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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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bringing heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. higher elevations could see as much as 7 feet of snow by thursday morning. interstate 80 is closed at this time because of dangerous conditions. we have live team coverage of the storm. ktvu's tom vacar is in the north bay where homes are red tagged. >> maureen naylor is in the santa cruz mountains where heavy rains are soaking the area. we begin with bill martin, it hit hard in time for the afternoon commute. >> this day has been wet. both of the commutes wet. the afternoon commute getting high rainfall rates that set up more flooding concerns on the russian and the napa river and mountains. we got that winter storm warning upgraded. we don't get that all of the time. i can remember years we haven't had blizzard warnings. i talked to people at lake tahoe that could see 6 feet of snow in 24 hours. this system as it moves onshore is winding down and becoming closer and the heavy showers are right in here and moving
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off this way. the mountains won't get a break. snow levels have dropped and a cooler system and the snow keeps piling up. 80 will be shut down up and down all night. they have had blasts and avalanches and problems keeping the road open. the showers outside in the bay area just in time for the afternoon commute will throw in the moraga area and st. mary's and heavy rains and showers in the south bay. most of the activity is drying out. you see towards morgan hill and gilroy. this is a pretty impressive day of rainfall up to three and four inches of rain in some urban areas. that means more in the coastal hills. when i come back we will take a look at the flood watches and warnings, the wind advisory and a lot of snow to come in the mountains because this thing is not going to end today. it will keep going for the next 24 hours. well along with the wet
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weather, we have king tides. this is what it looks like along the san francisco water front. king tides occur when there is alignment. the king tides will last through thursday. rising water and now sliding hillsides are forcing hundreds of people along the russian river out of their homes. in fact several homes are red tagged due to mudslides. ktvu's tom vacar is live in guerneville with the latest on the situation there. tom. reporter: where the rain has been relentless, relentless and falling more right now. flooding is a known situation. it happens relatively slowly giving people time to get away. this saturation of the ground is a very serious thing because landslides can happen and trees can fall over in the same manner. a highly fluid situation.
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fluid because the fluid that is around, rain is just way too much. >> arising russian river is one thing but a steep sliding hillside is another. 7 homes in mone reo on santa rosa road are red tagged and dangerous and could send the homes in to oblivion. >> the waters are expected to crest 6 feet above flood stage and two to four feet where the waters would hit downtown guerneville. >> one woman is having her trailer towed. >> i am ready to go. this woman is ready to go. >> and my family has had this since 1927. we have been through this a
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lot. >> downstream a few miles. monty's beach parking lot where pg&e contractors are staged to respond to the many expected outages will begin going under water at any time. the town lies just above the expected crest level. trees of all sizes, big ones are falling over as the saturated ground loses strength. tributaries such as austin creek are so swollen whole trees are being carried away. 15 miles downstream the rivers spill in to the pacific ocean. more will gather here for many more days by the hundreds or thousands. >> everybody needs to be careful out here. and what we have is a situation where the rains continue and the saturation temperatures. and because of that, that soaked grounds mean more trees will come over and the real big
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problem are the landslides. two kinds, one on the top which we saw in the videotape that we just saw you and the other kind more dangerous. the deep landslide that can literally take out entire neighborhoods. reporting live tom vacar, fox 2 news. tom, it is so much water up there. it has been raining heavy where are all day. have you noticed the rain start to taper off. it is hard to tell from where we are looking. reporter: what happens is that it will taper off and then it is still pelting a bit and then what happens is the squalls come in and it just rains cats and dogs and that may happen for five or 10 or 15 minutes but i can guarantee all day long we haven't seen some sort of significant amount of rainfall and all of those tributaries are picking up the runoff and taking it to the ocean at the russian river but as i say, if you look at san francisco bay, all of those trees that are going out to the river here are going to be
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going into the bay there and they are a danger to navigation. the rain keeps coming in. a bay problem. thank you, tom. from mudslides to downed trees, thousands of residents in the santa cruz mountains are bearing the brunt of the storm. maureen naylor is live for us off of the summit on highway 17. maureen. reporter: it has been coming down all day. a light rain and more foggy. i want to give you a look at what we found after we left san jose this morning. before we could leave los gatos. traffic on highway 17 was stopped. >> coming down a little bit. reporter: the chp halting drivers so cal tran could clear this small mudslide. once in the santa cruz mountains. bream creek looked like a rushing river. >> we have not got the mail in a couple of days. reporter: donna has not been
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able to get her mail because of this massive mudslide. it includes downed power lines is blocking one way in and a downed tree is blocking the other way out for about 85 families that live here. >> we set up a system on the even hours, you can go out and on the odd hours you can go in because it is a one lane road. reporter: i am standing in front of one of several messes in the santa cruz mountains and to give you an idea of how big it is i am a little over five feet tall, this massive amount of mud, rocks and trees has completely covered this road and it likely won't be cleared for four more days. a heavy rain fell this afternoon. the runoff causing some problems. >> we are just worried that it might fall down on a house. haven't been sleeping too good. reporter: this father of two is not sleeping because a russian creek is eroding the trees here. in the middle of the rains the
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worker climbed up to take it down and just off of the corner another problematic tree. >> the rain is still coming down and i have to show you this. look at this redwood tree about 100 feet tall resting at 45- degree angle all over the scotts valley house and all that keeps it from crashing is this neighbor's retaining wall. one neighbor drove under it. >> i did not see that when i went under it. reporter: stephanie was out with her labra doodle, bengie. >> anytime i go out i need to plan to be out and i want to do laundry and we have no power. >> and she is not alone. i talked to pg&e and there are 5000 people without power in the santa cruz mountains and the largest amount in the bay. i talked to several residents that say they were happy with pg and e during preventive maintenance with trees and crediting them with the power
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off. here comes the winds and rain and a wet commute for over ohio 17. back to you. maureen naylor, live for us in the south bay. as you might expect the powerful storms that have soaked the bay have provided a huge boost to local reservoirs. video of the lexington reservoir near los gatos. it has gone up 31 feet since new year's day surging 100% of its capacity. and as the reservoir gets more rain, the flash flood warning has been issued for both los gatos and campbell. >> a new map of the drought conditions. the yellow shows dry conditions. all the way to the dark red indicates extreme drought. the monitor says 18% of the state has no drought conditions at all. that's up slightly from a review next week and stay updated on the weather conditions for the area that you live. download the free ktvu weather app. you will find live radar and up
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to the minute forecasts. it wasn't just rain that caused big problems on the roads in the east bay. 880 in oakland shut down in both directions. earlier today, after a truck knocked down a power pole onto the freeway. ktvu's henry lee is live with more. henry. we are along 880 off of high street. you take a look behind me. traffic on 880 not too bad considering what happened several hours ago. not the case. take a look. >> this woman took video of 37th and east oakland and while backing up a big rig hit a power pole and the wires fell apart both directions between high and fruit rail at 12:20 this afternoon. >> he keeps trying to back out and people tell him to go to the front and make a u-turn but he doesn't listen. when he backed out that's when he hit the pole.
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she said the truck driver left the scene and showed the video to chp the oakland police did make contact with the driver. both northbound and southbound traffic came to a standstill on 880. this happened before the start of the rush hour and no motorists hurt. pg&e removed the wires from the freeways including this car on the southbound side. the chp opened the freeway at 1:40. the police have talked to the driver but unclear if he will face charges or any citations. the take of this is obviously to plan your route and allow extra time especially in this weather. live from oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. what a mess. thank you, henry. confirmation hearings for the trump administration get under way. what his choice for attorney general said about abortion, gay marriage and immigration. plus even inyou wanted to
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hit the slopes tomorrow for that new snow. you may not be able to get there. details about the dangerous blizzard conditions and if the major highways will reopen. >> there is a blizzard warning and we will talk about the major river we are concerned with and your forecast for your commute tomorrow so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. governor brown released his proposal for the state budget. the most difficult spending plan in years. four years ago the governor declared the budget will be balanced for the foreseeable future but now the governor says it is projected to run a
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$1.6 billion deficit due to lower than expected revenue. republicans found something to like about the governor's plan. >> sorry that the deficit has been adjusted more but we approve of the fact that we're not increasing taxes. >> brown says state lawmakers have to take a hard look on how much money should go to schools, health care and social services. the governor will present a revised budget proposal in may. there is dangerous blizzard conditions. the highway patrol is stopping traffic at colfax and all of the way to the nevada state line due to reduced visibility. officers say that the conditions are dangerous and
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don't expect to reopen the highway before 9:00 tonight. >> i don't know what will happen. we will wait and get hungry. we would want to get through but it is dangerous probably. >> highway 50 is closed from just east of placerville to myers due to avalanche control. no word on when that highway will reopen. and yosemite reopened for traffic after a rock slide monday prompted officials to close the road. highway 140 in the park will be opened but only until 6:00 tonight. park officials say the moreset river reached its banks and then receded. they opened up the valley. camp grounds are back open but park officials say services may be limited. the pictures of the waterfall beautiful and a lot of snow, maybe 6 to 7 feet expected. >> in the mountains, and i
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think thinking about the blizzard warnings. >> i can't remember one of those. >> it has been so long. i'm talking to guys in lake tahoe. they are looking at in some cases getting like five or six inches in an hour in some places. they are looking at the potential to have six feet of snow at some parts of the lake tahoe area in 24 hours and i have actually -- people have been sending me pictures. the snow is come down. not the time to go to the mountains. not the time to go there. i said it. tomorrow morning is not the time to go to the mountains. the rain around here came fast and furious. a lot. 3-inches in kentville and mount tam over 4-inches in 24 hours. oakland downtown almost two inches in 24 hours. that's a lot of rain in an urban setting. the rains out there right now, it is not as bad as it was two hours ago. there's that blizzard warning in effect in the lake tahoe area. the snow levels are down and little blizzard warning will stay in effect and it will be a problem if you are driving up there.
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the wind warning as well. until this evening with wind gusts, we have seen them up to 60 miles per hour in the higher locations and some points 45 on mount tam. almost 50 in the east bay hills and in mount hamilton 35 miles per hour gusts and there's the rain right now. it is raining hard. rainfall rates. if you are with us on sunday, that's what we talk about when you get this kind of event. everybody is getting rain. more about who is getting the heavy stuff. when i tap in here, i will see .27 a quarter of an inch. down here by san ramon. the rainfall rates not as robust. a half-inch in santa rosa and the drainage basin. on sunday with the heavy rain, we are seeing an inch and a half. you just can't manage that much rain. let's check this out by san ramon. 3 to 7-inches. heavy rain in oakland and more
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showers in morgan hill and showers are starting to wind down but russian river will go back up and hillsdale will stay below flood stage. here at guerneville up over 35. it may go up a few feet where it has been. that would crest mid-morning. let's pay attention to that and that will cause more problems. in the napa river. we got a position where we will see the napa river at st. helena go overflood stage. and we will see it go over a foot in down napa. with the flood control that they put in the last couple of years, we are thinking that should be okay. watching it closely, just busy time and not to mention the rocks and not to mention the roadways. this is on the afternoon commute. rosemary orozco was in here earlier and she ran out and wanted to look at the traffic. she heard it was bad and we got
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standing water. rosemary, where are you? what are you seeing? reporter: i'm here near the station on the oakland embarcadero area. you can see 880 behind me and we have head lights for as far out as the eye can see in the other direction. not necessarily a parking lot but top and go in that direction as well. there is a lot of wet roadway and ponding and i'm sure folks are having trouble with hydroplanning along i-80 through emeryville just as bad. you can see a lot of stop and go along highway 24, seeing a lot of traffic at this hour. this will go on for the next couple of hours. the rain is not going to let up. in fact it could intensify in the next couple of hours and the winds could go as well. in a matter of less than ten
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minutes there was 7 accidents and 7 traffic hazards and that doesn't include the road closures from areas like from mudslides and the flooding that is going on. i guess the key here as we know, you may just need a reminder just to take it slow. it is hazardous. according to c hp, the middle lanes safer when we are talking about puddling and water, again beginning to puddle up on the sides of the freeways. the traffic looks like it is moving fairly smoothly, just moving really, really slow. a good idea to expect the unexpected, they say, be prepared for those sudden stops and be prepared for when that water sloshes on to your windshield with little to no warning and be prepared for spinouts and the sudden stops in front of you. everything that we know, we just sometimes need a reminder especially when we get out here
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and when we are in a hurry and getting home. take it easy because it is hazardous and the rain and the wind will keep going. my umbrella wants to go away because of the wind. >> hey, rosemary. >> yes. >> you can't extend the umbrella. >> did you see that? >> yeah, yeah. that wind advisory is verifying. with that rain, two inches in oakland, in that urban setting, up the road there's standing water everywhere. i think that's the reminder it is not just oakland it is heyward and everybody. standing water on all bay area highways and it will continue tonight. reporter: you're right. as this win just flipped the umbrella upside down and blowing me around. good to note on those bridges out there, it will be windy if we have that south wind blowing, it will hit up against the car and the bay bridge and
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the san mateo bridge. i will say it one more time take it easy and slow and be safe. rosemary, thanks for your help. when we come back. i will take a look at the forecast models and give you an idea what you can expect. and we will go to the mountains as well. we will see you back in a bit. coming up. gay marriage and moslem immigration and abortion. the topics debated in the presidential election and see what donald trump's picks had to say about that, the attorney general.
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confirmation hearings got under way on capitol hill for the pick for attorney general. senator jeff sessions was one of the trump's earliest supporters in the race for the white house but he told congress he would be an independent minded attorney general to stand up to the president if necessary. sessions also defended himself against accusations against racism and serving as a federal prosecutor in the 1980s. >> i supported civil rights attorneys said major civil rights cases that integrated schools and prosecuted the klan. >> protestors interrupted the nominee several times during the hearings. sessions is expected to easily win confirmation despite opposition from democrats. sessions is promising to enforce the nation's laws even
5:27 pm
though he disagrees with. he vowed to protect a woman's right to choose despite the public opposition to abortion. sessions says he will support gay marriage keeping in line with last year's supreme court ruling. he says he does not support the band on moslems and added the president-elect donald trump himself has backed off his controversial plan. ktvu political analyst james taylor joins us. did you hear anything to block jeff sessions from becoming the next attorney general? >> i don't think so. the opposition, the liberal base that you talked about is definitely committed to sort of prosecuting sessions before he take office to make sure that he sort of stigmatized to weaken him. we saw this with ashcroft and the same thing about john ashcroft and on a different level from a liberal base you
5:28 pm
saw the criticisms before that. he has been in washington for so long. and so many friends on both sides of the aisle, is he in a position to be effective attorney general? >> i think he will be able to use this in the senate. it works for all of the people in the class? it will serve him well as the attorney general because he knows the laws. he knows his positions and he has a really strong position. i think they are threatening to many people that see him as the kind of conservative sort of confederate to be frank with you. the protest you saw today made the blunt accusations and many people are concerned about whether he can be objective and prosecute the law fairly. >> with the pocket of more investigations involving hillary clinton's emails and the family's foundation, he said today he would recuse himself from any of that. do you think that was a smart move? >> interesting move for him to suggest he would recuse himself. it is not like he would have involvement.
5:29 pm
he would definitely be in the shadows because he is in charge. we saw this happen with loretta lynch where this thing blue up and backfired on hillary clinton where she got too close in the airplane and that small act led to everything else that came collapsing. have to be careful with the distance between the personal relationships and the political relationships. quick switch of gears. in over an hour or less than an hour president obama saying farewell after 8 years in his hometown of chicago. should be quite an evening. >> it will be somber for many. a lot of people will be happy that half of the country that didn't support him or hillary clinton, the word of the day for political science in the last 200 years is political polarization. it has delivered him in '08 and repudiated him in 2016. i think that donald trump's election is a repudiation of
5:30 pm
everything progressive and liberal and left whether union or women's movements or civil rights movements of the past 60 years. >> more so than just change? >> yes. i think donald trump wanted to be the change agent but again obama imagined he was going to be the agent of change. the thing that donald trump has been able to effectively convey he is an insider, when he is on the other side of the table of the political corruption he has complained and told the country that everything did not stick. >> donald trump will be speaking tomorrow in his press conference. in the meantime you can watch president obama's farewell address right here on ktvu fox 2. we will be airing in live at 6:00 and you can watch it on james, thank you for joining us. thank you. waterlogged ground giving way. giant trees crashing to the ground. still to come, we head to san francisco where clean-up efforts are under way tonight. the rain is really coming
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down in the north bay. we'll tell you what that means
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for the corte madera creek. and coming up, what is still happening in the bay. that and more coming up next.
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says the rain should start to taper off later this evening as you look at the live radar. the heaviest showers moving through the east bay and the central valley with the valley raining in modesto. the headline that the rain is starting to tapper off in the evening hours. tonight the russian river is expected to climb 6 feet above flood stage following several days of pounding rain. the city of guerneville in sonoma appears to be the big trouble spot. 7 homes in santa rosa red tagged because of the mudslides and concerns that the entire hill slide could slide away. we have live team coverage from the north bay to the south bay. >> we want to go to ktvu's jesse gary, along the llagas creek where flooding is a concern. jesse. reporter: the llagas creek turning into a river. you can hear it as the wind and
5:35 pm
the rain kicks up. the creek is closer to maker homes and giving residents a lesson in the force of nature. after days of rain, the earth is once again moving in morgan hill. multiple mudslides are slowly swallowing portions of roadway such as oak glen avenue near willow springs roads. >> we hear complaints from the citizens helping them out and so it doesn't flood over. >> the crews from the department of roads and airports are using earth moving equipment in the battle to keep residents safe. >> you got rocks and debris coming down and the car hitting the mud and slide off of the road into the lake. >> the rain has turned small creeks into raging rivers. homes have been flooded forcing first responders to make rescue by boats. >> because of new doesn'ts in the south county the water flow
5:36 pm
has shifted so the road area at one time were not flooded gets flooded. >> homes are not immune to flooding, the apartment residents forced to move away to dryer ground. sand bags are holding rain at bay [ speaking spanish ] >> got to wait and see what happens? >> yes. >> the big money question that mother nature can answer. when will the rain stop and how much will be damaged before then. >> keep the roads opened and keep everybody safe and just keeping them up as they come down and address them one by one. we can do them all. we are in the major ones right now. >> and the concern is that at the rate of rain actually stays the same or increases, god forbid, flooding and mud slides can get worse. everybody is keeping a weather eye to the sky for the next couple of days. >> jesse, thank you from the south bay to the north bay is where we find cristina rendon
5:37 pm
who is in napa county. cristina. reporter: morin county fire officials are keeping a close eye on the corte madera creek. this is right behind a fire station. the water level was 17.9 feet and fire officials say that it is very close to reaching the critical flood stage of 19 feet and again they are keeping a very close eye on it. that has a lot of businesses closing early. we saw a lot of sand bags out and people boarding up the businesses and windows to be on the safe side. and we also heard that morin county fire crews have extra staffing tonight. they have extra department of public works crews. as well as urban search and rescue in case any buildings collapse and a water rescue
5:38 pm
team on stand by if any rescues need to be made. >> if anybody gets in the water or anyone sees this as a recreational river right now, that is not wait is. if you go in the river, you will probably get stuck and get caught up on a tree and it is very difficult to overcome the force of the water. >> another problem area that fire crews will keep an eye on is this here. they say this is near petaluma road and on highway one. about six feet of standing water and this video comes from the fire department. they say when the engines tried to pass through and the crew was afraid to get stuck and that part of the road in highway one is shut down as they deal with that flooding. also a lot of landslides have been happening around morin county. one this morning on near woods road and we are told it will stay closed near panoramic highway. be careful and, of course, the roads stay closed do not try to pass.
5:39 pm
that's one of the biggest things that fire officials don listen to, they try to get through thinking their car will make it and they don't get and they need to be rescued. cristina, thank you. the wet and windy record has caused flight delays. at least 140 flights in and out of sf ohave been canceled and 140 more delayed. at oakland airport 26 flights delayed and two canceled. san jose canceled two more flighted because of the stormy weather. a stolen car with a child inside, coming up next, details about the happy reunion minutes later. he has been convicted of killing 9 people inside a south carolina church. today dylann roof learns if he
5:40 pm
will live or die for his crimes
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5:42 pm
san leandro police are questioning a man that they say stole a car with 4-year-old boy inside. a boy was left in a running car. a woman saw the suspect driving the car away. police found the car with the boy inside abandoned on 107th
5:43 pm
avenue within minutes. we got the mother back to her son and the two reunited and you can only imagine the amount of joy on her face when she saw that her four-and-a- half year-old was okay. detectives say after looking at video they arrested 44-year-old jason silva. five blocks away from where they found the car. he is being held on suspicion of kidnapping and auto theft. dozens spent their day protesting the training exercises. demonstrated at the alameda board of supervisors meeting. the organization center wants funding for it stopped. they say the exercises amount to war games and arms the police with military-style weapons and tactics and technology. they say it features violent and racist propaganda. >> we believe there are alternatives and emergency response does not mean to
5:44 pm
couple with emergency response and policing. >> urban shield organizers say it expand involvement and awareness and does not engage in racist stereotyping. we learned the board of supervisors in the last hour did approve funding for that event. a south carolina jury sentenced dylann roof to death for killing 9 black members of a church in south carolina. the racially charged mass shooting in 2015, the 22-year- old was convicted of all counts against him. the took the jury three hours. roof is the first person to receive the death penalty for federal hate crimes. it is the result of day after day of heavy rain. mixing wind and trees causing them to topple. this is not the first tree to come crashing down in this neighborhood. these important floodgates have not been opened in a decade and just this afternoon the national weather service opened even more of them.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
breaking news out of san francisco. a free has fallen on the bart tracks and causing major problems. there is major delays between balboa park and daily city on the daily city line. it hit the tree on the tracks. we have a crew on the way and will update you. a bart train has hit a tree that fell across the tracks
5:48 pm
between balboa park and daily city. expect big delays tonight. >> and the big or the stormy weather created a close call for one family in contra costa county. the huge tree came crashing down on their garage in the community of diablo near danville. as you can see the monster tree created a mess and crushed a truck and three classic cars. the good news, no one was hurt. and the strong wind and rain knocked down several large trees in san francisco. the cars and power lines. luckily no one hurt. tara moriarty has more now on the city's clean-ups. piece by piece, crews dismantel the trees that squash two cars in the sunnyvale neighborhood at nine. juan gutierrez says his uncle's car is totaled. >> it started to squish and crunch and it fell down and as
5:49 pm
soon as it hit the car the tires ... >> it ruptured a gas main. >> we heard a loud sound from the gas escaping and then we started to get everyone out. >> officials say the tree that fell was a 70 year-old monterey pine roughly 70 feet tall because of years of drought the roots had become brittled and it toppled leaving destruction in its path. this is the second tree in the neighborhood. >> just two days prior, a similar tree yards away crashed into a home on brookdale. forcing two families out of their homes temporarily. housing authority officials say before the storm they red tagged ten trees on their property in danger of falling and this tree was not one of them. >> there are unknowns and you don't know how deep the roots are going and how unstable things are. we are taking a look on it. >> winds and pelting rain knocked down a tree on jackson
5:50 pm
street snagging electrical wires. >> and near fillmor and post a tree splintered and its leaves and branches blocking two lanes of traffic. the good news no one was hurt. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. after days of heavy downpours, parts of sacramento are under water. the american river has submerged discovery park and nearby streets north of downtown. homes in west sacramento are inches away from flooding. you can see the top of a light post in the picture. that marks the river's edge near a dock. state water managers have opened the floodgates at the sacramento for the first time in 11 years. the move diverts water from the sacramento river and deposits it into areas near the bypass used for farming and it keeps the areas safe from flooding and 7 gates were opened and another six opened this afternoon. crews in the sierra are
5:51 pm
triggering controlled avalanches for safety reasons but this is probnot what they were shooting for. coming up next, the story behind this chilly and violent door knock. in minutes at 6:00 a final address from president obama. we will area it live in its entirety here on ktvu fox 2 news. you can also watch it on still wet. the commute not easy. when we move forward more showers and i will let you know about the showers. also the blizzard warning. we will see you back here.
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in the sierra there looks like there is too much of a good thing. the recent storms have dumped several feet of snow causal the ski resort to shut down operations. an avalanche warning is in effect until tomorrow. we have more from the sierra. reporter: in truckee, it is a site near seen or experienced in five years. >> i am glad to see it. it makes me happy. >> worry observe the state's drought for the moment ease as the snow falls. >> we need the water for the lakes and rivers and california just needs the water and not just the rain during the season and also the big snow pack. reporter: where there is beauty in the snow covered trees there are threats including blizzard conditions and ava, las. controlled avalanches with explosives are necessary in these conditions.
5:55 pm
>> to make sure we don't have slides coming down to 89 south. >> and even controlled slides have the ability to do damage. this is a photo from steven's front door. it shows the controlled floods at the avalanche barrier. >> you can't see the road or houses. >> these are common in the sierra, when snowfall is this intense and embraced by the people that live here. a reminder of what typical winter should look like. >> we love it here. >> we haven't had snow like this in years. >> homes did suffer damage specifically to the garage doors. that road has reopened. we will be bringing you the president's farewell address to the nation but first we want to go and get updated on the road and the weather warnings as we
5:56 pm
go to bill in the weather center for a quick update. the weather basically is continuing to be wet as the afternoon commute progresses but dying down. you may have noticed. heavy downpours but not that consistent aerial distribution of rain that we saw pretty much all day. three inches in some places and four inches in other places. raining in oakland. got the blizzard warning in lake tahoe. that's a big deal. i should look and see how many we have had. they don't pop up every year. it is snowing hard and you don't want to go. 880 will be an issue. morning will be no good either. we have had gusts. some up to 50 miles per hour in the east bay. and up in the los gatos area and gusts near 50 miles per hour on mount hamilton. the rainfall totals by jenner
5:57 pm
there is a rain magnet. 24 hour totals. kentville and corte madera creek is popping up. four inches in 24 hours and you add the four inches, there is 8- inches in 48 hours and another three inches they got. you are getting up there 11- inches in a couple of days. the rain is falling hard. snow in the mountains and here this area will slide through and as it moves through. we are getting a break behind here. in the meantime it is raining hard. break in san rafael. heavy rain by piedmont towards and leandro and the south bay getting a break and as you look at the forecast you can see basically the chance for showers for tomorrow and then in the afternoon it doesn't look bad. san francisco, some sun and in the afternoon dry. tomorrow morning may be a few showers but not a big deal. there is that five-day forecast
5:58 pm
and it brings a few more showers possible. this is the main event and this is winding down now. >> and tons and tons of snow in the mountains. >> that's the story. >> when it is all said and done the mountains. >> 6 or 7 feet tonight. >> in 24 hours, yes. >> six feet in 24 hours. >> i'm 6'2", that's a lot of snow. >> a ton. think how it is to drive up there. blizzard conditions. >> i have been talking to people up there. the guys, it is almost on lock down. just gridlock because the snow is so deep. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> a final farewell just minutes from now. president obama is set to address the american public one last time with a reflection on the past 8 years in the white house. i want to show you live pictures of mccormick place, the convention hall in chicago where president obama started his career in public service as a state senator. the president's farewell address is expected to begin at
5:59 pm
6:00, moments away. good evening and welcome to the 6:00 news here on fox 2, i'm julie haener. excepts of the speech released from the white house show that change will be a main theme of the president's address tonight. joining us is u.s. political scientist james taylor as we wait for beginning of the speech from chicago i think it will be a somber speech. >> it will set the path to sort of express his love for the country, regardless of what has happened in terms of the recent elections, he has tried to remind americans of what was positive about the campaign and the agenda, to remind him of the actual accomplishments, i think that what he will do and i think obama is among the youngest men to survive the
6:00 pm
office so far. and to have him available to the public, to the democrats and to the groups will be something unprecedented. a young president with the energy of donald trump is unprecedented. >> parts of his legacy appear to be in jeopardy. how do you think that will shape it. >> he will preempt the republican agenda. as you were talking about before we went on air ike eisenhower's is probably one of the most modern with americans and he gave the phrase of the american industrial congress that it talked about the prison apparatus and complex and other complexes, a simple phrase from a obama speech could set the tone or the oppositional politics in the trump era. obama will remind people of why they voted for


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