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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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republicans to repeal and replace obamacare without the threat of a filibuster. to come up with a replacement, that will be even harder still. >> pennsylvania, 53%. nebraska, 51%. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan listing state where is health insurance premiums skyrocketed since the affordable care act in 2010 making the case for why obamacare must be repealed and replaced. >> this experiment has failed. this law is collapsing while we speak. >> reporter: the debate going on for hours with lawmakers laying out their case for and against the passing of the bill. >> 64 times, they voted to repeal affordable care act. they still do not have a replacement. >> we're going to do this right with input from our neighbors, the folks we go to church with, our families and our communities. we are not going to pull the
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rug from under anyone. >> reporter: the house voting in favor of adopting a replacement on the repeal and replacement of obamacare sometime in the near future. the senate passed the same framework in the wee hours of the morning while nancy pelosi pleading with lawmakers not to get rid of president obama's signature piece of legislation. >> we will not allow republicans to make america sick again. >> reporter: supporters said this would be the number one item in president-elect trump's new administration with mr. trump tweeting this out this morning, the unaffordable care act will soon be history. president-elect trump will have to have a replacement plan no later than february 20th but there's no guarantee that will happen. many democrats like chuck schumer have said if it's repealed, it will be their problem but nancy pelosi said
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if the republicans come up with a plan that meet her standards, she is more than happy to vote for that. >> a lot to help and a phone call that general flynn reportedly made to a russian ambassador on behalf of mr. trump is raising questions. >> reporter: yeah. it's raising question because it is phone call from flynn to the russian ambassador came a bay before president obama imposed sanctions because of the hacking incident and threw out 35 diplomats from the country. so what was the phone call about? the trump campaign said it was to set up a phone call between president-elect trump and president putin. >> a meeting between the two? >> reporter: that's all they said but people are wondering what happened and representative lewis from georgia said he believes that the trump presidency is not legitimate because of this and other questions surrounding russia's involve am in our election and donald trump's
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apparent close ties to russia, all of that coming under question tonight. >> one week before the inauguration. >> a lot of this a week before. >> reporter: it's not going to be the end of it either. >> ross, thank you. >> reporter: sure. to the weather and a live look at the conditions from the twin peaks camera in san francisco. what a beautiful shot there of downtown san francisco. the views today, they were spectacular and the bay area is cleaning up after a series of storms. in guerneville, floodwaters are receding albeit slowly and people are cleaning up a muddy mess. >> the storm brought a rare dusting of snow to bay area peaks. check out mt. hamilton. >> and skyfox flew to donner
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summit. this storm dumped 13 feet of snow in the sierra doubling the snowpack in a matter of days. mark tamayo, i imagine they'll have the roads clear but there's a lot of new snow up there. and a lot of people sharing the roads heading up to the mountains on 80 and 50 but no storm tonight or tomorrow. the snowfall totals have been adding up. take a look at the snow report, sierra tahoe, rose, squaw, diamond peak and the podder -- powder is growing before your very eyes. this is from today and this weekend looks great as well. no restrictions on 80 or 50. for travel in the sierra, it was so difficult but now, free and clear conditions heading up to the mountains. for the forecast, partly cloudy
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skies for saturday and a slight chance of snow on sunday and sunshine into monday with highs about 42 degrees. the satellite for the bay area, we are still in the clear but we actually have a flood threat for all the areas shaded in green with an influx of water and pretty high tide. so with that close to the delta region we have floodwater in place and it's rushing to the region. so all these areas shaded in green, martinez, antioch, and not to concord but portions of alameda county. that's a flood warning until 2:30 tomorrow afternoon with all that standing water for that portion of the region. and talking about more rain for next week. the 5-day forecast coming up in a bit. the bay area's infrastructure took a pounding from this week's storm with traffic problems big and small.
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you probably encountered potholes. but as ktvu's tom vacar reports, some streets are in need of repairs. >> reporter: in orinda, a 6- foot sinkhole caused the failure of two major pipes that in turn caused the closure of the connector between the orinda down and sleepy hollow neighborhoods. officials believe it will be several weeks before assessment and repairs can be completed. in marin county, the air field protected from the petaluma overflow but developed a 30- foot breach under emergency repair. the airport has its own protective levee but the worry is birds effort inning nearby could cause aircraft striking birds to increase. pinole, a complete washout of a major segment of alhamabra valley road at castro ra road. the design to have water pass
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under the road was undermined and tore the road away. >> i think it's used like for the commute sometimes, the cars but during the day, it's fantastic for cyclists. >> reporter: with more rainstorms coming at least through february and possibly into march, it's going to be difficult to effect a permanent repair if any repair at all. the real solution may have to be a bridge. >> i wonder, you know, if there's any money to fix this. there's a section out there further that was one lane where it washed out. that was about 10 years ago. that's not fixed. >> reporter: the most stubborn trouble spot is highway 37 near the highway 101 interchange closed for nearly days. floodwaters have kept this closed forcing people to take alternative routes not set up for mass traffic. the runoff water rose a bit
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making it hard to predict when it will reopen. and in the past few monthn 't ins, the highway patrol re- opened one lane of highway 37 and all eastbound lanes remain closed. you can download the ktvu weather app. we post updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. investigators are trying to determine how a car ended up in the path of an amtrak train. unfortunately, the driver was killed. the accident was at agnew road and lafayette street in santa clair a skyfox was over the scene this morning. a honda and mercedes were traveling east on agnew and stopped to make a left turn when the amtrak came by and clipped the back of the mercedes and the force of the impact unfortunately killed the
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female driver. >> anybody feel anything? >> all i is we braked really hard. i didn't know anything was wrong. i didn't see anything. >> the coroner hasn't released the name of the woman who was killed. a spokesperson for union pacific said that the train's engineer was blowing the horn and warning lights were activated. the service is running again tonight. new details on a train accident in oakland involving two members of the legendary bay area band, tower of power. the men are covering from serious injuries after they were hit by a train last night in jack london square. we have an update on their condition. >> reporter: julie, all is quiet in jack london square a day after this accident happened. we know these two men are very lucky to be a live and family and friends are sending them well wishes as they recover in the hospital. just a few days ago, the legendary r & b band tower of
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power was performing at yoshi's in jack london square. it's believed that the men were crossing the tracks after a union pacific train just pass and did not see an amtrak train coming from the opposite direction. long-time fans are stunned. >> it's bad because tower of power has been around a long time. growing up in vallejo, they were the music that we listened to at this time. >> for the school, a big fundraiser, and i mean, they are really good people. and i have seen them live, love their sound. and it's tragic what happened. >> reporter: on the official tower of power facebook page we learn that does garibaldi is recovering from bruises and washington is recovering from
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internal bleeding but doctors are cautiously optimist optimistic. >> i hear david is doing better and moved to a different facility. it will be a long recovery and mark was alert. he wasn't able to speak but he was able to gesture with his ice and positive, gave me a thumbs up. >> reporter: the legendary band formed in oakland in the 60s. garibaldi joined in 1970 and is an awards winning drummer, and washington was filling in for another bassist last night. theysay that they appreciate the support and prayers. >> and i tell you, musicians, they can't wait to get their ax back in their hands, get back on the stage. nothing will stop them. >> reporter: the band is getting ready to go on a cross country tour, so it's unclear how many performances these two band members may miss but we do know that the band is set to
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perform next tbhnd san diego. -- wednesday in san diego and when i called the venue there, they said the show is still on. >> a long history here in the bay area. thank you. coming up, just one week from the presidential inauguration of donald trump, the preparations under way and a look at how security officials are working to keep the crowd safe. and new details in the case of bacterial meningitis. what we are learning about the man who died. >> he was a great guy with a lot of energy.
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new details on the deadly case of bacterial meningitis that killed a relationship counselor from san rafael. as rob roth reports the health department has sent out alerts. >> reporter: the marin county health department has sent out 2 first alerts, mostly to those at soulcycle. sevin philips was a marriage counselor who ironically posted a recent blog about losing a spouse. he was married with a young son and extremely well liked. >> he was a great guy, a lot of energy and fun to be around. >> reporter: but soulcycle members are warned if they were
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around philips they could potentially have been exposed to bacterial men sights. health experts say that the risk is low. >> there's not a lot of evidence that sweat will transmit bacterial meningitis but if someone is coughing and sneezing into the environment, it's possible. >> reporter: those here seem to be taking it in stride. >> not concerned. my doctor is taking precautions and i feel like they did everything according to the protocols. i got a letter from the health department. >> reporter: officials are unsure how philips contracted the disease and may never know with symptom similar to the flu, coughing, fever, and headache. >> a bacterial infection from a lining around the brain. >> reporter: the health department said that soulcycle is cooperating and making sure that the gym is safe.
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those receiving health alerts are urged to call their doctor. the preventative treatment is one dose of an antibiotic. rob roth, ktvu, fox 2news. the city college san francisco has been renewed for the next seven years. in 2012, officials had threatened to revoke the accreditation citing mismanagement of finances. a couple of hour ago, the chancellor spoke publically and thanked the faculty and student body for their support in the last few years. >> the gratitude that i feel for your sacrifices, for your continued faith in this college, even in the darkest of times and for your tireless work is overwhelming. >> city college has a student body of about 90,000 and makes it 1 of the largest community colleges in the country. if the cold, wet weather has driven you indoors, you are not alone. it's driving bugs and rodents
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in as well. as ann rubin explai seeking shelter and keeping post control workers very busy. >> reporter: if you noticed ants 2 by 2 in your kitchen, you're not alone. the reason rainstorm is driving insects, critters of all sorts indoors. >> they are cold. that's it. >> reporter: swat test control said he is fielding ridiculous numbers of rat calls and raccoons, too. a natural byproduct of the winter weather but he said that the spike will be sport lived along with the pets. >> it will kill a great deal of creatures that would normally invied homes from ants to rodents and gophers will die horribly because of the rain. >> reporter: orchard supply hareware has seen high traffic in the pest control aisle. >> we offer options such as old fashioned snap traps and the glue board which has become
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popular. not only rats and mice but a variety of other pets. so we are seeing an uptick in the insect spray. >> reporter: for ants, windex, and a secret home remedy that worse wonders. >> soapy water. amazing what soapy water will do. >> reporter: while exterminators are busy now, it won't likely last. this last storm will have had a significant impact on the test population. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2news. more rain coming up for next week but at least tomorrow we get a break. nice to have a break here in the bay area as you can see on stormtracker 2, rain showing up in southern california, los angeles and thunderstorms in that portion of the state but we are in the clear and temperatures are cooling off rapidly. we'll take a look, 49 in santa rosa. --san francisco. here's santa rosa. and san jose, right now, 51.
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here's the live camera toward the bay bridge and san francisco with relatively clear skies across a portion of the region and just like this morning, we could have areas of fog reform first thing in the morning tomorrow. keep that in mind in the valley locations and as the temperature cools down to the dew point, we'll get the fog and that would be happening first thing on saturday morning. first thing tomorrow morning, overnight low starting out the day in the lower 30s towards santa rosa and napa. here's the plan in san francisco, 8:00 a.m., patchy fog and temperatures in the mid- 40s and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours and we'll thicken up the high clouds probably late tomorrow. the overall weather story, it's dry tomorrow with a chance of a light shower or sprinkle on sunday morning and dry on monday and tuesday, and a return of wet weather.
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we'll talk about that coming up. a fire in the east bay leaves a high-end spot a total loss. up next, how the restaurant's 92-year-old owner plans to rebuild. and the rams introduced their new young head coach as the 49ers continue a search for a coach and a gm. we'll have a ride on the nfl coaching carousel in sports. and the update on a deadly shooting in the south bay.
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here, there is magic for days. san jose police are investigating a homicide that occurred today near sanders elementary school. a man in a car was shot on mt. pleasant road. the victim was driving a silver mercedes. when officers arrived, they found thought car crashed into a sidewalk. the driver was dead and the shooter was nowhere in sight. this is san jose's third homicide of the year. last year, san jose had 47 homicides, the highest total in years. now to alameda where a fire gutted a japanese restaurant but the 92-year-old owner will reopen. as henry lee tells us she loves her customers and staff too much not to rebuild. >> there's a lot of water. >> be careful. >> yeah. i be careful. >> reporter: faith yamato
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insisted on checking out the damage herself of what is left of the beloved kamakura restaurant she has owned for 35 years, now a charred and waterlogged mess. >> it's a mess. >> i want to see. ah. oh, all the damage. >> yeah, the damage. >> reporter: from the outside, the restaurant looks untouched. but inside, it's a total loss. this was a tour her son didn't want her to take. in fact, he refused to take her there. >> pick me up, you know, because now i don't drive. he didn't! [laughter ] >> just the extent of the destruction will -- just kind of -- you know, it will really be a -- mentally just too hard on her. >> reporter: instead, she had an employee take her. faith, who turns 93 in march, told me that the fire strengthened her resolve.
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why do you love this restaurant so much? why? >> why? because it's my life. >> reporter: it's your life? >> i'm 93. we can fix it. >> reporter: the fire broke out at 4:15 in the morning with the smoke coming from the roof in the pictures sent from the alameda fire department. >> once you got the front door open, they found smoke and fire in the front door. it was going pretty good. >> reporter: firefighters knocked it down quickly and say an electrical malfunction was likely to blame. the owner's son, wayne yamato, showed me where it started where a dryer and fridge and electrical boxes were stored. this man brought flowers. faith was there every day, always a gracious host, celebrating birthdays and presenting roses on mother's day. >> the food is always good and it's surprisingly reasonable and faith is always there to
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greet you. >> you are not like coming to a restaurant. it's like you're coming to her home, and that's why it's so special and so sad it was gutted by the fire. >> this is painful for her. she's chomping at the bit to do something. >> she wanted to come and clean right away. >> reporter: for now, no more malibu salad or alaskan fantasy, none of the dishes that made it a local institution and it will take time but it will re-open with the community and faith on their side. >> thank you. >> reporter: in alameda henry lee, ktvu fox 2news. ktvu fox 2news at 6:30 starts next with stepped-up security for next week's presidential inauguration. >> you have to be concerned about homegrown violent extremism. the preparations are under
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way as donald trump gets ready for his in inauguration. and 60 years after making history, the very first miss chinatown usa is making a special appearance at this year's chinese new year parade. stay with us. ktvu fox 2news at 6:30 is next.
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