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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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over flood stage this morning, and that put hundreds of homes at risk of flooding. >> we have live team coverage tonight, chief meteorologist, bill martin, is tracking another storm heading our way that could cause more problems. >> ann ruben is in the mountains with the latest on the mud slide that crews are still working to clear there. first, we go to tom vacar with more on the hundreds of homes near the russian river that are at risk of being flooded. tom. >> frank, one of the things you have to unction, many of those homes are going to look like they are being flooded. many have been raised up on stilts or on platforms. while water may gather around them, many of those homes will not be damaged. but, there's always the possibility that some of them will be. now to get a better perspective, let's go back a couple hours ago and let's go aloft. as you can see in these sky fox photos, up to their old tricks where the lowest lying areas
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have been innonedated by the most water in a long time. some folks have already left. many have stayed taking a cautious wait and see approach. some stranded folks are hoping that flooded out roads will eventually recede, giving them access to and from their homes on higher ground. >> definitely something you prepare for, but i think the scope of this storm is definitely something that people didn't plan for even in their preplanning for the storm. >> the only reason why i'm chilling is because i'm a three- time flood victim. i was laying there doing nothing while everyone is moving. even my next door neighbor, everybody is gone, but me. >> it's looks a lot deeper and it doesn't look like it will recede. in 2014 when the tides receded, you had access into your house, but it doesn't look like that this year. >> do you think there are homes that weren't affected? >> for sure. and the volume of water that is
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reaching the houses is definitely at a higher level, so more things are compromised. >> since these towns are river towns, there's no shortage of row boats and kayaks and many of the pieces of emergency equipment there based on a long history are well capable of going through several feet of deep water. now, one other thing needs to be responded to and that is this. why are they up on stilts? because after this river flooded time after time after time, the federal flood insurance people said, you either get your house up on stilts or you will simply not be able to, whatsoever, get any insurance. this is the most water in a long time. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we saw that when you were doing interviews, the rain had stopped, but looking at you now, it looks like the rain had started again. how bad is it right now? >> i would say this is just the light rain at this point in time. but it is starting to come down heavier. and remember, the problem is this water doesn't go into the
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ground. it goes directly into the rivers now. the ground is saturated. so as it goes into the drains and the sewers and all of the other stuff, it's going to go directly into the rivers. when it gets to the rivers, those levels are going to go up. if anybody thinks this will be a cessation of this, if it goes down a little, when we get the heavier rains later, they are likely to go up again. >> we'll have more from bill martin in a few minutes. tom vacar, thank you. >> the storm drenched many parts of the bay area. ktvu crews have been busy capturing images of the damage that the stormy weather left behind. here's a look at some of them. there are flooded yards, toppled trees, and sink holes. those are just some of the problems people are dealing with. and tonight, crews are working to clear that massive mud slide along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. ktvu's ann ruben is there right now and she joins us live. are crews making any progress? >> reporter: it's slow, but steady out here. crews say this mud slide will
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continue to affect the evening commute and most likely it will affect the morning commute as well. video from the california highway patrol shows what happened. when 750 cubic yards of hillside slid on to highway 17. it crushed another television station's news van, sending the photographer to the hospital with minor injuries. and, it forced the closure of both northbound lanes, making a mess of the commute. >> now it is just a matter of cleaning this up, which is a huge dynamic, because there are wires mixed in with tree stumps. boulders, and loose mud, dirt, and gravel. >> the cleanup will likely take all night and into the morning. meanwhile, chp has diverted traffic in both directions to the southbound lanes. and this is just one of nearly a dozen slides in the santa cruz mountains, another one blocked part of highway 35 near summit road. >> we need the rain, well, not like this. >> the storms that sent cars off the roadway, this one had to be towed from 60 feet down.
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the rain also washed away part of bear creek road. they would have been an alternate route for commuters to get to san jose, but not now. and a section of highway 9 was closed for 12 hours due to a slide there. caltrans engineers are now assessing the situation. >> there is a lot of water coming off the hill. the whole hillside is draining down and bringing more mud with it. >> resident was home when the mud slide began. it took out his neighbor's deck, furniture, and most of the hillside. >> basically, it was a crunching, sloshy sound when it went. it was pretty sudden. >> he now spent part of the afternoon packing up his belongings and waiting to hear from a building inspector. >> if it is seen this property isn't stable at the moment, you know, we're ready to go. >> back here along highway 17, you can see traffic has been moving pretty slowly in this stretch and it's been raining all day here, which isn't helping. again, crews hoping to get this
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mud slide cleared by sometime tomorrow morning. julie, back to you. >> yeah, and more rain is on the way. ann ruben tonight, thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, bill martin, we have gotten a lot of rain. not quite as much as we thought, but a lot of rain. what are the areas you're most concerned about right now? >> where tom is right now, the russian river, we were talking about, mud slides will continue. i want to point out, did you see how yesterday hit critical mass? it got to a point where anymore rain and everything was going to start to pop. the russian river went to -- then it stopped. we got very close to doing a completely different newscast today, because the rain stopped. we didn't get the 12 inches of rain that was forecast and that's good. we got probably 6 to 8 inches, which is a ton of rain. but had we gotten the forecast amount of rain, things would have been much, much worse. we are looking at some of the rain totals now. you did get 14 inches. boulder creek came in at almost 8 inches of rain. these are significant rain fall
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totals, especially in the hills. and so now, as tom mentioned, we have ground saturation with more rain coming tomorrow and more wind advisory tomorrow, winds could be a little stronger with this system. up to 60, possible in the higher elevations. trees down, power outages tomorrow, not the heavy torrential rains. we'll see rain, but nothing, an inch, inch and a half. and the big rivers, well, they should be in okay shape, because they'll have a chance to recede today and then the day after tomorrow, we get a bit of a break, too. this is the system i'm tracking. it is an atmospheric river, it has a long stream of moisture plume, but it's coming from a further north location. it's going to be colder. that helps lake tahoe sierra area. you're going to see less snow melt. rain falling right now in the north bay. you can see the yellow areas. rain will be falling everywhere, certainly by midnight tonight. and your morning commute and your afternoon commute are going to be a bit dicey.
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we'll talk about that when i come back. we did dodge -- we have stuff to deal with, but we were fortunate that the rain ended when it did. that was a torrential and it could have been a lot worse. see you back here. >> traffic is moving again on northbound highway 1 in pacifica after being shut down for more than 14 hours because of a mud slide. it was first reported late last night near rena. caltrans shut down all northbound lanes, creating one of the worst morning commutes in recent memory in pacifica. a drive along a 2-mile stretch of highway 1 that normally takes five minutes, took nearly two hours. >> the landslide totally took up the right hand side of the road, and crept into the left side and it was 8 to 10 feet tall. >> did you know about this before i came out? >> i did. i thought i would come down and see if i could get through. and it was going through for a moment when i got here, but you
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can see three cars back. >> one of our producers lives in pacifica. it took him three hours to get from pacifica to jack london square in oakland today. caltrans reopened northbound lane of highway one this afternoon. the other lane is expected to open at any moment. the chp identified a man who was killed in a crash today. his car was found at 8:40 this morning in a remote part of marine county near the samona county border. 20-year-old jose enrique hernandez was killed when the car he was driving went off the road and crashed into a creek. the car was found upside down and partially submerged. investigators say it is likely the crash happened sometime overnight. also, only one lane of traffic is open on lucas valley road because of a sink hole. this picture was tweeted out by the marin county fire department. no word on when that road will
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be open. authorities are recommending using sir francis boulevard for drivers trying to get to or from west marine. >> rising water prompted the flood gates to be open for the first time in more than a decade. officials manually opened the sacramento dam this afternoon to manage downstream flows of the river. the water flows into the yolo bypass, which is used for farming in dry years. farmers were warned to move their livestock before the flood gates were open. >> the army corps of engineers towed a dead whale to a new location. the 40 to 60-foot whale is now tied to a pier at angel island. the carcass was discovered near howard terminal on saturday. it was moved so it wouldn't be hit by ships passing through that area. experts believe the whale was a young female, a fin or blue whale. the marine mammal center is planning to determine the cause
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of death. no obvious signs of trauma or wounds. coming up at 5:30, police in berkeley announce the arrest of a uc berkeley student accused of stabbing a woman to death. >> but first, a mother and her son from the south bay were killed after falling into icy waters on vacation. coming up next, details on that freak accident and what the father is saying about how it happened. >> my wife and my son are in heaven right now, more than i ever could have imagined. >> sky fox, only on ktvu fox 2.
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the iraq war veteran accused of gunning down five people at the fort lauderdale airport last friday appeared in court this morning.
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26-year-old, estaben did not enter a plea. the motive is unclear, but the criminal complaint says santiago admitted to planning the attack. >> the man accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at the fort lauderdale airport makes his first court appearance. esteban santiago, an iraq war veteran is facing a range of federal charges, including committing an act of violence at an international airport. the fbi says santiago flew from alaska to florida to specifically carry out friday's shooting. his only checked bag for the flight containing a 9 mm semi- automatic handgun and two magazines. >> we are focused after the 9/11 attacks on securing the airside of aviation to make sure that people get on planes, but what we have not focused on is what we call from the curb side to the airside. people congregate. they wait to get on planes and certainly, this incident highlights the fact that there is a vulnerability here.
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>> tmz releasing this video of the attack. it shows the moment santiago opened fire in terminal 2 of the busy airport. sending people fleeing for cover. five people were killed and six others injured in the attack. santiago, who has a history of mental health issues was taken into custody at the airport after the shooting. >> heard pop, pop, pop. >> a lady came out running screaming and hiding behind, and five or six other people came out. >> the 26-year-old could face life in prison and the death penal penalty if convicted. fox news. a huge man hunt is underway tonight in orlando, florida, authorities are looking for a gunman who shot and killed add veteran police officer this morning. this afternoon, they urged 41- year-old, lloyd to surrender. accused of killing debra clayton outside a wal-mart store. investigators say the offduty
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sergeant confronted lloyd as he appeared to be shoplifting and he opened fire. a motorcycle deputy was also killed in a traffic accident. they say lloyd is wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his pregnant exgirlfriend last month. the mother and her child from the south bay both died after a freak accident on a frozen pond while they were on vacation. jesse is in san jose with more on the accident. the husband was the only one who survived and you spoke with him today. i can't even imagine what he's going through right now. >> frank, you really don't want to imagine what he's going through. i talked to gary clawson who went into the water. by phone, he tells me he is devastated by the loss of his wife and his eight-year-old boy. not to mention, going along with the rest of his life. he is leaning on his faith to help get him through. >> my wife and my son are in heaven right now.
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god just -- more than i ever could have imagined. >> gary says friday's ill fated trek across a frozen kansas pond started out as family fun during a visit with relatives. the trio decided to go shoe skating, shuffling and sliding across the ice in shoes, instead of skates. he talked to locals about the strength of the ice. >> they analyzed the weather, how cold it has been. how many degrees below freezing for how many days, and time and again from the locals that it would be absolutely safe. >> it wasn't safe. the inch thick ice broke 15 feet from shore. 8-year-old trent went in. both mother and father tried to save him, but were unable. 50 minutes later, first responders were able to pull him from the icy water, but polly and trend had been in and under the frigid water too long and both died. >> the community up here is
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definitely going to miss polly and trent a lot. and trent was well liked on the street by all the kids. polly was so generous. she gave to the point she probably shouldn't keep giving, but she kept doing it. >> neighbors in the secluded mountain community where the family lived are in shock. staffers after the church in los altos say they are grieving and trying to shield children from the loss of the beloved sunday schoolteacher and wife. >> she was a phenomenal woman. brilliant. gifted, with finance and yet absolutely loving and caring and hospitable. >> gary clawson is still in kansas, preparing a funeral for both his son and wife. >> beyond prayers from the
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public and memorial. we talked to friends who say that they are setting up some kind of assistance for gary, such as meals being delivered to the house because polly is the one that handled all the domestic affairs. we'll put all the information on our website in case you want to help or assist the family. i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. and the powerful storm that slammed the bay area is leading to major flooding in parts of nevada. the truckee river swelled more than 4 feet above flood stage, prompting evacuations. the stormy conditions are expected to continue in the sierra nevada this week and lower temperatures are expected to turn the moisture from rain to heavy snow. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist to talk about the rain and more is on the way and it's a particularly concern both in the santa cruz mountains, but by the russian river. >> right now, the rivers are forecast to stay just above flood stage, like at againville where it is now or lower.
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it doesn't look like we had a break today. we'll get a storm tomorrow, but it shouldn't be a big deal. this is from twin peeks and looking at the bay shore freeway. headlights coming up toward candle stick point. the park isn't there, is it? isn't that crazy? >> completely gone. >> candle stick park. >> you look back and it's gone. >> okay, so you are looking at the bay shore. the truckee pictures were another few hours of rain fall there, truckee, reno would have been -- the water was coming over that bridge. the point is, this thing stopped just in time. it really did. very fortunate. wind advisory throughout the bay area, i think that's going to be the story. it's going to be wet, morning commute is wet. the afternoon commute is wet. when all is said and done, power outages and pictures on the news, there will be trees down and mud slides, i imagine, too, but the trees, the winds are going to get going. the grounds are wet, the trees
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loosened up from yesterday's wind. this is an atmospheric river, it's not as powerful, and it's colder. it's coming from further north and slides through, it has some dynamics, which in some ways, that's going to bring the wind. it's good, because they will push it through more quickly, that's what the models are suggesting. there's the rain. we have rain throughout the bay area. it's raining in san francisco. it's raining in pacifica right now, and we have rain falling in sacramento, rain falling in the bay area, just north up by the russian river. as you go into tomorrow morning, there's the rain in oakland. morning commute is wet. afternoon commute, or lunchtime is wet. and then the afternoon commute is wet. so, that's how the day goes. it's not a gully washer, but it's going to be wet. we'll have typical storm related stuff. wind advisory might be the big deal. it is flash flood watch for pretty much the entire bay area. when i come back, we'll go boom, boom, push it all the way through tomorrow. know it's a wet one.
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keep the umbrellas handy. >> still ahead tonight, donald trump in a twitter war with one of hollywood's top actresses. >> how the president-elect is striking back at meryl streep after she called him out during the golden globes. cathy's gotten used to the smell of
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a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. donald trump used twitter, after she criticized the president-elect during a speech at the golden globes awards last night. >> when they use their position to bully others, we all lose.
5:25 pm
we need the principled press to hold power, to call them on the carpet for every outrage. >> streep said quote, it broke her heart to see a candidate for high office imitate a disabled reporter. in response, mr. trump called streep over rated and a hillary flunky and once again, denied mocking that disabled reporter. today, the white house weighed in saying streep was expressing her right to free speech. >> fairly straightforward exercise of her first amendment rights as a citizen of the united states. >> ernest said president obama will keep his personal opinions to himself as he works to ensure a smooth transition. >> senate republicans are hoping to confirm as many cabinet appointments as possible before then. but democrats are saying not so fast. lauren has the latest from washington. >> it's a critical week for the
5:26 pm
presidential transition. as the senate judiciary committee begins confirmation hearings tomorrow. first up is attorney general pick, republican senator, jeff sessions. whose nominations has come under fire amist allegations of racial and sensitivity during his time as a federal prosecutor in alabama in the 1980s. >> i think every no nomination, at the highest level. >> senate majority leader saying he expects all the nominees to be thoroughly questioned and confirmed. >> i'm hopeful that we'll get up to six or seven, particular national security team in place on day one. >> political opponents of the president-elect have been pushing back against an accelerated confirmation process, with senate minority leader recalling how republicans rejected by a similar move over president obama's nominees in 2009. >> we're not doing this for sport. democrats feel very strongly that pushing for a thorough and
5:27 pm
thoughtful vetting process is the right thing to do. >> today, senior transition officials announcing mr. trump's son-in-law, jared kushner will be an adviser. mr. trump saying he'll answer that and more at his first press conference this week. since winning the presidency. >> we'll talk about that on wednesday. >> but before we hear from the incoming president, first president obama will give his farewell address tomorrow night in chicago. fox news. happening now, vice president joe biden preparing to address a healthcare conference. biden was supposed to speak at the conference this morning, but he was delayed by the rainy weather and flight delays out of l.a.x. the vice president is heading something called cancer moon shot, it's an effort that was initiated by the white house last year to speed up progress in cancer research.
5:28 pm
biden is scheduled to travel to chicago tomorrow for the president's farewell address. >> an creasing number of lawmakers are expressing concerns about the affordable care act, without having a replacement health insurance plan ready. initially republicans said the priority was to repeal obama care immediately and work on a replacement, which could take years. that would leave 20 million americans without health insurance. president-elect donald trump's incoming chief of staff says getting both the repeal and the replacement done at the same time is their goal. president obama says he believes whatever the republicans come up with will be very similar to his healthcare plan. it would be ideal if we could do it all in one big action, but look, it may take time to get all the elements of them in place. >> it may be called something else, and as i said, i don't mind. if, in fact, the republicans
5:29 pm
make some modifications and relabel it as trump care, i'm fine with that. >> republican senator is one of those who is addment that no repeal of the affordable care act should happen until a replacement plan is in place. he tweeted that he spoke to president-elect trump and that trump agreed. a new poll finds more than half of americans view president obama favorably as he leaves office. the associated press has 57% of those surveyed say they view president obama favorably. only about 40% of americans say their families are better off now than when president obama first took office eight years ago. and only 32% of the public says president obama kept his campaign promises. however, 44% say he did try to keep those promises, he just failed. tomorrow, the president will deliver his farewell address in chicago, thousands are expected to brave freezing temperatures to hear it. this is footage of people lining up for free tickets in chicago yesterday. the president will share his
5:30 pm
final thoughts to the nation as president at the same venue where he gave his 2012 election night speech. the white house says the president will reflect on the accomplishments of the past eight years and also look forward to the country's future. the speech is set for 6:00 our time and we will carry it live. it's expected to go 25 minutes. again, you can watch it right here on ktvu. coming up, a uc berkeley student is accused of a deadly stabbing and tonight, that student is behind bars. up next, what we're learning about the victim as friends and family mourn her loss. >> at a busy freeway connector that was shut down in san jose after a shooting involving a chp officer. what we know about the investigation.
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i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. a uc berkeley student accused of stabbing a woman to death and injuring another is behind bars tonight. ktvu crime reporter, henry lee joins us with more. >> the victim was a nature educator who worked with school children. the suspect, a cal student, is now in custody in southern california, but a motive is still unclear. >> friends and family are mourning the loss of 27-year- old, emily inman, berkeley police say inman was found stabbed to death friday at the home she rented on ashby avenue. investigators say this man, 22- year-old, uc berkeley student, pablo gomez, jr., killed inman and stabbed another woman. that victim ended up on ridge
5:34 pm
road a block north of campus. she was seriously injured, but is expected to survive. a motive for the violence isn't known. >> very brutal. and, very unusual. we had stabbings that are not uncommon, per se, but with this type of violence, it is uncommon. >> gomez seen here on his facebook page is from north hollywood. he was arrested on saturday. i've learned gomez is on a psychiatric hold. a neighbor told me off camera, the victim apparently did not know the suspect and he went to the home looking for someone else. inman seen here in photos from her facebook page with a french native who grew up and attended uc santa cruz. she worked with school children and the marine science institute in redwood city. she supported the protesters fighting the dakota access pipeline. the suspect is involved in various social causes. gomez is studying at uc berkeley. he's been involved with the
5:35 pm
alliance resource center on campus. also a climate action fellow and on facebook, he often posted about transgender issues and blasted police killings of african americans. students are stunned by the killing. >> completely shocking. yes. i mean, just tells you, i mean, multiple reactions, it's just kind of telling you, you study with. >> berkeley please planned a travel and bring him back to alameda county. prosecutors will review the case to determine whether to file formal charges in berkeley's first homicide of the year. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the california highway patrol is investigating an officer involved shooting in the south bay. it happened late last night near a freeway interchange in san jose. investigators say the incident began when a chp officer responding to a highway crash called in for help. other officers then arrived on
5:36 pm
the scene and one of them fired at least one shot at a driver whose car was on the side of the highway. >> there was an incident that took place on the northbound 101 transition to northbound 880 ramp. and the city of san jose that resulted in an officer involved shooting. the investigation is on going. the chp says the suspect was wounded, but is expected to survive. it's not clear what led up to the gun fire. uber plans to help some of the same city leaders who have been criticizing the company. the company will share information about traffic patterns on specific routes at certain times of the day. the data comes from its drivers and the routes they drive. it will all be posted on a free website called movement that will be open to anyone starting next month. uber says the information could help city officials make better decisions about road closures and other transit programs. for the first time in 22 year, the board of supervisors will be predominantly female. three new supervisors have been
5:37 pm
sworn into office and they got a tour of city hall. tara with more now on the new board and how it could change the dynamic of city politics. >> newly sworn in supervisor, sandra lee, spoke before the board for the first time ever at city hall. marking an apparent shift in the board's political orientation. >> any dynamic affects legislation. >> replace john, means there are less progressives and more moderates who tend to side with mayor ed lee's politics. >> you have swing voters like myself, meaning that we're taking the issues, issue by issue, we're not to a political ideology. i think that's where san francisco has gotten in trouble. >> appointed by lee and, jeff is the first openly hiv positive supervisor and plans to make healthcare a top priority. >> one person called me a bulldog. i mean, i have mellowed since i've not been involved in
5:38 pm
politics. i have a daughter and she has certainly taken me down a couple notches. >> for the first time in 22 years, women are dominating the board. >> i think that's great, the one thing i am really excited about is that for the first time in a long time, perhaps ever, we're going to have a majority of parents on the board of supervisors. >> london was reelected as board president. a unanimous decision many considered appropriate given the atmosphere and a very democratic city hall in the wake of trump being elected president. >> to every san franciscoen who feels they are uncertain or alone now, you are seen, you are loved, and you are one of us. >> in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, still ahead, even though the raiders lost the playoff game to the houston texasans last saturday, they are still a team on the move. up next, we talk to joe fonzi about the future of the raiders
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and what they need to do before next season. meta appetite control...
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it is possible, the 49ers could soon have the youngest head coach in pro football history. today, the niners interviewed this guy who is currently the offensive coordinator of the washington redskins. mcfa turns 31 years old on january 23. he also has roots to the super bowl winning dynasty.
5:42 pm
he's the grandson of former executive, john mcbay. >> and his dad used to be our general manager here. tim is so excited right now. and rightly so. all right, a tough loss. horrible loss for the oakland raiders during the playoffs last saturday. unfortunately, the houston texasans beat them 27-17. >> and tings not how you start the season, it's how you finish it. joe joins us with more on that. they weren't going to get past new england. >> that's a good point. examples of six seeds who get in and run the table and it is about getting hot and obviously, the raiders with their car out, a couple strikes, abrupt as the way a playoff game ends during the regular season, there's something to prepare for, win or lose, when the buzzer ends a playoff game, it's immediately wait until next year. sometimes, with serious motivation. >> they know. they know when we full strength and everybody is up and
5:43 pm
healthy, football injuries happen, but they know we have to deal with this. like for the next couple of years. they know. >> post game emotion was some hard cold facts and raider fans have every reason to be optimistic about the 2017 season. that's the sentiment echoed by head coach, jack del rio. >> from having it the way you did, let it be a reminder. how much work is in front of us and let that fuel the type of offseason we need to have. >> one of the first things raiders will need to address is their own free agents. among the receivers,set roberts would be free to sign with other teams. so, a runningback. add defensive backs and nate allen. >> first part of that process is to evaluate the roster.
5:44 pm
we'll have decisions to make. sure. keep as much of the nucleus of players here, we want to keep as much intact as possible. >> the core is there. but for the raiders to get to the next level, they must continue to improve. >> they have done a great deal accomplished, there's no question about that. is it enough? no, you know, i want more. we want more as an organization. our goals are higher. so, that's not going to change. but we're not going to pretend like it wasn't really good. >> roughly 25% of an nfl roster turns over every year. that means as well as general manager, reggie has done in recent seasons, the pressure is always on to get to a higher level. singled out the pass rush adds an area of obvious need. a wild card to consider is that smith is still waiting to hear from the league about when his suspension will end. a smith who returns to form would address a glaring
5:45 pm
weakness in the person of a player who was already technically a raider. we would like to talk about sports and the context of seasons, if you're an nfl coach, there's no such thing as an offseason. they are getting right back to work. >> they have to keep murray. how do you think they would have done in the playoffs? >> i think it's realistic to think they would have had a much better chance against houston. going through new england was going to be tough. i think the raiders may have been one season, one step away. let's see what they do. >> that game is in new england. >> correct. >> thank you. it is a big concern during a strong storm. the sewage spilling into the oakland estuary. the work east bay mud has to do to clean it up. >> we're tracking storm system number 2. it's a pretty strong one, not as strong as yesterday, but it will impact the morning and afternoon commutes and the mountains.
5:46 pm
see you back here.
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5:48 pm
whenever there's heavy rain, the potential is there for partially treated sewage to pour into the oakland estuary. >> as ktvu's rob roth found out, east bay mud has a lot of work to do to fix the toxic problem. >> reporter: the oakland estuary dodged add bullet during the weekend rains. unlike the december storms when a million gallons of partially
5:49 pm
treated sewage spilled into the water, prompting warning signs for boaters to avoid contact with the water, east bay mud said there was no such problems this time. >> the rain didn't come down in the same way. it was prolonged, less intensity and short periods, so we were able to manage the inflow. >> water treatment plant gets innone dated with sewage and storm water causing a mix filled with bacteria to flow. >> what happens when it rains is storm waters coming in. the city system, and intercepter, so we are dealing with way too much water. you can envision a bucket being dumpedded into a sink, versus a faucet letting water come into the sink. >> part of the problem stems from cracked sewer lines coming from people's homes. today, a sewer inspector came to this recently purchased home to check for any leaks. she performed a test on one line to see if any air leaked,
5:50 pm
and she used water to test the other line. >> they passed. they will be happy to hear that. >> east bay mud is required to inspect all sewer lines whenever a property changes hands or home remodel exceeds $100,000. >> trying to protect the bay, ultimately, so there are no sewage that will ultimately end up in the bay. >> east bay mud is replacing miles of its own aging pipes every year. the problem is, that will take years to complete. and every time it rains and rains hard, the potential is always there for sewage to go where it's not supposed to and for the estuary and those who use it to pay the price. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. the stormy weather is created a water shortage in the city of santa cruz. the heavy rain and powerful wind damaged the newell creek pipeline, which is a major artery of the water supply system. that pipeline has been shut down and repairs are expected to take several days.
5:51 pm
businesses and homeowners are now being asked to cut back their water use by 30% for the next week. all right, more rain is on the way, let's go back over to chief meteorologist in the weather center and you say it's going to be raining tonight, and the heavier rain coming tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow is a wet day. there are some sprinkles out there, and everybody else, so the sprinkles are going to continue tonight, but they ramp up tomorrow. again, it would be a good sized rainstorm, the last one we saw was a nine, that was a big storm. the next one will be a seven. kind of looking at this one, here's the bay bridge, obviously, the lights are working really good on this. that's from our twin peeks camera and the headlights are going toward the airport and you can make out the building and the new tower or the bridge. a beautiful urban shot of san francisco. flash flood watch for tomorrow, for most of the bay area. these areas in green, and significantly high tides the next few mornings, about 7:00, there's the system we're
5:52 pm
tracking. that system, also wind advisory. i think wind is going to end up being, more mud slides, so that's how the soil is. it can only handle so much. i was up riding around up in the hills today and i started taking pictures. there are so many slides and slips. i mean, probably see them all over your neighborhood as well. tomorrow, another inch of rain is going to set us up with more slides and with the wind advisory, gusty winds, we'll see a few trees down, too. but overall, not as big a storm. it's a wet day, morning commute and afternoon commute. i just showed you the rain out there: the showers will keep going, ramp up, in wavings tomorrow. temperatures are cooler than they were. that's good. this is different, i said atmospheric river. so, it's a cooler system, but bill, why is that good? typically not quite as explosive as warm air, but also in the mountains we're going to get snow instead of rain.
5:53 pm
because releasing water from the bypass, releasing water from folsom, because flood control, but that's water that is going. you want the rain fall to come into terms, or the precipitation to come in the form of snow. so snow levels are going to be lower, that's good news. we'll get more snow in the mountains and give the ski areas, they lost a lot of snow with that rain. tomorrow morning in san francisco, that's your day. and both drives are wet. so, you know, i don't know, it wouldn't be a bad day to work from home, if you could. here we are tomorrow morning, here we are tomorrow mid early morning, 9:00 a.m., see what's happening? just waves. and here we are at 5:00. a little bit of a break. still some scattered showers, but a break. there's your five-day forecast, we're about 100. santa rosa, it is huge for being in january. we are doing well. we have some friends in from
5:54 pm
philadelphia and they were saying, it's so green. it is green everywhere. it's green everywhere. >> thank you, bill. >> coming up next, a tree that stood for centuries has been knocked over by the powerful wind and rain. >> now, a major tourist attraction is no more.
5:55 pm
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing.
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care. so, this is a real bummer. a famous giant sequoa fell over
5:57 pm
during the weekend storm. >> it was called the pioneer cabin tree and stood for centuries, tourists to go through. we get more from linda. >> erica is an elementary schoolteacher in stockton. >> we heard about it this morning and we were sad. we love that tree. >> each year, she takes her first grade class to see the pioneer cabin tree. >> talking about the natural resources and we love taking them through that tree. >> it draws thousands of visitors to the state park to walk through the tunnel and snap a picture. but this year, she says her class won't be able to see it, after it toppled over in sunday's storm. >> i had mixed emotions at that point. i was definitely devastated that this fell, that the piece of history has fallen. but at the same token, this is human history. >> this used to be the trail that visitors could walk through underneath the tree. you can see when the tree fell, it not only exposed the top of
5:58 pm
the cabin, but also revealed some graffiti dating back to the 1800s. >> yosemite getting all of these visitors, they wanted a piece of the action. they decided to cut a hole in the tree. >> the tree is estimated to be 2,000 years old. >> this is still a habitat. this is still a home. it's still helping with the environment. >> park officials encouraging people to come see some of the other attractions while they are still here. >> do you think it will impact visitor shop? >> i don't think so. it shouldn't. there are so many, like the dance hall, huge tree stump and the magnitude of the trees around here. they are so many things to offer. >> linda, kcra3 news. >> ktvu 2 news at 6:00 starts now. from flooding and mud slides to flipped cars and downed trees. tonight, the bay area is cleaning up inbetween storms and getting ready for another system that is heading our way.
5:59 pm
right now, the bay area is getting a break, but it's not going to last long. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> that strong system set to reach the bay area in a matter of hours. the big concern is the wind combined with all that saturated soil and already, we are seeing problems like here along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains where a big mud slide hit a news van early this morning injuring the driver. crews are still cleaning up the mess in the area and traffic has been backed up all day long. officials tell us they hope to have that roadway cleared by tomorrow. a similar situation in the north bay, sky fox was over a rock slide that shut down the silverado trail. the slide happened near pratt avenue. drivers are still being rerouted around that slide. >> and along the russian river, homes are under water after all the rain over the weekend. the river rose to about 3 feet above flood stage this afternoon. >> we have live team coverage on the winter storm, our chief meteorologist is tracking the next system that is headed our
6:00 pm
way. >> first, ktvu's tom vacar is live in senoma county with more on the flooding concerns there. tom. >> well, consider this, if you don't live near a flood prone river, rain coming down is just rain on your roof. but when you live around here and the rivers can ruse as fast as they do, it's quite scary for a better perspective, let's go aloft. as you can see in these photos, the russian river is up to its old tricks, where the lowest lair e areas have been innonedated by the most water in a long time. some folks have already left, many have stayed, taking a cautious wait and see approach. some stranded folks are hoping that flooded out roads will recede, giving them access to and from their homes on higher ground. >> definitely something you prepare for, but i think the scope of this storm is definitely something that people didn't plan for even in


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