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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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blossom hill road is totally under water. you can see the playground and what looks like a muddy mess. >> and employees at hardware stores are very popular right now. the lafayette roofing company has been inundated with calls from homeowners with leaking roofs and on the other end, it's been tough for the tilden park golf course and the car wash that only saw a handful of cars today. >> we have team coverage of the flooding and the aftermath. ktvu's tom vacar is in the north bay keeping an eye on rising water levels. >> we begin with jesse garry who's in unincorporated san bernardino county where dozens of people had to evacuate or be rescued today from flood waters. >> reporter: that's right. they're starting to filter back and as they do, they're finding water and mud and a mirky mess waiting for them. i'll move out of the way. you can see portions of lovers lane where we're standing inundated with water, submerged, making its way
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through, and they're shuttling residents back in with vehicles that have a lot more clearance. this water started in a nearby creek but the storms over the past couple of days sent it into nearby homes. fernando ruiz's weekend chores came days early. he's shoveling a foot of water inside his home. mud cakes the floor and his future is uncertain. where are you guys going to stay? do you have relatives? >> i don't know yet. we're going to have to work on that and figure that out. >> reporter: during the early morning hours, a storm's down pour sent the creek over its banks flooding the northern area of unincorporated the county. everything was under water on parts of lovers lane. >> it's wet, nasty, debris and water is coming over the road and a lot of people are trapped in their homes down there. >> reporter: first responders
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rescued 49 residents using busses, trucks, shuttle vans. >> i opened the door first and a bunch of water gushed in, so it shuturse, and we got out through the window. >> reporter: another 59 people were able to get to dryer ground on their own. >> we got out just in time before the water came in, but we didn't go back in the house. we're just trying to go. >> reporter: residents and officials say this is the worst flooding in nearly two decades. there are concerns more rain could make this bad situation even worse. >> if it keeps raining, it's going to get very bad and of course then i'm going to get flooded too. pretty much, it's a matter of time or one more day if it keeps raining. >> we're clearly moving into the recovery phase. >> reporter: daylight and a drone's camera show the extensive damage, fields normally full of produce are submerged and much of the areas for live stock are flood. some animals have been moved to the park for the time being. >> there's a lot of agricultural fields out there
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that may have, you know, been heavily eroded. there's a lot of barns, just life stock, animals. you know, we're just going to look for anything and everything. >> reporter: as the search for belongings begin, many people here are keeping an eye towards the sky and what the next weather front could bring. >> what do we do, if it comes down, what can we do? you know, there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: sky fox was up a little earlier today so you can get a sense of the current conditions and how much the water has receded. there is a shelter set up at the vw post in downtown holister for folks who can't stay in their homes and don't have relatives to go to. we have a report of one dead cow and a litter of puppies that drowned in this flooding. we're live this evening, jesse gary, ktvu fox news. from hol lister to the north bay, tom vacar is where the water is starting to recede
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there, tom. >> reporter: it's hard to understand. let's go up to sky fox right now because what we want to do is show you what's going on. you're looking at a vast area of homes that are sitting in and between water. many of those homes fortunately are up on stilts and some of them are not. some of them will suffer quite a bit of loss but some of the homes are actually above the water level. you've got to understand what's happening here. all this of water is the gathering of a million acres of what is known as the russian river water shed. a million acres extending into far northern california all coming down and finally meeting down here on its way out to the pacific ocean at jenner. this is the most i've seen in many years of this kind of flooding in the area that was very common. but with the drought and everything else, it is uncommon to say the least and here's that story. at the rio theater in monte rio, there's one show and it's
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outside, right across the street. this is what the staging area for p g& e contractors looked like yesterday. today, half the parking spaces are submerged, along with a huge parking lot, as well as a boat launching ramp 30 feet under this flow. it was a scary night for greg petaccord. >> my dog woke me up about 1:30 in the morning barking like crazy, and i realize there was a couple of to few inches of water in our house. and not a half hour later the couple of inches turned into feet fast. we had to get out fast. >> reporter: we saw numerous folks in kayaks, canoes and row boats taking a look at the damage or going for supplies where roads are impassable. >> this is the worst i've seen in years actually. we had a big rainy year when we first moved here about 15 years ago and it has been nothing like this ever since.
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>> i'd say this is the most significant i've seen in the past 11 years i've lived here, the 11 winters. i haven't seen the roads or anything flooded to this extent. >> reporter: the owners of this row of had previously raised them up to minimize damage and to keep their federal flood insurance. just down the road, businesses that did not or could not raise their buildings up are paying the price today and for many days to come. on the long stretch of river road lined with vineyards, both locals and visitors took pictures of the russian river way, way out of its banks. >> i vacationed here in the late '80s and seen a bunch of houses go up and i've heard about floods happening since i've lived here, and that helped, i believe. >> it looks like there was serious flooding on whose houses weren't on stilts. the stilts always seemed like a good idea to me.
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>> reporter: for many of those who have been through this before, it's a matter of biding one's time. >> taking it not just one day at a time, one hour at a time now. >> reporter: back to sky fox, sky fox is up above taking a look at all of the stuff going on, a lot of water is still coming down, that drainage of a million acres is still pumping lots and lots of water down here and we've had a few small shower squalls in the last half hour or so. coming back to the ground, i want to show you one more thing, and that is right over here, you're taking a look at play planned. that's a building that yesterday you could see the door that's underneath those windows. you can't see the door anymore, meaning that the water is 5 or 6 feet higher than it was yesterday at this time and from what we've seen here, it doesn't appear to be receding at all, and the reason for that is simply because all of that water is coming down. anything that adds to it will lengthen the amount of time but the water remains high here. that is the situation in
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gernville. we will be back here tomorrow looking at the same thing and we'll have a night report as well. reporting live, tom vacar, fox 2 news. >> that's what i wanted to ask you tom, when you look at those pictures behind you, you can see that the flooding is horrible. has the water receded in some areas, and if so, by how much? >> reporter: as far as i can tell, it has not receded much. if it has, it's an inch or two, and the reason is the feeder effect of all of those acres of land, acre after acre, tributary after tributary, stream after stream coming down and emptying water. as it finally squeezes through here in gernville and monte rio and goes out to jenner, it's being held up by the fact that it's a very narrow channel that it has to go through as wide as the river is. until that other stuff, which is to say the upstream drainage, really passes through here, this won't drop. it may not drop by tomorrow but
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if we get request comb more rains, especially anything significant it will take a while to drain. this river will be up some time, it looks. >> those pictures are dramatic. tom, thank you. it has been another busy day for cow transcrews in the santa cruz mountains. that is one of the bay area's trouble spots during stormy water. workers are cleaning up a small mud slide on highway 17 near los gados. it was reported around 2:00 this afternoon and at last check, one southbound lane of highway 17 was still blocked in that area. a city worker says it is the biggest sinkhole he has seen in 20 years. crews first spotted the massive home this morning. ktvu's christina is there, and it could take weeks to fix. >> reporter: yes, we're hearing it could take up to three weeks before it is rerpd and opened again. that's because two sewer lines
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broke and when it was discovered they realized that the replacement pipes will have to come from the east coast and then delivered here and installed. this sinkhole was spotted around 8:30 this morning and it was likely due to the heavy rains. firefighters were responding to an unrelated call. they saw a hole on the side of the road and immediately shut down the road because after closer inspection they realized all the land underneath the road had completely washed away. city officials estimate this hole is about 42 feet wide and 15 feet deep. two sewer lines did break, but it's unclear if that happened before or as a result of the sinkhole. detours are in place for minor road, and bus routes are being rerouted from two nearby elementary schools. >> there's so many cars that are driving this route every day and busses and tracks and delivery people or whatever, just the weight of any of those trucks going over something that is, you know, not in a
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good spot could be washed away, that is really scary. . >> reporter: when the sewage line broke, it spilled into the san pablo creek and then into the reservoir. there's no contamination of the drinking water because of the amount of rain we've received and because of the amount of water in the reservoir, and plus, all reservoir water is treated in a seven-step process. what you're looking at live is p g&e crews are working. they're installing a bypass for the gas line, as a precautionary measure, in case that thin layer of asphalt crashes overnight. crews will be taking apart that asphalt and that work will start tomorrow morning. right now, they're just going to wait and let things sit overnight and begin that work tomorrow morning. a three-week closure here in arenda so that will affect the day-to-day travels for a lot of residents. >> christina reporting live for us.
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traffic is moving along i- 80 in sierra after the crews closed the road yesterday at colfax all the way to the california-nevada state line because of low visibility. 80 reopened at 1:00 this afternoon but chains are still required. on the with us right now is dave wood. he is the cal-tran superintendent for the area. what's it like up there right now? >> right now, i'm pleased to say we have traffic moving in both directions. once you get towards the summit, there's places in the snow where we've pushed to the side with our plows and it's 8 feet deep. e places as much tell shrink down to a single lane. we're asking people to drive single file, 30 miles an hour or less, and don't be greedy. we're going to get you over, but bottom line is occasionally, when you lose visibility up there for a moment. it's definitely much better than yesterday where we received 54" snowfall in 24 hours. i'm told that's a record.
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>> wow, 54" in 24 hours. so many cars use interstate 80 and trucks as well. what did they do? turn around and take 50 or pull over and wait while 80 was closed? because it was closed for a long time. >> reporter: well, we're partners with all the states across interstate 80 throughout america, so we send up alerts as far back as nebraska to warn people to try to take a different route or stay somewhere else until they reopen. we've been doing a media blitz for three weeks to let people know what conditions can do and the bottom line is we never closed the road as far as essential services and goods. we kept law enforcement and firefighters, our own employees, fuel and mail, we kept that going but i could not chance having someone driving down with a big rig full of fuel and having to respond in a blizzard. >> how bad is the traffic backed up right now? >> well, we've had to truck
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trucks off again westbound because we had a truck that ran into a snow bank, may have jack knifed, but other than that, things have been going smoothly for the last four hours. they're still going smoothly eastbound. and it seems like we have a little bit less of a backup with the trucks eastbound, and the bottom line is one person gets greedy, everybody suffers. >> is there any chance that 80 could be closed again either today or tomorrow? >> i don't foresee that. the snow -- last night, it was snowing 3.5" per hour. now we're getting half inch per hour, which is no big deal. 3" is a lot of snow. as long as we don't get holiday or weekend traffic like we did over new years or the wednesday following that, we'll be fine. normal traffic is about 17,000 a day. we're up to 27,000 in 24 hours. that was just too much of an ability to move and the snou plows and the graters stop moving, the road closes. >> thank you for filling us
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in. it's reopen to traffic but slow going. dave, thank you. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now. mark, some incredible numbers after a week of snow and rain. >> 2017 really starting off with a big bang in northern california, those numbers really adding up not only in the bay area but up and down the state to the north and south as well. let's look at these numbers. these are seven-day totals coming up for you at least for portions of the bay area towards south. you can see up in sonoma county, over 21" rain. kentfield approaching 12." san francisco over 5" and towards monterey county, a place called three peaks in southern monterey county, 29" of rainfall. these are the totals over the past seven days, and santa clara county, 18," and napa county, 13.67 so a lot of rainfall to talk about. the san francisco number is being cut off by me but san francisco, at least for the
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last seven days, 5.03." that's a lot of rain. as you know, we've had some problems out there as well. this is a look at the five-day totals. we've been talking about a series of storms the past five days. and just over the past five days, san jose, over 2" rainfall. you heard about the sierra and all the problems trying to drive interstate 80. these are two-day totals talking about 63 to 17 inches and, of course, they had more snow before this event and they have a winter storm warning right now. they could get another 5-15" snowfall as we head into thursday. let's show you the satellite and the radar right now. thankfully for the most part we could consider today a break day with just a few scattered showers out there. that's what we have right now. towards nevada and vallejo. there is another system developing offshore and we'll talk more about that as we'll talk about another round of rainfall coming up, we'll let you know when the heaviest rain
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moves back into the bay area. >> be sure to download the first ktvu weather app. you can get up to the minute forecasts and a look at the radar. we have breaking news from san francisco. we're getting word of delays on the light rail after police say a body was found on the tracks. a spokesperson says the body was discovered about 3:00 this afternoon between the church and castro stations. there is no inbound service from west portal and shuttles are getting passages around the closure. a police investigation is now under way to try to determine what happened. a pre-dawn raid nets guns, drugs, slot machines and 20 arrests. coming up, see what else sheriff's investigators found inside this building in oakland. >> also ahead, an important meeting in the big apple about the future of the oakland raiders and the team's possible move to las vegas. >> can you give us a chance? >> verbal fireworks at today's news conference with president- elect donald trump. the testy exchange between the
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reporter and the president- elect.
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president-elect donald trump was quick to defend himself today at his first press conference since the election. he denounced media reports that russia has compromising information about him. lauren blanchard has more now on the questions and the answers today. >> reporter: with a little over a week to go until the inauguration, donald trump pushing back on reporters asking about leaked documents that would put the president- elect in a precarious position before he takes office. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. it was a group of opponents that got together, sick people, and they put that crap together. >> reporter: first, cnn
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published a story citing anonymous reports that russia may have compromising on mr. trump. that was publicized by a political blog buzz feed going a step further of unverified allegations of a financial and sexual nature against the president-elect. he and the reporter got in a fiery exchange during his first press conference since winning the election. >> can you give us a chance? you are attacking our --. >> reporter: thepresident- elect also announcing he would not divest himself of his entire business empire. instead, his two adult sons and a business associate would take over the company and its investments, running them through a trust and overseen by an ethics advisor. the president-elect saying the decision was voluntary. >> don and eric are going to be running the company. they are going to be running it in a very professional manner. they're not going to discuss it with me. >> reporter: thepresident- elect also said in his press
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conference that he expects to name a nominee to fill the supreme court vacancy within two weeks of taking office. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the u.s. army corps of engineers had a busy day on the san francisco bay. they sent out two boats to clean up some debris floating on the water following several days of heavy rain and wind. those involvproject say debris in the bay can create a very dangerous situation. >> once there's impact made, folks could fall over, they could lose their footing on board the boat and have personal injury. also, if the piece of debris goes through the props or, you know, makes contacts with the hole, it's going to damage that vessel. >> the u.s. army corps of engineers says the clean-up process is far from over and the crews will be back out on the water tomorrow. let's talk to meteorologist mark tamayo. it's nice to see some sun out there.
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are we done with the rain for the immediate future? >> there's another batch coming in first thing tomorrow morning. compared to the other ones, it's not going to be as strong. we've been talking a lot about flooding across northern and central california and, of course, the russian river. here's the latest update. it never topped the flood stage of 23 feet. should see cresting in the shore term, 37.8 feet is the crest level. it may go below flood stage tomorrow afternoon but that is the latest right now on the russian river at gernville. there's a little bit of action showing up in parts of the north bay and this will probably increase in coverage. we have some more rainfall towards fairfield and approaching the west as well. back the maps up and show you some clouds in the south bay but also still a couple of warnings as well. in southern santa cruz county,
5:24 pm
this flood warning is in place until thursday morning at 11:15. also just right around morgan hill, san martin, flood warning has been the reality over the past few days so early tomorrow morning. in the north bay, north of windsor, flood warning until 10:30 tonight and also, you can't see for this portion of sonoma county until 10:30 tomorrow morning. we talked about the russian river as well. widen out the perspective in the pacific and upstream the flow, yes, there is another system. it's developing out to the west. we take a live look outside right now. we are definitely clouding things up over san francisco bay and a few rain showers back in the picture for tonight. rainfall, expectations about a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch. winds approaching 30 miles an hour and a high tide tomorrow morning that could cause flooding near the coast and near the bay around 10:45, close to the golden gate bridge and the bay shore line as well. take a look right now. as you can see, we have clouds in place and the real rain moves into the region tomorrow
5:25 pm
morning. so once again, this could be a period of moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the morning hours and could be a factor for the morning commute and in the afternoon hours. thankfully, we'll have a break with partly cloudy skies and a chance of showers heading into the afternoon. and friday, look at that. can't even find a cloud on this forecast model looking pretty good into friday. temperatures tomorrow in the 50s and the look ahead at the five-day forecast, one rain cloud tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies for friday, and it will be a dry weekend and when i was putting the five-day forecast together, i was very happy to have that break. >> you and a lot of people. mark, thank you. >> thank you, mark. guns, drugs, and illegal slot machines. it was all part of an early morning raid in oakland. coming up next, why the sheriff says the raid may have helped avert a disaster. >> and later, new at 6:00, the silicon valley solution to the bay area's growing traffic problem. the high-tech plan to ease up crowding on the roads. >> this isn't something that's
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been commonly done so we're very open to looking at the possibility.
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in oakland, authorities raided a vacant building today and found more than two dozen people inside, including a 5- year-old child, all living in filthy conditions. >> ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us with the investigation into this property, henry. >> reporter: the alameda sheriff's office says they found guns, slot machines, and the child living in squallant
5:29 pm
conditions. unsafe wiring, raw sewage, a 5- year-old child living in filth with more than two dozen people. that's what the alameda county sheriff's office found in a predawn raid of this building that investigators say had been turned into an illegal casino. >> there's very unsanitary and unsafe conditions in there. the smell alone is enough to make you want to leave that place. >> reporter: deputies found 28 people apparently squatting inside this vacant building at 67th and bankroft in east oakland. deputies arrested 20 of the suspects and seized guns, drugs and slot machines. the child was taken to cps and the building was red-tagged by the city. >> you can't come back in here. it's red tagged. >> i'll call this a victory because this was a recipe for disaster here that was averted. >> reporter: our cameras got a look inside. >> somebody was living up in that. there's a bed and a ladder. >> reporter: someone had put plexiglass on the store front. >> if you're inside, you could
5:30 pm
see out but nobody could see in. you don't need to be an electrician to see here that this wiring is very hastily done, it's unsafe and not up to code. >> reporter: the property manager said this is all a surprise to her. >> i'm very shocked. >> why are you shocked? >> because i had no idea this was running here. >> reporter: officials say like the warehouse, this is another example of supposedly vacant buildings being used for something else. >> we need to be going out and inspecting them and to make sure they're vacant. >> it sounds like action needed to be taken and action should have been taken and i'm glad it was. but i believe those situations aren't exception, not the rules. >> reporter: that building is boarded up and what will happen in the short term is unclear, but officials tell me the raid will accelerate any plans for renovation. >> henry, do we know how long these people have been living in that building like that, and also, how did authorities find out about them?
5:31 pm
were they tipped off? >> it's not clear how long they were living there. we assume they were living there as long as the investigation goes. this was a long-term investigation. don't know how the sheriff's office was tipped off but they got their ducks lined up in a row and swat officers were among those that came in and participated in that raid. >> henry lee in the newsroom tonight. thank you, henry. oakland mayor libby shaft issued an order today in response to last month's warehouse fire. it creates mandatory safety rules involving warehouses and safety buildings that are sometimes turned into living quarters. however, the mayor says these new rules are not designed to kick out artists or others who live inside these buildings. the mayor's order comes five weeks after 36 people died in a fire in an illegally converted warehouse in oakland's fruitdale district. coming up, a business owner moving high-end cars to higher ground ended up needing to be rescued himself. >> i was wet, i was cold, my clothes were wet and shoes were
5:32 pm
wet and my socks were wet. >> the rescuers didn't come by boat or fire truck. coming up, the piece of construction equipment use to save two people from rising flood waters. >> roofers and hardware stores are having trouble keeping up with demand.
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woman: college today. career tomorrow at the peralta colleges. sign up for classes today at one of our four colleges. berkeley city college, college of alameda, laney college and merritt college. classes start january 23rd. we have so many ways for you to get ahead. financial aid, thousands of classes to choose from, tutoring and so much more. college today. career tomorrow. sign up for classes right now at peralta dot edu. like your future at the peralta colleges. the rain created a gushing
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water fall on mount diablo in contra costa county. this is what it looked like this morning from sky fox. it shows alhambra valley road. we want to show you large bodies of water stretching across farm land. apparently, that's the wrong video. that's the raiders. there is the farm land and apparently there's a farm house that you can actually see some cows stranded on a little patch of dirt. there are those cows, actually grass and dirt there. a state of emergency in benicia in a state of emergency from the flooding. rob is here to tell us about the damage left behind. >> reporter: it is definitely drying out from yesterday. this is sulfur springs creek. it's calmed down quite a bit from yesterday but last night, it reached its breaking point and then some.
5:36 pm
this road looks a lot different today than it did last evening. >> the water was here when i rescued the car. >> reporter: david stoffer buys and sells high-end cars. the water began rising so fast in this industrial part of town that about 5:30, he decided to move two cars into higher ground. >> the water was moving so swiftly that it sort of tried to take me with it. i can see how people get swept away now. i didn't understand that. >> that was the high water. >> reporter: by 7:30 last night, he realized there was no way he could drive home. as this video from the police department web site shows, the city sent a rescue crew and this backhoe, one of the few vehicles that could navigate water that deep to get him and a coworker out of there. >> i was wet, i was cold, my clothes were wet, my shoes were wet and my socks were wet. >> reporter: that was one of dozens-flood-related calls that the firefighters, police and
5:37 pm
city workers went on last night. the city declared a local state of emergency. that allows the city to apply for storm-related reimbursements from the state or federal government. >> it was significant. in certain areas, there was 3-4 feet of water in the roadways. >> reporter: officials say sulfur springs creek breached its banks after the lake herman reservoir overflowed sending too much water here too fast and it was high tide. >> we currently have a damage assessment team out in that industrial park area working their way through the area to check on the buildings and determine if there's any hazards or damage that needs to be documented. >> reporter: the city reopened the dozens or so roads it closed because of flooding. those living in low-lying areas sand bagged their garages. for some, it didn't work. for others, it did. >> we have everything on racks anyway. >> reporter: long-time residents say there have been some flooding here over the years, but last night was definitely one to remember.
5:38 pm
reporting live in benicia, ktvu fox 2 news. all the rain is a cash cow for some. others, it's a big headache. we sent out frank to see how businesses were coping with a long wet week. >> reporter: it's been a while, a much-needed break in the clouds from the wet week it was. finally, some sunshine. today, it was time to clean up and catch up, and take a deep breath. >> yeah, getting a little stir crazy with all the storms, come outside and enjoy myself. >> reporter: the golf course in berkeley is back open. it's a whole lot greener after being shut down the past three days, all due to swamp-like conditions. it's a pretty tough life though. >> there were 11 golfers out there, a bunch of crazies. >> reporter: that's a busy day, huh?
5:39 pm
>> after 6" of rain, surprisingly, yeah. >> reporter: and the waters at the golf course are a little bit bigger and a whole lot louder. >> right now, this is a windowless sun, and you want to come out and try and catch it. >> i'm down to the last two on that one. that one is pretty popular. >> reporter: the hardware store busy restocking its shelves. storma geddon wiped them out. >> i ran out of tarps, but we have trucks twice a week. it was refilled but depleted today. as you can see, our shelves are pretty low. >> i'll be in touch. >> reporter: my brother's phone at lafayette roofing flooded with calls for leaks, nearly 50 today alone. but they're so backed up with the near foot of rain that fell in the east bay, it's going to be a while to punch through that work list. >> can you remember a time like this? >> no, i was thinking back to the el nino stuff we had.
5:40 pm
we had more water in a short period of time. i've never seen it like this in over 40 years. >> reporter: and lafayette auto wash back in business. they had over 200 plus cars today, including the lincoln suv. they got a double dose of nature. >> why are you washing your car? >> we got back from tahoe and my car is filthy from kids and we have to drive people around tonight. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news. >> you can go to our web site for full coverage of the storm damage and get the latest forecast as well, because more rain is on the way tomorrow, all there for you at raiders' owner mark davis is in new york to talk about the team moving to las vegas. coming up in a moment, hear about the possible decision of the relocae raiders may not come for a while. >> plus, we may have found the answer to the question, can there be too much snow in the
5:41 pm
sierra, when ski resorts are expected to reopen followi days of closures. as ceo of exxonmobile...
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...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. can fill you with wonder. other. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. well, it was a quick end to a great season for the oakland raiders. injuries though left the team shorthanded in the playoffs, and they lost in the first round. now the raiders are already making changes on the coaching staff. >> it's also possible there
5:44 pm
could be even more changes on the way. nfl owners met today to discuss the raiders' plan to potentially relocate to las vegas. mark is here now. what happened today? >> what happened today in terms of substance, not a whole lot, other than the fact the chargers got their deadline pushed to tuesday, whether or not they're going to move to los angeles. this is branching out into committee meetings and mark davis making his case as to why the team should move to las vegas. nothing along those lines is going to be decided. he was back in new york spotted talking with jed york, owner of the san francisco 49ers and jed would, in any way, like to help facilitate the raiders moving out so he could have a one-team market in the bay area. it's important to note that he has not officially filed for relocation of the team yet. he may be waiting to see what
5:45 pm
unfolds with the los angeles/san diego chargers situation before making a move. he wants some leverage to see what's going on there before he puts all of his cards on vegas. although it is said behind the scenes that the raiders to vegas idea is gaining momentum with owners. certainly, there is no public opposition to the possible move. in fact, steve jones, the son of jerry jones, owner of the dallas cowboys, and steve jones is the ceo of that team and he says it seems like a doable thing to him but he wants to be able to research it a little bit more and, of course, robert kraft, he may be considered the most elite of all owners with the patriots was quoted as saying, i think it's a good possibility. so you're not hearing any vocal lack of support for a move, but, you know, i still think and it's pretty obvious too that we're a ways away from having any situation finalized and i think there's going to be
5:46 pm
a big hurdle for mark davis once he -- let's say he does get approval. he has to have 24 votes to get that. let's say he does. he still has to deal with why this casino mogul adelson, sheldon addleson, however it's pronounced, is giving him all this money. does he want a piece of the team? he's been quoted as saying, basically, i hope mark davis knows he's going to be just a tenant of mine and this deal isn't do or die for me. >> maybe they'll do it after the vote? >> there's a lot of talk behind the scenes. mark davis is going back and forth with adelson, and they're not in total agreement. the league also is a little weary of getting into bed with him, so to speak, because he's had lawsuits filed against him. when you deal with a litigious guy like this adelson, there's always a fear that hey, he's not afraid to be sued.
5:47 pm
he's not afraid to sue people. we don't want to be there, we've gone down that road before, as a matter of fact with al davis. there's some hesitation, they're a long way away and they have not broken ground in las vegas for any kind of stadium to be built. >> so they're still the oakland raiders for now. >> right, but the owners will meet and decide something it looks like in february or early march. >> mark, thank you. too much of a good thing. ski resorts forced to close because of too much snow. >> and in weather today, nice to have a break out. at least a break from the heavy rainfall. outside, the clouds moving in and even a few showers and another system approaching. we'll let you know when the heaviest rain will be back in the forecast.
5:48 pm
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in the sierra, people are digging out of a lot of new snow, in some cases, almost up to 7 feet. blizzard like conditions caused a number of resorts to shut down operations yesterday. alapine meadows and squall valley remained closed today because of our power outage. sugar bowl and tahoe was also out but sugar bowl tweeted they should be open tomorrow. 7 feet of fresh powder has fallen on interstate 80 near donner pass in the last two days. some have seen three to 4 feet
5:51 pm
of snowfall in the last 24 hours. let's talk to meteorologist mark tamayo about all of that and the rain we got here. it was really coming down last night as we were going to work. relatively calm day today. >> it's nice to see that bright light in the sky. the sunshine is poking through the crowds. right now, we have clouds and scattered showers working into the bay area. here, you can see storm tracker 2 and coverage increasing, especially up in the north bay. here, you can see some of the coverage here out towards portions of marine county. the rainfall increasing as the next wave approaches the shoreline, towards forest comboel, inverness and bodega bay as well. the key system developing that's going to be a factor tonight and tomorrow morning for the early portion, especially of the thursday morning commute. a few clouds out there right now and also still watching flood warnings in place for southern santa cruz county until 11:15 tomorrow morning
5:52 pm
and towards portions of santa clara county until 2:45 early tomorrow morning. you can see towards sonoma county, we have flood warnings in place until 10:30 and also in place until 10:30 tomorrow morning as well. so we still have a lot of standing water out there and will actually add more rainfall to that water as we head into tonight and tomorrow. up stream in the flow, you can see a curve in the jet stream developing. it will be the first thing tomorrow morning coming in. outside right now, we have clouds in place over san francisco looking out towards the bay bridge lights and some of the highlights with our next system, rainfall about a quarter inch to 3/4." a few spots, maybe approaching 1." no advisory in place but gusts to 30 miles per hour and even without the system, we could have flooding based on the high tide and the king tide, at the golden gate tomorrow morning, we have the extreme high tide in place.
5:53 pm
things will be wrapping up this evening and especially tomorrow morning for 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. thursday, 2:00 p.m. a bit of a break. in the sierra, winter storm warning, may be 5-15" more coming down. here's the forecast models. we put this into motion and scattered rain. this is 5:00 a.m. thursday and could be the time we're picking up moderate to heavy cells out there. 7:00 as well. thankfully, we get breaks from the action by mid-morning into the afternoon hours with just a chance of a shower and by friday, we are totally dry with mostly sunny skies by friday carrying us into the weekend. temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid-50s. a look ahead, the one rain cloud over the weekend, it will be dry but next week, we're talking about more rain chances by maybe about a week from now. storm door is not completely closing. >> thank you, mark. more news coming up.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
in 16 days, the celebrations for the start of the chinese lunar new year will begin. the holiday is a happy time but can have a darker side. san francisco are warning those who live and work in china town to not be duped that often plague the community this time of the year.
5:57 pm
tara moriaty is here to remind folks of these long-running scams. >> reporter: for the 20th year in a row, san francisco police and chinese community leaders are passing out flyers to china town businesses warning them about potential con artists. >> when i first started as a supervisor 16 years ago, extortion at this time of year was a prevalent reality. >> reporter: police say chinese gangsters would threaten merchants, leaving a plant as a sign to pay up. >> next they would say as protection, you owe me 300, 500, 1,000. the prices would vary. >> it's not uncommon that the owner would be asked for money or someone would come in and bring a potted plant or pottery, and if you don't, they do something funny to disturb your business. >> reporter: police say most chinese would fail to report any crime. >> there's social issues and there's also issues with people's immigration status, and so they believe reporting will subject them to
5:58 pm
deportation. >> reporter: the san francisco sanctuary city law protects them from that and police today encouraged anyone to report a crime regardless of being documented or not. the good news. >> i'm here to say that in china town in the year 2016, we had no reported cases of extortion. >> reporter: the bad news,so- called blessings scams still exist. >> a lot of the elderly chinese women were being targeted and they were giving up their life savings many times. >> reporter: the da has successfully prosecuted for such cases. the scam involves strangers who suggest they can ward off evil spirits by saying a blessing over their bag of cash. when they close their eyes, they swap the bag with another empty bag. >> we had a woman who worked in janitorial services at a restaurant for over 20 years saving money for the education for her child. she had collected somewhere
5:59 pm
around $20,000. this is somebody who worked for minimum wanl her entire life and she gave her entire savings for the blessings scam. >> reporter: once it's gone, it's impossible to give back. while the police want to you celebrate this chinese new year, they want you to be leery of potential scams. tara moriaty, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 starts now. >> after the storm, from flooding to mud slides, sink holes and downed trees, tonight, the bay area cleaning up and assessing the damage after another round of heavy rain, and we have one more storm system on the way. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. right now, people are scrambling to clean up before more rain arrives late tonight and tomorrow morning. we have live team coverage. aliana gomez with the growing concerns about falling trees and meteorologist mark tamayo is standing by with our rain totals so far. cristina rendon joins us live in orinda where a sinkhole
6:00 pm
opened up with the latest down pour. >> reporter: officials are estimating it can take three weeks before a minor road in orinda opens. that's because two sewer lines broke also because of this sinkhole and it can take a lot of time to get the replacement pipes delivered from the east coast and then installed. you can't see all of it, but a sinkhole the width of this road has formed in orinda. crews scraped the surface of the asphalt to test its stability after the ground washed away, likely to heavy rain. >> the weight of the trucks going over something that is not in a good spot and can be washed away, that was really scary. >> reporter: city officials say firefighters first noticed a hole on the side of the road around 8:30 wednesday morning and quickly shut down traffic. >> it could have been devastating. it's big enough to swallow up a car so luckily, that didn't happen. >> reporter: two sewer lines under the


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