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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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tuesday january 10 pght. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. the bay area still under storm watches and warnings this morning. you should know about. standing water on the freeway. let's check in with steve. how long will it last? >> untiling about thursday afternoon. >> wow. >> not continuous but today will be one of the main days. in fact heavy rain comes in tonight. i think the evening drive may be a little tougher sled home if you will. blizzard warnings out for the sierra. that is -- that is -- you don't see that very often here. only when it's a really wet pattern and cold air is in place and that's what we have. a blizzard warning out. there is advisories in the green for flash flooding. wind for us. that will take news to tonight and also tomorrow. rain has arrived. nothing to heavy although steady, sometime its can add up fast. sierra nevada already dealing rain on 50 -- snow up on 50 and
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80. plenty of moisture stream across. temperatures in the 50s here. also to the north a few 40s but a lot of 50s and i don't think they will change to much. just to much moisture in place. the breeze really turning up heret. will give us that high wind watch for some and a wind warning. system today, tonight. the back eventual of that may give us some thunderstorms and then one more system has to clip us and that would be late wednesday, early thursday. then we will start to get a break-in to the weekend. today there will be about three to six inches. some of the wettest locations. especially coastal hill, 50s he on the temperatures. its going to be a tough drive. there is no doubt about it. i think that this morning's drive is going to be busy if you are driving in solano. we will start there. the traffic is going to be move agriculture long well on 80 westbound. between vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. there is steady rain as steve said. it's not going to be a good
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drive. yesterday wasn't. we are not expecting it today. with very had a lot of already minor fender benders out there as we move out to this drive traffic looks okay. let's talk about 880 northbound. you can straff sick okay. they had an earlier accident near oak street that's been cleared. from here up to downtown oakland. it's a nice drive so far. however it's wet. at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound traffic is going to be wet. a couple of lanes slow. for the most part it's a nice drive into san francisco. be careful. could be windy and rainy on your drive. 4:32 let's go back to the desk. more concerns about flooding today because of rain and those king tides. they are projected to reach seven feet in some parts of the coast. the area that could be affected include the normal, traditional spots parts of alameda, marin.
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cal trans continuing to watch part of highway 1 in pacifica. it's where that mudslide slowdown traffic for hour. we told you about it yesterday on mornings on 2. the mudslide was first reported sunday night. cal >> translator:s shut down all of the northbound lanes, creating the slowest morning drive in pacifica in recent memory. it took the crews 14 hours to get the roads back open. this morning part of the famed silv era do trail is closed to traffic because they had a mudslide in sent helena. >> its been bad up there as well. experts are worried more of the hillside will give way. that slide happened yesterday afternoon at the silv era do trail and pratt avenue. lee martinez reports public works crews say there is a good chance that they will need explosives to take the rest of the rock wall down. >> reporter: the rocks first slipped monday afternoon and on to the trail. the view from above shows the
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massive rock slide reaching across the dividers. >> part itself has slipped has relieved the pressure on the upper part so it's not secure. it's basically floating up there. >> reporter: since there isn't much holding it together authorities closed its second most traveled road from deer park road to pope street. it's working to protect the water distribution pipeline. >> its going to come down and when we don't know. for safety purposes we will have to determine what we can do to remove it. >> reporter: elsewhere another large problem remains. a large hundreds year old tree crashed down at the white hall lane wineryt. smashed through an empty guest housements. >> the trund is massive. you can look at it. it's quite difficult. to get through with a chainsaw. yeah, i believe it may have broken one of the chainsaws. . >> reporter: a six foot chainsaw broke trying to saw it
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apart. the owner at least will a sense of humor and took these photographs. lee martinez. ktvu fox 2news. east bay mud officials say they still have a lot of work to do to fix a sewage leak that spilled in to the estuary. that leak released more than one million gallons from a treatment plant last month. rob ross has more on the challenge to fix that toxic problem. >> reporter: the estuary dodged a bullet during the weekend rains. unlike the december storms when a million gallons of partially treated sewage spilled in to the water prompting warning signs for boat terse avoid contact with the water east bay mud said there was no such problem this is time. >> the rain didn't come down in the same way it did in decembert. was prolonged over a two day period of time. less than ten cities. we were able to manage the flow in to the systemful. >> reporter: east bay mud said its water treatment plant gets soaked with sewage and
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stormwater causing a hazardous mix. >> what happens when it rain social security is stormwater comes in in all those places. the city is system, into our intercept and we have to much water. it's like a bucket being dumped in. >> reporter: part of the problem comes cracked sewar lines people's homes. today a inspector came to this home to check for leaks. she preformed a test on one line to see if any air leaked and she used water to test the other lines. >> they passed. they will be happy to hear that. >> reporter: east bay mud is required to inspect all lines when a property changes hands or a home remodel exceeds $100,000. >> we are trying to protect the bay so there are no sewag hearings will end up in the bay. >> reporter: east bay mud is replacing miles of its own
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aging pipes every year. the problem is that will take years to complete. every time it rains and rains hard the possibility is always there for sewag oh, go where it's not supposed too and for those who use the estuary to pay the price. in oakland. the stormy weather is keeping everybody busy at california's office of emergency services in sacramento county. the oes staff members working around the clock, monitoring rivers across northern california. they keeping an eye out for possible flood threats, the emergency workers promising to do everything possible to avoid a repeat of the disasterrous 1997 floods that wash away homes and roads around the state. >> old sac is a great example of the perils of flooding in the past. the levees have been built up. these systems have been put into place. these areas where they can give relief to the river and allow the water to go around the yellow bypass avoids flooding
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in areas like sacramento, yolo and others downstream. >> the oes workers had a busy weekend. they are not getting any time to rest. now either they are already getting ready for the next storm which moved in today. the the vice president was in san francisco yesterday for a special emotional reason. he spoke at a health conference at the west end saint francis about an initiative to find a cure for cancer. the vice president was speaking as a father whose son died of cancer less than two years ago. >> reporter: the vice president has been giving speeches for decade but this was personal. >> i believe we are on the edge of fundamental change in our approach to fighting the disease of cancer. >> reporter: his son died in 2015 of brain cancer at age 46.
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biden said that the jp morgan health conference how it has impacted him and inspired his moon shot drive to find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save harrison science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless other sons and daughters but there is a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> reporter: he explained some of the government initiative successes like partnering with silicon valley. >> with in three weeks they set up a website, you can type in real words like breast cancer, leukemia, your zip code and age and find lists of every clinical trial near you and every clinical trial in the world. >> reporter: he cited new partnerships like a new national cancer database. >> open sourced database. anyone in the world can access it.
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any researcher in the world. breaking down the silos. >> reporter: he announced the launch of a new system giving researchers licensing to test combinations drugs different companies. fostering more cooperation and data sharing. he said access to prevention, screening care is critical and was expanded to millions with the affordable care ability. >> without debating the affordable care act i hope our colleagues in the new administration are able to save what they say are the most beneficial parts of the act. >> reporter: his words seemed to inspire and touch the crowd. >> what he said was just -- just spoke to all of us. you could feel his own pain but it's true. everybody here knows either they have cancer or know someone who has had cancer. >> i thought it was of moving. it's good to see on top of all the industry experts at this conference that the government is behind this effort and i think its something that affects all of us. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news.
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right now it's 4:40 and thousands of uc, workers set to walk off the job today. coming up at five the strike that will affect everything from hospitals to even the college campuses. >> and first a man who may possibly be the next head coach for the 49ers has very deep ties to the bay area and ktvu fox 2. what young sean mcveigh this he can bring to the team. >> i remember that guy. let's go out and take a look at the drive here on 80 westbound. as you head out to the mcarthur maze. no major problems to the bay bridge but it's wet out there. >> and he looks just like his dad. wow. all right. we have rain unfortunately. there is been some. one to two inches amounts already and no way around it between now and thursday. updates on all the warnings and watches.
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. lot of excitement. the tigers beat the alabama criminal crimson tide. alabama up 24-14 in the 4th but the tigers clawed back. scores three touchdowns. the last touchdown happened with just one second left in the game. doesn't get more exciting than that. watson found hunter renrfro. clemson wins to it beat the tigers. they are excited. . winning made it even sweeter for fans. the college campus erupted in celebration.
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most weren't born when they won their last tight until 1981. the 49ers were interviewed a possible head coach and possible gm. the gm prospect may be more well known. this is louis reddick. he was drafted by the 49ers as a defensive back in 1991. he never played a regular season game with the 49ers but he did have a long nfl career including with the raiders. the niner will talk to sean as well. they interviewed that man yesterday. sean mcveigh who will turn 431 in two weeks. he has roots to the 49ers and also to us here at channel 2. his grandfather john is a former executive on the super bowl champion 49ers and his dad tim used to be the gm of ktvu channel 2. >> he does look like his d.
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>> he does. here is a list of the coaching candidates they have talked too so far. mcveigh, mcdonaghals of the patriots, shanahan of the falcons and anthony lynn. >> really exciting candidates. ifs. >> looks like -- interpret they exciting for the niners i think with those. >> yeah. the niners at this point need help. >> they do. >> they need excitement. >> someone to step in and help. >> they want to hit a home run. >> exactly. it's wet out there. steady rain, we have been telling you. traffic is going to be busy. let's talk about the tracy drive. we have some slow traffic coming in on the pass. driving in from tracy to livermore for the most part the photograph sick confined to the area between 205 right here at the triangle. it gets better by the time you get over the pass. driving is slow because of the wet weather, steady rain in the
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area. move agriculture long and taking a look at highway 101. san francisco, instruct 101 is okay. there is flooding on the skyway which is just after here on eastbound 80. you are come agriculture long on 101 and then lue get to near the area near 7th and you will see flooding. in fact it's at the bottom of your screen you may be able to see a little bit of it. just be careful. there is a lot of standing water out there. also look agent the bay bridge toll plaza this drive is light so far. again the rain is going to make more a tough drive. at 4:47 let's bring steve in. and your cal bears need a new coach. >> they do. they do. >> exciting times here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> we do have some unfortunately one to two inch amounts of rainfallen the last 24 hours. we will get to it here. the heaviest in the north bay there. will be heavy rain this evening. could be thunderstorms as well. it is those storms.
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so far this morning almost a half inch in nevado. the weekend total 4.29. there were some incredible weekend totals and here is the last 24 hours. ke mpfield the leader of the pack. santa rosa an inch and a third. these are area that don't need more rain right now but they will get it. boy can stack up there fast. san rafael .89. lexington .78 and oakland .45. blizzard warning is out for -- they are going to measure in feet after everything is said and done. above lake level. even maybe at lake level. for us if it's not a high wind watch or wash warning there are flash flood watches because of the rapid rises on the rivers we have persons experienced over the weekendt. will continue today. good amounts in here with in that. over parts of the east bay. snow is definitely on the go up in the sierra.
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50 and 80 will be dicey. snow level around 5,000 but then go to 4,000 feet. systems coming in. there is two pieces. the front comes in tonight and there could be a heavy round of rain and then another low has to move through late wednesday and early thursday that. will clip us. it'll give maybe another half inch to an inch of rain. the breeze, already 22 out of the south at oakland. there is the systemw. regetting the warm front in advance of it. the cold front tonight. maybe a responsibility of thunderstorms and brief heavy rain and one more low has to skirt the area. with rein through about thursday. by thursday night you should be on the dryer side. drainer to the weekend but colder the next five-days. there could be isolated six inch amounts here. parts of marin and eventually toward the santa cruz mountains. we he will get a break friday, saturday and sunday. the extent of that looks windy and wet aliunde the 19th and
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the 25th. we may get a break. it'll be a much needed break. shore things up while you can. there is no sign a let up on this going forward. off and on rain into thursday and then break on the weekend. low also be closer but at least the afternoon highs will be warmer. >> thank you. the rising water has led officials to open the flood gate as long the sacramento river. the set many flood gate social security known as the sacramento wier. they are open fort first time since 2005. that water flows in to the yolo bypass which is used for in dry years and is an over flow channel to prevent flooding. farmer was warned to move their livestock before the flood gates opened. yosemite national park set to reopen today. that's after a weekend closure now that concerns about flooding has gone down. park officials say that the merced river crested at about 12 and a half feet early yesterday. the valley did not experience major flooding but some
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facilities have been affected. the park is also warning visitors that a rock slide is blocking the entrance. time is 4:50. heavy snow is expected in the sierra after a weekend storm shut down lake tahoe . today the ski resorts reopening. they expect five to seven feet of new snow before the weekend. that is welcome news after wind and rain created avalanche dangers last weekend. >> we had high winds, heavy rain. we had some thunderstorms. not conditions that you want to be out on the mountain. >> also cal trans has busy clearing a big mudslide that shut down part of interstate 80 over the weekend. this story may be dangerous. this storm, all the water is good news for california's water supply. according to the east bay times the storms over the past week have added 350 billion- gallonsst water to reservoir across the state. experts say that's something we haven't seen in years. dam operators have been forced
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to release water as well to reduce the risk of flooding. the president tonight makes his farewell speech in the same spot where he made his famous election night speech almost five years ago. coming up, details on the big celebration as nominees for the incoming administration face tough questions from lawmakers this week. >> first the man accused of shooting and killing five people at the fort lauderdale airport makes his first court appearance as investigators dig for information about a possible motive behind the attack. with all the rush in the morning,
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i don't have time to hashtag my breakfast.
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light & fit nonfat yogurt drinks. nutrition that fits my crazy life. nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you. . welcome back. jury deliberations start in the sentencing trial of the man convicted of killing nine people at a south carolina church. the prosecution rested its case against dylan roof after testimony from survivors and victims families. roof who is acts as hundred own attorney didn't call witnesses. he was found guilty of shooting and killing nine african american worshipers in charleston. he will be sentenced to death or life. in florida eye search goes on for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer and a sheriff's deputy was killed in a crash as he helped search for
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that killer. the alleged killer, a 41-year- old is accused of killing a veteran orlando police officer master sergeant deborah clayton yesterday morning outside a wal- mart. authorities say the officer confronted him and he then opened fire. during the manhunt motorcycle deputy was killed in a traffic accident. that deputy identifieds as deputy first class norman louis. >> the best thing they can do at this time is turn himself in. we will love to be able to are solve this situation peacefully. >> lloyd is also accused of killing his pregnant former girlfriend last month but he was never arrested and taken in to custody. a 60,000-dollar reward is offered for his arrest. the man accused in the mass shooting at the airport in lauderdale appeared in court yes. the 2-year-old is facing federal airport violence and firearms charges. if convicted he could get the
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death penalty. he is accused of killing five people and wounding six during a shooting at the fort lauderdale airport on friday. two months before the shooting the fbi said that it opened a file on him. >> he walked in to the fbi office in alaska to report that his mind was being controlled by united states intelligence agency. >> earlier the day florida congresswoman led a moment of silence on the house floor in honor of the victims. a huge landslide still block parts of highway 17. the very close call for a tv news photographer who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> good morning. we see the traffic is going to be affected by the heavy rain like right here on the san mateo bridge. >> pretty good rain already for parts of the north bay and blizzard warnings out to the searchy. we will are more coming up.
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♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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i will nevi wnevereverair again. wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. . the last time there were significant floods like there was a decade ago. a lot of people are saying this is the first time i have seen it like this. >> streets in gurnville turned
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in to streams as people have to hop into boats to get around. how they are prey pairing for the next round of storms as thousands of people are urged to evacuate. >> and a busy 24 hours for search and rescue teams in the south bay. they say that at least two people trapped in their home because of rising floodwaters. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to morning on 2. we want to take you live outside. this is highway 101. this is from the san francisco camera. you can see very wet out there. we do want to let you know there is a lot of standing water on the freeways. do be careful. the rain back. stick around. it sounds like most of the week. we will be checking on specific areas where there are some flood warnings and watches this morning. welcome back. it's tuesday, january 10 pght. i'm pam cook. >> a new round of rain is here in the bay


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