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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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another series of storms barreling down towards the bay area. tonight crews and residents are preparing yet again for heavy rain and high winds. by this time tomorrow the bay area should be soaked. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. tomorrow's storm is the first of three this week. and the wet weather has already arrived taking a look now a live look at the conditions from the twin peaks camera in san francisco. the fog has moved in and we're starting to see a little
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drizzle out there tonight. >> crews in the santa cruz mountains would spend the day making repairs. a fence was put on highway 15 to prevent large rocks and debris from falling onto the northbound lane. this is the same area where a mud slide sent rocks onto a news van injuring the driver last week. >> the homeowners around the bay area were getting ready for the coming storm. we found several people stocking up tonight on tarps, sandbags, roofing supplies at the ace hardware store in san rafael. ktvu amber lee is in lorenzo where a state of an emergency was declared after a sinkhole opened after last week's storm. >> first though, how much rain are we looking at here? >> you can easily see three to four inches of rain in the coastal hills through tomorrow night and an inch to two inches in the bay area city. it's raining a little bit out there right now. but we will come in closer with the live radar. you can see the yellow areas right there. we've got sprinkles down in oakland, pretty light for the most part. and there is san jose and
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fremont. that's what will occur most of the evening, the real rain doesn't get here until tomorrow after lunchtime. here we are tomorrow morning wednesday at 5:00 a.m. you see the shot there with a sprinkle or two and to watch it will stick up there until 7:00 a.m. and then it will start to progress around lunchtime in the north bay. it's a strong system. now watch what happens here, boom. there's your afternoon commute. so this thing will lag for quite a while. somewhere around noon they will start up in the north baby about 3:00 to 4:00. it is impacting the commute and it will rain heavily. you see the red areas, that's very extreme downpours for the forecast of that. when i come back we will take a look at it further. that is number one and three of them back here. >> it is the state of emergency, approved here today by a vote of the city council that will come after last week's storm created a sink hole. somewhere they will get bigger with the next round of rain. >> ktvu amber lee is live now. that sink hole on minor road.
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amber? >> frank, crews have put up a fence so we can't show it to you live, but what we can tell you, it is located right by where those flashing lights are. but the department, the director of public works says this is the triage state. they tell me the earliest repair work could start in the middle of next week. >> traffic is being diverted. people who live in the area say the sink hole has caused an inconvenience. but it raises safety questions. >> we just hope they will get through very quickly because you know it impacts the area and people are driving. and not to mention the safety concern, there's a big hole in the ground. >> reporter: that big hole in the ground says the of works now measures to 25 feet and 10 to 12-feet deep. it was discovered last wednesday morning after a major storm. he says crews will be monitoring the weather and the
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sinkhole until repair work could start possibly in the middle of next week. >> we will have folks and our city staff and contractors basically be on standby to when it is raining to watch the water flow. and then if we have to take more action in terms of arresting the erosion, we have equipment on site to try to address that. >> reporter: two broken sewer lines and a pg&e gas line has been rerouted aboveground. city officials say it's not known if the sinkhole broke the sewer line or if the sewer lines broke and caused the sinkhole. >> they did a good job of closing it off for people, you know, to walk through that area and everything. but it's big. >> reporter: it will be a big job to fix the sinkhole. they estimate it will cost $1 to $1.5 million. city council hopes to vote next tuesday night and that is what i'm told it will be a part of a
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four-week window to get that job done. all that depends on how much rain we'll get in the coming days and weeks. frank, julie? >> all right, thank you, amber. a reminder now you can download the free ktvu weather app for the very latest on the series of storms headed our way. you can find the live radar in an updated forecast for your area. now to the latest on the presidential transition. today president elect donald trump fired back at new polls that show a majority of americans have an unfavorable view of him. a washington post poll out today shows 40% of those polled feel favorably about mr. trump and that is the lowest number for an incoming president in at least four years. 54% view him unfavorably. afterwards the president elect tweeted the same people who did the phony election polls and they were so wrong are now doing approval rating polls. they are rigged just like before. john roberts has more on all of
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this now from washington. >> reporter: with just 66 hours until donald trump takes the oath of office, his transition team is accusing democrats of doing everything they can to delegitimize his presidency and leave a mark on his victory. even senator john mccain whose relationship with trump has been contentious acknowledges when it comes to the leak of unverified rumors last week something doesn't smell right. >> this information, this information, which by the way was provided to me and i made no judgment on it, but handed it over to the fbi. the fact this unvalidated to say the least document was leaked is somebody's responsibility. >> reporter: trump got more backup from vladimir putin who accused the obama administration trying to undercut the president elect. putin dismissing reports. >> you socialize with the most beautiful women in the world.
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i find it difficult to believe he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls for induced social responsibility. although here also we have the best ones in the world. >> those who pedal in such rumors are worse than prostitutes. drawing a sharp response from the outgoing press secretary. >> that's an interesting met fore -- metaphor you chose there. they are experts in their field. >> for their part john brennan kept up the drum beat in an interview with the wall street journal suggesting he didn't leak it, charging trump crossed the line in comparing the leak to the tactics of nazi germany. a number of democrats are now boycotting the inauguration is up to at least 58. trump's team is playing it off as no big deal saying it is disappointing, but they would free up good seats for other people. >> in washington john roberts, fox news. new at 10:00 calls for
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protests are growing here in the bay area. one group is asking for a total shut down of schools on friday. >> there should not be business as usual. and he was not elected by the majority of the people and he does not represent california or this nation, which is the attacks. >> the group by any means necessary was at the city council meeting this weekend calling for the support. a spokesman for the oakland school district said they have no plans for a sanction strike on friday and berkeley's school district says students will be busy getting ready for exams next week. also new at 10:00 the oakland city council tonight unanimously passed a resolution urging president obama to take action to protect young people who were a part of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as doca. it affects and estimates over 750,000 young people who arrive in the u.s. before their 16th birthday. president obama used an executive order to create doca back in 2012. supporters of the plan say they worry president elect trump
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will end the program, which protects those who qualify from being deported. president obama made a surprising decision today after his 8 years to the white house comes to an end. he commuted the prison sentence of chelsea manning. she is the army intelligence analyst convicted of leaking files to wikileaks revealing military activities across the world. the top secret information included videos of air strikes in iraq and afghanistan. manning intended to raise public awareness about the high cost of war on civilians. her supporters includes the uc berkeley school of journalism. >> what she did on balance was a great public benefit. for all the talk about the harm she did to national security, i have not seen any incidents cited for the kind of injury he supposedly did to the country. >> however many republican leaders are outraged with the president's decision calling it a grave mistake that it could
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encourage further actions to espionage. her 35-year sentence was the longest punishment ever imposed for a similar conviction. she is now set to be released in may. the president's decision could have an impact on another highly publicized case. last week wikileaks founder julian assange issued a statement on twitter saying he would agree to a u.s. extradition request if president obama granted clemency to manning. it's not yet clear if he'll make good on that promise. but late today assange publicly thanked everyone who fought for manning's release. assange has been held up at the ecuador -- ecuadorian embassy. the president pardoned willie mccovey today. he pleaded guilty in 1995 to not listing about $70,000 in income. he is now 79 years old.
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he thanked president obama not only for the kind gesture, but also for his tiredless service for all americans. a ground breaking ceremony was held today for the new home of the golden state warriors. things got started. >> you don't see that every day. dignitaries including kevin durant went to work. that's kevin durant there on the end. they went to work digging symbolic shovels full of dirt at what will become the new chase center. warriors management says the new arena won't be all about basketball. >> 200 feet behind me, the center court. it's where they will take place and the future president of the united states is going to get nominated right here. and the family shows, conventions, graduations, they will take place here creating memories that will last far lifetime. >> and the arena cited and encompasses 11 acres near the
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hospital where they will need to call for them to be ready in time for 2019 and their nba season. uc president hospitalized for cancer. what we learned on her condition and what the school is saying about her illness and how it is affecting her duties. plus, a fitting way to honor two members who were both injured last week when they were both hit by a train. but a controversial plan to help the homeless. why opponents say it could do more harm than good. >> we understand this, we get it, people are scared.
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new at 10:00 a controversial plan to a church in the north bay offering help for the homeless. the plan entails setting up a homeless encampment right on the property. >> it would be small just six tents to start. but some organizers are starting to say no. ktvu debora villalon reports now from santa rosa with why the church and the city are holding firm. first few nights at methodist church welcomes the needy with food and shelter all year, but has decided to do more. >> the rule, the the accountability. >> but they caused a transitional community at their other campus across town. on this vacant lot a secure tent where high-functioning
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homeless people will live as they work towards housing. >> this is the spot we've got. we have 2,000 unsheltered homeless people in sonoma county. >> reporter: but it's a spot surrounded by residential property. an elementary school sits right across the street. >> this is where they are talking. they told us they will put the fencing. >> reporter: neighborhood opponents say they learned late what was planned here and they are now organizing. at this community meeting, there is talk of health and safety issues and pushing back on the outdoor care. >> we need parents who have children to do that. >> we are responsible for what happens. to take one child having an issue. >> critics have been assured they would be screened and the camp supervised. but they are not convinced. >> this will attract more homes. that they could monitor it. >> they would have members from this neighborhood saying all of
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these people are murderers, rapists, sex offenders, that's not the case. >> they won't help anyone and they will commend the church for taking a creative approach on a tough issue. >> they could not solve the homeless problem. we are looking for assistance. this is the way we are hoping might lead to a solution. >> and one complaint the council acknowledges not enough community outreach before the plan was approved. he said that will improve going forward because the hope is other private and non-profit groups will propose their own homeless assistants, especially if this one works out. >> and advocates began a 24- hour vigil tonight to remember a homeless person or homeless people rather who have died on the streets. supporters lined the steps of berkeley city hall with candles. saturday morning a homeless woman was found dead on martin luther king jr. way. right across from berkeley high. and the cause of her death still hasn't been released. tonight advocates are asking the city to stop rating
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homeless encampments and set up the type of sanction like we just heard about. >> that is the housing. and it is not a proper solution. they don't want people to think that, but it will be a temporary solution until the training homes for affordable housing. >> and last month the city council, they would approve them to improve shelters. but they say many people would prefer freedom of living on their own to staying in shelters. >> and now to mountain view where they believe they were arrested on the burglary charges last week and they may have robbed several of their clients. the 39-year-old was arrested on saturday after a woman reported she had been robbed twice while she was sleeping. she told police other items were all missing even though the doors remained locked. the only person with access was the house cleaner. and detectives say they also found evidence of the other burglaries and they would like
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to hear from anyone who thinks they may be a victim. a concert is underway right now for a tower of power musicians. the band is on stage joined by the current and former members of the tower of power drummers and they were hit by a train last thursday night on their way to perform at yoshi's. girabaldi is a bay area native and one of the original members of towers. they spoke to us tonight before the music began. >> david and mark are really close to us. they're like our brothers, my brother. and so this is the place i need to be right now. phs -- according to the band publicist, he's in fair condition and will remain hospitalized for the next few days. he remains in critical condition, but is said to be
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responsive. we've got a little bit of rain out there right now with a few scattered sprinkles showing up for parts of the bay area, seeing the bay area and san francisco, just kind of grazing the ground. that's how it goes really through tonight and into tomorrow. we are not expecting a lot of rain right away here, but we are expecting the showers to pretty much get going towards the afternoon tomorrow and into the evening hours. you'll see that tomorrow as you come in close you can see where the rain is now and some heavier rain or moderate rain if you will and a small area up by antioch and out by the san ramon area. this is just drop, drop in san jose with the wipers at best. here is the the model upclose. here we are tomorrow morning. and so that is kind of the early morning commute. maybe a little bit wet. and then by lunchtime it will get going. so around noontime here in santa rosa they will be getting reports of heavier rain and this is heavy rain. the yellows, the oranges, rainfall rates could be an inch, an inch and a half per
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hour, which could be enough for the small stream flood advisory, not worried about this. because it looks like they will be moving through pretty quickly at 4:00. and really it will get going right on the commute. and then 5:00 to 6:00 it is really going and in this area right here, it will be very aggressive around 8:00, 8:39 it is really going to hammer up. that's the heaviest rain and the afternoon commute tomorrow and it looks pretty messy with the strong winds as well. still to come here the wife of the gunman, the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. she was in court today in the east bay. >> that is tough. i know. i know she's innocent. >> and up next so many charges that were filed against her and what her family say -- and why her family says she is being wrongly confused. they are ready to pick a new head coach, but they can't make that offer just yet. but they tell us there is just one remaining candidate with their story next in sports. and also a jury, they are now suited in the trial of the man accused of killing the
10:21 pm
south bay teenager sierra lamar nearly five years after she went missing.
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a florida judge ruled today the man charged with killing five people at the ft. lauderdale airport will be held without bond while he awaits trial. that order came during a hearing for 26-year-old esteban santiago. an fbi agent testified during the hearing that santiago said he had been visiting jihadist chat rooms on the dark web. he reportedly told federal agents he carried out the attack on behalf of isis. the widow of the gunman at the pulse nightclub in orlando appeared in federal court in oakland today where prosecutors laid out the charges that could put her in prison for life. the fbi agents arrested noor salman yesterday in rodeo. >> she was not only aware of her husband's plans, but helped them. ktvu ted rowlands attended today's hearing and heard from
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a relative outside the court who said she is innocent. >> and without handcuffs and dressed in a yellow t-shirt and gray sweatpants, noor salman softly responded yes to a federal judge when asked if she understood the charges against her. >> the 30-year-old mother is facing a possible life sentence for allegedly providing support to a known terrorist organization. and in connection to last june's massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. carried out by her husband omar mateen. in court prosecutors say salman knew about the attack and that her, "lies and misstatements to local police and the fbi constitutes obstruction of justice." >> they have to have all sorts of evidence or they're not going to try it. they sent it down to the counties saying you try it. do i think they have a lot of evidence? i do. >> reporter: salman was allegedly with her husband when he drove by the nightclub before the shooting and when he bought ammunition at a local wal-mart.
10:25 pm
her uncle had no idea what her husband was doing. >> he's a security guard. he has seen this guy. >> reporter: salman was taken into custody on monday morning in rodeo. she's been living in the bay area where she grew up with her 3-year-old son since the attack. >> she is very soft and sweet. she needs to think outside the box. what will that do to my son? >> and they were completely innocent with no knowledge. >> i know. i know she's innocent. >> how could she live in that home though and not know something was awry? >> well, i don't know to answer you and i have never been in a situation like this. that it would click and he is going to do something crazy like that. >> reporter: salman will be back in court tomorrow with a
10:26 pm
new defense attorney at her side. it is expected. they will ask she be granted bail while awaiting trial. something legal experts think will be a long shot. ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here a surprising announcement from janet. how her illness is affecting her work. >> not moving in without a fight and how a group of residents here in the south bay is suing the city of san jose and over a controversial project just too big for their neighborhoods. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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and chp says the big rig would get stuck on the northbound side of the high-rise section of the bridge just after 9:00. officers needed to shut down the southbound lanes to get a big rig tow truck to the scene and officers say it is not clear how long the bridge will be closed if we get updated information during the course of this newscast. we will bring it to you. the university of california revealed today the uc president is being treated for cancer now hospitalized after suffering a setback. they tell us that the uc officials say she has been fulfilling her duties despite the diagnosis back in august. >> and sources tell us 59-year- old president had a medical scare so serious yesterday afternoon an ambulance rushed to her home in the luxury apartment building on oakland's lake merritt. we were told she was taken tohighland hospital in critical condition and was later transported where she was doing extremely well. she ran the u.s. department of homeland security before
10:30 pm
leaving in 2013 to take over the ten campus uc system. five medical centers and three affiliated national laboratories. they confirmed today the one- time arizona governor has been battling cancer for nearly five months. now during the course of the treatment with the office e- mail. they consistently provided their wide range of duties at full capacity without interruption or impact. and yesterday however she experienced side effects that required her to be hospitalized. the santa clara graduate and their self-described single work-aholic was posted by governor jerry brown as president of uc california she has handled such controversy after their pepper spray incident, funding for their lake observatory and over their proposed tuition hikes and the salary increases for the uc executives, they will not say what type of cancer she has, but in 2000 she would have a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> and calling the uc region have wished her a speedy
10:31 pm
recovering, showing great strength and resilience during their time. meanwhile doctors say they should be released within the next day or so and they will be back to work soon. in san francisco ktvu fox 2 news. a uc berkeley student accused of killing a woman at a homemade their first court appearance today. cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom as the 22-year- old pablo gomez jr. appeared before a judge in oakland. he's accused of killing the 27- year-old at the home she rented on ashby avenue. police say gomez also stabbed the second woman who survived their attack. many of gomez's friends and supporters were in court this afternoon. >> there is a large group as they know where they are and what they have done and he's a scholar, very intelligent person. we don't believe it, it is something they would do. >> there is still no word on a motive for the killing. gomez did not enter a plea today as he is due back in court on february 1. a transient woman was
10:32 pm
charged today with child abuse and vehicle theft to the kidnapping of the toddler in oakland last friday. they issued an amber alert for the 3-year-old on saturday and his mother said she left the boy and in the care of the woman named tammy martin as she ran a short errand. but martin drove off and didn't return. an alert citizen spotted the van on saturday and found the boy unarmed. martin reportedly told police she brought drugs and drove around with a little boy, but never intended to keep him. police say she has a record with 11 felony convictions. a jury is now in place in santa clara county for the trial of the man accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar. now there's a two-week delay. antolin garcia-torres is accused of killing the morgan hill teen back in 2012. 1,000-page court documents related to the dna evidence just last week. they said they need more time
10:33 pm
to review those documents. dna evidence is expected to play an important role in the trial since sierra lamar's body has never been found. opening statements are now scheduled for january 30. the group of residents is suing the city of san jose to stop a controversial gulf entertainment project from move -- golf entertainment project from moving in. they claim the city didn't adequately address environmental concerns. new at 10:00 ktvu azenith smith is at the proposed site there on north first street, azenith? >> reporter: well frank it could be the first in the bay area. the project is 30-plus acres. yet residents here say the elaborate project is just too big too grand for the small town. located in the north end of san jose, this is a community that prides themselves on small town character. some residents worry that might go away with a plan to build a
10:34 pm
vegas-like venue complete with retail and golf. >> it will close at 2:00 a.m. our town is basically sleeping by 10:00. >> the president of the neighborhood group is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the city of san jose and the project's developers, challenging them by a review. >> i feel this is an environmental injustice to the community. primarily a lower income family. we've got high end development here. people need to play golf here, they're too busy working. >> he's concerned traffic will only get worse as he is used as a shortcut for highway 237. all those cars are too dangerous as they sit across the youth center and the library and the school. yet a spokesman says that the city is confident the project complies with state law. >> it is always a dismay to see people resort to a few things, particularly when the project
10:35 pm
has gone through inappropriate processes for the environmental review. >> the developer issuing a statement that reads in part the suit seeks to raise the same argument that were soundly rejected during the fully transparent and lengthy review process. it went on to say we find this challenge to be nothing more than a last-ditch attempt. both prepare to take matters if necessary. into their own hands. >> our town is a quiet town, we want to keep it this way. >> reporter: a santa clara ottawa society is also concerned about owls. saying the project could destroy their habitat and could endanger birds. they have filed a separate lawsuit. i'm azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. governor jerry brown in the bay area tonight. he is getting ready for the chinese new year. up next the event tonight in san francisco. plus, what you need to know
10:36 pm
about this year's parade. and we've got a wet community for the afternoon tomorrow and we've got two more storms headed for your way and they will have impact on the next commute coming up. we'll have all the timing coming up. the man accused of gutting down a florida police officer is captured after spending a week on the run.
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
authorities in florida announced they have captured a fugitive wanted for the deadly shooting at an orlando police officer. they have been searching for markeith loyd since mid- december in the shooting death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. last week debra clayton was gunned down after approaching loyd. authorities found him in an abandoned home today. he emerged from a house in body armor with two handguns, but threw the guns on the hand. the u.s. mars shall service put
10:39 pm
loyd on the -- on the list of most wanted fugitive. a police officer was killed in the shooting death at 4:00 this afternoon in the town of little elm. first responders said officers arrived after a report of a person with a rifle out in the streets. >> and when they arrived they set up the perimeter. they would get back into their home. at some time during the the securing of the residents, shots were fired from inside that home to the outside side. >> the detective is identified as 48-year-old jerry walker who was an 18-year veteran of the force after a long standoff. police found the suspected gunman dead inside that home. new at 10:00 tonight governor jerry brown visited the bay area this evening speaking to a group of chinese and chinese american dignitaries in san francisco. the event was a lunar new year celebration at the chinese consulate. the governor said he wanted to reaffirm california's interest in continuing to work with china and wished everyone a
10:40 pm
happy and prosperous new year. the huge san francisco chinese new year parade is set for february 11. if you can't make it in person, don't worry you can always watch it right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage of that parade starts at 6:00. it's the year of the rooster. coming up mike here, a doctor accredited for saving hundreds of lives is remembered in an east bay hospital. >> it is really hard. mainly because he was just so alive. >> the touching tribute to a cardiologist known as the heart of the hospital. and more rain is on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin is next with all three storms heading our way.
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an oakland cardiologist who saved countless lives during a long and distinguished career was remembered today at highland high school. >> they took time to say good- bye to walter stullman. >> i'm going to miss a lot of things about him. >> it was only fitting they would gather inside highway hospital to say good-bye to one of their most accomplished medical giants. cardiologist walter stullman described by co-workers as the heart of highland hospital. >> he turned on the lessons of cardiology in particular. >> reporter: stullman died last month from a stroke at the age of 62. he was the full-time doctor and cardiologist working here for 46 years right up until the end. >> he would tell it like it is, but he cared so much about
10:44 pm
people that always came through. he wouldn't deliver bad news without delivering hope and without showing his compassion. >> i mean it is really hard to believe dad is gone. mainly because he was just so alive. >> reporter: those who came to say good-bye is one of stullman's former heart patient. one of countless lives the doctor saved. >> he was very down to earth. even after i was no longer his patient, he always recognized to say hi. >> reporter: stullman treated more than 1,200 doctors including this one. >> he was always about seeing the important things in life and always seeing the big picture. >> reporter: he also loved traveling and the arts. most of all those who knew him said he cared most about his family and the patients he worked with, especially highland hospital. >> and he loved this place, everybody in this room, thank you.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: stullman leaves behind four children and five grandchildren in the army of admirers. >> for everyone being here, thank you very much. >> in oakland rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. we have a few sprinkles out there right now. they have been relatively light. that's how it will go all night and into tomorrow. but as we would go into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening the rain will kick off as we could see some areas, san francisco, they could see an inch, an inch and a half of rain, that's a lot of rain. that's the system we are tracking. some will not see too much around here, but the ice storms in the pacific northwest. that is important for the pink stuff. earlier today they would have that issue and that is a big deal for those airports. there is an measure the northern states and in portland and parts of tacoma and seattle. there's the scattered showers now. just a weak band. that's kind of how it goes with the weak band that will need to pivot through the bay area as
10:46 pm
we would go into tomorrow about noontime where it will start to really increase though, okay? and the morning commute, a few sprinkles, but not the end of the world. a wind advisory is in effect. it will be pretty windy. staying into effect after midnight. gusts could go 60 miles an hour with the southeast winds and bay bridge. it's perpendicular there with more rain on wednesday and tomorrow afternoon and on friday and then again on sunday. i'll show you that all for you tomorrow morning. there it is. and there is the rain event. that's tomorrow afternoon. it is raining and we will get your full inch and a half after this. that thing will move through. you'll get your break. it is still showery, but you'll get your break on thursday morning. it's still going to the mountains where they will need to keep going. and there is your thursday evening. so it is still a continued break for the mountains. and then here comes friday. boom, that's interesting at the same time around 5:00, 6:00,
10:47 pm
7:00 in the morning and it will be right there in the early morning event. and then on friday afternoon, scattered showers and a break. we will need to go now for the longer range model. then we would go into saturday, dry. and i hear we would go to sunday, which looks like the biggest of all on this resolution and it is kind of that, so you can't really tell. but certainly looks like the strongest of it all. but what did we show you there? a great thing there. as long as you get breaks. we will get plenty of rain. look at the forecast models as you go into wednesday and into thursday and your five-day totals as you would get past sunday. you're up to four inches for san francisco. .75 inches for four to five days. the breaks are there and we will see some flooding not anticipated in the mountains with the avalanche concern that will abound by sunday and monday and they are going to get a lot of snow. they will get a lot. you see all the breaks in there
10:48 pm
for us? they will not get that, but they will get the snow. >> they have gotten so much snow. >> another eight feet of snow and maybe 10 feet of snow. they will get a lot of snow by the time we get into monday next week. >> all right, thanks, bill. well sports is next. we'll be right back.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
all right jason is here now to fill us in on what's
10:51 pm
happening with the 49ers. looks like they maybe decided on a new head coach? >> yes, six candidates to start out with. one still standing. looks like it's going to be falcons offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. he'll be the next head coach of the 49ers according to multiple sources. the 49ers will offer the job to shanahan and he will almost certainly accept. they have scheduled a second interview with shanahan for next week, but can't hire him until after atlanta's season is over. falcons, of course hosted the packers on sunday right here on fox 2. the 37-year-old is the architect of the nfl's top scoring offense this year. 33 points per game, also the son of mike shanahan who was the 49ers offensive coordinator the last time they won the super bowl in 1995. now while the news of shanahan was surfacing, the only other known 49ers coach in candidate withdrew his name tom cable probably saw the writing on the
10:52 pm
wall, tweeting out cable who is the seahawks offensive line coach is committed to seattle, but wishes to thank the 49ers for consideration. the california golden bears introduced their new head coach today. it is justin wilcox who comes over from wisconsin where he was the badgers defensive coordinator. that is alongside wilcox there peeking out from behind the jersey. the man who hired him is mike williams. this will be the first head coaching gig for wilcox. today at memorial stadium he talked about the type of players he wants to recruit to cal. >> we're looking for guys who value an education. who value the competitiveness of playing in my opinion the best conference in college football. and value the social experience of living in a place like berkeley. when you come here there's challenges. you don't come here to go to school and just go through the motions. you get challenged in the classroom, you get challenged
10:53 pm
on the football field, you learn how to interact in a dynamic society. i believe in that. >> the warriors and san francisco's ground breaking ceremony highlighted by synchronized backhoes. not kidding. ♪ [ music ] i don't think anyone has ever seen anything quite like that before. only in san francisco, right? warriors head coach steve kerr joked the most talented construction workers he has ever seen. after they stopped dancing, they put them to use and started excavating the $1 billion, 19,000 chase center will be ready to open in the 2019 season. after the photo op, kevin durant only signed for the season shedding some light on his future with the warriors. >> just real quickly before you go, do you want to tell the owners anything about resigning
10:54 pm
or anything like that? >> we're live. >> it would be fun playing in there. >> it'll be fun. >> there you go. kevin durant. >> music to warriors fans ears. speaking of the warriors, warriors and sharks both off tonight. plenty of good stuff to show you. check this out. devils at wild, minnesota's jered spurgeon gloves that rebound and bats it out of midair for the goal. devils win 4-3. to italy, jason murillo with a beautiful bicycle kick. they beat vilonia at 3-2. hyman is there to clean it up with the putback slam. ole miss wins 80-69 getting a little ugly in new york. ryder late in the game. you see anthony durham and marquise wright in the middle of it. the coaches all kind of push and shove. very ugly in college basketball. but here's something i've never
10:55 pm
seen. the coach goes through an imaginary handshake line after the ryder's coach leaves the court. they beat them by 10, 78-68. the former cal bear and runningback marshawn lunch was doing wheelies on his bicycle in scotland when a bus came along. check it out. that's a little risky right there. >> yes, on wet road way. >> you know what it might have been, but check the surrounding area. they are doing a super bowl commercial in scotland, but that is kind of close. >> yes. >> playing chicken with a bus. >> he's in beast mode, you know. >> beast mode in scotland on a bicycle. there you go. all right, the raiders rookie carl joseph took care of his mom today. he bought her this house.
10:56 pm
>> wow, look at that. >> it's in florida. he's the raiders first round pick comes from humbled beginnings. his family moved to central florida from haiti wanting to take care of his mom after signing that four-year $12 million deal. his brothers and sisters, they still live at home as he wanted to take care of them too. that is nice to see. too bad they are not playing football. i would like to see him in a uniform right now. >> i know, a good older brother. real quick what do you think about the 49ers and their potential coach there in kyle shanahan? >> they will ask him who will be the gm, which we have been talking about how odd that is to have a coach hired and then talk to him about who he would want to be the gm. but i like the fact there's lineage to the 49ers past with mike shanahan and i like the fact he's a great offensive mind. >> all right, thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. up next modern family. have a good night. >> we'll see you later.
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