman of the senate armed services committee reacting to the assessment from director of national intelligence james clap there russia was, in fact, responsible for a series of hacks leading up to the u.s. election. >> i don't think that we've ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere with our election process. >> reporter: despite that claim from the nation's top intelligence official president- elect trump remains skeptical about those russian hacks.
5:40 pm
>> russia clearly tried to mettle in our election process. there are attempts to try and de-legitimize this election. that's just bogus. he won fair and square. >> reporter: senator mccain promising retaliation as the obama administration already slapped russia with sanctions even ex spelling 35 diplomats from the united states. while a second closed-door meeting took place this afternoon house lawmakers discussed recommendations they will make to the president- elect about hacking from foreign actors. >> mr. putin is not our friend. they don't have our best interest at heart. >> reporter: tomorrow president locate trump will be briefed by -- tomorrow president-elect trump will be briefed about the cyber attacks. in two weeks president- elect donald trump will take
5:41 pm
the oath of office at the u.s. capitol. members of the public what want to attend need to contact the office of their senator or member of congress to get a ticket. there will also be free viewing areas outside of the ticked sec shun the national mall and everywhere security is going to be extremely tight. >> my greatest desire for that day is everybody that gets to watch this peaceful transition of power, when they leave feel like they had the most freedom possible and all of the security they needed to safely be here. >> there will also be areas in washington, d.c. specifically designated for protests outside of the inaugural area. all right, our recent rain and the storm eyeing the bay area this weekend certainly good news for the state's water supply but some people who live near the state's reservoirs are getting concerned that the rising water could lead to flooding. >> definitely, heather. we've got big rain coming this
5:42 pm
weekend. i will let you know what the computer model shows when we see you at the break.
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a huge storm system has buried the sierra in several feet are new snow. it has also hit other parts of the west with record snowfall. in denver for example crews are working hard to keep roads open despite high winds and cold temperatures. the extreme conditions prompted the cancellation of hundreds of
5:45 pm
flights. an arctic air mass is causing temperatures to plunge into the single digits. coastal yarns oregon and washington state have also been hit particular hard. the weather is blamed for at least one death. emergency officials say an eight-year-old girl was killed when a tree fell into her family's home near the oregon coast. >> we have trees falling all over portland and the coast today. we had strong winds last night. it is one of those unfortunate mishaps that nobody ever wants to see happen. >> the storm system is now moving eastward and several southern states including georgia and the carolinas have issued winter storm watches. people who live near the don pedro reservoir are keeping an eye on the weather as well. here's what the big storm predicted this weekend. the state is taking steps to make space for more water. >> reporter: as water is released from the reservoir into the river -- >> i'm hoping it won't flood us out. >> reporter: residents of this
5:46 pm
mobile-home park downstream are keeping a close eye on the rising water they say is now covering a small beach they had access to just two days ago. >> i live right across from the grass. so if it gets to the grass i will be panicking. >> reporter: the irrigation district says the releases are necessary to create room in the reservoir for runoff expected from storms this weekend and early next week. >> we're watching the news and watching the forecast just like everyone else, and the latest forecast from the national weather service are calling for a pretty substantial amount of rain over the next 50-day period, potentially up to 20 and even 30eu6r7b8s of reign our watershed area which is really east of don pedro. >> reporter: the spokesperson says the releases are part van agreement with the corps of engineers which requires don pedro's service rise no higher than 802 feet above sea level through the end of april.
5:47 pm
>> trying to stay below that flood control area so that we don't -- we have plenty of capacity should we need it in the case of a hey water event. >> reporter: as a result he says the river will rise high on the banks but won't top them. if they do, neighbors like jenny tells us they will be ready to evacuate. >> >> we have a tahoe with four- wheel-drive. i'll just get out of here. >> there were releases today at the dam near folsom. the bureau of reclamation is preparing folsom reservoir for the rainstorm that's expected. the water releases have been doubled in anticipation of the store. officials are warning people what live downstream to expect river levels to rise and to take precautions. >> the water that we have in the system is the water that we have to manage us all the way into the spring. the snow in the mountains is what gets us through the summer. so we hope these systems continue to come through the
5:48 pm
area. >> several parks along the american river have been closed as the region prepares for this weekend's storm and possible flooding. >> i was talking with chief meteorologist bill martin during the break. you say this is an area that a lot of a personal going to be watching. >> there is a flood watch there now heather. all along the sierra nevada foothills. the snow that's fallen, we talk about seven feet of snow in the mountains this higher elevation rain, in other words, you can see rain where you would normally see snow, going to melt a lot of that snow. there's going to be extreme amounts of runoff. with folsom dam one of the concerns is they use dams so they can use them for flood control. but we're in this drought so they're kind of playing a game here, like how low do we get it, how much rain are we going to get, do we have big water releases? it's toff balancing act. with a storm like this i am not at all surprised they are letting water out of the reservoir, most certainly
5:49 pm
folsom. as you look at the snowfall, squaw valley is going to be seeing, heck with the top parts of squaw, by monday another seven or eight feet of snow. just try to do the math on that. that's a lot of snow. so the weekend storm is going to produce anywhere from two to four inches of rain around the bay. if you get hit by that bull's eye, the nozzle, the atmospheric river, could you see eight to ten inches, and there will be wind. it's an atmospheric river. we used to call that a pineapple express, subtropical connection. it's really just a line of moisture in the atmosphere that is being trained by the jet stream and focused. it's not that wide. if it hits point reyes, they get it. down here, it's the central bay. further south, monterey. so it's really a matter where
5:50 pm
that thing focuses. everyone is going to get rain. everyone is going to get plenty of rain. but the real concern is where that thing focuses. so outside, a beautiful night right now. stunning. tomorrow is nice, too. so the upshot to all this is we're getting a break today, we're getting a break tomorrow, and that's helping. it is going to start rang on saturday. it will be significant rain, a lot like that last storm in terms of maybe an inch, a quarter inch to a half inch to an inch and a half. then sunday, that's when it really gets going. the urban and small stream flood advisories will come up and we will be hear giving you the information. 7:00 tomorrow night, it's showing up. this is saturday's. it's raining. pretty good. 8:00 saturday morning. then saturday afternoon not bad. this guy starts to sneak up from the south. and that is your sunday. it's hard to tell from this graphic but it's a train of moisture. you see mostly focused right now santa cruz mountains.
5:51 pm
that's kind of the popular thinking on this. rainfall accumulations over the weekend just over basically on saturday and sunday, they have come down a little bit which is good news. but if you get in that bull's eye it is not going to be hard to get six inches of rain. there's a lot of variables. it's not 457ing tomorrow. it's not happening saturday. it's happening sunday. >> i was a little confused by that graphic because it looked like the north bay had some totals over three inches, but in the south bay it was less, but i thought the south bay is where you are saying it looks like it is going to hit. >> yeah, it is going to hit the south bay harder. i'm not sure why the model does that. that model updates all the time. but i would anticipate the heaviest rainfall redwood city south into monterey. it probably has to do with the recording stations. i'll explain it to you tin break. it's kind of complex. >> all right, bill, thanks. decades to develop but
5:52 pm
chevy's new all-electric vehicle is ready to roll. we'll take a ride in the vehicle that beats the range of tesla and comes at about the same price. one bay area lawmaker working to prevent another tragedy like the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. we will tell you about the new legislation just introduced today. plus, caught on camera, a big scare at a bay area bank after a masked robber pulls out a gun. details from police and the video that investigators hope will lead to an arrest. that's coming up at 6:00.
5:53 pm
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just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way. the annual consumer electronics show in less vegas is -- in las vegas is showcasing some incredible gadgets from paper-thin tv to internet connected cars. the devices are giving visitors a look at what will be everyday technology in the future. virtual reality is one of the big themes this year along with smart home technology. >> bigger and badder this is always the case at ces. voice control, ai, all these themes coming together. >> there are also smart bikes that will let you know if you're near other vehicles or bikes or objects to keep you safe on the road, and blankets that produce visible characters during story telling time with the help of an app. there are also lots of drones.
5:56 pm
tesla hoppings to gets its cheaper model 3 to market this year. meantime chevy touting its electric car. >> reporter: i drove chevy's all-new volt at the san jose auto show where many other cars can be test-driven. the five-passenger 238-mile- range car has quick acceleration, excellent road handling and is one of the best electrics i have ever driven. gm took 20 years to develop the bolt. >> all that was to get to the bolt, and that's priced at 47.9 before incentive. >> reporter: incentives include the federal credit, up to a $2500 state credit that could bring the price down to about $28,000, plus you get that precious hov lane sticker. unlike tesla's model 3, they are here right now with very
5:57 pm
little waiting. >> right now we've sold over 25 of them. we have about another 125 people that are on the waiting list but we have over 30 vehicles in the next six weeks that are going to meet that demand. >> what did other drivers think? this driver already has the bmw all-electric. >> i think it backs up quite well. i wish it were a little bit bigger for a family car, but i think in that sense it's similar to the i-3. >> i think it's just great, he is special the extended range. it is going to be a great car. it rides nice. it's incredibly quiet. >> reporter: as each year passes more cars with all kinds of fuel options will fill show roossments many say that solar, still in its infan see, will never get to the level of commercial cars. the same thing they said about battery technology, the same thing they sandy bout fuel cells. and now they are on the
5:58 pm
showroom floor. example. toyota and honda are also offering their hydrogen powered fuel celek tricks that don't need to be plugged in. >> with fuel cells or hydrogen vehicles you pull up, within three to five minutes you gain that 300 miles vang, and zero emissions. >> reporter: the san jose auto show runs through sunday. we are following developing news. a shooting on a quiet east bay street that has sent a toddler to the hospital. >> she is two years old. she is fighting for her life right now. unfortunately we have to deal with this the first week of january 2017. >> that little girl just a couple of months away from her second birthday. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. tonight we are learning that young victim was shot while in
5:59 pm
her car seat in a vehicle with her mother. it happened around noon today in east oakland south of 580. sky fox was overhead as investigators shut down streets to search for evidence. one witnesses tells us it was a very chaotic scene. >> i heard five -- between five and six gunshots. and then right after that you hear the screaming and then cars -- you just hear the vroom of the car taking off. >> police tell us the mother rushed her baby to the hospital. more now on this developing story from cristina rendon live outside of children's hospital oakland. cristina, that little girl, good news, expected to survive. >> reporter: that's exactly right, heather. and the family remains by this little girl's bedside right now, praying for her and hoping she can recover very quickly. we do know that this little 22- month-old girl was not the intended target of the shooting. as you mentioned her mother rushed her to highland hospital earlier this afternoon.
6:00 pm
the car was immediately taped off as part of the crime scene. bystanders tell me the car was honking as it pulled into the emergency area and the mom jumped out and started saying that someone had shot her baby, her baby had been shot. another person said they heard someone on the intercom to page a pediatric doctor for a code 10 emergency. the little girl was transferred here to ucsf benioff children's hospital. a woman identified herself as a relative of the family. she says she is hoping this girl is okay. >> i can't answer no questions bye can let you know that she is stable and we just ask for prayer. we're holding up fine. thank you for scsmght. >> what happened was, driving down the street, cars shooting at each other and cars shooting at each other end up shooting the baby. she's fighting for her life. of course we have to deal with this the first week of january


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