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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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donald trump's inauguration is just one week away. >> these are coming from the presidential campaign and they are very special. >> president elect donald trump will take the oath of office. >> preparations are well underway, some californians are
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receiving their tickets to the inaugural ball and parade. we spoke to one woman who is preparing to go. >> this woman says she is excited to go to dc next week and she showed us those official documents she received just today. liz richie got a very special delivery friday. >> out comes fedex with my real ticket showing. how excited. >> reporter: excited because the tickets are for the inauguration of president elect donald trump in washington, d.c. >> the inauguration is right in here. and i'm going to be able to see it right there. >> reporter: richie is thrilled she showed us the official invitations that came a few weeks earlier embossed with a gold seal. >> this is the inaugural ball and this is to the welcome concert and to the inaugural
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parade. i'm wanting to soak up every moment i coo from the whole entire experience. >> she is one of the 800,000 people attending the inauguration. preparations are ranting up with flags hanging where trump will take the oath of office. about 1,000 of their members will march and another 300 members will join the inauguration security force. they have been conducting as many as 40 mock scenarios. >> there are no credible threats right now at this point. >> large trucks and buses will line the perimeter 99 rallies
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will be held. richie who spent months getting her ticket is the best reward. >> i could have never expected to have this happen in my life, i feel so blessed. >> they're expected to swear in mr. trump just as it is administered to mike pence to become vice president. >> such an important time in history. some members in congress were saying they do not plan to attend the inauguration this year. >> yes, there was one today to congressman john lewis of georgia who said he will boycott the inauguration, now one of seven democrats who say they will not go including california representatives barbara lee from here in oakland and marin's hoffman. hillary clinton is listed on the list of attendees going there with her husband, you know, former president bill clinton. >> it's kind of nice seeing her get so excited about getting
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the tickets from fedex. >> the volunteer. >> she spent some days, 18 hours and so that was free labor and this was a great, great reward at the end of the day. >> thank you. >> the house of representatives repealed the affordable care act, clearing the way for obama care. and by overcoming a democratic filibuster in the senate. >> this experience has failed. this law is collapsing while we speak. >> we will not allow them to make america sick again. >> an estimated 20 million americans gained the affordable care act. and that has not yet been determined on how it will be
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accomplished. an event for controversies. tonight they put a stop to it. republicans invited milo to speak tonight. he brought along the former drug company martin shkreli. they allowed that event to go ahead, but tonight's protests grew where the talk was called off. i don't think these people know that and i was going to tear him to sleds. >> he was fired after raising the price of a life saving drug and also charged with unrelated
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securities fraud. he made headline after an abusive comment. >> and now to the lean up that is underway causing the flooding, triggering mud slides. much of the damage is being assessed where it is too soon. >> one lane reopened today after forcing the closure of all lanes. at one point the water was threeep where seve vehicles were stranded. tonight they remained closed with water being pumped out. there is no estimate on when the entire highway will be back open. live now to debora villalon who is live back along the russian river this evening. debora, the floodwaters are receding with a lot of mud to clean up? >> yeah, where there is water now there is muck and everything else that floated away in the river. many residents out here are busy.
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friday evening downtown guerneville this restaurant cloused and only because road conditions were making it hard for employees to get back to work. >> people are cleaning up different spots, >> it will be a week of washing, scraping, dumping, placing dumpsters around town. filling fast. >> i officially am a river rat now. >> as their front gate, water would have been over our heads. now he hopes they all show up. >> and this mud is contaminated. it's got all types of bacteria, you name it. it is dangerous stuff. >> and it is hard to get off
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once it dries. >> water came up to here. >> mostly yards and garages where this house was raised ten feet. and now water will flow underneath. >> the important thing is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. it will dry so quickly. if you can flush it without the river that's the best thing. you can't destroy guerneville, okay? you can't. [ laughter ] it's impossible. ive in the most beautiful spot on earth. >> reporter: and it is still a beautiful spot. just a muddy one. ironically people swinging into action now are the same ones that are stranded, idle during the worse of it. >> my boyfriend couldn't go to work and i couldn't leave and it was probably four to five days of us being at the house. cabin fever. >> yes. >> and it is kind of fun to go
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to that place. the floods were a bit worse than expected, but they are open for business. >> and then you see how fast the river recedes, it's amazing, yeah, come out and play, yeah. >> it is hard to believe just a day before last these gas pumps were mostly submerged. tomorrow afternoon officials will be touring the rivers frank damage to property is expected to be in the millions. >> do they still have areas where there is plenty? >> no, it is below flood stage at this point. there is still standing water because of the creeks, but the river is back below their banks. to the south bay now where investigators are trying to
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figure out what prevented them to move off as the train approached killing the driver. it happened in santa clara. they were stopped waiting to make that left-hand turn. they killed the female driver. >> and anybody here feel anything? no. they just broke really hard and i knew something wrong. i didn't see anything as i looked at the window. >> the coroner has not yet ased the identity of the woman killed. a spokesperson for union pacific says the train's engineer was blowing the horn and they were warning their lights. two members of the tower of power remains hospitalized tonight after being struck by a train while crossing the street at jacqueline square. ktvu cristina rendon reports friends of the two musicians are hopeful both men can
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recover from their serious injuries. just a few days ago the legendary band was performing as they were set to take the stage saturday night. where they were on their way to the venue and did not see that train coming. >> it was sad because they have been around for a long time. they were kind of the music we would listen to. >> and others said they played with the band just years ago during the high school band. >> it is the power to the school and they would raise a bunch of money. >> we learned they would have
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surgery as they were optimistic. he would help you find their long recover fry and wasn't able to speak to me, but show the gesture with his eye. >> they formed back in the 60s. and he joined the group in 1970. washington was filling in for another last night. in a statement they predict the responses from the former band mates and fans. >> they cannot wait to get their hats back on their hand and it is something they just loved to do, nothing will stop them. >> a gofundme page has been set up as they recover in the hospital. they are getting ready to go on
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a tour and that show is still on. ktvu fox 2 news. tonight giving new life by turning them into fake and legal housing. and then it will be nice to see some sunshine this afternoon. outside right now we have mostly clear skies, except some fog trying to reform. coming up i'll let you know if we have any rain drop in your weekend forecast. the rush went here up to the sierra ahead of the three- day weekend. this is why, take a look at the view from sky fox over the sierra this afternoon. more of this in 90 seconds.
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these are the pictures of the sierra for this weekend's winter storms they made the trip up to the view there and it was just spectacular. they had so much snow they were closed for several days. tonight they are hoping to outfit all those skiers. >> i'm standing here on university avenue over the i-80 overpass and just look at the traffic behind me with a string of headlight and brake lights, all of these folks are headed up north and since they have
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been out here it has been very busy, warning them to slow down. as we know it is all about getting there with plenty of fun to be had on the other end. >> reporter: pretty enough for a postcard, the sierra could mean one thing. long lines at sporting good stores. >> we have been busy for the last three days straight. we were here until midnight last night. >> this manager knows something about skiing and snowboarding and about the weather. >> the snow came heavy and wet with the cold powder on top. >> all of this recent rain has been good for business. where some people have been complaining, you will not find them complaining here. >> beautiful weather most of the time and if everything is right we get dumped on. >> and for that reason many
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customers made quick plans to join these people on the slopes. >> yeah, it is last minute and i saw a huge amount of snow up there and i didn't want to miss out. >> yeah, absolutely. we got four-wheel drive and my wife calls me the safety officer. we will be safe and we will have fun. >> all right, so that is something you look forward to this weekend? >> yes, for the week. trying to take advantage of the long weekend. >> they turn into weather junkies. >> and if you work in this store at this time of the year, there might be a lot of truth to that with plenty of company
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on the roads. of course chp will be out there asking people to slow down and take it easy. for now we're live in berkeley, back to you. >> thank you. and the weather is cooperating just a great deal for travel this weekend up to the mountains after a soggy start for january 2017. take a look at sop of the rainfall totals across portions of the bay area. santa rosa, it is over 11 inches. napa over seven inches, concord over five and the same for san francisco. even san jose at three inches of rainfall and a heads up next week. we'll be transitioning into a wet pattern for you right now and the main rain is focused to the south. they will flood for right now over portions of the delta region and the contra costa county here. that is coupled with the high tide as they could have minor flooding in placing in 11:30 tomorrow morning for your saturday. and all those areas were shaded
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in green where temperatures are cooling off. livermore in the upper 30s. beautiful in san francisco still in the clear. we do have some fog trying to regroup in santa rosa. just like we would have this morning with a repeat performance for your saturday with a slight chance for a few sprinkles by sunday and then we will talk more about that weather change for next week. more significant rain in our forecast. after a long fight to stay open, they received some welcoming news today. the school has been renewed for the next seven years where the officials had threatened to revoke their schools. today they would thank them for their support during the last few years. >> the gratitude i feel for
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your continued safety in this college and even in the darkest of times, it will be overwhelming. >> they have about 90,000 making it one of the largest communities in the nation. >> showing off the new state of the art trend. improvements have been made to the light rail train based on the riders input. muni says it will make it more comfortable and quieter and they will come to a stop more quickly as they have improved doors and steps. the new train car should be in full operation by this summer. >> the marijuana industry is headed to court to challenge a new dea rule on marijuana extracts. cannabis industry lawyers say the rule would classify any cannabis extract as illegal and schedule one drug. cannabis group speared the product such as industrial hemp and oils and extracts that don't contain the active ingredient in marijuana and it will be targeted.
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they are filing a petition in san francisco saying the dea is overstepping the authority granted by congress. california congressman is one step closer to becoming the next attorney general. today they voted to approve his appointment to the post and the governor nominated him to a place harris is now a u.s. senator. and if confirmed he would be their first latino general with a hearing next week. a deadly case of meningitis prompting some help from the bay area health officials. what hi said about the homecoming. and a hit-and-run investigation on highway 101 after a pedestrian is killed on the freeway.
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new video tonight of a
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deadly crash. police are investigating a hit and run that claimed the life of a 45-year-old man happening near highway 101. the victim was a redwood city man under the influence of alcohol. officers say they are looking for a white toyota. this is happening at this hour with the live pictures again heading towards the toll plaza where a pursuit ended in a crash just a short time ago. this is towards the bay bridge. causing a big traffic backup this afternoon. the home was in the somebody lane when it caught fire. no word on any injuries.
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new details on a deadly case of bacterial meningitis in marin county. the man who died was a relationship counselor from san rafael and the father of a young child. ktvu rob roth tells us health officials sent out alerts to people who may have had contact with him. >> reporter: the marin county health department sent out 250 notices. most of them to members where the 58-year-old exercised. authorities said he died from bacterial meningitis. he was a marriage counselor who posted a blog about losing his spouse. and they were extremely well liked. >> he was a great guy and he was fun to be around. >> reporter: but they warn those members if they were around phillips they could have
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been exposed to meningitis. the risk is low. >> there is not a lot of evidence, but if someone is in that setting, it is possible someone else could be infected and they seem to be taking that in strive. >> i'm not concerned. i feel they have done everything to the protocols. >> officials are unsure how he contracted the disease. symptoms are similar to the flu. >> this individual had a bacterial infection, which is one of the more serious forms of meningitis. >> and they are making sure jim is safe. they are urged to call their doctor. the preventative treatment is simple.
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rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. layoffs at oakland's pandora. and a bay area restaurant gutted by a fire. hear why she was determined to keep the damage hers see how this fire has been transformed into a legal live work space. an architect building their career doing this type of thing. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. on segment two tonight the new spotlight on creating safe and legal housing in the aftermath of the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> tonight lived work space once a cotton mill in their fruitvale district. ktvu claudine wong introduces us to the man behind the cotton mills studios. >> reporter: we caught up with thomas dolan who would help
10:30 pm
transform into a live work space. >> california was originally a cotton mill and the largest con to the -- cotton mill. >> this is the building. i think the portion here and here. what happened to the rest of the building? >> the roadway right through here. you can still see the freeway. but the space is now considered an incur for artists and entrepreneurs. an example of what can be. >> it is totally legal to work. >> how big is it? >> 138,000 square feet. >> how big are those units? >> they vary from probably 800 to 1,800-square feet. >> his experience is extensive. they built the first new construction in the workplace in the united states. and in 1996 he would help write the building code for the city of oakland. today he has worked on about
10:31 pm
500 livable spaces. >> i legalize about 12 buildings in the last 25 years. >> since the goatship fires, looking at the pictures, since then and before then it was an outlier. very much a disaster waiting to happen sadly. we hope there aren't any other places out there like that. >> there have been organizations of artists and other people involved in the community who have organized these no tell inspections for people to help with the low- hanging fruit and things like the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, making sure everybody has that going through the spaces to make sure they would have it. >> no tell? >> well, i am doing them off the record. i don't mind telling you about them. but i'm not making any written record and i'm trying to help working with tenants right now. >> reporter: but fixing them is complicated. the cotton mill is an example of what it can be.
10:32 pm
to bring in large pieces of work. high ceilings, new kitchens, sprinklers, seismic activity. >> we created a new sleeping rock up there. live work code allowing for lateral sleeping methods. they only need to have a 5.8 ceiling. >> no, not five-foot eight. >> i would hit my head. but you get it. the idea is you only use this for sleeping and yo have this sort of personal that will allow you to look -- sort of a perch that would allow you to look outdoors. we said if you can see a window the fireman can get in that'll meet the code. the problem is as i said it's not a code problem, but a money problem to bring these buildings entirely up to code would be very expensive. but to get them to a place where they are habitable in a general short term way, in many cases it's not that difficult. >> how much money would that cost? >> in the four to five, six
10:33 pm
seven range. good evening and to fill me up to code. >> that is what will make this solution so complicated. >> if in fact the city were to say we need to have every space up to code tomorrow or people will need to move out. i don't think that's the city as their attitude. >> quran says to kick people out isn't the answer. the ghost ship may have started that conversation. but he says it should not be the focus of the discussions. >> oakland has a real chance to show how to work and make our way through this problem because many cities have the same problem. >> you can watch more stories about the ship towards live well work space this weekend. it airs tomorrow morning 4:30 on ktvu. and sunday morning at 9:00 on ktvu plus. shares of oakland's pandora were up 7% today. the company announced a round
10:34 pm
of job cuts to reduce costs. the layoffs are affect today -- are expect today affect 150 workers who learned the news yesterday. the streaming music company announced better than expected ad e revenue. wells fargo shares were up today. profits fell 5%, but the quarterly adamant. new account openings have plunged in the wake of that scandal over unauthorized accounts being offered by employees. they planned to close more than 800 next year, most lacy on reporting the other big banks. the dow still slipped five points, but nasdaq closed at a record high and s&p 500 came fourth. tesla announced some changes to the electric car charging program. charging at its super charger station used to be free. the car maker now says buyers of new model s and xs will get 400 kilowatt hours of free
10:35 pm
charging per year. the company says that should be enough to cover most long- distant travel. the cost after that will depend on location. they estimate a trip from san francisco to los angeles could cost about $15 in charging fees. same as paddle wheel boat that had been a fixture of lake tahoe for more than 30 years is headed to the scrapyard. they caught fire last summer while undergoing repairs. the company that operates the boat, they now say unfortunately the damage is beyond repair. the 144-foot tahoe queen could hold 300 passengers and it had taken visitors on countless sightseeing tours around lake tahoe. the company is promising to replace it with another boat. still ahead tonight, a kidnapping case solved. the story of an 18-year- girl who was kidnapped at birth and now learned she has been living with another family. in weather we've got a chance to dry out for most of the weekend. but the storm dorm reopened
10:36 pm
next week. we're talking about the flooding potential once again. in three minutes the bay area sushi restaurant daveed by fire. the 92-year-old woman as she toured the damage today. lepe's foods is a locally owned here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money, and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system, and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money. i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california.
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oakland police are asking for the public's help tonight in finding a missing 16-year-
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old girl. jocelyn pope was last seen on monday heading towards lake merritt. police say she may have been going to starbucks. she is described as five feet two inches tall about 150 pounds of black hair and brown eyes. pope was last seen wearing a pink sweater, light blue jeans, white shoes, and a white backpack. a sushi restaurant in alameda is closed tonight after being gutted by fire. ktvu henry lee spoke to the restaurant's owner today. she is 92 years old and she has a simple explanation for why she plans to rebuild. >> don't go in there. there is a lot of water. >> be careful. >> yeah, i would be careful. >> reporter: she insisted on checking out the damage for herself. what's left of the beloved restaurant she has owned for 35 years, now a charred and water logged mess. it -- it is worse than me. from the outside the restaurant
10:40 pm
hooks unteached, but inside it's a -- a total loss. in fact her son refused to take her there. >> pick me up, you know, because now i don't drive. >> just seeing the extent of the destruction, it will just kind of, you know, it would be mentally, well, just too hard on her. >> reporter: but instead she would have an employee take her to her business. fate would return in march. >> why do you love this restaurant so much? >> why? because of my life. >> it's your life? >> right. >> reporter: the fire at santa clara and broadway broke out 4:15 in the morning. you can see smoke billowing from the roof and the pictures sent to us from the alameda fire department. >> we have the front door open as they found smoke and fire torching in the building going pretty good. >> reporter: firefighters knocked it down quickly and say
10:41 pm
some kind of an electrical function is to blame. the owner's son showing me where the fire started in this back room where a drier, fridge, washer, and ice machine are stored. restaurant regularrers are stunned. this man brought over flowers. they say eating here is an experience unlike any other. they are here every day and always the graciousest host that will be celebrating their customers, presenting roses. >> when you eat here, you sound like you're coming to the restaurant and to your home. >> reporter: for now there will be no more malibu challenge or the alaska fantasy. none of the dishes that have made the restaurant are local institutions. but named for a japanese fishing town will return. in alameda henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. ahead tonight police solved a kidnapping that took place 18 years ago. coming up a girl's kidnap at birth is found alive and safe. also meteorologist mark
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it's being called the miracle of friday the 13th. a baby girl kidnapped at birth was found alive 18 years later. police say she was only eight hours old when a woman posing as a nurse took her from a hospital in florida back in 1998. police say that woman raised the girl as her own in south carolina and now under arrest. the girl's real family says they never lost hope they would find her alive. >> this is the chapter on the church, sunny. there are some miracles that would help and it will come. i said to let it be my grand
10:45 pm
baby. i had no idea what i was saying, but i thank god today. and i thank god today. >> last year police received a tip about a teenage girl living in south carolina who might be connected to the case. a dna test confirmed she was in fact the girl who went missing so many years ago. the girl's family says they have been reunited now on face time and they hope to meet in person for a reunion with the 18-year-old decides if she is ready. a soggy week here in the bay area and finally a chance to dry out as we head into the weekend. of course it's been pretty impressive with the rainfall totals here in the bay area and also up in the mountains as well. take a look at the sierra with the sierra tahoe, mountain rose, squaw, and valley peak. the bases are really building over the next few days. today a few limited operations out there, but i'm sure they'll be opening up quite a bit. opening up more terrain this weekend. 80 and 50 clear right now, no restrictions out there. take a look at the forecast for this weekend. there is a slight chance for some snow on sunday. probably just some clouds and
10:46 pm
then more sunshine as you can see into monday. on the satellite still lingering showers towards southbound towards southern california. the bay area is in the clear right now with the exception though. we have fog trying to regroup especially up in santa rosa. visibility .75 miles. we will have more developments for your evening hours and saturday morning. beautiful camera right here, looking out towards san francisco. that's city hall on the bottom left hand portion of your screen with a nice night for being your city. but it is very cold outside as you want to bundle up. those numbers verify nicely with pretty chilly numbers already. 31 in santa rosa. the forecast for you is 31 and 30 in napa. san jose in the upper 30s. so it will be cool tonight and pretty chilly tomorrow morning with areas of fog out there. this air mass is kind of setting up shop over to our north. that will kick out. with that we're expecting the
10:47 pm
dry weather pattern for your saturday with a slight chance for a sprinkle as mainly just offshore into sunday. but the key headline into next week we will see the storm track return and more possibly some more rainfall into friday. so here we go into the weekend with some clouds out there into wednesday. there is that rain approaching from the north and then once again into thursday still tracking the chance for some rain. then behind that another system could be talking about significant rainfall as we would head into next week. we are looking at long range here as you can see the rainfall potentially over an inch to two inches possibly approaching three inches of rain. and these numbers will probably change quite a bit over the next few days, but you get the idea of where they will increase the flood potential once again. across the bay area for next week. we will get a chance to dry out though for saturday. officially for sunday as well, maybe some drizzle on sunday morning and then we'll thicken up the clouds tuesday. that first rain cloud on
10:48 pm
wednesday could be one of many that will set up over northern california especially next weekend. but thankfully we will get a chance to go outside this weekend. >> it was so clear. >> yeah. it is just beautiful. >> wicking up this morning seeing the nice blue sky out there. >> thank you, thank you -- thank, thank you. we'll be right back. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions; including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia.
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serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. can fill you with wonder. other. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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l mark is here now talking about the warriors. they have a real big game on monday. >> when the cavaliers take on the warriors because of all the ball that transpired to the finals last year, the last couple of years as a matter of fact. a great rivalry. they will be making their way towards the bay area with a little stop in sacramento. cavs have not been playing their best basketball as of late, but they were good enough to take on sacramento. lebron is fiaschi. the team has not been tiptop lately. now watch boogie cousins here. denied by the rim by tristan thompson. take it the other way. lebron had 16 with 12 shots tonight. look at the replay, a perfect passing. making six of them and then the new guest. they would look great. instant offense, seven out of
10:52 pm
ten shooting there for the three. four out of six shooting 18 points off the bench in just 25minutes. you've got to see this pass by lebron. look at that. you can't teach that. beautiful. that is just beautiful to kyrie irving as you look at the replay with a touch pass. 120-108. and they are headed for the oracle arena. another look cavs looked good tonight. in the meantime clay thompson has the warriors heading for a day off as he did a little traveling. down to southern, california and well worth the trip, visiting his old high school. you, you can go back home from time to time. returning to santa margarita and the catless high school down in southern california. a three-year versety starter and he is number one up on the gym wall for good. retired, honoring his greet career too as well as one of the flash brothers with the
10:53 pm
warriors. truly appreciating not taking them for granted. >> it's a huge deal for me. just because in four years i would enjoy every year. i'm 14 to 18 years old and there is a lot of time to grow, you know, to become young men. but spiritually and everything, i don't understand. >> all right, cavs and warriors on monday at the oracle. in the meantime 49ers what a day, day 12 for them they have still not hired a general manager and a coach. but i still think they really let that one get away. he went to the rams and never came out of the building down in l.a. without a job. that is sean mcvay as you know by now the youngest coach ever in the nfl. he'll be 31 later this month a five-year deal. he is the grandson of the former 49ers president john mcvay. this would have been a great fit. young up and comer, but that's not to say he doesn't have a whole lot of work cut out for him with the rams who have had
10:54 pm
13 non-winning seasons. in fact he is an offensive mind having served three years as the offensive coordinator with the redskins. with their quarterback coaching as well, and the rams offense is worse in the nfl for the past two years, but a man with a plan. >> we are going to be a team built on character. we feel true leadership is about building and developing relationships that are going to help us create a unified vision sustainable overnight. we'll be committed to the process. and we're going to be committed to a standard of performance. and those things are going to be focused on daily improvements and daily exxons. that's what's going to help guide us on our journey to try to achieve a world championship and bring it to the great city of los angeles. >> a tense young man as frank and julie just pointed out, suddenly one of the most eligible bachelors i must say. >> yes.
10:55 pm
>> a five-year deal. they didn't announce the money, but i'm sure it is healthy. in the meantime it is a quick return to business for bill. fired by the raiders as the offensive coordinator a little over a week ago. taking on now by the raider rivals. the denver broncos as he will be their quarterback's coach with denver. and then another afc west foe, the chargers are going to get used to saying the l.a. chargers. they fired their head coach mccoy and now hired on by denver. john well iowa's crew. the division rival and the afc west will be doing their thing. spring training is up three weeks away from now. can you believe that? we are done off the field with the contract situation being taken care of, avoid -- arbitration, the three of us, in fact. $3.4 million for will smith.
10:56 pm
with milwaukee they would take care of george. iron man out of the bullpen. and that is a pretty good deal. nunez with the trade. up $2.4 million for him between the giants and the twains. the a's, they are also taking care of some of their outfield business avoiding arbitration was sunny gray who had all kinds of injury problems last year and probably his worst with the health and all that. he was just 5-11 signing for 3.75 -- $3.75 million. eothen steve voight's deal worth $3 million. with all the storms coming in here, baseball would be a welcoming sight in scottsdale, arizona. >> yes. very nice. >> mark, thank you. >> thanks for joining us everyone. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night. as ceo of exxonmobile...
10:57 pm
rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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good morning, madam president. may i introduce you to the ambassador of java? oh, thank you. because, after all, what is a travel mug but a closet for your coffee? and boom, our next promotional giveaway. -wow. -mm-hmm. throw on a black turtleneck and some mom jeans, it's like i'm married to steve jobs. i did hear you banging out e-mails till all hours last night, so the cucumbers in the sandwich can be repurposed as lunchtime crow's-feet refreshers. thank you. don't forget we've got drinks later. right. any specific joke areas i should stay away from? oh, no, don't worry about it. it's mostly just me and the guys talking business. hey, you using those spin classes i got you? yeah. i went twice last week. you can't tell? sure i can. the best part about taking over my dad's company -- i am now a powerful white male, and i love it. i totally get now why we don't want anyone else to have what we have. honey, before i take off for work, i saw this and i thought of you.


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