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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this is down by san jose so 325, a bit of a flooding situation. could be a small neighborhood flooding, something of that nature. here we are at 5:00, this is the model. we're getting a few showers in here. at 8:00, that system will be winding down and as we get towards the morning, we'll get that nice break but meantime, it's raining right on the afternoon commute. in the north bay neighborhoods, still recovering from last week's storms. they're getting ready for more wind and rain from next two coming in. frank reporting live from san encelmo. >>reporter: it's been raining steadily since we arrived up here a under 11:00. it's really started coming down around 4, 5, and 6 as the north bay gets ready for yet another round of storms. here we go again, the first of three storms and the north bay once again with the bulls eye. >> this is good. this is good.
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i love the rain. >>reporter: only this storm comes with a whip of wind, 40- 50 miles per hour gusts but lighter rain totals, which is welcomed news. shops are sandbagged ready but the creek below is down a good 8 feet from the rain that fell last week. >> it's been rough over the last five years but now ier getting it, kind of sick of it. >>reporter: pg and e activated emergency center on standby through monday. the ferries 15 boats all on time today, parking lot packed, i mean, nothing like a boat ride on a stormy day; right? why would you want to take a ferry in the rain? >> it's pretty. >>reporter: yeah. >> it's convenient. >>reporter: refresh muching. >> it's refresh muching. not too expensive. >>reporter: that was not a possible harrahs decision for these two ladies from wisconsin. they wanted to hug a redwood. you have a message for
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californiaens? >> we're hard core cheese heads and they would not close a park in weather like this. >> don't tape us when we jump the fence. >>reporter: go get them. >> we found an open house, a house for sale on a day like today. let's take a peek, shall we? 1, 120 square feet of goodness. three bedroom, two bathroom, and a killer view at yours at a storm rated price of $950,000. >> it was open on the eighth, that mother of all storms and the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing, and i had a great turnout. >>reporter: how about today? >> little bit slow. little bit slow. never know. >>reporter: never know when that buyer's coming down. >> only takes one. >>reporter: $950k, that is a bargain in mill valley. it's a beautiful home. by the way, five people went through the house today, no takers yet. it's still available. that's the latest, we're in san encelmo, i'm trank, ktvu fox tv
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news. >> the creek dropped eight feet with those days when it's not raining does. it brings the water back down. those break richard sherman -- so important. >> and the break richard sherman -- what we've been talking about. next time i'll show i the breaks because there's no more systems coming but we'll talk breaks and that's the whole key here. we'll be in good shape but we have an urban small stream flood advisory about 7:00. thank you, bill. stormy weather causing travel headaches for people arriving in and out of the airport. delayed flights are delayed up to two hour ands departs flights up to 90 minutes. operations relatively smooth in oakland and san jose. wet weather making for messy commute on bay area highways. take a look at live drive time traffic map. all the red there, those are the areas where it is very slow going at this hour.
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now, let's look specifically at two of the areas. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and actually the traffic there has gotten much better than it was say about 20, 30 minutes ago. it was backed up big time but it's not looking that bad heading into san francisco. you can just see some of those break lights on the right. it doesn't look that bad in the commute direction in the east bay either. look at interstate 80 though. it is very heavy there. aquatic park on the right, university avenue overcrossing at the top of the screen. brake lights heading up toward richmond heavy tonight on 880. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour hammered san jose and brought down this 25 year-old hoche tree. winds picking up throughout the day prompting pg and e so activate south bay emergency center. >> expecting more heavy rain to come in and gusty winds. this means we can see a lot more trees falling, bringing down power lines and causing
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only outages. >> fg and e crews working 24 hour shift and respond to outages. utility says workers patrolling problem areas ready to take on whatever mother nature throws their way. reminder, download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the storm and posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. an i notion mall plea after family of a woman kill inside abe area crash after it will take several more days to recover her body. her body was trapped in her car after she crashed into the delta monday night. christina, the family wants those crews to move a little fastered if they can. >> they do, the family of michelle johnson is already grieving her death but knowing the dive team wait a moment, please reap herded body for a few more days prolongs their agony. weather conditions and resources prolongs the
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conditions. michaela hamton and malik davis look at old photos of mother, she's not yet at peace. she was driving to sacramento to visit her sister sunday night. her family believes she took a shortcut, drove off a two lane road and crashed into the sacramento river. she called 911 and a good samaritan tried to rescue her but unsuccessful. >> i need my mother out of the river. why does she deserve today be under the water for so long. why do we have to go weeks or days without my mom. i can't live like this. >> there's no reason why somebody should just sit in some water when you know they're there. they pinged the phone, got the call. what more evidence do we need? doesn't make sense? >> i'd appreciate if the person there tried to help them tried to help come forward so i could show my love and appreciation for trying to help mom. >> a spokesman for the sacramento county sheriff's
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office said rescue crews unable to spot the car and too foggy for helicopters to fly. on monday, sonar detected what they believe is the car but the rain and runoff quadsed dangerous river conditions and working to ear infections semi- able a -- assemble a dive team and boat. johnson's family understands but struggling with logic versus love. >> we have a loved one in the water. we can't see past that. >> that's our mother. >> that's somebody's cyst, that's somebody's aunt. >> that's my son's grandmother. he love that had lady to death. >> they're calling on anyone with diving experience to help recover johnson as soon as possible. >> we want to get michelle johnson home. >> because every hour of every day that passes is too painful to bare. >> i could have been there to help my mom. >> the sheriff's department uses a volunteer dive team but
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reached out to nearby departments to help with recovery. they're planning a dive for saturday morning. visitors arriving in the nation's capital for friday's inauguration. many people took advantage of today's 50 degree weather in washington dc to see where president elect donald trump will be sworn in. some traveled from as far as aas australia and france to attend the inauguration. he may not be the most possible harrahs in the bay area, a number of locals heading to dc for the ceremony. rob spoke with some of the people who are making the trip. >>reporter: alameda county sheriff's lieutenant rick carter said he and his family are catching tonight's red eye to washington dc and looking forward to being at friday's presidential inauguration. >> i never got to do anything like this before. i mean, i've watched them on tv and this is the first time i've actually attended one. >> this is the southwest asia service medal.
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>> decorated former marine sergeant voted for president elect donald trump but plan today go to the inauguration no matter who won the election. >> it's a bucket list where i've wanted to go always. >> and tom of castro valley who served in president reagan and both burke administrations flew out tuesday out of oakland. >> 71 years old, and i am excited. >> washington is preparing for an estimating 800-900,000 people at the inauguration to see donald trump sworn in as the 45th president. >> a lot of things he campaigned on align welcome west division my values so that's the way i voted. >> carter oversees three courthouses for the alameda county courthouse and got his ticket through the congressman's office. >> it's not cheap because you can't plan ongoing till you know who won. by that time, all the hotels have raised their prices, airlines raised their prices. >> former marine flies a trump flag outside his home and has a
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flag display welcome west division all those killed on 9/11 on his wall and leaves tomorrow for dc. >> for me, all about history. i'm either gonna go with ooguy i supported, trump, or for the first woman in the history of our country to be a president. >> he's the former regional director or the u.s. department of health and human services. friday will make the sixth inauguration he will aattended. >> always fun to be there and be a part and see old friends and celebrate our country. >> each is aware of how unpopular trump is with many people, especially in the bay area and protests are planned. >> everybody on my street except for me voted for hillary so i get it. i understand, and to answer that, i would safe give him a try. >> president elect trump obviously is is a person proposing a lot of change, which is what president obama did so adjust accordingly and do the best wed can and help for the best. >>reporter: all three hope to
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say they witnessed democracy in action, the peaceful transition of power. in okay land, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> tay with us for continuing coverage of the presidential inauguration. live coverage of all the events in washington begins at 8:00 a.m. friday morning right here on ktvu fox 2. coming up, both george hw bush and wife barb are radio frequency in the hospital tonight. a live report from houston on their conditions. storm systems number two and three winding up and getting ready to go. we'll time them out for you. new video of a police shooting involving officers in san francisco and an unarmed man. the message now from the man's family. >> my son did not need to be shot.
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dramatic new video of a san francisco officer who shot an unarmed man whose mother said he's mentally ill. >> they say the shooting should have never happened but the police chief says it's not that simple. henry lee with the video with what it shows . >> what's going on? >> a police body cam video
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shows sean moore yelling at police. a neighbor called police saying moore was banging on a wall and violating a re-stranging order. from blind a gate, he yells profanities at officers telling him to leave. a short while later, officer kenneth sprays pepper spray accidently dousing fellow officer. moore kicked cha. a little later moore still agitated emerges again with something in his hand and a confrontation erupts and moore punches patino and cha fired hitting him in the groin and stomach. jeff who released the video said the officers needlessly caused the chronofrohnation. >> this is a -- confrontation. >> this is a situation that could have and should have been avoided. if they used proper deescalation techniques would
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have gone home. >> my son is not a very vicious person. he's struggling every day with mental illness. >> moore's mother says he has bipolar dis-polar and schizophrenia. >> it's unfortunate it happened this way. my son did not need to be shot. >> the police union blasted the police commission for not allowing officers to use tasers, but adachi said -- >> the issue of whether it would have been a different result if tasers were available is beside the point. >> that contact happens a lot in san francisco. >> at his own news conference, interim police chief doeny chapman showed injuries to both officers. chaplain would not say if the shooting was justified but still under investigation but say the officers responded according to training. >> in this case, i think great restraint was shown as you can hear the officers say he has something in his hand. >> sean moore is out of the hospital and in jail charged with assaulting those officers.
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bail set at $2 million. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. sheriff's deputy appear inside a courtroom and pleaded not guilty to charges he fired a gun during a house party. 23 year-old deputy kyle roland charged with assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a loaded weapon with intent to commit a fell hawaii. charge -- felony. charges stem from an incident friday morning saying he was drunker at a party and fired his weapon after being told to leave. no one was hit and now investigators trying to determine if the weapon was his duty weapon. he was hired in october and fired following his arrest. two jewish community centers in the bay area evacuated and closed today after being targeted in a wave of bomb threats around the country. nearly 30 jewish centers around the u.s. received bomb threats today, most on the east coast. here in the bay area, a center in foster city and another in marine county closed while police investigated.
6:18 pm
no bombs found. tara spoke with parents of one school evacuated. >>reporter: 8:45:00 a.m., someone calls the many run county jewish center and claims to have planted a bomb inside. >> we were herded out of school. >>reporter: 200 students immediately evacuated. >>reporter: students came out to the parking lot, stood in the rain before they made it across the street to another school. >> waiting in the gymnasium and began playing a movie but being kind of stressed and worried don't focus on the movie and worried about everyone around you especially the kindergarteners who were young and didn't know what was happening. >>reporter: julianne's father was one of dozens of parents who had to leave work to pick up his child. this bomb scare one of about 30 at j.c. c's nationwide. >> it's reality. that's our world. i wish it was different for his sake and my other child's sake but we do have each other. >>reporter: sheriff's deputies scoured the sam pus, home to
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two -- campus, home to two schools. >> in addition to searching the campus room by room, calling in a couple explosive canines from other law enforcement agencies. >>reporter: after three hours of searching, deputies found no trace of a bomb. last week bomb scares happen today at least seven j.c. cs in the country. today that number quadrupled. >> personally, i'm not jewish but all my friends at the school are so i'm worried for them and myself of course that i am concerned for them because they're my friends and they're be target and had so i am because i'm with them. >> similar threats made this morning in miami, massachusetts, new jersey, connecticut. the fbi sauce aid it's monitoring the situation locally be but will not intervene unless asked. ktvu fox 2 news. tracking the rain out
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there. north bay rain pretty significant. 3-inches in wind sore. nevada over an inch. san jose under a half inch of rain. oberlander land a half inch and -- oakland half inch and adding up. urban and small street flood add rise richardson and entire bay area. snow in the mountains, significant rain all through the bay area and northern california, great news for the water districts; right? see the heavier rain showing up in these areas but see ago few breaks and i also see a back edge back here which somewhere around 8:00 should be pushing through. as you head into tomorrow morning, there might be a few sprinkles early in the morning but this will be the sky cover. take a look the maybe a chance of a shower but also get this. tomorrow is that all important
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break day before the next weather system gets in here as we head into friday. there's your thursday afternoon. sun comes out, maybe a sprinkle here or there but really the heavy stuff should be through here in the next hour or so and with scattered showers to fall but not as heavy or wind either. that's your tomorrow. a changing day, a break from the wet but then more rain moves in as we head into friday. it's now official, 2016 was the hottest year on record. scientists recorded today that the earth's temperature hit a new high in 2016. they also reported that 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have happened since 2000. scientists say the data is a very real indicator of global warming. two of the agencies soon be reporting to the trump administration. at times the president elect expressed doubts about the validity of global warming. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter back in abe area courtroom. -- a bay area courtroom. up next, new developments in
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the case and how she answered charges that could send her to prison for life. also the results of baseball's hall of fame voting came out this afternoon. joe will tell us who's in and who's out and what happened with berry bonds. that's coming up later in sports. at ktvu2 news at 6:30, details on an arrest after several people are groped at a bay area wal-mart.
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. the widow of the orlando gunman massacre appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to all of the chans against her. >> allie was in court for the aanoment and tells us what's next. >> noor zahi salman's uncle was in the courtroom with photos much owe her three year-old son and was not allowed to give to her. the 30 year-old widow of the orlando nightclub shooter pleaded not guilty to channels of obstruction of justice and aiding a abeading a terrorist organization. she'll remain in jail without bail for another two weeks. federal prosecutors accused noor zahi salman of helping her husband. he pledged a allegiance to asis if the attack before police killed him. they accused her of lying to
6:26 pm
police and was arrested at her family's home nearly mine nine months after the shooting. >> yes, they are very serious charges. again, the government bares a heavy burden and beyond any reasonable doubt. >> the indictment offers few details about how she helped her husband but more information could come to light at her bail hearing in a few weeks. >> they'll be a pitch by the government argues she's a threat to the community. >> it'll be up to the judge to determine if that is true. this case will move to florida eventually so likely that if noor zahi salman is granted bail, she'll have to travel to florida or have to live in florida for the remainder of this case. in oakland, alli, ktvu fox 2 news. >> fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a live report from houston why george hw bush and wife
6:27 pm
barbara are hospitalized and latest on condition. final news conference for president obama and message to reporters and the country. and a warning tonight from abe area grandmother. her hope was broken into while she was in the shower. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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the bay area has been getting another soaking today with the first of three winter storm in the next few days. we've seen downed tree ands road closures. san francisco's glen park neighborhood shut down till friday due to a rock shied. a heart broken family is pleading with authorities to recover more quickly to recover their mother's body from inside her car. her car crashed into the sacramento river monday night. weather conditions have made recovery efforts too dangerous for their volunteer dive team. michelle johnson's family is asking for anyone with diving experience to help them recover their mom's body from the river. police shooting and wounding a mentally disabled man. a neighbor called police january 6 saying sean moore was banging on a wall, violating a
6:31 pm
restraining order. police tried to arrest sean and there was a scuffle and an offer fell backwards down the stairs and another shot moore twice. the chief said they responded according to training. former president george hw bush and wife barbara both in the hospital in houston. the 41st president rushed to the hospital last night complaining of shortness of breath. the 92 year-old former president has pneumonia and now in the intensive care unit. >> pneumonia is really common, about 4 million americans get pneumonia each year and if you add pneumonia with influenza for people over 65, that's the number five cause of death for older people. >> barbara bush was taken to the same hospital today. she was admitted as a 3re caution after experiencing fatigue and coughing, reporter randy in houston tonight and
6:32 pm
randy, can you add anything to their conditions? >>reporter: one of the thins i want to clear up for you is that the 41st president was first admitted to houston methodist on friday for difficulty of breathing and was responding well but took a turn for the worse this morning and that's when it was determined that a procedure needed to be performed. doctors went in and did something to kind of clear his airway and currently in stabl condition here at houston methodist hospital. this is the fourth time the former president has been at houston methodist in as many years, the most recent visit was for a broken bone in his neck. the other past trips here for due to breathing difficulties. >> randy, he is 92 years old. what can you tell us about barb ya bush? she was admitted today. how is she doing?
6:33 pm
>>reporter: from what we understand, she's in good condition too. she's stable. she hasn't been feeling well for the-several days. got up this morning and had a coughing fit so determined better to be safe than sorry so they went ahead and admitted her to the hospital too. now, at this point, the family spokesman has no idea when they'll bereleased but won't be till they begin to feel better. they must be in pretty good shape because the 43rd president george w bush has not arrived here in houston and according to the family spokesman, she's not expected to come to -- he's not expected to come to houston . >> what about jeb bush and other family members? have they been visiting the two? >>reporter: jeb bush, from what we know, no. their other son neil, he lives in houston so he's already
6:34 pm
here. the 43rd president george w bush expect today go to the inauguration on friday. you probably already know that george hw bush was not planning on making that trip. he sent a letter to president elect trump on the 10th basically saying he wasn't gonna be able to make it and it's due to his mobility issues and his age. >> and it showed a little humor in that letter too, randy. did you hear the part about his doctor saying it won't be a good idea to be in the january cold. might put him six foot under. >>reporter: exactly. yeah, that is typical george hw bush. you know, the man has a really good sense of humor. the last time that he was in the hospital here, i remember doing the same sort of thing and he was just kind of cracking people up in the hospital because, you know, he's a man with a zestful life
6:35 pm
and nothing can keep him down. >> we hope for a full recovery for both barbara and mr. bush and thank you, randy, for your report from houston tonight. well, four more of donald trump's cabinet dom knees defended -- nominees defended themselves today. scott prosecute pruitt to the gas chain. secretary of commerce nominee, and the nominee for ambassador to the un nicky haley on the hot seat. none confirmed but reports that many of the team will be con if i wered friday. obama held last news conference today saying a skeptical press made the white house work better. the president spoke about russia, chelsea manning and the health of former president george hw bush. >> president obama beginning
6:36 pm
final whys house conference offering prayers to george hw bush and his wife after the two were hospitalized for health issues. >> they have been a constant source of friendship and support and good council for michelle and me over the years. >> the out going president went onto say the importance of having the press stationed in the white house. >> having you in this building has made this place work better. it keeps us honest, it makes us work harder. >> meantime, the president also waying in on his controversial decision to grant clemency to convicted officer chelsea manning. >> chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. >> mr. obama defended his relationship with russia. >> that return to an
6:37 pm
adversarial spirit that i think existed during the cold rare has made -- war has made the relationship more difficult. >> reporters pressed the president about democratic lawmakers choosing to boycott president elect trump's inauguration. >> with respect to the inauguration, i won't comment but i'll be there. >> he's proud on lgbtq issues but remains concerned about the israeli palestinian issues. disturbed video of alleged animal abuse on a hollywood movie set. the action taken after this video surfaced. plus, in her own words, we hear from the woman credited for calling police after spotting this bay area kidnapping suspect. >> there was a man following me and i thought i need to call.
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i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. police say the mother of three year-old brooks jr. left him with a woman she met on friday and that woman took off with the boy and her van. amber alert issued on saturday. aaron frasier saw the alert on d karen frasier saw the alert on her ktvu mobile app and noticed a suspicious looking minivan. >> i noticed a van in front of
6:41 pm
me saying oh, that van was odd and read about a van with paper garage bags in the window in the basketball. >> frasier called police and officers low kaled the boy a short time after. they thanked derrick carr for re-tweeting the alert. they clarified the re-tweet didn't lead directly to the arrest but say the quarterback helped get the word out. now to vacville where a woman was accused of groping people and her picture circulated online. she's accused of groping at least three customerrers and an employee @wal-mart on helen power drive. 45 years old, 5'5 tall, weighing 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. people located her today. -- police located her today but did not arrest her. authorities refused to say why given the sensitive information of the case. a man with the humane
6:42 pm
society suspended after concerns of animal abuse on the set of a movie. a german shepard being forced into rough water by its handler. all of this took place during the helming of the -- filming of a movie a dog's purpose. the safety representative was on the set to ensure safety guidelines were met. that person has now been placed on administrative leave and an independent party is investigating the matter. abe area grandmother -- a bay area grandmother said her home was broken into while she was in the shower. >> help, help, help. i see nothing, nobody. >> what we're learning from police and the victim's warning tonight to others. it's raining out there now but in the next few hours, the heavy rain will die down and we'll press into next weather system, system number two on
6:43 pm
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a hayward grandmother considering beefing up security after intruders broke in her home while she was in the shower. >> norma was in the shower when she heard the sound of breaking glass at her hayward home. she grabbed her bathrobe, ran to the kitchen and came face to face with an intruder. >> when i came here i saw him there wear ago black hood there
6:46 pm
and ahhhh. then lord jesus, lord jesus. >> as it turns out, there were five would be thieves scared off by her screams. a neighbor's surveillance cameras show them all. one who knocked at the front door. two who crouched down while running to the back and two drivers one in a white suv, another in a white sedan. the video then shows her in her bathrobe running outside seeking help. >> i go out -- help, help, help. but i see nothing, nobody. i did not see anyone. >> hayward police responded a short time later and say these types of crimes are not uncommon. the burglars strike in daylight targeting homes they think are vacant. >> they operate in crews, teams of 2-5. those are the ones that do their homework on location ands try to pick an easy target. >> her house actually had six locks on the door plus the dog. they didn't stop the thieves.
6:47 pm
authorities recommend alarms and surveillance cameras and building a camera data base they call eyes which lets law enforcement know which homes may have helpful video. >> relatively inexpensive and used as a prevention tool and an investigative tool. >> norma moved from the philippines in november and glad her daughter and grandson were not home at the time. >> it's my first time encounter this kind of problem. it scares me. >> in addition tot extra lock and dog, the family is considering gets cameras at the house. anyone with information on the case is asked to contact hayward police. in hayward, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. we had that urban and small street flood advisory in in effect and that will go away in about an hour or so.
6:48 pm
this is -- we have a high wind advisory but that's a high wind warning so seeing even stronger winds. wind gusts up here. some are sustained in some cases up to 40 miles per hour and some case 5s 0 miles per hour. there's the rain all day, most of the day anyway and really got going late this afternoon. north bay had a lot of rain as we talked about heaviest rain right now. see where it is right around the north bay. let's check out this new storm report here. these are storm reports that pop up and people put them in and let's see. flood in san francisco, at 3:53 so urban small stream flooding. not unanticipated. storm one, exiting now. get a break tomorrow. friday's storm two, break saturday, friday storm three. check it out, as a matter of fact today's storm, not bad. these numbers verify and seeing
6:49 pm
half inch to three inches of rain. friday's stop, spot on with numbers. sunday's storm will have a pop to it. it's all good because you're getting that -- those breaks. here's wednesday evening, tonight, see the end of it. there's your break day tomorrow. might be a few sprinkles but break from the heavy, heavy rain and that's your six on thursday and then boom, overnight thursday into friday morning, this guy goes off. so right before your morning commute, it gets going roads will be wet. that'll be a productive heavy rain, probably urban and small stream flood advisory and roads are wet and get scattered showers through the early morning, 8:00 a.m. commute and then not too bad. something for the afternoon commute. friday eats a wet day basically but the bulk of the wet on friday comes friday morning on the commute.
6:50 pm
i drew in breaks here which is also important. in the mountains they don't have the advantage of the breaks. they'll be getting snow, boom, boom, boom. heavier show at times but the avalanche thing is going to be huge up there. >> they closed 50 last week. >> last role they got eight feet of snow, nine feet and this storm by the time we get there, they can see another eight feet easy and another 16 feet of snow in the last couple of weeks plus the snow on top. definitely an avalanche concern. >> not to mention what it's like trying to get there. >> not wanting to do that. the baseball hall of fame named class of 2017 today. there are three now inductees, joe will tell us what happened with berry bonds. that's coming up next in sports.
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6:53 pm
berry bonds did not get in but got higher. >> it's become more controversial. hall of fame voting has become a real dilemma ma since players from the steroid era have
6:54 pm
become eligible for the hall. berry bonds have come up considerably short for the 75% necessary for the hall of fame induction. tim rains receives 86% of the votes. rains played most with the man trill expos was a -- montreal expos. jeff bagwell as was part of the class of 2017 with 86% of the vote. he spent his entire career with the houston astros and four time all st whispers of mance ernst hagging drugs. -- enhancing drugs. johnny bant was the only other induck tee. he game slim when the league michigan testing for ped want he was part of the rangers team
6:55 pm
suspected for rampant steroid use and others become more glaring. bonds received less than 54 percent of the votes. up roughly 10% from last year but well short of the needed 75%. roger clemmons is right at that same number. question to all baseball fans now is how can one of the fellow faces of the steroid era, rodriguez, be included when baseball's all time home run leader is not. trevor hoffmann was one point short. martinez, 58% and bonds 54%. tonight is step two of a tough three game stretch for the warriors. cleveland on monday, oklahoma city tonight, and houston on friday. clay thompson not at practice today excuse today visit an extremely ill family member. he was expected to be at the
6:56 pm
arena in time for the game. warriors coming off their most complete game of the season. monday's 35 point blowout of the cavs and lead up to that game; we heard players confirm and down play the existence of a warrior's cavs rivalry so is oklahoma city a rival? >> i'm done talking act rivalries. it's a big game today. >> these are kind of the games that either expose weaknesses owe show you're on the right track. as competitive as we are, we want to just win. >> i think we were really good. i still don't think we really reached our peak. i don't think that's it. >> was monday as good a 48 minutes as this team has played so far this year? >> i give it about 44 minutes. we had about a four minute stretch in the third quarter where we got a little lose with
6:57 pm
it but for the most part against a team like that, that was a big win. >> they'd much rather still be playing but a significant postseason award for the raiders khalil mack. he's been named the pro- football riders of america defensive player of the year in his third year now mack turned in what's become an almost routine season for him, his best game undoubtly week twelve when he became the first player in seven years to record a sack, return an interception for touchdown, force a fumble, and recover a fumble all in the same game. how about that? >> that guy is everything and more as advertised. >> looks like carl shanahan will be the 49ers new head coach. >> thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continuing on ktvu plus. have a good night. >> stay dry out there.
6:58 pm
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