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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 10, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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as deputy first class norman lewis. a $60,000 reward is being offered that leads to lloyd's arrest. >> today at 9:00, mudslides and flooded roadways at another storm hits the bay area. >> president obama prepares to say farewell to the country that he left for the past eight years. >> cleaning out your closet and cashing in on your vintage toys. ♪[music] ♪[music] >> well, not the best looking tuesday outside. good thing we are putting a dent in the drought though. the wind is whipping, the rain is coming down, the rivers are rising and it is dumping snow in the sierra. although i'll tell you what, it is sunny in clemson, south carolina. >> yeah. >> where they are celebrating a national championship. look at that shot though of yosemite and the falls. what a winter we are having in northern california. they were down 14-0. came back
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for the win. did you stay up. >> i did stay up. did you see my tweets. >> no, i didn't see your tweets. >> yeah. so i was screaming at the television. disturbing my family. how about you? >> i did stay up. that game kicked off at 5:15 shut down at 9:30. >> 9:30. a long game. and well, a lot of people are very happy after that game. >> a good national championship. pop quiz. college paid off by the age of what. >> 30. >> 27. 36. >> lower. >> 34. >> oh, okay. >> according to a new report by the college board. >> you're almost there, mike. >> yeah. >> anyways, thought i would throw that out there. we were talking about the weather. let's bring in steve paulson. so often you go to sal. you're like sal i have no idea where you're going to start. it's one of those days that i'm sending it to you. i don't know where you're going to start. i'm curious. >> we could start just about anywhere. snow 5 to 15 feet has fallen up in the mountains over the last
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week or so. people are sending me pictures here two to three feet. we also have concerns for the napa river, especially at st. helena and also in town in napa. there has been two and a half, about three inches of rain now. can't forget the burn areas up in lake county. there is grass growing up there. but not much of a root structure. that could easily cause issues. the wind will be a big factor later tonight and into tomorrow morning. the high wind warning from noon to midnight goes until tonight. gusts 55 to 60 miles per hour. we are seeing a letup in the peninsula and the south bay. north bay still dealing with heavy rain. look at that. lake county, northern napa county and sonoma county. that is heavy rain. a letup for the santa cruz mountains. don't let that fool you. a lot more has to come in here. in the sierra, sold out as we
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say. blizzard warning out for them. when it is said and done, eight feet for many people. and then another system late wednesday and into thursday. after that one goes through, then we finally get a break. rain steady to very heavy. i think the next 24 hours will be very critical, especially up north. as we head into the santa cruz mountains, we will get a break. then one more system thursday. until then, another isolated area. six inches of rain in area that's don't need much rain. certainly possible. >> thank you, steve. no letup for folks in the north bay. water still above flood stage in guerneville. alex savidge is joining us live from there this morning amid worries of more flooding, alex, and mudslides as well. >> reporter: yeah. there is that concern. certainly we saw a couple of small slides driving around this morning. i can tell you that the rain has really intensified up here. very heavy rain. it has been nonstop all morning
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long. the big concern, the russian river behind us. it is continuing to rise. at last check it was at 34 feet, two feet above flood stage. we have shifted over to highway 116. i'm not sure that this road closed sign is necessary. in any case, this road leading down to the river -- the riverbanks here is certainly closed today. let me show you the scene over in nearby guerneville. entire neighborhoods have been inundated by the flood waters there. people walking around in waist deep water. people getting around on kayaks as well. as many as 500 homes potentially could be impacted by the flood waters according to authorities. about 3,000 people have been told it may be a good idea to evacuate the low-lying areas. a lot of problems all over here in sonoma county. i talked a short time ago with a tow truck driver who has been very busy this morning.
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>> we're very busy right now. we're running from call to call. we don't even get a break to have lunch. >> what kind of calls are you deal withing.  >> vehicle that's are in the -- vehicles that are in the water, stuck in the water. off of the roadway. >> reporter: now, as far as the concerns about the russian river, obviously this is nothing compared to the major floods they saw back in the '80s and '90s. but folks are watching the river nonetheless. again, it is about two feet above flood stage right now. standing at about 34 feet. and the russian river is expected to crest at about 36 feet sometime late tomorrow night. so obviously people are going to keep an eye. the rain very intense up in this area. and a lot of folks, they are concerned and a lot of folks are packed up and ready to go, ready to evacuate if need be. we're live along the russian river this morning. now what i want to do is shift
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over to allie rasmus who has more on how this rain is impacting other parts of the bay area. allie, good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. thank you. napa county authorities closed the trail from deer park road to pope street. we will show you exactly why in this video coming up here. this is a landslide that happened in st. helena yesterday afternoon. work crews had to bring in heavy machinery to clear the roadway. the road was open and cleared by yesterday evening. however the road remains closed this morning because of a concern that the hillside above it could continue to come down during the rainstorms today and later this week. along with landslides, power outages are also expected to be a big problem. crews are prepared for the storms today. emergency repair crews are working in many places around the bay area. let's show you some of the numbers we have from pg&e this morning. the east bay has the biggest problem with more than a thousand customers without power. north bay, 762 customers
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without power. peninsula, 216. san francisco with 105 customers. south bay in the best shape with 34 customers without power. a pg&e spoke person will have updated numbers in the next hour. they could change coming up an hour from now. let's switch over to yosemite valley. the national park will reopen after a closure now that concerns about flooding have subsided. the merced river crested at 12 and a half feet yesterday morning and the valley did not experience any major flooding. still the pictures are fairly impressive. some facilities have been affected by the rain and the mudslides. visitors are warned that this rock slide is blocking the entrance. all a concern throughout the bay area. and it is expected to be a concern throughout the day because this rain as steve has been telling us, it won't be letting up any time soon.
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back to you at the desk. >> thank you, allie. search and rescue teams have been busy helping people trapped by rising water. >> i would just step right up on the roof, guys. >> the san jose fire department made four storm related water rescues this week in southern santa clara val i coming up in ten minutes, janine de la vega will be live from the santa cruz mountains to talk about the threat in the south bay. we have the threat of king tides. tides expected to be 7 feet along the coastline. affects areas include the embarcadero in san francisco, marin county. caltrans will keep an eye on highway 1 in pacifica where a mudslide slowed traffic for hours. caltrans shut all of northbound lanes causing a huge traffic backup in pacifica. it took 14 hours before the roads reopened. certainly the storm has proven to be dangerous. all of this weather is good news, specifically the water for california's water supply. according to the east bay
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times, the storms over the past week have added $350 billion in residence -- 350 gallons of water in the reservoirs across the state. finding a balance between your family and your career. coming up, we talk to the cofounders of trade mom about how their company is helping women give and receive a little help. also he is one of president- elect donald trump's most controversial cabinet picks. we break down the confirmation hearing underway for alabama senator jeff sessions.
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>> tonight in chicago, president obama will deliver his farewell address. thousands of people stood in zero degree weather on saturday to get free tickets to the speech. president obama will make that speech at the same venue where he delivered his 2012 election
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night speech. the president will reflect on the accomplishments of the past eight years and also look forward to the nation's future. you can watch that speech right here by the way on ktvu at 6:00. >> more and more republican lawmakers are uncomfortable getting rid of the affordable care act without having another plan ready. rand paul is calling for a delay in the repeal until a substitute is ready to go. an estimated 20 million americans would be left without insurance if it is repealed. the american college of physicians representing 148,000 doctors have sent letters to lawmakers saying no one should lose health care coverage as they make reforms to the affordable care act. the confirmation hearing for jeff sessions is underway right now. he was asked if he is confirmed would he be able to stand up to the president of the united states if mr. trump proposed a course of action that was not lawful? >> you simply have to help the
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president do things that he might desire in a lawful way and have to be able to say no both for the country, for the legal system, and for the president to avoid situations that are not acceptable. >> senator sessions is considered one of donald trump's most controversial nominees. some democrats accuse him of being racist and worry about his positions on immigration. >> and let me express a deep concern. there is so much fear in this country. i see it. i hear it. particularly in the african- american community. from preachers, from politicians, from everyday americans. americans. >> protesters started interrupting senator sessions' confirmation as he was walking in. two demonstrators dressed as the kkk were escorted out of the room. >> we're joined by writer jared. you have been watching the confirmation hearing so far. your thoughts. >> he is in the club. he will probably get a pass
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from these guys. it will be hard for the democrats to derail any of these nominations. they just don't have the votes. there was breaking news today. sessions did say that he would recuse himself if there are any investigations involving hillary clinton, her foundation, and further e-mail scandal. >> explain that for us. why would he recuse himself from that again. >> he was out on the campaign trail a lot for donald trump and saying things about clinton. so he wanted to sort of remove the politics of it at some level. you know, as frequently said on the campaign trail, people would be yelling lock her up. he was part of that environment. he wants to step aside for that. i don't know what that will do. it will be the department of justice investigating it and he is still the chief. >> the justice department oversees the courts. i'm wondering how hard he will try to prosecutor immigrants if he becomes the attorney
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general. >> that is an outstanding question. people don't know what he is going to do. one of the reasons that trump picked him, he was the first senator to endorse him and his hard line stance for immigration. he is for the wall and immigration and online with trump saying we're going to toss 2 million folks in the country illegally right now with criminal charges against them out. >> let's move to the president's address in chicago. promises made, promises kept, promises broken. is the american public keeping score or is it about the feeling that he is leaving us with. >> a little bit of both. tonight will be all about feelings. this will be very innvocative. there won't be a lot of dry eyes informer a lot of the stuff. president obama will be talking about admonitions for donald trump. he's not going to pointedly say
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trump is going to do this and you should be freaked about it. he will say in the way that he kind of couches thing in his lawyerly way, here is what to watch out for. if you see something, do something essentially. >> is the president-elect going to get any kind of honeymoon period when he gets into office? obama is leaving. we have seen this before. the new president usually gets a little bit of time. but it seems like -- >> no. there is no honeymoon. this is -- for democrats this is the nightmare honeymoon. there is not going to be any honeymoon. it has already started. in fact when i get to the inauguration next week, so much activism between us. a split screen most of the day. you will see the beautiful pictures of the inauguration and the hand on the bible. and then you will see all sorts of activism. >> protests planned here in the bay area. >> here in the bay area. >> and the big march the second
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day. >> the farewell address most presidents have done it. i was watching a show and george washington said something that i thought relates to where we're living today. spoke about the forces that he feared could destroy our democratic republic. i'm wondering if president obama will address protecting our democracy. president washington said the danger of foreign influence in our politics. this is what president washington was significant in his farewell speech. >> will he address protecting our democracy. >> he certainly will. that is one of the most things that he proud of. he has invested in democracy. he says, okay, trump won. we -- and that was a sign of the democratic forces, the people spoke. and so he acknowledges that. and the timing of this will be amazing because this comes a few hours after people -- top
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spy agencies will come on capitol hill and unveil the latest report about russian spying and hacking of the election. so this will be -- the next few days are going to be on overload with all kinds of crazy images. many of them against each other. you know, you will have the -- the confirmation hearings where you're seeing the promise of the cabinet leaders. protests showing what havoc they could wreck on the system we have right now. >> let's ask you a question that we've been asking our viewers throughout the morning. the question of the day was this as president obama plans to make his farewell speech tonight, what would you like to say to him if you had a chance. a lot of responses. thank you. now more than ever, you are a symbol of when america gets it right. it right. >> in spanish, gabriel tweeted. it means roughly thank you for
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being the example of a good leader. we had a lot of people from that community who are weighing in. >> on a different note, perry tweeted don't let the door hit you on the button the way out. end quote. so a couple different responses there. >> isn't america great. >> what is your response, joe. >> i would ask more of a reportery question. he has such charm. everyone who meets him is impressed personally. why did not use more of your personal charm, your personal power, your personal charisma to lobby what you wanted and a personal touch on capitol hill with democrats and republicans. that was a criticism all the way through. he said do you ever want to talk to mitch mcconnell that much? he laughed it off. that's one thing that bothered me, he wasn't able to translate the image that he projects on stage, on video to a hand-on
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raw politics of getting stuff passed. >> he is giving his speech tonight in the same place that he gave his acceptance speech in chicago. >> the mccormick center. there's not a lot of romance there. >> people scalping the tickets for thousands online. >> i wonder if it will be like a dead show. i got two. >> i wonder. we will be watching it and bringing it to you coming up tonight at 6:00. the full farewell address by president obama. we will check your responses to our question of the day. what would you say to the president if you could. use #ktvu. >> probably his last trip on air force one. >> that has to be tough to give up. >> thank you, joe. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, joe biden tackles a personal subject during his trip to san francisco. his commitment to finding a cure for cancer. a new board of supervisors in san francisco. how the newly sworn in members
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will likely change the city's politics.
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>> looking at stocks here. the dow had a little down. now on the upswing. up almost 70 points this morning. s&p up less than half a percent. nasdaq up by less than half a percent. i'm keeping an eye on the crude oil price. i know we have seen the price of gas tick up. maybe it could be heading back down. >> it would be nice if it goes down. for the first time in 22 years the board of supervisors will have a female majority. >> three new supervisors have been sworn into office. and yesterday they got a tour of city hall. >> ktvu's tara moriarty has more on the dynamic of city politics and how it is changing. >> reporter: newly sworn in supervisors spoke before the board for the first time ever at city hallmarking an apparent
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shift in the board's orientation. >> any dynamic affects legislation. >> reporter: it means there are less progressives and more moderates who tend to side with mayor ed lee politics. >> you have swing voters like myself and jeff. we will take the issues issue by issue. we're not wetted to a political ideology. i think that's where san francisco has gotten in trouble. >> reporter: jeff is the first openly open hiv supervisor. >> one guy caused me a bulldog. i have mellowed since i have not been involved in politics. i have a daughter. she has taken we down a couple of notches. >> for the first time in 22 years, we have a female majority on the board. >> we're going to have a majority of parents on the
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board of supervisor snooze in a display of unity, was reelected as board president. a unanimous decision that many considered appropriate given the atmosphere in a democratic city hall in the wake of trump being elected president. >> to every san franciscoian who feels scared, uncertain or alone now, you are seen, you are loved and you are one of us. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. s. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, a new episode of star airs tomorrow night on ktvu fox 2. what queen latifah told us about an hour ago about the new show and about getting her big break. we're staying on top of the wet weather. there are concerns of flooding in the south bay as another powerful storm moves through the bay area. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. ♪[music]
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♪[music] >> all right. welcome back to the 9, everyone. we're checking our twitter. president obama expected to deliver his farewell address tonight in chicago. if you had a chance to talk to the president, what would you say to him? tom says i would say thank you for helping with mortgage crisis and obamacare. you did your best given lack of unity among parties. >> an facebook, wayne anderson writes he did nothing for the black community. he is a major disappoint. all glitter and talk. he had the nerve to go to chicago for his farewell address. jan says we know we did this to ourselves and you can't save us but thanks for trying. >> locking up some of the folks that wrecked the economy would have avoided trump victory. oh well. there is some positives and some negatives. everybody has an opinion. >> as they always do. thank you for sharing it with us. you can reach us on twitter by using #ktvu.
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>> let's go over to steve paulson with a check on the weather. >> this evening could be brutal here as the system inches closer here. possibility of thunderstorms in the mix as well. and up in the mountains it is all snow on the go. the russian river, three inches. middle town almost 3. there has been relentless rain up in lake county in the last 24, 36 hours. guerneville over two inches of rain. petaluma, an inch and a third. st. helena, an inch and a third. other totals that i noticed kent field 2.62. santa rosa an inch and a half. napa an inch and a quarter. ben lomand. and jan says it is raining so hard in santa rosa, i can barely see out my windows. open up the shades. you will see out there. that will continue for the next
9:30 am
-- i think into this evening and overnight as well. because of the heavy rain, the russian river and the napa river at st. helena and napa, those need to be watched over the next six to 12 hours. the burn areas, how can you not? there are reports coming out of cobb of unbelievable amounts of rain. wind advisories out. gusts along the coast as well. 50-plus. and with the stress on all of the trees lately this could be an issue. there could be downed trees later tonight and tomorrow. things let up a little bit to the south peninsula and south bay. don't be fooled. there's a lot more on the way. look at that. that is torrential rain right there. lake port, clearlake, windsor, over to cloverdale. a lot of rain stacking up. blizzard warning. don't say that often. i know mammoth has reported just this year 15 feet. it is still snowing.
9:31 am
a lot of reports of two to four feet around lake tahoe. we have the advisories for wind and flooding. a couple systems in the old pipeline have to swing through here. it won't end until thursday afternoon. then we get a break. a lot has to come through tonight and tomorrow including the possibility of brief heavy rain with thunderstorms. 50s on the temps. the good news, if we can get without too much more damage here water-wise or wind-wise through thursday, we will see a break friday, saturday and into next week. >> thank you, steve. all lanes of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains are back open this morning. two lanes as you might know have been closed for more than 24 hours because of a massive mudslide. as ktvu's janine de la vega tells us, the rain we're getting this morning is still making for a very slow and soggy commute. janine. janine. >> reporter: yeah. it sure is, sal. we have been monitoring the chp's website, looking for any hazards or crashes. we saw that there is a slide on
9:32 am
17 northbound near briar creek road. another lane blocked southbound 17 further down here south at redwood estates. let's take a look at video of another small landslide. this one is from this morning on old santa cruz highway off of highway 17, the idlewild road. it was reported just after 7:00 this morning and it is blocking the southbound lane. the california highway patrol is there directing traffic around mud and tree branches. officers have been going from call to call. there's been fender benders. for the most part dealing with downed trees and slides because the ground is so sal rated with water -- saturated with water. >> that is a baby tree and it is around a blind corner. if someone tries to go around this, go into head-on traffic. you never know what you will find around one of these corners. >> reporter: take a look at this. here is new video that we just
9:33 am
received from a boulder creek volunteer firefighter showing the destruction at bear creek road near highway 35. the road washed away sunday night. and it is still closed at that section in boulder creek. now, highway 9 is also closed at glenn gary due to a slide north of felton. there is a flash flood warning in effect in the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley until 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning. the chp is monitoring highway 17 closely. there was a large slide that happened yesterday that sal mentioned that completely shut down the northbound lanes for more than 24 hours. it reopened this morning. but this can be a very treacherous commute, especially when it rains. just because the roads are winding here along highway 17. of course the chp officers are telling everyone to slow down, keep your headlights on. it's not worth it to get into a crash. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, janine.
9:34 am
many of the lake tahoe ski resorts were closed yesterday. now they are reopening. they expect 5 to 7 feet of new snow before the weekend. getting there is a challenge because of the heavy snowfall. 80 is closed from colfax he nevada state line because of blizzard conditions. 50 is open but chains are required unless you have a four- wheel-drive vehicle with snow tires. what city or town do you think takes the title for the know -- snowiest. 240 inches for copenhagen, new york. >> here are some of the top stories we're following for you. engineer brown will release the first draft of his state budget plan. it is expected to show how he will prepare for big spending cuts when donald trump becomes president. it will lay the ground work for the next six months of
9:35 am
negotiations in how to spend the state money. big cuts in federal funding is expected in health care and other public services. donald trump has promised to repeal president obama's affordable care act which provides about $20 billion in health care for 5 million californians. trump also said he will cut some funding to local government that's block the enforcement of federal immigration laws. right now a one-day strike is happening. it is underway by thousands of workers at university of california campuses all over the state. part of a dispute over pay and salaries. here in the bay area, picket lines are up at uc berkeley, uc san francisco, lawrence berkeley national lab and in oakland at the uc office of the president. the picketers include workers who schedule medical appointments, check in patients, and send out bills. now, on the uc campuses, library assistants and financial aid workers are also taking part. we're getting new details
9:36 am
about a young woman who was fatally stabbed over the weekend near the uc berkeley campus. police say 27-year-old emily inman was found stabbed to death at her home on ashby avenue. she was a native of france and grew up in san luis obispo and attended uc santa cruz. go necessary is a uc berkeley student. he killed ms. inman and stabbed another woman who was seriously wounded but expected to survive. gomez was arrested in burbank the day after that killing. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, back to you. >> thank you, dave. when moms decide to take a break from their 9:00 to 5:00 to spend time with their families, they may worry about getting back into the workforce. >> enter the company that
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allows moms to trade services and products with each other. thank you for joining us. it is such a struggle for working parents. and perhaps especially for women. because it is so common to take a step back from work to stay home and raise the family. but getting back in might almost be harder than deciding to taking a pause. >> when we came up with the idea we realized that stay at home moms and working moms struggle with the work-life balance. that's why we came up with trade moms to bridge that gap. we wanted to solve that problem. >> what is it? explain it. >> trade moms is a marketplace for moms to buy, sell or trade products that they make or their skills. for example, i was a stylist in my former life. i would have traded and would continue to trade for, you know, anything from piliates classes or landscape architect or with a lawyer or for social
9:38 am
media. so it would allow us to meet in the marketplace and trade our skills. >> what are some of the skills that go dormant or take a hit after a short amount of time that you have noticed, maybe women have noticed, gosh, i haven't written copy for six months. i'm a little rusty. how long does it take to -- for the skills to get rusty and start up again? >> so i think that it's -- we're hoping to prevent becoming rusty. when women get pregnant they look at, you know, what their careers will look like in the future and how it will change. i think trade moms allows us to never leave the workplace. you can continue to work when your rid aat school or at nights and and weekends to you don't get rusty. >> we've all heard that stay at home mom suzanne is a taxi driver and a meal consultant. the problem is translating that on to a resume that the ceo
9:39 am
will appreciate. stay at home parents are doing all of these things but it is relevant to get back into the workforce full-time. is that the struggle. >> exactly. many moms may not have a skill that they think is valuable for trade moms. i would love to get back in the workforce but on my own terms. we always say to those moms, moms have super powers. they do everything. think of the things that you're really good at. for example, if you are good at organization, you could declutter somebody's house. >> right. >> you could be a personal assistant. >> i'll take that. >> that's why my children say my wife is the boss. >> i get that. >> my wife is the boss. >> you were sitting there and doing a remodel of one of your rooms. >> yeah. our bedroom and living room. >> i left corporate america with the same struggle of wanting to work but wanting to be with my kids.
9:40 am
i was trying to do things on a budget. i asked my own network if someone would help interior design the house and i could style. and it just -- the ball started rolling. you know, i feel like we have so much experience. we spent 5, 10, 15 years working. we have a lot of things to offer. and our skills should be a form of currency, if you will. and we should be able to put that to use immediately and make it work for us. >> have you heard from people saying, gosh, thank you for doing this because it has allowed me to stay relevant? >> absolutely. we hear from moms all the time that they love trade moms because it's not just a product site or a service. and it's not just for sale. it's also for trade. it offers moms a lot of options. they're not limited. >> when did you launch? >> last fall. >> what do you expect growth- wise five years from now? have you thought about that. >> we will be ruling the world. >> there you go. >> we're full steam ahead.
9:41 am
>> yeah. >> any day now. >> is it overwhelming? is it to the point that you didn't think it would be this big. >> i think -- i feel really fortunate in our rship that we really love what we do. we drank the kool-aid. our partnership came through trade. we didn't know each other. she had something that i needed. we both needed something from each other. >> right. >> there in lies what we have doing. i think women have so much to give one another. working moms and stay at home moms can help each other. the sky is the limit. >> and not fight. i love the message. >> look for it on under the web links section and also find it on our mobile app. congratulations. thank you for coming in and sharing your story of trade moms. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, superman comic book worth $100,000. we will look at some of the
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treasures you may find and sell at the vintage toy sale underway in city of san francisco.
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>> the san francisco vintage toy buying show began just minutes ago. it allows people to bring in and sell their collectibles and toys. for more on the show and the toy that's could earn you big money, we go over to mike and sal. >> we're with a toy scow. thank you for coming -- a toy scout. thank you for coming in.
9:45 am
i know you're a busy man. >> many of the toys i know i tossed. >> we're glad people did that because they are hard to find. fortunately some parents saved things in their attics and basements. >> star wars is very hot. >> yes. >> what is this here. >> this is one of the first star wars figures that came out because it came on a 12 back card. they didn't think the movie would be a success. all of a sudden there were 100 figures. very, very rare. >> you want it in the package. >> no. >> they will be loose. >> they can be loose. we do lots of restorations. package is not necessary. >> i see some of these -- these trucks and cars. i have a few of those. i have a couple of tonka trucks at home. what do you suggest we do with them. >> don't try to restore them. on tonka trucks, that is
9:46 am
detrimental. many people want them rust and all. >> in the toy story, they wanted it shiny. >> the trend is to leave them like they are. barbie is one of the favorites of all time. this one is from 1965. we're looking for anyone to bring in anything from the 1980s and older. we have models and dolls and even ghostbusters. >> a barbie from '65, if i brought this in, how much is this worth. >> $120. >> we mentioned the superman at the top. >> this is a $100,000 comic book from 1938. this was literally the first superhero comic. before 1938, there was no superhero. >> how many of these do you think are lying around in people's attics. >> you know, there's about 100 examples documented right now. >> wow. >> everybody says where did they go? they only made a few in the
9:47 am
beginning. they didn't know if it would be a success. over years paper drives were the biggest killer over the years. everybody wanted to add all their papers in there and comic books got thrown in there. >> people can just come in and say, hey, i have this. >> oh, yeah. >> what can you tell me about it. >> sure. >> is it worth a penny, is it worth $100,000. >> we will do that. we make cash offers on the spot. even if people want to bring it in and see what it is worth, i'll tell you what it is worth and tell you how to increase the worth too. >> i'm thinking should i throw away my kids' toys. will they be worth something some day. >> yes. here is a big tip for the future. if it is popular today, it will be popular in the future. so everybody says what -- pick out something. harry potter. >> okay. >> what happens is when people reach the age of 40, this
9:48 am
nostalgia meter goes off. they want it back. 40 years later, it is not out there. everyone is trying to bring back the childhood memories and the price goes up. >> you mentioned harry potter. what about star wars the second time around. >> that is even better. this has gone on to the point that the parents can share their memories with the kids. the kids do their texting and the parents do other things. this brings a lot of families together because they're doing the same thing. they all love them. dad loves star wars, the kid loves star wars. >> we are a frozen household. we have anna and elsa all over the place. should we save those. >> yes. >> i love seeing the slinky and the hot wheels. i have them in my house right now. not the originals. >> yes. slot cars were popular in the '60s. now they're making a come back. >> can you give us an example of someone who brought in something and they didn't know
9:49 am
they had a treasure. >> it actually happened we were in sacramento a few days ago. and a gentleman brought up a whole stack of comic books and literally told me he was going to throw them away two weeks ago and one of his neighbors saw the ad. and he brought them in and he had the first appearance of bat girl. a $500 comic book for something that he was going to throw away. it happens all the time. it really does. >> cool. thanks for coming in. i appreciate it. the show is at the courtyard san francisco airport in san bruno. tomorrow it moves to the arts and culture in san francisco. we are putting more information about selling your vintage toys and the toy show on look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on our mobile app. joel mcghee, congratulations on the new tv show too. >> you're going to be on tv. it will do well for you. >> i'll just take the superman
9:50 am
comic. >> yeah. well -- woman: college today. career tomorrow at the peralta colleges. sign up for classes today at one of our four colleges. berkeley city college, college of alameda, laney college and merritt college. classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from, tutoring and so much more. college today. career tomorrow. sign up for classes right now at peralta dot edu. like your future at the peralta colleges.
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>> i want to mention there is a jackknifed truck in oakland on northbound 880 at 7th. it is -- there is also a spill. i'm looking at chp's site. of di this will be a protracted operation there. it is backed up from here all the way to downtown past 980. take it easy out there. the afternoon commute will not
9:53 am
be good either. joe biden was in san francisco yesterday speaking about his efforts to find a cure for cancer. he announced results from the cure cancer missio he spoke as a father who lost his son to cancer less than two years ago. his son died in 2015 of brain can engineer. he was just 46. the vice president told the crowd at the jpmorgan health conference how it has impacted and inspired his drive to find a cure. >> even if we couldn't save our son science, medicine and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless others sons and daughters. there is a need for a greater sense of urgency. >> vice president biden announced when he leaves office, he will partner with others to form a group. the clemson tigers got their revenge. they beat alabama to win the
9:54 am
championship. the tigers clawed back, scoring three touchdowns. the last one occurring with just one second left in the game. de shawn watson finding hunter renfro in the end zone to win 35-31. clemson dethrones alabama which beat the tigers last year. you know, maybe de shawn watson will have interest from the niners. >> move out west. the niners will interview more candidates for head coach and general manager. reddick was drafted by 49ers. he had a long envelope career, including with the raiders. they will also talk to sean mcdermott for the coaching jobs. washington redskins offensive coordinator sean mcveigh turns 31 in two weeks.
9:55 am
he would become the youngest head coach in nfl history. his grandfather is a former executive on the super bowl champ niners. here is a list of the coaching candidates they have talked to so far. mcveigh, josh mcdaniels of the patriots. kyle shanahan of the falcons and buffalo bills interim coach anthony lynn. forget the polar plunge. how about a polar rely. r rely. >> go. go. go. go. go. >> oh, my gosh. >> the swim team was stuck in virginia over the weekend when they had a meet at virginia tech. but it was cancelbecause of the weather. and so the four by 50 meter relay team made the best it was and took cold laps in the snow. >> we have all been there. >> no, we haven't. >> liquid courage. >> come on, gasia. >> no. pam said even if college i
9:56 am
wouldn't do that. >> i wouldn't either. >> the musical drama star. just about an hour ago, we spoke with one of the stars of the new series, queen latifah. >> this show really deals with a lot of issues that really happen in real life. and i think so many people can relate to it and be -- most importantly be entertained by it. you know, i started really young. and it still is exciting to me. >> star airs right here on ktvu every wednesday at 9:00. >> join us tomorrow on the 9 when we joined by the harlem globetrotters. check out this video of buckets making a shot off of oracle areign a they are in town as part of the harlem globetrotters world tour. the pregame dribbling routine. the globetrotters will play 7
9:57 am
games both at oracle and in san jose saturdaying saturday. but tomorrow they will join us onset and teach us a thing or two, maybe do that step routine there. >> maybe he can teach me how to twirl a basketball. >> yes. >> on the finger. >> yeah. >> we will get it done. that's our goal. >> that's our show for this morning. we continue to follow the developing news about the weather rolling into the bay area. we leave you now -- i was going to leave you with the globetrotters music. but we will see you back here at noon. >> whistle it, mike.
9:58 am
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