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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox two starts now. news from the south bay, there is a shooting inside a talker rio. two have been killed, third taken to the hospital. they are the first of the new year in san jose. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. it happened tonight at story road and hopkins drive. officers say three men suffered
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gunshot wounds and two of them died at the singh. we get breaking news from azenith smith. she was briefed by police.>> reporter: police spoke to us and you can see this is an active investigation. there is a heavy police presence at the sunset garden shopping center. right behind that van you can see the talk arena. that is where the shooting occurred. right now police are talking to witnesses and they are gathering more information. we are told the bodies of the two man killed are still inside. this happened around 7:45 this evening. officers responded to a report of two people shot. when they got here, they found three victims can't two were dead at the singh. another was taken to the hospital. we learned in the last five minutes he is in stable condition. witnesses tell me the three men, all friends, were eating inside when a man came in and
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opened fire. police say multiple shots were fired. i spoke to another man outside the crime tape who is afraid his 22-year-old nephew may be one of the victims.>> we're not sure yet. i heard that three people got shot inside the restaurant. i am not sure if that's him that got killed. they said they killed two guys. i don't know what to say. i am in shock.>> reporter: the motive at this time is unknown, but what we do know is this is a known gang hotspot. i spoke to a man off-camera, a neighbor who told me he loved -- he could count how many drive-bys happened last year.
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the city had 47 homicide, the highest number in 25 years. many were gang-related. i remember speaking to city leaders who told me game prevention was a top priority in the new year. the streets surrounding this shopping center have been blocked off. please do not have any information on any suspects. they have not made any arrests. we do not know what the motive is. it looks like police will be out here for several hours gathering information and listening -- looking for surveillance video.>> you mentioned police are still investigating a motive. did they say weather -- whether they believe the men were targeted? >> they did not reveal that information. all we know is that talking to witnesses, they were all just friends eating inside. when i spoke to the man who is afraid his nephew may be one of the victims, i asked, we are hearing that it may be possible that it is gang-related.
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he just shrugged his shoulders. we don't know a mode right now, but that is the latest information that we have.>> a lot more investigating to be done there. thank you. new information about a little girl who was hit by bus while she was sitting in her car seat. her seven-year-old sister helped stop the bleeding is their mom raised to the hospital. it was a frightening ordeal. we can tell you that the 23- month-old is expected to survive. the shooting happened around noon at 66th and outlook in oakland just below interstate 580. paul chambers spoke with a little girl's family today and is outside children's hospital with what he has learned.>> reporter: it is a tough story. i spoke with the girls mother inside the hospital. she said the young girl is out of surgery and she turns two next month.
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the mom told me all she was doing was sitting on the side of the road looking for her gps when she heard gunfire. this is a picture of the little girl who was shot sitting in her car seat. her family asks we not share her main -- name.>> she is disabled.>> we are actively pursuing the idea -- investigation to identify who is responsible and remove them from the street. >> reporter: the girls mother said that she, her seven-year- old, and one-year-old victim were sitting in their car near 66 and outlook thursday around noon. she heard gunfire and her one- year-old started crying. >> cars were shooting at you other and ended up shooting them.>> reporter: she grabbed her daughter colleen turf forward, and saw blood. her mother told her to apply pressure until they got to the
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hospital.>> we are looking to see what led up to the shooting, what was the motive, were there any type of exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: the shooting is still under investigation. they did say they are looking for a car with chrome wheels. another cute thing that came out of the sad story, the seven- year-old said that she is her sister superhero.>> you can't help but think about the seven- year-old stopping the bleeding on her little sister. no seven-year-old should have to do that, but how brave that she was able to do that.>> reporter: she was able to do what her mom said. she said she saw her sister bleeding. she applied pressure as they drove to the hospital. no one should have to do that, especially to a one-year-old
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child.>> paul chamber outside children's hospital. thank you. san francisco police opened a homicide investigation after a man who was attacked in the tenderloin this afternoon died from injuries. there was an assault near larkin at about 3:40 this afternoon. the victim, 61-year-old man, was badly beaten and taken to the hospital where he later died. there is no word automotive. so far, police have not made any arrests. also in the tenderloin, a fire at the helm hotel on eddie street. fire crews were able to contain the fire to the unit on the fourth floor. no one was injured and the cause is under investigation. the red cross helping to relocate two people who were displaced. outside, the bay bridge, is cold but clear in the bay area. we are getting a break between two storm systems.
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the next round will arrive this weekend. and atmospheric river set to some parts of northern california. >> some people used today's break to prepare for the next storm. we found homeowners filling sandbags to protect property. one man told us is going to use the sandbags to build up the banks of accrete on his land.>> we have kind of a creek that comes out of the canyon near our house and the water comes rushing down there. we're going to build up the banks a little bit>> we're going to try to divert the water around the yard. >> instead of through it, a goes around. bill martin is here. it's really difficult right now to engage -- predict which area will be hardest hit. rare the latest models have backed up all -- backed off on the rain. we're looking at maybe 8 inches. it's still a copious amount, but the models are slowly backing down a little bit. here's and atmospheric river we're talking about.
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there's 2000 miles of moisture coming from just above the hawaiian islands. it is focus pretty much right on the west coast of california, specifically focuses narrow band of moisture. is mainly focused from san francisco southward. the bull's-eye is where the two arrows are. that's where the model suggests this thing is headed. everyone else gets wet, but the really heavy rain is going to be writing here. i just ran the model. 9 am sunday morning, this is the heart of the storm. you see this bull's-eye? that's it. that's the heaviest rain. looks like from redwood city south, this moisture, you have got to realize, is 1000 miles long, 2000 miles long, but it's one mildly. this is not just on the surface. moisture is funneling towards the bay area. they used to call it a tropical connection or pineapple express. it's going to get real wet on sunday. we will see you next with the latest updated model. the
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storm has some water managers taking steps to make sure the bay area doesn't overflow. sky fox was over the reservoir at morgan hill. it is already over 100% of capacity. as a result, the santa clara county district is sending water downstream to make way for all the rain coming this weekend. ski resorts got a lot of snow out of the last storm system. the eastern sierra said it got up to 7 feet of fresh snow. more snow and heavy rain is expected in the area and yosemite. ski rick -- resorts and tahoe say the conditions are perfect for great skiing. the main routes to tahoe are open. this could be a great opportunity to get to the slopes before the weekend storm. right now, there are no chain controls on either highway 50 or interstate 80.>> you
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contract the approaching storm with the free ktvu weather app. you will find live radar, watches, warnings, and more. to the south bay, where santa clara's government building had a power outage. it has impacted hundreds of workers and residents.>> reporter: today in san jose, business at the county seat came to a standstill cop followed quickly by disbelief. posted sign says they are in the dark. >> there are no county services today. >> reporter: overnight, three copper high-voltage conduits leading from the sheriff's office to be genie lines -- to pg&e lines failed. the broader frustration felt by the public. rare it's something really simple. i want to bear friday the square footage and -- verify
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the square footage in my house. >> there was a sign, closed due to power outage. >> reporter: garcia made the trek to only to be turned away. >> we had lunch and then went back. there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: professionals were allowed in to keep the court system from grinding to a halt. the sheriff's office has emergency generators, but the government building only has partial power. that about-face for people needing legal documents or birth certificates.>> how inconvenient is it? >> extremely inconvenient. i need my birth certificate to get my passport. >> reporter: deputies will provide security at the building during the overnight hours but if you have business
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here at santa clara county government building, don't come here. it will be closed until monday. try to take care of your business online. once the fix is in and the power restored, there will be a search for the ultimate cause of the power failure. jessie gary, ktvu fox news. planned parenthood under fire. the new quest to cut funding is the republican-controlled congress takes aim at obamacare. tackling peanut allergies had on. the new guidelines for infants. at 10:30, a man's effort at recovery and redemption.'s recent encounter with the flower vendor who he actually robbed at gunpoint.>> i was definitely given a second chance.
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there is a fresh effort underway in dc to eliminate federal funding for planned parenthood. >> paul ryan says republicans plan to defund planned parenthood as part of an effort to repeal obamacare. the impact on women and why it could backfire.>> reporter: this caused an outcry today. republican say they would take away funding from planned parenthood and redirect money to community health centers. some people say as many as 400,000 women could lose healthcare access. for years, republicans have tried to defund planned parenthood. weeks away from control of congress, paul ryan officially told reporters that the planned parenthood legislation would be in our bill to repeal president obama's health care act. >> we're not going back.
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we are not going back, we will stand our ground, we will fight that decision by the speaker. the american people are with us. >> reporter: planned parenthood operates 650 clinics and stands to lose $400 million a year according to the budget office. most of the clients are low income and covered under medicaid, which would be gutted under the republican proposal. >> it only makes up 3% of what we do. >> reporter: officials say under a 1976 law, they cannot use the federal funds for abortion. instead they say republican defund -- the funding would affect services slight contraceptives and screenings for hiv, critical to low income or uninsured people. >> so many people depend on planned parenthood.>> as a graduate student and a struggling artist, it really
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hits hard. it's beneficial to women like me who don't have access to private healthcare. >> it's about 2.5 million people nationally. in northern california, about 155,000. where do these people go? who serves them? >> democrats point out that a gallup poll showed 59% had a favorable view of planned parenthood, including 35% republicans. planned parenthood supporters are taking action on january 17. they have called for pink out day, our rally in sacramento saying that bills will be interesting used -- introduced opposing legislation -- the legislation. deaths from cancer have dropped 25% in the past 25 years. they credit -- a correct -- smoking and treatment are
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hailed as the cause. new research make it karen -- parents to think twice about peanut allergies. the new guidelines that introducing children to peanuts earlier could reduce the likelihood that they will be allergic to them. >> reporter: peanut butter is a snack that almost every kid loves. for the longest time, parents are told to wait until at least 12 months to start introducing it. today, the institute of allergy and infectious diseases issued new guidelines for healthcare providers to do the opposite.>> in the past we thought we should delay a lot of foods until age one him or older, eggs, fish, peanuts. now it is showing that early introduction is actually beneficial. >> reporter: the dr. says it has been an ongoing discussion since 2015. confirmed by new research. the study tested more than 600
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babies and found that regular peanut construction reduce allergies by 80 something -- over 80%.>> in school, they are exposed to it, in restaurants. >> reporter: exposing them to peanuts before four months is okay. if they are high risk, dr. say six months old is best.>> i don't know, i wouldn't rush it.>> reporter: this mom is sticking what she knows. >> doctors are saying a lot of stuff. one year it's this, the second year it's something else. >> reporter: doctors say they can do an oral challenge in the office or have a child take a blood test to determine if allergies are present. they suggest having benadryl on hand if trying to feed peanuts
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at home. thinks the lookout for, trouble breathing and vomiting. they are saying 10 to 15 times is severe enough. alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2news. chef named a new chief of staff. knows a car a will take over the top job. she lives in the city. she has been with him since 2011. the mayor's former chief of staff, moss, is leaving to head up a nonprofit focused on helping homeless families. a lot of snow in the mountains in the last 36 hours. squaw valley coming in at over 7 feet this week. big numbers. the numbers are dying down now. we are going to get into an event this weekend that will eliminate some of the snow. the snow levels are going to be
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very high because of this low latitude moisture coming in. this is the atmospheric river we're talking about. you can see this is the strongest part of the jet stream. driving him on a southerly jet will push up a little further. it looks like it will have a big impact throughout the bay area. the heaviest impacts will probably be in the santa cruz mountains. we will get to that. these are the temperatures right now. a freeze warning in effect throughout the bay area. it is cold tonight. it's 12 degrees cooler in napa than last night. -11 ann livermore. freeze warning in effect until 9 am. it's a dry day tomorrow. no worries there. the clouds come in late in the day and ease up. the first event, not a big deal compared to sunday, that's saturday rain. tomorrow looks good. a cold start to the day.
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a dry day, rain moves in friday night late. there is word of a power outage in silicon valley. the sweet came across our news desk 10 minutes ago. 3700 pg&e customers are without power in the shoreline west neighborhood. pg&e is on the scene. no word on when power will be restored. coming up, a new report card on california schools. where we rank. a big night for college basketball. stanford in st. mary's and cal all seeing action. the games involve -- mark ibanez will have that later. a bank robber pulls out a gun. the video that police hope will lead to an arrest. with the xfinity tv app,
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newly released video shows frightening moments for customers at a wells fargo in berkeley. you see a man entered the bank on university avenue on december 15. that he pulls out a gun. he waves it around as customers and employees hit the floor. eventually the man points the gun at a teller who hands over and unspecified amount of cash. the man leaves the bank with the money. i want to show you a closer look at the robber. wells fargo is offering $5000 reward for information leading to his identification and arrest. in south bay, please have arrested five in connection with a deadly shooting last summer. four are facing murder charges, accused in the shooting death of the 16-year-old last august in san jose. in 18-year-old was injured in the shooting but survived. a fifth suspect, david dibble, is facing a charge of being asked and -- being an accessory after the fact. investigators have not yet
10:26 pm
discussed emotive. in chicago cop prosecutors file hate crime and battery charges against four people accused of beating a disabled man and streaming the attack live on facebook. chicago police detain the four suspects, two men and two women, all-black. the victim is white. the suspects can be heard on the video yelling expletives about donald trump and why people. lee say the victim was tied up, beaten, and cut with a knife.>> it's quite a possibility. it is a kidnapping. that's the charges we will be seeking if it turns out to be that. he is traumatized by the incident. it's tough to communicate with them.>> police say the victim new at least one of his attackers from school. facebook
10:27 pm
later removed the video. nancy skinner is working on legislation to help prevent another warehouse fire like the one the killed 36 people in oakland. the december 2 fire destroyed a former milk factory that had been turned into an art collective known as the ghost ship. she wants to deserve -- preserve workspaces but make sure they are safe. she is considering rules to give greater access to properties and loans for business owners to fix problems. a new report go -- card gives california a barely passing grade on its education system. public schools were ranked and 50 states. the national average was a c. california score just below that average with a c minus or 69.9 out of 100. california was towards the bottom of the list, 40th out of the 50 states. sears announced that will be closing 150 stores by april. it plans to close 108 kmart
10:28 pm
stole -- stores, owned by sears, and 42 sears stores. in california, four kmart stores will be closed. matter in the bay area. sears is also selling its craftsman brand for $775 million. the company says the unlimited lifetime warranty on craftsman tools will be kept in place. new numbers show a big increase in online shopping for the holidays. according to adobe, which tracks digital sales, consumers spent $91.7 billion online. that's an 11% increase from last year. a safe broken open. police want to know what was inside and who it belongs to. a chance encounter at this gas station helps a man turning his life around after serving time for armed robbery.
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an unlikely and emotional meeting between a man trying to turn his life around and a flower vendor who he robbed at gunpoint three years ago. at the time, the robber was at a low point in his life, addicted to drugs, and ended up going to prison. >> he says he's on the road to redemption. that involves finding the flower vendor and apologizing to him in person. he shared his person with amber lynn, who joins us live in the newsroom.>> reporter: his addiction -- duke says his addiction to math lead to crime. he went right back to using after prison time. he was threatened with a return to jail. something happened that he called fate.>> this place has different meanings for me. anger, shame, guilt. also, peace and happiness. >> reporter: this gas station
10:32 pm
has conflicting emotions for joe do. he robbed the owner of a flower stand three years ago. he says he was looking for money to feed his math have it at the time. last month, he was low on gas while driving on highway 4. he pulled up to the same gas station and saw the man he robbed. rare i look and there he is. i know it's him.>> reporter: mike is the flower stand owner who sets up shop at the gas station from time to time.>> reaching out to him was scary, only because i might get in trouble for it. i am not supposed to have contact with the victims on parole. it was something that i drilling -- willing to risk.>> reporter: he said he had robbed mike of about to -- about $100. the flower stand owner showed cell phone video. >> i can't ask for forgiveness,
10:33 pm
but i can come to you and let you know that i'm sorry. i want you to know that i'm going to make this right with you.>> i forgive you. >> thank you. you are awesome. atex a lot of character to do that.>> reporter: kimberly sotto witness the meeting and snapped photos to preserve the voting -- moment. >> to be there and witness it was humbling. >> reporter: the flower stand owner gave these flowers and gave duke forgiveness. >> there are no words to explain. it's not something you can put into words for making amends like that. it's so powerful within you. >> reporter: after serving time at san quentin, duke says he has been clean and sober for 18 months.>> i was definitely given a second chance at a first-class life.
10:34 pm
i'm trying to grasp onto it. every night when i come home from work, i can go to sleep, i know i am a productive member of society. i may not have been then, but today i am.>> reporter: he works full time loading trucks for a drilling company. he lost his mother last november. she was an inspiration in stopping them -- and helping them stay stover. -- sober. he says other struggling with addiction no they can find a road to recovery and redemption.>> you can just see how happy he is to have his life back and seeing him talk to that flower vendor, especially the flower vendor saying i forgive you, that was something.>> reporter: he said the most important thing is he has peace of mind which he has a had a long time.>> thank you, amber lee. police are looking for the owner of us sat -- they found
10:35 pm
pride open. they also want to figure out what was inside.>> reporter: this safe was found pride open and empty near these bushes off a dead-end street in petaluma. someone used a power saw to cut into it. what was in the safe is anybody's guess. mike murray works on willowbrook court. >> it could be gold, hopefully would be something gold, maybe something more of an antique style. really not sure.>> millions of dollars.>> millions of dollars, boring documents.>> reporter: whoever broke in probably didn't have the code.>> safe to say. no pun intended. >> reporter: a public works employee found the safe wednesday the told police it had been there for at least a week. i found the spot where somebody left a safe behind.
10:36 pm
it sits right next to upon. across from there is a casino. i checked in with the casino. staff did not recognize it. rob hawk -- rob hawkins has been getting calls from people thinking the safe might be there. so far, nothing.>> this is a common say. you can get it at costco.>> reporter: i asked if there are diamonds or something valuable inside. >> that's movie stuff. gold and stacked with money, usually when we have stuff like this, it's documents, things of that nature.>> oceans 11? >> you want me to live? sorry.>> reporter: if you know what was in the say for it belongs to you, call police. henry lee, ktvu. same-store sales at gap were up 4% in december versus a 5% drop last
10:37 pm
year. old navy's same-store sales were even better, soaring 12% last month. they were down 7% last year. weakness from other retailers led to a mixed day on wall street. the dow fell 42 points. the nasdaq gained 10. the s&p 500 was down a point.>> approved to your -- a peculiar tradition returns to bark. it's the no pants ride. we will be wet this weekend. we will tell you what to expect, especially on sunday. a critical vote for infrastructure project. we will show you what's in the works.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a project to revamp a corridor in san francisco is moving forward. and environmental report and design was approved for dedicated bus lanes along geary boulevard. those lanes are expected to speed up bus travel by 24%. some business owners have opposed the project and argue it will reduce the number of parking spots along the street for customers. the project is being done in phases. the first phase will start later this year.>> there is no shortage of things to do around the holidays. rosemary orozco has our weekend watch. >> reporter: the first weekend of january, a few events happening. it's time to drop your pants for no pants bart ride day. the annual event is on sunday and takes place in 15 countries around the world. adjustments go without pants
10:41 pm
while wearing interesting underwear and colorful socks. in the east bay, the animal rescue foundation scars -- stars to the rescue event is saturday. it includes kevin nealon -- kevin nealon and huey lewis. in the south bay, the silicon valley auto show is in la. now is your chance to see it all. the show goes through sunday at the san jose convention center. this weekend, chinese culture will be celebrated in a new light. enjoy giant dragons, pandas, plus the great wall can't and the temple of heaven. in the north bay, the fungus fair and shrimp showcases sunday. learn about the fungi of the national seashore at the top annual free event at the bear valley business center. i am rosemary orozco, and that
10:42 pm
is your weekend watch. as we told you, you can expect rain this weekend. after the break, bill martin will layout the timing of the storm so you can plan around it. we live in a pick and choose world.
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right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. getting ready for the rain, earlier, i mentioned the model, we just had rain, snow in the mountains, the models at act off a little bit tonight. it's still going to be a wet weekend. instead of some places seeing 10 inches of rain, maybe that will be reviewed -- be reduced to seven. it is a very productive pattern in terms of rainfall. it is also problematic in terms of snow melt. look where it is coming from. the low latitudes. if it does go to the mountains, the snow levels will be very high with the high snow levels there is rain on fresh no.
10:45 pm
we're going to see a lot of runoff. that is the concern. a big concern in the central valley. the atmospheric river begins to pull in in earnest on sunday. you will see that in the model. we start with the rain on saturday, more modest rain, if you will. here's the model, 7:00 on friday, tomorrow morning, here we are at this time tomorrow night. we will be going let's get ready to get going here. this is part of the event that's really just a precursor and much lighter than the second part. here we go saturday morning, there is your rain. saturday afternoon, break. saturday night, see this? that little bad boy. that is heavy rain. it's 10:00 saturday night. it's in san jose now. i push it forward to midnight, it's still in santa cruz in san
10:46 pm
jose. it doesn't mean everybody else is not getting it, because they are. but rates in this zone could be up over an inch in our sometimes. if this 50 mile line decides to shift north a degree, it changes everything. right now, the last model shows santa cruz mountains, san jose south. 3 am saturday morning, the moisture hasn't stopped. the torrential downpour. at 6 am, it starts to shift. it's 6 am in the morning, and it has been raining on the santa cruz mountains. a little further north, it moves out about lunchtime sunday. is that going to happen? it's hard to say. wherever that narrow band of moisture goes, it is going to rain and it could rain as much as eight or 10 inches.
10:47 pm
it's something to watch. tomorrow is a dry day, fortunately. saturday is a wet day but not a big huge rain event. sunday is the deal. you can see how crucial it is, that line. 40, 50 miles. if it goes a degree north, it changes the whole forecast. whoever is in the bull's-eye will be significantly wet. cal, stanford, and st. mary's, all playing. mark will have all the scores and highlights and a moment. -- in a moment.
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or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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if you are a bay area sports fan, not a good night. >> atop 45 involvement in basketball courts. there is a reason they were in the top 25. >> we have bedlam right off the top. let's take it down the southern california. the cal bears, you knew they were going to be in deep against the bruins, who have a lot of talent. snoop dogg, the stars were out. this is the play. pj lee driving for the throwdown. he had 18 points, 11 rebounds.
10:51 pm
bill walton is loving that in the broadcast area. alford, the coaches son with the deep three. ucla of 20 at halftime. alfred had 24 points. the cal club back in this thing. mullins will bury this three. free throws so it up, 81-71 ucla in control. at unc, stanford has one problem. they cannot score on a regular basis. or very much. trojans, pressure, defense. magnon will steal it. look at this. jordan maclachlan, that's nice. he can also pass. he gets it for the trojans. stewart, that was a nice idea. is a high percentage shot. number 25, usc, winter, 72-56
10:52 pm
over stanford. this time of the year, you start thinking about st. mary's taking on gonzaga. that showdown is coming on quick. both of them suiting up for things right here. lendale is fouled, it counts. you will see a little creativity in the four court. when dell is there. he knows what to do. 11-13 shooting. 26 points, 11 rebounds. 81-68, winners. number five gonzaga in town. by the way, bob, the cavs picked up horvers tonight to add to their talent. usf fields it, great pass for
10:53 pm
nigel williams. he had a career-best 36 points. 12 of 15 shooting. a block, the french freshman killing it until he throws it down. he is fouled and it counts. a routine gonzaga win. they are 15-0. they will take on st. mary's in a week. the sharks taking on the wild. it was wild and a little bit weird. wild because it was scoreless in the first period and then nine goals were scored in the next two. that's the second highest scoring game for san jose. nine goals in the final two periods. the wild lose control of the puck. joel ward gets it to patty marleau. that was a good idea. that's his 11th goal.
10:54 pm
a 4-2 lead. minnesota quickly read ties it 4-4. nice teamwork here. great passing. this shot was the game-winner. 5-4 wild. they now have three consecutive games. nothing but disturbing for the raiders as they going to the playoffs. first night since 2002. the troubles that await them down in texas. one thing to have your first string quarterback down, second string quarterback down and a ricky who has never participated -- rookie who has never participated in an nfl game. they are going up against the number one number eight defense. the raiders rush for only 30 yards for houston. the running back, great on the pass reception out of the
10:55 pm
backfield. 11 for 199 years -- yards. a couple of touchdowns. murray did major work in that game. he knows what he is up against and ready for come saturday.>> for me, deandre, and others, we take on the responsibility of carrying this team. i know i do. we need people to step up and make plays. i'm going to look to do that. i need to do that. >> they all have different abilities. murray is the better runner. they have some guys that can catch some passes, like we saw the last time. they have a good team. that's why they are where they are. it's unfortunate for them that led -- that they lost a quarterback. it was unfortunate for us to lose jj watt. you have to play. the pros, nba, this is a matchup of the
10:56 pm
upcoming. one will win the mvp, whether it be westbrook or james harden from houston. westbrook lights it up early and often. he finished with 49, hits the three. james harden can also play a little basketball. watch important to the four court. he makes it look easy. i think you can have a shooters touch even on a slam dunk. it stays down, and there you go. final seconds, look at the past by hardened. a foul, two foul shots, and the lastgasp effort. it fails. one of those two guys is going to be your mvp. >> think so? good night.
10:57 pm
see later. -- see you later. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
10:58 pm
same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i i asked his dtor about once-a-day namzaric. (avo) namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions including heart, lung, bladder,
10:59 pm
kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness loss of appetite, and bruising. (man) dad and i shared a lot of moments. now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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) haley, your dad's on the phone. he says it's urgent. he's with a surgeon? i think he said "sturgeon." i am ripping these stupid braces off the second i get home. phil, hold on. i'm gonna put you on speakerphone, okay? phil: (muffled) andy's on his way to propose to beth! we can't hear anything! just toss me the phone. all: no! no, you're right. we all have our strengths. i'm a great gift giver. here, cam. oh. dad? andy's on his way to propose to beth! (all gasp) aww! that's very sweet! it's not sweet! haley and andy love each other, but they don't know it! all: whoa. is that true, honey? what makes you think he's in love with me? i could tell by the way he hugged you goodbye. phil, are you sure about this? claire, i think i know the look of love in another man's eyes. this is crazy. should i call him? his phone's off, but he said he was going to the beach. (sighs) i know what beach he likes. i thought you were the "beach" he likes. there they are. should i do this? i shouldn't do this. i'm gonna do this.


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