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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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now to our top story. a small girl was shot today in oakland. the 22-month-old was in a car site in her mother's car when she was shot about noon today. police say she is in stable condition and is expected to survive. she was taken to children's hospital. investigators are looking into the possibility that the gunfire was in retaliation for a killing that happened yesterday. it is not known whether the little girl's mother or even the little girl were the intended target. just lots of questions still remain tonight. in the south bay santa
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clara county services will remain shut down because of a power outage. the county building handles everything from issuing permits to birth certificates. it should reopen monday. republicans are vowing to de fund planned parenthood. house speaker paul ryan says cutting federal funding for the women's health services would be included in the gop effort to repeal the affordable care act. the move is opposed by most democrats. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. in chicago four people have now been charged with hate crimes in connection with an attack on a mentally disabled man that was broadcast live on facebook live. >> police say the victim was a classmate of one of the alleged attackers. matt fin tells us president obama is among those calling this crime despicable and sickening.
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>> reporter: the captors seen in this terrifying torture video beating a handicapped man now behind bars. these four suspects charged with a list of felonies including the most serious, hate crime and aggravated assault with a weapon. the two males and two females gagged and tortured the 18-year- old helpless man, holding a dagger to his throat, cutting his scalp, screaming anti-white comments and forcing him to curse donald trump. the abusers broadcast the torture live on facebook for the world to see as they laughed and smoked. police say he was held captive for up to 48 hours. police say they think the victim was directly targeted, perhaps for his race or mental impairment. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city
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of chicago. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh ernst calling the video a did he paragraph tee. >> i haven't spoken to the president about it, but i'm confident he would be angered bithe images that are depicted on that video. >> reporter: the video sparking uproar on-line, people furious at what they consider a gruesome attack, all this just days after donald trump made headlines for tweeting that chicago's mayor needs help for fighting the city's record crime. >> i can't connect that with what these folks d. >> reporter: chicago's mayor weighing in. >> anybody seeing it, it's sickening and sickened by it. there's more to our city. >> reporter: the department of justice and the fbi is aware of and as session this video, the president calling it despicable, all four suspects set to in a court friday.
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in chicago, fox news. whole analyst michael cardoza -- legal analyst michael cardoza joined us on "the four" to talk about the case. >> i think we have to get to the root causes if we are going to stop. this we can't keep ware house people saying, did you this, we'll put you away for 30 years. it will continue. we know it won't stop people from doing things like this. >> in illinois, hate crime charges can be filed for an attack on a victim due to mental disability as well as racial bias. the annual consumer electronics show got underway in las vegas today. it is the premier showcase for innovative new gadgets. tonight adam howls gives us a peak at some of the devices making a splash at the show. >> reporter: you might call it gadgetopia as the world converges on sin city for the consumer electronics show. 3500 exhibits pitching 20,000 new product trying to wow a
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worldwide audience of tech savvy buyers, from paper thin tv to internet connected cars. everything here gives aus glimpse of what will be everyday technology in the years to come. >> bigger and badder, this is always the case at ces. voice control, ai, all these things coming together. >> reporter: bigger, smarter, safer are the key words. this is the drive id which makes smartphones inoperable in the car. >> they can't stop facebook, they can't stop twitter. we can do. that we can prevent access to those applications. >> the greatest thing about vr is it allows people to connect with each other in ways that have never been possible. >> reporter: when it comes to music, innovation puts a recording studio in your hands. even vinyl has managed to go high-tech with crosby adapting
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45s to work with a jukebox straight out of happy days. >> it looks cool, it sounds cool. you can stream if you want. what else do you want? >> of course, drones are everywhere. all shapes, size, and price, including this one, zero tech. it flies for 10 minutes or so after a quick charge, shoots amazing video and pictures and actually follows you around as your own personal drone. when you are done, for $300, you fold it up and you put it in your pocket. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, adam howls, fox news. coming up here, trouble for i can't. who why a multi-billion-dollar deal with verizon might not happen after all. plus, a sign of the times. the changes coming to one bay area mall. it is going to be really weird not seeing it here.
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sears announced another wave of store closings today bringing the total number to 150 by april. that includes 108 k-mart stores which are owned by sears. the company had initially announced 46 closures right after christmas. we looked at that list and there are no stores closing here in the bay area. sears is also getting its -- selling its craftsman brand to stanley black & decker. that deal is worth $775 million. >> maze is selling its store at
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the stonestown mall as part of a restructuring. macy's is selling the building to general growth properties for $41 million. macy's has also finalized the sale of its men's store in union square to stanley morgan for $250 million in november. macy's then plans to lease back both of those stores, at least for the time being. shoppers today told us they hope that that stonestown macy's will stay open. >> having to replace that with a journey either downtown and deal with the parking there, or on the freeway to serramonte is not ideal. >> macy's announced yesterday it is closing 68 stores across the country this year and laying off 10,000 employees. verizon's offer tobias hue is still at risk because of those two massive data breaches. verizon offered almost $5 billion for yahoo but the company has been studying the effects of those hacker attacks and is still on the fence about whether to change the terms of the deal. legal experts say that verizon
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would have to prove that yahoo's value has declined to walk away. a spokesperson at yahoo says i can't has is still confident in the company's value. coming up here, a safe found pried open, empty, and abandoned in the north bay. the question is what was inside. >> that's movie stuff. so gold and, you know, stacked with money -- >> what we're learning tonight from authorities. and we are tracking that weather around here. we have got rain to talk about. i will let you know when it gets here, how much we get, and how long it lasts. ?q
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police in petaluma are trying to find the voarn a safe that was broken into and then abandoned in a field. >> as our crime reporter henry lee tells us they would also like to determine what had been kept inside that safe. >> reporter: this 60-pound safe was found pried open and empty near these bushes off a dead- end street in petaluma. someone used a power saw to cut into it. what had been inside the safe is anybody's guess. >> okay. >> reporter: mike murray works nearby on willow brook court which sits right off highway 101. >> could be gold, hopefully it would be something gold, maybe something more of an antique style. i'm really not sure. >> millions of dollars? >> millions of dollars. >> or boring documents? >> boring documents. >> reporter: the black sentry safe has a key pad. whoever broke in probably didn't have the code.
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>> safe to say? >> safe to say. >> no pun intended? >> no pun intended. >> reporter: a public works employee pound the safe but told police it had been there at least a week. so i found the exact spot. this field sits right next to a pond and right across from the pond is a casino. but i checked in with the casino. staff there didn't recognize it. >> i don't think this is yours. >> reporter: officer rob hawkins has been getting lots of calls from people thinking that safe might be there. but so far nothing, even after running the serial number. >> this is like a common safe. i think you could get it at costco. >> reporter: i asked if marks just maybe there had been diamonds or something really valuable inside. >> that's movie stuff. so gold and, you know, stacked with money, usually when we have stuff like this it's usually like documents and things of that nature. >> we're talking oceans 11. >> i know you want me to lie. sorry. >> reporter: so if this safe
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belonged to you, you're asked to give police a call. the huge storm that has buried the sierra in several feet of new snow has also hit other parts of the country. for example, in denver crews are working hard to keep roads open despite high winds and cold temperatures. the extreme conditions prompted the cancellation of hundreds of flights at denver international airport. temperatures are down to the single digits. coastal areas in oregon and washington state have also been hit particularly hard. and unfortunately the weather is now being blamed for at least one death. emergency officials say an eight-year-old girl was killed when a tree fell into her family's home near the oregon coast. >> we've got trees falling all over portland. it's one of those unfortunate mishaps that nobody ever wants to see happen. >> the storm system is now moving eastward. several southern states including georgia and the carolinas have issued winter
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storm watches. screw well, here in the bay area we are dealing with our own approaching storm. it is going to be bringing an awful lot of rain. let's check unwith our chief meteorologist. you keep saying the model is shifting just a little bit arched trying to dial it in but it looks like it is going to bring us a significant amount of rain no matter what. >> regardless. we're going between a lot of rain and a ton of rain. >> we are going to get wet. >> you are going to get two and a half to four inches of rain easy in a place like redwood city or san jose. but we're really forecasting for the copious amounts of potential rain in the santa cruz mountains. we have already had the snow. that's the other thing. we've had -- this is significant snow this week, up over seven feet in parts of the sierra. the snow levels are going to be high with this event so that snow is going to melt. that snow melt, it turns into basically runoff which is basically rain, which is doubling and tripling in some cases the amount of runoff into the rivers. that is why there is a flood watch up and down the central
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valley along the creeks and rivers for the yuba river and the american river. we could see 208 10 inches wherever this focuses but it is a narrow band. all this moisture coming up from the sub tropics. a couple thousand miles. that green area right here represents not just surface level moisture. that moisture dips down to about a mile deep. so it's 2,000 miles long, and about a mail deep. it is a narrow band. it has the potential, and the models are suggesting to focus on somewhere around the bay area. right now the main focus is it keeps shifting, appears to be right in here, kind of like redwood city, in this area here. it looks like the north bay will get tons of rain but the real focus, the fire hose is going to focus right now on the santa cruz mountains south into big sur which would bring immense amounts of rain which would also, if you translate that to yosemite, because it is
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a little further south than tahoe, yosemite has concerns for flood which is we have talked about already. they could have snow melt and again because the storm is focused more here, it hits more here. so that's not snow in yosemite, that's rain. then one way for the water to get out of the yosemite river. it gets right down to the valley. you get snow melt and you get flooding. 6:00 tonight, or tomorrow night, pardon me, and here comes the rain. there is your saturday morning rain. it's raining. good rain. saturday afternoon, chance to dry out, that's good, but it still is just a wet day, half inch, quarter of an inch, maybe an inch. then sunday morning it gets going. sunday, 4:00 a.m. see how it sticks. then it stoorts to trance late by 4:00 a.m. it's 1,000 miles, and it's a mail deep. so we'll watch it. wherever that focus hits, you can kind of see what the model does. seat focuses here, the big
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focus right in that area. so we'll be tracking it for you. san jose, three inches, and that's a lot, and you go, well, where is that 10 inches? the 10 inches is about 10 miles over the hill in santa cruz with the lifting of the range that could create significant rainfall accumulations. we've had 10 inches, 12 inches of rain in 24 hours before, in the mountains, and we can take it but it's just going to cause some problems. >> bill, thank you. >> sports is coming up next.
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mark is here. raiders-texans on saturday. conor cook starting for the raiders. do you think with a rookie quarterback they have a legitimate chance? >> you know, when it is a playoff game and you take into consideration if they can just keep him under wraps a little bit, not try and make him do too much, i think the adrenaline is such a level, and they know that they already beat this texans team once. so you can't say that one guy is going to make all that difference. i think that they have a fighter's chance. conor cook, we heard all about him yesterday. maybe you didn't know he was the all-time michigan state passing leader, and he beat stanford in the rose bowl. forgot to mention that to you yesterday. but there's other aspects to
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this story. like the texans. they're the number one defense as far as stinginess in the entire nfl. they have given up the fewest yards. but that defense is going to be sorely tested because even though the raiders had only 30 yards rushing versus houston in that mexico city contest, the running backs had 11 receptions for 199 yards and a couple of touchdowns. murray, who is the leader of the pack in that one, he knows what it is going to take to get it done. >> me, deandre, jamis, we take on the responsibility. i'm going to look to do that. >> they all have different abilities. murray is the better runner, and they have some guys that can catch some passes, you know, like we saw the last time.
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you know, they've got a good team. and that's why they are where they are, you know. it's unfortunate for them that they've lost the quarterback, but, hey, it was unfortunate for us losing j.j. watt. staff line up and go play. >> there you go, line it up and go placement let's get it done and stop talking. meanwhile february 17th in new orleans, the nba all-star game. it is a little early to start talking about, but steph curry is the leading vote getter for the guards. that's not surprise. but what is, is that man, zaza pa petulia. he has received over 439,000 votes. you think about the big names, dry and draymond green.
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kevin durant, that's no surprise. there's zaza. a couple more guys that are going to be in that nba all- star game, one of them is going to be the nba's mvp, i will tell you that right now. they face off tonight. this is a showcase game. that's james harden of houston against ruffle westbrook of okc and west brook say -- westbrook saying that mvp belongs to me. we're in the third quarter now. but of course james harden will put on his display. look at the replay again. he is doing his thing as well. and then a little defense shows up in this wild game as westbrook is rejected by trevor
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ariza of houston. that's ryane anderson hitting the three, cal alum. rockets are leading the thunder despite westbrook 100-88. the sharks i guess you would call it good news. they lost one of their players but the point is they are so good they couldn't find a spot for young matt nieto. he's just 24 years old. very talented. but with guys like kevin lee bank and more, they couldn't find a spot for him, and colorado picked him up. so it's a loss butt shows how good the sharks are. >> first place. that's it. i predict they're going back to the stanley cup finals. >> i hope you're right. >> let's predict about the raiders game first. >> one of these days they've got get the stanley cup. we've got anaheim that's got it, now it's the sharks turn. >> good night.
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