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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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fbi. he was discharged from the army national guard. tonight, though, he is the lone suspect accused of shooting 13 people. cell phone video inside the baggage claim area shows panicked passengers moments after the shooting. this is where authorities say the gunman opened fire in terminal 2 at the ft. lauderdale airport around 1:00 p.m. eastern time killing five and injuring eight others. >> we were just minding our own business, waiting for ground transportation and the shooting started in this building and immediately was mass kayo people running by. it was hard to decipher. >> reporter: it was chaos and confusion with passengers de boarding planes on the tarmac or taking cover, the wounded being rushed to ambulances. >> what happened upstairs? >> i don't know. i heard a lady yell for help, and then some people were running, and i just ran. >> reporter: esteban santiago is identified as the lone
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shooter. >> whoever is responsible will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: we're learning santiago boarded a flight in anchorage, alaska, stopping in minneapolis before landing at ft. lauderdale airport. santiago checked a bag containing a gun. after landing and getting the bag santiago went to the bathroom, loaded the gun and started shooting people in the head. >> if we do uncover some time that this was relate to any type of terrorist activity then the f b li have complete incident command of this and we will be assisting the fbi as we move forward. >> reporter: santiago was born in new jersey but moved to alaska two years ago. he was an army national guard veteran what served a year in iraq. santiago works as a security guard and was receiving psychological counseling. >> in the last few minutes we've learned santiago told officials last november that the government was controlling his mind, forcing him to watch
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isis videos. it is unclear if that played any type of role today as a possible motive. that remains to be seen. meanwhile the airport there in ft. lauderdale remains closed and has not opened yet. we don't know when it will reopen. frank. >> cristina, thank you. as we take a live look at san francisco international airport and the departures list there, three red eye flights from ft. lauderdale to san francisco have now been affect. two of those flights we're told, a virgin flight and a jetblue flight have now been canceled. a united flight was expected to depart think but as cristina just mentioned the ft. lauderdale airport remains closed at this hour sought will most likely be canceled as well. >> joining us now is ross palombo. you just got back from florida. you have a hospital in florida. you actually flew out of that airport. you were down there where the shooting happened. >> look, i can't tell you how disturbing this. 's a smaller airport. it's actually the 14th largest international airport in the
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entire country. so it's big in the entire system but when it comes to an area like south florida with miami and ft. lauderdale, it's actually pretty small and intimate. you can compare this airport like we would compare sfo to oakland international. it's much smaller, much more intimate. people come primarily there to be in a quieter part of south florida or to go on a cruise. you notice a really lackadaisical attitude. people are calm, wearing shorts, flip-flops. many of them are heading out to a cruise. so it's really disturbing to think that something like this would happen there where people are primarily coming for vacation to relax. maybe they're not hyper focused as you would be if you were landing perhaps in new york city. >> there's been a lot of talk today and a lot of people sort of i think kind of shaking their head about the fact that you have someone who had a gun and checked luggage.
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some people didn't even know that was possible. >> one of the most disturbing revelations today was that you can actually legally pack a gun in your suitcase, as long as it is checked. every airline has different procedures how you do this, but you have to have it generally in a rigid box and unloaded, but you can have it in apacked piece of luggage as long as it is not with you inside the cabin. it can be underneath the plane. a lot of people didn't know. of course hat to be licensed but as soon as you get out to that luggage care ro sill can access that gun immediately. >> which is exactly what he did. he went to the bathroom, loaded the gun and started firing. where is ft. lauderdale airport in relation to the city itself? >> downtown ft. lauderdale is three miles north of the airport. so it's right there. it is right next to the port. it is right in the middle of everything. it's a very subdued airport in a very busy area, all of this making it much more disturbing when you know the atmosphere going into a place like this.
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i covered that area in south florida for several years. i still after home there. >> and you talked to people at the airport. >> i talked to people at the air. they are stufnltd things happen in south florida. it's very racy. you have both been to miami before. but things like this do not happen in ft. lauderdale. it's a very quiet area, making this all the more disturbing, but he is special there. >> five people dead, several others injured. ross, thank you. >> sure. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of that deadly shooting. will you find updated information on ktvu and now to a severe weather alert. preparations are underway across many parts of the bay area tonight as many people brace for the storm that is heading our way this weekend. heavy rain and flooding is expected across a large region of the area. >> ktvu's ann rubin in the santa cruz mon tans where that area is expected to get hammered with rain. >> first we want to check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking
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this storm. when we chatted yesterday you were still sort of trying to dial in exactly the area that was going to be hit the hardest. >> yeah. the bottom line we're all getting wet. it's just who is going get the torrential heavy inch and a half hour rainfall rates which are very possible within this series of storms. let's take a look at what's going on. we've got saturday's storm, that's tomorrow. as that system rolls in it is going to dampen up the ground, fill the crease, get everything up pretty high. a little break in the afternoon. right in here sunday morning we are going to get hit real hard with some very strong dynamics and a lot of moisture. all the way from the equator, out by the hawaiian islands. tuesday, more rain coming our way. definitely a wet weather pattern. you can see this plume of moisture. when you look at it it is easy to say there's that -- yeah, it's 1800, 2,000 miles of moisture, but in the cross section it is a mile deep. so it is a huge area of water.
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it is metric tons of water that are focused mainly ton santa cruz mountains at this hour in the long-range model forecast. everybody is getting wet but santa cruz mountains looks to be the spot that's going to get hammered the hardest. we've got rain off shore. rain begins late tonight and early tomorrow morning but the headline is going to be sunday morning. a lot more to talk about but right now ann rubin in the santa cruz mountains. quite frankly that area could see up to 10 inches of rain. i know folks there are preparing. what are they doing up there? >> reporter: people who are out today while the weather was nice clearing debris and trying to stong on supplies just making sure they're ready for the downpour to come. the schwartz family is keeping an eye on the coming storm and on the hillside above their home. rocks and mud started sliding midweek. >> we're worried that this partial slide could get to be a huge slide with this next 10 inches of rain. >> reporter: residents in the
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santa cruz mountains are bracing for a big one. there was practically a line to fill up sandbags. people say they're taking as many precautions as they can before the rain moves in. >> we have a full tank of gas in the car. we have all our water jugs ready to go. we have bucket of water to flush the toilet in case the water goes out. we have all our candles out. >> reporter: the fear that sliding mud might take power out. >> we are battening down the hatches making sure this can withstand a pretty big store. >> reporter: pg&e has set up a staging area in scotts valley. they will have 10 workers at this camp by morning. >> crews, equipment, poles, transformers, power lines, anything that we need to be able to deploy quickly and restore it quickly. >> reporter: still, people aren't taking any chances. at the scarborough home center they can't keep tarps and fire 1u7 please on the shelves. >> do you have bundles of kindling? of course we do. not!
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not me more. >> it brings the community together, which is really precious, because we got each other's back. >> reporter: county officials are he is ecially wore -- are especially worried about erosion. live in the santa cruz mountains, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> to keep track of the conditions also in the sierra download the free ktvu weather app. there will you find live radar, watches and warnings, all very important. our weather team will also be providing updates as well. we're learning more about a problem with a bart train that affected this morning's commute into san francisco. about an hour ago bart confirmed that it appears an electrical short affected five cars on a train at west oakland. >> if you can imagine a train dorks tall train doors open, all the car doors open at the same time and close but they also get information about speeding up or slowing down.
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and so these five cars on the end of this 10-car train weren't getting that information. they weren't moving. >> ktvu's alex savidge talked with riders at the west oakland station about the major delays. >> reporter: all it took was an electrical issue on board one bart train to ruin the morning commute for a lot of people. that train conked out here at west oakland. it brought a good portion of the system to a standstill and left a lot of people frustrated. >> it's ridiculous. but stuff happens, so just got to be patient. >> but you are still going to try to get in to work? >> i have to. >> reporter: commuters tried to keep their cool as bart service was stopped entirely for about an hour or so. it was all because a 10-car train stalled on the tracks at west oakland about 8: 45. other trains were stopped as a result leading to huge delays.
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finally about an hour later technicians managed to move that stalled train out of the way. of course -- >> i want to work from home. i have my office on my back. >> i have just decided i'm going home. i've seen some buses like those buses inindia with people hanging on the edge. >> uber is being very opportunistic and charging an ungodly sum to cross the bridge to my location. >> you are noticing some surge pricing? >> absolutely. >> reporter: bart says the problem this morning was traced back to what is called the train line. a series of wires that connect each of the cars to the main control system. it's an issue that happens from time to time but today this happened at the worst possible spot on the system during the heart of the commute. >> it turned out it was the
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final five cars on this train that were experiencing the problem. so what we had to do was essentially trick the fifth car in into thinking that it was the last car on the train, and we were able to move it forward at half speed to daly city yard. >> reporter: bart is not sure if the electrical issue is related to the age of the train but of course this is an older fleet. more than 40 years old. bart is rolling out a brand-new fleet of trains sometimes later on this year. in oakland, alex is a vimg, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, newly de- classified information shows that russian president vladimir putin gave orders to influence the u.s. presidential election. coming up at 5:30 the latest in the hacking scandal including a reaction from president-elect donald trump. but first -- feel a tickle in your throat? a sneeze, a cough?
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oh, no, the flu. people everywhere have it. we'll talk about that right after the break.
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seasonal flu outbreak of the flu bug has now turned deadly. three people have died in california in the past week including a man who died just last night in napa county. the prognosis for millions of others this winter is time spent sneezing and coughing due to the flu. our south bay reporter jesse gary is live in san jose where healthcare centers are swamped with flu patients. jesse. >> reporter: heather, officials here at valley medical, the largest public hospital here in the south bay say their waiting rooms are packed with flu patients. so many, in fact, they're handing out masks similar to this to try and stem the
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spread. this man says first felt the flu bug's bite while traveling home to pakistan. >> i was coughing and this happened. >> reporter: not fun. >> not fun. >> reporter: it seems everyone has or is coming down with the flu. health officials say the influenza virus reaches its highest levels from december to february. >> flu is in full swing. really start to pick up the latter half of december. we're stilling activity. we don't know yet when it will peak. >> reporter: santa clara and every other county in the greater bay area is seeing rising flu levels. this urgent care center reports 12 to 14 new flu cases per day. the largest public hospital in the south bay is packed with those suffering symptoms. so far, three deaths have been reported. last night, an adult napa
5:17 pm
county man succumbed to the flu infection. last week similar patients died in solano and monterey. nationally upwards of 36,000 deaths each year are attributed to the flu. >> one thing that can happen people can get influenza, then they can get other infections on top of that like a bacterial pneumonia, and that can take their life. >> reporter: doctors suggest people suffering flu symptoms, fever, cough, sneezing, head and body aches, should stay home. cover your cough or sneezes to reduce the spread of germs, wash your hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer. avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. and lastly, get a flu shot, the best defense for this virus. >> getting vaccinated may prevent you from getting the flu, or at least it will prevent you from getting severely ill from the flu. >> reporter: it is advice this man says he will follow before the next flu outbreak. and you can get a flu shot at a
5:18 pm
variety of places, not just here at a hospital er. some companies actually will provide flu shots to their employees to prevent the spread of the flu in the workplace. with that in mind, if you feel like you are coming down with something, flu or not, or if your kids are sir, everybody stay home. you don't want type fect the workplace, you don't want to infect schools. >> as you mentioned there jesse still not too late to get that flu shot. >> reporter: yes, that's one of the things they said at the hospital. they asked me, do you have your flu shot? get your flu shot. if the won't prevent it all the way, it will definitely less tenth severity of the cold that you will get. >> good advice, jesse gary. public works crews all over the bay area are busy preparing for the heavy rain that's expected to come our way this weekend. in contra costa county folks were stocking up on sandbags. crews are concerned about flooding because water sheds are saturated meaning creeks and hillsides can't handle any more water. that's where the sandbags will
5:19 pm
come in handy. >> the rain is come sog we're trying to get the word out to people, now is the time to practice. once the rain hits it's too late to start your sandbagging or have emergency plans in place. >> added maintenance crews will be out in areas across the bay area checking for clogged storm drains, officials urging residents to be prepared, stay away from creeks and channels, charge your cell phones and have an emergency plan in place just in case. let's bring in in our chief meteorologist bill martin. you have been talking about trying to pinpoint which area is going to get hit the hardest. >> everybody is getting wet, two to four inches. but the people who get five to eight inches, maybe 10, right now it looks like the santa cruz mountains. we have described this as a fair hose where it points, and everybody -- there's going to be the wide effect, but the focus will be most like until
5:20 pm
area. it feels stormy out there. clouds are thickening up. it is definitely -- it started off nice, started off cold with the freeze warnings. now we set one this. you basically have well past the date line storms stacked up. and you just look at -- what you look at, if they were all coming from up here, they wouldn't have access to a lot of moisture but these mid latitude systems access to a lot of this so you were moisture which is a key to this atmospheric river which is well over 2,000 miles long. again, i set earlier, not just a surface route. that's not just 2,000 miles deep. it's 2,000 miles of over a mail deep of moisture, and 60 miles wide. it's all funneling together to create a very wet weekend. it starts on saturday but really gets going on sunday. or saturday night late into sunday night. we're already seeing this is just the moisture you see there. that's just a function of the moisture piling up.
5:21 pm
dynamics aren't necessarily here. just so much moisture when it hits the coastal hills, gets up against it, you get condensation or precipitation. i haven't had reports of anything falling yet but i wouldn't be surprised if we get some. saturday is a pretty wet day in the morning. but then we fortunately get this little break in the afternoon. that's huge. so it's going to be wet especially saturday morning, tomorrow morning. about noontime or so we get a nice little break. it will still be wet but not flooding heavy rain. then this is -- that's the show right there. 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. that's that focus of the nozzle. everybody is going to be getting wet at that time but depending on who is directly under that nozzle, most likely the santa cruz mountains, that's where you could see 10, 12 inches. you could even see 14 inches of rain in a a very short period of time. as we head into saturday and sunday, saturday is wet. doesn't help. not going to be the big problem. the big problem is sunday
5:22 pm
morning. in the mountains the snow level is very high on saturday night. with those very high snow levels we are talking about snow melt, significant amount of snow melt, snow level at the 8,000 feet. that means all the snow underneath there, much of it is going to melt rapidly. the rivers along the central valley, the american, the yuba, those are all concerned for flooding. the russian river probably on monday, sunday night into monday we might be watching that. right now it looks like it will go to flood stage or just above but that's not a bad thing. we will be tracking it. right now the rivers look like they are going to be maintained but anything can happen here. another thing, this thing could go further south and we may get four inches. here is what's going to happen. someone is going to say, we didn't get much rain, we got two inches. say you are in santa rosa. in the meantime, half of us may get eight inches. is this the storm of the
5:23 pm
century? no. is it a big storm? yes. just be ready. there's going to be one area that really gets hammered, and the rest of us are just going to get really wet. >> bill, thank you. an emotional michele obama giving her final speech at the white house. >> i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady. >> the important message the first lady had for the nation's young people. and later, new at 6:00, serious allegations against a bay area man. police say he forced a woman off of a bart train and then sexually assaulted her. the charges against him that could potentially lead to a life sentence. this could happen in anywhere usa. unfortunately it happened here.
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a jobs report today marks the 75th straight period of job growth. wages are up 1%, a stark contrast from eight years ago when president obama took office at the height of the great recession and the unemployment rate was almost 8%. it is now down to 4.7%. today first lady michele obama held her last official event at the white house. the event honored the 2017 school counselor of the year. the first lady urged young people to get the best education they can and then use it to lead by example. she also praised america's,
5:27 pm
quote, glorious diversity of faiths, colors, and creeds. and she got a little emotional as she wrapped up her remarks. >> i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady than celebrating with all of you. so i want to close today by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. >> during eight years in the white house the first lady focused most of her efforts on education and issues affecting children and families, including military families. still ahead here at 5:00 we continue our coverage of that deadly shooting inside the ft. lauderdale airport. five people dead, eight others wounded in the hospital right now. the latest as the fbi continues to investigate a possible motive coming up next.
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. we are continuing to follow developments out of florida where a gunman opened fire inside the ft. lauderdale airport. authorities say the suspect now in custody flew out of anchorage, alaska, and that a gun was his only piece of luggage. >> an official also says the suspect recently told the fbi that the government i don't meaned his mind and forced him
5:31 pm
to watch isis videos. fox reporter julie banderas tells us how the shooting unfolded. >> reporter: multiple people are dead after a deadly shooting incident at ft. uderdale/hollywood intenal airport in florida. >> we do not know the motive. >> reporter: authorities initially saying several people were killed and multiple others wounded when a man opened fire at the airport's terminal 2 early friday afternoon. >> the active shooter shot at least 13 people. eight people as i know right now are in area hospitals being treated. i don't know the degree of their injuries. five people have succumbed to their wounds and tragically are dead. >> reporter: witness report seeing a man who appeared in to his 20s wearing a star wars t- shirt firing a weapon near a baggage carrousel. >> whoever is responsible will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. the state of florida and law enforcement in this state will
5:32 pm
not tolerate evil acts. >> reporter: they say the shooter was silent, was reportedly shot by police when he tried to reload a gun, police saying one shooting suspect was taken into custody. sources identifying him as a 26- year-old man named esteban santiago, and they say he was carrying a u.s. military id. as police and medical crew responded, security officials corralled passengers in areas outside, including on the airport tarmac. >> it's pretty frightening. everybody is crying and pretty upset. >> reporter: meantime later as police were investigating came new unconfirmed reports of additional shots being fired on airport property, prompting a lockdown and an active seven by police. >> the investigation continues. we have area s.w.a.t. teams in the broward sheriff's office s.w.a.t. team clearing the entire airport. >> reporter: the white house says the president is beg briefed on the incident while
5:33 pm
on twitter president-elect donald trump calling the situation, quote, terrible and sending out his thoughts and prayers. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. new information to tell you about on russian hacking during the presidential campaign. our political reporter ross palombo joins us with the details. >> the new report says the russian president personally ordered this hacking attempt to influence the campaign. intelligence officials released the 25-page public version of the report today after briefing president barack obama and president-elect donald trump, and in it they say russia had a clear preference for donald trump. the report also says the overall goal was to undermine the democratic process to denigrate hillary clinton and to hurt her chances of winning. they did this by hacking e- mails of the democratic national committee and senior officials believe that moscow then gave those documents to wikileaks. for the first time today trump acknowledged that russia was responsible for this but he
5:34 pm
also said it had, quote, absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election. the report has drawn much stronger response, though, from the democrats. >> it's an attack on our country. it's a hostile accident. there's no question about that. with profound implications. and that's why the president has taken the actions that he has taken and preserved the right with respect to others that you may not know about and that the public may not know about. but i do think that it's a serious event with very hostile intention, and there are consequences. >> well, this report has also made it clear that the hacking also targeted the republican party but they only leaked the democratic information to wikileaks, and of course to the
5:35 pm
press. donald trump again saying that he does not believe under any circumstances that this influenced the campaign. but think about it. democrats are saying the information was out there so the republicans -- the russians may not have hacked into our election system but they certainly influ onsed it by getting all this negative information out there. >> why would the russians and vladimir putin want donald trump in the white house rather than hillary clinton. >> this report does address that. it says the russians believed that donald trump was more aligned with russia to begin with. they believe that if donald trump became president that he would be more favorable towards russia. >> all right. ross, thank you. >> sure. we have new information now on a police shooting in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. it happened earlier this morning. officers responded to reports of a man violating a restraining order just before 4:00 this morning and say when they confronted him there was a struggle. police say officers first used batons and pepper spray to try to subdue the man and then one
5:36 pm
officer opened fire. the man was injured but ran into a house and barricaded himself there. he later surrendered to police. the man's brother wants to know why police decided to shoot him. >> i definitely feel like they overreacted by shooting my brother. he was unarmed. he didn't have no weapon or nothing. >> one of the officers involved in the confrontation suffered a head injury. everyone is expected to survive. still ahead, many brace for the big storm this weekend. efforts underway in san francisco. but first -- it's been said that raider fans travel well. we're going to show you just how waim live report coming up from houston.
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doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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all right, the raiders traveling to houston today for their first playoff game since 2002. >> taking on the texans tomorrow afternoon. joe fonzi is in houston right alongside them. you found that the raider nation seems to travel pretty well. where are you, joe? >> reporter: they certainly do. yeah, you know, guys, when we say we're going to the office, it means one thing. when you say ear going to the office in houston, texas, it means you're coming here. this is an establishment that's actually owned by a raider fan, and there is a really good contingent of people that are going to be here celebrating
5:40 pm
the raiders' first playoff appearance in 14 years. when you think of the state of texas you think, well, the texans and the oilers, but you really think university of texas or dallas cowboys. but this is raider haven here. there are several local chapters gathering. we got the chance to catch up with some of them. >> we're everywhere. that's why they call us a nation. anywhere you go, you will find raiders fans. there's a lot of us in texas. >> i feel like the raiders are my extended family. i can go anywhere in the u.s. and find family members, and that's just it. >> i think the raiders brand is the only one in sports that it's a lifestyle. there's an attitude to the raiders. the people just gravitate towards it. it's a beautiful thing. >> we just started our booster club here last year and hat grown so much. it's like, wow, we look around
5:41 pm
and there's so many people. they have been there. they just didn't know where to go and watch the games with other raiders fans. >> reporter: so a big party here tonight. people are just now kind of arriving. they are trickling in. but obviously there is a game to be played tomorrow. the raiders and the wild card game. the fact that they are a wild card team means that they are playing here in houston. there's been a lot of talk about, maybe more talk about who is not playing for the raiders than who is. they got more bad news. a couple of their offensive linemen will not be starting in addition to the fact that derrek car is out and matt mcgloin. conor cook at quarterback. but the guys talked about the fact that this is what they have been shooting for, for a long time, and they are not going to let injuries diminish that. >> this is what you play for. this is the opportunity we wanted from day one. just because some things haven't gone our way the past few weeks, we can't let this
5:42 pm
determine how we're going go forward. this is what we waited for. this is what we wanted. >> you have to leave it all out there. play your best players, have your best game plan, because you can't depend on next week. if you don't have no business around this time, we're going to be packing up. >> we traveled well, and we prepare well. we go down to compete. i think that's what it's been about all year. that's what it will be about again this week. >> reporter: it's said a lot but you've got give the raiders fans credit. they haven't been to the playoffs in 4 years. they have a huge contingent here in texas. this isn't exactly the heart of raider territory, but don't tell that to these folks. they've got a fun party going on here. lots more later on tonight. >> all right, joe. i say we embrace the role of underdog and bring on those texans. joe, thanks so much. appreciate it. still to come here, a city hall celebration in oakland for a championship football team. not the raiders, though.
5:43 pm
>> this is very exciting. i feel like we earned this. >> how oakland honored some high school football players who truly beat the odds. and as you know it's a wet weekend around here. really wet on sunday. we will lay it out for you. get ready for lots of rain, lots of wind. see you back here. >> what a shock. wow!
5:44 pm
game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way.
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. now to continuing coverage of the big storm headed our way, the bay area preparing for the worst including anywhere
5:46 pm
from two to ten inches of rain and the ponl tee of flooding. >> ktvu's tara moriarty was in san francisco at the public works yard where people were stocking up on sandbags. >> reporter: sucking the leaves and debris out of city storm drains. >> they have elephant-like- looking trunks, and they would have to remove the grate of the catch basin. >> reporter: 25,000, to be exact. that's what crews have been doing for weeks but now that a massive storm is bearing down on the bay area they're working at break-neck speed. >> fortunately we put in a sump pump a few months ago. >> reporter: residents and crews are trying to stave off potential flooding. >> it was non stop. one, then another one. >> reporter: at the public works yard business was hopping. public works officials say there are 100 sandbags per pallet. you can see that the public tore through these.
5:47 pm
within a five-hour time frame they were able to dole out about 800 sandbags today. >> once a year it floods pretty bad. once every three years it floods really bad. >> when the rain has come what we do is we lift everything up like a few. we put bins on tables. >> oh, it will go maybe 8 to 10 or 12 inches. >> reporter: gonzalez says the area looks like a lake. >> we're here to four to six months cleaning. it's an absolute disaster. see my sandbags here? we just had 14 of them stolen. so who was supposed to stay out here all night? >> reporter: he also says homeless people steal the tan, exposing his warehouse. >> it takes you like six months to get back up on your feet. we would just rather it not happen. >> reporter: public works is bringing in extra arborists, general laborers and dispatchers through the
5:48 pm
weekend. there will be engineers on call in case of any mudslides or civic holes. the sandbag give away has been extended until sunday. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's get an update from our chief meteorologist bill martin. a lot of people there in san francisco, and we've been reporting all week long. san anselmo getting the sapped bags, too. >> it doesn't matter where you are on planet earth. you have got to prepare for flooding. it will cause runoff and pooling on the highways. this isn't the end of the world, it's just going to be a really good rainstorm. if you get under the wrong part of it you are going to have some problems. especially in the hills, the area by jenner, mudslides always a possibility. it's bay area and it's winter. i don't know if you can do this director. if you have that other picture from twin peaks, that shot is
5:49 pm
just stunning. since's not raining right now we can take advantage of the dry and see how beautiful it is. just a beautiful night in san francisco. it was a beautiful day today quite frankly. and now it is all kind of going the other way as the clouds increase. all right, let's push into the forecast here. what we are going to look at is the system here on saturday. that's tomorrow. the main event is saturday night into sunday morning. this is the trigger mechanism that will take a lot of this moisture and lift it a little further. that will create significant rainfall accumulations which is what we're expecting saturday night into sunday morning. we have already got light sprinkles offshore at this hour. those light sprinkles will pick up throughout the evening hours, and you look at that pacific, and that is as stormy as it gets. you are past the dateline now. that's a lot of real estate. you have storm after symptoms,
5:50 pm
moisture available. so all the ingredients for a real wet west coast. not just for san francisco but san luis obispo and santa barbara as well. the storm track is focused on the bay area. saturday the rain gets going. we are going to know a lot by saturday night. if this saturday event turns out to be a lot weaker that will be very helpful. sunday's event should be the strongest of the two by far. 6:00 a.m. saturday morning, that's tomorrow morning, and it's raining pretty good. then there's that break. if that occurs that would be great. so creeks come down, we all get back to reset. and then saturday night late, this starts to happen. i want you to notice the yellows and reds. six hours more of raining. and then it focuses up a little bit more on the south bay. by the afternoon we should
5:51 pm
begin this storm. most of the focus is going to be -- or should be south. that's what the models are suggest. so when you time this out tomorrow morning, then you've got the break tin afternoon, which is great. so heavy in the morning. i would even go less than moderate. light in the afternoon. chance to dry out. not too bad here but then it starts to ramp up around midnight. so sunday morning is definitely the bull's-eye of this weather system. and, you know, this is the kind of thing where san anselmo creek could have problems. san lorenzo river could have problems. i think the napa river up at st. helena could be a problem. the russian river, the big river shouldn't be a real problem. it should get to flood stage but it's not going to go way, way above. at least that's the forecast. so let's watch it. then i was talking to mark in
5:52 pm
the newsroom about levees. that's major. we've seen that happen when we get major rain events. the levees can get compromised. now you're up in the valley chasing -- there's a lot more people impacted by a levee break than san anselmo creek. >> so right now what's the area that you think is going to be impacted most? >> redwood city south into big summer. santa cruz mountains. >> maybe 10 inches? >> eight to ten inches not out of the question. we've seen that before. it happens. we get that break on saturday. so a lot of good things are happening right now. that break on saturday is a big thing. the fact that it looks like it wants to end sunday afternoon, that's a good thing. because if there was more we would be in trouble. >> thank you bill. >> happening now, all roads leading into yosemite valley closed. about 45 minutes ago in preparation for the coming storm that bill was talking about. rk officials say visitor services will be extremely limited through the duration of the storm which is expected to
5:53 pm
peak on sunday afternoon. the park has flooded in the past. the roads leading into yosemite will remain closed at least through sunday. the park will reassess things on monday morning. all new at 5:00, the fallout over those faulty takata air bag inflators continues. fiat chrysler now recalling 100,000 vehicles. takata inflators can explode with too much force when exposed to prolonged heat and humidity and hurl shrapnel right into vehicles. celebrating champions. up next, the city hall event honoring some high school football players in the east bay.
5:54 pm
i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the city of oakland threw a parade for the warriors today. not the golden state warriors. it's the high school warriors. they became the first oakland high school in history to win a state championship. >> that is something. as rob roth found out to many people the accomplishment meant a lot more than just winning a football game. >> reporter: the double-decker bus rolled through oakland today, a bus of champions. this is the high school football team celebrating an amazing achievement. they defeated la jolla country day of san diego last month to
5:57 pm
become first high ol team in oakland history to win a state championship. today the city threw them a parade and rally. >> this is very exciting. i feel like we earned this working hard over the summer. it's amazing. >> reporter: winning the 5a is remarkable considering the hardships many students at the high school in west oakland face each day. >> violence, gangs members, you have to overcome that. stay focused. >> reporter: many people say winning the state championship sends a message to a struggling community. >> west oakland gets a bad rap sometimes. >> a message to the rest of the world. never underestimate oakland, california. >> reporter: at a rally at city hall, political leaders, family and friends, and alumni gathered to cheer one last
5:58 pm
time. parents and grandparents watch with pride. >> it's like making them not a statistic any more. it's showing them that they can do something different if they put their minds to the and work together as a family. >> reporter: on its tour of the town the double decker passed by seven public high schools in west oakland that feed the school. a shared triumph. >> it's been a long time coming but something to be celebrated. i think it will give them a lot of encouragement to steyn school. >> reporter: for these young men, they will be able to say they are champions. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. everybody outside, let's go. >> chaos at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida. a man pulls out a gun killing five people. >> immediately it was mass chaos. it was hard to decipher exactly
5:59 pm
what was happening. >> authorities in florida say the gunman opened fire without saying a word and didn't stop shooting until he ran out of ammunition. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. that suspect is now in custody. investigators say he is an army veteran and he acted alone. the chaos unfolded just before 1:00 eastern time right as passengers were getting their luggage from baggage claim. authorities say five people were killed, eight more wounded and a single suspect is now in custody after he threw down his weapon and laid down spread eagle on the floor and surrendered to authorities. >> here is a look at where the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport is locate. it's three miles south of downtown and 21 miles north of miami. it is located close to port everglades where many cruise lines are based. >> the shooter is a native of new jersey but had been living
6:00 pm
in alaska. family members say he served a year in iraq with the national guard but was demoted for unsatisfactory performance. family members say santiago had received psychological treatment after he returned from iraq and one of his aunts is quoted as saying he lost his mind. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's tom vacar is at sfo where there are delays for flights headed to ft. lauderdale. >> first, cristina rendon. >> reporter: we're learning more about that. officials say he went to an fbi office in alaska this past november, said the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch isis videos. >> attention. >> reporter: panic and terror at ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. >> everybody outside. >> reporter: after a gunman opened fire shortly after 1:00 p.m.


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