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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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which is starting to dive south. you can see you can get some clearing, rain, and maybe even some snow in some of the higher elevations. possibility of hail, thunderstorms, as well. brief downpours. right now, it's not that active, but there are some hit and miss guys, and moving into marin county, and san francisco. so that's kind of the theme here. quiets down. you say are we done and and then it starts raining again. looks like things have finally called dune little bit, at least for now, for the santa cruz mountains. you can see some higher elle situation snows here. it's cold enough, thought for sure. 40s on the temperatures. not much of a breeze. here is the unstable air mass coming in rapidly, just to the south. a lot of this is now taking aim towards central and southern california more so than us, but this is tracking parallel to the coast. so that will keep some off and on rain into the mix, and occasionally some thunderstorms. 50s on the temperatures. what do you have, sal? >> well, a couple of things,
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unfortunately. i do want to mention that we have slow traffic this morning, if you are drive on 580, coming in from the altamont pass. let's go ahead and take a look at that. stop and go traffic on 205, and on 580, as your make your way into the livermore area. no major problems driving into livermore or pleasanton. it's does continue to be very slow. by the time you reach livermore, it looks good. we have a new injury crash reported as an overturned vehicle, northbound 101. this one just came in. they're sending fire and medics. chp is not there yet. i'm hearing them talk about it. looks like it could be at least blocking one lane. the other freeways are pretty decent alternate, 280, and 85, instead of using 101. and we do have traffic that is going to be light. this is a look at 880 north and southbound right in front of the coliseum. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. at the bay bridge toll plaza, not a big delay so far, as you try to make your way into san
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francisco. let's go back to the desk. >> happening today, alan county sheriff's deputies -- amarillo county sheriff's deputies -- alameda county sheriff's deputies are still looking for a woman who they believe drowned in alameda creek after her car went off a rain slicked indeed the water. alameda county sheriff's officials say an 18-year-old woman from tracy was drive on niles canyon road on saturday morning when she lost control, hit another car, and went into
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the creek. authorities couldn't conduct a recovery effort because the water conditions have been just too dangerous with the recent rains, and searchers have been relying on drones and helicopters, to try to locate the car and the woman. >> they have been making every effort to get into the creek. it is not safe to be in there with all of the runoff. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is working with the state water resource agency to reduce the volume of water being released into the creek. once the water level and the current goes down, they can put divers in the water, who will then look for the craig and the victim. ,000, her identity is not being released. authorities have met with their family. they are aware of the recovery operation that's supposed to take place later this morning, and when it does, they're telling us it will happen around 10:00 a.m., niles canyon road is going to be closed to traffic, and once it's safe, the sheriff's office will then begin this recovery operation.
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back to you. we're also following developing news in the sierra. two cars were caught in the path of an avalanche. it's in the same area where there was an extreme avalanche warning over the weekend. now, it forced highway 89 to be closed between alpine med tows and tahoe city. the chp posted these photos on facebook. now, the slide was 200 feet wide, 12 feet high, but no one was hurt. that's the good news. meantime, people are being told be on high alert, because of the risk of avalanches. experts say this is the highest snow level to the sierra has seen in 20 years. in some areas, the snow has reached all the way to freeway overpasses. that has led to several highway closures. strong winds in some areas reaching 154 miles an hour, forcing several ski resorts to shut down. if you plan on going up to the sierra, advised, chains are required. >> for the second time in a week, highway 37 in novato is
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closed because of flooding. after saturday night's rain, the highway flooded in the same area that caused a closure last week. one driver was stuck in the water, and was rescued, but the car is still there. >> there's so much water actually going over some of the levees. so right now, really what we have to wait for -- to too is allow this water to subside a little bit, so that we can start pumping and get something of this water out of there, as long as it's coming over the levees, though, we can't do anything. >> now, the westbound lanes are closed between lakeville road and highway 101. eastbound 37 is closed from 101 out to attarton avenue. and right now, there is no estimated time for that to reopen. >> our time is now 5:05 a. well, united airlines planes are flying again. the airlines said it fixed a computer problem that ground all of its domestic flights for
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two hours yesterday. the problem came from a technology that sends text messages to pilots in the cockpit on departure times, as well as information about the wait and balance of the plane needed for takeoff. and while the problem is fixed now, united says passengers expect delays today while they still recover from all of the delays and cancellations yesterday. many passengers frustrated. >> i was here on time. i was here early, and just to get this, doesn't help me out. >> it's causing so much disruption. >> on twitter, united an ofle jaysed to customers for the inconvenience. it's not the first computer glitch to affect united. back in october, united flights were delayed for hours because of a computer problem, and that led to major firestorms on social media. >> happening today, the new police police chief will be
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sworn into office in san francisco. 52-year-old william scott spend time with the los angeles police department as an officer and a commander. he said his biggest challenge will be earning the trust of the rank and file officers coming in as an outside from the san francisco -- outsider to the san francisco police department. president donald trump begins his first full workweek in office today, already he has a busy schedule, and an aggression bive agenda. he's also closely watching capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump's team is not yet complete, and that will add to the drama here on capitol hill. >> and young americans looking to fulfillle their dreams. president donald trump
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attending the swearing in of his senior staff, setting the stage for a busy monday. there will be meetings at the white house with business and labor leaders, meetings with congressional leaders, and signing executive orders. some of which may may begin town due some of president obama's agenda. >> it's going to be a full week, and this it's the president is going to work hard. i've never seen anyone work harder and have more energy than this president. >> reporter: there will also be the first full press brief with sean spicer who along west his boss pardon first the media over crowd size supports. >> why did he do that? it's undermines the -- >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. >> reporter: but after a busy weekend that also included a massive women's march in back and other cities, the trump administration will have to work to get cabinet nominees confirmed by the senate.
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two or likely to move forward today, rex tiller son as secretary of state, and rick pompao as cia. >> it's a cabinet unlike any other cabinet we've seen on two basis. we call it the swamp cabinet, billionaires and bankers. >> reporter: republicans, though, have the nimitzs if their ranks hold. >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. >> and president trump has already arranged leaders with the leaders of -- meetings with the leaders of both canada and mix koto discuss trade and immigration -- mexico to discuss trade and immigration.
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>> guaranteed parking spots if you take b.a.r.t. at the dublin pleasanton b.a.r.t. station. coming up, a new program starts today, but there is a catch. >> and we are following the aftermath of yesterday's powerful storm. the damage caused after a huge tree came crashing down in downtown lafayette. >> good morning. we have a couple of crashes that have popped up now, and the morning commute on a monday is beginning to have a couple of incidents. this is a look at a san francisco traffic, where it's looking good, approaching the 80 split. >> well, a powerhouse fronts, one, two, and three, are now history, but it's the cold unstable air mass that still has to rotate in, not only today, but tomorrow. so we're not quite done yet.
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download the xfinity tv app today. rock slide is create something dangerous conditions on a popular hiking and biking trail outside sacramento, and people seem to be ignoring the danger, as rocks and mud came down on the path on folsom dams. park rangers say many people are unaware of the danger.
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some joggers and cyclists have been having fun in the mud. some parents are actually letting their kids play on the rocks. >> right now, it's not safe, the hillside and the rocks are very unstable. use a different route until we get it cleared up. let's start off with the gilroy
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commute. when you do get to san jose, there are a couple of things, there's a crash clearing northbound 101, like an injury accident there. but the rest of the is south bay shoot and so light that you can easily get around using apple the native routes. let's talk about s01 in san francisco, where northbound 101 traffic does look good, approaching the 80 split there. there have been no major problems driving into the city, or for that matter, driving in from the bay bridge. traffic is moving along okay. looks like there could be some something on the bridge, just reported westbound, west of treasure island, just called in a few minutes ago. bridge crews are on the way to check that out, and see if it becomes something major.
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the bubble of this has moved to -- the luck of this has moved to southern california. we still have a flash flood watch out for today. and of course the yosemite causeway. i'm sure it's io low causeway. i'm sure -- yolo causeway. i'm sure it's right up there. in the sierra, they're still get something snow, but lit face it, we need a break here, but it won't be until after wednesday when we get a solid break. people say, well, what is it? sun, clouds, rain or what? well, it's a combination of all of them today. maybe some high elevation
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snows. 40 in santa rosa with fog, as well, on the peninsula. woodside, stanford, los altos, and san carlos, 42. so seven pretty close here. 49 in santa barbara. pretty cool there. watch out the snow showers are winding down to the north, but then rotating in.
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so up in mendocino county, all the way down to the salinas valley, this is what we have deal with. 50s on the temperatures. might even be some upper 40s in the higher elevations. we'll keep unsettled weather. let's face it, every system that comes by and producing rain. >> amazing. >> every system is producing rain. >> as we've just shown, there's so much flooding around, it will be nice to have a little dry weather. >> i took three hicks this weekend, and the creeks are as high as i've ever seen them. they are moving fast, and the ground does not want anymore. >> yeah, and it's little dangerous sometimes. >> i agree. >> as steve has been talking
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about, we are expecting some more rain this morning after the week year-end storm that caused some problems across the bay area. >> and in lafayette, a big tree smashed down on the five cars outside of a restaurant. ali is there to show us some of the damage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when we talk about a big tree, we're not kidding. we are standing in what used to be the parking lot of this restaurant in lafayette circle near downtown. these are some of the cars that were damaged when this tree came down, and to give you some perspective of how big this tree is, we were surprised when we came up there is saw the trunk of this tree. i'm standing in front of it. i'm about 5'4", 5'5", and this tree trunk is actually twice, maybe even three time mice height if you look at the root ball over there by the restaurant. this happened during the heavy rainfall yesterday evening. there were people inside the restaurant, and it is just to the left of this root fall, the
5:20 am
tree, where the tree came down. there were people inside the restaurant. luckily, the tree didn't fall on the restaurant, so no one was hurt. it fell on the parking lot, and at least five to 7 cars were damaged when they tree came down. however, the good news is that no one was inside those cars, or are in the parking lot when the tree came down, so nobody was hurt. but we do know that it's going to be a big line-up effort ahead of the property owner here later today. taking you back out live, this is where we have kind of walked past this tree trunk, and this is the pack end of that giant root ball from this eucalyptus tree. i want to be very careful here, because we have some of the -- part of the railing of the wooden deck was destroyed when this tree came down. but give you an idea of how giant this tree is. it's going to take a good 48 hours, we're told, for them to clean all of this up. but, again, the good news, though one was hurt when this
5:21 am
happened. several cars, though, were destroyed. back to you guys. >> boy, that tree is huge. >> yeah, unbelievable. it is sentencing day for pg&e and in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. coming up in 15 minutes, the punishment prosecutors are asking for in addition to a $3 million fine. also. >> i just turned around, and started tell it will the kim ares just run, run, gunshots, run. >> a jewelry is store robbery in texas turned deadly inside a crowded mall. up next, what happened when two good is a mare fans tried to stop the -- samaritans tried to stop the robbers. lives star wars,
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welcome back. it's 5:24. in san antonio, texas, a man who tried to stop two thieves who had just robbed a jewelry store if in a shopping mall were shot and killed by win 0 the robbers. this all happened yesterday afternoon in rolling oaks mall in san antonio, and shoppers ran for their lives. price say one of the suspects shot and killed a good samaritan who tried to stop them, as the suspects tried to escape. >> it was a robbery. there were some good samaritans who tried to intervene. one of them was killed. the -- one of the suspects was shot. he's been transported. >> now, another good samaritan had a concealed gun. he shot one of the suspects. police say that wounded robber is in critical condition. the second suspect was arrested later. well, a man is in critical
5:25 am
condition after a shooting at a house party in san leandro over the weekend. it happened early sunday morning at a party hosted by teenagers on anchorage court. police say 50 people were invited to the party, but the invitation was leaked on social media, and even more people showed up. while responding to the shooting, police chased after a car that was speeding away from the scene. they ended up arrests four people after that car crashed into san lorenzo. the suspects are between 16 and 20 years old. still not clear what led up to that shooting. well, federal authorities are investigating whether yahoo's two huge data breaches should have been reported sooner. the wall street journal reports the securities and exchange commission wants to know whyia hook took two years to disclose a breach in 2014 that they said exposed the person information of 500 million user.
5:26 am
yahoo hasn't said publicly why they kept quiet for so long. that breech and another one that exposed information of about a billion yahoo users could have an impact on it's proposed sale to verizon. >> samsung is explaining why the batteries caught fire in their samsung 7 phones that were recalled. they are blaming manufacturing problems, and also a design flaw that caused the batteries to overheat and then catch fire. they're estimating the problems will cost samsung more than $5 billion, through the other part of 2017. time is 5:26. san francisco's latest homeless count starts this week. coming up, why many people involved in this project are nervous this year. also, a trail of tee construction in the south, and the threat is not over yet. up next, the severe storms that have already killed 18 people in several states. well, people are on the
5:27 am
move here on highway 4. you can see people on the road, and it's getting a little bit more crowded, as you come through, and head over to concord. >> not completely done, at least the strong fronts are through. we've had one, two, and three, but a cold lull has to continue to roll around. that will spin off some off and on rain today.
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real quick, just because it's kind of rare here in california, doesn't matter what part of california, there's a tornado warning out for and haven burg air force base. ands there there it is. watch right there. so southern california dealing with some unsettled weather, too. you can see everything continues to rotate through, and within that, you can get some brief, heavy rain, maybe some thunderstorms. so flash flood watches still out. high elevation snows, so we're
5:31 am
into this showery, cold, unable air mass, and some of these go through and give some brief heavy rain, and then they're out of the picture here. nothing lasts two long, but if we get a little afternoon heating, it wouldn't take much. it does look like some of the higher peaks are picking up a little bit of snow. low 40s, mid-40s. treks, 23. looks like things are calming down a little bit in the sierra, but there's some snow up there, and some good rain in southern california. we are on are the northern edge of this, but not completely done. that will keep us in for some cloud, some rain, and staying very cool. all right, sal, you had calm of issues. what do you want to start with? >> minor accidents that have been moved to the side, and slow traffic already, steve. let's go out and take a look at what we have now, starting off with the solano commute. you will see the traffic is going to be busy, as you drive through it. as a matter of fact, let me see if i can get this solano commute up to the main part
5:32 am
here, because they're having a little trouble. there you go. you can see a lot of slow traffic already, on 80 westbound, as you drive, after highway 29, and continue to the bridge. you can see that traffic is going to be busy. now, i do want to mention that highway 37, just to remind you, highway 37 is closed between lakeville and 101. you're going to have to do that detour this morning. the chp has he not told us when they'll reopen 0 innocence novato. just keep that in your mind. people are using side roads, and it's already getting crowded. here is going to be okay 0. it's backed up for a bit of a wait as you drive through. there have been from mobs.
5:33 am
-- there have been some problems. one lane reopened late yesterday afternoon. multiple trees also came down, and bear creek road collapsed. two separate locations because of erosion, the san lorenzo river has risen and widened considerably. locals say they have not seen it this strong in years. >> i would say it's probably been about 10 years. we have highway 9 closed twice this week already, and a car was struck by a tree. >> pg&e also says nearly 700 customers were without power in the santa cruz mountains yesterday due to down power lines. >> a major intersection in sonoma looked more like a river. take a look at that. thought the intersections of highway 101 and 12. as the closed yesterday morning
5:34 am
after the road flooded. one sentence said this road floods often, but it's happened several times lately. >> usually floods about, i would say, a good 10, 12 days a year spread out, over the months of rain, but this year has probably been the worst i've seen it. i've. here a about 30 years. >> they just have to wait for all of the water to go away before reopening that road. >> at least 18 people have been killed by severe storms in the southeast, and there were tornadoes, too. there were more than 20 tornadoes, hundreds of homes were destroyed. >> i never did hear a tornado siren or nothing. >> we've bet to stay strong for each other out here. >> and we expect more severe
5:35 am
weather, north florida and the carolinas, may get hit the hardest. >> well, time is 5:35. it is sentencing day for pg&e and the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. in august, a federal injure convicted pg&e on six criminal charges for the 2010 disaster where 8 people were killed, dozens of homes were destroyed. five counters linked to violating pipeline safety rules. one involves on instructions of the investigation. pg&e faces a maximum fine of $3 million. well, the city of san francisco begins it's latest home's count this week. there are concerns that the new trump administration could provide less federal money for housing programs. on thursday, hundreds of city workers and volunteers will travel across san francisco to take the official count of the number of people living on the
5:36 am
streets. the portfolio is to qualify san francisco for the most federal money possible, but as a candidate, president trump promised to slash many social programs. many homeless activists fear that homeless programs could be one of trump's targets. >> b.a.r.t. will start off offering guaranteed parking spots to people who carpool to the dublin pleasanton b.a.r.t. station, beginning today. tell us more about this pie lot program. >> reporter: hey, dave. good morning to you. the goal here is to try to ease a b.a.r.t.'s parking crunch. itself can be tough to find a spot, especially during the morning commute hours, and according to b.a.r.t., 99% of riders drive to stations alone. this new pilot program is going to try to change that, starting today, b.a.r.t. riders will be guaranteed a parking spot if they car pool here to the dublin pleasanton station, and book that ride.
5:37 am
using an al called scoop. scoop helps to match people with car pool drivers. rides here use that app will be guaranteed a parking spot, again, mere aft the dublin pleasanton station, until 10:00 every day. this pilot program was funded by a federal grant, and obviously is a partnership between b.a.r.t. and the scoop technologies company, and the good news here is, this is a pilot program here at the duck lynn pleasanton station for now, but b.a.r.t. is planning to expand this program to other stations across the system in the very near future. again, guaranteed parking spots. so, dave, who says there's no guarantees if life? if you use the right app. >> right. >> reporter: there is is such a thing as a guaranteed spot. >> and that's important. all right. alex savage. thank you. well, the stage is now set for super bowl 51 in houston.
5:38 am
last night, tom brady broke his own franchise record in new england's victory over the steelers in the afc championship game. the san mateo native passed for 384 yards and 3 touchdowns. brady missed the first four fames of the season because of his deflate gate suspension, but he's not headed to a record 7th super bowl. brady and the patriots will face the falcons on sunday. yesterday the falcons beat the packers in the nfc championship game. matt ryan threw for four touchdowns in atlanta's victory. atlanta has not won that big game before. >> country singing luke bryan announced on twitter he will sing the national an them and open this year's super bowl. he joins lady gaga on the super
5:39 am
bowl line-up, lady gaga will be the 2017 halftime performer and she'll perform without any other guests. you can watch super bowl 515s right here on ktvu fox 2. kickoff is 3:30 p.m. on super bowl sunday, february 5th. >> i can't wait, because lady gaga is promising a very dramatic entrance for your performance, so we'll see. >> unfortunately, we're still talking about trees down and mudslides across the bay area. coming up at 6:00, we're going to show you the damage from the latest storm. >> plus women from all over the country and i've around the world, came out in force over the weekend, just a day after donald trump's inauguration. up next, how president trump reacted to saturday's women's marches. >> and it's crowded out there already. the roads are wet. not a lot of major crashes, but you'll see what the slowdowns are doing coming up. >> it's been nearly three years
5:40 am
since national weather service in los angeles issued a tornado warning, but they have one out there morning there at and haven burg air force base. probably a water spout. so we're not done with this shower activity, maybe even down south. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars,
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the trial begins for three santa clara jail guards accused of killing a mentally ill inmate. police say the three beat inmate michael tie reto death last august. they -- tireee to death last august. the defendants are on leave from the sheriff's office, and have entered not guilty pleas. the trial is expected to last from four weeks to four months. well, the first official white house press briefing with reporter questions is scheduled for today. this is after a rocky start between the trump things and the press. rich has more from washington.
5:43 am
>> reporter: in his first official visit to cia headquarters, he spent part of his address complaining about press coverage of crowds atis inauguration. split looked, honestly, like a million and a half people. >> the point is not the crowd size, the point is the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president in one day, and we're not going to sit around and take it. >> reporter: then the white house called a press brief saturday night to address reports and photos, clearing showing more attending president obama's inaugural than president trumps. >> they were intentionally framehood in a way in one particular treat to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the national mall. this was the largest audience to ever wince an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: spicer also claimed metro ridership proved hits point, even though the capital area transit organization said it serviced more rides for each of president obama 0's
5:44 am
inaugurations. the president's senior advisor, kelly connecticut defended spicer's states. >> you're saying it's a false hood, and we're saying that he gave alternative facts to that, but the point remains -- >> wait a minute, alternative facts? four of the five facts he ordered were just not true. >> reporter: the national park service refuses to release official crowd estimates. nielsen television ratings say nearly 31 million viewers tuned in to watch the inauguration, drawing higher numbers than obama in 2013, but bless than his 2009 inauguration of 38 million viewers. >> president trump out to realize he's not campaigning anymore. he's president. and instead of talking about how many people showed up at his inauguration, he ought to be talking about how many people are going to stay in the mid-lele collapse and move into -- middle class and move into the middle class.
5:45 am
>> well, president trump went on twitter reacting to the hundreds of thousands of people who took part in women's marches over the weekend. on sunday morning, he tweeted: >> a couple of hours later, he added peace: now women's marches were held on saturday all over the country, and in many parts of the world, include go ahead here in the bay area. more than half a million people descended on washington d.c. protesters say they are worried that the trump things will roll back progress on a equal pay for women, reproductive rights, and immigration. >> time is now 5:45. one of california's best known beer makers, sierra nevada brewing is recall something 12- ounce beer bottles because they
5:46 am
may break. sierra nevada brewing said the recall applies to 8 different types of its beers, sold in 39 states around the midwest, south, and east coast. the bottles were packaged in north carolina in december and in january. >> well, the warriors remain the hottest team in pro basketball. yesterday, depend state defeated the orlando magic 119- 108 for their 7th straight victory. the splash brothers led the warriors to victory. the warriors face the heat in miami next. time is 5:46. roads are wet. sal, you're following that tracy commute. how does it look? >> it's going to be a little bit slow, dave and pam. good morning to you. a lot of people are on the road, and it's beginning to fill in, coming in through the tracy triangle and the altamont
5:47 am
pass. even 205, but also 580 have is a lot of slow traffic here. as you can see, it is all heading in. yesterday i was made aware that some of my younger friends are going back to college today. college breaks are over. site looks like seven back, and going to see more people driving all over the bay area, and the altamont pass on 580 is 680. looks pretty normal for this time of the morning. let's look at 88 south and northbound. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well, if you are driving past the coliseum. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a backup here that pretty row bust. it's backed up to the maze, and does look like it's raining here, or is something going on here weather-wise, as win shield wipe errs are going at the toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> well, we still have a flash flood watch out, because we have a possibility of some of these thunderstorms, or brief heavy downpours coming through. also flood concerns up to the runners, and of course over the
5:48 am
yellow causeway, and a tornado warning around vandenberg air force base. probably a water spout came onland. so there's plenty going on here and there. some of the rainfall, santa rosa by the way, this is just for january a, but for the water year, i would rather yours in the rain here, but for the water year from october 1st, they are now over 35 inches of rain, so they have already exceeded their seasonable average. san jose is running well above average here. we're still two and a half, maybe three months to go. and it's a rain year.
5:49 am
usually goes into april, but february and march can be very wet, as you know. with all of this cold air in place, i would not be surprised at some high elevation knows, moving b.j. back over to richmond, and heading over towards concord. some moving again on shore in marin county, back over into oakland. some of these, nothing too heavy yet. now here comes the band stretching from the city, san mateo, into woodside, and looks like finally a little bit of a break here for a while for the santa cruz mountains and the santa clara valley. it is definitely on the cool side. some isolated snow showers will continue up in the sierra, but the software over for them. you can see how a lot of this cold, unstable air mass, these speckled clouds, are drive dibbing more towards centralle and southern california, but there's enough here, plus the low which has to come down.
5:50 am
a real power house low. that will keep this the mix here through tonight and tomorrow, and then a very weak little system on wednesday. after that, we'll get a break. there probably will be some light rain wednesday to the north. not a lot, but enough. and then we clear it out thursday, and right now everything looks like sunshine and warmer temperatures, all to the i'm re0 luck taint to say, because we're hard-pressed to see that. >> what a strange sight in the north bay over the weekend. these pictures of a funnel cloud takenend afternoon about 1:45 near diction -- dickson. was over farm land, not mean near any homes, and actually never touched down, so it never officially became a tornado. >> and the weekend storms caused some record-setting waves across northern california, according to the national weather service, some areas along the coast saw waves of up to 30 feet high in
5:51 am
monterey, the waves were the largest they've seen in 30 years. some reaching more than 34 feet. more high waves expected today. nothing like we saw over the weekend, though. looking at pictures on that pier, very scary looking. >> a double tragedy for basketball fans. up next, deadly crashes just 50 miles apart that killed a former and also a current major league baseball player. i can show you the world
5:52 am
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firefighter had to rescue  two people from that truck after it got stuck in floodwaters yesterday. they had to use a raft to get to the stranded passengers. a man and woman jumped on to the raft before being pulled to safety. the rescue operation took just about an hour. the area has been prone to mudslides from flooding, due to, in part, to a fire that burned the area there several months ago. >> the san mateo county coroner's office is investigating the dead of a paraglider who plummeted into the ocean off the pacifica coast. 59-year-old solomon lee was paragliding and apparently became entangled in his glider. witnesses apparently said he had been riding air a currents
5:55 am
along the coast, but lost lift and fell into the ocean. by standers pilled him to the beach and cut him fry from his gear. they performed cpr until firefighters arrived, but he could not be revived. >> vandal up at a mosque in davis is being investigated as a hate crime. surveillance video shows a woman smashing five glass doors and one window, slashing bicycle tires and seats outside the mosque, and then draping bacon over the doorhandleles, which leads police to believe this is a hate crime. the leaders of the mosque say they are not angry. >> to respond to crime with crime or hate wait hate, we don't do that. our religion is very peaceful. time is 5:56. two major league baseball
5:56 am
tragedies in two separate incidents on their very same day. the kansas city royals are mourning the death of pitch ervin chu a who was killed in a car crash yesterday morning in the dominican republic. the case of the crash is being investigated. he played four seasons with the royals and even played if two world series. meanwhile, about 50 miles away, former infielder andy marte died in a separate car crash. his car veered off the road and slammed into a house. he last played for arizona back in 2014, and also played for the braves is and the indians. he was 33 years old. coming up on our 6:00 hour. dangerous concerns in the sierra. the overnight avalanche that has two drivers saying they're lucky to be alive. >> plus storm damage around the bay area. up next, we'll take you to lafayette where this big tree fell on to several cars.
5:57 am
>> it's slow out there, and some people are railroad get something traffic jams. on the bridge itself, it looks okay driving into san francisco. >> well, for many, january is turning out to be the wettest month on record. morgan hills joined that party, and we still have some ways to go. ♪
5:58 am
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president trump gets to work today as we kick off his first full workweek for the new administration. we're going to talk about what is on the new agenda, and the controversies already getting attention. mornings on 2 continues. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. wow, that is pretty picture live picture of the bridge in the city. i think just nicely lit this morning, and clear, because
6:00 am
it's not a huge storm. steady traffic moving along there in the lower part of your screen, heading into the city. a bit of a break, and we need it. >> the roads are still wet, but steve paulson is here to tell you about that little break we're getting. steve? >> but they usually don't last long. things are a are a lot better up in the mountains, but still


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