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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 10, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning. we are tracking yet another storm hitting the bay area right now. look at the map. what you need to know if you're about to head out the door. there's major flooding in the north bay that has forced people to hop into boats to get around. how they're preparing for the next round of storms as thousands are urged to evacuate. mornings on 2 on continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> boy, more rain is falling across the bay area, adding to the problems we already have from this weekend's storm. many areas dealing with flooding and mudslides. in the sierra, conditions are serious with more than two feet of new snow overnight. look what is happening at san francisco international airport. if you're heading to fly out or picking someone up, keep in mind there are several delays and cancellations out of sfo because of the weather. oakland airport is also reporting delays.
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san jose reporting cancellations. the overall headline, if you have a flight today or expecting loved ones coming in, check the status of your flight specifically before you make that wet, windy trek to the airport. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. the weather is our big story. let's go straight to steve paulson. steve. >> you know, honestly very optimistic, positive person. i think we're in hurt here. >> hurt. >> going over the next couple of days. >> yes. >> honestly. this rain is relentless now. steady rain can be a good thing but when you've had too much, a steady rain is not the good thing. we've been hammered since the beginning of the month. some of the heavier rain towards san jose and the santa cruz mountains. some pretty heavy rain moved through and still moving through parts of the peninsula. half moon bay, woodside, looks like even over to palo alto. there is a pretty good line.
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that is heavy rain right there coming on shore. it looks like around stenson beach. there is a heavily line around highway 29 as well. some are eye opening here. craig is very good about keeping an eye on the napa river, especially at points north. napa county, 9 and a half inches of rain since 1:00 a.m. saturday, january 7th. i mean, there's going to be more than that as we go into thursday. hence the flash flood warning for the napa river and the russian river as well. that's at john's beach guerneville. blizzard warning. forget it. they're done up in the sierra. three to four feet being measured at heavily already. the wind will be a factor
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tonight and tomorrow. rain, heavier rain, possibility of thunderstorms convectant area right back here that will sweep in tonight and tomorrow. another system brushes us wednesday night and into thursday morning. then we will get a break. not until late thursday and into friday. 50s on the temperatures. i think it's sold out. would you say for some here. >> yeah. i would say, steve. and the east bay commute really is busy. also the south bay will not be denied when it comes to slow traffic. let's start off with the bay bridge. people want to know what that is looking like. that is slow. the carpool lane slowing down as well. a lot of people stuck on highway 24. let's get to that. westbound 24 from walnut creek to oakland, it can take you an hour to do it. it usually takes you 15 minutes with no traffic. this morning it's much worse than that. there was a crash right after the tunnel.
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but the traffic is very slow. slow traffic on the nimitz free down to fremont. dumbarton bridge not bad this morning. highway 17, even though it has reopened, we've had a lot of slow traffic there on 17 driving from santa cruz over the valley. now, another storm moves in today. people in the north bay worried about rising flood waters along the russian river. alex savidge is in sonoma county this morning with a look at the flooding damage. alex. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, sal. certainly this is disconcerting to say the least for people in the guerneville area. we are off of highway 116. you can see what we have here. a very heavy rain falling right now. and this is certainly the last thing that they need up here with the russian river already a couple feet above flood stage. we're just off of drake road here. you can see entire neighborhoods already inundated with the rises waters that
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began to rise with the weekend storms. now -- we can show you the scene here from this -- from this area. people, they took to their canoes and kayaks to try to get across town. the water waist deep in many spots. a lot of folks are quite concerned. the river is expected to crest at about 36 feet. that should happen sometime possibly tomorrow. and obviously with all of this rain we're getting right now, it could do that even soo a lot of concern here in town about a thousand or so people -- several thousand people, i should say, were advised that maybe they might want to evacuate some of the low-lying areas. the water rising in certain spots. some people say they are preparing to leave, packing up, just in case. >> we're right at the edge and holding out until -- until it takes us over. so we're parked at the neighbor's. and we're ready to go.
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>> reporter: now, sonoma county officials so far are describing the flooding here in the guerneville area as moderate flooding. of course there is a flood warning in effect here in this area for the next day or so. and there is, you know, obviously the concern about the fact that the river is expected to rise at least another two feet. and, again, it is expected to crest maybe sometime later on tomorrow. we will bring you back out here to this live picture here. this is in guerneville off of highway 116. and you can see this neighborhood, a good portion of it, is under water. and the concern is that this flooding will spread through other neighborhoods here in guerneville. that is why there is some serious concern about all of the heavy rain coming down. >> and a lot more rain on the way. thank you, alex. search and rescue teams down in the south bay have been busy saving people trapped by rising waters. >> i would just step right up on the roof, guys. uys.
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>> the san jose fire department made four storm related water rescues just this week. we will bring janine de la vega back into the coverage who is live in the santa cruz mountains with the threats in the south bay. now to the north where public works crews in napa county say it's just a matter of time before more mud and rocks spread out on to the trail in st. helena. >> it's a big deal. allie rasmus has a look around the bay area today. >> that's right. napa county authorities have closed deer park road to pope street. you can see from the video exactly why. let's show you the first shot where you see the heavy construction equipment moving and clearing a landslide that happened in st. helena yesterday afternoon. now, the work crews doing some of that work were able to clear the roadway. and the rocks and debris were moved out of the way by yesterday evening. however, the road remains closed because of a concern that the hillside above the road could continue to come down during the rainy weather
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today and later this week. >> it's going to come down. and when, we don't know. for safety purposes, we will have to determine what we can do to remove it. >> reporter: now, along with landslides, power outages will be an issue today because of the potential of more trees toppling over, bringing downpour lines. pg&e say the crews are prepared for the rainy weather. no widespread outages to report as of last night. the most heavily impacted area is in the north bay with 845 customers without power. east bay has 292 customers. peninsula, 209. san from and the south bay only have three dozen customers without power. the majority of the outages are from overnight. it's important to mention that king tides are expected today and later this week. projected to reach 7 feet in some areas. that could lead to coastal flooding along the embarcadero and san francisco and parts of
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alameda, marin county. any low lying area with the king tides could cause more problems. >> and steve says heavy rain tonight. >> right. problems still ahead. >> thank you, allie. don't forget on the ktvu weather app you can find live radar, the current conditions and the very latest on your weather forecast. just search for ktvu weather to download the weather app. too much rain to handle here. but the snow keeps piling up in the sierra. at 7:30, a look how much snow has fallen from the latest storm and how much could fall the rest of the week. first the cost of raising a child is going up. just how much you will need to make sure that the babies are paid for until the age of 17. and that number does not even include college. it's very slow in many areas. part of it is because of the wet weather and part of it is because of earlier accidents. we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. rain is picking up.
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with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. >> we're likely to see a lot of people complaining if they have to use highway 24. that's because of very, very slow traffic on highway 24 from
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walnut creek to oakland. also affecting 680 which is backing up into concord. this whole commute is just very, very slow because of a couple of earlier crashes. one in oakland. that is really the one that did the number. there have been other crashes along the way. but traffic was going slow at that point. the one that messed things up happened in the 5:00 hour. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. you will see the traffic is backed up for the normal wait all the way to the macarthur maze. i want to show you the traffic on 80 westbound will be slow this morning coming just past the carquinez bridge. as we move down to the silicon valley commute, the dumbarton bridge is looking okay. but san jose commute is very slow getting into that west valley. sunnyvale and cupertino bound. just a lot of slow traffic. of course highway 17 is very, very slow coming down into the valley. even though the lanes are open, it's going to be a very slow
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commute. 7:13. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you, sir. our system has arrived. we have a long way to go. per snow, a couple feet already been measured. want to mention that. there have been astronomical amounts of snow initylyand greece. this might be our turn, especially up in the sierra. blizzard warning is out. now, over us we're getting moderate rain. it seems to be picking up again from san jose, down to morgan hill. also on the peninsula. that you get the yellow there, that is moderate rain. redwood city have had some. to the north, watch of marin county. i will get out of the way. right there. going through. it looks like sausalito, over to tiburon and the san rafael bridge. that is a burst of heavy rain. now getting heavy rain. when you get the dark green, this is not moving much. this is a concern here. highway 29.
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also up to cobb, calistoga, back over to hillsberg. some reports of very heavy rain. greta is in middle town. the rain gauge at 23 inches. a mild 49. you might double that amount here because the heaviest rain is still on its way. flash flood warnings are out. russian river, guerneville, johnson's beach, napa town. thankfully they have the bypass because it has been working overtime. i think it will continue to work overtime. blizzard warning, forget it. they're done. this is a legit white-out condition up there. gusts over the passes at 100 miles per hour and already two to four feet of snow has been observed. heavenly has had three to four. north shore two and a half feet. wind speed picking up to 45 to 50 tonight. that is a concern for the tree that's are saturated. the heavier rain looks to be up
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to the north. the evening commute could be a real total bear, if you will, because there will be very heavy rain. then another system swings in here late wednesday, thursday. that will keep the beat going until about thursday afternoon. friday, saturday and sunday, do look to get like a break. believe me, we're going to need it. until then, we have rain all the way into thursday. and then we will see a break on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. e. >> taking a look at the opening bell. start of the trading day on wall street. >> and pam cook back in the studio with us with today's money business. pam. >> a little bit of a mixed start to the day. want to look at the numbers really quickly. the dow down a little bit. s&p 500 down as well. right now the nasdaq now turned up. kind of in a waiting pattern until we see the new president-
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elect donald trump. they're talking about earning season coming in after he is president. a waiting season now. yahoo says the ceo meyer will step down when the sale to verizon goes through. verizon said to acquire the yahoo brand and e-mail server along with websites and mobile apps in the $4.8 billion deal. yahoo said the remaining businesses which is largely made up of an investment in the chinese e-commerce site would change its name. however the verizon deal not yet closed following two major security breaches involving yahoo. toyota and general motors also making business headlines this morning. in our fox business news bureau working on those stories. let's check in with hillary vaughn. good morning, hillary. what are we hearing from toyota. >> reporter: good morning. toyota announced investing $10 billion over the next five years in the u.s. why are they
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bringing it up at the detroit auto show? because trump targeted them among other car companies saying if you don't make the toyota corolla in the u.s., you will pay a big border tax to bring it across from mexico. so they emphasized their plans to invest in the u.s. and they also debuted some changes to the best selling car in america, which is their toyota camry. it is also the most made in america car according to they're going for a longer, leaner, more sporty look. this is all a part of their plan to show president-elect donald trump that they're serious about investing in u.s. jobs and in the u.s. manufacturing industry. >> all right. very interesting. more -- we're hearing more and more from the car companies regarding that same topic. thank you, hillary. from our fox business bureau. >> thanks, pam. also parents, it's not your imagination. the cost of raising a child has gone up. >> thank you. according to the department
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of agriculture, it will cost you $233,000 from the time they are born to the time they are ready to graduate from high school. that breaks down to about $14,000 per year. and the cost of the child goes up if they head off to college. that of course varies depending on where they go. on average, college expenses are up 3% from last year. and that could be one reason why credit card debt is up. the amount that consumers charged in november, the fastest pace in three months. it charged $24 billion. >> how much. >> 24 billion. >> some of that could be college debt. >> yes, it could. thank you, pam. confirmation hearings for donald trump's cabinet on capitol hill. up more, what to expect from heating hearings.
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>> taking a live look at storm tracker 2. green as far as the eye can see. this should really be the story the next couple of days. we're in no way done with the bay area storm that has been making its presence known since well before the weekend. our steve paulson is monitoring storm tracker 2. we will have the weather update in a moment. take a look at the live picture. this is what you are seeing and feeling if you are in downtown truckee. still on the streets. more coming down. cars buried in snow. if you have a plan to go skiing or snowboarding, stay tuned to what steve has to say. the timing here could be tricky. >> that's a live picture, right. >> yep. >> the time is 7:22 tonight in
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chicago, president obama will deliver his farewell address. thousands of people stood in zero degree weather saturday to get free tickets to the speech. president obama will make the speech at the same venue where he delivered his 2012 election night speech. he will look back on the accomplishments of the past eight years and also look ahead to the nation's future. well, happening right now, the confirmation hearing for senator jeff sessions nominated for attorney general has begun. some democrats accuse of him being racist and worry about his concerns on immigration. >> let me express a deep concern. there is so much fear in this country. i see it. i hear it. particularly in the african- american community. from preachers, from politicians, from everyday americans. >> now, another controversial
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nominee won't require senate confirmation. the president-elect is hiring his son-in-law, jared to be an advisor. republican sten tore rand paul is among those calling for a delay in the repeal in the affordable care act until a substitute is ready. some 20 million americans woul be left without insurance if it is repealed. the american college of physicians representing 148,000 doctors have sent letters to lawmakers saying no one should lose health care as they make changes to the reform. revealing a plan to prepare for possible steep cuts during the trump administration. deep cuts are expected for health care and other public services. trump has pledged to repeal the affordable care act which provides about $20 billion for health care for some 5 million californians. trump has also said he will
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financially punish local governments that impede immigration enforcement. the state is projected to end the 2017-2018 budget year with an $11.5 billion reserve. workers at campuss around the state are on a one-day strike right now over wages. here in the bay area, they are happening at uc berkeley, uc san francisco and the uc office of the president in oakland. those walking out include people who scheduled medical appointments, check in patients and send out bills. library assistants and financial workers are also taking part in the strike. we have been showing you heavy snow in the erra. up next, the dangerous conditions for driver who's are hoping to hit the slopes. also crews are busy across the bay area. the rescue operations following days and days of rain. very slow traffic in many commutes. some of these commutes have been you knowed for the morning -- ruined for the morning.
7:26 am
this is highway 4. it looks more ordinary as you make your way over to concord. rain, snow, and a lot to go around. we will talk about the sierra, what is in store. i think very heavy rain is on its way for this evening. another round of thunderstorms. we will see how long this will last.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages.
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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>> the situation is similar over in oakland air fort. san jose reporting cancellations. if you are expecting someone coming into the bay area, go on and check the status of the flight. welcome back this tuesday morning, january 10th. i'm gasia mikaelian. you have to take a look at dave's sleeve. you ran outside for a minute. >> i ran outside. you can't really see it but there were rain drops and i was under an awning. the big story is the weather. janine de la vega is in the rain. really in the rain. sal, you're tracking our commute. you've been busy since you walked. in steve, you will be busy forever. >> at least until thursday. that's for sure. thank you, dave and gasia. i'll tell you, some of the rainfall coming in two and a half to three inches to areas that don't need more rain. keeping an eye on the napa
7:30 am
river. and also the russian river. and points north to be honest with you. the sierra nevada, it is -- it is a white-out condition. there are reports now coming in of three and four feet. forget it. on 80 and 50. i mean, wind is just making it for really tough conditions. brian sumner, dude, where is my car. two and a half feet overnight in north lake tahoe. heavenly is reporting three feet. and i've had some reports around kirkwood of three to four as well. just getting started. some pretty good rain picking up. santa clara valley, san jose. this is really starting to intensify in parts of the santa cruz mountains, which doesn't need it. they're going to get good rain. the peninsula picking up. now look at parts of the east bay. that is marin tense we have seen for a while. the concern is up towards lake county.
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highway 29, that's really heavy rain. so we will have watch that. the flash flood warning is out for the usual suspects. rightfully so. the russian river and napa river as well. goes until tonight. i would not be surprised if it goes until tomorrow. blizzard warning out for the sierra. and then it will turn to a winter warning. flash flood watches out. 50s on the temps. the breeze is going to crank up over the next couple of hours. then one more system comes through on thursday morning. and then -- then and only then will we get a break. 50s on the temps. south bay, east bay, what, sal? what do you want to start with? >> we will start with the east bay. all of the bay area affected by the wet weather. lots of crashes correlate with wet weather. let's go to the east shore freeway. i can show you the traffic will be busy this morning if you're driving on 80 westbound. 54 minutes, more than an hour to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and the traffic will be very slow will you get to the bay
7:32 am
bridge toll plaza. we will talk about that in a moment. i want to look at highway 24 westbound. still very, very slow because of an earlier crash that was near broadway. i left the icon on the map to show you where the crash was. close to highway 13. that is crash is gone but very, very slow on 24 as you can see for yourself here driving through. it has taken an hour for some folks to drive from walnut creek to oakland. and that is almost double, almost three times for some people how long it normally takes here. let's go to the bay bridge. it is backed up all the way to the macarthur maze. and the metering lights are on. this is more like a typical delay, a typical slow delay trying to get on to the bridge. all lanes of highway 17 in the  santa cruz mountains reopened an hour and a half ago, after two lanes were closed for more than 24 hours. ktvu's janine de la vega is in the santa cruz mountains with the latest. janine. >> reporter: sal, the rain is really coming down pretty good
7:33 am
now. and we are here just on the side of highway 17. now, the northbound lanes are very slow. you see all of those road brake lights there. you know, we were stuck in this going just 5, 10 miles per hour. and we're not really sure what is causing this. we're trying to make our way to a mudslide that happened near the katz restauranting a lane in the southbound direction. they brought in heavy equipment. it is ady cleared away. we're trying to figure out why there is a slowdown here. now, there are all sorts of problems on and off of highway 9. here are pictures of bear creek road which got washed away. several trees came down throughout the night on felton and boulder creek. the ground be is so saturated from the rain that mud and rocks are coming down too. now, caltrans has been going from call to call this morning to clear debris away. crews were able to get lanes of northbound highway 17 open around vine hill road this
7:34 am
morning. it had been closed completely after mud and rocks came sliding down on to 17 as well as it toppled on to another television station's news van. now, here is video of what is happening. i want to show you this in morgan hill. our crew found an apartment complex that had flooded last night. and it all had come from the creek despite residents' efforts to use sand bags. here is what some of them had to say. >> most of the furniture busted from the bottom because of the water. we had to throw those away. >> we were surprised because it never happened to us before. >> reporter: the san jose fire department urban search and rescue team is on heightened alert because there is flare flood watch in effect in the santa cruz mountains until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the crew has done several rescues over the past couple of
7:35 am
days. in gilroy, officials are concerned about the creek. it may reach flood stage again today. now, sections of pecker pass highway remains closed and so is sylvia's crossing. back out here live, you're looking at northbound highway 17 where traffic is extremely slow after. after we're done on the air, we're going to keep going northbound on 17, head down further. we're already past the summit, to see what is causing the slowdown. is it just because people are being careful? rain? or perhaps another slide or traffic collision. and we will let you know in the next hour. >> thank you, janine de la vega. we have flood concerns today because of the rain and king tides. tides are expected to be 7 feet along the coastline. affects areas include the embarcadero in san francisco and parts of alameda, marin county and sasoon city.
7:36 am
caltrans will watch highway 1 in pacifica where a mudslide slowed trough being for hours. caltrans shut down all of the northbound lanes, causing this huge traffic backup in pacifica. it took 14 hours before e roads reopened. now we want to take you to the sierra right now. the pictures speak for itself. steve has been telling you about all of the snow and the blizzard conditions. that's a live picture. snow. several feet have fallen. this is at heavenly ski resort right now. look town, heavy snow expected in the sierra through the week. >> that's right. it is. after a wind storm shut down lake tahoe ski resorts because of avalanche concerns. today the resorts are reopening and they expect to see five to seven feet of new snow before the weekend. getting there is no fun. it is a major challenge because of all of the snow falling. interstate 830 is closed from
7:37 am
colfax to the nevada state line because of blizzard conditions. traffic being held at highway 50 between twin bridges and myers for avalanche control. storms have added some 33.6 billion gallons of water to lake tahoe since the first of the year. it is a big turn around from a few years ago when water levels were reaching record lows. the storm may be dangerous, it certainly has been. all of the water is good news for california's water supply. the storms over the past week have added 350 billion gallons of water to reservoirs across the state. dam operators have been forced to release water to reduce the risk of flooding. police in vallejo investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night near interstate 80. police received a report of gunfire at an alley about 7:10 last night. when they arrived, they found evidence of a shooting but the victim was not there. but within minutes, a man
7:38 am
arrived at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. he died later at the hospital. authorities are not saying why they think the two incidents are related except to say detectives and crime scene personnel were called in to investigate and also process those scenes. we're also getting new details about a young woman who was fatally stabbed over the weekend near the uc berkeley campus. police say 27-year-old emily was found stabbed to death on friday at her . she was a native of france. grew up in san luis obispo and attended uc santa cruz. her accused killer, pablo gomez, is a uc berkeley student. investigators say gomez killed her and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but is expected to survive. >> it was very brutal. very unusual. stabbings are not uncommon per se, but with this type of violence, it is -- it is
7:39 am
uncommon. >> gomez was arrested in burbank the day after the killing. a federal judge has ruled the city of san francisco cannot be held liable for the death of a woman who was killed by a man in this country illegally. the judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by the family. she was shot to death on a pier in san francisco in july of 2015. her family claimed negligence saying that the accused killer was released despite a request for officials to keep him behind bars. now to orlando, florida where there's a desperate manhunt underway for a gunman who shot and killed a police officer. 41-year-old lloyd is accused of killing veteran orlando police officer master sergeant deborah clayton yesterday outside of a wal-mart store. investigators say the officer confronted lloyd who opened fire. during the manhunt, in orange
7:40 am
county, florida a motorcycle deputy was killed an accident. that was norman lewis. the $60,000 reward is being offered for lloyd's arrest. a man accused in a deadly mass shooting at the airport in ft. lauderdale made his first court appearance yesterday. santiago is facing firearms charges. this shows the moment that he opened fire at the baggage claim. if convicted he could get the death penalty. he is accused of killing five others and wounding six others at the airport on friday. two months before the shooting, the fbi said it opened a file on santiago. our time is 7:40. vice president joe biden was in san francisco yesterday at a health conference talking about his efforts to find a cure for cancer. he announced results from the your long cancer cure mission but also talked as a father. his son died from cancer less than two years ago. biden's son died in 2015 of brain cancer. he was 46.
7:41 am
the vice president told the crowd at the health conference how that has affected him and inspired his cancer moon shot drive to find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to say countless other sons and daughters. but there's a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> the vice president also said when he leaves office, he will be partnering with others and forming a group that may be called the biden cancer initiative. heavy rain is creating major problems across the bay area. at 8:00, the concerns up in st. helena following a mudslide on the silverado trail. yosemite national park opening up again this morning. the warnings if you plan to visit the park. good morning. we are taking a look at the slow commute we have going on right now if you are driving on highway 24. it has improved from what it was. but still very slow on the way
7:42 am
to oakland. rain, a lot of rain. and snow. in fact they're measuring it in feet. it's been a long time since we've had a blizzard warning. that's what we have for the sierra. more coming up.
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>> the park is warning visitors that a rock slide is blocking the entrance. the death toll continues to rise from flooding in thailand. at least 25 people have died since new year's day leaving businesses and thousands stranded. one million people have been affected by the flooding. one of the main airports and schools in the south remain shut. heavy rain is expected in the region as well. in san francisco, residents will be asked to vote on a $350 million bond measure next year to fix the aging sea wall along the embarcadero. a study conducted last year found that a major earthquake could cause damage to the sea wall as well as the surrounding buildings. according to the san francisco
7:46 am
chronicle, the $350 million bond would help with the repairs. the whole project would cost 2 to $5 billion. the port of san francisco is considering a plan to revamp a vacant pier. it was last used in 2013. during the america's cup boat race. real estate eninvestment company wants to build a brewery and winery and coffee roaster at the pier. the local chapter of the sierra club is against the idea. it says it would turn the waterfront location into a mini mall. today the port commission will review the plan and the developer's application for a 15-year lease for the pier. the time is 7:46. sal, you have been keeping track of traffic. a lot of people expecting trouble on the road and we saw the heat of the morning commute early on. >> that's right. 24, you would have to leave 45 minutes earlier than you normally do to be on time.
7:47 am
24 has been slow since an early morning wreck. now i can say that it is slow like you might expect it to be slow on a day like today. still very slow driving from walnut creek to oakland. things improving a little bit. it was absolutely at a stand still and it doesn't look much better here in lafayette. there's a little more room in orinda. if you are driving on highway 24 today, you should snow that you need to be patient. it is very, very slow and congested on the other side of the tunnel. now, if we go to the maps, i can show you -- well, i showed you highway 24. if we go to the maps. there is 4 all in red. 80 through hercules and richmond slow as well. as you look at the east bay, everything has filled in. look at the peninsula. 101 both directions here as you drive in san mateo has been slow. driving up to the airport in
7:48 am
case you're catching a flight. to much for me to say everything that is going on. we would be here for an hour. take it easy out there and allow extra time. 7:47. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. many of you i realize you that listen but don't watch. take a look at your new 80-inch high definition tv here. this is in the little town of washington. i know where that is. nevada county. it parallels 80. around i'm going to say 5100 feet. somewhere in there. close to the same elevation as immigrant gap. over by omega. if you know where that is. things are really going to start getting serious here. there is so much water coming down. right about in here, i do believe is washington. i do believe. right off of 20. you can see the snow line is around the 5,100-foot level.
7:49 am
that's the heavy rain. the combination of the two is just -- is giving copious amounts up there. heavy rain for consideration here. napa county and also pockets of heavy rain around richmond right here. el sobrante, over to hercules, look at that cell. up into clearlake, highway 29. watch how this is expanding now. that is heavy rain. michael edward stanfield, at the base of the eastern hills and american canyon. i believe it. you can get a lot of rain in this kind of a setup here. i have not updated this in about 45 minutes but i will. anywhere from two thirds of an inch to over one to two. kent field in there. but i think there's more than that by now.
7:50 am
oakland hills, petaluma, ukiah, i know there has been heavy rain outside of town from ukiah. middle town, hillsberg, probably a lot over two inches of rain. flash flood warning out for the russian river, guerneville and st. helena and also in town. some of that can cause flooding as it did over the weekend. the burn areas, yes they have grass growing but not much of a root structure from the fires. with all of that rain over lake county, these areas need to be seriously watched. wind advisory out. after five years of drought from the trees. believe me we have lost millions of trees because we haven't had snow or rain. we haven't had snow down to low elevations for a long time to wipe out these beetles and a lot of the pests and because it has been so dry, you get a 50, 60 miles per hour wind on saturated soil, that will be a huge issue tonight and
7:51 am
tomorrow. white-out conditions, blizzard conditions measuring up in feet up in the sierra. after everything is said and done t will be great. until we get there, it will be tough driving conditions. a couple of systems here, we have the warm front sector coming in. the cold front. behind that, there are many areas of convective areas. and then another system comes in wednesday and thursday. that will give us one more round of rain. then we get a break. until that time arrives, we're in store for another three to six inches or more up in the russian river and napa county and marin county and also the santa cruz mountains. if you're getting two and a half to three in these locations, double it in the wetter locations, certainly on the russian river. rain steady to heavy at times. the heaviest rain comes in this evening. it will take us overnight and
7:52 am
into tomorrow. after thursday, we finally get a break, dave. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:51. president obama makes his farewell speech tonight. the big celebration for president obama as nominees for the trump administration face tough questions at senate confirmation hearings this week. week. but first we're learning more about the man who possibly could be the new head coach for the 49ers. he has deep ties to ktvu. we will tell you what he thinks he can bring to the team.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> the dark green shows you the powerful storms we're getting right now. look to the right of your screen. highway 24 just packed with cars. slow going in the commute. not only on highway 24 but everywhere around the bay area because of the storm we're having right now. the time is 7:55. new this morning, a new development aim today expand the sport of soccer around the world and especially in the united states. fifa, the governing body of international soccer talked about expanding the world cup from 32 teams from 28. while the host site hasn't been announced yet, analysts predict
7:56 am
the 2026 world cup will be held in north america. fifa is projecting bringing in an extra billion dollars in revenues. it will give smaller countries a better chance of qualifying for the world cup. the time is 7:56. tonight the 49ers will interview a potential possible new head coach and a possible general manager. you may know the gm candidate. lewis reddick. he was drafted by the 49ers as a defensive back in 1991. he never played a regular season game with the 49ers but had a long nfl career, including with the raiders. the 49ers today will also talk to panthers defensive coordinator sean mcdermott. yesterday the 49ers interviewed that man, 30-year-old washington redskins offensive coordinator sean mcveigh. he turns 31 in two weeks. he has roots to the 49ers and also ktvu. his grandfather, john mcveigh,
7:57 am
is a former major executive on the super bowl champion 49ers and his father tim mcveigh used to be the general manager right here of ktvu. time now to check if with mike and gas -- in with mike and gasia. >> thank you. flooding and mudslides across the bay area. we will go to the north bay where people are being urged to evacuate. if you have a flight out of the bay area or expecting someone coming in, we will tell you what you need to know before you head to the airport. it is very slow out there. if you're thinking of leaving the house now, some things have improved. but some things have not. we will run it down for you commute by commute when we come back. be careful what you wish for. we were wishing for rain and snow. guess what, we have it. but we may have too much of a good thing. there won't be a break for a couple of days. more on that coming up. at ikea, we believe that everything, from your lamp to your couch, should work as hard as you do.
7:58 am
that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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8:00 am
>> we're tracking another storm making its way across the bay area. what you need to know if you're about to head out the door. to hea >> plus the waters of the russian river continuing to rise as more rainfalls. we will tell you about the concerns for people living here in guerneville this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> more rain falling across the bay area. adding to the problems we already have experienced from this past weekend's storm. many areas dealing with flooding and mudslides in the sierra. the conditions are dangerous with more than two feet of snow. dumping overnight. more snow falling this morning. and let's give you a live look
8:01 am
out at san francisco international. several delays and cancellations due to the storm. san jose even has some cancellations. oakland as well. if you have a flight today, check your status before going to the airport. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, january 10th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the pig story of the morning is of course the weather. for that we have team coverage. alex savidge is out in the elements. sal castaneda very busy tracking the roads. we begin though with meteorologist steve paulson. >> gasia and mike, thank you very much. rain is intensifying here. some areas are approaching three inches of rain. watch the area around santa rosa, calistoga north. that is a heavy rain scenario that has developed. other pockets that are showing heavy rain. just went over el sobrante, you get the dark green and this is the area picking up. highway 128, 129, 175, you can see that is heavy rain coming
8:02 am
in. flash flood warnings out rightfully for the russian river and the napa river and also near napa as well. and the wind advisory, this could be a huge factor tonight with some of the trees that are probably just hanging on here a little bit. with the ground saturated and gusts from 50 to 60 miles per hour, it will be a huge issue tomorrow. blizzard warning is out for the sierra. not happening today if you're heading up 50 or 80. simply not happening. also a coastal flood advisory out. 50 on the temps. the wind is now picking up. i think we will get gusts easily up to 45 to 50. system still has a ways to go. the heaviest rain is later this evening and tonight and a possibility of thunderstorms with another system rotating across that will take us into wednesday night and thursday. it's not until thursday afternoon or evening that we get a break here. we're going to need one in a big way. 50s on the temps. sal, the next two days, you and i, you know what i'm going to say. >> we're going to be busy. >> yes, sir.
8:03 am
>> we've been super busy this morning. those on the roads have resigned what they're going to find. they're going to find slow traffic in many areas. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is improving a little bit. not as bad as it was. still a 20-minute delay unless you're using the carpool lane. it is okay. if you are driving on 24 westbound, it is very slow as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. you can see the traffic is going to be slow as you drive all the way through. this is a little bit more like normal. it is taking about 45 minutes. it was taking an hour, maybe an hour and a half earlier because of a crash. let's take a look at 280 in san jose. and both directions here are slow. there have been numerous accidents all over the bay on city streets just because the freeway accidents may not get you, we have a lot of fender benders. look at 101 going up the peninsula. it is backed up from san mateo, from san mateo all the way into
8:04 am
san francisco. yes, that is a very long way to be stuck in traffic trying to get to the city. 280 also very slow as well. 8:03. let's go back to alex who is near the russian river in sonoma county. thousands of people have been urged to evacuate. alex is in guerneville. alex. >> reporter: sal, good morning to you. and there's the possibility that hundreds of homes could flood here in the guerneville area. the rigs river right now that i'm standing in, right now it is about two feet above flood stage. so about 24 feet or so. it is expected to crest at about 36 feet sometime tomorrow. we're here at johnson's beach this morning. a pretty dramatic scene. as we pan over to the right, you can see someone's suv stuck in the water here as a result of the flooding here from the russian river. now, to put this in perspective, folks have been through this before. this is not something that is unheard of up here.
8:05 am
but still precautions are being taken. there is a fair amount of concern here in guerneville. this is the scene yesterday and late into the evening. a lot of people wading through water waist deep in many spo trying to get to their homes. some people using kayaks to get across town. late yesterday, 3,000 people were told to evacuate homes as the rain swollen russian river surged above flood stage. in some neighborhoods the water is creeping into the low-lying homes. and even moving toward some of those second stories on some of those home that's are raised up. a lot of people are pulling their possessions from their places, prepared to evacuate. >> if the water gets in the house, that's about it. it's all i'm worried about. i got as much as i can, but, you know -- >> what are you hearing about the next couple of days. >> that the river is supposed to come up and get even deeper. >> reporter: now, sonoma county officials are calling the flooding of the russian river in the guerneville area at this
8:06 am
point moderate. that's how they are categorizing it. certainly one big concern is that a lot of people didn't necessarily live in this area the last time they had serious flooding. so people sort of have to get used to the protocol compared to those who have lived back through the floods back in the '80s and the '90s and 2000s. as we bring you back to a live picture, you see this is johnson's beach, known for flooding. the russian river is two feet above flood stage, expected to crest sometime late tomorrow. and, again, there's a great deal of concern that they could have as many as 5 hub homes that potentially could be damaged or flooded in some way. >> thank you, alex. public works crews up in napa county are watching the famed silverado trail. >> part of was closed yesterday because of a landslide. allie rasmus is here to explain why this is one of the problem areas that could get worse.
8:07 am
>> it is a matter of time before mud and rocks spill out on to the trail. heavy equipment was brought in to clear off rocks and debris off of the trail yesterday. by night fall most of the work was done and the road was clear. however the silverado trail remains closed today because of concerns that the hillside above the closure could give way. >> it's going to come down. and when we don't know. so for safety purposes, we're going to have to determine what we can do to remove it. >> another problem expected today, more power outages. pg&e had crews out fixing the outages caused by the weekend's storms. with more rain today, they are on all hands on deck mode. here are the latest numbers as of 20 minutes ago. the east bay has the biggest problem with more than a thousand customers without power. north bay has 762.
8:08 am
peninsula, 215. san francisco, more than a hundred. south bay has 34 customers without power at this hour. another thing to consider, king tides. they are supposed to hit 7 feet by tomorrow. so flooding in coastal areas, the area that's we typically think of the embarcadero in san francisco and alameda, any low lying area on the coast in the bay can be affected by that. >> i haven't seen it like this in quite a while. >> the rain just keeps coming. search and rescue teams have been helping people trapped by rising rising waters in the south bay. >> i would step on the roof. >> in just 20 minutes, we will bring janine de la vega back into the live coverage. she is in the santa cruz mountains. we will talk about the threat to the south bay. we like to see your photos of the storm. share them on facebook, twitter and instagram. use #ktvu. a reminder on the ktvu weather app you will find radar,
8:09 am
current conditions and the latest on the forecast. just search for ktvu weather to download it. the snow keeps piling up in the sierra homuchhas fallen from the latest storm and how much more could fall through the rest of the week. confirmation hearings for trump's cabinet on capitol hill. what to expect from what could be heated hearings that are already underway. in case you're wondering, yes it is very slow out there. although things seem to be improving a little bit. not a lot. the bay bridge backed up to the maze. we will tell you more about this tuesday morning commute. well, yes we have rain. more on the way. heavier rain by tonight. and also the wind will pick up and the snowis on the go big time in the sierra.
8:10 am
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>> if you have to navigate this weather to get to work and school, take a look at what 92, the san mateo bridge holds for you. slow going from the east bay to hayward to the peninsula. keep that in mind because the weather and traffic really are tied today more than ever. >> breaking news out of the university of alabama. police are responding to a reported hostage standoff at a
8:13 am
credit union near campus right across from the law school. the university tweeted that city and campus police were called to a robyand hostage situation taking place 90 minutes ago. no word on how many people could be held hostage inside of the credit union. we will bring you more information when it becomes available. the time is 8:13. tonight in chicago president obama will deliver his farewell address. thousands and thousands of people stood in line to get free tickets to the speech. president obama will make the speech at the same venue where he delivered his 2012 election night speech. the president will reflect on the accomplishments of the past eight years and also look forward to our nation's future. and as president obama prepares his farewell speech to the country, what would you like to say to president obama if given the chance? let us know what you think by posting a comment on facebook or tweet us use #ktvu.
8:14 am
the confirmation hearing for jeff sessions nominated for attorney general is underway. senator sessions was asked if he is confirmed would he be able to stand up to the president of the united states if he proposed a course of action that was not lawful. >> you simply have to help the president do things that he might desire in a lawful way and have to be able to say no both for the country, for the legal system and for the president to avoid situations that are not acceptable. >> sessions is considered one of donald trump's most controversial nominees. some democrats accuse him of being racist and worry about his positions on immigration. >> and let me express a deep concern. there is so much fear in this country. i see it. i hear it. particularly in the african- american community. from preachers, from politicians, from everyday americans. >> protesters started
8:15 am
interrupting sessions confirmation hearing even before it began. right as sessions was walking in two demonstrators dressed as members of the kkk were escorted out of the room. more and more republican lawmakers say they are uncomfortable with getting rid of the affordable act without having a replacement plan at the read republican senator rand paul is among those calling for a delay in the repeal until a substitute is ready. 20million americans would be left without insurance if it is repealed. 148,000 doctors have sent letters to lawmakers saying no one should lose health care coverage. sal, it's been a rough commute out there. >> it really has, mike and gasia. it's been slow and a lot of fender benders out there. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and start there. if you're trying to get into san francisco, you are going to need that and traffic is going to be busy at the toll plaza. it is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze.
8:16 am
you see the ramp on 880 will be slow as well. now it is raining pretty hard in san francisco. we do have slow traffic on 101 northbound as you approach the 80 split here as you can see. but guess what, that traffic begins for most of it is slow from san mateo, that's right, fromway 92. there are just a couple of breaks. most of it is all slow traffic trying to get up into this area. so it's just good be to one of those commutes where you have to allow yourself extra time. let's go back to the east bay where 880 and 580 are slow getting into oakland. 24 continues to be very slow because of much earlier problems. 24 is slow and so is 680 and highway 4. pretty much everywhere you look is slow because of the wet weather. and people are taking longer to get to work or wherever they're going. at 8:16, let's bring steve in. >> i know that king tides are causing problems around marin county and san rafael. >> yeah. right there at highway 1 there where it goes under the freeway there, there's a big parking
8:17 am
lot that gets flooded every time that this happens. >> and also san rafael yacht harbor. just so you know. we do have a very steady rain coming in. i'm trying as fast as i can to update the rain totals. i can't get to it fast enough, turn it around fast enough. i got some updated. take your pick. when you're covered in this, it's a cause for concern. look what is going on north of st. helena, saint rosa, hillsberg, middle town, clearlake, up to upper lake, ukiah, that's a lot of -- rain. there could be six inches up there. which is a legitimate reason to be concerned. because they already had a lot of rain. some of the rain heavier towards menlo park and redwood city. a good burst on the peninsula. palo alto, in that direction, there has been moderate rain at times. from san jose, actually fremont, san jose, back to the
8:18 am
santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains. gary is in the calistoga hills. the last time we had ten inches of rain it got messy around here. things are looking messy. i would agree with that. that looks like a tremendous amount of rain starting to fall up there. some of these are updated. kent field two and a half. napa an inch and a quarter. santa cruz mountains two and a third. mount diablo, 1.66. a flood warning for the napa river. the burn areas in lake county, these must definitely be watched now. rocky fire and jerusalem fear. you are getting a lot of rain. wind advisories, this will play into the weather later this afternoon and tonight along with the possibility of
8:19 am
thunderstorms. if we get 50, 60 miles per hour winds, trees are coming down. blizzard warning in the sierra. snow level at about 5,000 feet. expected to go down to 4,000. already been some reports of three to four feet of snow. they will probably double that. 50s on the temps. pretty good south wind already beginning to kick up. a couple of systems the front back here will move in tonight. the heavy rain goes into the south overnight tomorrow night. and then another low, what has to drop in. that will be late wednesday and into thursday. 50s on the temps. kind of not much of a factor the temperatures. it will be a lot of rain here. we will take that into thursday. finally friday into the weekend, we will get a -- i think a little bit of a break. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. vice president joe biden addresses a topic close to his heart. his commitment to cancer research once he leaves office.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. on the left side of your screen there storm tracker 2. heavy rain falling across much of the bay area. as steve mentioned a few minutes ago. especially for those folks up in the north bay. getting a lot of the heavy rain. yellow popping up. on the right side, westbound 24 has been a rough commute. they had the car fire a few hours ago. still slow going right now. >> yeah. it's really taking a lot longer, mike, for people doing
8:23 am
this commute. you should allow a lot of extra time. even though that crash involving that pickup truck that was on fire has been gone for hours, the damage remains when it comes to the slow traffic. >> thank you, sal. caltrans continuing to monitor a section of highway 1 in pacifica where a mudslide slowed traffic for hours. we told you about it yesterday on morn morning. it was reported late sunday night. caltrans shut down all northbound lanes creating the slowest morning commute in pacifica in resent memory. it took 14 hours to get that road back open. officers received a report of gunfire around 7:10 in a alley. they found evidence of a shoot building they arrived but not a victim. within minutes a man turned up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds and later died at the hospital. authorities are not commenting why they think the two incidents are related. we're getting new details
8:24 am
about a young woman fatally stabbed over the weekend near the uc berkeley campus. 27-year-old emily inman was found stabbed to death on friday at her home. she was a native of france who grew up in san luis obispo and attended uc santa cruz. her boy is a uc berkeley student. gomez killed inman and then stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but expected to survive. gomez was arrested down in burbank the day after the killing. happening now thousands of works at uc campuses around the state are on a one day strike over wages. here in the bay area, the pickets are happening at uc berkeley, uc san francisco, the lab and the uc office of the president in oakland. those who are walking out include people who schedule medical appointments, check in patients, and those who send out bills. at the school campuses, library assistants and financial aid
8:25 am
workers are also taking part. governor brown is set to release the first draft of his state budget proposal today. revealing his plans to prepare for possible deep cuts during the trump administration. it will lay the ground work for the next six months of negotiations over how to allocate billions of dollars in state revenue. big cuts are expected in health care and other public services. trump has pledged to repeal president obama's affordable care act which provides about $20 billion for health care for five million californians. trump will financially punish local governments who impede federal immigration enforcement. vice president joe biden was in san francisco yesterday at a health conference speaking about the efforts to find a cure for cancer. he announced -- his son died of
8:26 am
brain cancer at the age of 46 years old. he talked about how it impacted him and inspired his cancer moon shot drive to find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save our son, science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless of other sons and daughters. but there's a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> vice president ridence also announced when he leaves office he will be partnering with others to form a group likely titled the biden cancer initiative. heavy snow up in the sierra. a blizzard warning in effect. the dangerous conditions for those looking to hit the slope snooze and we are live in the santa cruz mountains and near highway 17 where it has been a very wet commute. we will have an update on the mudslides in the area.
8:27 am
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>> 8:29. welcome backmornings on 2. take a look at this video from the north bay taken just this morning. the russian river is now about two feet believe the flood stage. expected to crest tomorrow at 36 feet. that is four feet above flood stage. there is more rain coming and the water is still rising. you see people transporting themselves and belongings in canoe. to the sierra where the story is snow. kirkwood a number of ski resort that's had to close because of too much of a good thing. several feet of snow fell overnight. we will have a live report from the sierra coming up. a lot of people excited to get up there but they may have to wait a while. >> a little patience. >> it will still be there.
8:30 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. we have team coverage for you on the weather. janine de la vega is in the santa cruz mountains. sal tracking the roadways. let's go over to steve first. >> i think mammoth mountain tweeted out they had 15 feet. >> since. >> the beginning of the year. remember ten days ago we talked about the forecast models saying 200 inches of snow. they're going to be right. they're going to be right. we do have pretty rain coming in for some in lake county and marin county. jim is at the yacht harbor. close to being overrun by the king tided. that will be a factor today, this morning and again tomorrow morning as well. there's been pretty good rain in parts of marin county. kent field had two and a half inches of rain. it keeps going. you can see vallejo, hercules,
8:31 am
richmond, all getting good rain. this is the one that i'm concerned about. some areas approaching a foot of rain in the last five or six days. that is a lot of rain. hidden valley lake over to middle town, four to five in the last couple of days. over to st. helena. highway 29, calistoga hills approaching 10 inches of rain over the last four or five days. that's when you start to have problems. peninsula has had hit and miss showers going through. redwood city, palo alto. south bay getting some rain. janine de la vega will talk about this coming up soon here. it looks like it is letting up a little bit even though this is still a lot of rain up there. they will get their fair share tonight and tomorrow. blizzard warning out for the sierra. snow level at about 5,000 feet. we have flash flood warnings, watches and wind advisories out. they have snow. and it is just cranking up there. 50s on the temps. they haven't changed all morning long. we have two systems. the warm sector and a
8:32 am
possibility of thunderstorms tonight. and then another low skirts the area wednesday and thursday. late thursday we will finally get a break. not until then. rain steady to heavy. 50s. well, where would you like to begin, my friend? >> well you mentioned the blizzard warning. interstate 80 is closed from colfax to the nevada state line, steve. just not letting cars through. trucks with full snow chains are -- are being allowed to pass temporarily. 50 is being held for avalanche control between twin bridges and myers. so i wouldn't go really. right now, i wouldn't go. i would wait. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. we can see the commute here on 80 getting out to the macarthur maze. it is taking about an hour, not quite, to get from this point to the hercules area. pardon me. traffic will be busy getting to the bay bridge toll plaza as well. you will see the traffic is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze when you get
8:33 am
to the bay bridge. it is not easy getting on to the span. a lot of slow traffic. also a lot of slow traffic left over from an accident that happened hours ago. it really was in a bad spot on 24. coming on down. they cleared it an hour and a half ago, maybe a little more than that. traffic has not recovered. it is slow in concord and walnut creek. the walnut creek drive from concord to walnut creek is taking a little bit less than an hour to make the drive. usually it takes 20 minutes. not a good morning on that freeway. 8:33. all lanes of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains are back open this morning. two labors had -- lanes had been closed because of a massive mudslide. janine de la vega is telling us that the rain we're getting this morning is making for a very messy commute. >> reporter: yeah, it is, sal. we just came from one of the back roads off of highway 17 where there was a smaller mudslide. hills are so saturated that
8:34 am
water is running off and there is little mini rivers alongside the road. here on highway 17, you can see they have that sign up for people to pay attention to. slippery wet roads. reduce your speed. it has been a very wet commute here. let's go to new video of the mudslide on old santa cruz highway off of highway 17 and idlewild road. it was reported just after 7:00 this morning. it is blocking the southbound lane. the california highway patrol is there direct the traffic around the mud and tree branches. there have been fender benders but for the most part they have been dealing with downed trees and slides. >> the hills are all saturated. we have already started a rough day with the mudslides. i'm assuming with the rains continuing, we will continue to get a lot more. we already had an accident up at summit. a big rig versus a sedan. so it's -- around every corner is some sort of obstacle in the roadway.
8:35 am
>> reporter: highway 35 near bear creek road is closed. the road was washed out there from all of the rainfall and the mud. and highway 9 is also closed at glenn gary due to a slide in that area. there is a flash flood watch in effect here in the santa cruz mountains and in the santa clara valley. officials in gilroy are concerned about uvas creek, that it may reach flood level again. there are sand bags available there at their citicorp race yard. sand bags available in morgan hill where that was flooding last night. and throughout santa clara county. back out here live, you're looking at traffic which right now we're near summit. it is flowing smoothly. but the closer that you get to los gatos, you start to see a lot of brake lights. it has been a wet and slow
8:36 am
commute. >> here is a live look at the kirkwood ski resort. steve mentioned a blizzard warning in effect. that snow coming all the way down to 5,000 feet. brian hickey has more from truckee. >> reporter: good morning from downtown truckee where snow continues to come down. 18 inches here. it continues to pile up. you can see behind me a ews spent the night trying to s dig out from the snow. they know that they're not really going to be able to dig out entirely. this is just the beginning of this storm that has prompted a blizzard warning from the national weather service where they're saying higher elevations of the sierra could sees much as 7 feet of snow by the time this winds down wednesday evening and thursday morning. thizzard warning in effect until wednesday at noon. beyond that a winter storm warning for the sierra. in truckee, they're expecting several feet of snow. that was followed by rain that caused minor flooding in town.
8:37 am
now a lot of snow piling on top of that. the local crews who make a living and are out here plowing the roads, they have been burning the candle on both ends. one plow operator says he got five hours of sleep and he was right back out there digging. i can show you the snow in truckee. it is heavy. good snowball, good snowman snow. hopefully up at the ski resorts it is colder and drier for the skiers up on the mountains. folks happy to be out in the snow this morning. i'm brian hickey, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the national weather service says storms have added 33.6 billion gallons of water to lake tahoe since the first of the year. that has led to the lake rising about one foot. it is a big turn around from a few years ago when the drought had lake tahoe water levels reaching record lows. all of this water is good news for california's water supply. the storms over the past week
8:38 am
have added 350 billion gallons of water to the reservoirs across the state. we haven't seen that in years. dam operators have released water to avoid flooding as well. if you have to leave us, you can use the app to find radar and up to the minute forecasts. just search for ktvu weather to download. we have an update to the breaking story out of the university of alabama. a gunman walked into a credit union located across the street from the law school there. the school tweeted that the city and campus police respond today a robbery and hostage situation about two hours ago. the gunman took an unknown number of bank employees hostage. officers have closed the area and video and photos show police and military style vehicles and tactical gear. a helicopter is overhead. we will monitor the situation and bring you the latest developments. the new musical drama on
8:39 am
fox. we will talk live with queen latifah about the new show star. it's a tough bay area commute in the east bay, in the silicon valley, here on the east shore. we will break it down for you when we come back. rain, more rain, and more rain. we will take a look at the updated forecast to see what is in store for the weekend. sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
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>> the late jest show right here on fox is called star. it's a musical drama about fame, fortune and all of the struggles that come right along with it. >> the series stars queen latifah and benjamin bratt. >> airs right here on ktvu fox 2 every wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. joining us live this morning, cannot wait to talk to queen latifah about star. good morning, and thanks for joining us. >> well, i can't wait to watch it after that intro. give me chicken and waffles and watch star. what? it's going down. >> i love it. >> i have to say, i got shades of mama morton from chicago. i'm seeing little bits of you through the years all rolled up into one beautiful package on star.
8:43 am
>> yeah. my partner says if cleo would have grope up and lived, she would have been carlotta. it is funny. this character has so many elements of different characters that i have played. but she is so not like any other character that i have played. she is a strong, flawed woman who is dealing with real life and has -- and kind of looking for redemption. and she finds it in these three young girls who she really was supposed to raise. o raise. in addition to that, she has a -- a daughter who was born as a son. who lives as a woman. and she is wrestling with how she feels about that. she knows she loves her child. but she doesn't know about it in terms of her child's lifestyle or choices and what she sees as kind of choices.
8:44 am
even that conversation is very new and ground breaking for television, which is exciting to me. and so this show really deals with a lot of issue that really happen in real life. and i think so many people can relate to it and be -- most importantly be entertained by it. >> queen latifah, you mentioned lee. i know it was created by lee daniels who also created empire. how is your character different than, say, cookie? >> oh, they're completely different. cookie has money. carlotta doesn't have that much money. let's start at the wardrobe. carlotta doesn't wear anything that costs more than $15. if she does, lee would have a problem with it. cookie leads a more extravagant
8:45 am
live. she has come from the bottom and had a ton of success in the music business. carlotta had minor success in the music business, went to jail. they're alike in that sense. but she found jesus. and that was her way of kind of healing herself. but also she is not an entrepreneur on her own. she is a single mother. she opened up a hair salon and going from paycheck to paycheck. >> is she going to be -- is she going to be singing in that hair salon? will we hear you throughout the season? yes. i sang in the pilot. i probably have sung about five songs so far. and we still have about five more episodes to go. so every two or three episodes, you will hear me sing a song. because we also have these fantast tee sequences. if she is not singing in the church, she is singing in a
8:46 am
fantasy sequence. you know, where she drifts off into some memory or drifts off into some daydream. and she becomes part of some spectacle. which is also really cool to take this gritty life. and then when you go off into a daydream, it turns into like a '90s music video, which is fun for all of us to be able to do. >> you're the daughter of a school teacher and a police officer. did you ever dream that you would be the super star that you are today to so many people? >> i think i dreamt it, only because my parents kind of raised in toe dream big like that. but to actually realize it would happen, i mean, no. of course you don't think that it's going to happen. not to the level that i have lived. i'm coming up on -- this year will be 30 years that i've been in the industry. in the biz, if you will.
8:47 am
i started really young. and it still is exciting to me. it is still new to me. i am still open. i still like new artists and learn fresh things from people. and i'm trying to be a constant student, you know, which keeps life interesting. yeah. so i can't say that i knew i would be here, but i definitely hoped for it. and i hope for even more things. so it's nice to see, you know, these girls, jude and ryan and brittany and amaya, young and upcoming artists to see their potential and be a part of witnessing it and also any wisdom that i can share with them i always do because i know they have it. and just them being here is like a one in a million things. so i hope that they have the same longevity and success that i have. >> i'm sure they will. and do in part because they're working with you.
8:48 am
i know that you can identify with that process of starting young. congratulations on your career and also on the show star airing on ktvu fox 29:00 wednesday nights. have a great rest of your tuesday, queen latifah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> be blessed. >> my day is officially made. sal castaneda, i'm sure you're in that same boat. >> yeah. the queen. >> yeah. >> i like the queen. i've been following her for a long time. yes, all right. you know what, i do want to -- i'm looking at something here. i do want to mention -- i'll mention it. i'll put it into the rundown in just a moment here. east shore freeway, we're going to start there. the east shore freeway is very slow. and i can see it off camera. but i want to show it to you. let's see if i can -- there you go. all right. westbound 80. 45 minutes to drive here from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. traffic will be busy when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to the bay bridge toll
8:49 am
plaza and i'll show you that traffic is super slow here at the toll plaza. it has not improved. in fact it has become a little improved. what hasn't improved since early in the morning, we had an accident on the oakland side of the tunnel. that has been gone for two hours. but the traffic has been terribly slow westbound on 24 and on 680 slow out of pleasant hill. and when you get over to the oakland side, there's a lot of slow traffic waiting for you. just to let you know that almost all of the traffic in the bay area will be slow on this rainy day. allow yourself plenty of extra time. public transit might be a good option. no major delays on bart this morning, for example. 8:49. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. >> rain, rain, rain. we get through thursday and then a break until another round shows up around the 19th, 20th, 21st. we have to deal with heavy rain here. white knuckle driving all the
8:50 am
way. pick is west side road near not so dry creek. i believe it. a lot of rain up that way. it will continue to be a lot of rain. in fact i would not be surprised six inch amounts popping up. jim is up at cobb. up to two and a half inches of rain in the past 24 hours. flash flood warnings are out at russian river and napa river. st. helena, flood stage at 16 feet. near town, 25 feet. both of those need to be watched over the next 24 hours. high wind warnings out for the higher elevations. the wind will kick in later on. with trees and grounds saturated it could be a dicey situation. the oakland hills one to two inches of rain. lake county, northern napa county and into sonoma county, that is really heavy rain
8:51 am
starting to fall now. i think that could cause a lot of issues going forward. because the heaviest rain is on its way later tonight and tomorrow. the peninsula keeps going and going. it looks like it is letting up a little bit. don't let that fool you. it is on its way for later this afternoon and tonight. blizzard warning. people are talking about having to dig out a couple of feet already. i think that everything is said and done, they will measure it in four to eight feet of snow. we will be -- forget it probably today as sal said. wind washings and flash flood watches and warnings. 50s on the temps. the system is already making itself felt. around the thunderstorms would happen. and another system has to swing in here tore wednesday night and into thursday. and then after that, we will start to get a break friday and into the weekend and early next week as well. 50s on the temps. rain. some of it moderate. heavy, especially tonight. we will get a break wednesday afternoon. but then wednesday night,
8:52 am
thursday, one more system. and then we will see some drying taking place on the weekend, which will be much, much needed. >> just seems far away. >> yeah. >> three days to go. >> all right, steve. thank you. we will be right back after the break. increase speed, full throttle!
8:53 am
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mom washed our clothes. credibility as handymen. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? we can't look this good! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can. >> another automaker planning to invest in the u.s. after pressure from president-elect donald trump. >> the cost of raising a child keeps going up. let's go to pam cook for monday business. >> toyota is the latest car maker that was going to be building cars in mexico, vin eventing there. but after pressure from president-elect donald trump, going -- announcing it will invest in the u.s. instead. ringing the opening bell a new way to invest in the vacation business today. that is -- those are some check tiffs from hilton grand vacations. they are celebrating. they're celebrating their launch as a publicly traded company today. checking in on the markets.
8:55 am
they were down from the sound of the opening bell. now all positive. the dow jones up 50 points. more than a quarter percent to 19938. the nasdaq also up more than half of a percent as well. 5562. the s&p 500 also up about a third of a percent right now. and it is not your imagination, the cost of raising a child has gone up. according to the department of agriculture, it will cost you $233,000 from the time that they are born to the time that they are ready to graduate from high school. that works out to be about $14,000 per year. then there's college. that cost is up 3% from last year. well, digital personal assistants like alexa and apple's siri are raising privacy concerns. >> alexa, what is the weather. >> currently 36 with intermittent clouds. >> sounds pretty harmless. they can perform tasks for you by just saying a command. your voice prompts though are
8:56 am
often recorded. stored and analyzed to help the gadget adapt to your voice and needs. but tech experts say you may not know when it is recording and storing that information. there is privacy concerns. amazon says it will not release customer information from its servers unless there is a legal reason to do that. there is a way to disable the features but you may have to consult an it consultant on that. >> thank you, pam. >> just got word that the hostage situation in alabama has been resolved peacefully and all of the hostages have been released. the warning for people who plan to visit yosemite national park.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
closure. now concerns about flooding have subsided. the river crested at 12 and a half feet yesterday morning. the valley did not experience major flooding. the park is warning visitors that a rock slide is block the entrance. in greece today, a police officer was shot as he was guarding the offices of greece's socialist democratic alliance party. the officer was sit we had sat in a truck and transported to the hospital. his injuries are not life threatening. no group has claimed responsibility of the attack. there is a search underway for the gunman. in orlando, florida a manhunt continues for a gunman who shot and killed a police officer. a sheriffs officer was also killed in a crash as he searched for the gunman. 41-year-old lloyd is accused of killing master sergeant deborah clayton yesterday outside of a wal-mart store. investigators say the officer confronted lloyd who opened fire. during the manhunt a motorcycle deputy was killed in a traffic accident. that deputy has been identified
9:00 am
as deputy first class norman lewis. a $60,000 reward is being offered that leads to lloyd's arrest. >> today at 9:00, mudslides and flooded roadways at another storm hits the bay area. >> president obama prepares to say farewell to the country that he left for the past eight years. >> cleaning out your closet and cashing in on your vintage toys. ♪[music] ♪[music] >> well, not the best looking tuesday outside. good thing we are putting a dent in the drought though. the wind is whipping, the rain is coming down, the rivers are rising and it is dumping snow in the sierra. although i'll tell you what, it is sunny in clemson, south carolina. >> yeah. >> where they are celebrating a national championship. look at that shot though of yosemite and the falls. what a winter we are having in northern california. they were down


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