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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. the rain is tapering off tonight after two local flood warnings tonight. strong winds made it hard for drivers to ay in their lanes. hold on to those umbrellas, two more storms are on the way.
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>> good evening, the rain came coming down today but the storm is moving on. this is a live look at downtown oakland, this is the first in a series of three storms. right now there is still a flash flood warning for sonoma county and castro valley creek. >> the rain is ending for now, we are getting breaks, this was a significant weather system. we got 3 inches of rain in santa rosa, almost 3 inches in san rafael. urban and small creek flood advisory. the big green area is the urban and small stream advisory, that gets dropped at 10:30.
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so, it's all about the breaks. right now shows but they are winding down. as we look forward. this is friday's system. system number two comes in and packs a wallop. when i come back, i will detail it for you. we go to ktvu fox news, in marin county where the rain came down very hard this evening. >> it packed a strong punch in marin, it intoeded this underpass and smith ranch road was closed. our last storm was a primer on being prepared. >> reporter: singing in the rain, tenants of this building saw flooding in their garage and back yard. about a foot of water before the landlord arrived to pump it
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out. >> the water come out of the back property and started to come down. it just started to flood. it was more than what the sewer could handle. >> reporter: a few inches of water in the north bay before the weather moves through, but it's the wind that is getting the attention, the park association closed muir woods. why is this closed. >> reporter: tourists were disappointed to find the gates closed. >> we planned to do a long hike and look at the ocean and go down to the beach. >> reporter: creeks known to flood are remaining tame so far. >> it's aspected. not as bad as the last two storms but something to watch for if you are on the roads this evening. >> reporter: what a night to
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train for water rescue. marin fire shared these pictures, crews practicing saving lives, because this is what it's like when the calls come in. >> if we get an increase in call volume, we can pull people back to the stations. >> reporter: rescuers are already concerned about storm weakened trees, they need almost no push to go over. they will keep this road closed until midnight. >> i have lost four in the last three years. >> reporter: this home owner lost this 60-foot tree in the last storm. he worries about what is to come. >> i am worried that this one will come down. i hate to lose my trees. >> reporter: first responders noted that we have been lucky with the trees coming down.
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there have been power outages but no serious injuries, that man was so grateful. his son usually parks in the spot where that oak fell but not that on day. >> what time did the rain stop over there? >> reporter: about an hour ago, it was really pounding and almost suddenly it tapered off. it's been an hour to two hours since we have seen the steady rain, before that it rained all day up here. thank you. we have developing news, kro costa county -- contra costa county, the california highway patrol has shut the bridge in the area. it will remain closed until tomorrow morning. road conditions are
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dangerous in the sierras, chain requirements are in effect and eastbound traffic is being held at castle peak. cars were spinning out on the highway. crews are working around the clock to clear the roads. we are looking at sfo where the rain is causing significant delays. arriving flights are delayed two and a half hours. but prawtions are shoot at the two other airports in the bay area, oakland and san jose. with more rain on the way, one of the concerns is falling trees, a large tree fell in san jose taking out power lines, crews told us it would take several hours to remove a tree.
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a rock slide forced crews to close a street near malta drive. crews are working to stabilize the hillside. so how long is the closure expected to last? >> reporter: it could take days, they have these signs up warning people about the detour and theft posted patrols here. the road here is too dangerous. the bright orange traffic barriers and road closed signs led to driver trying to navigate. >> it was like sheets of rain. >> reporter: this driver and others did not realize that the dangerous rock slide had closed this road. the san francisco public works department decided to close the
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area yesterday afternoon, last week's storm caused the rocks to come downing. >> we do not want them rolling on pedestrians or cars or bicyclists. the next few days we are accepting crews down there, they are going to be repelling down the hill knocking off the boulders. >> reporter: nearby on stone crest, the sound of chain saws in the rain. >> one of our two big trees, in the front of our house, came down and knocked over our fences. >> reporter: city officials said it's one of many fallen trees and they than to have crews overnight on stand by. >> in the last storm, 300 trees came down. >> reporter: on congo street. more damage, the wind brought a roof top crashing to the paism.
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nobody was hurt -- pavement. nobody was hurt. right here, meuny bus riders should be warned that they have rerouted the 44 until the road reopens, they are hoping that if anything goes well they can reopen by friday afternoon's commute. then it's up to geologists to come up with a solution to the rock slide danger. tonight's high winds helped to spread a fire in a condo complex in the south bay. we are there tonight. three people had to be sent to the hospital? including a woman that jump from the building? >> reporter: that's right. a firefighter rushed to help a couple. one of the victims was upstairs
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sleeps when she woke up to the heat and she jumped from the second story window. the flames webt through an east -- wept through an east san jose building. -- went through an east san jose building. >> the man was burning on his face and hair, they came out in time. >> reporter: the woman that jumped landed safely on the back patio. her husband, who neighbors said has alzheimer's also made it out but he was bad lu burned. this woman came home from work and feared the worst. >> i was scared that everything was going to burn down. it was scary. >> reporter: firefighters were
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called to the home at 4:30 in the afternoon. the gusty winds did not help. >> the wind were feeding the fire fresh oxygen, that made the fire fire fighting more difficult -- fire fighting more difficult. >> reporter: neighbors are grateful that they got out safe. >> i was asleep, i did not know how it happened. i just know show jumped out of the house. >> reporter: crews are working to restore power to the neighboring units. >> things come and go but your life is everything. you should take care of yourself and your surroundings. >> reporter: five units were damaged. the american red cross are assisting families with a place to stay.
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also a firefighter was injured. he was treated at the scene and is now back at work. still to come, the body of a woman trapped inside of a submerged car since last sunday. now her family is making a plea for help. >> why is she underwater for so long. >> president gorge h. w. bush and his wife hospitalized tonight. >> lawrt a chinatown favorite in high gear for the lunar new year, we go inside of a bakery famous for its fortune cookies. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. former president gorge h. w. bush and his wife barbara are in the hospital tonight. the former president was admitted saturday due to shortness of breath, doctors performed a procedure to clear his airway. >> the procedure went well. time will tell, he is in the icu. >> also today, 91 year old barbara bush was admitted to the same hospital after she was experiencing fatigue. president obama offered best wishes to the president during his final press briefing, he touched on a wide range of
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issues from russia to chelsea manning. >> reporter: president obama offered prayers to former president gorge h. w. bush and his wife. >> they have been a constant source of friendship and support over the years. >> reporter: he wept on to note the importance of having the press corps stationed inside of the white house complex. >> having you in this building has made this place work better. >> reporter: the president also weighed in on his controversial decision to grant clemency to chelsea manning. >> chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. >> reporter: president obama defended his relationship with
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russia. >> the return to an adversarial spirit that i think existed during the cold war has made the relationship more difficult. >> reporter: reporters also pressed the president about democrats choosing to boycott the inauguration. >> all that i know is i am going to be there. >> reporter: he remains concerned about the israeli palestinian conflict, calling it unsustainable. visitors are arriving at the nation's capitol. viewing stands are up. people out and about may have caught a glimpse of rehearsals for the certificate moam. people from the bay area are
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making the trip. -- ceremony. people from the bay area are making the trip. >> for me it was about history, i was either go to go for the guy that i supported, president- elect donald trump or for the first woman president. >> for this man, friday is his sixth inauguration. you can watch the inauguration here on ktvu fox news, our coverage begins at 8:00 friday morning. an emotional plea from a woman killed in a car -- from the family of a woman killed in a car incident. the family wants rescue crews
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to move faster to get her body. >> reporter: as mikaela hampton and malik davis look at old photos of her mother, they are reminded she's not at peace. nichele johnson drove off a two lane rode and crashed into the sacramento river. she called 911 and a good samaritan tried to rescue her but could not. >> i need my mom. why do we have to go weeks or days like this. >> there is no reason why someone should sit in water. we know that she's there. it does not make sense. >> i would appreciate if the person that tried to help her would come forward so i could
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show him my appreciation for at least trying to help my mom. >> reporter: rescue crews could not spot the car sunday night. since then, the rain and runoff have caused dangerous river conditions, the family understands but they are strolling with logic versus love. >> that's my mom. >> that's someone's sister and aunt, it's my son's grandmother. he loved her. >> reporter: they are calling on anyone with diving experience to help them recover her. >> we want to get nichele johnson home. >> reporter: it's becoming too
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painful painful to bear. they are planning for a recovery mission thursday morning. still to come, a police shooting in san francisco, captured on an officer's body camera, coming up, the confrontation as it escalated. >> the car yours needed a second half surge, did -- warriors needed a second half surge, did they get it. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. with spring training fast approach, professional baseball
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players only have a few weeks left. we meet a minor league player making art. >> reporter: professional athletes and artists are rail one in the same. but blake mcfarland is a major talent. >> reporter: the ball player began his foray into the art world on a whim. >> i was like, mom, this is a terrible painting, i could do better. >> reporter: his skills as a painter rifle those as a pitcher. >> i was driving by a children's playground in saint louis and there was a bunch of
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tires stacked up. i thought, tires are not used for anything. >> reporter: not any more. tire art became his new passion. >> i am not a typical artist. i am an artist that wants to get the awn artist to come and look at the pieces and say wow, this is something i have never seen before. >> reporter: that was the reaction of the good year executives. they hired him to build mascots in tires. >> these took me a month to complete, each. i then had 18 days to complete
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two more. >> it's amazing, i like stuff like that. it's something that we should be proud of. >> people really like it, i like to see the people's faces of shock and wonder. it made it worth it. >> reporter: now he is rurping to his other career but he insists that the worlds can coexist. >> i have seven months of baseball and i have the offseason to do the art. the mind set when i am sculpting is similar to when i am on the mound. >> so creative. >> i have never seen anything like that. those are outstanding. >> who ever thought tires could look so good.
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it was amazing. coming up next, a new movie under fire before it even opens, the video raising concerns about the animals featured in the movie called, a dog's purpose. up next, threats at jewish community centers across the bay area and the nation, how the students handled the news. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. 30 jewish community centers around the united states received bomb threats including two in the bay area. they received threatening calls and were closed while the police investigating. someone called the marin county jewish center this morning claiming to have planted a bomb. >> i am not jewish but my
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friend at the school are, i am worried about them because they are my friends and they are being targeted. similar threats were made this morning at two dozen jewish centers nationwide. the fbi said they are monitoring the situation but will not intervene unless asked. the widow of the orlando shooter appeared in court today. noor salman was accused of helping her husband carry out the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. the fbi said he pledged pledged allegiance to isis during the
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attack. her lawyer said she is innocent. >> it's beyond a reasonable doubt that she is innocent. >> she is 30 years old and has a young child. if convicted she could face life in prison. a police officer in san francisco shot and wowppedded an unarmed man whose -- wounded an unarmed man whose mother said was mentally disturbed. >> reporter: body cam video shows a man yelling at police. a neighbor called the police saying that the man was banking
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on a wall. the suspect used profanity at the officers, the police officer sprayed pepper spray, accidently hitting the other officer. later, the suspect emerged with something in his hand and a confrontation erupts, the suspect ealdly punched the officer -- allegedly punched the officer in the stomach. the defense attorney said the officers could have avoided the situation. >> the officers should have used deescalation techniques. >> my son is not a vicious person, he is suffering with mental illness. it's unfortunate that it happened this way, my son did
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not need to be shot. >> reporter: the police union has plafted the police commission for not allowing officers to use tasers. >> the issue is, if there was a different result if tawdzers were -- tasers were available is not the point. >> reporter: they showed video with injuries to both officers, they said that the officers responded according to their tring. >> the officers said, he has something in his hand -- training. >> the officers said he has something in his hand. a representative of the american humane socials has
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been suspended after a video surfaced rasing concerns about animal abuse on a movie. it shows a dog being forced into freezing cold water for the movie. the person who was monitoring safety has been put on leave until the incident is investigated. the head of the federal reserve janet yellen spoke to the commonwealth club in san francisco. >> we want the rates to get close to 3%. >> she said keeps interest rates near zero helped the economy recover and is back on
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track for continued growth. she has a year left to her term and she has no plans to step down when president-elect donald trump takes office. >> on wall street. the dow was down 22 points. netflix was a big winner, soaring 8% after a better than expected earnings report. in san francisco's chinatown, this business has been here for more than five decades. now they get a special designation from the city just in time to celebrate the new year. >> first a place to stay. hear the plans for a any hotel. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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. famed napa valley chef th oorks mas keller -- thomas keller is getting into the hotel business. the chinese new year is 10 days a way and a family owned
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business in san francisco's chinatown has something special to celebrate. the city recently named the fortune cookie store to the historic places register. >> reporter: the golden gate fortune cookie company was started in 1962. the woman behind it's success said, it has not been easy but it's her life's work. the golden gate fortune cookie company is small but rich in history. >> reporter: what is in is this? >> flour, sugar, sesame.
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>> reporter: visitors came from europe, florida and other places. the online reviews help to bring in people. >> people want to watch how we make the cookies. >> reporter: this business used to supply restaurants. now many no longer buy the cookies. she said the high cost of ip ingredients -- ingredients meant the loss of some customers. the cookies with pulled off the griddle one by one. >> this is san francisco, it's a san francisco invention. >> reporter: he said business increases 20% around chinese new year. >> it brings in nice people.
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it unites people. >> reporter: the chinatown community development center helped the factory receive historic status, it's a way to keep small businesses from being driven out by high rents. >> reporter: a new year and a new lease on life for the fortune cookie factory, going on its 55th year. mrs. chan has a great business model. make cookies and make people happy. >> reporter: she has not decided when to retire but when she does, she hopes to pass her business on to her son.
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the chiez new years parade is set for february 11th. watch the parade on ktvu fox news as we celebrate the year of the rooster. coverage starts at 6:00. >> still to come, a woman comes face to face with an intruder. >> i saw nothing. >> up next, how she scared off five would be robbers. >> our chief meteorologist is tracking two storms. he lays out the timing in his complete forecast. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break take one.
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directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. . a hayward grandmother is considering beefing up her home security after intruders broke into her home. the woman grabbed her bath robe, ran into the kitchen and
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came face to face with an intruder. a neighbor's security camera captured the would be thieves. >> i saw him wearing a black hood. i screamed. i was like, lord, help. >> the intruders gained access to the home despite six lox on the door and a dog. they target the homes during the day thinking that the homes are empty. it's official, 2016 was the hottest year on record. 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have happened since the year 2000. scientists said it's an indicator of dploabl warming.
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-- global warming. you will recall that president- elect donald trump has expressed doubts about the truth of global warning. it was a wet afternoon commute. rain totals coming up on an nach and a half in some -- inch and a half in some areas. patchy fog and wetter spots along the roads. the winter storm warning stays in effect through tomorrow morning. snow levels down to 4,000 feet. it's going to keep snowing up in the mountains. they are going to have a bunch of snow into the weekend and beyond. lets look at the storm reports. this is up in fairfield. sustained wind of 50 miles per
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hour. that was at seven 12:00. -- 7:00. lets look at what is going on, flooding near san bruno avenue. also debris flow, that tells you that rain flow rates were cranking. so one to 3 inches for most of the area today. system number two comes in late thursday night into friday morning. system number three has the pop. 20 or 30% less than the last storm. these are strong, solid winter
10:47 pm
storms. sunday in a big one. in between, we have these breaks. tomorrow morning, scattered showers, tomorrow afternoon, that's your break. here comes your overnight rain. friday 3:00 a.m. then friday 5:00 a.m. by the mid morning commute, it's scattered showers into the afternoon, so it's mostly about friday morning's commute. then there is your break saturday morning and saturday afternoon. then look look at sunday. that's a big storm. i know when i say break, it could be a little wet. but it a break from the significant rain. if the breaks were not there, think about it, if the rain continued, it would be awful, you have to have breaks, especially at this time of
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year. >> i could not believe how much it was raining. it was coming down in sheets outside. >> it was steady. people were going so slow on the freeway. >> friday morning will be just like this one. sunday is even bigger. >> wow. thank you bill. the warriors, sharks and three new members of the baseball hall of fame. sports is next.
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all right, mark is off tonight. jason is here. the thunder, what do they got. >> the stars show up in the big games. durant and west. the warriors wanted to win this one more, of course, for durant. he arrived at the oakland airport two hours before tip off. he played. had 14 points. he was good, but it was all about west brook. defense, green, 12 points, 11 rebounds, five assists. he filled up the stat sheets.
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this is live during the game. talk about traveling. by the way, he had a quadrupole double, 10 turn overs. look at that. they get back in transition. he had 40 points. that's a high as a warrior for durant on 16 shots. he was all around the rim. when the warriors missed, he was there for the follow oa. -- follow. the warriors will welcome the rockets to town friday. tonight huston hosting milwaukee. they throw down the jam.
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the three pointer from the top of the circle. 38 points, eight assists and six rebounds. a special lady court side celebrated her 100th birthday. that's cool. the rockets won 111 111 - 92. barry bonds got 54% of the vote to get into the hall of fame but it's not quite the 74% needed to get in. but it's bound to happen eventually. rodriguez got in in his first
10:54 pm
year of eligibility. he got emotional getting the news this afternoon, he made 14 all star games, was a 13 times golden glover. he is remembered, not too fondly, around here, for this catch. the marlins went on to win the series. the former astro, new a member of the hall of fame. roger clemons at 54%. bons is trending -- bonds is trending in the right direction. the sharks take on the
10:55 pm
kings, the shark look good tonight. getting it done, of course. i look for it. it's one - one, he gets his fifth goal of the year. two - one, sharks, second period, still two - one. shorks on the power -- sharks on the power play. kings cut the lead to three - two but the sharks hold on and win it. >> it's looking more and more certain that the falcons offensive coordinator will be the 49er's next head coach. the head coach made the announcement to the team today
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and everyone was super supportive of their other coach going to the 49ers. >> two packers executives believed to be on the short list for the general manager spot, are here. we will learn the candidate soon. so that's going to be fun, we are getting close to the sowrp bowl. >> -- super bowl. >> the packers or the falcons? >> grain-- green bay. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. join us tomorrow for mornings on 2.
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