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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> there's nothing specific or credible threat at this point. wrote despite no specific threats, heavily armed police patrolling the nation's capital. law enforcement agents saying they are ready to respond to possible large-scale protests preparing well in advance of friday's inauguration. >> just this past week i went out to our training facility where we had every member of the secret service was going to be involved up on the capital there, we went through a series of approximately 40 scenarios. >> reporter: the president-elect meanwhile arriving in washington this morning. preparing to take the oath of office in less than 24 hours. vice president-elect mike pence also getting ready for the historic moment. >> our job is to be ready on day one. the american people can be confident. >> reporter: mr. trump and his family joining the pence family for a wreathlaying ceremony at arlington cemetery in honor of our nations fallen veterans.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: mr. trump will spend his final night at the blair house, the presidential guesthouse directly across the street from the white house. guys? >> in a moment we're going to talk about the protests in the bay area tomorrow during the inauguration. are they expecting protests in washington, dc as well? i know they are ready for them. are they expecting them? >> reporter: yeah. they are expecting them and they are happening right now. i just was on twitter kind of monitoring that. a friend of mine is a reporter at one of the local stations here. just posted a picture of remarkable protesters flooding 14th street around the northwest part of the city which is in the quadrant just behind me here. we can expect to see more of that tomorrow. about 28,000 law enforcement officials who are on hand to deal with this.
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and it is part of what they are expecting. >> a lot of mixed emotions with the inauguration tomorrow. many people celebrating. some people as frank mentioned protesting. what's the vibe been like overall in dc? >> reporter: it's interesting. to your point it is pretty much split. trump supporters -- there's a sense of palpable energy kind of funneling through the air. but those who are trump detractors, a lot more anxiety, people don't want to be part of this. as you know right now, close to 70 democratic house lawmakers who are planning to boycott this themselves. so there's a lot of divisiveness. going into this inauguration tomorrow. and party lines are split. trump supporters obviously jubilant. those who don't like him are not happy about it. >> i don't know if you know the answer to this but i was listening to reports earlier today talking about how frantic white house workers are when they are moving the obama's out
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and moving the trump's in. that they literally only have about five hours to do that tomorrow before donald trump takes residence in the white house. >> reporter: that is exactly true. and i can answer that accurately because i did a story on this two weeks ago that ran on fox news. that's exactly it. they have five hours. the movers come and the rugs get pulled up. and the bedding goes out. president obama now has a rental in a pretty -- known as kalorama. they've already begun moving his belongings in there. and now they have got to get president-elect trump's stuff into the white house. come tomorrow and there's a short five hour window of time to do that. >> definitely not an easy task there. joel waldman in the nation's capital, thank you. san francisco as we mentioned is expecting protests and rallies that could rival the pope's election march. looking at here. on friday a rally is set for
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justin herman plaza at 8:00 a.m. also a rally in front of the immigration and customs office. in the financial district. another group hopes to create a human chain across the golden gate bridge. starting at 10:00. police are also preparing for protests in oakland tomorrow and saturday. crime reporter henry lee is outside oakland city hall tonight with what's being done to hopefully keep those demonstrations safe. >> reporter: i met frank ogawa plaza which has been ground zero for occupy oakland and countless other protests including one that ended peacefully 15 minutes ago. tomorrow we will again be center stage for protesters upset about the new president. >> oakland, no stranger to protests. whether it is on city streets or the freeway. as the country prepares for president from's inauguration, police in oakland and east bay say they are ready for unrest but urging people to keep things civil. >> this is a time to gather, to be heard. to listen.
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to share. in a safe place and a safe space. we want to encourage everyone to not participate in criminal activity. >> reporter: that means not breaking any windows or spray painting businesses or running roughshod through downtown like so many protests in the past. officers wearing body cams and plainclothes cops who might look like a protester in disguise will be watching. >> we may not catch you today or tomorrow but eventually we will. >> reporter: days off before police have been canceled. other agencies will be on hand for the next several days. the demonstration will begin at 7:00 a.m. at the oakland federal building. several rallies and marches are set for noon outside city hall. and on saturday there will be a march beginning at 10:00 a.m. from lake merritt to frank ogawa plaza. the chp says they'll be ready if protesters take to the freeway but they say that's not a good idea. >> we want to support people who want to exercise their rights. but you do not have the right
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to protest on the freeway. not only is it illegal but it's extremely dangerous as well. >> reporter: bart police will be girding for more traffic at a station. bart will be running longer trains all day friday and saturday not just during the commute hours. more officers will be on duty. >> we're going to have more officers on the streets or in the stations i should say. patrolling the station and really helping out with crowd control if that should become an issue. >> reporter: i want to share a statement issued by oakland mayor libby schaaf just a few minutes ago. she says now more than ever is the time to double down and go in hard for the things we believe in and what we know is right. it is possible to do it with compassion and without apology. and for police they say they can do it if the protesters don't do it with violence or vandalism. that's the latest from oakland. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's hope things stay peaceful. thank you. our coverage continues at 6:30. hear from a man who has a ticket to attend but he says he's not doing. and he's also not going to give
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up his ticket. from the celebration to the demonstrations. we've got you covered for tomorrow's inauguration. coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. right here on ktvu fox 2. also streaming it live on our website. now to the weather. the threat of slides in the santa cruz mountains with more rain in the forecast. one homes deck as you're looking at here in hot tub has already collapsed. and has been sliding down on zayante road. some residents are worried there will be more landslides as the wet weather continues. what came down is rain in parts of the bay area today. hail in sunnyvale. hail kind of looked like a dusting of snow covering the ground there. this latest storm is bringing big waves along the coast as a look at mavericks from sky fox where 30-foot waves are expected tonight. into tomorrow. we've got live team coverage on the seam severe storms. chief meteorologist bill martin says the morning commute on friday could be a big mess.
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's first -- first to christina rendon in martinez. contra costa has already declared a local state of emergency. because of millions of dollars in storm damage. >> reporter: that's exactly right. this is the proclamation of local emergency signed by the county administrator this morning. it is the first step towards the county possibly receiving federal funds for repairs. the view from sky fox shows the biggest repair needed in contra costa county. the public works department says it could take up to a year before the wide gap in alhambra valley road is fixed. >> it's all good. we go that way. >> reporter: the county is declaring a local emergency after storms led to flooding. mudslides, sinkholes and property damage. more in territory road may reopen entirely next week. between marsh creek and manning road. where flooding and mudslides are a concern. >> majority of damage occurs on the road. with mud runs and of course alhambra valley road. we also have some erosion in our flood control channel and some minor damage at some of
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our facilities. some of our buildings. >> reporter: deputy director says about four inches of mud washed up at the medical center parking lot in martinez. repairs are needed to at least 19 county offices. for minor roof, ceiling or window leaks. >> martinez is bad. a lot of sand bags everywhere. >> reporter: a $9 million price tag for all the damages. >> i believe this is a local declaration which is the first step towards possibly getting some federal funding to pay for these damages. >> i think that's a good idea but i think they should really do their own funding. they should really be looking at this instead of putting it off. but that's what government does. they think it'll be fine until next year. and then something happens and you got to fix it. >> reporter: with more rain on the way the county is asking residents to prep by checking the rain gutters or storm drains for any type of blockage. this emergency proclamation is going to go before the board of
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supervisors in a special meeting next thursday for ratification. frank? >> christina rendon, thank you. team coverage continues with bill martin. he joins us now. we're in between storms right now. we've been talking about the morning commute for tomorrow. it's going to be pretty ugly. >> it is. the texture of heavy, heavy rain standing water maybe some rockslides or mudslide concerns on the roadways. it's going to happen late tonight or early tomorrow morning. and dark i think early morning commuters, the other night i was coming home and coming off an off ramp. and all of a sudden there's the mud swamp. because the soil is saturated. a couple inches of rain overnight is going to send things down. so be prepared for the unusual especially in the dark morning hours when the heaviest rain is going to be moving through. we got a lot of rain the other day. up over four inches of rain. have a foot of rain up in the novato area. this next weather system,
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showing up a little early which is good. today was a good break day. a few showers but we got a real nice break. things settled down. tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow, this next storm hits giving us an opportunity for some lesser rain accumulations in the afternoon. heaviest rain is going to be right here. about 2:00 a.m. when the heaviest rain gets here. that's why i'm worried about the morning commuters because that's -- rainfall rates could be an inch and a half an hour. standing water so you may not be driving a 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m., but when you do get on the road, at 7:00 a.m., there is standing water and the whole bit. so i want you to be prepared for that. there's the forecast. a wet friday morning commute. when i come back we're going to push this all the way through and this is storm number 2. number 3 has got bigger teeth than this one than the last two. so we'll talk about the rest of this and storm number 3 next time i see you.
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we are always here for you. download our free weather app for up-to-the-minute information on the coming storm. whether it is storm two or three including live radar and extended forecast. for more than a century c&h sugar has been a fixture in the bay area but now the plant is going to have to do it with a lot less. the raiders have submitted an application to relocate to las vegas. sports director mark ibanez is going to break it all down for us. a live look at the evening commute. interstate 80 at the macarthur maze in oakland. headlights, that's the commute direction although you wouldn't know it from looking at this. racked up going into and out of macarthur maze. taking a look at the bay bridge. slow going is always. right now the headlights you can see cars heading into san francisco. ?q
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well, we knew it was coming. now it's official. the nfl announced the raiders submitted an application to relocate to las vegas. sports director mark ibanez is here. another sign that not al davis, mark davis is serious about going to las vegas. what happens next? >> i think the next big mark on the calendar is late in march i believe the 25th when the nfl owners will vote. no surprise today that the raiders applied for relocation. now the owners have to ratify it if you will and then on to
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getting the financing done. which leaves the question, what about that ronnie lott group that was trying to keep the raiders here? ronnie today was quoted as saying they are still in the game and they plan on winning. if you know anything about ronnie lott he believes every word he says. we had earlier former ceo of the raiders of amy trask who addressed just that topic. ronnie lott's group. >> he is a sensational. i wish him all the best. the issue ronnie has in that deal is the same thing in las vegas. a third party looking to take a piece of the prize. fortress investment group is known throughout the financial community as loan to own. they drive a very, very hard bargain and would want a large piece of the pie. just as is the case with sheldon adelson. >> so there you go. i was trying to throw in oakland raider optimism because ronnie lott believes he can still get it done but the fact of the matter is the raiders
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have not ever met with ronnie lott's group. >> i remember when talking with city leaders when they were discussing their plans and coming up with something to keep the raiders here. they said they have to actually sit down at the table with us first so we can talk about what we're going to do and what we can do. >> pretty clear that mark davis is not interested in that. full steam ahead. that organization and a lot of their people under mark davis have spent plenty of time about 200 days down in las vegas this past year in preparation for all this coming to fruition. so they are not about to entertain an oakland idea at this juncture. so i would say at this time, if there is no roadblock in las vegas impeding that moved, there's no reason for them to sit down and talk to the oakland officials or ronnie lott's group at all until they run into a major roadblock.
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>> almost seems like this is not a case where he's playing one group against the other. it feels like at least right now, the move to las vegas is what has the momentum. >> no question about it. which also leads to the next question. what happens to the raiders in the interim between when the great stadium in las vegas is to be built and here, probably two to three years, there would be a lame duck team and i think the loyalty of the raiders fans would get a huge test. are you going to stick around and support the silver and black knowing full well they are full throttle headed toward las vegas? that will be an interesting story in itself. >> i don't know about that loyal. >> you were saying in houston, the houston fans were really ticked. >> a lot of the players said it was the worst time they could ever remember but mark davis has gone on record saying the team won't try and play at unlv or anything like that. much like the chargers have agreed to start cultivating a los angeles following. so it's going to be an
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interesting next few months but i think the next major mark on your calendar is the nfl owners meeting and everything could change again then. if we get a no vote on that. >> yeah. mark, thank you. oakland mayor libby schaaf issued a statement that said quote oakland has something no other city ever will. a diehard fan base as mark mentioned that is loyal and true to the raiders and wants to see them stay here in oakland. where they were founded. only oakland begins -- actually brings the raiders and the nfl a competitive stadium proposal along with legacy and loyalty. back down to the weather. a mess created by our recent storms at a well-known park in the east bay. even though the floodwaters have receded del valle park is still closed tonight to visitors. rob roth tells us the park may actually stay closed until the end of the month. possibly even longer. >> reporter: at del valle park in livermore, this is the first area to get water coming up
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over the banks. floodwaters have finally receded unveiling an absolute mess. >> i've never seen the flooding before like this. >> reporter: jeff manley a manager with east bay regional park district showed us around this popular part. it's close to the public. >> no electricity. no sewer. the debris makes it very unsafe to be out. >> reporter: the beach is covered in tree limbs driftwood and mud that washed up when lake del valle overflowed its banks during a massive brainstorm on january 7. to give you an idea of how high the water came up here, i'm about six feet tall. and this is the water line. here is a photo of that same building before the water levels dropped. picnic tables were also submerged. now covered in debris. the volleyball courts were their own lakes and it will have to be cleaned up in an estimated cost of half a million dollars. >> it's going to take a while because conditions are so muddy. they can't get out in the vehicle and hiking in. there's over 20 miles of trail.
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>> reporter: the royal del valle creek is still running strong but there is erosion. ironically at the height of last summer's drought it wasn't running at all. during the storm the creek caused the lake level to rise. >> the waters started backing up. into the creek. it did flood areas of the campground. and through this velocity of the water it was jumping the banks. >> reporter: the same problem could happen again. >> there's always that concern. that we may get a flood event coming in. because we are in this rainy pattern. so we definitely have to keep reassessing the forecast. >> reporter: the park is closed until the end of january. and it's possible it could stay closed even longer. in livermore, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. plenty of snow up in the mountains. snow report is not lacking for snow. we've got lots of it. bases over 120 inches. 160 at kirkwood.
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they typically get more where they said. a little further west and south of lake tahoe. they just get a bunch of snow there. game on for skiing except this weekend, there's going to be snow and skiing. but the weather is going to be getting to and from the mountains sketchy and winter storm warning in effect now until saturday morning. but i've got to tell you, it's going to go back into effect saturday night through sunday night. so going to take a winter storm warning because it's going to keep going up there. for them to get six or seven feet of new snow, not very difficult at all. in this pattern as we go into monday. over the course of time. outside we're getting that break. today was the break day. we got the heavy rainfall we talked about. here comes system number 2, if you will. ahead of schedule. as yesterday's system was too. that's a good thing because it's going to get in here late tonight or early tomorrow morning. morning commute is going to be sketchy but the afternoon
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commute looks like it's going to be not as bad. tomorrow is a day that's mainly about heavy rain on the morning commute. followed by scattered showers throughout the day. when i come back we will push the model into storm number 3. which comes this weekend. >> thanks so much. changes are coming at the old c&h factory. >> these were shops. good paying union jobs. >> why workers will no longer be receiving shipments from hawaii. for the first time we're hearing from kyle shanahan about the head-coaching job. marquez that when he joins us later in sports. new development for tesla after a deadly crash.
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crockett has been home to the c&h sugar factory for more than a hundred years. the sweetest city in the bay area. but tonight workers are feeling bittersweet after c&h received its last shipment from hawaii. ktvu's tom vacar tells us what's next for c&h. >> reporter: the 111-year-old california and hawaiian sugar company here in crockett is taking its last load of partially refined sugar from hawaii. the sugar ship is delivering the last hawaiian sugar processed by hawaii's last but now closed maui sugar mill. fred is a member of the crockett historical society and a retired 30-year employee. of c&h. >> not sure exactly how much of their sugar was still coming from hawaii. but it had been shrinking over
6:27 pm
the years. >> reporter: hawaii's cost of production more and more has given way to cheaper competition from brazil, india china thailand, and other pacific rim producers who will deliver the loads to crockett hopefully for more generations to come. >> c&h is a very good employer. these were jobs. always good paying union jobs. and the people who went in there worked for 30, 40 years. >> reporter: the 20 employees jobs are secure. producing 14% of the nation's cane sugar but the plant wants -- once the largest sugar refinery is a far cry from the day 1700 people worked here in the 20s and 30s. it was at this plant president roosevelt was welcomed by the governor of california. on that day the president was presented with the world's largest sugar cube and entertained by the sugar mills own employee marching band. much of the science and technology of modern sugar processing was developed here.
6:28 pm
through thick and thin the plant has persevered. >> in general crockett and c&h usually figure out a way to get along. >> reporter: though the sugar will no longer come from hawaii the plant and its employees will be staying right here. in fact in recent years, the new owner asr has invested $5 million in this plant to keep it and its workers up-to-date. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 630 starts next with continuing coverage of tomorrow's presidential inauguration. >> i think this is not a normal situation. not a normal presidency. we hear from a man who has a ticket to tomorrow's inauguration in dc but he says he's not going. he also says he has no plans to give up his ticket. from the bay area to washington, dc. the winds march is planned the day after the inauguration. a family owned fortune cookie business getting special recognition.
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stay with us. i can show you the world
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent now to today's top stories. homeowners in the santa cruz mountains are watching and waiting as the next round of storms arrived. last week water rushing down the hillside caused a deck and
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hot tub to collapse. and there fears more rain will cause more slides. the nfl says the oakland raiders have submitted their application to relocate to las vegas. the leagues a stadium committee will review the application next and the nfl owners could vote possibly as early as march. a petition is circulating online to try to keep the raiders in oakland. that petition is asking the 32 team owners to reject the proposal. president-elect donald trump spent the day attending several events in the nation's capital ahead of his swearing- in tomorrow. his family joined him for a free public concert at the lincoln memorial that ended with fireworks. the president-elect and vice president-elect are attending a candlelight dinner to thank selected political donors. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> a ticket to the inauguration is usually considered one of the hottest tickets in town but one man with confirmed tickets is passing up the opportunity to witness history. ktvu's robert malcolm's life with his story. interesting one at that.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: that it is. plenty of people are boycotting the inauguration for personal reasons. this bay area man received his invite last month. he has decided to protest by leaving his seat empty. the stage is set in washington, dc with about 800,000 people expected to witness donald trump take the oath of office as the 45th president of the united states. but alan marling has lost interest. >> i will not be attending. i will not be watching. >> reporter: the freelance writer won a ticket through a lottery held by the office of his local representative. his e-mail confirmation is dated december 16, 2016. >> this is before the electoral college vote on the 19th. at that point i held out hope the college would do the right thing and honor the wishes of the founding fathers and refused to elect someone who is unqualified. >> reporter: marling is not alone. this year dozens of democratic members of congress have confirmed they won't be
6:34 pm
attending. locally the office of representatives while well- received requests for over 750 tickets and not attending could be considered bad form. via skype the congressman spoke with ktvu fox 2 news this afternoon from washington, dc. >> i would hope weather regardless of who is taking the oath. if someone took tickets from our office i would hope that they took them because they intended to go. but once it's in their hands there's nothing we can do about what they decide to do. >> reporter: marling was hoping the congressman would also see things his way. >> i did, in fact, call eric swalwell's office and urge him to boycott as well. >> reporter: while's while well has chosen not to attend, he says he has a duty to be there. >> i also want to be there and make sure we hold the incoming president to account whether it is on the affordable care act and what he wants to do to repeal it or to make sure that
6:35 pm
he knows the questions about collaboration between his campaign and the russian government are not going away. >> reporter: just to throw some numbers that you, 1.8 million supporters attended the inauguration of barack obama in 2009. donald trump's numbers are about half of that amount. 800,000. the 198 tickets by the office of eric swalwell, 170 were claimed. the congressman tells ktvu fox 2 news that people are still coming in and they expect 90% of those tickets to be claimed. >> so that one guy you talked to the who has the tickets, he is saying he would rather have his seat empty then give his ticket to someone who would love to be there? >> that's right. that's alan marling. those tickets are specific to his name. so what he would have had to have done was go to washington and show his i.d. go through security and pick up a ticket that will cost. so that seat will be sitting empty. >> so it would be easy to hand it to your neighbor or something.
6:36 pm
rob malcolm, thank you. from washington, dc to the bay area big rallies are planned on saturday following the inauguration. ken wayne joins us in the newsroom with what's happening in the bay area. >> three large marches are set for the day after the inauguration. organizers of the winds march say they want to make sure their voices are heard. >> i'm marching for my neighbor. >> i'm marching for my father. >> for my grandmother. >> friend. >> hundreds of events are being planned worldwide. probably the biggest wins march will be in washington, dc. there are bay area events in oakland san jose, walnut creek and vallejo. tens of thousands of people are expected to take part. it's not a protest but a way to unify people and to stand for human rights. >> people are scared. people are sad. there's a lot of different emotions. people are angry. but we really want to have people feel hopeful that there are things they can do over the coming years and that they do
6:37 pm
have people that are there with them that feel the same way because it's important to know that you're not alone in your feelings. >> organizers say the events were scheduled for the morning hours to allow people to go to the march in san francisco later in the day if they choose. the goal is to for everything to remain peaceful. the organizers stress these marches are not just for women. everyone is invited including families and children. if you'd like to go you can find more details on our website under web links. >> all right. hoping those marches stay peaceful. thank you so much. here details on a multimillion dollar settlement involving uber and allegations the company misled drivers. mexican drug lord "el chapo" be extradited to the united states. where he's being sent and what it could mean for his future.
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and there's more -- there's word that uber has agreed to pay $20 million to resolve charges it misled drivers about how much money they could earn. the ftc says uber claimed drivers earned an annual median income of $90,000 in new york an74,000 in san francisco. but the ftc says it found drivers annual median income was actually 20 to $30,000 lower than that and that only about 10% of the drivers made the higher figures. the settlement needs to be approved by a federal judge. officials have closed their investigation into a deadly
6:41 pm
tesla crash involving the autopilot future. highway traffic safety administration found no defects and did not seek a recall. the crash happened in florida when a tesla slammed into a big rig. safety officials say the crash highlights the need for continued attention on the part of drivers. mexican drug lord walking "el chapo" guzman is being extradited to the u.s. the card -- the cartel leader escaped twice. he was recaptured and fought extradition but today officials handed over guzman to the u.s. to drug trafficking and other charges. he is set to arrive in new york within the hour. guzman could spend the rest of his life in prison. under indictment in six u.s. jurisdictions including new york, san diego and chicago. doctors say former president george herbert walker bush and his wife remain in the hospital tonight because their conditions are improving. their son posted this on instagram today. your prayers are working.
6:42 pm
41 meaning his dad who was the 41st president and mom are doing much better today and fighting on. the 41st president remains in intensive care on a ventilator suffering from pneumonia. barbara bush was also admitted to the hospital with a case of bronchitis. she was treated with antibiotics and says she feels 1000% better. look inside a family-owned fortune cookie business in san francisco's chinatown. >> here's the cookie. >> why the business is now getting special recognition in san francisco. >> we're tracking system number 2. on its way tonight. it's going to impact the morning commute. we will time it out with the computer model. ?q
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chinese new year is just nine days away. one family-owned business has reason to celebrate. the golden gate fortune cookie factory has been added to the legacy registry. that means it is now recognized as a historic asset. ktvu's amber lee talked to the family behind the business. >> reporter: tucked in an alley the golden gate fortune cookie company is small in size but rich in history. nancy chen sits by the machine when she makes the cookie and greets valued customers. >> what is in this? >> butter, sugar. >> reporter: visitors on this day came from florida. kansas. and as far away as singapore and france. kevin tells me the business now
6:46 pm
relies heavily on foot traffic. online reviews help bring in people. >> people tend to watch how we make it. because it's a factory. >> reporter: this was once a business built on supplying restaurants. now many no longer by mrs. jan's cookies. in cantonese she says the high cost of ingredients met -- meant the loss of some customers and a slim profit. three machines churn out the cookies average at 350 an hour. one by one there pulled off the griddle while hot. paired with a paper message and then slide into the shape of a fortune cookie. >> this is san francisco invention. san francisco product. >> reporter: business increases about 20% around chinese new year. the special occasion attracts locals and visitors. >> food unites people. in many different ways. >> reporter: norman fong is executive director with the chinatown community center who
6:47 pm
will help other businesses receive recognition from the city as a historic asset. the designation gives incentives to landlords who sign long-term leases. but the way to keep small businesses from being driven out by high rents. >> i'm proud the city is willing and -- is willing to invest to help save these businesses. >> reporter: a new year and a new lease on life for the fortune cookie factory. now going on it's 50-50 year. misses chan has a simple business model. she's happy when her customers are happy. >> by some cookies. eat the cookie. very happy. >> reporter: they hope the year of the rooster will bring them continued good fortune. a legacy business that mom wants to pass on to her son. in san francisco, chinatown, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the chinese new year's parade in san francisco is set for february 11. you can watch the parade right here on ktvu fox 2 as we celebrate the year of the
6:48 pm
rooster. wow. check this out. you see it? this is so -- there's no live camera -- but this is so like -- gigantic. yeah. i'm fascinated by this building. >> it looks almost creepy but those are cranes. >> yeah. and then there's the transamerica. i remember looking up at that going well. that's the biggest building ever. and then bank of america and then it is so big. >> looks like a big fork with those cranes. >> there are a few sprinkles out there now. they will start to back off over the next few hours. but then they ramp up again. look at the rainfall we achieved over the last 24 hours. these are just some numbers. most people got from a half inch to an inch and a half. this is the city. in the hills i saw amounts of five and six inches. so a very significant 24 hour rainfall events. in the mountains they got over a foot and half of snow.
6:49 pm
the next system rolls in late tonight or early tomorrow morning. there it is starting to get some green going. some saturation going just offshore. so that starts to move in but like showers until one or 2:00 a.m. and then not like showers. and then it's going to be wet. the wins last night it was interesting if you were with us but we had wind gusts -- not gusts. this is a sustained wind in yellow. we had sustained winds in fairfield of 46 miles an hour. sustained. gusting well above that. sustained winds at 46. that's what you find in a tropical storm. i don't know if i've seen that from that direction. i'm sure it's happened but i haven't seen it. so sustained wind is. not dusting. it's just like pretty impressive. so there's tomorrow morning. this is it. does not look that bad but the real heavy rain shows up pretty much before the sun comes up so let me go back. scattered showers. but here is the real rain.
6:50 pm
this is about after frank and i and eliana leave tonight it's going to start to go. it is going to prompt small stream flood advisories. most of us will be asleep. heavy rain at 4:00 a.m. heavy rain in san jose at five and 6:00 a.m. the roads are wet. and standing water. and perhaps some sliding and what have you, rocks in the roadway for your morning commute. friday morning commute is not going to be great. look at the rest of the day on friday. scattered showers. all about tomorrow morning. then we get into saturday. that's our brick day. late tomorrow and a break all day saturday. then this guy comes in. there he is. sunday morning and sunday is going to be the biggest storm by far. i think it's going to deliver two and three inches. maybe four inches in some places. but the brakes are saving us. >> all right. thank you. stay with us.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
a sports director mark ibanez with the latest news on the raiders and this official moved to i guess official moved forward to las vegas. >> that's a better way of
6:54 pm
putting it. not to anybody's surprise but they have officially filed for relocation which of course that would be to las vegas. let's say the owners vote in march to go ahead and approve that move after analyzing all the information the raiders give them. then you have the financing situation to actually make it all happen and move to the very next step after that. we talked with former ceo amy trask about that. and the financing that would come theoretically from las vegas. >> they are not doing a deal like this for altruistic reasons. so i have to smile anytime someone says to me, you know, sheldon adelson is going to want to get a really good deal for himself. no kidding. of course he's going to want to get a good deal for himself. that's what he does. ownership of course a different issue. because the lead has very, very
6:55 pm
strict issues with respect to owners and gambling and although a move to las vegas wouldn't be negatively impacted by a gambling -- the fact there's gambling in las vegas, there would have to be a lot of work done to isolate him before he could own any. >> many questions yet to be answered. and you could say that with regard to the 49ers coaching situation although the man they are zeroing in on kyle shanahan was named the offensive coordinator of the year with the atlanta falcons who have plenty of business left of their own to take care of with regard to the playoff game. for the right to go to the super bowl. the falcons against green bay in the a.t.l. this weekend shanahan however can't avoid being asked about all the reports that say he is basically a sure thing to take over the 49ers coaching situation. >> i think there's some interest obviously. but i thought that in my interview a couple weeks ago. looking forward to a chance to where you can speak to people
6:56 pm
again but there's a lot of stuff out there. my friends growing up hearing all this stuff. but everyone wants to ask me what's going on and i don't know. i'm in my office looking at film all day. there's nothing i'm allowed to do about it. i have an idea after the game. i don't know what day there will be. whether it is monday or the following week. i'm not sure. right now i truly don't care. >> yeah. you can't put them on the spot because anything he says might be a violation of the rules. meantime, remember the lean days when the warriors could only dream of having an nba all- star? it is more than reality these days. kevin durant leading the pack. he will start for the western conference. his eighth straight appearance as an all-star. obviously his first with the warriors. and he is starting for the sixth time leading the warriors with 26.2 points a game and he will be joined in the backcourt, steph curry going against -- again for the fourth straight time. is the first warrior to go to
6:57 pm
four straight all-star games since a guy by the name of wilt chamberlain. 24-point eight game. 12th in the nba. here are the other starters for the western conference. curry of course. james harden. they will play the rockets friday night. kevin durant and kawhi leonard and anthony davis round out the all-stars. meantime, last night this is one of those things they talk about traveling is not called in the nba these days. have a look at russell westbrook. >> westbrook is walking with the ball. they're going to call traveling. >> they did. >> unbelievable. they inbound the ball to him. i've never seen this. >> yeah. i join you. i have never seen that before. >> that is just bizarre. >> that shows how absolutely distracted he was if he says he wasn't affected playing against kevin durant. >> that's ridiculous. we're out of time. see you later.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
i've invented a science joke, would you like to hear it? sure. how many edisons does it take to screw in a light bulb? how many? who cares? he stole the idea and doesn't deserve his own joke. is that really true? of course, that's how you know it's a good joke. it not only entertains, it informs. hey, sorry to interrupt. uh, barry, uh, how many edisons does it take to screw in a light bulb? did you know edison didn't actually invent the light bulb? what do you want, barry? just wanted to drop this off as a little thank you for amy. what's this for? your idea really helped me out. my light-cone quantization paper's online already. the response has been amazing. well, that's fascinating. i can't wait to read it. oh, no, me as well. uh, please e-mail it to why "dot-biz"? because i just gave you the business.


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