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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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way. >> first, ktvu's tom vacar is live in senoma county with more on the flooding concerns there. tom. >> well, consider this, if you don't live near a flood prone river, rain coming down is just rain on your roof. but when you live around here and the rivers can ruse as fast as they do, it's quite scary for a better perspective, let's go aloft. as you can see in these photos, the russian river is up to its old tricks, where the lowest lair e areas have been innonedated by the most water in a long time. some folks have already left, many have stayed, taking a cautious wait and see approach. some stranded folks are hoping that flooded out roads will recede, giving them access to and from their homes on higher ground. >> definitely something you prepare for, but i think the scope of this storm is definitely something that people didn't plan for even in
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their preplanning for the storm. >> i'm sitting there t laying there, you know, doing nothing, while everyone is moving. my next door neighbor, everybody is gone, but me. >> it looks like it's a lot deeper and definitely doesn't look like it's going to recede with the tide. when the tides receded. you had access into your house. it doesn't look that way this year. >> homes that may not be affected because of the depth of the water? >> for sure, and the volume of water that is reaching the houses is definitely at a higher level, so more things are compromised. >> now though many of the houses will take on some water. in most cases, they won't be badly damaged. the federal flood insurance program said if you don't raise your house above the flood level, then we're not going to insure it. that's not to say there won't be any damage, but more minimal than you would have imagined 20
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years ago when these were regular floods doing all kinds of damage all the time. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it looks like the rain stopped up there, huh? >> well, it's coming down a little bit. it's not as bad as it was, but it continues to rain. you can see it running on the ground. so, as this water continues to fall, we have to remember, that all of it doesn't soak into the ground, which is already soaked, goes right into the rivers and that's what scares people, they have reason to be scared. >> tom, thank you. traffic is moving again on northbound highway 1 in pacifica after a large mud slide shut down the road for almost 14 hours. the shrewd was first reported late last night near the del mar avenue. creating the slowest morning commute in recent memory. drivers tell us it took two hours to navigate a two-hour stretch of highway that normally takes only five minutes. one northbound lane reopened at 2:00 this afternoon.
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the other lane reopened in the past hour. the chp says slick roadways and speed may have played a role in a deadly crash in marin county. the accident was reported just before 9:00 this morning near the senoma county line. the 20-year-old driver was killed when his car veered off the road, flipped over, and landed upside down there in a creek. the driver has been identified as jose enrique hernandez from nevada. chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now, you're seeing more rain in some places tonight and the heavier rain coming tomorrow morning? >> the precursor is light showers right now, but by the morning and afternoon commute, it's wet everywhere. and tom hit on it there. you know, we're in a different phase now of winter, right? typically this time of year, we can still handle some water, the creeks, get into january, february, we have hit ground saturation now, so what that means is, the mud slides we're showing you, the trees down, it's not going to stop unless we get a protracted dry period. we don't see that coming.
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so, my point is, we'll get more rain tomorrow and we're going to see more mud slides, small, you know, slips and slides and trees down and the problems are beginning. everything changes once the ground gets saturated. sharp rises on creeks, that's why there's a flash flood watch for the entire bayarea. and along the coast, because of the runoff, but also the high tides in the morning. so, this is the new norm. this is how it's going to be as we move forward. we're going to see more and more of these mud slides. i went out on my bike and i was blown away at how many rock slides and how much slumping there was in the soil. so, we're saturated. this is system number two, it's an at atmospheric river. wind will end up being the story. the morning commute is a mess, afternoon commute is a mess, this is a good size storm, not as big as yesterday, but with ground saturation and an inch and a half of rain coming,
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we're not going to see so much on the big rivers, but the creeks, we're going to see quick rises, we will see more in the mountains, lower snow elevation. more snow for the snow banks, for the spring. maybe they could get 3, 4 feet of snow over the next couple of days. when i come back, we'll take the computer model. we'll take the computer model and click it through your tuesday commute. we'll see you back here. >> the stormy weather is keeping everyone busy at california's office of emergency services in sacramento county. oh yes, staff members are working around the clock monitoring rivers across northern california. and they are keeping an eye out for possible flood threats. the emergency workers are vowing to do everything possible to avoid a repeat of the 1997 floods that washed away homes and roads around the state. >> old sac is a great example of the flooding in sacramento in the past. so the levees have been built up. these systems have been put into place, these areas where they can give relief to the river and allow the water to go around the yellow bypass,
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avoids flooding in areas like sacramento, west sacramento, yolo county and others downstream. >> the oes workers had a busy weekend, but not getting any time to rest. they are getting ready for the next storm that is moving in tonight. pictures and videos have been pouring in on social media. here's a look at just some of them. be sure to tweet us your weather videos, use the hashtag, ktvu. and a reminder, down load the free ktvu weather app for the very latest on the conditions here in the bay area. happening now, vice president joe biden is addressing a healthcare conference in san francisco. these are pictures of his motorcade arriving in past hour. jana is inside the st. francis hotel, and she took some footage on periscope of him speaking. biden was supposed to speak at the conference this morning, but his flight was delayed by rainy weather out of lax. the vice president is heading cancer moon shot. it's an effort that was
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initiated by the white house last year, to speed up progress in cancer research and finding a cure. we're now just 11 days from inauguration day and questions are swirling tonight about several of donald trump's cabinet picks. also charges of nepitism after the president-elect appointed his son-in-law to senior adviser role. more from washington. >> it's a critical week for the presidential transition, as the senate judiciary committee begins confirmation hearings tomorrow. first up is attorney general pick republican senator, jeff sessions, whose nomination has come under fire amist allegations of racial and sensitivity during his time as a federal prosecutor in alabama in the 1980s. >> i think every nomination will be at the highest level. >> senate majority leader is saying he expects all the nominees to be confirmed. >> i'm hopeful we'll get up to
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6 or 7, national security team in place on day one. >> political opponents of the president-elect have been pushing back against an accelerated confirmation process, with senate minority leader, chuck schumer, recalling how republicans objected to a similar move by democrats over president obama's nominees in 2009. >> we're not doing this for sport. democrats feel very strongly that pushing for a thorough and thoughtful vetting process is the right thing to do. >> today, senior transition officials announcing mr. trump's son-in-law, jared kusher hner will be a senior advisory. in the face of strict nepotism laws. mr. trump saying he'll answer that and more at his first press conference this week. since winning the presidency. >> we'll talk about that on wednesday. >> before we hear from @ incoming president, first president obama will give his farewell address tomorrow night
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in chicago. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. you can watch president obama's final address here on ktvu fox 2. we'll be airing it live at 6:00 tomorrow night. it's expected to last for 25 minutes. you can also watch it live on donations are surging to a nonprofit called the committee to protect journalists following meryl streep's speech last night. >> violence insights violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> streep called out president- elect donald trump while accepting her lifetime achievement award, and she called on the public to support the w of journalist and project journalists, siting mr. trump distan for the media. in response, mr. trump took to twitter calling her over ratedded and a quote, hillary flunky who lost big. coming up here, new developments following that massacre at the airport in fort lauderdale as the suspect makes
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his first appearance in court. at 6:30, the charges he faces that could lead to the death penalty. we're tracking the rain as it moves into your bay area morning and afternoon commute. i have the model ready to go. >> at first, the investigation that led to an arrest of a uc berkeley student following a deadly double stabbing. >> very brutal. and very unusual. >> live look here at the monday evening commute. oh man, it is really jammed up there at the mcarthur maze. the headlight, heading northbound toward berkeley, and richmond. >> i want to show you another live picture, not as bad here, but still heavy. this is highway 24 in walnut creek. the headlights you see coming toward us, those are heading into walnut creek. back with more in just a moment.
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new details about the arrest of a uc berkeley student over the weekend. he's accused of stab ago woman to death in berkeley. investigators say he actually stabbed two women. the other victim is expected to survive. now, authorities are trying to figure out a motive. our crime reporter is in the newsroom now with more on all this. henry. >> frank, investigators still don't know what was behind the violence. but they are relieved the suspect has been arrested. >> friends and family are mourning the loss of 27-year- old, emily inman, berkeley
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police say inman was found stabbed to death at the home she rented on ashby avenue. investigators say this man, 22- year-old, uc berkeley student, pablo gomez, jr., killed inman and stabbed another woman. that victim ended up on ridge road a block north of campus. she was seriously injured, but is expected to survive. a motive for the violence isn't known. >> it was very brutal. and very unusual. stabbings are not uncommon, per se, but with this type of violence, it is uncommon. >> gomez seen here on his facebook page is from north hollywood. he was arrested by burbank police on saturday. gomez is on a psychiatric hold. the victim apparently did not know the suspect and he went to the home looking for someone else. inman seen here in photos from her facebook page was a french native who grew up and attended uc santa cruz. she workedded with school children as a nature educator
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and marine science institute in redwood city. she supported the protesters fighting the dakota access pipeline. involved in various social causes. gomez is studying latino studies. he's been involved with the alliance resource center on campus. he's also a compliment action fellow and on facebook, he often posted about transgender issues and blasted police killings of african americans. students are stunned by the killing. >> completely shocking, yes. i mean, just tells you, i mean, have multiple personality reactions, it's kind of, you don't know the people, you study with. >> berkeley police plan a travel to l.a. to interview gomez and bring him back to alameda county. and prosecutors will review the case whether to determine formal charges in berkeley's first homicide of the year. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i just wanted to clarify,
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were both of these women in the same house and one who was injured ended up on ridge road, because ridge road is aways from where that house is located. >> police are being -- about how that woman ended up on the north side. it's possible she was dropped off or perhaps the suspect took her there. we just don't know. we are trying to figure that out. very strange how she ended up on north side. >> the suspect is on a psychiatric hold, does he have any history of violence? >> nothing that i've been able to find so far. he spent most of his time at cal protesting or espousing social issues. so, very unclear what allegedly led him to unleash this violence. >> henry lee in our newsroom, thank you. >> thousands of workers at university of california's hospitals and ten campuses intend to walk off the job tomorrow. it's part of an on going dispute over wages. those planning to walk out tomorrow, check in patients and
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send out bills. on school p campus, library assistance and financial aid worker plan to walk out. they could disrupt classes. rising water prompted the flood gates along the sacramento river to be open for the first time in more than ten years. officials manually opened the sacramento dam this afternoon to manage downstream flows of the river. the water flows into the yolo bypass, which is used for farming during dry years. farmers were warned to move their livestock before those flood gates were open. interstate 80 is open after a mud slide forced the chp to close both lanes. >> anyone driving to the mountains should take precautions. several feet are expected to fall on the high mountain passes during the next few days linda has this report from truckee. >> the snow continues to fall along the sierra. piling up on shoulders, as caltrans works to keep i-80
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free from more closures. >> right now, we're enjoying a very relaxing, mellow sierra snowstorm. >> a brief hiatus following a massive mud slide, spanning 1,000 neat, shutting down portions of the interstate. >> the earth is stabilized, hoping so, because that really, really took the wind out of our sails. >> truckee residents are continuing to ride out the conditions. >> i've been loving it. >> it's been a roller coaster for sure. started out with the snow last week, and then we got the rain over the weekend, that was a bit of a bummer from all the powder. >> the truckee river moving swizz, cresting sunday. the water level now dropping below flood stage. a bit of a break with another strong round of snow and rain on the horizon. >> well, yosemite national park plans to reopen tomorrow. the park was closed all weekend
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because of concerns that the river would flood. the park service says the valley did not experience major flooding, but some facilities have been affected. park officials said the river crested at 12.5 feet. a rock slide is blocking the entrance to the park. >> pictures are really something. >> go back to bill and find out, we have a lot of snow in the mown danes and more rain coming our way. >> definitely, and a lot more snow in the mountains. they lost so much snow because of the rain. the high snow levels. a lot of the snow was depleted, above or below 7,000 feet. the idea of being, this next storm, tomorrow, and for them, a couple days of weather, it will linger up there, a ton of snow. i mean, they could see 7 feet, 8 feet of snow. for us, we'll get rain, but not as much as we got, not as heavy of rain fall rates. we had rain fall rates coming up on an inch an hour. more than an inch and a half an
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hour. which is no landscape that can handle that much rain coming that fast. without having flooding. that's what we have. so as you look at the showers out there right now, you can see them following toward davis, fairfield, you see that yellow area. that's the ban of heavy showers. the next 6 to 8 showers, making for a trouble drive on the way home. but you notice right up here, you're seeing snow levels lower, so we're starting to see snow at lower elevations and drop further in the next hours. heaviest rain here. the heaviest rain comes in just around the morning commute and in the afternoon commute. it's going to come in in waves. this is a cooler weather system. with the cooler weather system, we're expecting more snow and less rain. an inch and a half to 2 inches of rain. the russian river is at about 35.7 feet. that's where it crested. it's above flood stage, but expected to stay there or begin to drop. there's good news for residents,in' though there's
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been flooding. we'll see you back here. we'll take that computer model for tomorrow and step it right through the commute and into thursday. and actually into wednesday, sorry. see you back here. >> the stormy weather created a water shortage in the city of santa cruz. city leaders say the rain and wind damaged the pipeline, which provides 1/3 of the city's water supply. that pipeline has been shut down and repairs are expected to take several days. businesses and homeowners in santa cruz are being asked to cut back water use by 30% for the next week. still to come here, a mother and child from the bay area both killed after falling through ice on a frozen pond while on vacation. >> my wife and my son are in heaven right now. more on the tragedy and what else the father told us when we spoke with him today. >> also ahead, the 49ers interviewed another candidate for head coach. mark ibanez will be here later in sports to tell us about his connection to the great niner teams of the past.
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>> plus, what we're learning about a large whale that was found dead inside the bay over the weekend. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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a dead whale is tethered to a pier as mammal experts examine how it died. the army corps of engineers towed the whale where it was first surfaced on saturday. the car carcass was moved. the whale was a female, 40 to
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60 feet long, either a fin or blue whale. the marine mammal center said it had no obvious signs of trauma. officials say they haven't set a date yet, because of the stormy weather. a mother and child from the south bay died over the weekend when they fell through the ice on a frozen pond while on vacation in kansas. the father also fell in, but he survived. and today, he spoke to ktvu's jesse gary from kansas about what happened. >> my wife and my son are in heaven right now, more than i ever could have imagined. >> gary says friday's ill fated trek across a frozen kansas pond started out as family fun during a visit with relatives. the trio decided to go shoe skating, shuffling and sliding across the ice in shoes instead of skates. he checked with locals about the strength of the ice. >> they kind of analyzed the weather, how cold it has been,
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how many degrees below freezing for how many days. and time and again from the locals, that it would be absolutely safe. >> it wasn't safe. the inch thick ice broke 15 feet from shore. and 8-year-old trent went in. both mother and father tried to save him, but were unable. 50 minutes later, first responders were able to pull gary from the icy water, but polly and trent had been in and under the frigid water too long and both died. >> the community up here is definitely going to miss polly and trent a lot. trent was well liked on the street by all the kids. polly was so generous. she gave to the point she probably shouldn't keep giving, but she kept doing it. >> neighbors in the secluded mountain community where the family lived are in shock. staffers at the church where
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polly worked say they are grieving and trying to shield children from the loss of the beloved sunday schoolteacher and wife. >> she was a phenomenal woman. brilliant. gifted with finance and yet absolutely loving and caring and hospitable. >> gary clawson is still in kansas, recovering from his injuries after his rescue, and preparing a funeral for both his son and wife. >> prayers and memorials, neighbors say they are setting up support services for gary, such as meals to be delivered to his house, because polly is the one that handled all of the domestic chores and activities. we'll post whatever information we have on our website,, in case you want to assist the family. in the south bay bureau, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is in next with new developments in the mass shooting at the
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fort lauderdale airport. >> mr. santiago walked into the anchorage fbi office to report that his mind was being controlled. >> coming up next, the latest from court as the suspect appears before a judge. >> plus, history in san francisco. the women who now make up the majority of the board of supervisors. >> plus, a giant falls victim to this weekend's big storm. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. ♪ life. you never really know what's coming. life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going, sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here. to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens.
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