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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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gymnasium. the widow of the orlando gunman is back in court entering a plea to charges connecting her with the shooting rampage. >> the government bears a heavy burden and it's beyond reasonable doubt. >> the 4 on 2 starts now. rain is falling across the bay area and it's expected to pick up intensity over the next few hours. this is the first of three storms back together and ready to hit. welcome to 4 on 2. >> i'm in for heather holmes. >> we had a brief break but the wind and rain has returned.>> the wind has been hitting the north bay and frank is in downtown where flooding forced evacuations last week. frank>>reporter: steve paulson told me this morning that around 4 pm or 5 pm it would be dumping and i have news for
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you, right on the money. it really started coming down. it has been raining here in marin since we arrived but everyone was prepared this time around. >>reporter: the first of 3 storms and the north bay has the bull's-eye. >> i love the rain. >>reporter: the storm comes with a whip of wind, 40 to 50 mile-per-hour gas but lighter rain totals which is welcome news, shops are sandbagged ready but the creek below is down a good 8 to 10 inches.>> it's been rough not getting as much as we should've but now that we are getting it i am sick of it.>>reporter: pj activated the emergency center and despite the storm there was 15 areas of boats packed. nothing like a boat ride on a
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stormy day. >>reporter: why would you take a boat ride on a raining day. >> it's pretty and convenient and refreshing. >>reporter: the foul weather shut down near woods and that was not a popular decision for these two ladies from wisconsin, they wanted to hug a redwood. you have a message for california? >> we are hard-core cheeseheads and we would not go to a park in the weather like this we would not close it. >>reporter: we actually found an open house for sale on a day like today and let's go take a peek, 1120 square feet of marin goodness and a killer view all you are is had the storm rated price of 950,000. >> it was open on the eighth, the mother of all storms and the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing and i had a great turnout. >>reporter: how about today?
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>> a bit slow. it only takes one know. >>reporter: it only takes one but only five went to the house today, who can blame them. maybe somewhere in there there will be a winner for 950,000 it is a steal. i will walk away and you can see the creek behind us. it is starting to rise a bit the week and a half ago that was up 10 feet. the good news is the storms are coming in waves so we will get hit big time today and have a break tomorrow and a break saturday. the biggest storm i guess is on sunday but then we have another break after that so hopefully not as much damage as last week. it is raining big-time up here right now. that is the latest, live im frank mala ctte, ktvu fox 2 . crews were back at the
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sinkhole today that was so severe prompted the state of emergency. the whole emerged one week ago and today crews installed pumps to divert the creek water away from the road. if more rain raises the water level it will take longer to fix then anticipated estimating one month or more. i hope we can weather the storm.>>reporter: we should be able to. >> another storm related fix is a large fence was installed along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains where a rockslide to crush the van last week and that project is expected to cost $1 million. the rain is causing traffic issuu might imagine around the bay area. this is a life look at terstate 80 in berkeley -- live look at interstate 80 and it is bumper-to-bumper on both sides and slow along 80.
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look at 880 northbound, not too bad, moving along nicely.>> and oh my, the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open. if you need to go to san francisco go right now. look at that, no way at all and meteorologist marc tamayo joins us right now and frank gave us the forecast already . he does make a good point, the brakes are nice. >> we had a break friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and today and this first storm in a series of three moving into the bay area and with the first system the wind was up and not expecting too much in the way of problems but when you add on top of this especially towards the weekend saturday night into sunday this is when it could get problematic in the bay area. look at santa rosa, over 1 inch of rain and centerfield nearly half an inch in san francisco
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nearly .35 and san jose .14. >> the camera looking out at golden gate bridge in getting a workout and we have the wind advisory with wind gusting to 42 or 45 miles per hour the peaks and the coast shoreline. >> we are covered here on the radar and this year it is picking up more snow as well. this is a closer look at the radar and we should you santa rosa with these darker shades of green and yellow that corresponds to this more intense downpour. this is over a quarter an inch per hour with the rainfall rate and closer to san francisco we have more break in the action over portions of san francisco but in the east bay outside walnut creek we had a heavier cell covering this portion of the region. out towards woodside and redwood city there are scattered showers near san jose. there's more enhancement near the santa cruz mountains and towards morgan hill and gilroy. >> wind advisory in place in
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fairfield has this current gust of 43. oakland airport is gusting towards 43 and they are coming out of the south and sfo 25 and half bay gusting. rainfall expectations are about three quarters of an inch and about 3 inches for the coastal hills of north bay. windows there as well and in the sierra a winter storm warning in place and they could get a good 10 to 20 inches of snowfall. >> here we go with the system moving across the region for tonight now and between 10 pm. after 10 pm we scale back on the intensity and we could have another round move in first thing tomorrow morning. if you are looking for a break it sets up later in the day, thursday. chance for a few showers but thankfully it's a break in the bay area on thursday but this is before another system marches closer. we will talk more about that in the one that will impact your
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weekend, coming up in a few minutes. thanks mark. napa county has declared a state of emergency after the flooding in the storm that caused the road damage including a rockslide on the silverado trail. the wind knocked down trees and power lines causing hundreds of small slides or the napa county board of supervisors is scheduled to ratify the declaration at a meeting on tuesday.>> the roads are wet and you can take ktvu along to help you navigate by downloading our free ktvu whether app for the latest on the conditions -- weather app for the latest on the conditions and we also post on facebook, twitter and instagram. the widow of the orlando shooting he did not guilty when she appeared before a federal judge. allie rasmussen was there and has more on the legal steps for noor salman. >>reporter: her uncle was there with photos inside of her three-year-old son and he was not allowed to give it to her, noor salman blew a kiss to the uncle and she pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting a
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terrorist organization. she will remain in jail without bail for another two week. federal prosecutors accused noor salman of helping her husband carry out the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history killing 49 people at the polls make club shooting in orlando, he pledged allegiance to isis during the attack before police killed him. they also accused noor salman of lying and misleading investigators, she was arrested at her family home in rodale monday morning nearly 7 months after the shooting. if convicted she could face life in prison. >> they are very serious charges. the government bears a heavy burden and it's beyond a reasonable doubt. >>reporter: the indictment against noor salman offers few details about how she could be involved but more information could come to light at her bail hearing in a few weeks. >> there is supposed to be a
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pitch by the government arguing that she is a threat to the government.>>reporter: ultimately it's up to the judge to figure out if this is true and the attorneys told me that the case will move to florida eventually so it's likely that if she's granted bail she will either have to travel to florida or agree to live in florida for the remainder of the case. in oakland, trend 22. we are joined by michael cardoza, legal analyst, the case will go to florida but before it does the bail hearing will be here in oakland. the defense today alerted the judge that they want a portion of her day to be blocked out because they plan on bringing witnesses and evidence into court to argue for bail. this is a serious charge, do you think she has a chance to be out on bail pending trial? >> i can tell you when i deal with federal courts or state
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courts, state courts have a less likelihood to reduce bail, federal court i call it the kind of gentle bail and i think they are going off the top hill. there is evidence against her. >> if you look at the main charge obstruction is one thing that aiding and abetting a terrorist organization, i would think that the charge itself which has the ultimate penalty of life in prison could trigger an automatic no bail. >> you would think it was what people are entitled to bail, what the judge will be if they decide to set it will be astronomical. maybe they can pull something off and bring in great witnesses. >> they will say she's a good person and she's not going to run and will give up her passport, i believe it will fall on deaf ears, this is terrorism and we are all sensitive to that. this is a case out of florida
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where we had a federal magistrate here that will decide and florida is looking at us and saying don't be setting bail. >> they sent their attorneys out today and there was a florida representative. if you are a prosecutor here one of the things is how did she help her husband? the indictment is vague and to think they will have to show their cards a little more with the judge. this is why we think she's a potential threat. >> i would think they would have to do a little bit of this if the defense puts on a good showing and some of the things that i have heard, this is a crux to the case, if she told the police that i knew he was going to go out and do something like this and i tried to stop him but i did not, that will sink her shipwright there. it will sink her. in a trial it will have a devastating effect whether it
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is aiding and abetting is a different question.'s like that a juror will listen to and say wait a minute, you knew that he was going to do it and you did nothing? 49 people are dead. >> yes that is the bottom line. 49 innocent people were killed at the hands of her husband, what if anything she knew will be tough for her. >> this is a fun case to follow, i am anxious for this year and in florida because we are dealing with terrorism and i will tell you, the feds are sending a message to people, they are saying you know about terrorist you better report it or we are coming after you. i'm surprised they did not go after the people down south in riverside when they had the shooting rampage with his wife, why didn't they go after the parents? i do not know but this is a federal message. if you know, you better report it or we are coming after you if we can prove this. >> thank you michael cardoza. >> you're welcome. coming up, and investigation the north bay after bomb threat was called
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into a jewish community center. and next, office of body camera video released of a recent plea shooting and why the victims family says the shooting was not necessary.
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the san francisco public defender's office release body camera footage from the officer involved shooting of a mentally ill man 12 days ago. >> it on the ground, get on the
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ground. officers went to the house on january 6, this was in response to a neighbor's complaint about four-year-old sean moore, after trying to talk to more they went up to him and try to spray him with pepper spray, then a few minutes later they tried to hit him with a baton and there was a scuffle, that is when an officer fell backwards down the stairs, it's tough to see in the video, after that another officer shot him twice. >> this is a situation where mr. moore did not have to be shot. the officers had to properly use de-escalation techniques and then they could've gone home. >> it did not have to happen this way. the officers should've been trained in how to take care of mentally ill patients. >> sean moore was wounded in the shooting and has been released from the hospital. he is in jail. less than one hour ago the
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san francisco police held a press conference to discuss the shooting in the video, ktvu had henry lee attend and he will have more on the ktvu news at 5 pm. jewish centers across the country receive bomb threats bring a second round of evacuations in just two weeks. in marin county and foster city they were targeted and in both cases no bombs were found but as tara moriarty tells us classes were disc cost -- disrupted and parents inconvenience. >>reporter: 40 5 am someone called the marine county jewish center and clai have planted a bomb insid 200 students were y evacuated. students came outside here to the parking lot and stood in the rain before they safely made it across the street.>> they began playing a movie but
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it was kind of stressed and you could not really focus on the movie and you were just worried about everyone around you, especially the kindergartners that were young and did not know what was happening. >>reporter: julian olson's father is one of dozens of parents that had to be worked to get his child. this bomb scares one of 30 at jcc's nationwide. >> this is reality, that is whe i wish it was different for his sake and my other child sake but the thing that we do have is each other.>>reporter: sheriff deputies scoured the campus home to ages of grades k through eight as well as the temple. >> we scoured the campus and called in some neighboring canines. >>reporter: after three hours of searching deputies found no trace of a bomb. last week bomb scares happened to at least seven jcc's in florida, new jersey, delaware, tennessee and north carolina. today that number quadrupled. >> personally, i am not jewish but my front of the school are and i'm worried for them and myself of course. i am concerned for them because they are being targeted.
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>>reporter: similar threats were made in miami, massachusetts and new jersey and connecticut. the fbi office in san francisco says they are monitoring locally but will not intervene unless asked, tara moriarty, ktvu 2 news. and investigation ended with a man crashing his car into a home near east 13th and simmon street just after 9:30 am. police found the man inside his car with a gunshot wound and he died at the crash scene, he was 27 years old for martinez according to police. they have not released his name yet. no one was inside the home and no one was hurt except for that individual. if you have any information you are urged to call the antioch lease department. we know that the murder trial for the man accused of killing 15-year-old sierra --
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sierra lamarr is scheduled for january 30. the trial against torres had been delayed after prosecutors provided an additional 1000 pages of court documents related to dna evidence. defense attorneys asked for more time. garcia torres was accused of killing the teen in 2012. dna evidence will play an important role in the trial since sierra and her body have not been found. dozens of workers went on strike this morning, clerks, legal assistants and court reporters walked off the job in an ongoing contract dispute over pay and working conditions. the strike has forced the county to consolidate all cases into 3 county court rooms. it's possible those courtrooms ended early today. the traffic court was canceled today as well and the union is expected to decide this evening whether or not they will continue the walkout going into
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tomorrow. the first term of the week moving into the bay area and rainfall rates are picking up and you probably notice the wind picking up as well. wind advisory in place for the entire bay area with gus over 40 to 45 miles per hour. this is in place until 1 am on thursday. we will be busy looking at these downpours with the coverage. especially in the north bay. the most rain was in santa rosa and it looks like we have some more break setting up for san francisco and oakland. more focused and concentrated energy closer to san ramon and livermore. we head towards the peninsula in san mateo and closer to the santa cruz mountains we still have some more development. it looks like the bulk of the action right now is shifting out to the east bay right now. the peak of the rainfall is gradually tapering off. we could have more moderate cells first thing tomorrow morning and then a sharp drop off by tomorrow afternoon for your thursday. we still have another system or two to talk about and we will
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try and discuss that coming up in a few minutes. from george hw bush to chelsea manning, president obama touched on a wide range of topics during his final press briefing as commander in chief. details after the break, stay with us.
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new information about the hospitalization of george wh bush, the 92-year-old former president was admitted to the
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icu in houston because of respiratory problems stemming from pneumonia. he is said to be resting comfortably in stable condition in the icu. he will remain there for observation. additionally, the former first lady was admitted to the same hospital this morning as a precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing. san francisco giants hall of famer willie mccovey was among the latest people pardoned by president obama, he was convicted of tax evasion in the 80s. he pleaded guilty in 1995 to not reporting about $70,000 of income. he is now 79 years old and he said thanks to obama not only for the kind gesture but the tireless service. president obama had his final news conference this afternoon and fox correspondent reports as he defends some of his final decisions including commuting the sentence of
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chelsea manning. >>reporter: president obama began his news conference offering prayers to former president george hw bush and his wife after they were hospitalized with health issues. >> they have been a constant source of support and good counsel for michelle and i over the years.>>reporter: the outgoing president went on to stress the importance of having a press corps station inside the white house complex. >> having you in the building has made this place work that are. it keeps us honest and makes us work harder. >>reporter: the president is also weighing in on his controversial decision to grant clemency to chelsea manning. >> let's be clear, chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence.>>reporter: mr. obama defended the relationship with russia. >> the return to an adversarial
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spirit and it existed during the cold war and it made the relationship more difficult. >>reporter: reporters pressed the president about democratic lawmakers choosing to boycott the inauguration. >> >>reporter: the president says he is proud of his success on lgbt issues but he remains concerned about the israeli and palestinian conflict thing that it is unsustainable. in washington, fox news. last night in san francisco governor jerry brown met with some chinese dignitaries to kickoff the lunar new year festivities. the event was held at the chinese consulate and the governor said he wants to reaffirm the interest in continuing to work with china and he wished everyone a happy and prosperous new year. in the famous new year's parade is set for saturday,
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february 11, if you cannot make it in person, do not worry, watch the parade right here on ktvu fox 2, the coverage starts at 6 pm. it will export to that. the 2017 baseball hall of fame class has been announced and once again, barry bonds did not make the cut. still to come why it has a different feel than those in the past. and conversations get heated on capitol hill as lawmakers discuss president elect donald trump and his cabinet nominees.
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another busy day in washington as 4 of president elect donald trump cabinet picks faced heated confirmation hearings, as joe walton explains, democratic lawmakers were on the attack. >>reporter: congressman tom price, mr. trump's pick for health and human services secretary appearing in front of the senate health committee defending his involvement in last year's stock purchase of a medical device manufacturer. price leader introducing a bill designed to benefit the same company, something that some senators are calling a clear conflict of interest. >> did you take additional actions after that date to advance your plan to help the company that you now own stock in? >> i'm offended by the insinuation. >>reporter: scott put facing tough questioning from the environmental senate panel, the oklahoma attorney general rubbing many the wrong way
4:33 pm
because of his past fights against environmental regulation while also being accused of openly denying well documented proof of climate change.>> i don't believe climate change is a hope. >> that is important for the president to hear. >>reporter: wilbur ross is the nominee for congress secretary, the billionaire investor says he supports the asic principle of the transpacific partnership contrary to president elect donald trump denouncing this. >>reporter: he backtracked a bit saying he initially approved of the deal but after looking at the fine print later found problems with it. >> i am pro-trade but pro- sensible trade. not pro-trade that is to the disadvantage of the american worker. >>reporter: donald trump spinning his last full day at trump tower today before heading down to dc for the inauguration. in washington, joe walton, fox
4:34 pm
news. calls for protest on inauguration day are growing. a group of teachers and students are growing at berkeley asking for a total shutdown of school on friday. >> there should not be business as usual until trump was gone, he was not elected by the majority of people and does not represent california or the nation with his anti-immigrant attacks.>>reporter: the group was at the oakland city council meeting last night making the case for canceling classes on friday so that students and teachers could take part in protests. a spokesman for the oakland school district said there are no plans to cancel classes on friday and the berkeley school districts is that students will be busy adding ready for exams next week. an eventful day between president obama and the confirmation hearings. we have seen little bits of information on both and i enjoy no by political analyst brian sobel to break it down. i want to begin with the confirmation hearings and the aggressive questioning from
4:35 pm
democrats. the presidential candidate bernie sanders are former presidential candidate, hitting hard on tom price and what is your stance? do you think that healthcare is a right. what are your thoughts on this discussion? >> nothing unexpected, the questioning has been and should be hard and direct. it is not unusual during the obama presidency the republican senators were just as tough on nominees. we should not be surprised. the other thing is whether the nominees are in lockstep with donald trump is an issue that we are hearing something about. as americans we should be pleased that they are speaking their own mind and the only problem would be if trump said i do not want you going in this direction. so far we are getting a lot of candor out of these nominees and that is healthy. >> that's what we want to see, we want to see varying opinions obviously and some type of
4:36 pm
agreement on the issues. specifically we talked about nikki haley talking about the muslim registry and we don't believe in this in the u.s. and trump having said different things in the past. >> absolutely, as these people are nominated and then confirmed, they are going to set their own agenda. the president of course will go back and forth with them. this is why people might be overreacting a little bit, it is time to let the process play out and see what people are putting into place, how they respond to things that come before them. that is the important thing.>> let's move on to president obama's final press conference in the room where these press conferences have been held. i know donald trump talked about having these meetings somewhere else. >> first of all, the white
4:37 pm
house press room is small and anyone that has been there knows that, there's a lot more people that want to get in there then comfortably can. on the other hand there is a statement made when you send the media over here and say the proximity to power is the whole thing. being able to watch people come and go is important. we don't know if they will take this decision.>> it was a good time for president obama to say thank you to the media and holding those accountable. in doing due diligence in reporting whether he agreed are not. obviously we are seeing a different tone when it comes to donald trump and his thoughts on the media, him speaking about twitter today which we thought was interesting saying i don't really like twitter but i need to get the right information out. >> the media gives false information was his point. >> i think the president was trying to solidify the importance of the media and
4:38 pm
maybe in a small way stick it to trump a little bit. >> lots more to discuss i'm sure but we will definitely have to see what happens of these confirmation hearings. >> people should look at these, there is a lot of information there. thanks so much. okay ted. still to come, the search for head coach narrows in the 49ers search for a general manager, this search remains wide open and we break down the candidates after the break. and in whether rainfall continues to move in, this is storm number one, we have a flood advisory to talk about and we talk about the heavy downpours and 2 more to talk about in the 5 day forecast.
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baseball hall of fame class of 2017 has been announced and once again barry bonds was not select did. >> this years classes different but the headline for us is no berry. >> you know it's getting harder and harder to discern who should and should not be in. hall of fame voting has been a dilemma for the baseball writers of america ever since players have become eligible for the hall. until this year the steroid users most notably, barry bonds, have come up considerably short of the hall of fame induction. this changed today.
4:42 pm
meet the class of 2017. in the 10th and final year of eligibility they received 86% of the votes. this was a seven-time all-star and 1986 batting champion and is fifth on the all-time stolen bases list. jeff bagwell is also part of the hall in 2017 and with 80% of the vote he spent his career with the houston astros where he was a four-time all-star. there were whispers of performance-enhancing drugs. and the third inductee this year had outright shouts, yvonne rodriguez joins johnny vance is the only catcher. he was a 14 year all-star and became suddenly slim when the league tested for ped's. he was part of the successive rangers team that was accused of rampant shoes of steroids.
4:43 pm
the exit a barry bonds becomes more glaring. barry bonds received less than 54% of the votes that's up 10% from last year but well short of the needed 75%. the question to all baseball fans now is how can one of the fellow faces of the area be included with the area when baseballs all-time home run leader is not. this is the hall of fame process. >> i don't know how you can look at it any other way and i can see why you would be concerned it's difficult to judge if they had not been part of the sarah >> he was a hall of famer before steroids with the basis of what he was able to do but i can understand how there was this close -- clause about integrity would say wait everyone out. but now how can they justify
4:44 pm
barry bonds. >> barry bonds was not so much, hard to get along with. in the grid example is ted williams who should've been a first ballot hall of famer. and there could've been an icy relationship with the media. if rodriguez is in there is no longer an excuse for bonds, mcgwire, sosa, you can go on, the same people that were part of the era that would be hall of famer's. >> okay, switching gears, the 49ers searching for a head coach and general manager. the head coach seems to be narrowing. >> still confusing process and we go from one process described as a mockery to another. the 49ers search for general manager and a coach and then a coach and a general manager and here is the latest on top and maybe the only head-coaching candidate, kyle shanahan.
4:45 pm
it was reported that within the organization, shanahan is expected to take the 49er job. federal coaches all but congratulated him on the position in the falcons was the packers in the championship game. shanahan cannot talk any further until atlanta loses or in the by week before the super bowl. the general manager search is producing these names, brian is the current director of college scouting for the packers and he was trained in part by former general manager scott mcluhan and also in contention is elliott wolf, the son of longtime general manager, ron wolf, inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 2015. one other name in the mix is george payton of the vikings. he has 20 years of nfl experience and has worked for most of his career alongside rick spielman. you can either look at this
4:46 pm
process is the 49ers searching for people that are good enough to be with teams to be in the playoff or as the last team standing in the coaching carousel and that leaves them with just about no leverage. >> >> they've artie had a couple of notes. >> it's a carousel and we are just trying to stay on board.>> going over to mark now we will get the latest on the storm. the first of three pounding us. >> this is coming in a little earlier than expected and still coming in. take a look outside and the commute will be an extra challenge for this evening, this is the bay bridge toll plaza and the rain drops here and showing you 880 in oakland.
4:47 pm
it is shaking around a little bit and the wind has ramped around and we do have a wind advisory to talk about. in terms of the flooding potential we do have this urban and small stream flood advisory to reflect the possibility for the entire bay area or most of the bay area until 8:15 pm so basically this is happening right now into the early evening hours. there is the coverage here in the bay area, we are covered in green and also out towards the sierra we we have this snowfall. we are starting to get snow reports and this is showing up in san francisco with flooding at cns. highway 101 at venice. you can see for this portion as we try to get closer detail but also reports of flooding in the north bay. they have picked up the heaviest downpours all afternoon and santa rosa 1 point 80 inches over the past 24 hours. there's a break over san francisco but still coverage towards the east bay and then moving closer to palo alto there is light rain and you can
4:48 pm
pick out some coverage towards the santa cruz mountains and the wind speed has been up there. wind gusts in fairfield at 48 miles per hour and that wind advisory is verifying and you can see this gusting to 45 at last check. >> this will also be a snow producer in the sierra and a winter storm warning plays right now until 12 pm thursday and this could be around 10 to 20 inches and last week was a miracle. here is storm number one for today. another one for thursday night into friday and then potentially saturday into sunday so they are lining up in the pacific. with rainfall potential this is the first one that you could see there and most areas fall within this range and the one on sunday could potentially be stronger. when you add this up it could lead to the possibility of
4:49 pm
flooding mudslides as we had through the weekend. the russian river has been going up and tested to crest just below flood stage sometime thursday night. we will have to keep an eye on this system as we had through sunday. >> we are tonight and tomorrow morning we could have more showers rotating through. there's a possibility of a thunderstorm and this could trigger heavier downpours. later in the day thursday and thursday night into friday morning the second storm comes on board and lingering rain showers throughout the day. will probably have more brakes and a chance of more showers but later in the day into saturday night or sunday we are talking about this final system. temperatures for tomorrow there's lots of 50s out there in the main rain focus is in the afternoon. i believe you can get outside for a few breaks on thursday. more rain clouds especially for friday morning and again into sunday morning. the one good thing about these
4:50 pm
systems is last week they just stalled over the pacific. these are progressive and moving through. >> this looks like the sunday deal and when you stock this and added on top that's a lot. >> all the more reason to watch football. >> thanks mark. frank joins us now with the stories that we are working on for ktvu fox 2 at 5 pm. coming up tonight at 5 pm, the stories of 3 the area residents do plan on being there when donald trump becomes the 45th president of the u.s. >> and a scary scenario for a bay area woman. >> like a scene out of the horror movie when a woman is in the sharon his glass breaking, it happened to be one of five
4:51 pm
thieves trying to get into her house, the woman is trying to get the word out to her neighbors while at the same time increasing her own security. we look forward to that, thanks frank. coming up next e 4 on 2. san francisco advocates lobbying about an app that could be pushing back. coming up.
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4:53 pm
san francisco city leaders and bike advocates are lobbying against the proposed bike sharing program coming to the city, a chinese company called blue gogo wants to put thousands of bikes on streets but city officials are concerned because they do not use kiosks they simply place bikes at various locations and users download an app to find a black and unlock it.
4:54 pm
city officials say this could obstruct the sidewalks and poses a the hazard. >> there lawlessness will not be tolerated, we will compensate and impound the bikes and sell them. we will use the money to start cracking down on bike chop shops. >> there you have it, they sent a letter saying the company must get the proper permits and i hope that's not what it looks like it would be quite the mess. they must comply with city laws if they want to operate in the city. the nfl is denying a report the lady gaga was told not to talk politics at the super bowl halftime show. this started after a source was cited saying lady gaga was told not to bring up the election or mention president elect donald trump during her performance. she was an outspoken supporter of hillary clinton during the race and the nfl called the report nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none. remember you can watch the
4:55 pm
super bowl right here on ktvu on february 5. still to come , we will update the battle of muzzle and how it's taking shape is true hope to liberate the city, the ktvu fox 2 -- 4 on 2 will be right back.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the situation in mosil becoming more unstable.
4:58 pm
>> those troops say they want to move quickly to finish liberating the city. the last in iraq still under isis control. >>reporter: the rare feeling of calm in the eastern streets of mosil wednesday after announce they've liberated the eastern half of the city from isis fighters after owe two and a half years. >> we're in the liberated neighborhoods waiting for the day we'd be liberated from isis. >> iraqi troops are migrating at the river that divides the city of mosil. the forces are surrounding the city on all sides trapping the remaining isis fighters in a tight urban space with nowhere to run. iraq's prime minister is praising the military for performance so far but said iraq will need continued support from the u.s. in order to consolidate the gains they've made. >> soon we'll hopefully
4:59 pm
eliminate this entirely in iraq but terrorism remains a challenge for us and the u.s.. >> further west, russian and turkish aircrafts flying their first administer craft over syria. the obama administration welcomes turkish help but russia's credibility has been damaged by the regime. >> it seeks to repair it. weaker nations have to fall in line. >> no timetable for retaking western mosil but could take months. it's home to some of the city's oldest neighborhoods with about trapped. civilians still the bay area is getting drenched tonight and there is more rain to be measured in inches all around the region. today is just round one in a series of three storms taking aim at northern california over the next few days. good evening, i'm julie haner.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm frank summerville. over the bay area, we've seen a lot of rain across the area. the rain didn't keep folks inside but it doesn't look like they were lotterring outside either -- loitering outside either. >> trees were giving way because of the saturated ground. the park was closed because of the storm. >> life team coverage tonight where frank is in the bay where it's been raining hard for most ofs day . >> and justin is in the south bay where powerful winds are causing problems tonight but we begin first with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we're gone macomb back to bill in a little bit. get the mic problem worked out and more on the rain. >> the rain has been pounding the area for much of the day. >> frank


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