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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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she claims she had nothing to do with her late husband's attack that killed 49 innocent people salman's uncle was at the hearing and defended her. >> she is innocent. i know she is innocent. >> how can she live in that home and not know that something was awry? >> well, i don't know. i don't know how to answer you. i have never been in a situation like that but i can tell that he clicked and he is going to do something crazy like that. >> now the hearing was continued until tomorrow morning. high profile defense attorney charles swift will represent her tomorrow. the defense will be asked for her released until trial. i asked michael cardoza if having a defense attorney will be a game-changer for her. >> so good defense attorneys can lose cases. government has the evidence
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most of the time. so he is coming in. will he be better than a public defender maybe. you got to get lucky to pull a good one. the government is going to send in big hitters. it will be a heavy weight fight if it gets there. cardoza said that it is unlikely that she will be granted bail and if she is the number will be astronomical because there is a trigger in the federal system when the crime is as serious as this and triggers no bail and the judge will intercede where the bail hearing. the odds of her getting out are slim. >> the arrest comes six or seven months since the incident happened. >> is there anybody else that may be arrested.
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>> some people might think they don't have enough evidence but the f.b.i. says this is methodical process and they interviewed her and compare those statements and vet those and retrace everything and then they had to present it to a grand jury and they came down with this indictment. >> do we know anything more about the case against her. >> nothing in terms of the formal complaint that was eye opening. in court when the prosecutor was detailing the charges, he said a couple of things that raised eyebrows. one of the things is that when he was explaining the first charge and that is basically helping the terrorist organization. he says she knew this was happening. to me that means they have got some real evidence. how did she appear in court? when they were reading and they had the charge against her, what was her reaction? did she give any type of emotion. >> she was facing the judge and long hair over her face and difficult to see her facial
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reaction. i saw her trembling. she was wearing the same clothes when they picked her up yesterday morning at her home in rodeo but soft spoken and said yes meagerly when the judge asked her if she stood the charges. >> will she be kept at san lore rita. >> the extradition process will continue after the hearing and it should happen rapidly. >> taking her back to florida. >> exactly. >> we are following breaking news. president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning, the army intelligence analyst that revealed wikileak files that revealed the files across the world. president obama's rescued her as a transgender woman impriced at a prison in kansas. her 35 year sentence was the
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longest sentence impose ford a leaking conviction. manning is set to be free this year instead of the year of 2045. the decision could have an impact on a highly publicized case. last year wikileaks agreed to a u.s. exhibition request for the site's founder, julius assange p president obama granted clemency to manning. julius assange thanked everyone. he has been hiding out at the embassy in london since 2012. a tentative date has been postponed. the trial was supposed to begin tomorrow for sierra lamar. garcia torres was arrested in 2012 and has been in jail ever since. a developing story now from
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the university of california. janet napolitano is in the hospital. she reportedly suffered a setback from the cancer treatments she has been receiving since august. tara moriarty has more where napolitano is being treated. tara. >> napolitano had a medical emergency and brought to u c ff, one of the five medical centers she oversees as uc president and today she was a patient. sources tell ktvu 59-year-old uc president janet napolitano had a medical scare so serious yesterday afternoon an ambulance rushed her from her home in this luxury apartment building on oakland's lake merritt and taken to highland hospital in critical condition and was later transported to ucff. sources tell ktvu 59 year- old uc president janet napolitano had a medical
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so serious yesterday afternoon an ambulance rushed her from her home in this luxury building on lake merritt. taken to highland hospital in critical condition and was later transported to ucsf where she is doing extremely well. she ran the department of homeland security before leaving in 2013 to take over the ten campus uc system and five medical centers and three affiliated laboratories. her office confirmed that the one time arizona governor has been battling cancer for five months. during the course of the treatment president napolitano has consistently performed her wide range of duties at full capacity without interruption or impact. but yesterday she had complications. the self prescribed single workaholic was appointed to the post by governor jerry brown. as president of u c california she has handled the uc davis
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pepper spray incident and salary increases. officials won't say what type of cancer napolitano had. in 2000 she had a surgery after recovering from breast cancer. >> she has shown remarkable strength during this time and she is making great progress and should be released in a day or so and back to work soon. live in san francisco. tara moriarty, back to you. that is good news. thank you. two members of the band power of tower in the hadn't after they were hit by an amtrak train in oakland. they were crossing the tracks on their way to perform. the drummer is in fair condition but will remain hospitalized. the bass player remains in
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critical but is responsive. the grammy-award winning group will be holding a concert for the two injured barned members. 49ers search for a new head coach. espn says they will offer the job to the falcons defensive coordinator kyle shanahan. he won't be able to officially accept the job until their season is over. they play the packers in a championship game on sunday. shanahan is the son of mike shanahan and ktvu's joe fonzi has more on this new development. and the other thing that we should add is that tom cable that we talked about as a candidate. his agent tweeted that he has taken himself out of consideration. >> the only person right now, the only candidate would be kyle shanahan. >> what do you make of him as a hire and how much will this put him behind the 8 ball given the fact that his team could go to the super bowl and played not
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until next month and that would put him behind in terms of getting the team together and getting the assistants together. >> you are talking about a team that has yet to name a general manager. organizationally. there is no question that the 49ers are behind the 8 ball but if this is the right guy and what you get with kyle shanahan, don't forget, you get mike shanahan as well. undoubtedly on advisory basis. if your kyle shanahan, you will bounce things off of your dad as well. that doesn't hurt to have him potentially involved in the mix if not officially but as we said a lot of dots to connect because kyle shanahan can't come until the atlanta falcons have run the course one way or the other. >> can't understand hiring the coach before the general manager. >> it is a little bit crazy. who has the leverage? kyle shanahan has it. what if he says i would like to
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be general manager as well. >> we have not heard names for that. the warriors breaking ground on a new arena in san francisco. >> how about that? we didn't know we would see it for sure because whenever you are dealing with san francisco, there are a lot of hoops to jump through and red tape but it now does appear. i guess when you are breaking ground, the real deal is happening. if you have spent anytime in the bay area, there is the saying we all hear from time to time, only in san francisco. of course that saying applies to the way the warriors celebrating the ground breaking of a new arena. call it operators of join backhoes meet the village people. maybe given the hurtles this project had to clear a celebration of this magnitude was in order. >> it seems like only 1702 days
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ago we were together on the pier announcing the project. we had everything right except where we were building it and when. >> after legal battles, the where became 11 acres in mission bay and the when is in time for the 2019 nba season. the chase center won't only be about basketball. >> 200 feet behind me is center court. closer than that is where bee onsay will take stage. a future president of the united states will get nominated here. family shows. conventions. graduations are going to take place here creating memories that will last a lifetime. >> but no question the most high profile candidate the golden state or san francisco warriors. three seasons is eternity in pro sports but the warriors hope pretty well known members of their association are still around when the new building
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opens. i what about to stay here forever. [ applause ] >> i'm also an nba coach so i am aware that this building will take about three years to build so the chances of me standing on the sidelines for the warriors are slim to hopeful. >> a better question than the future of the coach, how about the future of one of the team's big stars that is not yet under contract for the start of the 2019 season. an. >> it will be fun playing in there. there you go. kevin durant. thank you, gentlemen. one more point that was made on numerous occasions today. the arena is 100% privately financed. that means building costs and land acquisitions. they are proud of that obviously. and i imagine they will change the name to san francisco warriors. >> i know you are a big time
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east bay guy. >> what a production. they brought out everything. >> never seen that broken backhoes. >> thank you. sure. coming up, dramatic rescue as firefighters pull children out of a burning home in southern california. why firefighters had a hard time getting into the home. it has been a very wet winter. the ground is saturated and what some folks are doing to make sure that they are prepared for the line of storms are surely coming. we have had a few days to dry out. that has been great and now the rain comes, i will time it out for your bay area wednesday.
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>> in los angeles four children are in critical condition after being pulled from a burning
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home. want to show you pictures now of the rescue. you can see one little girl being carried out in the arms of firefighters. it started at 11:00 last night. investigators say the children's mother went to go run an errand and when she returned the house was on fire. at first the firefighters had a hard time getting into the home because the windows were covered with security bars. they gained access in the back of the home. >> the children were found in the same location inside the residence, firefighters made access to those children through a wouldn't. and generally handed those children out to awaiting firefighters outside the window. >> the injured children range in age from 2 to 7 years old. investigators are still trying to figure out what started the fire. the public hearing being held in berkeley to help prepare the east bay for a new area code.
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it will be added to alameda and contra costa county. the current a 510 area code is running out of numbers and the goal is to have a new one in two years. no one with existing 510 code will have their number changed. tonight's meeting begins in a few minutes at berkeley central library that is located on the corner of shatdock and kindirige in the bay area. some homeowners pumping water out of their homes. many are bracing because more rain outside way. tom vacar is in san rafael where work is under way to avoid another round of flooding. >> if you are on your own. the easiest way to use a sand bag is to use a cone and fill half the bag. what it proves this is a a few
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pounds of prevention is worth tons of cure. >> the aiken's were taking no chances by packing sand bags as more rains zeroed in on morin county. >> getting ready for the next storm. we have packed bags before and they seem to help. we get a lot of runoff. >> but the drought has led many to forget about torrential rains and flooding. many new residents never had the experience. >> a lot of it is after the fact. after they are dealing with the situation and the dehumidifiers. we sell so many of them because people did not anticipate that they would flood. >> they are asking for sump pumps and tarps and everything that they need and rain suits. >> sump pumps are the number one way to control in-house flooding when it starts. to prevent water intrusion. consider sand bags or something
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called hydrobarriers. thick and pliable and plastic that can be reemptied and refilled. and if you get a tarp get enough rope to keep them tied down. >> a lot of people are looking for roof patch and everything like that so caulking and roof stoppers like henry's patch. >> the best thing about a hard ware store is that they have experts about lots of things. they help you to determine exactly what it is you need to buy but then how to use what you have bought in the correct way. >> i think they are pretty knowledgeable. they gear up for certain emergencies that we might have here in the county. >> they are always there to help you. they come up and ask you. you don't have to seek them out. i think they know a lot of things about a lot of different things. >> it is a huge store. high inventory. they know everything.
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they know where to go. so it is great. best advice, take an inventory of what the weaknesses that you have in your situation and go get some advice and do something about it. didn't take long but this can save you lots of money by keeping water outside of your house or basement. tom vacar, fox 2 news. and let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin to talk about the rain because it is on the way. >> it is on the way and slow getting here but when it gets here you will notice it. mostly on that afternoon commute tomorrow. the showers and the clouds, they show up tonight and tomorrow. the sprinkles, maybe light stuff and maybe drizzle but rain. wind, that shows up tomorrow afternoon. outside right now you can see the changes that are occurring. we had breaks through the week and today you can feel the prance situation and tomorrow a different deal with a wind
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advisory for the bay area. heavy rain and maybe a small stream advisory pop up. you will see that in the commuter model. there's the rain and it will be a slow mover. it will sit around humble and men na sino and it will work its way south. cloudy and maybe a few sprinkles after tonight and on the way in the morning and not enough to shut you down. not a horrible commute. just definitely a few sprinkles out there. these are the overnight lows with rain. this rain is a chance of a sprinkle but also depicting the rain showing up in humble and men na sino county. 41 in fairfield and concord. you get the valley fog. >> we had some this morning sticking around. it will stick around tomorrow morning despite the transition. valley fog has a tough time forming when there is rain because the low pressure releases the inversion but you can see what will happen. the fog will be a strong enough
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inversion that the fog could form. as we head into your bay area the next couple of days, you got wednesday afternoon and sprinkles in the morning and it rains wednesday afternoon big time. thursday, there is the break. friday more rain and then beyond that, we are in the same thing. there's the wind advisory we talked about. when we are in the same thing. another break and another rain on sunday. tomorrow morning you see how things are hanging up north. you can see all of the clouds and you know it is not hard to get a sprinkle in the morning. lunchtime it starts to progress. and then there is the afternoon commute. and you know that will be something. it really is. rain falling hard. a wind advisory going into effect and wind blowing strong. 45 to 50 miles per hour. probably from looking at that radar and julie you have been doing forever with me. 30 years or something. >> you are making me feel old. thanks, phil.
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>> you were 19 when you started. >> maybe ten. >> i have been here for 25 years. >> 20. >> thank you. but the system as it goes through, you notice how there was not a lot. it is progressing and fast and nothing in front of it and not a lot behind it. that is good news when you worry about flooding. >> but it will be windy. >> and mud slides are always a possibility. we get a break on sunday. >> you can feel it outside. >> winter is on. a u c berkeley student charged with murder and his friends say they can't believe it. coming up next. more from today's hearing in court. new at six, how police say raiders quarterback derrick carr played a role in locating a missing toddler over the weekend. also new at six, a new
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super bug emerges. why officials are worried coming up next. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care dobecause you've got ams lot of cheering to do! get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine. a uc berkeley student charged with murder for the deadly stabbing of a woman near campus. >> ktvu crime reporter henry lee was in court following the story and joins us with more. henry. >> the cal student made a brief appearance in a courtroom packed with supporters. they say they are at a loss as to why he is accused of a brutal killing. 22-year-old pablo gomez, jr. is charged with killing emily inman. cameras were not allowed in court. police say he stabbed inman on
5:27 pm
january 6th on her home on ashley avenue. gomez stabbed and tried to kill a second woman kiana smith. smith will survive. police found smith on ridge road. it was not until later that night that police found inman's body. a motive for the violence is not known. the prosecutors have charged gomez with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. gomez was arrested in la a day after the stabbing. inman worked as a nature educator. her work peers says she was a brilliant teacher and joyful person. her loss has shaken our community to the core. a group of friends have showed up in court are struggling with fact that he is charged with murder. >> this large group knows who he is and what he has done.
5:28 pm
he is a scholar. very intelligent person and we don't believe he did this. gomez did not enter a plea today. the arraignment was continued until february 1st live in the newsroom, henry lee, fox 2 news. they are not saying a motive but i heard you mention that they are charging him with residential robbery. could robbery have been a motive in this case? >> it is possible that we still dob know, frank, how there was a delay in finding the slain victim's body. it is possible he may have committed a robbery afterwards. no one is telling us now. as far as a motive we are seeing if any mental illness played a role in that. henry lee in the newsroom. the warriors moving across the bay to san francisco. we anticipate a lot more people coming in and more foot traffic and looking forward to the increased business. local businesses react to news that one of the most popular teams is moving in their neighborhood and what that will mean for them.
5:29 pm
call it an after effect the recent heavy rainfall and road rage and potholes. what do you do about them? we will have that coming up after the break. breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the bay area is bracing for wet weather. here is the radar. showing the storm system making its way towards northern california. we are monitoring it.
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commuters are saying it is time. westbound lanes of highway 47 opened following the storms last week. flooding closed both directions of highway between 101 and anderton avenue. abandoned vehicles were left in the high water. the water was cleared and cal tran was pumping water out of the ditch. eastbound lanes opened on saturday and westbound lanes remained close until this morning. late this afternoon the city of orindo declared a state of emergency because of a sinkhole. these are the problems facing drivers following the storms. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary joins us live outside city hall in san jose with more on all of this. jesse. reporter: julie, if you are fortunate enough to drive in do you want san jose you may miss the problem because a lot of the roads and streets have been recently repaved and in other areas of the south bay it is a bumpy road and exacerbated by the rainy and cold wet weather.
5:33 pm
near the intersection of north carolina and kirkner avenue a mine field of potholes a plenty and producing this seasonal road hazard. >> you see the symptoms of the problem. san jose's director says the city receives upwards of calls complaining of hot holes. the ugly ranch worsens with the weather. >> potholes are not caused by storms but made worse and they are caused by the need to get ahead of the problems. >> in the santa cruz mountains. cal tran is repairing the damage. last week's storm had a mudslide that closed highway 17. today crews install 200 feet of fencing. it is reinforced with tension
5:34 pm
and cables anchored in the k rails. if and when loose rocks and debris are washed towards the roadway during the next storm it will be caught in the fencing. >> there is not a tensioning system at the top and bottom and you have regular aluminum clips. the large force hits it, it will bust off. where as this is happy to cap the material and keep it contained. cal tran says reengineering the hillside is a permanent fix. it should keep people safe. voter approved funding should mean more money for routine maintenance lessoning the potholes. >> we are able with approval of measure b in san jose to get moore street maintenance to help us get a handle on the potholes. >> city crews are on the lookout identifying upwards of 100 potholes in the city each week but without constant
5:35 pm
fiscal attention from city hall and sacramento, little problems can grow into big problems which can damage your car. now if you would like to report a pothole, just in this city, you can call the following number, (408)794-1900. we are live outside san jose city hall, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. i have run into one of those potholes in oakland on the way home from work the other night. there are a lot of them. as we mentioned the golden gate warriors broke ground on the new home in san francisco. the new state-of-the-art arena is in the city's mission bay neighborhood. it will be called the chase center. the warriors will play sunday in the new arena at the beginning of the 2019, 2020 season. rob malcom spent the day in mission bay neighborhoods and found out that there are businesses that n't wait for the new arena. hold on. counting the days until the chase center will be a focal point in the neighborhood. >> my first reaction for me i
5:36 pm
guess as a business owner to think about me being here for years and years riding a donkey and now i have a chance to ride a horse. >> he also plans to ride the coattails of the golden gate warriors. the arena won't be occupied for a few years but already he is making plans. an. >> we will have to hire more people. i will create more jobs. i have created so many jobs. i have two other locations around the corner. his other restaurant sits kitty corner to third street. >> we anticipate a lot more affic. oming in and foot we are looking forward to the increase in the business. >> the concern here is also about traffic and for those that live and work in the neighborhood, a love-hate relationship could be brewing with the warriors. >> a lot of us are big fans. it is different when it is going to affect your day to day life. >> however this man sees it differently. >> it is doable and the games
5:37 pm
are after 6:00 p.m. so the daily traffic, they will be gone home by then. >> the hope is that the new arena and the popular warriors will bring some life to this new neighborhood and the short time pain will be worth the payoff. rob malcom, ktvu fox 2 news. this morning we asked our question of the day, this is what we wanted to know. would you or are you planning to go to a warrior game at the new arena in san francisco? as you can imagine there were strong opinions. some tweeted out that the new arena in san francisco is a slap in the face to long time warrior fans in oakland. another one says a name change to san francisco would be the ultimate sign of disrespect to oakland. david says you are a band wagon fan if you don't support the warriors after a location change. deal with it and this one says i am a fan for life. you can respond to the question of the day using the # ktvu.
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u c berkeley has a new head football coach. justin wilcox will take over for sonny dikes that was fired last week. wilcox is 40 years old. he faces the unique demand of coaching at a school known for the world-class academics. he was defensive coordinator at wisconsin. the hire comes late in the recruiting season but he went to work putting together his staff and meeting with recruits. for those that don't know, his dad is hall of fame linebacker dave wilcox that played for the san francisco 49ers in the '70s. still to come. reproductive rights and federal funding part of a big rally at the state capital. the concern about planned parenthood losing federal funding under the new trump administration. donald trump faced off
5:39 pm
against a hostile senate committee today.
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5:41 pm
with the presidential inauguration just days away. congress is busy with confirmation hearings. on the hot seat are the secretaries of the interior and the boycott by democrats. >> the only congressman ryan
5:42 pm
zinke facing a panel. zinker a former navy seal commander is planning to tackle 12 billion-dollar backlog in maintenance and repairs at national parks and never transferring public lands. >> without question, the public land are america's treasures and are rich in diversity. >> president-elect donald trump's choice for education secretary, billionaire betsy devoss facing a more hostile senate committee. devoss is a champion of vouchers in extending charter schools and willing to push against unions for more choices. >> she spend 30 years defunding public schools and railing against them and fighting against having an investment in them and fighting for having private for profit charters. >> she understands what the
5:43 pm
problems and educations are and right at what i will call 30 years ago the block which is that mess of interests that clog up the american education system. >> with just three days until the inauguration. 50 democratic lawmakers say they will boycott mr. trump's swearing in. in washington. joe walman, fox news. britain's prime minister laid out her plan for the united kingdom to make its forum for the european union. she addressed brexit. she says britain will attract international talent and overall the number of immigrants admitted to the u december is expected to drop significantly. brexit must mean control of the number of people that come
5:44 pm
to britain. britain's parliament will vote on the deal in 2019 and she did not say what would happen if lawmakers decide to reject the agreement. >> still ahead. they referred to him as the heart of highland. he saved lives and teaching others to do the same at the oakland hospital. a special goodbye to the cardiologist that suddenly passed away. we are tracking that rain. it is going to be here tomorrow. gets here later in the day. we talked about that but tomorrow is not the only one. we got more weather systems and they are potent. see you back here. ♪ life. you never really know what's coming. life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going, sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else.
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>> hundreds gathered at the state capital to express their feelings about reproductive rights and planned parenthood. many people worry that funding is in jeopardy. >> if you were sporting pink at the california state capital. you are feeling nervous now. extremely worried. >> i am very worried. >> we are concerned with paul ryan's threat to take away the right of our patients to fund planned parenthood. >> with majorities in the house and senate and the republican president about to take the oath of office. there is a goal. to trip federal funding for planned parenthood but preventing healthcare dollars called media cal for plant hill services.
5:48 pm
let's stop fighting. that's the message the whole four years i have been there. >> a different message from a congressman at the podium today. >> i got this because we in congress are ready to fight to protect planned parenthood. >> and on the capital's steps there was star power. a creator and star of the hpo series, girls. >> here are the fact. full citizenship and full humanity are not possible for women without them having the full range of options for reproductive health and safety and planning. it can't happen. >> abortion services are one of the options provided by planned parenthood and a fraction of the services and a fraction exempted from federal funding. that was ben d c reporting. supervisors in sacramento county are declaring a state of emergency because of the damage from last week's storm.
5:49 pm
state officials are still assessing the damage and how many homes suffered problems. there was also road damage and levee breaks. flood victims will be eligible for financial help from the state. as soon as we get an upsing of how many private homes were damaged, we will send that information to the state. county officials are also concerned about two new storms that are on the way this week and whether they will causemore damage. supervisors in nevada county are hoping the governor approves the emergency declaration. they say uprooting trees and a sinkhole are pushing the costs up and crews are working around the clock to prepare for the next storms. officials in both counties are urging both residents to be prepared with sand bags. >> you can feel the weather changing. >> it has been aggressive january for rain.
5:50 pm
we are coming up to some rainfall totals for the 5th or 6th most rain we have seen since the 1850s. we do have a night out there where we are looking at clouds increasing and probably did notice that increasing clouds really all day today and then into tonight and then there might be a few sprinkles and a drizzle and morning commute and not too bad but the afternoon commute bad and wet and windy. tomorrow's system is about noontime on. so the first part of the day not pretty and maybe sprinkles and a little bit of drizzle and there you go. right there. current radar imagery. that is how tomorrow morning is looking. everything will hang and the green is hanging in northern california. current temperatures chilly and a chilly night and might see valley fog in the east of the area with showers in the north.
5:51 pm
which is sort of unusual. usually the valley fog does not exist with rain or showers but they are far enough north that the fog will have a chance to form. oakland or san francisco tomorrow afternoon, you are looking at showers developing by lunchtime and it gets going around 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 and there's the computer model and a different way to look at this and an easier way to look at it. it covers everybody. tomorrow morning. look where the showers are. tomorrow, lunchtime, and then there is your afternoon commute. now we press forward and we go for thursday morning. there's the chance to dry out. thursday afternoon, tons of time to dry out and late thursday night into friday early morning. very wet. morning commute on friday. looks dicey and wet. that's system number two and you can see right here another break. at least scattered showers. somewhat of a break. it is not consistent.
5:52 pm
so this is the key. some rain, break, some more rain and a break. we can take a lot. the models keep doing that. you couldn't ask for a better setup. you get breaks in the five day. now i told you this the other day. you take that thursday breakout and that saturday breakout and look at the five day. you got trouble. and that is not what is going to happen. it looks like thursday will be a good break. rain, break, rain. i am telling you the weird russian river a mess. >> are you concerned. >> no. not as traumatic as the last atmospheric river, doesn't have the same characteristics some of them but not the same ability. >> the rain carries to next week. >> yes and there is another system on sunday. we will get a break saturday and sunday's system looks potent. it looks like an 8 on a scale
5:53 pm
of one to ten. in rainfall accumulation and snowy conditions. he lived a life of firsts and those that knew him best are saying goodbye. he loved this place and everybody in this room. thank you. coming up next. remembering the man that saved countless lives and the heart of highland. more on the surprise announcement from the white house that chelsea manning will be released from prison some 30 years early. react from both sides of the political aisles. >> what the city of orindo is doing after a massive sinkhole
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
opened up.
5:56 pm
staff members at highland hospital in oakland said farewell to one of the longest serving and most distinguished doctors as ktvu's rob roth says dr. wall salman was known as the heart of highland hospital. >> i am going to miss a lot of things about him. >> it was fitting that family and doctors and former patients gathered in highland hospital to say goodbye to one of its most established million dollar giants. cardiologist walter skiman. >> he was always on the lessons
5:57 pm
of life. >> he died unexpectedly of a stroke at the age of 82. he was highland's first full- time doctor and chief cardiologist and worked up until the end for 46 years. >> he would tell it like it was and he cared so much about people. it came across. >> he wouldn't deliver bad news without delivering hope and without showing his compassion. >> it is hard to believe that dad is gone. mainly because he was so alive. >> among those to say goodbye was a former heart patients. one life he said. >> down to earth and after i was no longer his patient, he would always recognize and say hi. >> along the way he trained more than 1200 doctors including this one. >> doctor skiman was about seeing important things and the
5:58 pm
big picture. >> stowman loved traveling and the arts and those that knew him said he cared most about the family and patients and the people he worked with and especially highland hospital. >> he loved this place and everybody in this room. thank you. >> he lives behind four children and five grandchildren and an army of admirers. >> for everyone being here thank you very much. rob roth. ktvu, fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. >> a surprise announcement from the white house today. president obama is commuting the prison sentence of chelsea manning. >> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> she is the former army intelligence analyst sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking unclassified information. >> manning that i have had as transgender was known as bradley manning and going to walk out of prison almost 30
5:59 pm
years early. president obama commuted her sentence along with the sentences of mo are than 200 other inmates. ken wayne is in the newsroom with late details. chelsea manning was called a trader and whistleblower and hero for releasing thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. manning has served six years in prison and much of it in isolation at for the leavenworth kansas. the classified information was videos of air strikes in iraq and afghanistan and more than 700,000 documents. manning says she intended the leak to raise public awareness on the high costs of war on civilians. react to manning's upcoming release has been swift. wikileaks tweeted victory. obama commutes chelsea manning's sentence from 35 years to 7 and whistleblower edward snowden tweeted to all
6:00 pm
that campaigned for clemency on her behalf, thank you. >> and a professor says manning should get the same treatment as those in britain. >> you can release secrets in britain and say i did it and let me explain why and the world is a better place and the judge can exonerate you on the defense. it doesn't exist under american law. >> others said chelseanning's t lives at risks and exposed secrets. john mccain said the sentence of chelsea manning is a grave mistake to encourage further acts of espionage. she will be released from prison on may 17th. julius assange says if president obama friedmaning he would be willing to leave exile in russia and


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