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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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opened up with the latest down pour. >> reporter: officials are estimating it can take three weeks before a minor road in orinda opens. that's because two sewer lines broke also because of this sinkhole and it can take a lot of time to get the replacement pipes delivered from the east coast and then installed. you can't see all of it, but a sinkhole the width of this road has formed in orinda. crews scraped the surface of the asphalt to test its stability after the ground washed away, likely to heavy rain. >> the weight of the trucks going over something that is not in a good spot and can be washed away, that was really scary. >> reporter: city officials say firefighters first noticed a hole on the side of the road around 8:30 wednesday morning and quickly shut down traffic. >> it could have been devastating. it's big enough to swallow up a car so luckily, that didn't happen. >> reporter: two sewer lines under the road also broke
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sending sewage into san pablo creek that flows into the san pablo reservoir. east bay mud says there's no concern of contamination to drinking water because of the amount of rain we've received. >> that was the priority really to bypass, shut this line off and install pumps upstream so we can capture all of that flow and pump around this broken section of pipes. >> reporter: it may take up to three weeks before repairs are complete. meaning school busses may take alternate routes. >> this is a pretty busy road for a lot of people in a lot of neighborhoods so it's not going to be easy for people. >> i definitely use it every day to go back and forth. that's how i get kids to school and everything so it's definitely adding extra time to get them to and from school. >> reporter: city officials estimate the hole is about 42 feet wide and 15 feet deep. >> we would appreciate the public's patience as we work through thisject. this is an unusual event and we are putting together what we will consider to be a long-term plan for the fix. .
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>> reporter: the upside here is that none of the utilities that residents use in these neighborhoods are affected, so they do have sewage, water, electricity and gas as well. pg&e crews are here though installing a by pass to the gas line just in case that asphalt collapses overnight and hits that gas line, so that's just a precautionary measure, and then crews will begin working tomorrow morning to actually tear back the remaining asphalt to expose the entire sinkhole and begin repairs. julie, frank. >> thank you. to our meteorologist mark tamayo. mark, some of the rainfall totals are staggering. >> yeah, those numbers really jumping up over the past week, so 2017 starting off very productive here in northern california with excessive rainfall. we've been talking about some pretty potent storms and, of course, the atmospheric river is set up from the last weekend producing all the excessive rainfall. these are the totals just over the past five days, as you can see the five-day total fell over 9." santa rosa approaching 9."
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napa 5.5. redwood city over 4 inches, and even san jose over 2" rainfall. here's another way to look at it. this is actually over the past seven days broken down by some of the counties in some of the remote spots here. up in sonoma, over 21 inches of rainfall. san francisco over 5," and look at the three peaks in southern monterey county. they picked up over 28 inches of rainfall. that's more than an entire year for san francisco and some more reports towards morago, 12 inches and napa, 13" of rainfall. those are the highest totals broken down by each county in portions of the bay area. here again, looks like we're looking at the five-day totals. we're talking about excessive rainfall and that's why we're talking about so many problems across the region. we have another system developing offshore, off in parts of the north bay, it will be a factor tomorrow and we'll let you know how much rainfall to expect in your neighborhood coming up. to guerneville in sonoma
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county where the russian river crested this afternoon after several days of major flooding. people have been getting around in kayaks, canoes, and row boat. it will take some time though for water levels there to recede. in the meantime, some homes are inundated with water. one man said his dog let him know they were in danger early this morning. >> my dog woke me up about 1:30 in the morning barking like crazy and i realized there was a couple to few inches of water in our house, and not a half an hour later, that couple inches turned into a couple of feet that fast. so we had to scramble and get out fast. >> guerneville is prone to flooding. over the years, many of the homes in low-lying areas along the river have been raised up on stilts to minimize flood damage. even though the river has crested, it is expected to take another few days for all of that flood water to disburse. the city of benicia is
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declared a local emergency because of the storm damage and will allow the city to apply for financial help from state and federal agencies. lake herman reservoir overflowed and spilled into sulfur springs creek. many homes were flooded. and the flooding forced a number of businesses in the benicia industrial park to evacuate. one man told us it wasn't safe to drive home. >> the water was moving so swiftly that it sort of tried to take me with it. i can see how people get swept away now. i didn't understand that. >> the city sent a rescue crew and a backhoe to get him and aco worker out of there. that was one of dozens of flood related calls that the first responders responded to last night. in hollister, farm fields were flooded as were homes. first responders rescued 49 residents using busses and trucks to shuttle them across the flood waters to safety.
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a shelter has been set up at the vfw post in downtown for anyone who needs assistance. it has been slow going as highway 37 remains closed due to flooding tonight. the chp shut down the highway with the junction at highway 101 about 8:30 last night. people have been using nevado boulevard to atherton boulevard to get around the closure about the it's been congested in commute hours. here's a live look from sky fox. some drivers abandoned their cars leaving them in the westbound lanes. the chp says the water level actually rose a little today. this is a low-lying area and the creek is nearby. so far, no estimate on when highway 37 will reopen. in the east bay, alhambra valley road is impassable after a big sinkhole opened up there. sky fox flew over the area today. you can see where a portion of that road has completely washed away. if you look closely, you can see bicyclists making their way
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over the creek to get to the other side of the roadway there. a fallen tree has forced the closure of sir francis boulevard near samuel taylor state park. the chp says the redwood tree came crashing down on the roadway around 8:00 this morning. sir francis drake boulevard is closed down indefinitely on the coast. that tree is one of hundreds that have fallen all across the bay area during these storms and needless to say, that is causing a lot of concern. >> our coverage continues with aliana gomez. she's live in walnut creek with how to make sure your trees don't come down. >> reporter: we caught up with an arborrist to show us tell- tale signs that show us it might be an at-risk tree. the likelihood of failure can sometimes be determined by looking at the saturation of the soil and also at the branches as well. the other thing to look for is the proximity to a target. this tree seems to be leaning towards this home here, so that
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is definitely something to be on the look out for. crews are busy cutting away at this massive 300-year-old oak tree brought down by tuesday's relentless storms. it split away from the base and came crashing into the neighbor's garage. inside the garage, an audi with a brand new sun roof courtesiy of the tree limb that impaled the car and the porsche next to it suffered minor damage. the pickup truck in the driveway looked like it was in a deadly wreck, taking the brunt of the damage. the family living inside is fine but the aftermath has brought on new problems. >> this tree is leaning. >> reporter: it took a hit from the oak tree and is now at risk of falling. >> and this whole root plate is kind of heaved up. >> reporter: with another round of rain expected tonight, we caught up with chris chapman, owner and arborrist in orinda. he showed us exactly what kind of tree hazards to look for. >> you'll see a huge bulge
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behind the opposite side of the lean, then the tree has been moving and cracks in the soil. that's a big indication. >> reporter: the soil alone can be too saturated or at field capacity, meaning it can no longer hold any more water. >> if you can make a ball with it, you're pretty much at field capacity. >> reporter: he says pay attention to the tree's branches too. they can help determine whether a tree needs to come down or not. >> if a branch needs to look like a snake that swallowed a rat, if there's a big huge bulge, there's internal decay in the branch. >> reporter: he says there's another thing to look out for that happens this time of the year, if you see a dense cluster of brown mushrooms, which comes around this time of the year. if you see that cluster around the root or the crown of the tree and you also see the canopy kind of falling apart, that's something to look for, the mushrooms indicate a fungus that could be growing and decaying the tree which could ultimately cause it to fall down. reporting live at walnut creek
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tonight, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so many things to look for but important things. thank you. to the east bay where the flooded amtrak parking lot in martinez looked like a tempting spot for wake boarders. matt thompson tells ktvu they took about 10 trips behind the truck last night. says he loves to wake better but like they say, don't try this at home. coming up, donald trump firing back at journalists in his first news conference since winning the election. at 6:30, his response on several topics, including his relationship with russia's president. >> russia will have much greater respect for our country when i'm leading it. >> up first, a gambling raid in the east bay ends up with 20 people under arrest. >> taking a live look right now at the wednesday evening commute. this is interstate 80 in berkeley. university avenue is near the top of your screen. it is slow going there like it usually is at this time of night. >> here's a look at the conditions along highway 24,
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the headlights all head into walnut creek, very heavy in the commute direction there, but going in the other direction towards the caldecutt tunnel looks heavy as well.
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but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. developing news now from san francisco, an investigation is under way after a body was found on muni tracks in an underground tunnel. we're told the body was discovered at about 3:00 this afternoon between the church street and castro stations. it's not clear yet how the
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person died or why they were in the tunnel. right now, there is no inbound service from west portal. shuttles are running on market street to get passengers around the closure. sheriff's deputies raided a vacate building in oakland today and arrested 20 people on a variety of charges including illegal gambling. more than two dozen people were living there, including a 5- year-old child. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is live in the newsroom with more on this investigation, henry. >> julie, alameda county sheriff's deputy said they found guns, drugs, slot machines and that child living in horrible conditions. unsafe wiring, raw sewage, a 5- year-old child living in filth with more than two dozen people. that's what alameda county sheriff's investigators found during a predawn raid of this building that investigators say had been turned into an illegal casino. >> there's some very unsanitary and unsafe conditions in there. the smell alone is enough to make you want to leave that place.
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>> deputies found 28 people apparently squatting inside this vacant building in east oakland. deputies arrested 20 of the suspects and seized guns, drugs and slot machines. the child was taken to cps and the building was red tagged by the city. >> you can't come back in here. it's red tagged. >> i'll call this a victory because this was a recipe for disaster here that was averted. >> our cameras got a look inside. >> somebody was living up in that. there's a bed and a ladder. >> someone had put plexiglass on the store fronts. >> if you're inside, you could see out but nobody could see in. >> you don't need to be an electrician to see here that this wiring is very hastily done. it's not safe and not up to code. >> the property manager said this was all a surprise to her. >> i'm very shocked. >> why are you shocked? >> because i had no idea this was running here. >> officials say like the warehouse, this is another example of supposedly vacant buildings being used for something else. >> we need to be out there
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going through, inspecting these buildings, make sure they're vacant. >> it sounds like action needed to be taken and action should have been taken and i'm glad it was. but i believe those situations are the exception, not the rules. >> that building is now all boarded up. what will happen in the short term isn't yet clear but the property manager told me the raid will certainly accelerate any plans for renovation. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland mayor libby shaft late today issued an executive order in response to last month's ghost ship warehouse fire. it creates several new safety rules involving warehouses and industrial buildings that are now used as living quarters. however, the mayor says those new rules are not designed to kick out artists or other tenants. if you'd like to read the mayor's orders, we have posted it on it's now be that ghost ship wae fire and tonight on the 10:00 news, for the first time, we're hearing in depth from one of
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the first responders who helped recover 10 bodies from inside. he says when he first went in, he couldn't get over how crammed the warehouse was. firefighters literally had to create narrow walk ways to get around. he also says that it didn't take long before they spotted a body. >> as i made my way in, i was greeted right there with a body victim of 26. nobody should ever be able to see even one victim. that night i saw 10. inside of me, but it still affects me. >> lieutenant mark tate also talked about seeing the two people who died arm in arm and how difficult it was when they found them. and what i thought was really interesting was when he spoke about how first responders all have what he calls an imaginary back pack that they wear. if they don't deal with what they've seen on the job, it goes in their back pack and
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pretty soon it gets very heavy and weighs him down and right now, the lieutenant says his back pack is loaded with things he needs to deal with. again, his story is coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. > interstate 80 in the sierra is back open tonight after being closed more than 24 hours. blizzard-like conditions in the tahoe area also prompted a number of ski resorts to close and some of them remain closed tonight. so much snow so fast in the sierra also left many drivers stranded when the roads closed. >> to make matters worse, the power went out to thousands of homes and businesses. max shows us how everyone koepz with less than ideal conditions. >> reporter: well before the blizzard warning expired, work and lots of it. >> i need you to turn the wheel that way. more. >> reporter: where some install chains, others simply spun their tires. also on the menu, heavy portions of shoveling inside one
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is clearing. outside the best western hotel parking lot, a different kind of work, that to restore power. at its peak, some 13,000 power lost power in trucky. that number down significantly. power utility companies have another utility task on their hands and that is to go vertical up into the tree line into those utility lines and cut down branches with a lot of heavy snow on them that could fall onto those utility lines and knock out power. with outages across the area, many turn to their fireplaces for heat and buy wood where it's available. >> it's like camping in luxury. >> reporter: alternative heating sources like gas ovens and grills raise concern for firefighters. >> any burning appliances give update carbon monoxide. it can build up in a structure unknowingly and a person can lose consciousness and even die from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: they also face access issues.
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many mountain roads remain snow- covered and slick setting the stage for what can be a long and messy clean-up. for utility companies in the sierra, the focus will continue to be on those snow-covered trees and power lines. both are likely to snap in the coming days leading to more outages. max resnik, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so much snow so fast up there. let's go back over to mark now. are they getting more snow tonight and the rest of the week? >> yeah, they could get another 5-15." remember, they used to make snow. no need for that. snow machines get a break. but yeah, still picking up snow in the sierra and the totals, you don't see this very often the amounts coming up. two-day totals. look at the numbers over the past 48 hours. 54 inches in squaw. over 6 feet of snowfall. we're still adding. these were recorded this morning. they picked up quite a bit of
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snow -- today and thursday as well. here's an update. russian river, hillsburg cresting below flood stage. right now, it looks like it is cresting at about 37.8 feet. by 10:00 tonight, barely going down and may be below flood stage finally by tomorrow afternoon. so russian river in guerneville could be cresting nearly 6 feet above flood stage. you can see right now on storm tracker 2, the satellite and the radar, we have a batch of rain pushing into parts of the north bay. here we go, the first waves of rain associated with our next system. scattered up in portions of the north bay. south bay not as much coverage, and we still have these warnings to talk about as you can see in the southern portion of santa cruz county. also out towards morgan hill and gilroy, moving the maps to the north and out to the north of heelsburg for the alexander valley and portions of sonoma county as well, that one in place until 10:30 tomorrow morning. here's our next system developing upstream.
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you can see the dip in the jet stream. within this flow, you can see this next system moving into the region tonight and thursday morning. here's our live camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. clouds have been moving in over the past few hours. as far as rainfall expectations with the next guy, could be talking about quarter inch to three-quarters inch. no wind advisories. the high tide on the golden gate bridge about 10:30 tomorrow morning. coming up we'll break down the timing with the next system and the downpours out there and big changes by the weekend. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. coming up, the silicon valley's solutions to the growing traffic problems. in 20 minutes, the high-tech plan to ease crowding along the roadways. >> baseball's spring training is a few minutes away. the giants picture who is moving across the bay to join the a's. >> plus a car falls down the cliff on a peninsula. what we're learning about the man.
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an elderly man needed to be rescued in pacifica today after his car went down a cliff. it happened sometime before 10:00 this morning on manor road. firefighters had to repel about 300 feet down the cliff to get to him. they pulled him from his car and a helicopter pulled him back up the cliff in a rescue bavktd. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. authorities are trying to figure out how the car went off the road. we have new information on
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the tragic case of a man who allegedly drowned his own daughter in a baptismal pool in a north bay church. authorities ordered him to be housed at napa state hospital. he was previously found mentally incompetent to stand trial on charges of murdering his 4-year-old daughter. authorities say he drowned her at the baptist church in heelsburg in november. he was found naked and screaming in the parking lot of the heelsburg police department carrying his daughter's body. pg&e today announced hundreds of layoffs as it moves to stream line its management. pg&e says 450 support jobs will be cut with 60 of those employees being moved into new roles. the company has also eliminated 800 non-employee contract jobs, and it will not be filling 500 open positions. pg&e says by reducing the cost of support services, they can invest in safety initiatives and modernize the grid. facebook is launching a project to help users become
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more informed about current events. it's called the facebook journalist project. facebook says it's in the testing stages right now and asking input from news organizations. the goal is to expand facebook's role as a place for people to discuss ideas and share meaningful conversations. the project includes a training program for journalists in 10 different languages. ktvu fox news at 6:30 starts next with donald trump firing back at journalists. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> up next, what he said in his first news conference since winning the election. >> the multibillion dollar settlement for volkswagen over its emissions cheating scandal. >> and continuing storm coverage with a look at how businesses are benefitting from the recent rain. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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now to our top stories a break in the rain, the russian river in guerneville crested. many people who live along the river have evacuated. water levels have receded but could take more days. >> it has


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