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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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that campaigned for clemency on her behalf, thank you. >> and a professor says manning should get the same treatment as those in britain. >> you can release secrets in britain and say i did it and let me explain why and the world is a better place and the judge can exonerate you on the defense. it doesn't exist under american law. >> others said chelseanning's t lives at risks and exposed secrets. john mccain said the sentence of chelsea manning is a grave mistake to encourage further acts of espionage. she will be released from prison on may 17th. julius assange says if president obama friedmaning he would be willing to leave exile in russia and face charges.
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that offer stands. the wife of the orlando night club shooter appeared in court. f.b.i. agents arrested her at her mother's home. noor salman is accused of obstructing justice and providing support to a known terrorist organization. >> her husband was killed in the mass shoot that left 49 people dead. ken rowland was at the hearing and joins us with the latest developments. >> the hearing lasted about 15 minutes and that was more than enough time for prosecutors to lay out the charges against a bay area mother now facing life in prison. >> without handcuffs and dressed in a yellow t-shirt and gray sweat pants. noor salman responded yes to a federal judge when asked if she understood the charges against her. the 30-year-old mother is facing a possible sentence for allegedly providing support to a known terrorist organization. in connection to last june's massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando carried out by her
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husband o mar mateen. prosecutors say that salman knew about the attack and that her lies and misstatements to local police and the f.b.i. constitutes obstruction of justice. >> they have to have all sorts of evidence or they wouldn't try it and they would send it to the counties so do i think they have evidence? i do. >> salman allegedly was with her husband when he drove by the nightclub before the shooting and when he bought ammunition at a walmart. her uncle says she had no idea what her husband was doing. >> when she went to walmart toy section. he is security guard and he has weapon and he always -- went to range practice. so she didn't think. >> salman was taken to custody monday morning at this house in rodeo and living in the bay area where she grew up with her 3-year-old son since the attack. >> she is very sort sweet girl.
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she don't think outside the box. she always thinks what happens to my son. >> she is completely innocent and had no knowledge? >> i know. i know she is innocent. >> how can she live in that home and not know that something was awry? >> well, i don't know. i don't know how to answer you. i was never in a situation like that. i can tell when the university clicked and he is going to do something crazy like that. >> salman will be back in court tomorrow with high profile attorney charles swift and it is suspected that she will ask to have bail waiting for trial. that is something that experts think is a long shot. and what about the idea of her being extradited to florida where the crime occurred? how she waved extradition? >> it is unlikely that she will waive it. and that will happen quickly. ted, thank you. a u c berkeley student
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accused of killing a woman at a holm near campus this month made his first court appearance. cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom as 22-year-old pablo gomez appeared before a judge. accused of killing 20-year-old kelly inman. gomez stabbed a 2nd woman that survived. many of his friends and supporters were inside the court. >> this large group knows who he is and a scholar and intelligent person and we don't believe he did this. >> there is no word on a plea. gomez is due back on the 4th. a trial set for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. more than 4 years since garcia torres was arrested on murder charges. the trial was going to begin
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tomorrow but has been moved back two week until january 30th. the santa clara court says the delay is because of pretrial matters. the jury selection has been completed. sierra lamar was 15 when she disappeared in march of 2012. her body has never been found. university of california president janet napolitano is in the hospital tonight. uc officials refield that she is undergoing cancer treatment since august. as tara moriarty reports, that napolitano suffered a set-back and was brought to ucsf. >> sources tell ktvu 59-year- old president janet napolitano had a medical scare so serious yesterday that an ambulance rushed to her home thin luxury apartment building on oakland's lake merritt and taken to highland hospital in critical condition and was later transported to ucsf where she is doing extremely well. napolitano ran the u.s. department of homeland security
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before leaving in 2013 to take over the ten campus u c system and five medical centers and three affiliated national laboratories. her office confirm that one time arizona governor has been battling cancer for five months. during the course of this treatment read an office email president napolitano has consistently performed her wide range of duties at full capacity without interruption but yesterday she had some side effects of the medicine. the workaholic was appointed by governor jerry brown. as president of uc california she has handled the uc davis pepper spray incident and funding for the lake observatory and student protests over proposed tuition hikes and salary increases for uc executives. officials won't say what type of cancer she has in 2000 she
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had a mastectomy. napolitano has shown great strength and resilience during this time. her doctors say that she should be released in the next day and back to work soon. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the two members of the tower of power hit by an amtrak train in the hospital tonight. while they recover from serious injuries a benefit concert is being held at yoshis in oakland. we have more. cristina. reporter: we got inside, frank. they let us inside to see the sound track. and the two band members in the hospital. david will be released in a few days and as you mentioned in a couple of hours musicians here, fellow musicians are set to perform with all proceeds going to cover the cost of the men's benefit bills. it starts at 8:00 and the group
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conspiracy will perform and vocalist from tower of power and other friends close with david and mark. they were crossing the street when hit by an amtrak train. smith is the first ban member speaking out about the performance saying that there is no question about the people here tonight. even though she with a show tomorrow down south, it doesn't matter because david and mark are close to us. they are like my brother and this is the place i needed to be. i walked up after the accident and seeing your brothers on the ground was a shock to me. >> there is dozens of phone calls from dozens of fans.
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and tower of power appreciate the overwhelming support from their fans. all of the proceeds to go to help the men's medical bills and the cost of their after care. and there have been two go fund me accounts that have been set up. both of them together have raised a total of nearly $100,000 at last check around 96,000. they hope to raise another ten thousand tonight. a lot of support and effort for these two band members. thank you, cristina. oakland police are thanking raiders quarterback derrick carr that helped to find a missing 3-year-old child. he went missing last friday. his mother said she left him in the care of a woman named tammy martin while she ran a short errand. police say martin drove off with the boy and they issued an amber
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alert. after police tweeted about it carr retweeted it to his 247,000 followers. police soon heard from someone that spotted the missing van and the boy was safely recovered and martin arrested. an officer said the secret to sharing missing child info is a retweet by your local nfl quarterback. coming up. here is san francisco businesses getting ready for a new warriors arena and while some look forward to it. not everyone is a fan. emergency repairs under way in the south bay on highway 17 to prevent another rock slide. and rain back in the forecast after some dry days. that's good but the rain returns and we will time out the afternoon and morning commutes. a dramatic rescue of four young children from a house fire. why authorities say all of the children were home alone. and taking a live look at the tuesday night commute. this is what it looks like on
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enters i-80 and emeryville. traffic heavy in both directions. and on the san mateo bridge, the commute direction heading east. those are the lane on the left with the headlights, very heavy. doesn't look quite as bad in the noncommute direction from the bay to the peninsula. ♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >> four children are hospital rised in critical condition.
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one girl being carried out in the arms of a firefighter. investigators say the children's mother went to run an errand and returned to find her home on fire. when firefighters arrived, neighbors were screaming there was still people trapped inside. firefighters then rushed into the house to try to save the children. the children were all found in the same location inside the residence. firefighters made access to those children through a window and handed them to other firefighters outside the window. the children range in age from 2 to 7. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. ground breaking ceremonies were held in san francisco for the new home of the gulf coast warriors. dignitaries on on hand for the first symbolic shovel of dirts of what will become the chase center. warriors management says the new arena won't be just about basketball. >> 200 feet behind me is center court. closer than that is where
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beyonce will take stage. a future president of the united states will get get nominated here. family shows, conventions, graduations are going to take place here creating memories that will last a lifetime. the arena site encompasses 11 acres near u rn hospital. the plans call for the facility to be ready in time for the 2018 season. the new arena is met with opposition. many worry about the traffic and congestion in the area. others are excited about what it will bring to the mission bay neighborhood. ktvu's rob malcom is live in the city with reaction to the ground breaking. >> frank and julie we know where the new arena is going in on third street and many people believe that with the warriors as neighbors life will be changing and businesses are hoping it will be for the better. not everybody in mission bay is a warrior fan. >> first and foremost traffic
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gridlock. >> rodney thomas was at the ground breaking but not smiling. >> tranquility is nice and calm at this point. >> restaurant owners are counting the days until a chase center will be a focal point in his neighborhood. >> the first react for me as a business owner think about me being here by myself for years and years and running a donkey and then now i have a chance to ride a horse. >> and plans to ride the coattails of the golden gate warriors. the arena won't be occupied for a few years. >> i will have to create more jobs. i have two more locations. >> with three restaurants in the area, his third, cafe sits kitty corner on third street. >> we anticipate more foot traffic. we are looking forward to the increase in business. >> the concern here is also been about traffic and for
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those that live and work in the neighborhood, a love-hate relationship could be brewing with the warriors. >> a lot of us are big warriors fans and excited to see the arena. it is a little different when it is going to affect your day to day life. >> this business owner sees it differently. >> all of the games are after 6:00 p.m. so all of the daily traffic, they will be gone by then. so frank and julie while there has been opposition the hope is that the new arena will bring life to the new neighborhood and the short-term pain will be worth it in the long run. malcom in the city tonight. thank you. cal tran's crews closed a portion of highway 17 today to perform repairs a head of the storm tomorrow. crews installing a rock hill fence to prevent the rocks and debris from falling on the northbound lanes. this is the same area where a mudslide area happened and
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rocks found on a television news van injuring the driver. in morin county highway 37 reopened after flooding last week prompted officials to close both directions between highway 101 and and personton avenue. eastbound lanes opened on saturday and westbound lanes are closed until today. the east bay city of orinda had a state of emergency because of a giant sinkhole. it opened up last week on minor road and caminna. it affected the sewer and gas lines. the city may not have enough money to fix it and the emergency declaration will ask for state and federal disaster funds. we are tracking more rainfall as we head into tomorrow. your wednesday, the morning commute not so wet but the afternoon commute will be wet. i will show it to you coming up. here is that moisture and the atmospheric river and we will have breaks in between each weather system. three distinct systems.
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here comes number one that will get here most likely tomorrow afternoon and begin moving in now and maybe in the morning hours. we might see a few sprinkles and we are seeing light showers at yukaya. light showers and it might be wet on the roadways tonight and tomorrow but the real rain gets here late in the day. as you look at the radar you see the rain around point arena and temperatures are cool, outside. mostly just in the 40s. overnight lows tonight will be down there. showers in the northeasterly. maybe some valley fog tomorrow morning. and then the model does this for san francisco tomorrow morning. just that light sprinkle activity mainly north. temperatures cool and lunchtime a chance of a shower and you see kind of partly cloudy and sunny and then right about lunchtime forward, you will see the rain really begin to pick up in intensity and this will impact that afternoon commute. you get the idea. tomorrow's commute may be damp
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on the road. it is tomorrow afternoon's commute to be wet and windy. a wind advisory in effect to tomorrow night. the afternoon commute will be wet. give yourself time. known as the heart of highland, ahead the special tribute honoring a beloved cardiologist possible for training hundreds of doctors. the 49ers search for a new head coach down to one final candidate. jason applebaum will be here to tell us who they plan to offer the job to. and the bay area will get a new area code. when the change is happening and who will be affected.
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staff members at highland
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hospital in oakland gathered to honor one of the most distinguished doctors. dr. walter stoleman helped to train more than a thousand doctors and saved countless lives. >> it was fitting that family and doctors and former patients gathered inside the hospital to say goodbye to one of its most accomplished medical giants. cardiologist walter stoleman described as the heart of highland hospital. >> cardiology in particular and the lessons of life always. >> stoleman died last month of a stroke at the age of 82. he was high land's first full
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time doctor. chief cardiologist and worked here 46 years to the end. >> he would tell it like it is and he scared so much about people that always came across. >> he wouldn't deliver bad news without delivering hope and without showing his compassion. >> it is hard to believe that dad is gone. mainly because he was just so alive. >> among those that came to say goodbye was one of stoleman's former heart patients, one of the countless lives that the doctor saved. >> down to earth and after i was no longer his patient, he would always recognize and say hi to me. >> stoleman trained more than 1200 doctors including this one. >> dr. stoleman was about saying important things and seeing the big picture. >> stoleman loved traveling and the arts and most of all those that knew him say he cared most about his family and patients and the people he worked with
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and especially highland hospital. >> he loved this place and everybody in this room. thank you. [ applause ] >> stoleman leaves behind 4 children and five grandchildren and an army of admirers. >> for everybody here thank you very much. >> in oakland rob roth. ktvu fox 2 news. a public hearing is being held in berkeley to prepare the east bay for a new area code. the state public utility commission is outlying how the new area code will be added to alameda and contra costa. the current 510 code is running out of numbers and the goal is to have a new one ready in two years. no one with existing 510 area code will have the number changed. the new area code will only be designated for new numbers. a site for residents in san mateo county. two mountain lions spotted at 6:30 this morning in wood side
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behind a road on bartoldo road. sheriff deputies responded but did not find the big cat. officials say that people should avoid hiking or jogging at dawn and dust in areas where mountain lions are active. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next. russian president vladimir putin weighing in on a leak of a dossier. as the trump teams get ready for the inauguration. when a congressional office is saying about repealing obama care. new data outlying the consequences. what doctors are learning about a deadly antibiotic resistant super bug. stay with us ktvu news at 6:30 is next.
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now today top stories. chelsea manning will be freed in may after president obama commuted her sentence. facing 35 years in prison for leaking classified files to wicky leaks. she has been jailed for 7 years and during that time came out as transgender. >> the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter appeared in an oakland courtroom. 30-year-old noor salman accused of obstructing justice and providing materials to a known terrorist organization. her husband killed 49 people last year in the worse mass shooting in u.s. history.
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salman living in rodeo with her 3 year-old son since the attack. uc president janet napolitano hospitalized right now for complications in her cancer treatment. she was taken by ambulance from her home in oakland to highland hospital and transported to ucsf. we are told she is doing well and should be released in the next day. officials haven't said yet what kind of cancer she has but we do know that napolitano had a double mastectomy 17 years ago. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. we are less than 3 days away from president-elect donald trump's inauguration and no shortage of controversy. newly released policy show mr. trump will interoffice with record low approval figures. >> and the relationship with vladimir putin getting stranger with him comparing trump's critics to prostitutes. john roberts has more from new
6:31 pm
york. reporter: donald trump is taking aim of the lowest popularity of inauguration saying the same person that did the phony polls are doing approval rating polls. they are rigged. blaming the negative news reports for taking the hit. with just 66 hours until donald trump takes the oath of office. the transition team is accusing democrats to de legitimatize his presidency and leave a mark on his victory. even senator john mccain whose relationship with trump has been contentious acknowledged when it comes to the leak of that dossier of unverified rumors something doesn't smell right. >> this information is damaging information that was provided to me and i made no jump on it but handed it over to the f.b.i. but the fact that this unvalidated to say the least document was leaked is someone's responsibility and the president elect has a
6:32 pm
point. >> got more backup from russian president vladimir putin that accused the obama administration of trying to undercut the president elect. vladimir putin dismissing reports that trump was with prostitutes. >> he has socialized with the most beautiful people. i found it difficult to meet with girls of reduced social responsibility. although here also why have the best ones in the world. >> vladimir putin says those that rumor are worse than prostitutes drawing a sharp response from the outgoing secretary. >> the men and women of the united states intelligence communities are patriots. the number of democrats boycotting the inauguration is up to at least 58. trump's team is playing it off as no big deal saying it is disappointing and will free up good seats for others. >> we are learning more about trump's inaugural address. we are told that president
6:33 pm
elect will address himself as the president of all americans for the theme of america first. we are told he spend much of the past weekend rewriting the speech and did one run through with the tell la prompter. he will use two bibles when he is inaugurated. one a gift from his mother after he left sunday school and the other is the a lincoln bible that barack obama used in '09. california voters don't have confidence in the trump presidency. a new poll shows 36% believe he will be successful. 46% believe he will fail. another 19 percent are on the fence about how he will perform. a new president usually experiences the highest approval rating at the start of the term. a report out today from the congressional budget office estimates 18 million americans would lose health insurance if the affordable health care act
6:34 pm
is repealed and it could go up to 32 million if the expansion of medicaid is removed. the budget office says insurance premiums could jump 25%. walmart is adding continue thousand new jobs. the company is opening new stores and expand existing locations. there will be 24,000 construction jobs. walmart says there will be 59 new expanded and relocated walmart and sam club stores. a potentially drug resistant bacteria is more widespread in hospitals than previously thought. the centers for disease control and prevention says the virus causes an estimated 93 hundred infections per year and 600 deaths. it is resistant to all 26 antibiotics available in the u.s. to treat infection. the study suggests that the
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super bug generally spreads from patient to patient without signs of symptoms. caregivers and medical staff must be vigilant about washing thnd and cleaning up mel equipment. a rally in sport of planned parenthood. smoothing out a bumpy ride for problem potholes. a fix for leaky roofs as we brace for more wet weather this
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hundreds of supporters of planned parenthood gathered at the state capital opposing plans to strip funding from the health care provider. the createdder of girls was speaking alongside california lawmakers. >> here is the fact. full citizenship, full humanity are not possible for women without them having the full range of options for reproductive health and safety and family planning. it can't happen. planned parenthood says that abortion services are only a small portion of the health cares that they provide and those procedures are already exempt from federal funding. road crews in the south bay busy working on potholes and other road hazards. there's an urgency to get it
6:39 pm
done before the wet weather comes. >> new jersey and new kirkland area a mine field awaits motorists. potholes. producing this seasonal hazard. >> potholes are a fact of life. unfortunately we see more of the symptom of the problem than the cause. >> san jose director says that the city receives upwards of 30 calls per week complaining of potholes in need of repairs. during the winter the ugly street rash worsens with the weather. >> potholes are not caused by storms. they are made worse by storms. but they are caused by the need for us to get ahead of road pavement. in the santa cruz mountain. cal tran's crews are doing emergency repairs due to damage from the weather. last week's storms caused a mudslide that caused a portion of highway 17 near scott's false. today crews installed 200 feet of temporary rock fall fencing. the 8-foot hyphens is reinforced with tension and cables anchored in to rods.
6:40 pm
if the loose rocks lost they will caught in the fencing. >> a normal fence does not have a tensioning system at the top and bottom. you have regular aluminum clips. a large system will bust off where as this is meant to keep the material contained on the shoulder. >> cal train officials say reengineering the hillside will be a permanent fix and for now the fencing should keep motorists safe. san jose officials say vote are approved funding will mean more money for routine maintenance lessening the potholes. >> the measure of measure b and in san jose to get more resources for street maintenance that helps us get ahead of potholes. >> crews are on the lookout identifying up to 100 potholes each week and without constant fiscal attention from city council and sacramento little
6:41 pm
problems can grow into big problems that can damage the car. if you would like to report a pothole in san jose call (408)794-1900. outside city hall. jesse gary, fox 2 news. we are monitoring more rain heading to the bay area. the last minute rush to make repairs for the next round of stormy weather hits northern california. and i have got that latest commuter model lined up and it will get you through the day tomorrow and beyond. see you back here.
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i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. a large tree fell on to a
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road in alamo and damaged the home on i-680 at 12:30 this morning. the tree crushed part of that wall and some fencing. work crews spent the night cutting up the trunk and removing the debris. fortunately no injuries. crews repairing a sinkhole in pacifica. it could take up to six weeks and more wet weather could cause a delay. it was discovered last year but grew during last week's storms. it is about 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. some bay area homeowners are working to patch up the roofs and pump water out of the basements following the recent rain. many are bracing several new systems take aim at northern california. ktvu's tom vacar has this report from san rafael. reporter: the aikens were taking no chances by packing
6:45 pm
sand bags as more came on an already soaked morin county. >> getting ready for the next storm. we have packed bags before and they seem to help. get a lot of runoff. >> many have forgot about the rains and flooding. many new residents never have the experience. >> a lot of it is after the fact. after they are dealing with the situation and like the dehumidifiers. we sell so many because people did not anticipate that they would flood. >> a lot of the times they are asking for sump pumps and tarps and rain suits to cover themselves. >> sump pumps remain the number one way to control in-house flooding when it starts. to prevent intrusion consider sand bags or something called hydrobarriers. thick and pliable and plastic bladders that when fill with water do the same thing. once emptied they can be refilled and used over and over. if you get a tarp get enough
6:46 pm
rope to keep them secure and tied down. >> a lot of people don't know about the roof until it leaks and they will look for patches and so caulking and roof stoppers like henry's wet patch. >> the best thing about home ware is that they have people that are experts about lots of things. they can help you determine what it is that you need to buy but then how to use what you have bought in the correct way. i think they are pretty knowledgeable. really. especially they gear up for certain emergencies that we might have here in the county. they always are there to help you. like they come up and ask you. you don't have to seek them out. i think they know a lot of things about a lot of different things. >> it is a huge store and high inventory and they know everything. they know right where to go. so it is great. take an inventory of your home's potential weaknesses
6:47 pm
before the wind and rain does more damage. tom vacar, fox 2 news. let's talk more about the storms that are on the way because bill, it sounds like we will get a decent amount of rain and breaks in between that will help. >> that's the key. every other day we will have rain but the rain will be significant and we will see by the end of this five inches of rain in some bay area cities in the course of three or four days. significant rainfall and significant snowfall and we also have a wind advisory in effect tomorrow and significant winds as well. what we are seeing right now in the pacific northwest is something you don't see all of the time but you see that pink shade and that purple, not snow but ice. an ice storm in the portland area or there have been in the dowels. we don't see a lot of them on the west coast and that's the environment we are in. and if you have flights into portland perhaps you may be seeing issues because of course ice storms cause issues for airplanes and traffic and cars. the rain out there right now, you can see it is north of the
6:48 pm
area. scattered showers will work their way south as we head into the evening and into tomorrow afternoon and early afternoon. and then it starts to rain. our rain doesn't get here until late in the day tomorrow. right on the afternoon commute. you will see that with a computer model. the rain returns tomorrow and there it is. rain and wind on wednesday. that's tomorrow and more rain for the bay area friday. wind advisory for tomorrow. that will go away by thursday late night or late wednesday night. but the wind will be up. it will be windy. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. the rain is not an issue. we talked about that. then it gets going. the afternoon commute. then we get to the break. here is thursday morning. scattered showers and in the mountains it won't be a break. but for us you can see it is not the area distribution of rain. not massive.
6:49 pm
there is the thursday afternoon. doable. and friday, lights up. late at night or early morning friday. this is real rain. friday and then there is the morning commute. that's brutal. friday's morning commute looks messy and behind this another break. >> essentially, right? you will see some clouds and sprinkles. essentially another break. point to this is that the breaks you can get away with anything in terms of rainfall and even snowfall in the mountains. i am sure glad that i had my gutters cleaned. >> did you get them cleaned. >> yes. they filled up so fast they filled up and you got to stay it. >> fortunately we didn't use sand bags, did you. >> if you are on a hill, the water runs off and a lot of people in the flat lands, places like san rafael. >> bill, thank you. the 49ers search for a head coach and took a new turn. jason will tell us who it looks like they will offer the job to.
6:50 pm
that and more coming up. wonder if it is this guy. you think? >> over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california,
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you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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so it looks like the 49ers may have decided on a coach but no gm that seems odd to hire a coach prior to a gm. >> a lot of people feel exactly
6:53 pm
like you do but jed york, they operate the way they do and kyle shanahan or bust for the 49ers. the falcons offensive coordinator, the 49ers interviewed six head coaching candidates and only one is still available. kyle shanahan is the guy and according to espn the 49ers will ask shanahan to be the next head coach. they set up an interview for next week. a second interview. if shanahan accepts it, he won't do it until after atlanta's season is over. there is a championship game on sunday. no word on the identity of the general manager though one candidate seattle kirk heirsher with drew his name and also seattle line coach tom cable. former raider head coach. hissing a said that cable is committed to seattle but wishes
6:54 pm
to thank the 49ers for their consideration. all right, los angeles chargers introduced their new head coach today. anthony lam b to be the coach from la chargers. la chargers. oops. >> an easy mistake. the san diego chargers became the la chargers last week and lynn was introduced in carson, the home of the la chargers for the next two years while they build the stadium. introduced to the bay area media, new cal bears football coach, dave wilcox and mike williams and this will be the first head coaching gig for the 40 year-old. wilcox comes from wisconsin where he led the defense to a top 10 ranking and wilcox talked more than football at memorial stadium.
6:55 pm
we are looking for guys that value an education, who value the competitiveness of playing in my opinion the best conference in college football. and value the social experience of living in a place like berkeley. when you come here there is challenges. you don't come here to go through school and go through the motions, you get challenged in the classroom and on the football feel and you learn how to interact in a dynamic society and i believe in that. >> justin wilcox introduced dave wilcox of course is his father. the 49ers hall of famer. the warriors ground breaking highlighted by choreographed heavy machinery. >> it is cool. >> incredible. >> unbelievable. >> never seen something like that. >> what is the expression. only in san francisco.
6:56 pm
dancing backhoes. i loved it. >> and the music and everything. >> it was pretty cool. it is going to be a one billion dollar, 19,000 seat arena and two-and-a-half years to build and the remodel took 13 months. i don't know how they will do it but they will. kevin durant was among the big names on hand for the ground breaking. >> real quick, do you want to tell the owners anything about signing. >> it will be fun playing in there. >> there you go. kevin durant. there you go. rebroke the news here. coming back for another couple of years at least. that's what he said today. president obama pardoned 64 people. among them giants hall-of-famer willley mccubby. pardoned for tax evasion in the 80s. not listing $75,000 in income.
6:57 pm
he is 79 years old. thanked obama after getting pardoned not only for the kind gesture but for his tiredless service to all americans. close call for former cal bears marshawn lynch doing this on his bicycle in scotland. >> that is a big bust. look at he casually swerved out of the way. >> like he got around the defensive backs. >> he marches to the beat of his own drummer and in scotland by the way for a commercial. a super bowl ad and filming an ad.
6:58 pm
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